HMMS Hour 4 - A lot Of Meat And A Lot of Beer 9-12-18

Wednesday, September 12th

This hour we continue to Ask an Attorney with Larry Army Jr,  we decide it’s not yet time to go full spoilers with Ozark, and one of the Bachelors from the reality show found herself behind bars!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Final hour of the show today we are in the middle. Ask an attorney with our weekly guest Larry the lawyer of course he's not officially representing you he is just offering his legal opinion. And he can text or you can call. Text line is 97107. Here's attacks which reads I have a corporate Amex. I submit my expenses on time the boss took too long to prove now the payment is late. If this shows up on my credit report. Can I blame it on the box and the company that too late I mean you can blame it on the blocks in your company but it shows up and you currently backed again yeah. I mean you can't really there. Should you seek if you if there's something on a credit report something that's affecting your credit. And you don't believe it's act accurate. Would that be something you would get legal advice on there's a lot of good. Greg and that's that's and actually questioned so. The way to that works is if there's a dispute credit dispute you have the ability to send a letter to Alter credit the rod bureaus. They have a very specific period of time they had to get back you on which almost none of them do what if they miss that deadline they are required by law to take that derogatory option credit. There's not a tunnel lawyers to do this but there are a whole bunch of little shops that do credit repair. I don't know how many of legit so I'm not give them you know an aim of mild but I know that there are people that do that are successful. Here's attacks were talking about speeding earlier. And this text or wants to know if it is ever permissible to speed. His. His brother was driving and injured co worker to the hospital. And got pulled over for speeding. Wants to know is theoretically they could get out of that ticket because it was an emergency. I mean they're not a an emergency responder about it but is there you that you are allowed to go over the speed limit on certain occasions or for safety issue here for example if if you don't go quickly to an electric and hit a person in the right you know that's had an example it's an extreme example yeah but it's an example when you could speed. If somebody is taking summary of the hospital and it's a grave situation. I would argue that you know life or death and and those elements from the speed elements. I'm surprised that the clock. Who pulled you over gave you a ticket and which leads me to believe that maybe this wasn't such a huge emergency move look at for. Do you take on another person's debt. When you marry them. This is a question from any buyers. I yeah. OK I don't do do do you know this person wants now they're obviously getting married do they take on somebody's debt when they married him. So if you are marrying somebody has tremendous amount of debt you might wanna just put the brakes on a little bit. And that's I would say the the short answer is no you're not responsible for any birdies yet premarital that. That the longer answer though is that if you do get married in this person is summed it has a problem with that. Any debt is used during the course of the marriage for the purpose of the marriage could be conceivably. Allocated to responsibility for use the pre marital debt your far. Right during a break up is in ninth emanate taxed why is it. That deep fault custody always goes to the mother because you hired the wrong person. That is not what happens anymore. What happens now is in the it is actually legislation pending for a long time in Massachusetts that would start with a presumption of joint physical custody. And that's right that's what we advocate all the time you know assuming somebody's capable of doing it's not is not as easy to think. You know I tell people when you go to achieve that custody that you wanted to just make sure you're prepared to handle. I sold here's attacks are sold land. To my town conservation department. On the premise that it wouldn't be developed. They in turn sold it. And it is being developed. Any recourse yet I mean that was really what you wanted to do your yanks and you an attorney is no they're doing them turning. Should have been a deed restriction. You put a restriction and indeed that's it that is something for him play. I'm gonna sell the town on this but it has to be kept as open space that's legal you can do that and as binding. Sounds like that he did not at that age at which time they only they can do. Do like I guess so my house in the forum papers that calls time. Do I need a lawyer. For eight pre nup or can we do with ourselves. Cleanups at something you really should not to yourself especially if you're doing a premium price and you have money to protect their assets. One of the things they look at an arena is is it fair was it full disclosure but you know we do printer for example onto one right now some has tremendous network. We requiring the exposed to get an attorney so that they can never viewed by an attorney in this you know we're taking away The Who has. Money the bride the groom groom like you. Guys it is picking you up and I thought it. And what is the oddest thing you've ever seen in pre nup covered in a pre nup. Like do they cover amount of times that the couple must make love or things like that. But I think what I had. Seen in a pre nup that's you know privacy mildly odd that makes sense and a Christmas I've seen it we created this language in putting in a pre. When Arabs and the woman that didn't have via the money we put any morals clause. Basically saying that if the husband cheated on her. And that it was invalid. He can't say to somebody in my opinion hey we're gonna have this long happy marriage but that doesn't work I'm gonna take your hat and they go out and have affairs. I mean that's not really equal right yeah so that would be one of those situations I think that. Would be an odd thing and does not typically standard they still together. They are still. Oh that's good. Is a lot of money about a threat at this table. Not this is. Carroll on asked an attorney with Larry lawyer what's up Carol. Hi everybody. I'm kind because it has stuff in storage for about a year. And earlier this year fell behind on the payments that they were gonna put it up for auction. They said he paid off you know it won't be put up an option and it paid it off. And I put another lock on it but now I'm I'm noticing. Things they're missing out. Well I don't watch it anybody yet until I go to the whole thing. But it with a chance I would in castle 18100 tools. And a painting that my uncle Dave from the 1940. So once I go to that direction and that there what should my first that these. So he indicated that you put into lock on to the storage facility cut Euro bloc off the I mean. I'm not sure that's OK you know obviously people can't steal them. And if you had a tendency in the paint Iran we caught up the pain that you that stuff. In your room. As a matter that I do these auctions as we on the television show you can't even break the invisible CEO of the year I think when all because. I lock shock. And apparently cut I was behind you know to prevent me from going in and out of it with tactic hate black you know I hated hopefully be auctioned. And put another lock of mine on but now I I know what I have people move to stop it that extracted that paid me what upfront. As the plot I don't know who took. That he's probably gonna that is proving who took it. But I'll tell you this most storage facilities have videos everywhere yeah has of these places. You know I mean outgoing sooner than later and then you know maybe sent a letter to the to the storage facility asking for the tapes. It is 914. And this is asking attorney got a few more minutes before Larry lawyer has their head out. Of course the fight disputing it is speeding ticket not for himself but for client. Here is. Tax which as I recently got into a car accident. And the police officer wanted to see my phone to see if I was texting them. Is he legally allowed to do that. On the Warren. Now without a war you have the right to remain silent uh huh okay and not incriminate yourself so I mean if it if you're texting and driving that is potentially criminal. Negligent operation of the motor vehicle for example would be something you can be charged with you texting and driving. News is the woman I think recently was convicted for manslaughter for text. Not not something you have to look at my daughter's college roommate. Was caught videotaping her last year. How creepy yet this is like single a female you know she admitted to having a problem. And that she videotaped their room. 24. Hours a day from her laptop and without my daughter know. But college offered us 15100. Dollars as a payment. Because they didn't have it empty room for her to move to. We're concerned about the videos and where they may end up the college has done nothing to the roommate and she is back this year. Of course he gets when they hired the other at a college Rajai Davis it and so what what's the read. Courtney looked out say this in my experience you do. Colleges and universities they do not want any crime statistics. On those colleges so. Had a meeting up with the dean or the principal or whoever that whoever's in charge of this today and say look this is not acceptable this is a violation of our privacy. This was this was. A violation of lock quite frankly yeah if there was video and audio without you knowing about it in your own personal space shiver right to privacy. Not let it known that they don't handle this you're gonna go to the police and filed charges that's not gonna sit well. By the way tax I sold my house three months ago. And last night. We got a phone call. Betty pipe that burst and the buyers are going to sue us will we be liable for the and so you you know oh yeah new clothes on house. And that he gets recorded. The purchases sales agreement goes away all of the rights obligations and to have that goes with the doctrine of merger in this thick right and so the only thing they can serve you on the ceiling excuse me is that things ago with the those types of things now. The one exception is is it this was a pipe the union was a terrible pipe and you put you know masking tape on and hoping they would find it. You might have some issues there that doesn't sound like every human inspect the inspection inspect area LB in my associate made a great point right yes yes my Canadian association says you're welcome. All right 917. And here's a question for ask an attorney there's a guy from town who runs a web site. That he's used to post a absurd things. On true fake news about people in town. He is now posted false things about me and has used my picture in these posts do I have any legal options to make him leave me. Alone will the still independent who's doing the. Check out there you'd pick the name of this though and it did in game like that and any. They saved the guy who runs this town website thing or whatever it is anonymously. But everybody knows it's he has good luck with that it's so hard to find out who's running these things today it's nearly impossible. Number one and number two if it's really that outrageous then. As you say in his chance that it's not believable credible because it's outrageous that does not actionable. If it's up in the he's saying you know you've committed a crime a year unethical cheating spouse like that. Now you've probably had the right to laughter libel slander and this is. Joseph hello Joseph. What's up Joseph. Get a divorce. And I don't have assets are a lot of money. I'm just trying to I'm stuck trying to figure lie actually would need an attorney when that it vehicles state can make you pay anyway. Nokia's. To put that story. Our experience. You look physical. All right I mean look it's this going to be a child support question. I. Dad but what do you bank and it was I'm saying is that we enjoyed his custody they'll run the guidelines the traditional sense of the word. He might wanna have summaries make you not overpaying. Number one. Number two there is issues in terms of college and future things that you wanna talk about there's holidays in those kinds of things. Look at the end of the day do you need an attorney to get divorced now you don't but the people that hire attorneys always are the ones that go to the cocktail parties say. Had a great attorney and the ones that didn't happen attorneys say I got suckered here's a great one finally tax. I recently did a house clean out for a bank. Owned property and found rare points. Am I the owner. Of those rare coins now. Or did it belonged to the Mac so it that they encourage you to clean up the entire property and throat all the ways John that you won't. Even the career points even the operator called the Spanish. Italian guys that it's just a story somewhere about it. Somebody that found a whole bunch of Roman points. In of an injury that's. No. Well. It's like yeah. You guys do all this that's been on the part of your whole bunch of Rome accords they wish. What do you think I'm like LB do my homework it's it's that it all you do is keep your nose and affluent and infrastructure wrap. Found hundreds of three year old Roman coins in the basement an old theaters Como area it is that he in Italy yeah. Was George Clooney and Holler programs like coma in there but the cleaners we've heard they just discovered I think they're doing them in the ancient now they're gonna get a bag a cash apps it's there bag of cash. I'd this is an idea run Larry almost done this is Kevin Love Kevin. Oh lord what's on Kevin you're gonna ask an attorney later in the lawyer. I don't mean in my cellphone reflecting the pieces of artwork shark. And being a good solid riveted every now and then it goes down and single Olympics anything got a hard floor written what you don't. So did you go to the doctor. Now that's the first thing. Guys like that you didn't do right is that you had somebody who had electrical experience look at that phone that they conceded that cause of your finger numbness is as a result of the shock them on. Guess I don't know to what kind of phone was at its. A little bit felt all right it's it's no I don't save this state the obvious. Though it is an apple areas who are. Yeah apple okay. You know a lot of cash I didn't look at you had spent a lot of cash and a million. So if it's something like that happens. The thing you need to do was go to the doctor first I mean look if you're gonna save you got hurt my to have proof that you got hurt OK if you don't walk around say hey I got hurt myself or my finger goes numb integrity has spent this week for months you have gone to a doctor. Your credibility is that. No minus ten oak and I hit and guys at me is now or is actor also get the doctor immediately after the tiger what's going on let's see if it's actually sent in the can be attributed to the type of injury the east say you have yeah. As you know might be hurt the shoulder issue from lifting weights or opening your card or and his under reasons your finger could be thing if you approve it. You get a bag of Spanish to blooms yeah. Geithner balloon that balloon. It's whatever you know we have is an arm a minimum. Is that like three grander 1500 dollars in morning 500 bucks a medical bills two point nine and I'm sure you know today LB is attempted multiple. Products manufacturer a lawsuits police becomes your apps or is that tepid at about eighty times. Well no you know be you know be a perfect way to end this morning Greg yes taking care of the young lads ticket. Now having to take care of the moms ticket guys be getting a ticket on the well there. Certainly gonna have to try and threaten and let you go so that thank you everybody great job benefits and it was in actually see you next week all right army and Roche dot com army and Roche dot com right that's Larry lawyer. Army and Roche dot com ask an attorney it is 922. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. And now though beat. This is certainly by far the largest whale that we've had here in extremely with a WAF. Sportsman. They've tried to buy New England paralyzed experts doctor Matthew prestige doctor Robert Levin volume do. The change that situation is called 1800. Get here Sox win or loss of first plane hit driver there right. Gat to magical season for the Red Sox and Brock Cole whose money we can always shows up. And gets the job done Sox went 72 over the jays. In the first three vs Toronto eighteen to go. They're by you have a scorecard that is win number nine nanny gate 46 losses. They will win their division Chris Hill. Had two k's in one inning of work last night does pitch count got up he was forced to work two maybe three. Due to the shoulder inflammation so good news for cereal he zone countries together down for a playoff run David Price goes for. The century mark vs Sanchez tonight. 705 B three you know Jason Jason he's he he crushes Toronto all day every gave him before he got through. To the Red Sox. Some ridiculous number like at 23 in three years you know don't quote me on that but. It's gonna be a dog never dill and now it's gonna be a WW. Column. And getting out of ten years god tenure b.'s bad bad back planner. Bruin Adam aquarium which created to be Rangers. Fourteen and Steven hamper. Bag and be fourth and seventh round draft pick in the 12019 graph GM Don. Very difficult day for me personally and for the organization as well we wanna thank Adam did a tremendous broke. A tremendous teammate. There's a lot thrown into it I was airliner step of the way and as I said it was difficult decision to him because of what he's meant when possible and don't always mean for the ocean. Yeah and I echo that. These have a split squad training camp tilts bees that eats the flames in China. Saturday and Wednesday. And in between those two games the other. The other team's gonna play Al Washington back to back Saturday Sunday. Steve camper Michigan native shoots righty. He's a dean man 166. Games tangles sixteen helpers. Nice 511195. And he's kind of a skills gap so he was plus fifteen would diss. Back in 2011. Also while swimming sign leaves the step may act wily veteran Dan when it. To buy two tickets that they actors I've been abroad before when it at some schools point three points with many last year. Some wish him good luck and did two crates cannot go to China accused he's got these issues I know that well. Bob Dole don't check preloaded on more receivers outing. Cleveland 20161. Rounder Corey Coleman. Bennie Fowler comes from Denver he's four year veteran and they join the best organization in the NFL may also have a running back from the bears fans and Varner I think this is meant patriots act jag Sunday for a five. Corner John Ramsey Garrity popped off foreign crises just do you have Bob to one of the best. Gore's movie Cosby's Jim wolf. Obviously be upset by it to her came Warner. Now Lorillard solve former us how much that Florida would Monday's my Florida wasn't god knows I'm there. And it's also a delicious cookie like the dollars yeah that the united beats Zito Wake Forest tomorrow. It's not a 730 till they moved it down to 8530 kickoff. And I'm sure how this will be how much cancellations. Gets UF CU NC's Don east Carolina. We're Genentech has been postponed Ohio Virginia will now played down in Nashville at Vanderbilt. We got a forecast for Bentley Merrimack bowl and a homecoming on Saturday LB you can ask you wept at. The epic. They have a beautiful IV I don't know if it's gonna be tremendously. Flattered. Harris must be nice iris 170 and I think it might be tremendously something's it's tremendously big. Tremendously wet. Yes I know what it's been tremendously funny if it is yeah I invading army and I'm mr. detailed in our earlier. I entering some resiliency. It's I think I mentioned this is David. Merrimack football allies that believes moving up to the one difference though not shoot they'll be too many more games between Bentley and and men men and Merrimack LoJack. Americans are sick so small like you. And no dictatorship in this system beginning. I'll also say that I have been looking Hill Man Morning Show since the beginning gloves actually 89 or so thank you say Larry Conley is on the money. One segment you have. I had the radio call. Is. Where it listen Larry is greats he's he's on he knows he's talking about. But also the questions are are mean people have these things swirling around in their head just one point past them and and and there'd they're great questions. All right thank you very much it is 928 on tomorrow's show. Still 50 at 730 and we're going to go inside the warped email brain. Seven in the tomorrow. You look. All of one opportunity. And he's he's he's everything you admiral Watson. In the moment. You won't even calculated. Boys let it slip. Always. Tom Davis what do I need to and all that ready above an artist whether already bought the tee it's edgy and nervous. Buddy tidbits and little thing called already dropped the bombs. But he keeps it would detonate what he voted down the hole probably still loud open is about what multiple pumped out. He's still connect everybody still didn't know that Madonna is what our guys over a mile. Stopping him back that we how to deal if they go on the ballot did go to the Bobby -- go back out what you love. Give out hey hey will have a but he knows what he won't go back. That's about it he's doled. Buddy don't body blow to but he still played. He don't when he goes back to the ball would I would hope that his doctor doctor Greg O'Dell about to keep that I did a gold hit a bullet holes that don't happen. How is it fair it's meant karaoke selection off not fantastic but the main reason he's being at 941. This tax there is upset because they finally finished ozark season through and I've stopped would the it was a live this well. What are your pocket Nazis I guess next week as it is is does it next week in the halftime yeah should I. Give it another minute via one more weekend left the mood of the engine and how many episodes per season and Afghanistan. There's ten to two more left that's it booed. Where you that you could say we're gonna say yeah just give a general theme. Yeah you. The roof and her dad just finished ripping the funeral home mark. Caylee for. Ships. And then. We find out where the cash is he has pretty awesome yes which is awesome yes. That was a smooth moves by mrs. Byrd yes I don't know if this damage what Wendy's completes it. And it ended we've. The gun fight as the smells were leaving church. Yes. Some people believe I'm an offer this the area so if you wanna tune out ahead yet finished. I think this is something you'd talk about in general terms. Some people have this theory. That when the bird. Is. Turning into. Mrs. now. And that gave deadly tepid at the characters are becoming somewhat similar. Which which that you look the at a little bit I Allard what what what what I've seen people t.'s online. I think I can you can and voluntarily with with that newness and you know what. I don't know if you seen yet or not but you know issues favorites and now the holes and literally there is this with regard to Liz watched it last night yeah your son that's in last night with an mrs. and mr. It's now with dangle boo was a look at what the ultimate goal line full frontal. Well probably dark at Alex added. It is to a restaurant that has. The lights in the ceiling that are Ehrlich long. DelHomme shapes with the point at the bottom up looks like a boob that's. Let's see him lithium. This is crazy period a clinic and I just go giants go ahead and talk about this theory yes that good after. This techsters theory. Is that Bruce. Never skim any money at all and it was Mardi bird all long time. That didn't think how did Bruce now it's new because he admitted to delta they rigged it five pounds right on every. Money truck outweigh and that's how we skimmed money you can have a theory that Marty also and so and that Marty was Smart use point Tom just love life. I don't know that really add up to go back and flown down. What informed and you I would have to go back and watch to see. To see if that's got to watch season one dollar and how well. Went in like some. In some sort of venom like. Office the office Smart strike's off EMI and it's a call from Bruce. He needs to come right down I think Marty was sleep this is why I went back this like numbers went up yet or whatever is going to find there. Yeah Clinton boiler room yeah aspect. I'll tell you Mason dying really. Screwed up Marty says oh the Nelson and I got since there aren't likeness appears home games at home me. They'd like that week of vacation and in general Lee shows sides and it is not gonna happen. Or what your bingeing on I'm on your vacations is not part lists. That's a couple of service that that's what is the I it is motorcycle rider in the speech would indeed it. A I totally agree on when the becoming just like mrs. now mum I don't know sort of mrs. doesn't think before she does that you know she doesn't win the Wendy's who went through the end of the Wendy in the first. Season was very reluctant. To do certain things and in this season is not reluctant at all and is going through I mean the way she treats the Donner yeah is. It is so a little bit mean that I don't like to wish treats that I UVs I haven't gone to that kind of gotten what the daughter wants Syria and now she's she's just started with the that the getting high. One of the best moments was the look of pride on Marty space when he found that would Jonah did with the money that he stole. Yes or any idea cinema I like oh my god yeah markets anticipate ha ha that's my boy and act an honorable by yes. Iron gates well anyway weird and. We rule we will wait well wait for awhile. Maybe next week or whatever will dedicate to Wednesday showed us. Some good ozark season to talk and I I'd I'd been. I can't take credit workers Julia hill. Got me on it but I am. I do recommend you watch Jack Ryan. About halfway through that and that's Amazon prime and if if he can figure out how to work the Amazon prime Micah I had to try to figure out the other night and you'll you'll really enjoy it's good. All right. Let's get oh what is your television. We're telling me that somebody from the from the bachelor got arrested or something and it's big news with women or what what is yes Amanda Stanton. No if you are familiar with her she's up on smoke show that was on the bachelor. She was a breast and Ford domestic violence in Vegas she and her boyfriend got into it they were leaving the wind. Is she dating one of the bachelor guy. I don't think most people actually every day like when they say they're getting married and stuff that they ever actually the Tristan and Ryan I think the only ones that have worked in state and others think perhaps like you are right there on nine million years ago. But anyway so she and her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs and some friends were in a bachelorette party. She had a few drinks and reportedly believes someone drugged her. As they were leaving a security guard asked the group to quiet down. That pissed her off. Yeah she then shoved her boyfriend she claimed she thought it was a playful shot of but hotel security witnessed it reported to police. They plane and arrested her. The boyfriend even said no she didn't mean Tilly push me like that putt. If ciller rest that are now she's going to be charged with. Domestic violence after the whole thing went down she posted an ends to Graham I don't know that's of them comp Lang an hour innings as an obese. I shall right there I was drugs analysts analysts have endless drugs they're refusing my train accident and I invited back if you're a little more acute director at the cut on the issue so there was no excuses. And and let's get to the news before we go and the news. Is rocked here this last hour Barney but hero finally here's a way to save time parking you spot here at any time you park. First time users can enter promo code we deal for ten dollars off spot hero. Are smarter or to also make cars for kids eating way to donate your part donating your heartbeat picked up tomorrow and a curse for kids dot com or 177. Cars sports it. Unfortunately. We have another. Dawn incidents in the news to report that's its local. And it's tragic you're kidding me now the second they interrupt what would. I feel like there's way more I don't know what it is but there's this way anymore. In animal cruelty stories in the news and would regard the dogs especially yeah what are what is going on. I don't know it's disgusting though so this guy Jeremy. Cherie 31. Is accused of killing his fiancee is five month old Golden Retriever puppy now. He brought the puppy yet to Bulger animal hospital in north bend over and sat on Saturday saying that the dogged heads and seizures and it's it's dead now. Like with human abuse. Animal abuse shows evidence of things that will often contradict a person's claim or story. And that's what happened here than vets of Bulger started examining the dog. They said that there oral large bruises on the dog's neck and shoulders one appeal less total loser if I say that the and the bruises were inconsistent with a seizure. They appeared to be the result of being beaten there are ARAMARK hand prints. Flick can't break bruises on the back of the dog's neck indicating that he probably you know rip the dog up and held by the neck. The dog's owner. Said that he was watching the dog for her and then this his fiancee. And then and she claims that he had previously smack the dog when he urinated where it shouldn't have you know that the puppy unity can do is not a dog owners are still if she's not still it is. She's not still Fiat I don't know but she reportedly told police the only reason she agreed. To. Marrying him. Is because he threatened to kill himself. She told investigators that he is serious issues with insecurity and jealousy. He reportedly told her. Right before this incident happened once we're married that's sick I have family in the mafia you can't leave me or out Killian. Don't load. What does it romantic what is wrong with people blow job. They're correct them so. So the guy who killed the dog is held where I'll fail but a Greece to execute don't allow their children as let go or 5000 dollars cash bail. Yes I would I mean inning to get the talk about that. Is that amazing now practical about it. If this guy who what are Childers light instead of the dark she be out on bail right now. Yes now it's I ridiculous. That the bill stuff it's it's breezy and a little boring or reason to it now. All right what else is in the news. Each family of actor Michael Clarke Duncan. Is now speaking out about on the road so getting in to change his will. When he was I don't know everything about this. We're all worlds or was she dating him she get hearing aids. Allegedly now that the the family of Michael Clarke Duncan says that she was excellent lying about and being gauged I think. That they worked together for a while he was in failing health for some time. And then. He died after being treated in valley hospital for a hard following a heart attack ya Abby had some health issues. So what Hewitt rush right in there with a new will like as soon as he had a heart attack you're Jewish residents like Justin and nurses out certain guys like that she. If this is like you know we've done the a lot of these stories about women and of in with. Very wealthy men world you know this happens and they shut out the family. And friends and they don't let anybody feed and LB does that woody and me yes well it is through this crowd only Thursday past Elliott. Every one and they have slam is well aware that on April 1 every year I sign a piece of business as I did MacBook. Seattle later told it's a normal house and no not during a. No 5050 from there she tried to keep everybody away from him while he was sick and then. This family claims that she took advantage of his fragile state to have his will re written. In her favor. Well. It's gonna happen lottery. And so much where it doesn't say much for her credibility. When she is bouncing off about what really happened at the White House you Narnia and right as I was are currently sterling. Practice it was a Lotta peoples are on the Celebrity Apprentice like this is councilman. 1000 or else in the news yes he had a great story out of Florida and the rest. There are edgy. And now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us who have it and it's basically criminal population it's packed struck. Still lay lakes Florida man was arrested for deliberately cutting his neighbor with a chainsaw during an argument over shrub. Didn't like hey I go to tool. But we get a property line dispute yeah okay overgrown trap a vulnerability. Initial call came in a. Police about an aggravated battery and I guess the ongoing problem was that there were shrubs growing between the property lines. One guy a told the other guy he need to cut these back when he comes over this chainsaw. So the other neighbor hugs from the shrubs and says basically over my dead body at which point neighbor number one fires upset chainsaw. That's the trouble while the victim is holding its. And I believe a slice several tendons and the man's. Armed. Was that guy wearing a dead skin mask while I'm. Now go to pre movie out right one of the best the last. He's been arrested is better. He has been around it. All right Daniel thank you Larry I. Good show everybody our first here it is that would not you but the it's nine. All it's 9:54. And tomorrow morning still five vote of 730 and we will go inside. The wart female brain at around 715 tomorrow so if you are a man and you cannot. Understand what is happening in the crazy convoluted. The mind of any woman in your life you may casting you know to explain its he'll do that tomorrow at 750. Before I go Canseco the day I promise that would do this yes I'm gonna give away another pair of tickets. For the eighth annual great New England barbecue festival to benefit the grateful foundation. That if I can't believe it's eight years I know it's unbelievable right here on us here time time flies yes a lot of meat that is a lot it's obviously because there's a lot of a lot of meet a lot of this year. Oh. If you would like to join us out watchers that mountain at the end of this month September 29 and September 30. Outdoors. Too incredible days of amazing food and great music. And as LB alluded to grade B here yeah and all kinds of activities. And the foliage and the and the fire pits and all that and call right now be the seventh collar. And you'll get a couple of tickets for the eighth annual great New England barbecue festival one choose a mountain. And if you don't win or you get your tickets now. When you go to watch you some dot com and so there are lots of these aren't bigoted by early development of the slow what she's at dot com as we go for that. Up next it's the WA AF fort Dade blitz that means. You get over an hour. Of non stop rock with out a single commercial. If you missed anything this morning you can hear it. As a part of the full show podcast which can download any time you want and listen to it any time you want at W area dot com.