Hot Flash - Comics Come Home 23

Monday, November 20th

In today's Hot Flash, Nick and Stiz managed to get backstage at the 23rd annual Comics Come Home event at the Garden to grab some audio from Jimmy Fallon, Bobby Kelly, Denis Leary and more!!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com don't. Waste your time for a hot flat. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt it's. Ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WA AF. Hot collapses god do this are my friends lenders looking for the right vehicle the right price right now the visit lenders are brandishing what to lenders INT dot com that's lenders are Nancy dot com an incredible night was had by all that comics come home right fellas. Did you enjoy yourself Saturday Matty I have the greatest times too bad I didn't run and you guys I got there kind of late 2000 especially BO yeah yeah are you in the vet yet. Rick as we were seated I I had tickets in the ninth row so I ice up pretty much everybody from the station in the cluster. All the bits were right there. I was there I mean yeah I can prove it ice. I know John Mayer showed up member of that right special closing musical acts like my favorite part is when he showed up yet what's wrong that he sang did you enjoy the most thing and what's on the he's saying did you enjoy the most follow up when he came out to everybody's like. My ability is only. I every day are always laying on its dire. Liar. Well don't worry you boys' nick can stay. Covered. We went we did the VIP. Did the press room we had a chance to catch up with a all the comedians. Had a nice long chat would Jimmy Fallon who is as awesome as advertised. I have to say nick literally made Fallon genuinely laughed like a few times it was it was actually kind of cooled things off so I got in my late lead and let our hearts are with them too because you know we both got those gut punches at it's in our lives forever and I know. He employs a couple of my friends Patrick and Albertine on the right step reference that does his warmup comedian so there's been on the show that's writes that there is out so. Anyway long story short great time talking of the comedians and then two and a half hours of just jaw dropping. Got punching laughs and my wife and actually hammered so yeah tonight ever Aaron that's my hair pointer arduous. She oust I want stories that aren't coming up anyway so we're gonna play the Jimmy Fallon portion for you later but right now here's a little montage. Some of our favored by its lines and drops from the comedians we talked to backstage before commerce Kamal 213 and begat. There is the man the godfather the president the chancellor today that had a ball busting comedy it begins and ends. Let Lanny I did how we feel on I gotta I don't have enough money to pay you for that opening dollars right the hi nick Stephens who WA AF where you're Bobby Kelly Bobby who are you wearing tonight. I'm worrying it's called out big and tall but the idea excelled deluxe. It's my favorite story it's on I think an octagon shop. I you admitted yesterday the late two pizzas and the ride up to the radio station ate out a lot of time nominee rusty today ads that I've had water speed. Once they get she is a one small command lodge friars. That and another says the defense and they call us we like to play game in the show called emergency three emergency three. Ranked at three New England foods. You'd most want edu needy before you kick it. Yeah okay ready. Regina is paid out so they catch us. And aerospace stuff from minus. I hot a percent I would go I need government plan chatter from captain target indicate the steak tips from the forcing Quincy and Regina speeds of the gap that's it right down on John god god god god. Jeff Ross the roast master general. Do you ever take a setup here since this town is so freaking tough do you ever takes that's up here workout material just like well Boston like it's you know. The rest you can second because it worked out there Boston's a good place to. Where if it works here it's gonna work you know you gotta you know he got hit hard fought to comics and aren't. And I love coming appeared to show us I wish I worked appear more often. If you could say any one thing to the city of Boston you love that you hated go. So what everyone assay and as Jimmie Jeff Ross is love from Boston and one fairly well in Boston. I love that dirty water. Please run it smells like Beers at. You know I'm emptiness of the areas he's. Proud that is the area WA AF LB Sox. They say it album sucks. I thank you say yeah that's it that's not an option that you know text. Reminded me my favorite part in the by the way my fair part of the night yeah I was up Patrice O'Neal sat loves he killed we killed so Monty I that I don't know. But that's okay emergency threes this rank it three favorites from Saturday night. I get Jared freed third buddy solitary solid third. I'd say and body's definitely always want to wallow hooked up as well as to so who's yet was it Momo was really always really really mean it I was. Now do you weren't there. Ever Justin McKinney was great I need to adjust you have heard he was great that joking and I mean it was pretty good buddies and I thought oh by Clinton when he's landing. I mean Hillary actually Melanie got I was just so awesome the thing about judgment tugs on Bruton is way. As I've fair that was awesome so this is news because comics come home happened over the weekend and the big headliner one of the big headliners for perhaps the biggest. Was Jimmy Fallon and nick had a chance to grad Jimmy. And have a little chat with them and this is part one. Of that interview. We get. There is related Delmon the host of the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon playing the part of Jimmy Fallon tonight will be Jimmy Fallon made about it. It's been sergeant can make your advice. Saddam remains had Mathers and I'm gonna be doing part of you people have referred you as the Clint Howard of that matters before you do you do a bang up job at your gym sounds awesome thank you so much they appreciate him currently filming American graffiti do. And the same like it's the same type of move descendants have music and different music so. The immediate connection everyone makes. With the fever pitch in what now for the Boston but what it puts you up from Boston what's the connection from Boston outside of the Red Sox movie. I have a lot of connections across and one is I've met my wife. She produce that Red Sox moving. So I think Bob is that I don't title of what it was called the Red Sox vivienne it was actually animated at one point oh update investors aren't the picture I didn't ABC. Will be back with Jimmy Fallon arrived after this so we're chat and riff and have a good time and he literally gets called over for the publicity photo night and has to go over there and go arm and arm again Barack. And as soon as it was done such a good guy who think about him. Coming up here honoring his word became nearly. Coming to comments come home. Help and raise all this money. Considering that he lost his mother out of the blue basically just two weeks ago and you can tell he's walking with an emotional and his heart is broken right now but he did it came up and was as good natured as advertised. And is such a sweet guy. Talk about like the easiest person in show business to root for. And then Susie did the photos look my way came right back over in chatter is up for another couple minutes so this the second half of next interview. With Jimmy found. And web backward mold James sat. Everybody live 6:40 for the morning good becoming a Judge Judy telomeres so you tell me about. Well and your connection Bosnia. Ten nearly they actually say my dad's life. Around here just how my dad got got diagnosed with prostate cancer and we're actually in Basra the time so and talk to Hammond. Through the Farrelly Brothers and help my dad I'm saying is let my government that would keep taxes with the backstage itself. Always be laughing you know we we knew after announcing his image and yeah. Hey can I give you a quick improvised thank you know doing pages addition I would love to hear thank you pleased I imagine that the enemy is his plan we have and thank you. Giselle bunch and for making the movie taxi would Jimmy Fallon Beverly whenever Brady throws for interceptions but he always has something to point to on her behalf yeah. Yeah. There are days of the bad guys are new taxes that Miller is accused there it's I did this movie is that my only one male only movie going to back and fevered pitch but I didn't tax and went on downtown. And I don't gonna go to the local movie theater and have and just treat it ruins the tickets and violent of course they got I grew up heroes razors arteries and it's let's say it was means a lot for your insight I went home. And what's my movie theater and you're playing women and and I was sites you've decided to tell like thrown brick to win I go you. Not to be kidding right and didn't know what I gotta do it's parties the other movies playing here they have an ambulance army names in the poster noted the hagel. Hey even the movie's bad you have to play at the local theater and then again as they get as they've they're playing three movies now one of the three were my mouth. I was so upset and depressed. And so that's that's a Boston thing. It bathrooms and I think that's my connection of bodily eight figure so funny how would you remove it without Brady's girlfriend that I expect that I will you know or Mattingly showed what. We remain at the troops that are glad you made out that rather have a great job here that I'd love being here and love about this moment.