HMMS Hour 4 “What Loser Goes on Oprah” 6/22/18

Friday, June 22nd

This hour, we discover a Pony Fetish Community in Louisiana, Tom Brady singing some U2, Crazier than Danielle and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw the pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Sure what is more disturbing. The instant grams story in which LB has nothing on on my news program this morning or the news story. About the grown ass man that are being that I have on saddles on and are being written around. By others are you're not and a pony play in New Orleans. As a growing inequality growing fetish trend and that. The I called pony heart goes out. I don't think that I use those terms together there once it's there. Here's the Texas says actually. I woke up and the first thing I did was look here instead ram's story and I can tell you that it's LB naked onions or red story that is more disturbing. But I haven't even heard of the grown men up. And a and the ponies the story yet the other team you have any area so. There's this group in New Orleans. That. Is getting some attention. Because. Day put on Seattle since their ups and and there are written around. Like ponies like. Ponies yeah now during the week they. Act like regular people they have normal jobs they have families but on the weekends they suit. And they write each other around through New Orleans doing their things. And they say that this is not an issue the name of the group is called ponies on the delta. Well all metric. The I would think that that's like a pony rescue thing. Right I'd be calling them the my daughter and also pony. It's and maybe some human rescuing middle is rated good news for. Figured they actually have competitions like if you picture when you kick goes to a field day like at the end of the school year they set up things like this they do show jumping. They showed generate 60 yeah I don't wanna have. Yet you must have to get the thin person that throughout the year when you're doing the jumping UN how it gonna wanna go to the big bond person. We get some sound from few individuals who belong to ponies on the delta looks stark should with one of the guy. Where people compete and eventually collapses to the same we'll forces. You answered very competitive just like write more stories that we end up with some clashes. People go down over adult. The competition gets. Pretty crazy from our. We'll probably put on the year it. Put someone into what they call haunted space and I think a lot of people that want to put the gear on that actually turn in the course. Hey Bob how to me eating oats well on in my pony space right that's life and that went. Normally I burgers. Dogs. Sub sandwiches but get a mental notes because in my opponents ranked real young and they do mean how. Tough in the competition's really be have a guy on all fours grown in like 42 year old on all fours with the humanness spectrum jump over it. But that like a pony thing I mean how to compete as you know I'll become. How well you get an unofficial count. Very strange features to reach and it there are women that are into this is well we can hear from one of them. When I could have been his mouth it's like your ritual between us he needs that transition from getting ahead. And I can fill in the days. When I actually kind of changes from a human space flight time and space. Let's. Aiming. Political bit strange but. Why not say you know everyone's got their thing is right you know ours is food. And this is chocolate shot. We're gonna slaughtered. And open up the whole thing about the ponies little unreal sex. I a couple of years back on HBO really long Oden yeah I would want it just right around I'm gonna cook jump much. Ali a family show. If you can't get a ride like if you're not able to get a ride to work they want to come over and you can hop on name in my five ski in them that you are where does that need to wake based we base there. And hire him for birthday party as a regular policies slot for children. Of the moon we have. So freely I ran around a fallen from a story. And then have little problem with him. That guy's neck and you get them in his mouth that you want to it's a little bit. Yeah. Little shopping on him. When he was interviewed he still had the bit the bridle and is now he's in his space you're kidding I was that is pony space you've got to be. I don't mind that I'll do the interview but I have to remain in my I'm in my own the characters sought after and main character during you know. It's not a question is that we're chomping at debate comes front. Paul yeah you know that. No I never thought of it that deeply and it's like that's the name for that that comes from hookah or you know that was the amount of money at different notes of on my god I went over the house and the dogs are chomping at the spectacle outside. Well and I'll get below is a guy awareness Natalie thanks Corey appreciate it do you know if one of these adults is injured. During the competition that put them down and monitor it doesn't affect the but the event there it's a whole group Baghdad that's a whole different thing in Tony space of Kevin callers who factor and. Yeah I. Love lives interesting. Thing. OK. Oh. We'll wrap it gives us an old person. I just. Some pony. It's mass. Effort who open. There's it was on line to you know and that's you know he's a magic that he if he's actually. Do a number to work. He did not do I had heard irritated there's nothing more comfortable. As a few things I just sales up people Islam to talk. This obese idea harmful cars issue here which are. Fervently that hoops from this less to go or on the second floor care walked five run it elevator can I positively get on freight elevator up of. Of theatre. A guy go OK she's due to the and I don't have a chance I don't pulled checked out and I don't know why you have that on those sides. Did you have trouble getting your saddle off yeah I'm. In this country in the men's gym April Jerusalem as that are right now mrs. Clinton keep women don't yet they do the occasional throat cleared which says. I know that you know than on here and I haven't started doing it so I just want you to know that I'm aware of your presence in the bathroom independently it's unspoken thing. Doctor Richard did you say. Stop talking to me in my pockets out. Our minds worked out. I'm not having a conversation oval like for some. Storage for some I don't know. As you don't want these mourned her shoes in sales. Did anyone tap underneath the stall for time and Larry Craig a way to create. Today's weather brought to my son and ski and it's going to be sunny temperatures going to be in the mid seventies today weekend not looking so good unfortunately. It's going to be in the sixties and it is gonna rain tomorrow. Find hot deals at sun and skis July 4 shop more save more patio sale. Get a hundred dollars up every 300 you spend hurried to sun and skis Pembroke and Woburn locations. And now it is time for good this. And now Adobe have to. WAS. Supports Mitt. Do you my doctors Matthew looked rusty and Robert Levin do the math is there restoration. Barrels some darts is Brian Scalabrine Minko and a a couple of partners last Walker's one. Kyle Gibson delivers it Hokies. He did not want to deep right failed attempt at going back to the warning track by the wall looking got it done. I just over the flower box into the seats in right center rookie that's in the opposite field home run his mind the fifty years. The two and we have been swings and hammers one to eight right senator pay down this ball is back in this club is. The placing of the upper deck he broke a sign out there. And it's a two run home run Koran Rubin intending in the Red Sox lead at seven the local. Daddy battle of the golf Broussard trio network C Sox rolled armed Baxter moved in banning. 92 over many in the finale so they win one big guy avoid the sweep tonight it's the first of three. Vs the Arabs at Fenway 7101 pitch right. Cases the Mariners law blank. The Celtics took so Texas Abrams center. Bob Bob Robert Williams at number 27 of the first term NBA draft last night who is flawless drafts coach Stevens. NBA draft. The Boston Celtics elect Robert really. Are so that was called I was market out there wasn't much use promo was my does call. By no surprise Arizona big man Yonder is seeking win number one. Two Phoenix the NHL draft is a night out here in Dallas the blues do not have a first round pick. But there are five picks after that PGA travelers from Connecticut round one Zach Johnson Jordan's feet. Are tied at seven under and murderers are produced will be in the calf sat. And and buffalo. For their first two home games October 3 and October he I think if from not mistake him. Good news yes you do actually garden formal Missouri win on the road against caps a multiple sores in my dad's father at home. At the garden on the eight games ought to why are MLB dot he has been messed up there sportsman. All right. Jogged Yankee third the phone. Any team that's. I'll probably look at these people are getting. Someone you'd better that play that great short game and they have or that it Hitler sort. Well you're dead. I was down there yesterday Yankee Stadium. Places dom. You're they'll have to listen in those luxury recliner. Movie sheets was up in the rowdy club okay and doing several hot dogs pulled back. The brown already parked in my parting told me but it totally. And I am consent that is an excellent yankees team I am not mr. baseball knowledge now indicted by mr. Hsu is. And the Red Sox have an offense problem that is believe going to catch up on them as the season. Now moves on I. I I I yet again I'm I'm not really worried about anything the Yankees the Red Sox are both making the playoffs or fifteen game I think what they're suddenly the Red Sox are now seventeen. Games. Up on Toronto and the rest severely saw there may can apply our house so we'll see what happens when when you know when October rolls around while. Yes I just you know there isn't a tank here in America. All when he mean that they they are tired during second place. And everything is arguing yankees are known with the Yankees the red sesame in the last whether. Their first or second or secular person doesn't matter they're making the play offs. While you got an orchard catcher hitting one. 22. Me or as a manager here's something ends up on a third place team. Don't matter what he's saying is based allow oil. What do you say mister banks by Guerrier catcher Ares that anyone Tawny Saturn and not sure who's gonna be playing second that is. Keeps the pitching staff comfortable and in line. And keep the pitching staff. Healthy that's that's the main thing to us LB I'm calling you while you're not a real Red Sox fan you said they weren't they're not gonna tank it. So there too there are always good thing. Two back of the Yankees are sixteen yankees Red Sox are sixteen or half up on. Toronto. There and they're they're both making that they're both already they've already made the play else. You know David bridge she did Fraser Shari are the most bizarre thing and has handled by diverted until. My wife Annie was off our coaches are coup that looks that looks far. I now. I thing you wanna get to the news Stuart. 800 state farm sponsored by state farm. But to also this hour by Subaru a New England featuring the symmetrical all wheel drive Subaru Outback. With the Subaru boxer engine the outback is built for summertime alt summertime Hester on our. Love it's what makes a Subaru super binder on price sooner retailer at Subaru a New England dot com. I think LB knows this. These textures are enraged. Of their loser they want to make sure you are aware that the wildcard as for the entire American League and not just that the Asian. Viewers. And he's so it'll Sox are the best two teams in the Al. Oh. He just just you know what let's just wants me can you just grab a piece of paper and a gravesite what are columnist tecumseh a billion dollars. As opposed that now oppose clear people grab grab grab the post it note yeah. And right down yankees. Red Sox LBC. It's. They end up making the employer costs and make a write down what the date is today right. As you and Tuesday and ends and and I want you to write LB sad yeah yankees and Red Sox made the player else. And then what they do with the sticky depose that sticky put just pioneered on the part they're going to hear cubicles ordering your car right now the Q okay so. Put on your dash your car Rainier fridge were put on your cubicle on the computer. And then when the mute the Red Sox don't make supplier costs. I'm way to take your picture and send it to Greg feels IG. And well aren't all in Ramadan to everybody that I'm a complete inadequate sports. They only have 83 and a half game lead. In the wild card race. I apologize. That I don't keep my home town teams you know I know how sports are. There LB I don't like and well you know two birdies so much on the grounds Tom Brady's African loser like what a loser goes on old. Monty and her and nit wit you are right. Might got back I sold a sold paying deputies and sucked X your so bad. I cavaliers on Oprah okay I'm story. I'd like the Red Sox. The Red Sox are two games back the one of four teams. That of the best teams in baseball. She came and need for waking up to date field like a loser of the Red Sox are gonna sock. Well I mean Tom Brady. On what was. Tom Brady was that YouTube's. And away last night on my god what is that is there any concern about the fact that he should be focused on. On football and not attending a concert and he could've gotten the surge and sing in a way were you too. I think just to get that avocado in the and the in this movie Richard did you and I don't know you know little. The best he's a little off key there unless it's. Not Q&A I'm not a good senior united gets here at the best there's. What loser waste his time between U2 concert. Video going. Tom Brady on his phone cemetery and attention and Tom Brady hundred dissidents have my. Number he was easily. That's the most stunning this morning with a hot I. It appears like loser in my very confident that yeah similar statement CD swell no hook it. Oh yeah and I'm glad you take the hook. Outs and I believe I have bingo and you ask yeah. That's not I have an Obie was night earlier. And yes. Keyboard keyboard there it's amazing he has he has Estonia is he not probably the most. Dali Lama. Person on the planet. Well I think that really encompasses a lot of people I'm not nobody else on the bottle on our. I included in that the only idea if Tom Brady went to Japan he'd be mobbed by people well. Either way you went to Seoul's Korea and went to Russia do you want to. I don't who knows and I went to sack of Tom Brady put on snow suit went skiing in Siberia in Russia people who knew right. And. Well he's ever been on the super terrific happy hour in Japan and he's very popular impeach him and then at the Great Wall of China. Honor recipient from there. Great and hopefully. Hopefully he was not singing U two's signs there. The play it's not turn it into the room. I think. You know why did then. A little voice is innocent on the film me you should the Clinton program. We have some video victory nag me resistant regular dude it's. Not time Brady's superhuman you stop that right now. Less than the man you can't have everything. You can't be given. Model like looks. An amazing arm. An amazing mind. Hand. An incredible thing. Oh June me and means what. People would loser mines would be complete the board of Italy now the voice of an Angel. I beg to differ with the stack Suze says I have the worst singing voice I beg to differ on that. This I honestly surprised myself when I when you felt on when you never know what I killed that song imagine that killed company litter. But arsenic he did anyway open I didn't better than you doing here I killed in Cuba on the carrier if you are an American girl image build enough. All right well anyway. It is 928. And more news. Coming up moments. I know it's Friday. And there is a vacation week next week. But. Let's get. That's what everybody can hear so I don't know I don't 25 minutes of the show. Travis. I know you gotta get a smack yeah I don't NetSuite I know early I now but there are people who are listening to the show who would love it. And if everybody could just from the work there. Work their hardest right up till the end of the show this morning. It cramming into your mouth over there popular programs are now has been. Let's get to some news in the I don't wanna get the results. The voting when it comes to. Ice cream the ice cream novelty food bracket which is and it's only in the final round we're gonna get semi Sorenson means so Tony you'll give us the results little bit. You have several new sponsors that you need to get filled. News brought you by state farm go with the one that appeared to help life go right talk to an agent today at 800 state farm sponsored by state farm. Not so I. It's zoned out during OB sports he mention anything about the guys that broken at Ron's house but what's going on it Larry tonight so shame ten point six year old man from trucks buried whose alleged to have broken underground home during the super ball. Is being held on 100000. Dollars bail. Pleaded not guilty to a whole host of charges if he does make bailing needs to stay away from crock. It's doing from grant's house and also we're a GPS monitoring device I was a little. Passive aggressively and patriots here's the other patriot shared on outings when he was arraigned yesterday idiots at. The I molecular voters are reality show that I what's going on I don't know I mean. Was an actual patriots shirt that he stole from grant's home that is wearing in as the rain. Via his his attorney. Declined comment at the arraignment and then at clarified to reporters and another attorney would be representing a client from here on was area army Jim I Don Allen is. Oh well let us get issues and it's a sportsman and. There's somebody out there crazier than Danielle can you believe it. Like I could ever leave me never did. And I eat frozen look. Adelphia woman suing her ex husband for allegedly sending an explicit video of her two. Her parent wounds that old chestnut leader. And so I'm assuming that in this case it's a man who is crazier than Andrea yes and ordinary or unusual okay. Now the law says that she reminded her ex husband about a missed car payments. DX. Perhaps the car and then stop paying for it in twice in December 2017 both their names Ron on the vehicle. Evidently he claimed that the car had been quote and quote given away. And then was so annoyed that she reminded him about the missed payments that he is alleged to have sent the video to the parents. Depicting her nude or partially nude without her consent. She's looking for a judge to force her ex to make the car payments and bar him from sending any further videos of her. To anyone who had the pleasure. Of. Opening that video up and placing it into the VHS machine I was he was the father or was that the mother. We now doesn't a day and I guess you're not. Maybe it was bigger pension benefits dad yeah. Yeah okay violence. That's alarming if you're the father and he gets and get that when nobody no. I'm so very using case developing this week with the Supreme Court. Regarding online sales tax there are many retailers that do collect state specific sales tax depending on where you're shopping from parasites and mountains and like an out. Point some nine years ago the supreme got court said that the big retailers did not necessarily have to collect online sales tax now. They have voted five to four that Yasser retailers must collect state specific sales tax for any purchases that you make on line. Not a I mean this is the main signal often not a vote. It's rolling rolling down like it raised. Hand I don't know anybody in government I can use that network if I tell you don't have to be right knee injuries and ran us. If that's. So this this actually originated with the state of South Dakota taking weight fair which I believe is a local company to court saying that states were losing out on billions of dollars annually because of this practice. And our governor Charlie Baker actually reacted to this ruling. But I would say this is a good day for states and it's a good day. For those in the retailing space who have been for many years disadvantage. Well that's the thing yeah I mean it would do you think this will affect on line buying now. Because what I did people buy on line for convenience you all heard about it lately it's. Because they're lazy I think well. That they'd buy also because it's cheaper and so if you ever retail outlet and a brick and mortar if you will. And it can be more expensive to sell your goods and somebody who's not paying taxes for online I I don't call. Any time recently that I've made a purchase online that I haven't been charged Massachusetts sales tax I think I'm sure I would have stringer at each pay absolutely a 100%. Yeah I mean my question just is is it gonna affect anything it's it's gonna help I don't it is it's gonna help. Brick and mortars out his stay in business that'd parents are in and they reasoned person under Byron dollar. I'm not Cameron training. The beer anymore well let them when they weed out people smoked for years like the following nick it's eight bucks a pack our quick when it gets a ten bucks a pack up quickly get to seventeen dollars a pack a quick when it's twenty bucks a pack up what it's just well laced treat. Look people wearing their pajamas to the brick and mortar places that's just you know. Now he just stayed home and naked and by what they want I mean it's the convenience. Because it can mean nothing remotely percent I don't know buyer projects. Please don't say something like that because. You know who'll get naked yes like he did to us. A couple. And with several techsters were wondering because they missed the segment. What LB weighed in at today and it was to his sixth the. 264 point two parents which I'm just speak English Ayatollah said then you know. I weighed myself yesterday and I was all fired up we'll bring you the scale and this morning. And I was 262 Israeli camp we've put 2.2. Pounds on yesterday. Malia 10 holes on an am not handled their land arm it is. Yeah. If somebody says it's about 5050. On Amazon when you get charged taxes or not. Again depending on the stage in might be because it might be based on a third party retailer whether or not that's Elton as I've I've. I could see Amazon state by state yeah how well that's what they're saying now is this is that they want everyone to be charging. For the show it's no matter where your purchasing from us on this being shipped to you where you're buying it where it's going sure that's three pet. I just simple things there. I'm I'm I'm I'm not a damages insufferable taxes. A lot of stuff a lot of a lot of people do a lot of stuff for you so you can get and dimming your turn go to work and drive over possible employer. Right tire Ireland where where's that in this day. I'm not familiar with that street by our again I just you know what I appreciate in America it's the greatest country in the form relived the easiest wife of any other country on the appointment. So charge that would be 11 of tax me 50%. You know it's taxing is there are some people who can't cover their chunk of one hand. Because there will own that house. I'm Rory they had a good. As I don't know well I had a massive hand I don't very colorful I don't know it but they hung my parents like I said earlier that you're you know I don't even -- got like a telephone. Aaron yeah I mean Medigap down and you get people talking about three juniors and elect you it's like it's like she was serving somebody dimly three fingers yeah. It's like doesn't jump I'm not I don't think. Funny that people waste energy and time warning about suffered they can't change you can't change his size your hands. I can't change the size of my giant well so whether whether I walk around saying I have twelve inch penis. When I get in the rapper was some strange checked and I will have strip joint. And and our Harry Harry and Rio are with my. Sections penis she knows it's not while I can talk about around the rim or they're lingered in the way that we're gonna get the fine. We're really point four I can still hasn't on the air were to arguable medical issues no I don't not how you just treat. How does the only person in the company that didn't go through the FCC. Physical and violent conduct training and strategy and fire that taped or when everything on the on lineman also modular. Now. See the story of the guy in Arkansas who's in the news today because. He tried to pay for his meal at a restaurant. With the credit card that had been stolen. From his waitress. Also I can't I can't Valentino or are they your it's me and that was like during that visit. All rights at least prior to that yup and finally broken the woman's. A car and gas station in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The woman's name. Did think he would be thief name is Shimone west when he when years old allegedly stole her purse or credit cards and driver's license. And then. Oh. Awhile later went to the restaurant where she works which is two blocks away from said gas station. And the victim flora once Byrd went to close out his bill. And look at it and notice that the credit card with her name in the she's like wait a minute as he minds our Fredricka. They'll police came in and they arrested him after they found her driver's license Social Security credit card and other credit cards. On his parents and he was identified I believe on surveillance video as well artsy. I was like I'm looking into the camera ray was time worrying. About the did you see the irrational fears story of being sucked through the drain pipe all my god. Isn't for me the that was in Pennsylvania I think yes. Teenager. Was helping it a lot of flooding Wednesday night her kid Ben Smith was helping to clear. Some debris from in his neighbor's yards trying to help out good kid. And get sucked into a drain pipe neighbors tried to pull amount but the flood water was so strong that washed in the way. They think if he was trapped in the pipes for up to one minute which is a long time to be here in horse if you're not ready for it before you washout in a small creek on the other side of the road. The that is instincts and his eagle scout training kicked in to help save him really in. A must be terrifying she thinks it's got to via a school there trapped upright for water no thing. We have I think we have some audio. From him let's take a listen to that. So are trying to move this fairways let's include some debris. I don't want to vessels would handle my foot slipped his opponent under there's a quick moment. One job. It felt like I was coming down got up assert. Making my way to the stadium you were coming up to say here kid fell into the drain pipe feels like that's me. Committee. I'm back if I'm native. Everything is a okay. That's gonna create zero bag you don't believe you're darn right cash over all that cash. Our rights Tony Comair let's get the results from our. Latest food bracket at WA AF dot com on the contest page. It's not time a year. It's ice cream novelties from the ice cream man. And we're down to semi see ears virus four final four. And let's go with the yesterday's results if you can from those who voted at WA AF dot com. All right so last round it was between chip which in the re sees ice cream bar the chip which and the re sees ice cream bar. I'm guessing that the chip which one. Moving on is that chip just what it. Obviously. Called a familiar what that chip which is going all the way it's a giant potato did you adjust our guys from torture and speaking of which to chuck attackers in the next round chuck taco verses Snickers. Juggle taco. Snickers. And that's an absence from lord. Well. Next round we have the drumstick. Vs the ice cream sandwich ice cream chocolate eyes drumstick. Terms that got. I've often that I guess you must not least we had. Cream sickle winds between Saddam and yeah verses Italian ice. This is a very difficult this is like to number one seeds the cream sickle and that Italian guys I am not over there they have both been there from the beginning and out of some physical yes. The yellow cream soda to the different though they don't taste anything like that. You get the orange I don't think I hear principle the cream soda I think it. Italian ice advanced here. Italian ice. Oh Al masri sickle. Bounced out of the admin bounced bounced out of the tournament that's I mean that's the number one seed that falls itself so remaining final four for voting today. You have. No we enter the next round of the semifinals it's the chip which. Vs Snickers yeah who and John stick vs Italian prison time. I think our athletes it's like hello again I am maybe the national champion agreeing they'd be the enemy. This is huge I you can vote. Along read the info out Tony. You can vote you can go to W dot com and the contest page and make your next. In the final four and let's see who gets to the finals and I thank you Toni that's Tony our director of digital nothingness and here is gentle jab. And hey everybody how loudly today. Coach you make phone Egypt makes it. They are you interpret that any what you drink like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory it. Yeah I guess that was those guys this as its own dugout yes absolutely absolutely good obscure reference. I didn't know what else is in the news this morning. He it was a what I can. Well I think there's anything else. Missile that was of interest. Who. Nothing. Well I have things that I can promote I want them on Medicare. Can always these things developing that a golf thing it is. The golf ball yeah. I definitely wanna make sure the your paying attention does later on today. The next exercise podcast will drop and those of you who who have watched her are watching the staircase and Netflix. May be interested. In the owl. Theory and the we are exploring the owl theory what is the neighbor. Of the family. The husband and wife and family. That I the subject of the staircase and trying to avoid any spoilers. So. If indeed. Fuel or insisted in that there is a neighbor who has spent. Hours compiling evidence which he believes indicates that an owl and it's. Talents. Are responsible. For what occurs during the staircase. Which is explored. Excellently by Netflix so dialed at noon or so is on the podcast that dropped an issue what are would you guess at W dot com. This is Mike hello Mike. Hey guys don't was Islam. I think there's a controversy. Quote Brett. They are just entry yeah what. And I changed they're not the same debate you beat your back in the days when we were. They had their sugary. Stop all part of it so yeah that is why you gotta talk about right dot. Nowadays you buy Italian right it doesn't separate like you don't have bad days. It Lucy's Lucci I used to divert. Our I mean. Look and yeah. Oh the old all hang out and listen. You know had a lot of there yeah I hear that a lot on the AM pop shows all thing I could listen. Thank you line up and listen to your opponent Tom Brady's foot on some more what did you sing drawing no way I was newcomers. I don't 'cause that and that to me was we talked about this the other day that the best part of the do you replied well it certainly wars and a visit it's like everywhere big line tries to. There's a great foreign products like route sixty Europeans sorry. Medford Everett on route sixty missile ports and it's an actual building and that's all race so news. Parents. Or is it slash. Does she dies. Could be issued donors. And a and I'm Rashard visuals are likely there's not like you're entire store that just sells Italian ice that's good idea. I know exactly what he's talking about an hour you know it's there's not a it's an actual itself whole stored just sells it might be she a good example Sharon real actress and see if it's not a question there all the time yeah. When I lived in Malden. Now everything Arie is it breaking it at a fourth. Which is. Now which is I'm trying to figure out known artist and your bureau on the circle right up there and yeah here have no words ever since repair on the right. This is Chris hello Chris. And it is not correct the the painter from the east of character and no economic. Well. For what I mean what does surprise at what justifies a good thing for you Chris. Are now on Iowa and there are what are your power has not at all are okay what do it today rush Richie slashes and have them play us. Of the fuselage. You know this techsters. Pointing out something that is very interesting about the staircase and by me mention for her for a moment is an union to block yours. He yes well no because I don't know of a lot of people noticed an odd. But I've read a problem that. You notice. And he finished by now. I'm a tragic horrible I got some affecting studio. We don't have household help it fit code. And don't starts out you start something and not finish it. Called life and yet the story out of my life I mean this is at Hofstra this is that document is it is IMAP. It's just human effort yeah right well hacks listen this OPEC they are watching before the incident on the staircase happens. The two of them are watching American Beauty. Wage is not only great film but it's also about day a former military person struggling with issues. Of his sexuality. You know. Isn't that for extremely interesting. Isn't as our. Very very very dangerous thing I'm not sure what it means if anything by. But. Houston. Have you finished there. On the yeah. Hit eight seats in every possible thing you can before you meet in the march Canon nine and I are. I said before I get fired on us and I'm Kelly doesn't show my mind yet. Before the premiere the show today before it before I let it go. And five. Yeah Brian. As the warrior deals up AT&T and we're so they'll be monitoring contracts. Again here we will be back on Monday. Always the Monday's mud in the studio and inside this simple mail mind we LB. And big week next week because these days to ask an attorney on Wednesday it is next the blind food taste. Challenge. Happens to be lobster rolls this go round. If you miss everything this morning. You can hear it. As a part of the full show podcast that's available for download at WA AF dot com our one hour to hour three hour for. Commercial interruption thanks for listening WA AF or they blitz is next and because it's Friday it's very important that you don't to anywhere or do you just listen to over an hour nonstop rocked. Without any commercials during the WA AF worked tablets have a great weekend.