Hot Flash - Isaiah No Mas!

Wednesday, August 23rd

As much as we all loved Isiah Thomas here in Boston, it turns out that he may have not been as loved in the locker room. Also, James Hetfield once again tells us how it is when it comes to current events.


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Time for a hot glass. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down upon us ready and nick will cover its peers your. On WAM. The hot flash this hour is brought to you by the house of blues Boston the only spot to view the Floyd Mayweather and potter McGregor fight. Is the house of blues Boston buy tickets live nation dot com today all right we just talked about. The story written with IT nick and Chris Broussard. Starting this rumor. According to his sources he says he talked to league owners about this very topic I'll let him. I don't wanna say these words I'll let him say here is Chris Broussard on ESPN hit a Brady. I would tell you this I spoke to several executives detective with several executive last night and there are a lot of them were saying that. A lot of the players do Boston. Really work that fond of my say and no handled problems in Sacramento. And in Phoenix I didn't know he was avid no vision deport these executive. In Boston. That would if it's true and if it's true that whole line nick if it's true. It would explain a lot because one thing that goes to your mind is this what does team mean no. What does do anything. Really behind the scenes not what he says on the radio and he says on TV announces Obama but what does he know that made him go all right carrier rings available we're doing this and we'll throw in Crowder and we'll throw in a pick he must've known something wasn't right in Denmark. On Twitter right now and and look and I got debt is something rotten in Denmark that thing and Jarrett Salinger memory yes I'm. Says lies lies and more allies SN FH you guys are better than that in this was NASA and re tweeting. The Broussard reports saying that some cell that he rubs some Celtics teammates the wrong way how can a guy. And this just reeks. The classic. Boston smear campaigns tying kick him when he's down on the way out of town but wait not this sky forever so this coming from national and from shore pretty owner art is a trusted basketball resource and I we know he's one of those many voices that we listen to like. You know. Loads and Broussard right. And David Aldridge Kenny Smith etc. but I'm honestly I don't wanna hear because here's my take effect. Nobody tried harder nobody. Nobody works harder nobody sweat harder nobody bled harder nobody cried harder. He gave his everything. When the Celtics were down after they made. The second trade of the century getting all those picks from the nets for the year of pierce and Garnett right. There was not a lot of excitement around the Celtics and shortly there after gains made another one of his great trades. Got Isiah Thomas for dimes on the dollar he came to Boston don't what's a guy named Isaiah Thomas too uncomfortable what are we doing chair for payments and Austin. He came here he electrified the team he made them a contender again you basketball exciting real quick. Little guy whole lot of heart. He gave this team the identity to have the last couple years which is the underdogs that. And that's what we'd love that's what we root for and scrappy or Boston even though it's in a title town ten parades in fifteen years again. But he gave them an identity the heart in the hostels so for anyone acute when he's down on the went down on here. If these things though if he's like this to his grimy of that locker room what the vast that are. This is causing little annoyances here and there really answer to that. Organization has done a lot you raised your hand none on oh. All your toss again you're gone I saw real quick let's get this in. James Hatfield Metallica. They're playing in Edmonton Alberta and I want to play this down because we just played yesterday. Mean talking with black crowes formerly singer. Chris Robinson your best friend might might cause best friend mean human Richard talking last couple weeks and I had asked him about the Charlottesville protest has yet to cancel a show because of it and then that followed him to Boston that the protests followed Abbas asked him about it. And just got this sounds a James Hatfield. From Metallica also commenting. On the state of the country in these ivy protests and I thought that our audience who'd wanna hear from him to hit break. He didn't get a yeah. You don't care. You bones or what you. He said something very similar to kick off at that after the open the opening song there yeah it it can in in Foxborough he said something very similar. That we're all together tonight in rock and roll and sought such cool moment now those words have. Special meaning. Yet James Hatfield. I think he's got that add to reflect guys. I've seen enough I have done enough I have battled enough I have labored enough. I'm not doing that is petty BS okay guy. You know what's funny industrialised I saw Isiah Thomas at the television news annoying me get flick all of my daddy kept clear I do love it's are due out if you do it again you.