HMMS Hour 4 - North End Tough Guy 7/11/18

Wednesday, July 11th

In hour 4 of the Hillman Moring show we have a classic mass-hole interview with North End legend Damion, there is a rodent eating out of a condom and we discuss the best MA island movies.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Texas that hey that may just have been accused things. Color killer guys I don't they'd wanna be they're pumping and I rock you know Manny can discredit miniscule topic didn't want any. Ass I don't think they'd wanna be described as cute no. Also a text it wants to know if when you're around kids years of biological clock. Explodes or. If you realize that you're happy you don't nominee that's. Seeing the interactions between everyone else's children. And unlike big you know what reporting and grant them and then. And it hurt. Didn't we look at these something special for immigrant day tomorrow let's not do this is your life a active so let's do something that we've had your mom on the show so I mean we won't do this is your life kind of thing that made we'll do. We'll surprise you with something special on the show Diane Greene where your guests are more work for shale Wednesday. Last year there wouldn't play what are you doing for your birthday Yemeni and big plane Tuesday and Friday office. He's still on Friday. I mistakenly think that brawl yeah. My mom. What do you think the odds are that LB LB is not a severe right now so what do you think the odds are that he's getting breakfast not a what do you think the odds are it under what is. What do you think the odds are that he doesn't show on Friday he now when I'm on vacation and that and that'll just be used to milingo and he'll show up this week at Villa may be next in the third week they'll yet you're taking every Friday night at third week they'll be some confusion that. What. I every said we could take a off. My dad. Well I'd were ready for your birthday tomorrow. It's 905 were about to be joined by eighty man who is leading. The Starbucks resistance in the north and Damian DePalma is gonna John Aniston in just a moment. On today's weather brought in by liberty mutual insurance. And it's sunny out it's going to be beautiful day temperature. 76 to eighty less humid day was yesterday it was rather. Rather oppressively hot your worst day yesterday so nice to and the weighted. You I'm not things the way about every day insurance shouldn't be one album you can leave worry behind win liberties being with you. Liberty mutual insurance. I. We discussed the issue in the north and here in our city with regard to Starbucks and the mayor's decision to. To join the opposition. And suggest that Starbucks not come to the north and and Damian the Pollack joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show on the Framingham Ford's studio line morning Damien. Good morning Harry Gary Borger right Dolan. At. Now. Damien I'm assuming longtime north and residents. Yeah hammered my family came here. 1967. And open up about your regional capitals float back in the day. So you know what had been in the that would enable it what you mass tremors. Were there opened up a restaurant while they're in the bunch back. Came back to the neighborhood. Came back so yeah back to the hood at that now. We had a really interesting debate about this the other day and there were techsters who were texting in saying wait a second this is America. Wire wheat telling business when it comes to free enterprise where. They hand in and cannot do their business and so. I'm interested in in hearing your take on that. Well. Telling them projecting it to different banks. It or not there would not taller than anybody any remorse just. What we what we told journalists. That we don't want you here. And we know what you're up to. Shall we suggest that it's volatile. Go elsewhere because if you want to stop Christian but little in Hanover street. If you want a couple of or if you really want that actually that car. You know walk. Sixteen your sixteen. Locations within walking distance. Our book. Once a notch in their belt. This is what the north and this term it's not been able to. It's not a neighborhood of people who get up from work every day there at restaurants and capturing used all the page tree shops and these. For generations and their families. And everybody work. How does not care about that and a lot of large corporations. I have a responsibility. To its shareholders. Franchisees. Not to enable courts. So this is are not in doubt about for their and let me try to that we don't want it be a much since Starbucks belt. If it more like it you know Damien. Why not let him go in there and let them fail because I know for a fact is a lot like aegis that is a lot better places than Starbucks in the north than OK not now when we went in there and then let them and let them fail on their own. So we we don't realize their pictures not a amid multimillion dollar. Company we realize some multi billion dollar company so. You know ST take a loss in a prime location is a little awkward. Event. And which is a big notch and have you'd think. If you're really hurt solicited thirty grand a month. So let's say maybe. Would between all their expenses insult me you know who sent. Would say don't do that familiar to you let's go crazy or if you think actually in a year is gonna affect them. When they can put a big billboard. In front of the military and accept that's all they want. So that's almost. We know maybe I think ever knows might be leading now. So it's problematic on the stand and a lot of people won't understand this sometimes your comments from people I know restaurants and rocket exactly. Only gonna need soccer star looks okay. But proudly assert that enable it probably attacked my friends and neighbors. Better brand yet do we think that they will hurt all this is well I think so because. I'm not until home. And I but the Paris when you really wanted to congresswoman. Iris you wanna eat French food right now people are going to look almost there. You know what if something and then they got one of course should be there and open it. I don't receive a way to its corporate. Greedy. Damien Wear out by the way this is very important to me where would you say the best. Pizza in the north and can be found. Our Carol in the area I wanna call something you can get good Pete shut. But I didn't she like me at all apparent apparent in that you know Michael Byrd also the Cecilia can't be too delicious. Talking to repeat tremendous solace written them a lot. Amy and I wanted to says Dana I'm gonna let it. I'm gonna suggest. Suggest a wouldn't suggest that you tell me none of this none and none of this pussy footing around. Yeah I want and I want an answer on artists. Are you wanna know something and I am happy to say. But I'd eaten pizza from every establishment found and that all could it depends on if you elect me politics out. George Italian American style if you are resilient. We had a better piece there isn't a lot and now. And we did twenty years ago believer that not every orders stepped it up. It's it's amazing you're not gonna get a bad teacher of our act on this. The Sicilian again of this is going to be a bird world that I you know did you know we. There's such things are bad pizza right. Right a look at the picture. I closets are not eligible guys but by the way Starbucks does that pizza and is not quite accurately. I understand that that you know all the that they come in hand they do want a full trinkets. You know you're gonna go but not. And the Italian animal or you're the best thing at that meeting a common at all big pink. They're gonna transition what they think is good for the whole idea. Well. That's yeah. Six. And I read I read an article. Then bit Seattle. Warn that certain clothes. And an obsolete tax on corporations that make over 25 million dollars. To help the homeless situation and we'll address these books. Amazon and stop luck. Put up money to stop the legislation from acting wanna constantly need to reach 400. Employees. To help the burden of the homeless situation cattle. You know there are rules in Seattle they get money there in maintaining their. And now you'll have multi million dollar corporation. And you actually can't 400 an employee eat out almost. Again about it hooked up. You know when I was a kid I don't think this happens in the north and anymore. But when I was a kid. Instill Massachusetts. And we estimate annual trip in to do the sightseeing in the city with their relatives from from out of state. These two I used to be so transfixed on the is that like the rabbit it's. Hanging in the always portal very. Good old days. That doesn't happen and to me war. I mean it longer. Yet what that while we don't see happening. And or back. Although ovals Kurt Busch usual stores all happened on those most industrial history you saw that it glanced. Ten years there. And a rapid change in China. Kind of liquid in China palpable it was rather not cook yes. Yeah I'd be you know those those much different times you know and and I honestly admit Sobel it's just thought we don't want last. You don't want total got a level. It took two full weight of the history. Of a lead balloon. And and just so if you look at if you let books and you'll open your channel warms I'm sorry not gonna happen. You know. There are great unwell man and the and the mayor are you surprised that the mayor has the has joined you in this in this in this efforts. Not surprised at all man who else I'm excited and has ostrich. Is any concerns and enable it to those of what is going on court two local worked and admit Walsh is already ready to listen in here and he's also. I'm not so I think I'd a working class. He's on the guy you know what people do every day and equipment project I had. You know little won't come home phone numbers here and corporations we could only make millions of follows. They wanted to come over and put an olive garden and over this. Really had amassed and let me tell you let's go to something that. That would never happen. After that look what was all. This. It would stink up inside and able to bridge slow their true. Yeah yeah. I mean there's any change that you go to. Honestly I have more games at all costs yeah I believe personally. I'm not a change guy. Yeah you know all I'm happy to say it never had a cup of Starbucks coffee and I never well. You write Dunkin' Donuts. I've got to tell you I love don't condone. Mr. Johnson. Is there a dunks you know abundant they want it and I'm excited but what do I call this rural without getting bonuses. The order locally all. And I don't see any sort of opened at 3000 square foot Bronx. What 500 foot sign. And tried to insult our neighbor or soul. I think the opponent in the locker room when he caught people that owners. Yeah Mike's what do you mean with. I. Agree there it. What does that everybody's texting in Damien what is the name of your restaurants. What do they and it ordered at a community near record if not all of listen these things and I could I accept that I've been on the phone with the very the last ten minutes. Nobody's doing anything deal. For a moderator I'm afraid I'm afraid to even saying it might might be taken the wrong way and elements I have glow. Well I don't I don't I don't can't believe they're on you know I don't deal chatter on sales it's the maybe we'll do like welcome what will get some listeners a look over for dinner and I I think I'm gonna. We RD did. Are our last are now second to last or third to last blind. Food taste tests challenge was the best bar pizza out on the South Shore. I think I may do the best north then pizza. As the next outlined some dictates that talent on the show Damian it let let me know. We literally we've come in. Our commander we can now look what world peace and people. On the he's disorder several hucksters wanna never never mind LB bingo several textures one plane north and bingo. So nice any time strongly suggest you plainly and things like when Damien says let me tell you something then that's what's that at the time ago. Or thirty. All right well and we can can we continued to consult on this issue and in use you as. There are our north like every time we have an issue in the north then that we want to talk about your course my absolute. You guys satellite phone number. Texas as the year crazy. It's 617 texture. Who says you're crazy Alfredo is the best pasta dish on turnovers. Album thank you very much and and I appreciated and actually that this was created when I was UMass Amherst where the light source. Lester audited Julia. I want to make hardly finished elect the story that's what like there was in school. You know not been to say you're crazy. Oh crater called the radio fruitless fight Alfredo or got chicken soup or salad and rolls the with salt and its acquisition and that call us back from learn much from. Or actor. The name your place in the and hammers to. It was probably that it was not well and I write like between Amherst and looked at them okay is not a lot there's. Well and knowledge so that somebody shout Craig hit and now probably noticing named after. Thought. Lets us know how we feel about McKiver it's they're okay and change right there to meet Saturday. Nikki all. And Frankie and everybody else they're all behind us so all. You're with us on this. He's got to understand guys like that they're not Nicole Richie to copy these guys who control them or Barack saw it. I'm glad that he's friendly when they came from Italy. So I don't think history of all these people these all I want to people that say you know they say they won't dispute and they want to work. I gotta tell you may have changed my mind I'm I'm I'm generally like a free enterprise guy in and I don't know that it's. Senate feral. Acknowledging that argument I am a little just a little bit afraid that Damien momentum but you know I'm really did you win some of the aid we know some and it's a pretty good a year Damien laden I mean not for nothing is a Starbucks and Atlantic yeah yeah yeah. It seems a little bit more into this has won on the Atlantic and they don't get one of course or street on the backside they know all. Language the way into the matter of. Understand it's not a matter of he had what he wrote that opened the city that built in everywhere so you know the seaports are far. Wouldn't want any any any local businesses total. Downtown crossing. Does not much of a popular our resident population. You wanna many businesses there shall area that ought to that the mayor's building that. In the local people to do exactly. I mean if you go to Jamaica Plain critical part of Dorchester. Roxbury use content. You have little Latin restaurants little Vietnamese pleasures of African American particularly because there. People look small artwork and people. You know free enterprise and good at all lunch somewhere special so you look at least it's it almost people who enter that main O'Donnell thanks so. Can we talk about speaking about he's busting can we talk about Reno's for a minute. Great place and I wrote on a great shot. And the forty dynamite the past only plant over there this is it's amazingly here does that hear about it every. It's it's unbelievable. Really is humble. I'd well. Damian the Apollo. Is the man who is saying notice Starbucks. And how those who are getting involved what what can they do Damien like what you guys got to face. What's yes we we had a FaceBook page called stop. Stop what you want them. If you decide they like that page they will get updates as you never know they might try to closely in the water so. What we're on top of them and what would have been ultra which saw an increase from apple. We're strongly. Suggest. That they choose another place opened up right yes we strongly suggest. Somewhere else and I and the name your two places again because everybody wants to go they really like your attitude and wanna go to your restaurants and encore one of the places and Connolly and that's. I'm moving in there and you don't. Man while will be in touch that we're gonna have you on the show again write him. They are appreciated guys that I appreciate you looking into this since uttered the word widgets are nice you. Hopefully you know look at some other places local I'll let this happen we will hardworking communities. And if anything was said on the show this morning that offended you taken out would Lyndon byers a path quote yeah I don't know that network animal Natalie. What what what I'd been to both your play and I think it. The north and feed you the Boston Bruins for. 75 years works. What movie were you in where you guys in together Libyan. Are you more on durable so well. More violence Paul. Yeah I was a boat not. It might back court. It certainly is a suspect thinks the government on the show and thanks to stand and talk I'm with the I got it back just don't don't appreciate that don't don't invited me in for free meal you go back. Steve and tiger out of business he's put on about sixty cents. Oh well the huh. He's in the a excellence and success is stereotyping and text it while Sanofi wearing track suit right now you're not wearing a track I. No no that's. Trachsel is terrible. People would be wherever it goes somewhere and rock oh like Peter actually. Wanna shut it actually possible all the little. Maybe it's not Sox don't realize they talk like they saw what a minute almost lost our way. Witness this intriguing plot like you say sauce instead agreed that it was greed. Won't know what I think I think it's that the presidential like maybe second third of our generation challenge strictly. Show off all of which came it would almost three years all. In my can't release it talks so. There what is wrong order but I don't grade gold beat the dirt. The option of our. Ed gaining usually I equate only you gravy it would have need and it's not saying quite a like a marinara would you agree. You know what what his boat celestial art game and great leader somewhat version of the word you pretty. Paula gave. Rainy. No it's it'd. Definitely be out of the. Well. Just the red carpet and but but later on. I wouldn't call it bullying is gravy callable news cost that's part and we see you wouldn't call that. Gravy it would qualifies green because it's a right to your job you'll obvious. Well. Like certain. In. Certain areas like generation like me I don't think it should be I don't think that should be correct in game yeah. It's either. Damien. Salons and oh yeah. Yeah are you where you're walking around the north and right now what we're we're gonna Amman Hanover street actually okay. Attacks or wants than oh if you take credit cards or its cash only over the reject credit see you back to crack it out almost every. What's that it's taxes it's not me it's these attacks. We don't take credit. Resolution and the whole night yeah. I'd now well good luck in this and very interesting conversation. Great to have you on the show and able I'm serious about about call you later about north and pizza blind food is that's challenged as. I want to do that next week. And I want you learned our Ed can you lead the charging tuck the ball doesn't docked everybody will get a couple other. Not everybody's so what in the you'll we'll bring you these are nice those that we feel about it and asked those. I guess. They know what they have a nice big slice it basic Christian we don't you go out all kind of talk is all about greed and I'm not telling you I area. I tell. All right thank you. All right thank you is Damien Apollo. Good guy now this guy. Deceit deceit of Italian descent I. I don't know I was doing and he was great he knew all the stereotypes yeah. On environment yeah I'll get whatever let's move on the. Use sounding gray like. When you're asking him about nick Murano and Reno's. You sound like in ocean's eleven when Indy Garcia is asking Matt Damon's character theater where the guy that died. An accident I don't know how little is not yeah died last year I don't and a lot of people. Had their opinions changed. By didn't. I I'm you know what we know what convinced me was we started really earnestly talking about. History and culture and the identity of the north and in danger of disappearing. And why don't they go out to the seaport and stuff like that back kinda convince me. They convince him that OK I agree with their efforts I still agree with a government. Stopping a business. Right you know great but Massa meanwhile patty I agree to is cause usein Marty should the captives. His nose out of yet. And not said anything. I suggest that may or Walsh he suggests that keepers knows you notice that gaming analysts suggesting a lot of things naslund is what they do that and just couldn't. But if you don't take the suggestion that. Sheila and I have to do a new segment with them several people are suggesting some kind of annoyed that not enough Damien acres of or use them on the air if I got right yeah. We got we image of -- to bubble board contrast got trust is over the two guys does that throw line one time it's good restaurant Ray Bourque of course very Italian. How we are going until printed I would Harris and it's. And the it is it's 928 and. Today show as presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. Our pal Damien strongly suggests that you get more information when you go to act ghost story. I believe there's an obscure Casey Affleck graft. And so on north than in Dunkin' Donuts and Alan up taps gang yeah they and yeah. I don't that commercial low John Quincy. Tell us now but I am there where anyone to be in a Dunkin donut not and now several accidents. I wanna be careful in case premium is listening because I agree completely with everything you said on the show pretty good guys during his interview segment that Damien Apollo from the north then joined us talk about Starbucks but. I'm. Several Texas during the break felt it was a little bit hypocritical of him. To say that a chain like Starbucks shouldn't be there but Dunkin' Donuts should but I think his approach is that it's that it's low locally owned franchises usually it's locally owned franchise. Yes I gagged. That's a tough on because they are their local gap. The third change their huge chain and and much like Starbucks there's thankfully one on every corner yeah you know down and I don't know that's the only thing I have with a but he kind of convince either way he described he doesn't want the north than to lose their identity can you see it another neighborhoods people that live in those neighborhoods they work hard to create their own independent business Mia and they're still doing that. In the north and down so we kinda you got to convince me there plus he wasn't. You know he wasn't he wouldn't say they couldn't. Right telling them projecting it to different down. The proposed location two of where this there would be kind of at the gate way to the north and and I feel like it would am the flow of traffic for some people and tourists instead of going into the north and Hanover street. In my IP you know in the area the green where Faneuil hall ever well let's pop and Starbucks instead of going to someplace else. After they've Oreo man. Island eat turns to unique content. And. Yeah. Tired two. Add caffeine to while. It was funny. One he said he never those that any shame ever whatsoever and then there's that while the third. I. Mean that is Massachusetts. It. While it's stuff I think the Indian rule will try to find some reason against him on the show. Unfortunately and something irregular regular bases out of it. And he's he is horrible video of the squirrel. And even eating the condom and a near my well near my. My second home and and in Portland Maine I mean this is exciting organ attacked about the scene. No this is like one of those things where there's an accident to worry child is in distress and instead of helping. The people are just standing there with their phones what yeah privileges. To the squirrel away to drop the condom and its contents on which it was. Feasting. I mean this video has been hunt has gotten. Viral on core and it's from. It's from it's actually from ferry beach in Scarborough. Which is fantastic. Place to go. Beautiful. And I talk about. The rising tide restaurant at Wembley in in Scarborough. But. Emily Kohl who is a nanny in Portland had her kids. At ferry beach and there watching. The squirrel. Who is nibbling on something inside that con dom. And it. Think Wheldon now where there before our ability goes where it's if that's clear what is it. Nobody knows the kind of slow but I mean. Unfortunately the kids have a lot of questions about that it the condom. Which they're asking the nanny in Seoul take a listen the video that she made watching this world. That is eating and a couple who. And it. Oh. What does. A. Is there a side. I. I mean if you expose the lot she's in the air isn't she supposed to launch in two birds and the bees lesson right there are urging parents to authorize that today. Each letter be cute teachable moment if there is out of balloon and manners and Schubert yes yeah yes. When the parents combat dealing with some squirrelly in Kabul and you know and ending on FaceBook page in the season feature video. Listening yeah. Well. I've always heard. That the squirrels are always out there looking for an up and see what is. It you know and yeah this. Please god tell the world how fast growth on the 127. Year veteran my friend. This Saturday. And so many ways. We should also maybe play the 911 call. For. Guys. Who hop on to the freight train and then were trapped. On the freight train yet that didn't that we finally Nelson yet we're in this now until found. Ohio. Couple guys jumped onto a CSX train chair. Christian Halen haven't flown 20/20 four years of age respectively. They train started to pick up speed. The guys couldn't jump off and they had to hang on outside for like sixty miles. Are they estimate from. That speeds the train reached 45 to fifty miles per hour. During the ride. And I believe Christian as the one that called 911. Back on whatever 60. Ports and I'm not a train. Loops. And let. If you work for the company here. Well. It. Appear worried about that drain. I. And and he had an. And okay. Board voted helpful I think for the point 911 dispatcher like. We're not the train we're literally on the top of the train can we jumped onto it like that point and from Santana it's better than wac and yeah. You guys got to tell you the midwest. We used to we used to hop the freight train to get from nine point two in the Warren park which was two miles away sorting out walk in the two miles. You must've blown up the tracks when you win them. He trailed excellent and it's your odds to get out there somebody give me eighteen fingers. And other Internet only do about you know. Fifteen miles and jump online grabbed the railings. Every 911 operator at the end of those calls this note. On Monday. Now in. This is. Pan hello pan. Good morning were so what's the you're on the Framingham Ford studio lot in premium Ford is metro last commercial truck headquarters what's going on ten. Other obscure reference to look first through cart golf as a balloon. Movies are forty concern just throw me a lot of. Can't believe you mentioned that film firsts. First film I ever got in trouble because why does my old man burial let me watch it and my. My mom says. All states she lost that about the summer of 42 dudes ever grow apart you know yeah yes yes you get this I think yet the seabees. Remember correctly while I watched it would my mother I believe it was the Monday night movie of the week the colts. Yet I had some questions. And realize that bad idea on when they're talking about robbers. And I have been asking what's robber inimitable and all those. Little boxes in Littleton Bose yeah. That was Jennifer O'Neill O'Neill. Were looking up and see who else was the man. I totally forgot about that movie until he just brought that up with a in the summer of forty to have a big hits on that went along with it. Maybe. That wasn't called summer of 42 and a blank now but there was but the results on on the soundtrack. Was. Ryan what's his name's Ryan O'Neal was I don't know she was Jennifer is Jennifer O'Neill related to Bryant and O'Neal LB you must now. Yeah but you know a lot about the genealogy of the actors. The like the a different spelling. I don't know I guess that's odd to me mourners boots while I. Enterprise during a thorough and anywhere else in there we've heard we've heard you is heard this incredibly not in and week somebody I think. LB bingo on her arm muscles and then. Jerry Hauser. Gary Grimes. Oliver components. After an Allen tuck. Now or is it going to read in an age rite of passage movie you know lately yes coming of a US economy are coming a coming of age film went. During his summer vacation on Nantucket in 1942. A used eagerly awaiting his first sexual encounter finds himself developing an innocent love. Our young woman awaiting news on her soldier husband state in World War II. The best film about Nantucket via two Julian on her 37. Birthday. Of agree it. Watch it for five years ago I feel like watch and yours and Elaine now why I somehow I forget I report came out made it was it was yes it was pre Netflix and it was like the only thing left on demand that I had seen because I watch a lot of television. And I actually liked the film and says it's very good it's Peter occasions like a beautiful girls right Peter Gallagher. And Michelle Pfeiffer fool and weddings not crying right and spoiler alert. I'm Michelle Pfeiffer has passed on. But Peter Gallagher whose husbands cannot face that so she visits him in the envisions. It is and then and and he communicates in there in the he's trying to raise them. Does it than that superhero. Muscle fibers in it and a loss. Few yeah as though you know it was a grocery may. Allah is one of those actors and always looks intimidating to me even if he's like smiling. He's not a rockers are just a threaten all the time really think that look on his face like he's he's planning to do something to you a pretty good actor. Honors. Sex lies and videotape was at that movie that you and him being used and I was so pretty you know. I was gonna confuse and Harry Hamlin. You don't attempt the essence lies and videotape. One idea you have no idea what you're gonna say but go ahead and say I'm the actor that. Yes isn't. And slow and he mcdannold. Larson. Who should. And was arrested and oh she was she's very she's not anymore as she was very on them moving cut or something as your baseline and you. Can anybody have an opinion anymore I don't know why now you ain't shaming. I mean. But everything can be is preserved in tickled as you get. An area. Seven anyone techsters says one crazy summer best Nantucket would be no way that was the Spaniard. As no I think it was Seattle endless. Yes security believe that Tom Hank yeah also. American treasure Tom and it is also meant. By the way happy belatedly missed time hang so birthday solitude is a well it was Monday Monday. Text there says best vineyard movie but those two group and remove it. Put Kershaw. Is stuck on you would Matt Damon. I think in MLB in that. Area and I from the very first scene in the movie. Aeon on a breakaway yes was there would you like that guy one. Some unscripted. And let. Some at a place fat guy one. Well buyers in the game if you need it if you need to know exactly my. How big. Boy and my wolves might face is the whole. Yeah when when they did this for me and my base is the whole movie screens I was home by yeah and I am. Cranking here. Can't yeah. And met him. Damon met share nonetheless thereto that they were conjoined twins. Peter Gallagher is. Peter Gallagher is excellence. In. American. At all and I change the real state came. I elected nailed on campus. And asked them that city is awesome and this is John on the Framingham sports studio line hello John. They had done regardless. It's bulky. People what the movie it opened my feet are they cute and that we all do you watch a movie easy some below. At. It outside but you elect. Our history. And Adam are you familiar it's. She does. This techsters correct Johns is the best vineyard to tear gas on time yes the Idaho that was our committee that was amity it was it doesn't take place I mean it was filmed on the but it doesn't take place on the vineyards amity island what is. When and it is that it be Martha's Vineyard. They too many captains on the island I needed one of the time they probably did no use. Not using the name of this island for the they announced her movie nobody has appointed Damien element here that they had him. I can I wish you are notably the people on Martha's Vineyard would the mayors like now. The blue note this is a vineyard. Of course you know Andy needs French. Our. Techsters says it was not Tom Hanks. In one crazy summer it was John Q set your favorite. A slight favorite. He doesn't like me and use that but that's. Not everybody you know people you know people and you can't be liked by everybody. You know I'm saying. Now tomorrow is Daniel's birthday we have to figure out some way to celebrate that show are you celebrating 41 are you mean said on the air soil it's okay that is gonna care. Okay some people don't celebrate. Like women especially don't celebrate certain numbers it's stupid you don't get and getting Milledge neighbors that he didn't not acknowledge certain ones like don't wanna money it in certain numbers that's how old I am I felt that. There realignment okay yeah well wolf finally tomorrow. Maybe some. Some courteous to my own voice elements. I don't get an apple argued that happening and I rely on number yeah I appreciate that a eighties and users so complimentary. Yes the lead I think that will be very nice. Worse Cape Cod movie summer catch according to that. I was about about the case league's top. Prince Jews are probable. Friends and whatever pretty new socks as a player like him now is that movie was not very. Simien some sort of a coming of age film would Sarah Michelle Gellar Freddie life as that is why. We started with the movie I probably did that nobody will shenanigans Africa are set there are stellar. Isn't it raises trailer mallet a text there says that Michelle Pfeiffer looks horrible and in man for. So long as she looks beautiful she does yeah and again without your baseline and elderly pointing its Michelle Pfeiffer just looks a little older she's courts. Whatever you can. A lot of people is they don't. Respect. The actors and actresses give the little bit of work and yeah I don't know machine she's bliss Texas says she looks like (%expletive) a lot of work done for in house. Were brilliant against them till you get the work during two. Right you think it you think people would have you watched soap opera. I mean. Actor actresses and actors is Oprah proves Berry they've been on the show over for a five years it looked like they would base of what he said absolutely with the didn't 85 and by the way the answered that question is. Like every other. Hard working American know LB I have not watched a soap opera and about forty years but everybody pays our lives and it's. Crack a monster does that tell us what happens he'll be home by eleven that's you know as we all know that. Com Michelle Pfeiffer is an absolute smoke show that 603 texts are it is suddenly and yeah. Here's somebody says Melanie Griffith can play the female joke you know at least she changed her lips and it just. Completely changed your entire days. We got bogged down today with confidence and never got to the nerd report but are you all upset about some Joker film or something like settle. They got Warner Bros. got fourteen Phoenix. To play the Joker in the jokers origin fell. Now I love what he Phoenix okay great walk the line. You know he was fantastic. Not you know it not as the Joker why are they going Jared Leno. Was he was used jokers suicide squad he was his criminal alien and I'm gonna miss a lot of people laugh about this he. Believed had your fans is there yes that's that was Joseph Atlanta was the best Joker ever. Billy yeah I a lot of people any of this often they're gonna throw eggs at my car and I'm cuts are. So is there a need even for the film for them for the La hire a dozen other criticisms and we've seen so much Joker. And different films and so what origin stuff but the it's the Joaquin Phoenix that really gets me yeah what a waste out you know come on get your Atlanta was already nailed it right if he or maybe it was so much maybe there on time I'm sure than most people at DC don't know what they're talking about what was the last DC movie Wonder Woman and it's. May be dark knight's. Movies whatever you receiver runs through. Was the Joker and that's what I thought it was good in Bosnia during an odd sayings of bad that already are you see and understand the Joker needs to be I don't know I don't see him doing the GO go to people's. Then I'm wrong okay and I'm sorry Shelby what did you think Jack Nicholson. Joker I thought. Man I'd Nicholson was playing Nicholson I did not think that's when it started where when you get Jack Nicholson movie. You pretty much getting Jack like a tired you like kinda like when you get Christopher Walken. This Dexter says you're not some nights you know he's not that squirrel I yards. Are moral and after a year later lessons ledger was way better than and I we get ago. Will be back tomorrow morning at six if you missed any thing this morning. And you can hear it as a part of the full show podcast our one hour two hours three hours for you can download any time and listen any time. At WA AF dot com. To the full show podcast and thanks to our guest today Damien Apollo from the north and at the Paula grant a lot from the north and.