HMMS Hour 4 – “You Are a Very Intelligent Individual” 8/7/18

Tuesday, August 7th

This hour we talk to Eric Green, the director of the new documentary on V66, the rude tipping game, a 2nd Hillmail and more!

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Of Candace oh you know she is. African American woman partner Republican share very outspoken right. And she took the tweets. Being racist tweets. The latest. Addition. To the New York Times editorial report. Alice. She on John Sara Shaun. Who had tweeted some some pretty inappropriate things. About white people yes and she substituted. The words. Black. And. Jewish okay. For word that tweets of that woman and she was immediately shut down and suspended by Twitter. Where. The original regulatory Shannon era I gathered at the newest member of the New York Times editorial board was not yet but if you don't understand that there. That is that there I mean there's a bias and every single aspect of the every part of the media at that it there it's deceptive. Face reality so I had the answer your original question I don't think he has an Olympic there's a constitutional right to be on YouTube. Or or on FaceBook. 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It's going to be hot today temperatures getting up to 96 the weather is brought to you this hour by the mid state auto group and we've been talking about it all morning. But a miserable. Tuesday when it comes to those who have to be outside for any extended period of time today. The AccuWeather real Phil temperature will feel like it is in that 10102. Degree range. And there is a heat advisory in effect in and also a a warning with regard to air quality from the EPA so. Godspeed on that today plain water in and I injury and seek air conditioning if you can't if you love buying a car that means they're not a group that imagine how great it would be to work there. Reyes hiring tax the working as stated the service facility in Auburn great benefits of a OC today. Admits they'd auto group in Auburn today. And there is a screening of the documentary tonight. Over at the Coolidge corner theater. And Mike Hsu but this up the other day and we've that'll be interesting talk with Eric Green who has the director. Of this documentary. And the documentary is about. He's 66. Which was an independent. Music video television station here in Boston. All at which. I began to work now is just a high school senior. And Aric thank you for her thank you for coming in this morning. Yeah thanks thanks revenue for argue you have been such a strong supporter early on as your call early on in this whole project was first announced through socio and did you immediately were onboard you've got you talk about the 66 holes on your formative years. Yes yes yes well listen if I if somebody says would you like to. Be on television I say yes absolutely of course there alert of course Australia. What what made you guys decide. On this I assume it was growing up in watching it. What made you decide. To do a documentary. On 66. That's an interesting question. And I I've worked and all the foreigners of film and television production were defused switchers. Music via cable channel around 20042005. And during the time I was there I thought that they were neither are we like a year two years old look upon a saw there were already Goran Eriksson took like MTV and VH one. Years to get to incorporate music shows yes programs. So about a year or so after the I'm self portraits of some friends who just came up in conversation he do you remember the 66 and of course it becomes cultural. You know conversation starter it's all we have they they played this video that was different than other video that they had this DJ that Vijay again yeah that this contest and that those sort of things and you know I did some research in the more researchers did more rabbit holes once found all these people like yourself about the start there now went on to greatness and other owners brought. Don't agree I where I am but the it's really interesting you have to explain a map to explain this I should use the old man voice yes. But at the time. 1985. When and when the 66 debuted. It was shortly after and TV Dade right then and there was believe it or not. Not a large portion of the country that had access to cable television news so. So you might say why would it. You know why would somebody want a local music video television network when you have a national one. Com but it with a reason being was that there are a lot of people who had no idea what MTV was noise and had no way to get so. He 66 you can get on channel 66 a descent fiddle with. Yeah the rabbit out and here's an opposite field out by change of course I will shoot you're probably. Probably watching it as a hand me downs council and discovered a tunnel local bands. Because I was the great thing about these 66 they surge advance it you could seal the street. Yes it was awesome yeah my my my high school world revolved. Around. MTV Friday night videos and so idea if it's no surprise as 66 blocks. Well. What what did you learn making the documentary that you think will be interesting to those who might go to the Coolidge corner theater Guyton and check it out. Yeah so later Sam and I mean if even short sighted vote music videos of the time if and fuels and offered in your cable wasn't offered. You were kind of out of lock closures this free channel turner of those photos popular with on the play you know and Halen and prince and Madonna bought. They also played local ban so bent like extreme and yeah guns yes all dieters featured interview in the film as well and they were local men years before the major label debut they just got the money together and make music video local film students ought Calvert did a video for them and they submitted. He 66 immediately put on year. Not even like. And become a corporate you know but he has to go through some moves three process Narnia they just couldn't put on immediately and that of hundred years later with mutually that you put. So my dance not just vans or popular on the channel also. Vincent were influenced by partners then the next wave of Boston and lemon then it is clear though who total moron who. Were watching us and you know picked up instruments because of these because they were able to see music video switch to another old main question here. Our band still. Doing music videos yeah the yeah it's got a lot of them there's you know to need you to lose like the new. And T luckily and TV was where if you wanted to see music while I don't think that's a very interesting point which is that. That the message at the film is. The idea of a free local TV channel that only plays music videos that's kind of opened it passed bought the music videos and our form is very much a lot of oil and you know it changes every every week to its phase you know this artist had the most amount ways and. Yeah four hours and and so they so artists are still focused on making music videos via that it did. Still a story attached storage adapted to the lines or does it article on form gather your one eye on the ground on the last on the native video for every single song. They did yeah yeah I can't put out the weeks leading up to release an album now for the knowledge and it's as far as I'm concerned I don't care if it's Metallica. Or anybody else no one. Bear may. A music video. His skills at this number one hit. From the 66. These are often. Styles. Now. A lot of what I thought about. On the show with regard to my formative years seems to be hard week but. I happen. So I was eighteen I was working there had a real question on the receptionist. Very beautiful beautiful woman. And I used to go out to the reception area and be flirtatious whether she was older yeah. A 2324 something. I was eighteen share and we had a flirty relationship and doesn't the guys from our hot come in the town and then one of them take surrounded smashes her. Online I. Yeah. It's it was it was a very very depressing at the model for me but. There are. Here's attacks who said they went to Boston University was Amy Cox and Mimi Cox were there and they are all out of Mary Beth Livingston caught it on your name is Tracy called Tracy Cox and I yes yes wade who is Amy who is the New England Weaver was the morning ocean as the morning news yeah morning news person. Google's view inside. EU UN ended up really being able to how much did you should cost you guys to make is a cost to make a documentary like that. I mean you know with I mean it's a later it's it's hard to say the exact number to kind of did the songs all over the age all all the prologue Zia so to all over the country interview people and by we I mean it's sort of like Leo we we you know be arms in certain cities help. Thing but I really was very fan driven fans all over the country census. Ths footage of the channel's Hannah and you fans you know really donated to this and spread the word about this so it's really a fan driven film where the fans you know kind of we'll both into existence and I notice you warriors G 66 black teachers. Can I act and again and a what time is this screening tonight the street tonight it's at 7 PM at the Coolidge corner theatre in Brookline and I do recommend pre ordering tickets they are almost sold out. But if you can not make it is also available on dvd you can order from Amazon Barnes & Noble Wal-Mart it's also on streaming video on demand thanks off indoor or night flight plus. Sources Google play. Though also adds wholesale being the first movie I ever worked on was a movie you appeared in a monument out out. I know I was an intern on that I want as members. Confessed or another full circle coming out of it wherever and and that is full circle in question did they run their own control board and he's sixty says yes to an actual PGA's yes yes as opposed zeevi people who sat in the studio and everything was right for guests as John Jerry beating the station floundered his vision for the channel was out like a radio station were Vijay could. Do the controls for the cameras switching and now the same way a radio personality could then watch records and. We actually broadcast live. During. The hurricane I think it was Hurricane Bob. Orr was at hurricane Gloria Gloria it was hurricane Gloria. And we actually broadcast alive yes I'm on the air stayed on the air airing during the hurricanes could. Islanders. Somalia so it was. And and you know the very popular morning show before I began here. 29 years ago Bob and zip or on on the weekends. And they actually created. A couple of really cool videos. One of which was a squish the fish video and the patriots were playing the dolphins. Ands or maybe he was maybe it was a deal with regard to not think the patriots played the dolphins in the playoffs before they played the bears in the suitable. In and whatever it was it serie is batteries and so. And then Nelson did a video for just a big ego which was there parity of the definitely rock signs though. While it appears somebody and listen Il I think you'll find this interesting. If your music fan because you mentioned Paul Geary. What what other artists are in the documentary. Yeah we also have Greg talks of the callers sides in decline of the jig isles fans. Members of civil order on different of rocket Murphy is Morris. Bunch of a bunch of to Paul Geary and elbow both of whom were an extreme opens on and I you your body Ernie Boch junior has a brief. Earnings and parents thought his first impression with John Deere beauty and the worth then for the credits for. And and this jump yes over here gas new sister Craig hill yes. Everybody. Your interview had that one mission in mind that is sort of create. The greatest. Local music television. And you know did. I learned to you know. Do everything you know about broadcasting house. So much I don't really know anything. If I'm. I will say. Probably a bad period of time for me a look a little bit large in the document they wish you could have done. Something where that I don't know if it was angle or. I think he came in the house ended we get into your own ended the interview and I really I should have been standing up I should not have been said I don't know regalia different below the the -- are on full full display instead joke that nobody has mentioned that nobody is nobody said. I don't forget there on the mall for African confront it pretty labor back and I thought that. But I judges once sacred used we develop asthma it's on Mike as mentioned this in the world mystery you'd WA AF has been fully supportive of the human purge it well. I think you'll you'll find it interesting it's it's a flashback in time to. If you think about the way year able to. Use your media today. It's a flashback in time. Two day A probably. Period of time that we wish was different where the only way to watch or music video was on a UH UH Jeff TV station here in Boston. Channel 66 which didn't necessarily. Necessarily come and everywhere else though. I it's a life on the being. And right that's left on the news or review 66 of this tonight at the Coolidge corner theatre in Brookline at 7 PM. Our guys Eric Green thank you what was your bio it was your favorite video of all time. Favorite I guess the easy answers thriller. This I'd say it's a big Aerosmith trilogy. I entries into this thing is pro oil there he asked how was your favorite video. Of all time if you don't want to all time. You know I I honestly have to think night there was it was like super super in the videos via cell like here and there but there's nothing it's like jumps at the top analysts. One that I'm sure was exclusive to V 66 doesn't believe east side girls from the stoppers type als. That is just saw every community it is says so painfully low Syria's role in what was was a Van Halen Van Halen video with your teacher. My option to monitor future well you know there I would say that there probably the most the video that was most groundbreaking that they did was probably right now. You know because it had all those all the phrasing and run was going. What's your what's your favorite video all time it's a tough one there's a lot overboard now. Now out and play to say the the live version of red porch and a camera. Space laboratory absolutely. Sure sure. Executing on its. Let's say this is Mike hello Mike. Great they had an idea for your appearance in the video yet. These guys from the draw you would be per. Yeah and we should get the caricature artist of the Boston Globe to draw on me for com video on my tiny. Tiny little didn't care in Seattle's last you guys drove blast tiger MB six. I don't think we've or maybe may be may be that was that we can be yours yeah this is frank hello frank. Or what's up frank. They don't. Of the view success it's very well abilities to play the Chiquita by Aerosmith. Yeah yeah yeah. I live music do the talking. Yes yes I mean Aerosmith actually you mentioned. That period where they they have some they have some related videos and it was was it a leash just Silverstone. Yes who is in yes. But that's the thing actresses actors actor insists on petroleum and actors and actresses uses these the one ambient music didn't Italy CN. Oh what I say and only these aerial yes actually via. Harassment it just is just mr. Perry referred to that time and Anthony alive. And so I guess they don't have some older videos that Joseph Perry in Brentwood for an audience gets around that time by these six. I concerts bands in this area were demanding that they learn how to play on lightning strikes. Yes not a picnic well we did a live broadcast Sunday 66 from the Manning bowl in the wind whereas Errol where Aerosmith. He played a live. Now you heard me adjusting the iPod I will say that this is also an amazing video. We're. Yeah its service just like finding ends he has this. It's okay. Yes these successes there of and TV imagery in the eye of the chorus of mine and TV when he sits in sixth place. They replace Ian drew with these statistics yes he has the chorus with I want my Vijay V yes I want my V. W Vijay being. Yes and we actually went out at Christmas time we didn't there was no there was no video. There was no video for a certain Christmas on. And you can imagine what artists. I'd demanded that we'd like this before. Or imagine. Yeah yeah it's really nice guy so there was no asterisk. There was no video for Santa Claus is coming to town. So we actually went up to Salisbury beach there and we made our own v.s 66 video. For San clauses compounds we have some play Christmas. Themselves are well listen the the documentary. Is. They're showing of the documentaries tonight. Coolidge corner theater. It would 67070. Am and out for more information development and life on the V dot com all right Eric Green thank you for coming by other thoughts. 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You've been wondering if you'll both breakout you're happy dance go to staples dot com slash weekly ad for a coupon to get five dollars off scored 25 dollar in store purchase of school supplies staples the back to school specialty store offer and they eliminating exclusions apply see store staples dot com pretty tells. Yeah. You governor for. It's like don't worry about. You can get these kind of things somebody else like it. Yeah sure. WG yeah. Hill Man Morning Show WA AF. Good morning I ignored what's going on Brian. Quick question number I'm trying to go there concern here it's like it's. There are all up yeah I was ordered to go. In Hudson and that's the beauty 66 or so Dodson yeah. In the late buddhists like like you don't want to remember that. Yes well kind of outcry slicker crossed on the Hudson side Lleyton right across from there yes. If they block us from the world. All that was that's where the. Oh well that's just where the power was this. The studios. The video music TV stations are talking about earlier he's 66. We're in the building. On its beans street in that's in my shoes hometown of Natick. Which is like a pink. Looks like this bemoaning EE 8:0 great now I am that's the Maloney for college if you like and Lamar yes Alex Ramon marked. If they ever had. Up people who have never had Simonyi. And so yeah. It's like the Italian desserts bemoaning. Yeah its ice cream it's like ice cream. A layered. A screen and intervened. Lot of people don't like the stash. Like pistachios like that they have in. That the cherries and yelling. Crazy cherries to of the moustache. Pictures you're an extremist. Because of the frozen Cherie. Yeah it's like cherries and Terry things that just that I. Jerry's its tree otherwise I don't know I can't stand OK George Washington. I know they do love the idea of Dali Lama expensive chairs the looks are oh yes actually. Listening. That looks Danielle loves boats are out there Christmas gift I it's 936. Speaking of Christmas gifts she'll have you seen. The Red Sox shirts with the player names in the yes Star Wars fonts that are all guide that all of it well. All the rage when there it's yeah that Xena women for the Star Trek version always yes OK in some kind of engineering red Jersey although red jerseys are bad blockade even talk America right now here at number in the name in the senate that is viewed bird Jersey cam yeah and it's. Let's see this is. Dave hello Dave. 08 who would let's updates. You talk about crazy videos about Peter Gabriel shock a monkey. Great studio now yes very yes. What what's it mean wasn't the scene down here. Laker rate of high school. They're due on Friday nights I was make out session with your girl and your buddies and everybody member of somebody's house. You know every. Different Friday to watch Frederic videos and it was awesome. God knows. Remotely sounds and that was the it's. There was a Texas that is the are you asking if high school kids got together well they're not out here are some you're not much younger than me you were to be 66 in 85 why did you guys do the video thing Friday night's debate that down here did we you would did we watch I don't know like I don't know what the question as I guess that's why I was asking waddle was GCC six not about. Music video yes it was so was it a rite of passage. Right of passage for high schoolers to make out with their bodies and their girlfriend not would their bodies. Not everybody now I'm sitting there are against this girl for Elsinore in the Omega now with the bodies I mean whatever it is to we reservoir that has never had a budding. At that I met him I relied almost doubled marriage some cool man. I'd gain yeah. We pay subscribe today AF female right now and once a week. We will update you when it can't miss audio video concert updates and the very best contests and the information you need. In order went up so get the AF female now when you go to WA AF dot com slash email. That's the WA AF dot com. Slash. Email. Peace it's. Guy that's gone viral because he's playing the rude tipping game with servers the rude tipping rooted tipping gave it now think it's inappropriate they think oh. What he's doing is it appropriate now so what does he do so of the tight the start of the meal. Leaves five bucks on a table. And for everything server does Ronnie takes a dollar away. And he says that is in Paris they saw this this this actually. Dates back a couple years but it's seen a resurgence in popularity this week in several news zealots are reporting on it but it shirk says and personal. Buybacks depending on where you're reading not even an appropriate tip. But it's his little game and he's like yellow life and I go out to dinner redo this thing and I leave the money out as soon as the waitress realized. You know that that was going to be your tick I got the best service of my life. And people are saying leaner you've clearly never worked in the service industry and you have no idea how it works that you know. The service and restaurant is not solely dependent on the actions of your server. It also you know everyone else involved right. And they're saying that if it's that there's a lot of outrage. On the Internet. Over the last couple days overseeing this this screen shot re circulate what does he say that he gets amazing service because he does all the time. It's ridiculous is actually cheers after that code years ago as an obscure reference. I for him as a mineral woman did it to Carla. Rhea Perlman character and said. See that these bunch dollar bills on the table that's your tip in if you made a mistake. It's going away the better be on your game something from the line outline. Now I think. We've discussed this before on the show many times but I think the average person right now is probably tipping. Twenty. Taiwanese are among our fingers down and used to be 15%. Was standard but that doesn't seem like enough to mean I really felt like it was. It did the old standard as it was explained to me in I don't know if you ever heard this analogy is that 15% if there were no table cloths and Tony if there were table you're right now I know years ago I forget his grandfather somebody. I mean to the baseline for me. Sure if I'm going for breakfast minimum of five. Because it's the foods less expensive they're still probably doing much work you don't want him breakfast. Signing she's saying that I don't America's that is still my breakfast club and box and now. And these two dollars. And I understand people not everybody has that you know financial means to be tipping act act for random it. If you can't leave an appropriate tip when you go out your one of those heart goes. That's like while Amman and kept that senate don't quality. Because that is it in it like when people bring it they don't tip in Spain. The black Spain and we're a country where the established standard is it servers make a wage that way less than minimum minimum wage and make it happen. Don't know they don't they don't tip in in Europe Europe London and and if you go there not knowing that then you really feel like a fool after about two or three days and when somebody says you know you don't have the superior. And he saw us quality is somebody told me that I left them you know forty bucks on me at dinner the other night d.'s ability to gilt fell flat leave it to yes. I don't that's there that's their rule as their rule I don't like the. I think that's I think it goes hand in hand with what you have a fire or burger. And I have Auburn severe credit counseling thirteen dollars. I I I leave double. If it's we go for dinner and to capitol regularly in color and sixty box. Then you're in that twenty to 30%. It's it it's a different. Level of service heal Gregg always talks about when you go to certain types of restaurants he Ian eagle two steps service so what you're getting for service at the counters local diner not the same thing that you're going Atlantic guerrilla someplace else. Is attacks asking if you also tip on packs like the total amount. I usually deal Lotta people get nit picky about that I just find it easier to find the bottom number in double a but those are the people who are. Adding that checkup and then determining what everybody. And charging them accordingly the most infuriating thing is people that don't tip on alcohol or wine. Why did they not to that. I don't know why that I've been to dinner with people were re order a bottle of wine and mill. Calculate the tip line like that yeah I don't allow people to handle the check at the end of the meal I know that and do this and it's it's a sixty dollar bottle wine and like it's it's not right it's not connect well. A tip on the line unless they all came over and served it can afford it it's part of the meal. I'm mark Kilmer where do you find the energy I naturally just like central Fargo deal on its chief what's a number change this is the only. Arena in which channels say that Greg is not cheap as one person to think like Eugenia you're welcome let's not in the business like what what about a birthday view yes would you tip the buffet when there are gonna get yeah. Homeless and this is south below Sao. Guys wouldn't comment I want to I wouldn't call them back in ninety. I'll let my ex wife she's from Scotland and got out of our it was locate two. State of the art center on it felt quite. You know you would leave a little Petri a huge double by now it acceptable I remember back that hour I'll just south. So we're going to attempt but I don't know that's that is it was acceptable I get back that. Yeah I had I mean it check it hopes it'll change in others. That there's some that are advocating for. You know minimum wage. You know there's a separate minimum wage here in Massachusetts. When it comes to servers and and bartenders and which I think gives voters. So you think. Should be. Minimum wages venomous words so there's some reason making eleven dollars and eighty cents. The bartender who were editor should marry they don't work any less harder than you do making minimum minimum wage and hour old tall. Changing sheets is that people argued that it model should go away best athletes don't debate that. People choose to tip. Do you leave money at your hotel on the I lead my every time I leave hotel room I leave I'd leave a tip. I think the yacht industry for other people a lot of people say that if you're gonna move to let a standard wage like everyone else. Then they're not gonna test and I lots each day in her life especially lifers in the restaurant industry and they don't want they don't want to know why is that while that I mean being on a good Monday wanna make good money from Ted yet they don't want the the money saving the effort on the text line people how is he believing claim all those things. None of the people are so gonna make tips as he ordered pays in the mid march. But what I'm saying it's if it's a standard the restaurant employees are getting 1112 bucks an hour people liken it to people want to open in this it's not a tipping model. So why should you know what it why should you. Tip on that if someone who's doing you know your your eighth the only person. You totally and all of you are very intelligent and I respect this this flight. It matters a great called morning after Marleau and I don't restaurant was it what he's saying you want then could be you Juan do you wanna have the higher wage and you're still in a tip. You can go to a restaurant. They like. Do you do you go to or restaurant. And the first thing when you walk through the front during broke off. Don't make it only me two dollars prominent totally temple Maxtor. You don't know what they've made you don't you don't walk into a restaurant and you know. Wondered. Leading mates for wage. You're gonna tip accordingly disservice. I don't think it's it's it's a scapegoat why don't you as a scapegoat. For restaurant owners and that industry bar owners. It's a scapegoat for those guys not have to not confident of but I don't know letting him speak. Letting them voice his opinion on this and that you don't you don't believe people don't raise your voice we can talk about it it's fine. So agenda yes. If you want him to a restaurant. And and and everybody. So they made it did there it looked at 6 o'clock news on channel seven. And survey everybody mates. Would junior minimum wage 1150 now. You'd really walked into a restaurant ordered dinner and then go past you know I agree service on my opinion. I. Think most people are good portion of the public would argue that if you're getting a standard wage but the whole. Model of does the tip model is that you're not getting a full wage though the tip access content. Course I ask you you're just begs to tell me. Tell me meet personally I feel that he's so do you think most people I think mode he walked in on restaurant. And and can't or don't need to any hair yeah we utilized at all. They either you know they they don't make a dollar somebody five anymore and it's all about steps. They make an actual war way to sector. Only allowed ten dollars an hour they wouldn't tell you know they wouldn't because there are a lot of other people and I know there are a lot of other people that. Currently make eleven dollars an hour that don't work under tip based model the devil wouldn't tip on talk. That's not the industry when a hockey would be chanted tell you when holes yet it we're talking about a restaurant. I added that struck this simple question wise is there I believe. I believe buddy most. Decent. People. That go out to any restaurant. No matter what the person made as a base salary. Would tip accordingly to service that does it with the 20% tip wouldn't be standard. Is that tip is to make up for what they don't get because it's like working on. Like real real real stated that it worked out all the legal now issued an ill minimum wage and they get shipped accordingly on servers do you know how expensive though -- we get that case. Well the globe the Middle East is bill would be managed more than me I don't know factors in his trailer here here's. There's another excuse not to pay people accordingly. Well I mean what yeah this deal is on the I don't think you know when I say well on sound that you know. What the average profit margin of restaurants. Engine for other men you know. The U wanna you into the whole business thing. None at all restaurants are I don't want notary restaurant is a good restaurant part. Your profit margin is gonna be very. Correct not a pay 300. No we don't ever if you restaurants Sox. And you can't afford to pay somebody. A legit wage. And your restaurants Sox. Did at the dean tip The Home Depot worker. I don't know of course us Smart enough but animal why don't you. What why are pushing everybody has made who's making minimum wage want you to the home my coworker if you get to the restaurant play that's an England bucks an hour wait at the at Home Depot. Exact same thing why. They restaurant people who guide I don't walking Home Depot I I don't want to get people is great by the way I don't buy it that is degrees while I don't want to and a Home Depot. And and give the guy a list of getting on my crown. And then bringing out of jail and if he did that for me if he if he got the tip and asked me the question you would tip and I walked into a Home Depot. And I I I put a shopping cart in front of yeah. With the best arm and said here's my list of crap that I need from home deep ball. I would that you would tip and so you get this random people all the time now kinds of I want to be around home to his throwing twice he's fifty people around home people routing on my serve me well I stand there and do nothing. Just like when you go incident able. And someone walks. Back and forth to the kitchen refills your water get your coat get your cocktail and that's why you tip them due to the McDonald's. If the McDonald's person. Walked around there and got me a bunch of McDonald's I don't have to tip of the dolls for why they stay. Well they're only making minimum wage in their at a rational yeah and that's certainly don't you Wear. Gee I just I just I'm just calling era is excellent analogy to act and what you hear what exact analogy or dismay about fast food restaurants let me answer that the only today. Hate me scared to let me ask you this. Pay one they have the donation. God judge jar in front of every channel at McDonald's you put your change it every time. The volume all donations negatives are used to duck I do athletics. Not just any difference. Bumps when I know. Daniel you know what he I want it have the greatest weekend nobody ready to have her sale of rot your you need to so what's the difference what's to demonstrate yet. And when you get ninety cents back in change at McDonald's out here to grab a big Mac and a Coke and put it at the Ronald McDonald charity box seats are up on the employees. Apparently it's. How well so if the exact same thing now if you're giving money away to someone you don't know. Charitable thing nation and and someone based on a service that Kyle are not necessarily mean to me you're giving money to someone you don't know. Now we're doing actually IRS every week. And Newton and you're right if that's the thing you think you're right paying taxes that's I think it's in a restaurant employee I'd never seen a lot cardinal did hear that your house. This is Andy and then we had to get to that is second no Mel real quick and yes go ahead. Go around woods let's. The whole thing that there screwed here is. Picked I picked the EU and all that's. It's actually more representative Zach. If all of this model changes include police out in itself is making so much more money I would agree help do anything but that. LB is Internet yours your network I don't know what our colleagues about right there weren't that bad analogy was worsening you know I don't. Don't smoke the second joints on the way to work on go ahead and do you do that you might every charge I just ask. And you ones that are on rain kind of. LB just and it's excellent vs the producers who. In fact make minimum wage that like to jokingly to Edmonton and forgetting your supports audio in essence you do you want to be honest. Until you wanted to take them eyes and authority and I don't throughout and other things anybody else give those guys money can. I I take him to Red Sox games IE I didn't cash. They're there they're interns and yes I tip on our interns and our guys that are more unity and going to be in question and not their their employees. You know OK so I tip my -- yesterday that I'm sorry Daniel yeah every you'd be twelve money. The crew guys last yeah David and scramble scramble scramble. Scrambling yeah you know anybody. Everybody said update in the guys to Red Sox game and I guess the right stuff to do during the had now made known and Broussard. I just loudly you know six tickets for tour embarks upon them take them balanced. Owners are still those that yes I don't instruct you that might she was gonna die in about a consult with you probably see. Now I know Greg's doing here. Exactly I yeah they LB guy until he says you know what we don't have time to labels miles above Julia getting an eight iron if I had this it's kind of do a good let's let's do it let's go ahead Moscow and who have. Here free now I had the film male voice mail messages the left over the previous. Two hours. With regard to any particular topic that's on your mind. I won't all of act I think he's not a lot of it is their outlet in. Them and then there. I have. No let them back. That we have another one so I recommend that. And now he'll sort. Naked billboards I was on a naked dual port 8110. Man. I regret. He's happy doing it in the crowd didn't want to hear the page a. 8:18. Am. Not only killed one and two because it's. And then move wounded ill run and will be campus naked. This message torture. Torture. He couldn't do again. Really don't go Monday into. We've been watching that you're not that it lacked a bullet that what you lot don't I don't know I got back on the ball at the end of the road trek the next day. Message. He phoned me and then I think Abdul. And didn't go whether the minute third better than I have a message. Your shots and a we got to go highlights of today's show will be available for you if you missed any thing as part of the full show podcast which you can download any time. At WA AF dot com that's WA AF. Dot com up next the WA a fourth day blitz over an hour of nonstop Iraq. Commercial free in a tax code word you can text in to win 1000. Dollars cash that is coming up next you aren't. It's what we did Tuesday. That yet looney tunes as well. For the rest of the day here at WA apple party tomorrow morning. I know this sounds crazy believe. So at the top of the hour every Tuesday only on WA AF. Trading your turn our. How leaky sink in when you. But that's recipe. 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