HMMS Hour 4 - The Sauce Debate Rages On 3-9-18

Friday, March 9th

This hour we continue the great sauce debate and try to widdle down the field to make a bracket for our Starch Madness, we talk about Trump's possible meeting with Kim Jong Un and if it's a trap or not, the Sopranos might be coming to the big screen for a long awaited prequel, plus Were You Paying Attention!

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And so I just thought that was a good time north you know on the big hill mail my break and then you hear segment which is amazing thank you original George Lasik entering his majority broke my arm to chart out yesterday because. He didn't hear my voice now. I don't have all it was very. A text there is asking. Whether or not I asked Tom Brady to have blood settlement calls. And I tactic that I did I didn't do that but I did basketball said it has the same number. So to influence via its excellence in the very home that he thinks he's in California and it can touch it again ticket take a look at this number in half for Julian in my phone and tell me that the number you have found. Well the second time that he'll fluid on your show I'm I've finally get to be on your show up painkillers Ellison Danielle was saying you would have no idea who I was. When she's wrong. And on the we go way back yeah yeah we do Tom we go way back don't think that's I said I set. Ever doubt you. Understand Tom Brady I would doubt I don't know I don't I want to go back I mean one reminiscing here sixteen years sixteen years. You went I was sitting earlier we both began our trajectory. On the bottom wrong. And we have risen dance to the top of our respective field yes and we may have lost touch during that time. However act a I don't but however however arm brace today. Is one which reminds us of our French consulate he had considered yeah yes he did say managed. Listen I don't produce very nice to come down here today I assume last thing I'll ask is this probably has a lot of. Meaning because your mom dad if that's you know my mom you know battled to eighteen months ago so. Every families affected somehow and it's great spears show some support and our community and down. You know support the people are going through this their families and the people that are fight such a tough disease so right on that and they sit at night let's go. I can you know I think he sits up and eating well. Hang in there in us again hang in hang in the paying their pal you send a little motivational poster with kindling enough to bring us up. Hey Thomas son is for it hey time. I can't seem to find my phone can favor and call it from your phone. Yeah times number the orchestra and try to. Look. Would seem like phone he didn't favor keep its iPhone real quick Tom Brady don't think you can get it ignores me. Hey Tom Brady can you call my because if I. I'll see here's Texas says the the audio of Tom Brady saying anything else Ron. Muscular little by little every time we played that we know because I'm confident the fact that Tom still. Did not know pregnant because he had yet to actually find he'd audible audio in on a ridge the governor heard him regards to me that's singer Billy Mann thank you softer now. The sauce debate rages on and we just wraps some of that up. Before we get to the sports in the news. Teriyaki. Obviously suspects. Yeah yeah no question about that what about the obsession now. Ilia national vilified mother to us okay. Or about Coca Obama. Well cook goldmans additional visas sauce it's on a okay it's not a specific guidelines say it's like chicken and took a tingling but really what it is what line it's kind of like covered by the as a covered by the masala or the air. And anyone different but yeah what about the harder. Out of the tartar and write that. Honestly I'm probably gonna be accused of being discriminatory but. Get it out of there any tires are hot. Well I want you know we all over the years I am somehow develop the distaste for tartar on like that. It's this summer I'm knowledge as they can even smell I never elected its gross but he really would love it on the fish idea. Sauce it's got SARS in the name if you're an act that's at sixteen seed fine sixteen seed but we don't anybody wants awesome there yeah. San bridges. That ask for extra tartar sauce move off on him get along much Brian on the line I used to like it when you I don't know I liked it. Is that it's the one I do throw up every morning. So Monday that a lot what the bracket ready for you Monday. Starch madness. There have been countless times over the last. Many years that I have been asked what is the greatest possible time. Because I am the the elected czar of sauce here in the com while the message you or pointed. By governor Charlie Baker. So. We will all will put to rest any question whatsoever of what degree is sauces we your picks. During starch madness one on Monday. And trying to think. Very important text question. And this person I think is right that. Dessert sauces a round hole that's a different different category taken care. Like chocolate sauce chocolate is possible that's okay completely different categories at an angle to use a raspberry sauce with a chicken. Different in that system you're doing it specifically fortune and and and there might be some like savory elements that sometimes. Closely sour. Not the sauce that's it's often. Outlandish Sweden's hour in AFC. Used to have an incredible sweet and sour sauce years ago and I think it changed the formula that recipe and. Not you know I had a at a job at a Chinese restaurant 1000 high school and they made theirs with applesauce. A giant jug of Sherry. And some ginger you've poured into one of those five gallon buckets of master with my arm really an artist paint for a week. Reform on them again. Including places close now I want to and a lower instant. And why you mixing those rigs up than those used tough topics. I don't believe. That it's. While you may you may have a different opinion on this one but I don't believe relishes the sides and condiments do you know right now. Well why doesn't have such an incident at those sorts of it's learned a charter suspect this other stuff and it. Yeah well that's why it's a soft and it yeah. This is David on the Cranium board studio line Cranium board no one will sell you a Ford for less what's up David. Good morning gentlemen. Let's just put this debate to rest there's just saw the continent if economies used to enhance the flavor something else in the dish. It could be voluntary you don't necessarily have to catch a bit surprised. But it's also essential to the bench meaning you can't have chicken Alfredo without Alfredo. That it costs I have a chance they have I northern. Yeah I think yeah I love you made a great case more bluntly and honestly hated and bought. Well buffalo is both assaults. And a condom in a quote teriyaki because you can have buffalo wings about buffalo also just be fried chicken right. We're now what about duck sauce because isn't docs off the only only good thing though that that doesn't fit based on your Jimmy Carter saw a. Doug Dotson that's sought to the condiment you can you can enjoy whatever you would put the ducks are saying without a doubt the ducks solved and if you don't like duck sauce. Very spouse that's anomaly that is. That's immediately it's about perhaps thought that you're making chicken with apricot thought syndicate the upper cut sought out in making chicken and at the far right. And and just an idea of one Lester had a really great idea about having brackets may be using our our panel that inspiration you can have. Fine dining bracket restore our bracket this. Special for the support our bracket from behind me and go away you know Brad and. I island I don't know they're tired I need convincingly. Yeah. You know that other value added now and then and problem although I'm no question about it whereabouts are moved up when. Vicki. Hey Greg what's happening Vicky single perfect eight. And it's the I think that they're gonna bump. I wanted to look at it that you're talking opting out and thought that you better be land now without it all eat taco stop anybody about it yeah. Those things and there are other computer monitor in the office of on my in the office in the talk us already parent. Taco us it is taco sauce and his gossip isn't that hot sauce and at that you you could enjoy the title and the soft so I think it doesn't. It's not a continent. There bottled up but on vanity inherit I think he gets on a long way. And a listen what about hot sauce is that a compliment yours on his I think it's on I'll ran out at that thought. I don't like to ask bill. Yeah yeah I don't cook your chicken and you're still a record it again and I house. It has the name of the names you know it's going to be in the running you don't have to take it but I mean again if you if you use a one. Yeah taco sauce is basically. Like that is known of Mexican that's the problem is neat this is it that the thing would like buffalo signed. If you look at it with wings if you're making buffalo wings in theory you could just toss them what to Frank's red hot but I think most places are most people. If they're gonna do a buffalo sauce that makes a hot sauce were under yeah yeah so then that makes the right size as songs yeah I don't buy that that that did. Buffalo sauce was made for buffalo wings right and that's what it's always been for Brazil its its axis that. In the death is hot sauce is a continent hot sauce can be put on anything that's a condiment I on everything I think so thanks. I really about plum sauce. Not yeah what's that all about it and about a hard sauce for your home screen. Plum size of the pudding is coming up nice. I'm sure wants us is C a tiny Tim all know what could deal with almost nothing like a Chinese plus I think notes are no clue. The program and now naughty don't you would know on the IAEA's. Progress with the. You should signed knotty Donny on FaceBook and watches Chinese food reduced because there. Hull there really Ullman and. It predicted the Chinese food and that's putting it lightly the same as these that that guy's blood type is MS Janes. What about truffle butter. Now out of luck that the finishing. That saying that's not a sides that are now nanny and yet. Into it and and it president Johnson. Well the starch madness bracket will be available Monday on the shelf. All 64 teams. Who. Play in the plane game. Between the merlot reduction and the morning happening on Thursday and then we'll get. Starts madness underway it is 9170. Hold it one other thing that I have to talk about yeah. Huge movie news today. And that news is that they have green lighted as they say in Hollywood. The Sopranos prequel movie what's best stocks now all that rig line apps act. This story big variety story in the FDA JC big. Big news and I feel about this but it's gonna follow it basically Tony's. Father. Colorado will be in it a little bit but it's that takes place in the sixties so it's pre. Pre Tony Soprano time pre television series time can unlock even tell you draft. I don't know because so much of the the much of what The Sopranos was was was the characters. None of them will be in because it's a prequel but. Also a lot of it was David Jason and his writings and I am I mean I think. I don't know I don't know how it's Gibson our interest in a it's too late. Tony's not going to be and it's obviously can't be passed away all grand you know says it's a LB free for now yeah. So and they still are public some days I don't think he stands up. Maybe the house and how young with the idea that with this it's Amin maybe the Cuban media advocate play yeah Actuant. That someone you know bill councilor there's another amazing actor after Tokyo show other get via Harry Potter 100 buckets and but it cleared weeds and those kids are always available then their load their filthy rich I have nothing to do so that probably today but then I mean I don't know. It's a win win every bit ignored the world is fascinated with with that scene you know what you can goodfellas casino and. The I mean these thing billion dollar bill and so I'm zero million dollar and cared mob movies gang gang gave billion dollars trade yeah. I'm hearing I think I think it will probably be I agree that it will probably be good however I am worried about the fact that the characters were so were so the key to the success of the television I think they did then. I think bar set too high by the shell you'd think some here fitness and he'll be a problem like Arrested Development season for yeah we I wish I wish they'd done a full. Full length feature film. Before James Gandolfini had passed away the editor David Chase said he never wanted to do that but I wanna some kind of closure like I wanted to know men don't act that spoiler alert we want to know about that killed blundering into the place and that I'd really I did I wanna closure on that but I never. Clayton Mina on the never got closure I don't understand what happened it was like yourself I heard it it was things are moving along swimmingly there is a patient rewards schools with no loss of media now if Lloyd Bridges in this one. The all right it's 920 here on the Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider for more information you can go. To echo stored dot com. And now OBI. And I thought I had an arsenal and fills you with a WAS. Sports minute. I've sports has brought to my doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew impressed you the best in the hair restoration business I got to do is call 1800 get here changer let us. Change your life by the Bruins have the flyers at the garden last night for the three to win late and guess who did it again hah. Tonight walks off the overall appreciated Charles the once I'm. Ass out ended Jackie Burton Colin NASA and Riley Nash. Stashed and I'm newcomer Brian Gionta what do worked ours where he. Tallied his wealth to corrosion of pipes that for the win again. And we got eighteen to go I think it is eleven on the road seven at home next up a home and home afternoon rib fest. Blackhawks at the garden tomorrow 1 o'clock. And then now the boys go to the windy city faced boxed in Chinatown it's at 1230 start on Sunday the Red Sox were down war. They've rallied back to tie the race 66 or jetBlue park in grapefruit league action yesterday. Our newcomer and are new slugger Judy Martinez went threw for three with a rookie starter Brad Johnson. Get beat up a little bit early. And I've given three runs in three innings of work but he did strike a Warsaw tomorrow is today one. And is loaded in Jupiter. Kerry was back out in meaning and you know what that means don't you know. Urban. County but. Yeah I'm all star with a big Nazis drawl about it there's a road trip to a one that you clinch a playoff spot less than with that victory. In the land of 101000 wait slept on or off until Sunday when the pieces come to the garden. Youngster Jalen brown had the scary moment last night on the two hand slam player comes brown. Smart on one side bar. Okay. Just. Yeah I. They brought the stretcher out and I could most of you know the mini trainer you know both trainers rushed out there there was it was pretty ugly he was definitely knocked out cold. What you know walking off the court. Under his own strength and I tweeted after the game that he had a handicap but he thinks everything's going to be fine coach Stevens. Lot of us were standing there watching them got to go through the progression that they put him through. Obviously I do any time in the neck injury or or the threat of the neck injury and you know you can give yourself a little bit better with each progression you saw them goes room. They asked area and look it's it's been you watch the video outside with former patriots patriots Aqib Talib. Well not be a patriot again you chose a deal with the LA rams after not agreeing to restructured his ticket would Denver. More patriots news special teams stud. Brandon King got a new two year two point six million dollar ticket. From the general. Before uniting here for the weekend hockey ripper BC is out they lost last night. Selection Sunday is still man has been mentioned in this year. And out hoops fans are all fired up PCS number two in Xavier tonight could block. That semifinal action number one Virginia number three Villanova number four duke. All wind yesterday PGA golf cart championship for cars 400 leads. Round to date on the Golf Channel it's worth 2 o'clock you'd it's their coverage starts in the little boys are racing on the desert. In Arizona qualifying is today at 5 o'clock and albeit at Smith's. Fortunate that you'll be is nine Tony three now the news and it's by two this hour by the bank in New Hampshire pavilion don't miss your chance to see slight error July 26. I'm. Tickets on sale today at 11 AM Dracula also this hour by state farm. They're for you when things go wrong but also here to help life go right doctor and agents say 800 state. Well it looks like he president. Has agreed to meet. With North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It's trap. I had I fear I think my news I feel as if I could be right there pretty muted. That will be a key indicator on who has traffic problem. Being crazy unless they're going to like Switzerland or something like that they have not revealed where the meeting will take place it's going to be in Gardner. LB is that running trying to cap and other US access yes I think done this should be at Merrill long ago. And we can show us all how can get a hole in one month. And every last night it got bishop put the data showed there why not he's obviously an expert golfers are trump would probably get along now when he travels does the army and beauties travel with them because it they should keep the president away from. If you out huh. Probably is an idea now the president's. Pulled the on elbow reverse LB yesterday lower burden on herself though I think yeah right way to with the Lloyd Bridges so be it technically reverse LB yeah. You bribe when steelworkers the White House to declare his trade war on China. And one of the guys that was there talked about how his dad was also a steelworker. And that I'll just let this conversation plant organically. Well your father Herman is looking down he's very proud you wrote is alive and boy has already. They even more ground. He's. It's the protestors square. And that's what is this thing has read wedding the doll all of it smells like red waiting and I wanna be very careful as to where the two of them meet. Is Rodman going well Dennis Rodman be a part of their meeting answer will be unity in. Should be interesting to see the what else is news that this. And now his intentions go from being. To pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show presents I think you're some sort of smooth talking and he's manned the truth is gorgeous. And freaky how creepy is activities this. Well professor Dong took. It out. Aid professor and a Korean theological university in Fullerton California. Has been arrested on suspicion of exposing himself to a couple of women. 46 years old his name is Dong Hyun hook. And he was. Connected with two separate incidents one in which she's accused of pulling in front of a woman who was jogging in his car. Motioned for her to come over and then she looked down and noticed that his pants were open and he was a little X. Yeah. And the grasses and the man's first name is dawn her closest I mean is that coincidence or irony would you call would you call that it's engendered a competitive. All right he pulled the same kind of scenario with another woman and this is captain Joseph unions with the local police. If you look into his car. To the Bluetooth car and asked for in a certain direction. And that's who you expose himself to them or concern is is that this person you became bolder he was allowed to continue down this path way. And the fact that he's a or to the school profession. That that you know that there's anything that facility that's been reported. Can I. That's very brightness as that's Don who. Motor. It is. And dot all credit is talking to you. Stability. And honestly I should. Not be around college now here. But yet here reference to the story with that movie yes now I finally have a place to put my hand. Again. Apparently. And I are gonna get too worried paying attention and the rest of today's news before we go coming up next. I'm an Iraqi starts to sound reasoning is stationed Alexa played WA. You're. WA AF just dust collects no good role to play WA AF. He's doing. It's done. City center. Nice old. Sunday the good fight can. CBS saw last six kilo lawyers that those words stand real war went down as attorney combine the you Baranski. On Monday and my coach Jumbo and ruthlessly. This new season like lawyers. Look lawyers get killed you think you all have targets on your back. Sunday's music exclusively on CBS all access. You find that out. And waiting for a second yeah. Think the biggest snowfall of the season and a call for more snow on Monday that it had to make up for any days to submit related conditions and it's funny because go to what you did dot com. 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Now by calling the addiction rehab specialist you're taking the first steps to recovery there advisors are ready to match she with a proven five star treatment center that will help you and your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all don't waste any more time with drugs or alcohol your future is still a bright place let the addiction rehab specialist help you break your addiction to drugs and alcohol before it's too late this call is completely confidential and if you have private insurance they'll be little or no cost steel even if you've already into treatment give us a call there's no need to lead drugs and alcohol ruin your life take the first step now called the addiction rehab specialist at 180432617. Now that's 180432617. No 180432617. Now. God gave the thing. Yeah being tortured by the Hillman more. Morning show on WAF. Besides today temperature will be 41. Or a high weakened looking pretty good in the mid forties tomorrow thank you and the same on Sunday. Largest sand no power everybody were no power is hard at all. Ordered Greece should be a nightmare. Cost people fortune broken cards Foreman I hope the powers on suburban and bacon tomorrow partly from Burgundy confessed tomorrow and replace folks waiting waiting and then turning their course and go to sleep one you'll fundamental. My little nibble of bacon who could have won by eight beacon. That's that's ridiculous savages that's what somebody open the factor beta nobody nobody just coaches slices to put on downtown and eat it right now I don't personally checked all the tactics I'm gonna bring my own look sorrow carries silicon Medicaid a Manhattan with the verve and simple simple silent the at a given. My mom. A dinner with my mom the other night and usually with my energy bars I'm Scott Adam who's via fabulous bartender there. I usually say hey can you spare me couple third isn't there to retreat at that size makes it 32 to tell you LS all of them. You're you're like asking them for free looks ROU threesome anyway. I mean. The offer to pay or anything like things are wildly over tip always. But it. Attacks there asked me if I tipped the the hair stylist who should mind yes one of us and I did as a charitable thing if you don't expect it to an. What I expected to tip yesterday like a match. Now I mean a that the tip would have been next time king asked me what number I rates are the headlines around the clock and it's amazing how the gun under the line literally went up all four floors are a little bit. Those shares our standard bearer on their minds their donors there's or this and next thing you know you'll write the this celebrating. Here is. Taxes says who are you fooling he'll be pounding Beers at the cartoon event before hitting the old guy that. Which is burdened her naked on a late night dining and a bit tired because there's everything bacon is like a huge Epstein all right all right Diana really yeah well there's so much just so many people in is it the read it off and integrate should prevent. Yes I felt dying and I'm going to LA how the lob and and then check out under and then. Entering upper upper and how to tie and I found literally Japan and I finally a guy who has like really you know often take it and. I'm in a firearm. No idea bloody Mary with four dollars and actually slice of bacon. I think he is like bringing bloody Mary for like. Sunday fund name brands like if you're having a full meal on like cocktail deck of your bloody Mary you're not to. Click on a burger company and government now rain. Let's and here's a Texas says Greg they weren't free looks Argo cherries she just L be the place with a free plod forward out. In the moment. And I remain good friends just right. I just paid in I paid 800 bucks cash my bill was 700 bucks an exceptional I left the hundred for for lunch and being a day in and around Robby and exceptional estimate paper. Now when you went on for more importantly when you leave the hundred do you have dental floss died there was so you can react and act and got the killer. Hello Rick. Hit thing I'd do it let's. Move. What you were talking about the president beaten kindergarten. Or first thing it came to light what was the movie would mark an attack. There's the potential hit a risk here member for a president they need to do. They need to have this meeting in the public did neutral location. You know like how the moon. Someplace like that bulletproof glass there and it follows the aid. It all of that without Steve. I would not probably a little late on the directly but I'm on the apps what might it stipulates that all that's wrong. Yes. He didn't he enlisted army into being a sure of the the go out them and look and that's like extreme Indian and total. Mr. Don wasn't it he had his Dong out and his name was listed on spot here is. Several people texting and and saying real nice you left hundreds of under 700 dollar bill cheat in weigh less than 20% that's not even 15% of the. She held a hundred dollars for lunch from the Bible and pizzas these people are calling you would cheap already all of this wave what cost you 700 dollars. Bared their bed put my closest woman right so wasn't good lunch wasn't 700 dollars he tipped them on top of the service yeah right and it's who's just you bought lunch for every one last time you took began to change tires. That you won't let confused and thought I don't know if I don't I don't want your best person that gets gassed them and gives a guy a feisty first crop got a there's I do. You. Full serve. Yeah full I don't know what or if over cart history the other still any false and stations or you're gonna all right yeah yeah they'd been jacking up an urgent and requires urgent there. Same price cash or credit if we pump the fortieth expect that there are definitely. Eating. And then you know the best for exit argument you to. I don't mind that part and it. Upload your underground I guess I just put the this morning a diet and a pipe on the does. I put myself as many times like and that's for the next intro when I'm forty non we ideas that summer in the winter. Really feel all right I'm just an easy. Now it wanna be cool yeah cola later from Canada are you what the big. I always felt flapping your gums and your going to call my parents and others will airlines to harness. I mean I've been down here thirty years and you know. I'm a Florida guy you begin that you're turning into a snowbird. Again in this is the record it you're being you know. It's like the hard nosed detective steers. Tend to leave the building right now. Yeah yeah not to come into their. I sat. Welcome isn't going to elevate is street Ali good million dollar elevators that fly you right down there are trying to get a little exercise is what my own death and I get it done the job. And then I can't waste it by oh you're saving jobs by staying in your vehicle not pumping Eagles fans will serve gives someone a job in America are now very much you've created more jobs. Have you created more jobs than our president is that we are trying to blame. I I'm just having that since. They change the legislation a few years back that most gas stations. Are now on board with the yen the clips that hold the thing in place this for a long time they needed anywhere any that was ridiculous lawyer but I think I think they're the reason why zoos. Did they didn't have the technology where the gas it's a novel on some show. Apparently in Weymouth. They have some kind of legislation area against self serve and I think it's awful serving in an hour. It's like a couple of other towns and announce to like I foot eagle and it's flipping. And taken jobs in technology jobs all of New Jersey. What the whole state yeah you can't they don't ourselves hurt I don't think so that's ridiculous it is Milford Upton and Arlington. All La. Self serve gas stations why ousted in 1977. What's the reasoning and they say it was because. Of safety and economic concerns. Most towns have since rescinded their band that Weymouth is not looking to change. Anytime soon. And Jeff Richards who was the town director of municipal licenses and inspections in 2013 in this Boston Globe piece came out said that its quality of life issue with the intent of Weymouth was to keep the smaller service stations in the town's five main squares. I love it. Big Burnham Pacific 66 of the gas jockey. It's telling ya yeah. It really just programs to restart we had we had twelve ounce who now was this is crazy you know you're running around like a bear chief for. It powers was the 66 for your. For your pants size or what kind of a it was a well oiled machine back there today. And trim and slim youngster. Hey here's Holmes of Astoria ever I was I was so. OW was taken on he was sixteen and values may commute pump all the gas while we sat knock. Little kiosk from home and I went in the big Vern Bieber wasn't till. And to the right when he went into the gas station. There was -- record saying the lady was right return I went and crying because Dudley was like make me work my tail off. And my dad told me to shut up and get your mind. Asked doctor hunter Thompson yeah customer in the lately. Threaten my dad to rip that she was gonna report me because I was only eight years old. And and my dad told him to go out for self yet as gas station. Where's the great story part of like it's coming soon web. I just I just I'm not a positive and I'm elated like Danielle didn't like him but I was looking I was researching gas laws and New Jersey I just pointed at my dad I'll read them randomly in humans spend money form yeah. I don't first. With. Going to be terribly important. Now they say they'll let yourself a I had a probably. IRA it is 947. WA AF Murphy madness starts Monday noon you'd get a free drop kick Murphy's tickets. Every single hour every weekday. From noon until six await the authority in ways that. The authority into it. Murphy madness are underway. What's what's the date today. It is the ninth art day so it's already underway so make sure you're listening. Today. During the noon hour you'll or we started noon in India free tickets every single hour. And my totally screw inception of what happened. RB man that's that's a bunch of money and I'm completely I completely. It's that's Monday at noon you get drop kick Murphy's tickets every hour every weekday. Underrated in London and the sixth you think you'll be upset. While premiums and your friendship injured competent. If if I were if I am too late Tom Brady I dual word during the incidents that displays right Leo it. Offensive coroner about active the line has a different date doctor for me to get keys Ellis at Danielle is saying you have no idea who otherwise. Or she's strong she's. Doing now Iran don't pan let's get this. Hill Man Morning Show presents the. All right. If you can answer questions about this morning show before we go. And you could win tickets to go see it remember and Papa Roach at the soggy center coming up on Thursday of next week hello Don. Everybody are definitely take a pastor and there's two what's gone. We're gonna irritate on the pasture they're sent diplomats and language from due to the. Well it's just going to be today we are not listening today or. Thought. OK okay. What what Don what type of bird. Has to and yelled in theoretically eating morning. I thought I actually. Wrote yes thank you thank you grow and Nancy because that is Americans crow Billy. I don't let's go. I thought it didn't let up but I didn't think the opportunity. Went all the way almost couldn't talk. That is both dark. Window. Bill Maher I think. Because I do random date for my daughter got ran over my head back on Monday. Number it was larger Rwanda does not based seem all broken bottle it's. Just a case it is. I know you know all. And don't they considered a double digit it is but it was yeah. I know it must sound. I'd I'd stop the truck to get out and let him release himself. I did the same and numb but back came. Why and around the corner and I try to get and just sit and stay but he. Didn't do about that I didn't see him and he caught. The street but come to get make. This video I got a dash cam I got on video but it all find it quite. Is good he's. He's he's yet and the ground. It. What. Rookie. OK ID. Dawn DO GI. ID yesterday about Obama let it out on the boat ride in the truck where they did not bribes. What and and it's not the counting burrows what did and did comedian bill bird tell us he would be playing drums force them. I'll. Foreman Ed Blake error. Leaders here to see the oh and it was that heavy metal stuff I'm out there are well I don't wanna talk vantage you like. Was tell us it was one of them rock fans that you like hello John. Good morning Greg area how we doing this morning on grades you are doing outs. Standing it's Friday yeah the economy in this special saw please. I can it will what did you say it's a day Ollie heard was LB screaming yeah baby what was that what was your what was your question. I like your question about the special soft you don't get to select which question you gets I did that day is different now. What what do you have a giant breasts and and we don't have unfortunately an. What what time did LB tell us he left his home for work yesterday. Oh yes said he went to wait an hour yesterday. He went to the station eating guo Wei was posted go right yeah and I wanna say you left and all. Just east combined LB help me Elwood where it would get. You're Stahl. Yeah you have to hour and a half earlier I think you. That's right and number in particular but yeah at 6. 5 o'clock o'clock now. Hello dean. What up what's going on. You an answer previous question you want a new one. A new one looks so. During Florida and I like the rest of us we learned about a Florida woman who is facing charges after throwing locked at a restaurant employee. What the risk from them bleak beauty of this yes. Peacock. Yeah and a half men hello mark. I don't what's up mark. Able a person wants an out in jail if you're crying during the dog story in crime I've really didn't like ending. I don't know you really should shorten the time the duration between when he told us what happened in the all the dog was okay. Them. Mark old question new question what's Judeo. No question no question about what restaurants chicken boycotted the dean Elsie she had successfully recreated. At home. I don't question. Yeah I can answer any of the previous questions. I helped me. Culminated. In that process for. Yeah I left us for a job. Failed to act or PM hello Luke. Yeah and loot what's. Around. During today's rational fear we heard about a 52 year old cruise ship passenger. Who did what. Economy are looking at on yes bud. This. I don't know. It's Ronny Ronny. You don't do it was happening on. Osu they won't they won't just make in my delivered previous answer we got away for previous question and one. But alas on the crucial on and got it all sort of it was a woman yes she fell. Good job in the middle of the night and the prosecutors they saved which is absolutely amazing at the very tip top on this sitting on a rail and donkey biodiversity on the real yeah track. That's why he's driving it taking Pamplona. Look at our main thing that the going to be active which might help. I'm anxious. And like why we carry it. And the let's see the man though paying LB for the local twelve boys that he Sullivan mechanical and Hanover while Americans. When word Fowler's. Written ladies rim though bing after this individual's oldest child. Oh it's it's that it's their dogs do returning ten years old and it and he just he and coding for the dog didn't. I. Well we gotta get out here. Highlights of that what. Wednesday we stayed late yesterday and I can't stay in her own way and a month and I'm finalize a oh he said bottom line. We will be back on Monday. And we will initiate starch madness on the show we will finally for once and for all determine what the greatest possible primus. Will be one of the mothers. You know the burn a's the holidays is hum mama the basher Mel who who will be one of the wind related late via Marseille or the Murillo reduction. Will be one of the barbecue. One of the North Carolina barbecue sauce one of the will be in upsets nice yes this year it's pretty well and our charity signs that doc. Oh the horse track that is the sauce right. It's the sauce. Horseradish is good but horseradish sauce ads here and yes notes yeah sandwiched what do you have an Alec. That sour cream and whoever reason the OK OCS and halo general's leadership makes Serena so sorry for doing the nine irons are we doing any other local restaurant. Sandra. Gotten and only if there why you have a suggestion I'm I'm I'm human body Mac. Excerpts are pretty accurate throw the new virgin barbecue it's especially made barbecue. Yes us. It is really only known for is that new bridge I think that's what you're talking about James I don't know I'm facing new rich new bridge is really only known for their drastic. They're salad dressing and never heard them ever to be known for their barbecues I'm not a barbecue sauce but really yeah. I mean that I guess we could maybe I don't know I had encouraging Israelis are Ingram just what does it endanger the turkeys that's the beef. There has been known as beats us all on a legitimate difference in the James River yet never heard of that that's and the sauce on the roast beef the university place that's what that's what's called James River barbecue well it is. Now it's up to Kelly and went home wait Kelly this is that today. And don't sides politics just like that and so yeah I mean it gets confusing is that when he does that mean this possibilities are endless as of that idea. And let the fact. That one out. Mandela thing for Colleen it's her birthday and then once you're there and we will issue gives them you know we'd we have to do the code words now like yen on and no. On the net time to do you wearing now I suppose I could do before the spots. And install. It's all right. A podcast highlights for you up soon and we'll also have the full show podcast substance he can listen our one hour number two our number three our number four. And the tax code word coming up have a great weekend will be back Monday morning.