Hot Flash - Chowin' in Chelsea!

Tuesday, February 20th

Chelsea now has two reasons to brag. It's where Stiz lives and now is home to a #9 ranked restaurant in America! Which reason do you think is the bigger deal?


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are only. Line and I knew schedule and WA AF. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt about it well it's an idea nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF these 3 o'clock hour hot fashions are hot hot fresh today is that. It hasn't been on the radio several days nice job TV professionals nick Stephens here. This was brought to you by the Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned event fumes if I do my best Jon Hamm. There's never been better time to drive the vehicle of your dreams limited time offers available now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. This MD USA dot com slash CPO for inventory. An offer details of religion wasn't bad right now things out of like I supported myself for eleven years doing voice over work right. Hear your voice of his for Brees commercials coming back there watching T have a son nick. This is coming out of my TV in my. And we asked is grimy if you possibly Wear a different pair of jeans to the studio so we didn't smell like hot garbage every day he agreed. Man you know it's nice every now and again when the sponsors you know hook us up give us a little love those usual on the sadly dilemma posed yet the lovely market and what's that. They throw us a little meat last week that was delicious to coupled with the eighty's what the couple Mercedes amongst friends and I am. Not asking for an M class or not them but maybe. This class. Is that so wrought is that so wrong for me to ask for a C class. On the show. Some people feel this. Notes have more artisan class though are still is I told you earlier that I was gonna share with you a news story that was gonna make you. Swell with pride that was gonna make you feel all the good local fields and I'm curious to hear from the listeners if they've encountered. Just this little bites and delight I'm gonna share the food WIRED Magazine has released the 100 best places to eat in America. Yeah it's fun and I are you. Saying. Okay potter best place the America according to Yelp. So this means like who'd had a BIG a bald head and there was a short wait time everyone was like to have the doors and super nice balls and everything so it's not just like a bunch of stuff you restaurant critics going there. And you know sneak in a review and this is the real people that use the social. Deciding what the hundred best restaurants. In America are kind of best places to eat okay ready. One restaurant from New England cracked the top ten just want. Okay I'm in a zone and even closer. One restaurant from Massachusetts. And cracked the top ten and OK I'm gonna zoom in even closer and go. One restaurant. From. Within a 25 minute drive cracked the top ten compared to 100. Best restaurants from put my according to yelled users. Give any idea what that place had been she's this is a tough one of the top one I guess I'll go I mean I know gone awfully thin part you know. Told you would get all your local fields and you would you would be bursting with joy not just because it's sunny and we're having fun here. Ladies and gentlemen. According to yell magazine via food and wine the number nine best place to eat in America. Child pizza and pasta and Chelsea. Last third shoe fits why she now. All that's that's usually by the court I haven't tried yet how about them apple gonna have to get and how about. Then gore may have little pizzas one I checked out there Yelp page and let me tell you. They look at some food borne OK that is some food porn I'll bring them in the I got a pizza Boehner. I'm trying to he had been looks rigged its newest new war it's new so this is everything like I said you need to have all the things you gotta be able to take a quick pictures you know have great service it's got to smell good it's got to look at it's got to be company. It's got to be good for kids dogs people that when they were therapy pets everything. Holy smokes and Amanda felt how in Chelsea child's doll. Yeah pizza and pop about a court house on with that William street I believe yeah of course a derelict like yourself would know it's over by the hour then like half of frequented one of the two. And the other one is the new pizza place that is number nine. Can't wait to go there wants a minute this week that I knew Chelsey yeah we will definitely do that job representing an have to put this to the tax side if anyone's eaten there give us call the framing imports studio line 6179 through a money effort and it's up on the ninth Somalis seven. Tech slide our there's a place you think should have mated and give us a shout. We're here Korea. And rolled by the courthouses. Can you please start acting like you're working towards the job you want not the one used to had a criminal shoot. We were talking about the fact that. Food Hawaiian released the 100 best places to eat according to Yelp in America. And Massachusetts shows up on there but once actually twice number 47 a restaurant Brockton GG cafe. And number nine crack in the top ten Chal pizza and pasta. Ends his hometown Chelsea match you're presenting. And we actually have somebody in the Framingham Ford studio line right now who says he's in the chow. And revealed. She was shoddy. Child bit and now Schaub isn't Chalabi is so I was you know how is junket. It's pretty good over that you've got if you go over they've got to get a mushroom pizza. And then you've got to get the treasure Dornan a little peace or lie. Ball now you're talking and I saw there. Unbelievable looked at this lake on the blog solid lead over unbelievable. OK listen if you guys if you guys think that's basically put into place from Melrose called awarding try to. Yeah he personally they'd blow away shot. Yeah ivy that would imply they're pretty good was not that hundred song let me get a slice it wouldn't find out. 015. Yeah. Hey let me ask you this question Anthony to real lives and are they okay. What would you what would you choose one choice. Okay adequate like men try to sex or like the best pizza would like a ruined or you don't maybe a little runny egg on. All of us. It's more. Absolute 106. And done their due to pound. It's above our answer that they took all brother.