HMMS Hour 4 - Pantaloon Dropper 7-12-18

Thursday, July 12th

This hour our friend former red Sox Pitcher and World Series Champion Bronson Arroyo joins us in studio to talk about the Red Sox season, the dominance of Chris Sale, his new gig as a musician and he performs a song for us. Also we get to the bottom of the age old question… what’s the best kind of pie!?!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw the pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is always great to see our next guest in the studio with a us and it is former Red Sox pitcher Bronson. Though so great to see you. Welcome back. To your city country ship hit some localized video watch her sale of its last night let's play it here and al-Qaeda cells city I mean he is. Throwing 98 miles an hour in the seventh inning. I mean how old. How good is a fantastic I worked out within three years in Fort Myers and I mean American and Michael Johnson worked out together and I don't know personal for that it was a White Sox and and you know he what he wasn't that strong he's like. Media are strong guy in an agreement but he super flexible man I mean it's unbelievable his if you like waves his arms bent over his shoulder blade roll over each episode. When you get that flexibility like that and a whip. Yeah fantastic Red Sox fans have such. PT EST. That they are all worried about him pitching in the all star game missive that's. Coach except to say. I mean. There's no concern about that rang out on him so well you know the data with a guy like Jimmy obviously spurred a lot of torque in on him he's like thirty cyber flexible but. You know there's just you know when they put. And put your Tommy John ligament on the brakes all the time that older collateral ligament when they put that on a machine. They break at eighty miles an hour every time you can really keep that thing together is the muscles around your shoulder in the form and the strength of that so. On any given pitch anybody can blow and it doesn't have to be just because tradition also image to a lot of innings and it just happened. Anytime anyplace anywhere so for me. I think you just you know we're paid to play in the big league level. You go on to what you gotta do every single day pretty much you can if you break down your break down while I I just want people now and I've been used bonuses for making me Russert and I don't know in bucks. Now you today. One pitch. Everything you guys. How fast almost totally warmed one pitch everything I got probably honestly since I haven't touched the ball along atomic terrorism or shoulder. I mean and as we can I am right now and and trained for baseball anymore let's say a 1000080 miles an arm broke up Fredricka about it. Like my one pitch I threw out the first pitch at Fenway it was. Right there that number over you'll like unfavorable 48 miles I was on the gun aside. While I were FaceBook live right now FaceBook dot com slash W for docs. And Bronson Arroyo is in town for a charity event witches. Can you still column booze cruises I mean that and of that term as the bribery or not. It's a group but we got Randy from Boston firefighters in the air. And this event is happening tonight ranks tomorrow night tomorrow night OK so tell tells a little bit about it. And there's a group of us on the bus and try to time in three years ago got together and we and created a baseball team. We travel around the country we just was up in Canada for two games playing Ottawa fire. So on all of this is out of pocket so on. We were a betting man which are two Bronson Bronson agreed to come down play on this cruise for us or as little money on. Health fund our team and I'm awesome. We am had a charity that we played for the Boston firefighters local 718 children to form off awesome down. You won't find helps coach MP on the center Bryant out in November and December around christmastime. It's very it would buy gifts give him some discipline and has some type of Christmas on. Responsible local Boston charities. You charities. Any particular fire department the absolutely destroyed on nine on the diamond diamond who's so what's the worst the worst in the how about the New York guys. Voted booty what's your record the bus on fire department baseball team. They're both three and find where where no New York has alone big big pool to draw probably. It's all just doing the Yankees are by. Yeah I am I want you my new miles an hour her 100. It is wise to get Bronson once again front and I still don't herbalist and five Wal-Mart that. You daylight it does do it from the brightens the Asian. Obviously it's a little fat it's a little bit from everybody's pretty yeah and. Manama Fatah hollers from Cuba and he's always say he's a laughed as you -- guys coming inside from Q for big box of what ever played one day in minor leagues he's yeah I think I'm gonna send you back to Cuba manages change your first name to slow your vote on Iraq and I don't have to. That's likely to. TI should be LBO says leaking out should be in the baseball. It's fantastic I mean you know Louis played forever guys guys bagged and and it's weird you look at some of the numbers. Those guys put up you don't 300 innings and a year and he should you know all things just for that. Yeah we we get twelve guys that are 200 innings in season now -- guys used to literally to actually double headers are like late in earlier waves yeah way back there's some guys are Narnia 1520 innings in a day and you know it's just not possible to do it now known as part of we are but it's still in the seventies it was amazing. You know David Price has played a fifteen for night games. An area. And on I don't know if you know an idea watch out little some yield carpal tunnel don't go to Tony she. It's we're gonna I'm Morgan have Bronson Arroyo play alive but I did wanna ask about we were talking earlier about PD. And about how he is headed on home to Arizona to do is rehab. Do you think that means that he's. Done and I think it probably means he's done with the CDC and the thing that means he's done from a career. I don't think it's enough or not gonna like him I mean you know a lot of times you realize and I were talking up front. About how long rock rock bands in the on tour now to grind Libyan people realize how much baseball grind. And he's ignored for long enough to say that on the air with a former NATO play. Let's not talk yeah. Another matter. Their faith yeah I agree would Bronson items 962. Games that's what baseball every day some way yet what do you. Ten days off maybe you you get about twenty days off an eight months yeah that's right raise you when your when your 58 vineyard at Ryan Freel or PD you know you're playing your plate light. Probably an. A hundred channels at times to keep a small body yet optimal level you know and the way he plays like it was a tough like Trot Nixon just throws fizzled out and it's probably just he probably does want a little bit of a break because it probably hit it. Like a little skewed everybody's going to be back and he wasn't. He writers want to go home. There's my little bit work out of home I think we're back at some point. Back this season I don't know about all the specifics of his gallery but I but I think he is we don't think he's done nothing this is a career over for drew and I don't think so you know what the guys that get pushed out of the game at age 3730 at the camp on a job usually. You know castles the game and and he's been a great teammate great guy. He's in here in terms of whether it's here or somewhere else to wind down in the way that you would want to thank you think you'll come back with a better attitude Neitzel bit well salty is that's always a little it's not the field I. That's why not not for another one and when you never know an NF gather it's five B to does an average of partial that's why he has who he has in Hillary's. Got to let me just mention this. For the for Randy or any Boston firefighters who were listening. I was an accomplished. Catcher in the Aspen valley Little League system. And ushered you know this or not but I am an honorary member of the professional firefighters union here in Massachusetts. Thanks to Ed Kelly and and Richie Paris so should you need me. Would make myself available behind the plate for any upcoming games and all of the. Triumphs I don't know that I asked a question yes oxygen or to your cancel your plane. Now that yes yeah. I want Connolly. There's a few times in Italy when I was in the the National Anthem like. But I it was a one time I was playing second base and I peed my pants. And it's my mom told me that if I just rubs them there on it no. Nobody would nobody would know. And it's wasn't there a guy. That was just talking about it. I'm not Pena's pants doing something else and is. In his. Bradley and there's yeah. Well the match conversation about how that was in the bullpen answer that he. He did a number or he or he was in the bathroom and the edit. Rush it rush out there yet he said he wouldn't Batman they called down to getting mop in his letter daylight. He's got a light Matthew is created and literally you've got sometimes you've got 45 seconds man you're going to be in the ball game and he just freaked out on that know what he's in the yeah so he basically went out and pitched with. You know one in this in with what he stands out that's. Well. Bronson Arroyo and the crews is tomorrow night there aren't 25 dollar. Early bird tickets available and then fifty dollar limited VIP tickets available. And it's the Bronson Arroyo band. It's a benefit for the Boston Jake's firefighters baseball team and Boston firefighters local 718. I A half at children's fund and the cruise is probably fueled by magic cat. And he can get on it. On the Provincetown to base they cruises just over in the seaport and he can also get tickets. When you go to ticket Web.Com. Or charge by phone 8664687619. Now last time you were here. I insisted that you play Springsteen's non. And he did a great job with a what are you what are you gonna play for us talk about earlier as a leveraging the air to writes music from the gallery in the pipeline birds and have a whole new respect for. For the guy after watching that shows currently I've Lambert song called if I had ago and I are right Bronson Arroyo live on FaceBook in the studio here at W. Is. You know. Remember. Okay. Okay. And they go. Yeah. And yeah. Weighing in. I. Mean. And hand deal and G. You know moments in this. Pop won't learn duty and constant. At 917 version. Sounds better. At 6:30 AM Friday night there 830 on oh sounds a little better and even. You know baseball's schedule is not an early when he theirs and I'm so. Lead to an am not like the other thing at 830 is like. He. I think it's not a pretty how to trust there's a guy texting and who says screw Bronson Arroyo. He's great looking. He's a Major League Baseball player and he can sing and play it tonight well. Looking came from my parents I guess the other two have been grinding hard for a while in and has fallen well you probably hung like a mouse or something. Totally ruins our and particularly at a better she's like everything about the I think he's got a little. Ha ha ha ha. I'm happy that there's probably and better probably as small community service personnel like regular matters dear it like it matters when it matters that absolutely. What some what's the old elderly. I didn't meet him in the them as soon as well into the show now. What it was you know he's got he's got that we keep this. You know unknowingly and I guess what every article attitude from over there and if it's it was a great show and to see some of the antics in between songs as fantastic. I it's great yeah. Tonight or tomorrow night as the crews Bronson Arroyo and the band who's who's in the man gets a bunch of guys in Cincinnati in two different bands one is gosh Mallard which came here to mr. last time some guys in Cincinnati they loved it does. Player complains dozens of six actually traded a news man to try to hold on the cover problem that I was. That I put out and I've been playing and he's got a long time there was a big gap aero just can't straighten based on a whole lot so. The back in numerous major oval or from Cincinnati lugging all the equipment and you know does what he did after members eruption of a lot of programs accountable piles and honest. Want to cover songs about love listening to and the great thing is for me is not need money and I'll have to. Necessarily care about the music as much as maybe some people trying to sell you know Soviet to have a good time go on stage and rip plan in the garage yeah definitely and I. No I'm not going to did I did watch the game has ever registry you know the commonwealth of Taylor thought mayors ago stopping Rupert they had the guys like you know when your. A lot of times sing and it's such a weird thing I'll lose my voice and easily one of his arrest more Felix kissing him and had ever did for playing baseball can you show up like he has walking in over there and yeah it's it's three places like Padilla Diamondbacks the reds and and the Red Sox target medical clubhouse guys to stop and then. Go in the clubhouse and to defend the guise of each clubhouse guys. But it was a food sorry in Boston university law armed men in their their forever right so there you see they see ownership changes leasing manager of changes all the players come ago that if thirty years so. If you take those guys in the end you're always book tonight he's now you pick them out at the end of the season some guys do I used observed him every month for all the young guys that every month because at the end of the season a lot of guys like to like squirrel out like African Manny Ramirez enough. Yeah. I camaraderie. It's what I got me into my. Yeah I want to Monica and her yet man your man is it sneak out and not paid yet but that it adds random they would like Whitney that's just a home in light. We're on the road and then you know we're Arizona for three days and give a dollar in and connect the catcher Brent LA any anyone that does dawned on thousand dollars so revenue like. What's the average tip you would you have to clubhouse guy moderately when you're on the road on the road on the on the road usually guys would be it's like seventy dollars day of the minimum. So a hundred dollars for you know would be probably if you've been in the league approval five years maybe a few million dollars hundred dollars a day is probably the minimum and then. I've been injured before 500 dollars. Depending depending on you know public receives a tip if he wondered if they swept the series Heatley got very like 500 dollars. And if they lost a whole series you might be down to a hundred I swing heavy you know that's not usual for most guys the players currently in the semi all the time but. You know the funny thing is over the years many guys made more money easier tipping going down because. The environment in the clubhouse is always gotten better you know the food's better Shas now that companies can emerge it was averages out there was barely anything and the guys use it's better and but now it's almost become to the big leagues and guys expected what was the big leagues mental to have all the stuff around. And they want to be an old jeeps are to have Brian on these guys and make sure they take care of the Oscars are fighting the demons of going. You know I mean I always say now when you get down to the into the playoffs man and as the teams left in baseball anybody can win honestly it's about who's got caught him on the mound that released Wednesday. You know World Series and but you know when you win. During the what a lot of baseball's giants after there's no we'd sneak for a 160 games right. If you give your good team in April whatever it as a matter you really don't have the team to do it you can't get into the players when a division. But after you win a division everybody's did when you get there and like Cecil and a lot of times a little bit like a mean look. In 04 man if we don't have a couple little things go our way Dave Roberts has it's a bang bang a second base of the ball doesn't. Bounce over the wall and make it a ground rule double mean we lose right so. It's when you get there anything can happen the. Like Alex Cora has a lot to do who are very little to do with the and be you know in some sports I think like you know in football. I think telecheck please please and huge factors. And and and in that team's success right I don't know if it's the same base no it's not I mean I would I would say it doesn't. A big league managers not sway a ball club as much as you think it's definitely tell on the field because you know Weinsteins you know to me like based causal but more straightforward. Yeah acting yet. Can you bring your relievers in does that change a ball game absolutely but you're an American League as well you're not putting months down and out double switching right so. I would say a big league manager probably has. Less effect on the game than anyone else on the field hands. Would you say he's at it his main job is to manage the chemistry. Absolutely and you gotta keep guys on the level in there and all on the same page yes I think the number one thing for managers to. It's like to keep the guys respecting him and away but also having a fluid conversation to where we have a good time as well it's a long season. You wanna have a good time you wanna feel it is one of the boys what you wanna respect him when he raises boys and everybody says okay. I'm listening what are making thirty million dollars from a rookie. There are highest paid babysitters in the world. That's not to run as I Brothers announced there that's a future of our guest is former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo he's doing charity cruise tomorrow night on the harbor. And eat goat to two US dot com or charge my phone. I read and I I don't know how many songs he would do wanna do another whiners amongst I'm on good without a song or telephones on talk based on the honest leasing an early in the morning and haven't read about it replenish her tonight or tomorrow. Like three nights and under written for an hour you I don't wanna make you do another blatant abuse on. I I'm on you and have and have them you know what I love any better any better loves Bruce Springsteen's and it should pull me that advantage at I should have like fifteen his arms my repertoire now that you know it's sad to say but you know what my musical. They started about 1991. And yet and it goes forward and so I Georgia and back a little bit but I don't know what numbers pleasure coliseum on Bradley dale changer. Urging vigilance and I love it if things and did you wanna put an injury you. OK okay yeah we're we're we're drive and a bit you know a total bought the Boston Joseph here's the most important one because I think it's. He notes it's one that's helping out helping firefighters and you know for me honestly I mean charities is. It hasn't been Ivins had been tied to one specific thing in my whole career but you know you look around the world and everybody needs a little help. And so it's it's nice c'mon jam in the argument. You know he could do. For me before you go now now instrument. It's it's been yells 41 birthday today. Would you mind serenading her. That happy with that beaver thing. We are going to have a burger archipelago is on the government of ours that. I wouldn't know it. You wanna stand happens there and it was dreamy little eyes. You get steady day and today it's an act of Palo. Procter and now. Our PayPal I'm happy birthday. Forty furs I should probably Portland. 040. And want to add to that she's available. To. It's a much less the laws on the radio somewhere blossom is that and in his days and round about human you're single that's that one's in the wells lived like. How it doesn't count if you're in another city it came out the way that I the way that make up our own rules when you were born and it's okay that's a good. Well here we go in you know this is for you interpret that. And. A man. Yeah. I'll go over and guitarists back off a half cups that's like her at a like that that's a little too early to order. It. That's Bronson Arroyo great to see glad you're here at factored in this for the firefighters good luck god tomorrow night with a crew guys. And we'll read back a request for comments from On the news celebrity couple burglary and yell. Now toward our board Danson like as. As there as they're calling as they're calling the union between violence and Leo excuse me and Arroyo and contract. And and lot of the ladies texting and not only is the good looking. And somebody and saying yes that our particular. That's. We've lived or. Since the beginning of time but if you get if you walk into a room with a piano. Full you know where it would Manningham and that's why choose a move that and on about it talked about it I don't. What is the origin. Hunts out and saying. Any way that you would put a guitar pursued Darren piano. Insert crooning. You're giving way. All the time. Under your relationship. Oh. By the way. Doesn't it just figure. That no one guy. Who wouldn't say about the clubhouse attendant. Was man and a man is it different I mean that's nonsense then that doesn't that make sense I get paid the most to working the least. Not he's not gonna happen. Daryn I didn't mean to keep trying to interrupt you but I wanna yes you did you get on an Internet itself but a lot of them are not shouting and kind of ruined rocking around guys and then he's got a list. Yeah you'll it's your show loyal leaked. Who puts AF. Hill Man Morning Show loyally. In the locker room of the Boston Bruins. Every there. Hedo yes. But you could mention that at a different time mentioning it now a while that's great you want a medal but I wanted to and throughout Bronson Arroyo. Telling interesting stories that senator Harry Q I'll. Well it's not too liberal and strengthen community and I remembered you remembered free tickets. At all. I guarantee well I'd keep those great man in these lists then right next door and I can't boyfriend and I can't wait for beach season yet on where you're like god. I mean word days away from NFL training camps and getting underway how good that's the single greatest thing in the in the world is that word that there were less than a month and a whole month away from football on where. We're only five. Six weeks away from the Bentley home opener on Thursday it's not American sub by the way there are two people in the studio that pay for their tickets to sporting events one likes old women of one is an old law. I'll come model stopping you know old now wait a minute I don't like gold weren't really wants to deal with the. But you're hot Brennaman like you don't know yeah my mom's booms. You're only Nina your hot double coups. This Dexter says with regard to angry Marc you. If you can play the harpsichord. The pant loans drop which just. Can't balloon dropper please the they've got hurts everybody knows you got to take of course at first what. Harpsichord even in the compression socks thing. Wow it's in the Ellsbury today. And doing dinner with mom yeah is then yeah. Where you and now the go to G barons want Scott in favor on a place Jenna to shift Greg and Panamanian drew a whole crew Billy everybody. The eagle and they'll surprise you with the with a cake area dessert with a candle and editors probably opt for the key lines mores and if we can go to candle and then he lines small hours delightful do he puts little mini marshmallows on top and then toast them. It's finally it's almost Akeelah and tart. The Marshall. Law made angry are Democrats what people don't like key lime pie yeah had a favorite favorite UIQ are you Tucker advocate your mom all the time. And I and their chest high right yeah that's Lemond testified that my southern mom. Makes putt. Key lime pies also. But it's something. I think our Florida it and or just the south and typically hasn't done yet. Eulogy skaters also. Way you view. When you know little bits zest. That he had. DelHomme ankle and everything for you to tell you as far as chain yeah. About what took place you said Cheesecake Factory he's kicked back. A lot to create it is pretty if there's a pretty big chair are frustrated there's Vegas is great man ya know I went I went there while assessing from others there were damaged. Mom and now he took Linda the Cheesecake Factory. I think they took us. Now. You mentioned that in the key lime pie originated in Florida correct. And I am assuming. That it's all key to our time to get it Conroe is. In the Florida Keys yes that's correct I. Place in the special clothes home. I'm assuming that Pickens has kind of key lime pie hole. Mail them. Kevin Rayburn. First Colin sent to. Boy that's a compression sock dropper is that you. I. This is now let's put up in the bureau a couple of hello Leslie view of some Friedrich yeah you need to people don't you put postings on the globe. Call. Me one. Day I got about happy birthday gave us. Okay I did sort of say that when you rescued present royal it is still welcome in Red Sox clubhouse I was waiting for LB actually speak Japanese story. I well of course he did that and here we have 945. On the premium sports studio line the trainer of the Boston Bruins can go. Suppose that called in and out. What about. What's going on I don't hear it you just hear LB doctor about your. Let them look good and LB said. But yeah I'm I'm not extort them home. How you lot well yeah but you can still be there soon enough you'll be either side announced. So. What who. Who's been the best tipper in Bruins history. Oh well. It is semi listeners that it never accepted that sucker. Yeah couple yeah. Yeah. I don't. Not that is that you thought you guys have. Look at fair and the presumably DuPont. Was LB's. When LB would did you was that don't cook got taken with your shirt off with that it did he get viewer. I don't that harasses or what this was they'll be good tipper LB was probably good tipper. Ali is unbelievable and he. Update I don't opening a little bottle of beer. Vote for you guys. It can let out on sir we'll have time because he never had a shower after the game because you never play apparently knew exactly exactly. He could. You run out I mean I've ever had run to a packed here between the sentiment here. And I'll either let. Announced he had noticed. You know just. People don't understand how important so people like Hedo. Are when the content of what they do is I don't think it's insanity. To move quick man. To you'll hot paying equipment to clean equipment. To take care you during the game after game before game it is insane you're talking about. Does our roster you don't when he like when we when we suit up for games is still twenty guys. Yeah that's why guys for the games but there's there's usually some engine guys rallied they have. You know 25 or so. Sometimes more. Bodies around that. That need attention and need their stuff is there or whether they're in that game that either. Now well but we're talking about superstitions like we earlier today Cummings. You you have to take care each guy each guy's equipment has to be in the same place same time eats each other states. It's sharpened different sorts. Many different settings. To sharpen skates. You know. Not yours who did not not years gates this globe is as close as head coach. That is either nominated to love if if that day that's for sure. Remember when cloak lost his ass because LB went over there get a free skate sharpening them. Yeah I don't know I don't know don't mind that they've he was totally dead again. Never LB didn't get it done that's for sure. IQ did you hear about your brother they let you guys do so Lafayette and. Areas. See when you pick up your free tickets that don't when you look to. I Donna. Eaton he has some issues you know and you know that maybe not your birthday and we'd probably get only dated Donnie swinging as more important things to care about the line being upset about his timing press con believe. I think if you go to the human he's you'll see him so maybe you should day and it just it's I'm gonna recreate a photo we tie and the Bruins foundation whose crews like twelve. And a victorious. Here's A seven anyone tax which this is recounting something that has been discussed on the show. I'm gonna says Danielle the ending to bloodline was the worst conclusion to a television series ever. I'm not calamity at you and I have like a few more episodes left I cut it off in the middle like it right to life. It was like the network canceled that are something or that I don't think they got. There was some issue I mean if we're getting like a tax credit or something to film an idea whatever it was they stopped it before it was closed and rates just absolutely. Some were just give. Like an almost thirty years or four years to something now and then if your Netflix. Has met. Without it Netflix series there are on network. Now bloodline made is that an outward that may have that Netflix there's yeah as is the network's original dance how do you like three seasons was 33 lingo I mean I do you. And by the way that. It never really jumped the shark. Out. I didn't I didn't think not so not as far as I've seen as I tried tried to go to Rayburn house. Where they shot it when I was in the keys you did yeah it. It's not as easy of drive up to that appears to be doing they executed there's like all these little. Crappy little cabana house's light I don't know how well it it there yet it also maybe the more the warriors. Yeah if you if you elect. And I tried to go and it wasn't quite the wind did. Nice kill the bill lead actors dead include in them. Pru on the Virgil bridges over little bridges is it easier to lead active and he does do he's he's the 1% ease the I'll listen to he's the arrogance 1% there. It's time effects elections well I never tells you there. There's somebody's recommending that go Rogge. In a new report for their queue line. We really should do the next food bracket on could be high. Because there's so many want to like I enjoy the strawberry rhubarb towards the end of the summer I'm on that. One man I mentioned the lemon chance ever had a good peanut butter time. No I only have a little bit them is like the current it's very rit yeah. I'm not a huge we discuss this to pecan pies and southern and Candiotti kill me and idled during a violent era here I think that's I think you've said the apple is actually is an apple. Your favorite part yeah I know I like apple rube whenever you mix with regard that's what. While you have it might might my Grammy Houston program a genius to mix of with the apple lutherans raspberry here. Blueberry pie that's it goes to die down and I really well and it was like a leader of the fresh blueberries islet billing comes in the hand yet so delicious. I'm 51 and now so yes yes and cherry too. You cherry pie filling from the man I'm here man elected cherry pies those are always two lakes a repeat from me tons of light we gonna have the you can have the feeling from the camp it it's like it's thicker the light and wanted to let. Squeezes out. Feel about the terrain family a lot of lies I'll one in the classic Limon mine yeah of the morning you do yeah yeah. You can ran beeline to. Banana. Panera prior yeah we're in this crisis yeah what is our actual banana slices in it was the meringue on top as recently headed down a nip warned there was Chinese restaurant and it was fifty cents a slice. The banana cream pie aids deaths and deaths that traditional go to. Boston cream how they feel about the Boston ma am luckily not unless the most is dry. Yeah. Miami French Canadian side of the family my wife's side makes this thing called the horrible on yeah. It's like butterscotch pudding it's a storage free on something else and in the meekly a cinnamon song dad on. Either. I heard that the frugal Cormier who hasn't been stagnant for quite some time hasn't he still in jail it's. I agree. There is question. I'll know what's what's funny part what's my name the pompous Carmen it's in my ire at this I heard that the pompous Cormier. Was thinking of doing. His next recipes segment on in Seagram. We did the dessert that I had spoken about it. On the program many times and I was ridiculed for which some said led to my current condition of the way I look. Which was the Vanilla Wafer banana frozen in Elway for a man mommies the main. I might try to make that my my drive and and I'm the recipe from time I'd estimate that as mamet's pompous army. And lights all and like say oh. Not a fan of the mincemeat guy can out here was that whose texting and that way commence now. And here's somebody who scrapes the moraine off every time they have lemon meringue pie why are restless. Properly toasted if that isn't. And the nice crisp on the top you know not and it's just the. Now it shepherd's pie in the mixers well Ethel Murray and me and might have to be and then you could also do. Chicken pot and the children's. Thievery sweet eyes have to be separate they do what my foot down. I don't really compare chicken pot I'd apple. It's your meat and vegetables they think favor. It's dying. What's Oreo pie off soundscan a self explanatory. Now you guys I'm gonna take you like the ice cream pies yes I can Rick it was you get an exam by the hoyas via. But nothing beats the watermelon friendlies chambers usually it's why now why I don't know I did well in the of the adding even though they still made him finish it once and almost. Do you consider baked Alaska to be part that's a dessert that's not really there hi. Baked Alaska they collective laugh at ice cream and marine ain't asking idle worrying minutes but it's gonna say that you use. Now the partly you'd rate tortured out there weren't due to the table I consider that a separate type of dessert. Guess he considered patriotic or you don't we do the pie thing if you're gonna do you're too old school. You know what you mean like old school types of pies yes. Oh and big monsters have been around forever yeah exactly that he told as the old school it's like Alia baked Alaska has never had excellent from the fifties. Or some of them coconut cream where. Away and lots cap grill best coconut cream pie. In your life. Chris got I'll take ten of them thank you mention it. And record and you paint. And went against I well and I hope you have a fantastic birthday you hope you enjoy your weekend Ali it is I've been forced to take a vacation. If so abstinence I'm just gonna putter around the house. Well I wish corners here right around the house I Columbia house on the pollution in London and a around two runners beach house in the arts on the and a putter around somewhere media try to squeeze old tour golf and among my household chores that I wanted it interest squeeze and cheese in the amount of plastic bag and trash everybody at the Brunswick. Yes yes yes that well don't listen to the show tomorrow it's. I'm not gonna worry about that I think I'm not alone again doing music that you're gonna. You lost he would do whatever you want a bill LB no wagers on Daniel makes it and all slow moving. So I don't know my mom and her boyfriend a quarter mile wow that's how we'll start is that how has already started out started on Sunday during we're just I and I still made it and it. He's barely. I made in the day after my thirtieth birthday. On this show we went out to strip club in what's up. And that's street and I was you can on the side of the pike I wasn't driving or driving your passenger and as a passenger thank you for shuttling Newman spoke. Well when you get the talk about the fact the best he was named one of the most fashionable athletes. In sports thanks Susan are you surprised I guess that's not really a surprise to Mary did you Zell and the thing about it is. The whole thing is trolling. I firmly believe Tom Brady since the stylist roll and everybody here thinks Anthony getting accolades from from Sports Illustrated in their fashionable fifty issue what's the lists the gig and the top five most. Fashionable athletes at the best easily editors there are some thing. We get behind you get the NBA guys that gathers on the day photo NFL junior was number on O'Dell's number one. That's it for your right Jack it was definitely teacher late that was so trolling Tom Brady to all of the issues I. Probably 0201. You wouldn't go quarries block now would be breaches no one. Before we go last in the easy way to solve those real quick if you're the seventh caller right now. You'll get a pair of tickets for revenge seven fold with profits of rage. I have the extended east banner on Sunday July 22 and every winners qualified for a chance. To meet avenge seven Fuld was seven of your friends so call now on the framing him sports studio line. Metro west commercial truck headquarters as Framingham board in the number is 6179311. And be the seventh caller and you did you find their schools. If it's one of the instantly one of those lists they list everything neatly for you indicate Qwikster a bunch of stuff that one of the top people Maria Sharapova. And Alley rise minute yeah it is slow. Was on the island all diary. Carrier ring clarity. He can't zoom in. Zone program to Roger father. All right. Warm. It will be moose knuckle and company homeowner's bad about buyer's income but it was not confront whatever it is got to be the show tomorrow morning at six up next it's the WA AF workday blitz. And you know over an hour of nonstop Brock completely commercial free have a great week.