Hot Flash - The Great White Against The Great Gold Michael Phelps

Monday, July 24th

"Am I getting hot flashes or is it another Hot Flash?" This time the guys discuss about the incredible (or lackluster) of a race between Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark. Did you watch the historical race on TV or did you accidentally skip through the channel looking for some real sport highlights?

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Tonight we're hot. The same time we should do something if it's hot and slashing hundreds feel all the way down upon us ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WA AF so you might have think that shark week. Has jumped the shark. On Discovery Channel well then you might have thought it too but that's one really did. Jump the power act the Ottawa fans that you're right think to you and that's proper. She. Here today low days. We might have been thinking. And well they had a primetime special on the Discovery Channel then. Titles and this is not a joke Phelps Burr shark great goal burst great white. My god the hundred meter open water race took place in Capetown South Africa. However it was teased as such and people got all excited like oh my god how they don't pull this off. And by the way Phelps like the I think the fastest of Olympic swimmer. Can swim. In a pool is like six miles per hour sharks liked when he buys right so I was like how they how how's this gonna happen you can literally walk along the pool and beat them. Walked briskly right right. The best in the world. So what they did they gave him a shark skin like wet suit and a mono fanned emulator shark's tale but it turns out all this anyway it was simulated. It was a simulation. Race where. So come on I want my time back here's a little bit as GM here. Proves closes strong. And maintains an average speed of about five point nine miles per hour or so one thing that's great why hasn't commented Michael. It doesn't like the you can see the shot got down to generate speed to reach on the seat at the white shark. It's over the finish line. Winning the race right to. You know we need for that as our bed of yup that was actually our own my I mean that's him you gotta be kit like I told you like those shows what used to be like man vs beast on fox now and you watch like Tony five vertically challenged humans in his likeness strongman and elephant trying to tell plane is when Kobe she tried to when hot dog contest against a brown bear like that was at least I was still love the best out there are some visually that's one TV is gone so far it's great again because it's so stupid it's so bad. This is an interesting. This is like. Was there that race years ago I was like Donovan Roddick against Michael Johnson they ran like a 150. Yes and what we're talking about Johnson pulled up lame like these challenger events is simulated challenger events bad word retarded about you're seeing eye balls. Racing a horse at one point oh yeah at night go like look a sprinter against a jag U law vs an actual jaguar like. That we have nothing better to do it time.