HMMS Hour 4 – “Lyndon, You Can Always Ask” 08/09/18

Thursday, August 9th

This hour Max Weinberg of the E Street Band joins the show, we talk about LB’s style of Introducing himself and more!

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Did Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only time. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We're neck down. Sure. We'll be joined by drummer on that song and thousands. Of others. Credible pieces of music in just a little bit that's Max Weinberg it'll Jonas. Ten minutes from now here at W. Speaking of growing. You know the California wildfires. Continue to. To burn yes that's. In in both cases. There are there are only about they've only been able to to get them to be about 50%. Note. And there are three guys in the news. Who refuse. To leave. The grow facility that they had on knowledge in the pot farm they didn't want to leave the grove farm. Even though their fire was you know they'd they'd do the mandatory evacuation. They've been they've been arresting him minarets that yeah 'cause they would leave. They arrest on suspicion of interfering with firefighters and not having authorization. To being an evacuation zone 59 year old guy 29 when he wrote. They were released with citations. News. That's. I mean that's risky I understand the admin you've been working hard and cold intending to those babies had today that idea pending for the men and paying attention and now. Let alone so also hard. Or her day. A news anchor. Com. Two when talking about the fires yet to make sure that the right words are coming out of your amount. California is part of both insist he's been fighting the largest well I think Anthony. Believe California is fighting not fared. I'd be if they were starting it. And regardless of five hours via you know those those wind power ours start and where partners from all over the country in the days off. Why note there though inflate. Centuries tests I'd I'm gonna read the human to read the angry. Spoiler. Text have 97 apex. Thanks for the spoiler alert on Tuesday. Telling everyone that Allison from the affair dies on the show. If you have a spoiler rules not to tell your listeners until Wednesday. Then stick to the rules you created I don't even listen to your dumb ass station but my boyfriend does who shared the information would it. I thought our. Well earlier we are excited previously in Atlanta to back me up on this on the of the day is it the Wednesday is really hard and fast rule for game at groans. And we tend to have more flexibility with a Tuesday discussion on anything else that us. Don't dimming generally would the big shows that are I mean that the group shows on cable or on Sunday night so I'm you know we have in the past. We have pushed it to Wednesdays we you know it's it's generally be in Wednesday's to give you two days. If you're not able to watch a Sunday night to give you two days on demand or whatever. I didn't think this checks are getting all upset when you spoiled Manchester Red Sea by singer indictment cleric Anwar and. Your college kids. And I just asked because you can all win then you can I just wanna tell you this. Because I know it's a real thing for you know I had my hand you can you can always. You can always ask you don't have to ask permission to ask you can just you don't have to say can I am conservationists from you ask you can just ask that'll cut three to four words from the length of your question I wrote Roger about him the question. Now my point is not what is your point what is the question. You guys both re watch. Series. Of Abu Ali I don't get the spoiler thing. You're not you're you're not spoiling anything in so so what is well with what though it. Al Sadr people got her five best seen people. They're calling Lego rock publish spoiler alert. By the same people that re watch a whole episode of the series and they've already watched they watched twelve episodes of the series. And then they sit down on waste another I don't know. Mark. Re watching everything they've watched already so I don't get that all of her learn I don't know that your nick you're not not gonna watch it right. It's people would like to be organically. He you know surprised by what happens on the show not know. Going in and it did Allison died on the fair I don't know how she died for you don't know she she's proud she drowned on. A lot of you know. You know it's getting an inner mean you don't. I'm by the body you know I don't I I Anderson I felt bad that I raised the idea prematurely. And now announced he would sob. Enunciated in surely enunciated what would you. The attacks or wants and now. And it has been addressed but a nice emanate Dexter wants now. If I am watching secession and and I am it's on HBO and Allan rock. Will join us on Tuesday at this time on this show. Allan rock please Connor Rula. On Honda. On the show and of course was in there's feelers. You know one of the greatest films of of our youth. You've been on and somebody's excellence on that show as is every one. I think the woman to please share of the daughter. I don't know her name is. But I think she's fantastic as well so it's it's a great show this is Brian hello Brian. Eric or Antoine what's up Brian thank you. It was out of her radio range and at no Internet or after them without. And you are here today are in the sand yeah I don't know it's awful I mean it's less that you will lower your IQ but. On what the resilient and very. You won't that make people all. If you would expect that more and more open qualifier though the public let go. Or maybe in the second one so it's not one. Police say sporadically in my vote because of our carbon footprint there but when you're on the air and how we need to know if the liberals they have. It is and it bears are very accurately. But you don't want to let up yet that it's just one other web site well. I think they're probably what they're saying is that it's the the you know the the brush is dryer catcher because of good because of climate change or about one of those fires was started by a a a guy. An individual who had a flat higher there and the now see me. I am I get a flat tire I immediately pull over and change that sucker myself. But this this guy drove or when this person drove on. The rim. And that caused the spark and that started. That's the fires I don't know that you can entirely blame their fire on. Means. Republicans don't care about the plan I don't know that the full blame for wildfires there should fall there was because of a derelict it's. All right we're two minutes away from speaking when Max Weinberg. The drummer for the is he's still the drummer on the Conan O'Brien show is that show still on yes that Shia attacks on merit tedious. So I I think he'd probably still it is. We'll talk to Max Weinberg momentarily. If you're dairy cream sandwich Greg I think you are like Derrek Lee we weren't there Saddam. We once worked at a dairy queen as a part of when we were doing a thing to work at. At their regular jobs not jobs like this one where you Millen and everything RA announced once worked at or that it dairy queen in in them Milford. Really yeah yeah. Hello Mel offered up. So aid teary cleaning Calgary is offering free ice cream for a year to anyone who can solve the mystery. Of the horrible gas smell inside the store. They know that there's no gas leak is they've had the place tested multiple times and I can't figure out where it's coming from can't get rid of it. So they're desperate and they're trying to figure out a solution so they figured that this free promo would be a good idea to have people start brainstorming about an. Within minutes of the promo is you get free ice cream if you con man. And smell the horrible smell that and restaurant I'll figure out where it's I don't think that's I don't know that that's necessarily in from the ice cream and I don't think that's so. There'll became aware of but it gravity audio from the owners do it okay to judgment Dolly's his name okay. We had district we have really desperate is his. Who knows what twin how he's going to be canceled scoop of ice maybe take propane and then sometimes she's clearly clearly. I could also play conflicting. And sometimes. It's just. Some kind of yes we really really hoping that somebody can come up with a solution for us it's moving so what did I just really don't really know even when I'm home. Just. Are you just say is FYI yes arteries in Alberta Alberta is oil country whose. In Canada yep saw Aaron hazard and yes there's some sort of imparted to warrant under sound Calvin Johnson nastiness. You've solved it wanted to go to player did you get free ice cream. Well legally get back to abide by that we're offering free use of radio dot com. If anyone can guess what I smell it is that is coming up he's draft pick you can identify the alcohol and the it's not not objects do we. I'm out by the way dear queen banana split graders ice entry involved I. I'd joining us now on the Framingham. Forward studio line. Cranium board is metro less commercial truck headquarters. This. I am going to number. Among the top ten moments of my life number one. Is meeting Bruce Springsteen at the drop kick Murphy's show. Several years ago outside the house of blues number 20. Would be interviewing Max Weinberg of the street and who joins us right now on the show Lomax. Well as the morning sir good here. I say I gotta tell you something I am I border on and boy isms so my sincere apologies in advance for this. Mattered overall afflicted with that particularly rough. This thing I have a my salsa. Is I mean would you say I mean if you're in the bay and with the guy in the have been forever. Do you have the do you have a man crush on him and as it is it impossible. To control I mean that's how I would next. Well you gotta understand I'm always in the back so you don't view that I've seen. Look hard not. Crush. I of course. Well for us you know it's been sort. He's. Either. That. Particular position. That's it get sort of just a little better as always it's always an exciting. Basically its its sort of alcohol certainly sort of oh. Platform Goosen also. Played the way I want to play the problems yeah which is why the continue to play drums. I mean there's not thing. That. Quite frankly arouses me more than badlands and and and here and your work on that I mean I just blur Israel magnets there're so many. I mean it's just it's got to be a dream come true to be for for over forty years. To be playing in that band and it's it's got to be amazing. Ordered its the weather doesn't come true you know. Playing tough person in the late fifties and early sixties. Concerned certain ages 67 and so and so we have a place. Hope so far worse he does in the eastern. I. To be able to play longer term. Completely usual that so let's stop. And that's about it the the position of trying to talk to each episode and their success. Our discipline instilled into all night. You know I don't. My dummy is not complicated it's. It's certain samples were eyewitness saying he'd consumed so loaded. I generally get to these second place. Fortunately for me with the Clinton says Bruce Benson wanted to hear. I how do you think Bruce keeps going. I don't think musicians I think you just keep. As long as you wrote in Georgia in play lose credibility. These you know who were as far as I can tell we hasn't made any concessions being on the road. That's hard a hole that you also compared to solve the people who are playing after over youngsters. So I think you just keep going. You know. Also you've been reduced sort of you know it's like I keep playing that's important for these thoughts then seed order and and we don't play east that is I let you keep playing. And this is different so that's what needs now slowly received because at all. Audience requests sixties and seventies songs. They just caught. In real time he played them and yeah I didn't keep my job and shut. Actually. Good society that particular wooden toy is he better get out there are concepts. You know Padilla. It can be as specific guidance all that in a place to stay you know. Yeah it's thoughts on can be. That this thing is best to keep your percentage heart all the time client. That's his blog you can keep debt. What do you close earlier question what so that he too. Don't you do that played with heart. That you can do and so you can't do anymore. We're talking with a Max Weinberg. Of the east street and who'll be at city winery in Boston on Sunday August 26 and LB has a question. They're maxis LB Gary and I just wanna I wanna ask what. What was that like the first time you met. The boss how to decode down. Well it was. Losers here I was China's detention center. And I would is that playing the big issue cold God's goal. I was going to college. I was putting at home with my parents. And I think it's they didn't know. I heard locally which is a little slower response she has to. Kwon do it hurts. I was playing very close Beijing and you know play a lot of clubs. Just ordinary all the time. And he put he's the veteran and the source Fortis which was let blossoms it's. This people remember that the newspaper. It's excellent news. And it's musicians and let there and there are certain wanted Hummer. Bill junior ginger Baker's. Does yeah ginger baker was a classic incredible. Success over kind. This was kind of you know we wanted to but since she's junior. Ginger baker. It also is planning all sorts Giant Eagle and accompanist. That's something that succeeds from consumers went yeah that's sort of some more engaging and easy at a it's source so well. You know addition firsthand what really attracted me was and so are Columbia record so. Do you resolve that and I was here. And that should get that in fact that to them without tomorrow so welcome and mental notes ask. Us. It was it was an amazing experience because I think this little slow to source. Moment we play into the rehearsals. Or. Introduced himself that Democrats would then Clarence. I don't consider reducing gas and power. And we got right to play and this is where literally within the source told executives. I think this goes to two point special and it was not only was he was doing it was later Clarence standing Jerry. Or so little user focused on what he was going. And that's our hearts game. So I have experience. Woods has been key to what he was doing so. It was a special. Max several techsters want me ask you if you're signed is still playing with slip knot. Yeah. Serbs on SARS. Bringing the battle numbers here and the second you know the roads. Legitimacy slipped not. And these are hard to get there. Listen testing doesn't a couple of since. And studio well. So yeah it is. Yeah record ever covered AS Springsteen song. I. It would be easier percent to cover Sprint's saw them with people just play the sport spots are. Basement. Great eyesight isn't okay himself completely. Division it would. Fifteen resulting decides to play. Then the drones wouldn't I want dubious connection well or had a little bit so. The schedule and cost slipped between. These two accord cannot. Do. Cycle. This could open the ideas are higher and so are content that is kind of that double it sort of being replaced structure in place is. Yeah. It was actually I'll have been an incredible job and resilient they seem. Well when I met Bruce. He showed up to play badlands. Whiz drop kick Murphy's I don't know. If you've ever seen that. We're very. You there OK you're there it was a it was a it was I was. Also blew my sock yeah oh wait that he and then you know we went to let. Guess it was still. That that is well. And did you do that ultimately that's original and just sort of sort. Let customers incredible. Couples singles groups. While and one of his son's favorite groups which at its originally introduced. I believe that's true yeah. Is there there has to be and you're probably I can say there has to be ace on. That you and maybe the rest of the street and is absolutely sick of playing. I thought I want and all that hungry hearts or what what is this what is the side these guys are just when when when Bruce says 1234. And here you gotta be sick of one of those on. Well certainly that's the importance. Towards you know order assault sentence little. Most of them I would have little trucks pickups not done that without them. So yeah Harlem's what he's got now. Serena happened I didn't know what hardcore. And you have to use your intuition sometimes. And that is. You. That wrestlers and a pleasure to gain power of politics he jumped in just about to go now and you don't know what he's gonna go into. You know he got actually something. That's where there were so we sent to just hit a symbol of mobile. You know other it's a Serb disingenuous. At its. Outlook. Here that it was it was all or forty years so it. As the hardest and didn't again and again to get is great source. You know. There's no Turkey's are all incredible play at the old now we've got. UD UK KGB solid so. Well. It is daddy you know. There really joy to play they're not being disingenuous but currently that really work. It comes across the let people there are a little sort of low dose web application when it sort can't be sure. And you know as far as that's wrong and does not. Let that he's. And usually there's this do all of recognition from the audience. And the only thing that split second. In my mind it's. Max Weinberg of the eastern that's. The second because not one place. Oh we're playing the more you're out there they're conservatives are well it. That's what we're saying there. You know with a Bruce Springsteen song. You know you have sure so. Never listen and then you get tired of playing their. You know I would ask played awesome he. Every time can we come from a place where. Is maybe a thousand times we Lleyton but it may be a source car. And then this this sort of in those loose inside. It were playing it for this person has ever heard before. And if you embrace that colossus he doesn't get tired it's absolutely yeah. I don't wanna send you know we're happy but it so it's a privilege to be doing that. Second question earlier gave the city wineries are going to be playing a lot of requests. Just assume Greg is going to be their right of course going to be the critical yes yes and I'm just gonna run some songs some Greg's they've sort of all yes all frequently said sixties and seventies on the run by some songs by U Briggs favorites is significant playing us Shannon by Henry gross. Yeah I. Can't get fired without sanction and I don't play a certain group where it goes well actually about. What about the horse with no name. Why America. The granite airplane that's clearly. You know it's funny because. Israel over. Even if I have played assault. Good resources are like horse with and actually I have let it play additional. It's hard to tell our as Chandler her songs sell items and you know sitting here quickly get in gear and it ends you can secure the waves sure fortunately. It's just so close was. He won't come and we can look forward New Jersey where he has to its success I was an order to solve. That was on the radio if you didn't know it indeed just be able to hate you always school. And that we can get away with that sort forty try to use it as well a we just continued. Well it's great having any wrestler. You know of hope of course what sarbanes fortunately it Serbia which are lower adult averages are. Our souls will have equal to those who do you know it's so. He'll he'll know me at the show because I'll be staring. A hole in time. Well it is that the city winery in Boston and it's on Sunday August 26. And he get tickets to see Max Weinberg jukebox. On any go to city winery dot com slash Boston. That city winery dot com slash Boston and do you put Bruce songs when he's not there yeah OK yeah. I can't wait Max and we saw. Well at. That's just save ordered guards we play. That says we have a whole lot of video screen of of us are just salt and people can't really pick songs. And if this doesn't. And that sort of Oakland. That the result of this site and yes and you get into that place. Get real close. Just told them we play them the door this shows arts center. Sentence of Saddam solo shot and I do well because you don't really know what is it someone cold of course was known name don't own now that is. I may use this way. I'd Max it's been an honor having on we'll see on the twenties I don't on the 26 all right man. What is there sitting Reuters senate solo erupt for arson in the fire incentives are you know one of the greatest. Thing we played. When we play second sample I think that was reached terms of a lifetime so I wanna thank everybody for. Supports some sort of user with these you want to use the great. I believe there I believe the review of Bruce's show in Cambridge was the one that that really set them on. On the track for success. Just playing all those places as well what about that he would let the present our political groups does the sentence. So that is also typical course of musical. And doctor Java open to listen. And you know I can carry that George Harrison street band and I serve or. That are broad by the way all this. New platform into a big fat chocolate. We'll see on the 26 right. Are. I don't think that is Max Weinberg were gonna get a room and will be right back. I feel by the mid state auto group and it is going to be cloudy for most of that may be some time out this afternoon temperature in the eighties if you are buying a car at mid state auto group and imagine how great it would be. To work there ray is hiring tax to work at his state of the art facility in Auburn great benefits and pay go CIA admitted state auto group. In Auburn today. It's a pretty good idea from Dexter who says on Friday's. We should do LB's. Past moments of the week. And he would like he or she would like the I introduce introducing yourself to Macs and amber after being introduced. Moment on there. But we could you be so so it was a bad. Week with them. So it's bad for me. To let him. So I I understand you introduced me had a nice zombie rallies he has not who I am bright as ever heard my voice before right. Sawyer says hey it's LB. Usually knows Mike Miller's neck this way after the introduction. Like you wouldn't make sense for Greg to say. Maxis is now being and for shooting ass that you know you know it's really you know it's funny is that everyone accuses me of our youth thing yes. And these taxes are starting their argument is and now only known all. It is RTY grilling me OK I'm explaining sometimes on tiger has no clue why am and that's why Greg introduced you demand a 00 and wanted to win you some undecideds tend not someone introduces you yeah someone I don't reintroduce myself. You know we do let him get introduced to someone you for your handout shake their hands saying nice to I'm Melanie mail to me if Greg says this is my coworker Ding Elmer. Did one of his rose or something yeah yeah I'm not gonna say they're pretty dang experience and I'm not getting socked here and unless you spot. You don't you should do chaos than ours and you should say. I allow myself. To introduce us. My myself. You guys are just an amazing how you guys just lose. Any kind of memory. You introduce yourself to people all day every day. And did not know and I have somebody backing us into Atlanta and Atlanta wherever you are opposite. And anxiety where maybe we will do the best moment to ask you remember who I am now of course you and I introduced myself is it. I'm not twice yeah. All. Eight and I didn't I didn't get to say during the interview you don't want their bank from his son is amazing. And one of the greatest concerts and I remember being in tune I mean outside of yes. Is. Mud being slow start and Lincoln Park. Opens on its science or good show Arnold on union and it he was the drummer them is that it's just gotten paid ansari in pleasant night it was a good show Lazazzera and I was pretty sure German after guys its past years care well. While not mindless and slip not legit then you wanna go to have burner check you know. Good good stuff all right it is 944. And since. I didn't want to mention. Because you guys. Believe. In that aliens. And the UFO's. That a Discovery. Channel treasure and our treasure hunter. Has announced today. That he believes. He has found. And under water spaceship. Crash site excuse me yes I'm listening. So. He found he's one of these guys who goes around and does treasure hunting is very successful and ands. He believes that what he is found is not a ship Brack but he space space ship wreck. Now not out of the realm of possibility that you are fresh video released an anomaly yeah. Yeah I'm probably eternally and at the wrong airport and that's not code they have blown off course. I don't know. Why isn't the ocean floor littered. With the with spaceships that of crab cakes topped our. Community is that it is maybe some government got to a before we did and took their technology all right I know I'm I think you're being naive. The most of the planet. Is inhabited by water. And the oceans and the water or do you preparing our technology can get right into your James Cameron right. Well he's got the the so I think it's only a matter of time this is Warren there'll be you know. Get ready for people does he describe what we're only what makes them think it's a spaceship. There yeah or else there's a spaceship on the side of the cliff. Is there's out immediately ensued if they currents got to seek bias. As the construct of though it has like gigantic. I'm assuming its wings or something like that this study says do not look like there's nothing that should be on a ship. They quality US so an unidentified submerged object they say it's a large a true vision. Was discovered near the Bermuda Triangle. The inclusion rule rank live in the aliens can't navigate the Bermuda race. The intrusion attempts Greg Hill here. Even the aliens I'm traffic ticket could content at negate the Bermuda Triangle I'm analysts say the ball scooted back out there it's. Did treat refers to horizontal cylinder structures emerging out of that he sort of homes realty horizontal structures extended to a link them up to 300 feet. About a football field share and won an individual says this is unlike anything I've ever seen related to ship wreck material was wait too big for. I I know exactly what pisses yes. You've just described. NCC seventeen no one aide possibly. Starship Enterprise couple hundred kids got a big gun back in time on several occasions. City on the edge of forever the prime example. This is probably if they were trying to back to warn us about something. This is amazing. The cone heads away and in the ocean. According to stacks there a believes no club this is Eric with a obscure reference on the Framingham Ford studio line hello Eric. You do it sir Isaac audit she was coming on LP introduction. And second Tom did you first eight are men and I don't armed. I'll say it's pretty Smart because when you meet somebody. You'd if you can say your name twice to them they remember who you Lar I sell. To be honest a great lesson in business. And my father taught us. Is that a lot of times people are nervous about introducing themselves. And their they're there they pay more attention terror making share their handshakes and he had an campaign posture yes and then they don't remember the guys and in my dad told me said listen. Look to pursue in the when you shake their hand to introduce yourself and you'll always remember the name and the reason I want. So it's a habit. As I hate Lyndon. I never use wind and right if I'm watching in the hallway at work in Summers says hey Lyndon I'm going into a round because I'd been LB since I was like. Nine years Ole what do somebody says Heatley and the one note I started. I think everybody in the air flow on. I don't think governor nor are you gonna go with Wendy now it's zero for perera Virginia horrify. Ask hello Jeff. Are a load it last year. Station under the water movie yes yet there. Oh yeah that's great wrong I saw that don't know me yet axle moving. Really into alien movies. Not my thing that's just a friend intrigue crime yeah. And I like drama I like when somebody meets their soul mate. Alameda did you still and she's too young because he would them Greta blade runners like troop time and you mix of sun may be she's a robot. Hello this is rich. Hello everyone my favorite bridge I got a lot where they might need to address. At the bag there elaborate on the television. Now that the correct. But the public. In live album being named somebody with two names. And on I realized I didn't get caught. What's up well yes. Obama I don't because they're in period the way I think there'd be applicable and he's a part they're saying what I correctly saying their computer a computer at all. Oh why could not be okay on the Reno or a secret operative watering maybe it got lost in. The water to create a lot of it could be. I could have acted currencies that currency and the fact that this guy is a Discovery. Channel. Gives it some legitimacy. In people's minds what. LB and survivors is in plants. Driver shows although she knows. Produced iron. You know OK this is a great blocked all all the cable shows that are. Rome put together. As a guarantee of coverage does some pretty. I picked him making I mean this guy is it he's. Treasure hunter your. Partner there'll meet closest to me gloves. Just speaking fees hidden in this is addressed Democrats are. As far as I. You can count use. Should come. Back I should look into the hospital and you try to fill. That's correct price right there. And they haven't aged a decade right you don't hear much mention. Of the Bermuda Triangle anymore I don't know of if ships and boats still disappear into an honor it's. That's because the government controls the news is noted spousal it was a stuffed this spring their everyday because they want to know that. Through Hillary's emails one. Good one that's where bill wishes Hillary ball out of there. That's. Our budget clues. The Bermuda that's. Yeah ha got injured that they go one way trip to the Bermuda which well. If you limited him. On the you. I'm notice that you end and spent an awful lot of the other. Platonic only. See this is John hello John. Today morning off without let you know that they're great because there. They've done that you our premiums. And that technology that they're able to do it all radar and they're just got relish it rectum. Eighteen hundred's gain back even longer ago. I think tiger have a great just reject democratic. OK not to mention that you know this this back comes up frequently but. When it comes to the ocean GAAP. That's the area that we know least about right and with regard to what's under there from a personal creature into the shortstop Mike we don't know. I think they always say we only know third. What two well holes in the ocean which is one reason why you don't wanna go out Tuesday. And also if you Wear glasses you know about it but a but we don't know like a third of the creatures that are down under there aren't sorry to there it's and we're never gonna know it's so so I. I you know like I totally believe in Loch Ness Monster. Linux yeah it's easier or more courses this late in the world in Scotland who wouldn't believe. Some Prius story. Fish and will survive. Those are the real honestly the the two biggest mysteries in the world. What is contained deep with a in the ocean and we hear is the treasure on oak island. Doesn't really there to. Does that you're just you know. Man citizen detail that they had eight kids again those two big ones though are right Lothian is there anything this morning and you can hear it. As a part of the full show podcast which can download at WA AF dot com any time. Any day and he can get any hour from any show. As a part of the full show podcast at WA AF dot com. Up next thousand dollar Holler code words that he could win a thousand dollars cash and then. The WA AF thwart Dave blitz we'll be commercial free for over one hour and won't be back tomorrow morning. Working yet another Friday in the summer that may will be back tomorrow morning at six thanks for listening.