HMMS Hour 4 – “My Assistant Attorney LB” 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

This hour, we finish up Ask an Attorney with Larry Army Jr, and the Aussie Comedy Group Aunty Donna stops by to promote their upcoming show at the Wilbur Wednesday night!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. More areas here are in the house counsel and it is an extended ask an attorney segment were blaming the Mass -- traffic for that so you can call or you can pacts with your questions and get your free legal advice. 508 Baxter says this could be the best segment ever we have some good. Were some really interesting questions today let me get one off the tax line. The text of time which says I can't believe what my boss just hold me. We have seven we have seven people working here and two bathrooms. I was told. I can't use the bathroom that is clean because I'm too fat. And the toilet seat loosens up when I use it all do I have a discrimination. Case here. New England that lots how. As Judy I actually lawyer. Is there I was a very nice I've only is it is there discrimination. Case I don't know maybe I'm being obese is it protecting class yet all but that are fortunate that everybody's in good news yes maybe this would if you get some psychiatric counseling and help him. Maybe we haven't negligent infliction or intentional infliction of emotional distress are hop are so so go get some counselors try to get creative here and say it really hurt your feelings and and you can come back later and yes I even get a trophy in this case if it's much hate you might. Here's a 978 tax I believe that my daughter. Is not actually mind. She is fourteen years old what can I do about that this well the answer is nothing. It nothing outing even if it's not the seat of your own warnings makes no difference in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts if you signed the voluntary acknowledgment of paternity in the birthing suite. And your name is on the Burress that it has been so for a period of twelve months from the date of birth. You kick it out. You're charging it and typically DNA Tennessee and improving even if they DNA test you really it is the mailman is child right really opening one. One. Let's see I work here's a 617 text I work Monday to Friday 7 AM to 4 PM. Sometimes. Might work tells me I need to change my shift and work second shift or third chip the day before is this legal. So there's a difference between what's legal and what's except. You know and I feel like we get confused at some of these questions we have to we. Is it legal yes it's it's legal unless of course you have some kind of a contract that says this is shipped in the can't change it now which I I doubt. They can tell you what shift your working is it fair is it equitable now with the on that one bride but they're getting it. Retail all the time. You closed and then opened with a. This is Jeremy Jeremy Iran asking attorney. Any idea Iowa where does it worry is that Germany Jeremy. Jeremy and I thought I he had a little girl well object a year years ago putting him if all the time on your jammies why. You know his own since what's generally don't let's underground at my place my beautiful. Excellent well. You know this is gonna divorce question I I don't know. No not at all we love it if that's so sweet if she's beautiful will be Sunday because I guess that's what does your jammies ask you this Sanofi gives nuts back out of room for us. Yes yes I know all. A like three years ago Lee that we got it vehicle from. I'm whether leaking pre K so he went quick that 800 dollar. Down payment on it. And then immediately engage. For the card each day we went. Really go to car ready equity of hate the car ready at each day we did it for ten days after the ten days. Eight setup are ready. We did you sign a contract light light rain and signed the contract. For the content of the 101000 dollar car. And let the encrypted with like fourteen and a half we figure three unhappy years. Opinion 408 dollars a month for the car we would have been paid out. Pass at the years but it really is scary thing you know we we think we get their act you know it was a month ago we have. An army to be honest I feel like the car will be paid off before the stories that. What is it what is the question for asking my attorney. I'm right LB dog and the land LB danger the child's body but the questions get a good look at life and I. Definitely get villages in the you know I so I'm ready. We act you know and I'm looking like they hit in the victory apparently years. Completely booked at the contract. The contract with 101000 for the car working with with wood in track and another 3000 dollar until he. 101000 dollar content in between two. OK all right so he's saying that some hidden fees and things in context out of network via the contract before he signed the contract is so so that contract is signed. Whatever is in the contract is in the contract now to six years statue limitations to Stewart breach of contract but with three and a half years into something that he signed. My I don't think Jeremy is gonna have a lot of luck saying he didn't know right. Shooting pain in the payments. 617 tax. My wife and I went to a spa resort on the cape. Parallel puddles and bubbles are off until I ever. Where in Iran where we got a massage and the my misuses told us that it was over and to take our time getting up and coming out. Both of us started to get things together and within two minutes the masseuse is barged in. And we were both still make it leaving my wife and I shocked. That's awkward. Awkward. Coming out paint me. Ever green I'm not done yet we more or maybe it was became a little bitterly. I. Am about. There wondering if this is invasion of privacy and if they can go after the spa resorts on the case. So I'm gonna say it was probably an accident and not after the misuse wanted to see you in your bones. I know there was LP there'd be a threesome going on what you tell you that day yeah. Happy is a good sign of the company of the massage places each and jeers. But you you you might expect they're come back him by I was thinking more like symbols. Well no doubt about it and yeah yeah. But they don't let you know the safe thing is that the toilet you know maybe have a negligent infliction of emotional distress if you've gone to a psychologist. You having terrible nightmares can't eat your stomach upset but. It sounds like. It sounds like you just have an embarrassing situation. It is 912 and this is asking attorney was our in house counsel. If you buy a house. And it fails inspection can you go after the previous owner I'd use should go after maybe your lawyer. Oh you shouldn't be doing inspections after you buy the house yeah that's so there's problem number one. Problem number two days that once she recorded. By a legal term public doctrine of merger. Which means that purchases as it goes away and then you only get the six covenants that. But home inspection at caveat emptor buyer beware. Have those darn prior to your closing and you recommend that everybody gets 100% part of reputable home inspectors out there are a lot of people contract and when there you know and you should also bring an electrician plumber. Here's a quick one this person says. I used to get paid weekly my new job as biweekly to I need to go to court to change child support every other week. You know so pure through the department revenue and can't you know have a lot of say in changing. And today that you want you'll WW OK look up. Come in. Next to aqaba outlook all part weren't the DR. In. Massachusetts. There's actually fears the six. Weeks of biweekly payment yeah yeah you know you paying every two weeks straight deployed. 52 weeks and in the air traffic how you pay 56 times he did did do you warrant. Day out. They have they have the fifth. Friday. Well there are four there are four months I believe that you have a fifth week how real that doesn't change every two week payments yet. I don't know but did discharge they charge us. Extra Friday payments you know director of the weeds you knew we weren't getting through this was no legal question for what I think Niagara Falls or what Connecticut and Tennessee when he got a 1000006 and all okay. What is this d.'s should you go back to deal on that now he's being paid by a weekly. So he's not after the deal I've talked here actions if she's gonna be reasonable if not in the orient you do that is quite modification. It's pretty simple process but mind you you're going to have to probably and thing two weeks and pants verses and others. So immersed check you do have more take. I'm here's attacks I am going through a separation would my fiance. And she put a GPS tracker on my trucks. I. Well not touch it it is a good thing you're going Hillary. Separation and you did not marry her let's start with that record what can I do about that so that is not legal if she had title to the car then or her name is on a joint missions it's his he says it's his it's it his statement called police. So called fifth and Ellis and you can't do that and it turns that we department call okay. Kind of related question so the find my phone function on an iPhone right. Is that the same thing if you keep track is someone where they go lake city she caught him cheating through that function is that still illegal even though maybe it's like a shared account. So it is you just to hit the nail on the head to you to your question. It is a shared account so you can do you don't. Really an iPad under someone's seat with find my iPhone turned on. They bust your chops everybody can now we have a political posts asking questions and I saw an authentic quietly don't courage and Larry we've. Yeah this segment did hear us and our staff our wedding florist took our deposit and is now ignoring us. Can I take them too small claims court and if so can I get reimbursed for lost wages from war. At their lost wages is going to be a problem but you can't take in the small claims court assuming year you flower orders and assembly dollars. I assume you haven't had your wedding so maybe there is chances of unity of flowers but I would do the old fashioned thing get my hard drive down to the florist. Walking and have a conversation yeah all right start selling. Do most people represent themselves in small claims court. I would say the answer to that is yes yeah it's a very easy system you know there's a form you fill out it it's basically yeah. Your name is you put your name wears his name the defendant is and you put their name so there's not a lot of heavy lifting it's a one page form. And you gotta take it to the sheriff's department haven't served all the dates are on the Foreman and you get a court the farm on the small claims that district court clerk's office you go win it's the rules of evidence someone apply. But not before a judge your before clerk magistrate. They make the decision in your case you don't like that you have an appeal to the district court. Are easy process set up that way so the don't need an attorney you know what you attorneys say the person who represents themselves as a fool for a client. This then there's none that I've been over there got my hand in the air with it. We'll. Yeah all of which require a yes. Oh yeah they were initially outside I was listening. Or pardon president. They are saying individual. A little bit officiated at some but I. Guardianship or conservative. My own just not by cleaning out their sought closet about drugs they're left Iraq mother bear there are no drugs are well serious life. I got a life insurance policy there when I go. However it now and he will make a ton of money should be fun. My boss is verbally abusing me every day can I secretly. Secretly record her doing business. Now you would be violating the federal wiretap statute you would potentially subject yourself to promote charges. Now having said that if for example this is that in your home you have assign your home decision be video and audio recorded when you lock in that's a different story. Putting your office ice from the you know only this is no such sign exists so you will be committing a crime if you do you cannot record anybody without their permission right only voice only the voice that you can. Do the video you can do the video aren't their State's players that are there are states that are one party authorization rightly Massachusetts the two party state with audio recordings that it federal that you can't refer to so which covers all fifty states acquire certain states that you have exceptions to this occur if for example if it's. Looks like expected to be too complicated. Complicated. It's a complicated statute but the answer is no you can't. Here's an nines and apex I've been married for four years. But I've been taking care of her for eighteen. She's barely work throughout any of these years if she is cheating and I have proof. Will she still get half in the divorce she will get half in the divorce. It can actually be a little bit worse for you my friend because they knew alimony reform statute in the column off. Which isn't so new anymore. Says that a judge can look at a period of co habitation prior to the actual marriage so. On its face. Just taking an alimony claim for example because you're under five years the term of the general term alimony is 50% of that. So on spaceship two years of alimony exposure however. Judge could go back in turn your marriage into 22 year marriage being you could pay lifetime alimony award you my friend need an attorney. Yeah Arnie Roche dot com it. I don't know what I haven't yeah everything army career and I just think. I get to the bar how do you should and I wanted to make out of the United States. That's. But see here's the texts do I have to tell police officer if I have a video. Slash audio dash cam during a traffic stop. So that's a little bit different the camera is visible. I'm you can you can you can record these things you know a lot of people turn their their phone on in the video on the get pulled over these days. And China right at police officer. I don't have a problem with that as much as the previous caller secretly taping her boss. I served jury duty for three days I gave my employer copies of all of the paperwork before and after I served my employer paid one day of jury duty. And then used vacation time that I had for the other two days is that right. So the last time I looked at this in this is you know admittedly not a question that you get every day. Employers amassed users don't have to pay you for jury duty I don't think there's money in real always innings Alda. Now if you have a contract for or an employee handbook that says that they willed and that's what's gonna control like that typically now. You know a sick thing with being a witness for trial so I was gonna subpoena you use our repeat crime or an accident you command. Defeated like if I knew that Michael Peterson was guilty right so slow all I lay Catholic okay ethical Alfonso EE you get paid on the summons is my point so when you get a summons to appear as a witness she get any girl the dollar fee whatever it is these days. But you know that the pay by about what you don't have to be paid by your boss on. This is Michael why. Did it without you on turning to aria yeah burst got you guys shoot back. Also very busy area CD box set of every one of these cells is we go from the ACC get out of it's awesome it was I appreciate that. Let my question is I'm not currently yes. I was in the car activist and now I've reached the end of my medical treatment. It and you the leaders probably what is so what you. And so now they want you give them all my medical lessons or acts as long month that medical less of everything. Going that followed news lull while people. So eat what you you have to do if you're Smart is get an attorney and I know people get afraid of attorneys and now they take a third news continued Sify and all that stuff but the reason that that happens is for what you're talking about right now somebody that knows the rules of the game certainly these skilled in the art of negotiation. Somebody that worked with the insurance companies in the past as somebody that understands how to how to get the most. And that in the largest settlement. Now that's stitched that's the audience in the short answer is you're going to have to provide and your medical records for the actual. They Ares a there's a strong probability that it used sued they would probably get. Several years prior to that to make sure that you have so example if you get an accident the bad back. They want me treated you know disk surgery your low back two years ago so that's what they're trying to do used to determine if there's a preexisting condition. Which they can minimize their pay so. They're gearing up to paint you lasts you need to gear up to fight. You need a lawyer. I just found out here's the ninth of any tax they just found out that my employer. Has been recording all of our conversations. In the work van is that legal. I'm gonna go with no on this one okay. I would wanna look at your handbook I wouldn't want to look at the truck this year is anything in the air but eager is eager according to seek records are really doing that kind of harsh there yeah. Every dime on his team now it's ridiculous. He's easy to do that every every I don't really -- sign language like -- who wanna put themselves through hearing what your employees there say about it does your bag of cash cared you know that the better question is with a child that your children in the car recording and would want to listen. Exactly. Alexy. My company doesn't offer sick time when I call out sick they take it from my vacation time is that legal. Well I I didn't want to get to change doubles last change in Massachusetts you have to give additional sick time and believe you know opening you don't have to get sick but it. You know you know I do I don't do a ton of bats that stuff plus stuff via it's kind of specialized field you know and of the generals on the apple. I would say this at the end of the day if they're not giving you sick time in the required to. Then you don't get paid so what they're doing is they're taking your vacation time actually get a full weeks. Not so the question is you wanna get paid for five days that week or four days. And it's still the recording in the van everybody's texting and isn't that what you were talking about earlier a violation of the federal wiretap that's that I said yeah yeah. This is well hello well. I have a question about ten years ago. I was on unemployment. And about a year ago. They are gonna receive a letter from the states saying oh we changed our mind we want to look at all back there Leo. So you got an employment you were given unemployment and then they sent a letter saying you have to pay it back to bad so. And it literally change her mind and federal Howard which tomorrow we watch her remember. In his was ten years ago. You know and we're gonna receiver. And their same now ten years later you gotta pay back. Yeah yet doesn't make any sense to me on the desk and does yeah you sure you're paying the state back yeah Pena and our guys are all our cardiac who's using your that he doesn't think you are all right Vietnam. I get letters all the public caught up in the letters saying look at it and what is being developed book interest on that so. I was more. What did you did you work quarter on unemployment kids you know somebody saw you in the Korean. The only other now be your employer appealed that decision and you didn't show up and they overturned it and I've seen people that had to pay back on that situation but that typically happens after you know three and nine months as he appeals process is relatively quick the new line Massachusetts I know this I was cracked. Says you must give an hour's time for every forty hours worked. So that is new line even Larry the lawyer at currently it's yes that's I did just thought of myself and their purse. It's one hour for every thirty hours were thirty to forty per year OK up to forty of the 48 hours or I. And Nancy no at all yeah and I early authority 3530. Minutes. All of neck. OK with that on Greg what's. Well I got a body debt first all started I think I would never divide it. Like I got nobody moves vehicles. About a title of and you get a bill failure to get everything. Is documented. Text messages say that there is everything. All of you bought the car without a title in hopes as it was written on the door bell that you. Seller word payoff is lean with the check that he received from my body. And then received. Release titled from his pick starting in the mail my buddy. Alice in the beginning of February. And and it is done nothing he he does let run Iraq text message though yeah yeah yeah the way art that's about the dangers released yet. But it's been too long now so war can be done about that how to sound like out of network. Your friend should file a lawsuit against this seller of the vehicle for breach of contract. Having said that it's not a Smart move by car with a title now you know I mean the first question that I would have is how do you know that the person that sold you the cars the owner of the car. It might be hard rock while the other the other problem is of the guy wants to come take a bat he just come gather especially if your friend bottoms and that didn't owners. Here's the text from someone who works at the end DTV. And this 617 tax. And they want to fingerprint them for new time blocks and they legally do that. Yes if you want your job. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts doesn't make a lot of mistakes when it comes down to that kind of stuff I mean and the attorney general on their team they have all these legal departments on the team's so so they're asking unity fingerprinted for time mosques they probably have vetted written. Yeah I look I understand why people don't wanna get fingerprinted in today's day and age I. I didn't get a gun permit for many many years because of that fat but. I one last question raskin a turning our in house counsel Larry army junior police shot. I'm good morning. I wanted to actually bought a house brand new in 2013. And it was so much just don't play well in the day it was done. And now they concrete is acting and the seller not the wall. And I just want to see if it's a liability it would be considered negligent on their part. Almond like Sudan where it's passed it's actually the limitations at the point. So out say that's typically when you buy a new home you get a builder's warranty that lasts for approximately twelve months sometimes car concrete foundations go for a 24 months. Problem you have is a you don't prove liability in this case it could be quite costly. There's a lot of reasons the foundations crack could be number one that the concrete company didn't have the right PSI a strength concrete there could be the BOB walked. Near it would be Al. Did any I could beat a good about it and let's go to the sky. So really it's a really hard keys to I'm looking at a statue limitations. Expires on point in time next year when you about it so. You might wanna talk to an attorney but I will tell you this the giving up to about all right well listen good stuff that's all in all it's riveting. So interest in the law law it's that it's that it's the law and it's Larry army SLB. I'm just here I just Warner's. Tell all our listeners out. You get intimidated. About going to a lawyer and this is why this segment is agree because. That act in other extra extra action you think you're doing your own and the money you lose and waste by not going to someone like glaring. To solve your problem. Just go do. It it will save you much in the in the long Reynolds a guitar doe what you need w.s as. I guess I'm not I was only not nearly enough on unity or another we announced the lawyer had nothing at all and yet we were up against the clock and equipping the wanted to and I just wanna. To say to your listeners out there that on June 23 in the graft in common and Grafton Massachusetts from the house ten at 2 PM. My fourteen year old niece is putting together festival poll. And memory of her aunt who passed from a very rare disease and Cha and hopefully I'll bring some awareness this disease called DHL. Which I'm sure nobody's heard of including myself. Of its Von nipple. Leaned out syndrome a very rare thing that causes tumors in this young lady who was a guidance counselor in the draft of public school system and affected many many lies in a positive way. Under went more than ten brain surgeries over the last 31 years are highly. Passed this year at a young age of 44 of five brain cancer of I had another another thing so that's on June 23 if anybody's looking for something to do on that day. Come on out to the grafting common support of fourteen year old girl who's trying to do something. Shall I thought so we'll see you will see you next week I look forward for asking if I promise I'll leave at six Acadia currently there at 931. We will be FaceBook live for our next segment and I I feel bad because we re and we behind. Would ask an attorney that is trapped at this morning and and our in house counsel's late arrival. So we don't have a one time but the I do wanna bring the guys from on the gone in there they are an Australian. Comedy tour. Group it can you still use that term troop through with regard to. Let's just get these guys I'm so sorry guys we've been running on and step right up the Mike who's going to we all Hocking has won the designated speak how are we doing this week with the lawyer is still here know the lawyers like it's you know cancer can you. You know swear on the radio in Australian summer ideas on summary of Sudan and ideas that aren't plugged in you can swear on the Americans who rarely does. Now swear at him. What how would you describe the sense of humor in Australia is it any different in the sense of humor here in America. You know what you are the best audiences in the well and arms and I sure as the only. Really we in Australia to get a standing ovation you've literally got news dude that Greider shouted at and listening in their line he would do leg these are robs diaries. I actually and I. Jacked me out. Ya they and he when we Timmy everyone just wants to stand up and pitch and each year and have a great time and it's incredible. I don't know that I look at us Australians say well that's a sometimes it can look at a country and say that's a country with a sense of humor them you might you know Australia. You know you you you held Johnny Depp and his girlfriend and his dog turf for months and I wrote a lot of the guys. I'm gonna. I think it is funny yeah got a funny was it just show that those have been we may Johnny did make a video apology before taking dog yeah. This news. Australia as the funniest the U k's and no apologies no. Sonic yeah. Totally got that. As well as at the other thing that got the politician who made him do that has recently being call it. That having a mistress and having him by eighty with his mistress knew yeah and now he has at this he was there as he was advice. President of Australians and the advice what are your pride is apparently haven't done in yeah or yeah aren't as. Yeah he had to step down yeah yeah and it's this that the funniest thing that could have happened now. Bob now how often do you guys get to come to America. Only common name bad every. Maybe two or three times a year the I was really really gray now where the wiggles from monster and usually well. So there isn't even now I wiggles. And I know I know all of them at the hope I. Those are that he had on our civil and he red cap the red the red Wii goes out the current prime minister's subtleties. I don't know restaurant and it was that are legal that dig the hole Johnny Maine I'll yeah yeah yeah as the blew it and then on the attain based thousand bloody politics and it and them. Yeah. It'll mean aren't illegals filthy rich hallmark you know the richest people in Australia they would be up there I think it would go Olivia Newton-John the leading John Russell Crowe got beat you to join a game again it's yeah I sandy gum brass key. Experience yes the inventor of badge or Mike the major vision. Which is an American GI engagements have for a long time is American aren't the isle beach the rock the the condiment that no one in America can can put in their math and joy who is is owned by Americans do you like it. Hello oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it might hear it boldly now is that you might limit of the mine but all I don't know that I'll I thought well. It. It's very nice Seattle. What other kind of mites are there are mine and mom aren't smiling Obama. Our minds and Hamas that it if we know we would have brought in some much bushel full right of the minds and way of my idea how that backstage tonight at the Wilbur we will analyze it get on your rider and yeah. Toronto and I got mum on Friday my veggie what do you want you know all my. Any east. Any Sonos bridge you can make from yeast. That's just what is your problem with the salty yeast it was why are there aren't any kind of an issue with it I was just bringing it out. Because for instance people were saying a country that has a National Anthem like wild card. Colonial boy. Obviously doesn't laugh much and will we are. Country built on convicts we we work I prison as ever organized Isaiah came that became a country yet the virus papal which fill the Boston and to do you know Irish people have a sense of humor. I think so yeah it is I think sensitive and real draw one. I. Guess probably from so you guys at the Wilbur yeah tonight not the man's. The show is IE I hear you do you guys do a lot of music yeah it's Skaggs. A day where young where young good vision of like Monty Python mates the Marty Belushi if you if you know that reference point like a big. Bulls for the walls gates that's Olmert also a bit like rock and all there's a lot of musician on snide and buying stuff that's really high energy skit should bury Monty on the day Adam. Both school district and he went on to say yeah. I'm citing what happened in other reference point mighty big edge it and dynamited dish and honestly I don't know it's that same thing of to say it is kind of like Monty Python the exact that is your pay when I was saved my schedule pitch from Boston. Yeah that's like Good Will Hunting meets the tarot mediating yeah yeah I. What's the what's the suit the style baseball but that guy be united that you love pizza parties let's say he's Ortiz will be that tonight always going to be there tonight I don't know Dyson had incomes and slammed down stride BA I'll. A bigger issues in Datsyuk who was a hole I don't know any or all of that. But Monte Klein you know a guy who want to write the music and media explaining that network songs yeah totally Limbaugh somehow or mentally it's just that be aware they talk about having evade you might enjoy my answer on my mind yet it's just repeat that it is still out on the time it's a positive and as you know the two. If you're. And and we really done a particularly those that I can be hunks of mine. Their own home audiences a text there says the richest person in Australia is Paul hold him. He was updated and he got in trouble for tax for Georgia story oh did he gave them that ignorant are this is the textures state. I'm. Going to be doing terrible but I should've gotten in trouble for that but with the community needs experience. It's a commercial right now and he looks ancient. Sea of color shortly out. The idea that he would like like an insurance company or some essentially. Would he you'll get hooked on that that suitable add wherever on vote that was going to be huge. Crocodile Dundee knew yet sadly is yes look that's hockey that's too Clinton for a sister and still wheels and Rosario yeah. Is our football. Big in in Australia is the NFL does anybody watch NFL Austria. NFL is massive with like 25 year old dudes yeah like say are suitable is like a Monday morning in Australia and I Iran takes off working guy's injuries. And it's been sent to the MBI's well liked and you've got a lot of Celtics fan of Melbourne where whip from feels a real kinship with Boston because it by our cities who loves sport to the NFL is massive. And a lot of New England Patriots fans really get totally and Tom Brady ever in my arms and. I always wanted to visit Australia. Then would you would you it's what. I wouldn't say. Say Melbourne is the place that now or it's the place to live. Yeah it's in the places they visit Sydney so I just don't bring your dog number I'm an envelope and Dan people. That's thank president judges and often. We like him today he's doing that during the show tonight do not bring your dogs and we will put then down now are we got a RT Donna from Australia there in the studio and tonight they are at the Wilbur yet and is there an actual. On the dharma. There is said and it's a connection is that in out when the reason we coalesce those are two daughters because with the announced. There is sick and auntie dawn is the weak year and was just when we started working at a almighty god. We have to. Call that group that because it's seven auntie dawn is you have to auntie dawn is you have to and I have. Three and it's out of the air really confusing because like a bill I was. The dinner with auntie Donna last not exactly like lobby with my county Ghana and I was like 9000 my second. And I was we've been always with mocks auntie dawn now the wait till Miami. And lie I was with on the non Euro the dollar reminded them. Shortly we haven't beaten the crap candidates. After you leave LB will tell us that he's been of all of your auntie dot yes and so it is slightly away if that's already out there and Arnold. Places in the world I am not I have traveled the world. Strenuously but I have not endorsed or are you share more I mean it's and I will say I have much respect. Restaurant. Because prostitution is legal and I believe and it's I use it there's a weapon. Why don't sweat and yeah I can't shoot it keeps relationships together hurt OK so light. It's not even want to think where this relationship does it get us right. Honey. She's prostitute it's legal work restaurant yeah I just can't what would you you wanted to go with the guys or is a blow to quarterback I've blown tour bush forty. I minutes there's there's there's a place in C killed up old. Else that week in Australia what is called the planet. The daily planet as they say and each is a 30 full story brothel. And does huge businesses they're it. Doesn't get better as you go out on that isn't where I ultimately announced but. Yeah I'd no I I imagine so it could be like channel is ahead that even with the legal brothel that and its speaker brothel at the back. Yeah well they did that it's. If any. I thought that I was shooting at a brothel now. The idea that the of the day is that code in Melbourne yeah. I sing yeah. Well we'll let. Him. Nor is different kind of weapon yes I was united it was a crazy just on the corner from my house too many Brussels. A perfect. Personal and brothels text that's there and the problem and he's a brothel boy at a lakers could. I demo right led to a legal brothel where in the island only in it has. A taxpayer who is a typical woman says. Says I'm afraid to go on and watch FaceBook life. Because if these men aren't as hot as I'm envisioning yeah be very disappoint little are you in a society ladies I'm going in it's it's you opium to continue work madam now. It's Tom is. Is is is just one of those countries like Iceland with them and are outnumbered by the women. Okay. Pool and definitely not outnumbered by dogs we dealt with that yeah yeah. A little bingo when the bingo make the baby it being a then yeah the IV. We're an were and a cool while pocketed and there was a little by B patting indeed gone and I was like that he's gonna win tonight. Actually blend that someone put that in your in Kuwait and the baby was with padding yeah just walker India's like that pretty much dogs that have been you know have been the main street yeah and down and and a real. The tones that they beat me yeah. Chance I don't what is that like idiots. I am glad that if you haven't. I thought I'd make these tonight Muster I Hillary then differently than at any estimate is that a delicacy in Australia baby might. Into this. To lately it's gonna say it's very funny when you say you have to take stands saying something yes because in Australia what you call Mancha weak cool takes them. It's his variations. Like this happy we are allegedly. Like imagine I was like this copy he had an air and it's. Got aha if you're very using for a good by the way guns are completely illegal. Streets that run vomit except. Okay well we're able to achieve the late chief target on there that that needs me to get this just does it restrict. And have you those instances that being able to iron one you know really have them in you know. Holland artistically amnesty and yet there's specific license and and on top of and what about the violent kangaroos we've seen videos of men being punched by a kangaroo. Awed and I think one of the gut punching a kangaroo you guys yes yeah sector I yes. That guy out big boys said they if you you've probably seen photos that big man okay angers announces something by foot figured you know. Al whole food as a reference point do you think. And down and yet Nate Nate can cut a they use that title this is the stands they get it to. Legs and they can pretty much cut open you'd use neutral site really light yet written a pot and they'd like attack people on bicycles and things like. The goal and a lot of variety in AN AA a lot of the bloody ladies yeah but wait eight they can't wait eight angers a love hate them really Ali and wait we gonna hit right mate. Exactly and can ring sectors like tech and now it's. Can quite a hanging at Portland venison vibe really yeah I would say did delicious we love it when the only. I think the only country in the world aids the national animal. But we are you an occasional bit daring you since it points as well ego at the rights like idea. That's the other thing it's the most environmentally Sam Mehta a complete column it's not done in factories or anything they just culled because they that does it go Obama. What is this. What does this sharply talking about here. They wanna know about if you guys know about the. Yeah all the gang that was huge that was the real thing I was down those out probably the biggest. War that has ever happened and instruments except for the bombing in talent yet was there was a legitimate war weeping news. Essentially there was is on the thumb enlighten on taking twenty. In a place called that there was a lot of eighties and some immediate farm I was like yeah yesterday's easily shot a few to get rid of him. And and more you shouted out blocked the antitrust Saddam daylight that skew and it's like I told somebody you show up thousands and thousands of gamers. He used it on the in my mental outlook and I movement the twenty I don't like it really isn't the pup arrive before or after my. Because so that would these. That they hectic Cole the omni to show up and tell all of the eighties and thousands in the knees are shot dead but the here and supply side that the humans warm the robot uprise and we have because they had to call the mommy like that he's a week to the EC. About the fact that he's traded them seriously enough to have a war with them we already law yeah. By the way Australia great ally of the United States in World War II after what we would do and delegate. Political about it but yeah it we needed Japan was coming we didn't write it England's Alia we can be bothered helping UN DC without the stuff and shrew minute it's hard is that your yes site. Let's do it let's get in there as we have boys and it's a ten dollar defended us. And a lot of that and that era a lot of American soldiers came back with a strap in wives real dose that was the thing that happened and you introduced she's the UC Davis and oh yeah we gave you that she's. Murder in the hamburger you're welcome welcome to. On yet you'll probably killed you'll dogs Mexico yeah. And a news you can pretty quickly Duma that Doug made when making the cut at that I'm. And don't forget the shrimp on the Barbie. And I forget that this on I had and you sincerely that this most see fit here than in elements that really all year like just eats into heaven and everybody had a lot of shrimp that light and shadow also got lobsters over there are they like the target you know all of that Israel fancy and have loans that are in insanely intense you don't have a lot to rule like we have a lot of rules herald the end. What's that last month it. Not with the beat an annual hauler. In Quincy Market yet and this is yeah this is an illicit show is tonight. I'm glad you guys came by. Yeah I'm having us and you can go see these guys at the Wilbert gave you tickets at the Wilbert dot com and enjoy how he only here for tonight and I ultimately for tonight Womack army com. We command in and willow the yeah. It stayed up today. And sorry we were a little bit behind nine other guys has looked so good that you had you Richie Sambora on yeah I was threats we've had a great month when it right well I obtained. Aren't guilty big monster and born Joan V he has every wedding and on the ranch yeah. Yeah who was the most well I would say is AC DC the most popular musical act ever come out of bounds and the only go low lying when they. Like the BC news minute work the men work. No increase. In excess in excess against us and not oil and auto oil Midnight Oil yes I have books. It's. How. It's. I conflicts and this applies if there were taken out by that you lose and okay. Our guys thank you very exciting says that's not being done. And that's tonight at the Wilbur and we got to go will be back tomorrow morning but will be broadcasting from. The sixth annual miss bikini pageant we get underway six thank you for listening.