Hot Flash - Has North Korea Figured It Out?

Friday, July 28th

Earlier in the show, the guys were discussing jinxes and in this Hot Flash they talk about an intercontinental missle that was launched by North Korea. Has Matty made the ultimate jinx and has North Korea finally figured it out!?!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. For hot flashes. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review only doubt in my clothes ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WAM. So here are regular listener. The show. You know I close up the show by tongue firmly. Planted in cheek saying we'll talk to tomorrow on this North Korea figures an all out it's kind of my tribute to the old clothes. From WBZ and I believed Charles like who dares to do this thing. If the C don't fry and the fish don't fly Emeril oil close up please do it's kind of like and we took that from my childhood. But die. Well amounting to solve because at 10:45 AM this morning the Pentagon confirmed to CNN nick. That North Korea has launched a missile about a thousand kilometers. So they are testing these missiles and their flying longer and longer and longer that's right the missile was fired late Friday night North Korea time and was in the air for around 45 minutes according to analysts. And that means that the missiles should be capable of traveling around 101000 kilometers or approximately 62. Hundred miles so according to this story and vox dot com. They say is as scary as it sounds. That means they could possibly regions that in jest Alaska Hawaii or even the Pacific coast along Los Angeles. Now they might be able to strike Chicago and New York or even Washington DC. Based off of the show that I saw last night the vice news piece I watched on HBO about the the stabilization of a lot of these hot zones are like that around the world as that was great piece. Syria North Korea the South China Sea. Everyone in the show. I had every person used to work in North Korea people in South Korea they're all preparing for this they know it's an inevitability. And all they kept talking about the piece was like. Once he gets to this point I think that's when they're gonna lean on China and say China look. Either you tell either you find a way to solve this with sanctions or diplomacy. All are we're gonna have to blow the blackout at what point but the fears that they're gonna they're gonna try to take out Seoul. Before. They get taken out and it's and everyone knows the end game is tonight North Korea at tardy pretty dark there but elect will be turned out pretty much forever. But what do they do what do they try to take it as dying breath casualty the subway I know this the subways in Seoul. In most of the infrastructure in South Korea is built so that people can evacuate on a moment's notice. And seek shelter and go underground now I'm not sure exactly what could that's gonna do them but this is a next level scary stuff because. You know yeah lasting wanna do is (%expletive) off China. Because China's geared up to try to take there certain selves on the international stage as if parity artists. I don't hazard but they had us dead skin in this game too because they don't want it yeah. That's that's an adult business with Jaya that's been China it is all their business the biggest supplier to North Korea. At what point. If you have a bully. You know who's wreak Havoc in the corner of the bar. He's getting louder and louder and should appear in chip gear and at what point do you stand up and do something. Right you know. When you know that your physically superior but he still do some even if you're not even appear not Michael in my be just gonna get the manager maybe it's another country in forming a coalition Arab and what point are we gonna finally end this North Korea thing. You know. What more has to happen I don't see it anyway what's not gonna and well at all hello my dear beautiful studio. Guys I have some some sad news one. Are friendly and this is going to be her last in the hello talking about yesterday when they turned 828. Wait you can't you can't go I mean I just thought that was Erica random hug. Linda what I can't Kennedy just give us of random hug in the middle of the show and then make it be the final hollow last where you probably worst. It. She it's on the Wii ill I know I'm and it really limits you we're enemies everywhere initiative me. All right the product. We had it pictured relieved you know there. I omni. What do you think this device North Korea. I don't I don't opinion I could have elected as a yardages and I like how we solve this international crises that that thanks for the hi Charles grunts are you're going how do you how do you think we saw this without taking counsel. Jack getting yeah man nobody knows all. Poll. And then we need to Rick really two of the more now that something needs to Rick roll Mercury you're ever there had. And just hit it. Yes so we'll see what happens at that but I imagine someone's gonna do something like soon because I'm looking at this they have a graph. On the story on CNN. About the flight path of dismissal showing all the places it could reach and it's quite starting. Now here's another story I want to touch upon. A flight from air India. Had to. Almost crash landing almost ran out of fuel. Because the higher Newton forgot to retract the landing gear. As a result the brand new Airbus A 320 continue to send continuously. At a very low clock crime rate. An almost ran out of gas so way to win a certain pilots that that the landing gear they never retractable Saturdays and take it off rag which created drag so they could achieve the proper left yes well I maybe they can achieve the proper left but I know it's definitely gonna burn more fuel fuel burned. More field almost. Ran out of fuel almost caused a terrible disaster and huge airliner. The pilots both taken off flying yeah. Both female. Why does it seem like that gives you. A bit of July. Greens I think there's not an as well I think we let sir I think I covered all the bases that we like our just stick. The two pilots that happened to. And attack the landing hair. The team now. Being just like Yoko who forgot how to close the top of my Jeep you know and and broke it. CNN please call in water early Gianni. They've got I'd report you decide unbelievable.