HMMS Hour 4- LB Chokes On His Spit 3/13/18

Tuesday, March 13th

Actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang tells us about reaching the highest accomplishment an Asian actor can achieve and LB almost chokes to death on his spit.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only time. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and this is. Tom Tom. What's up. All right I want to double down on that yet. Your lights on. Inclement weather is a lot. Used to wearing a lakers. Need to act at light. But you avoid moving violation and dumb. More visible to everybody else. Now what about the rear windshield wipers you have the rear windshield wiper you of 1% there and do you have to have your lights on the rear windshield way. If you have it we're here you have got your wind chill like very year in a special category of Matt mental issues desperate late. Noted that most people only have a real way you like her when they're windshield article when you don't even need. A I haven't immediately slipped a rear windshield and I won't let it I don't Aqua. The about the wipers on the head like yeah yeah yeah yeah there. Have a well I. I have although I doubt we'll. Is the only candidate has wipers on the you know the little. Yeah do in the summer and I think it sort out and Ted was driving my convertible Volvo around a little. In 1980. And cared. The newest cracks me up nights like twice yesterday is people that when they get a new car. If you have a of rear wiper and they have the plastic sleeve over it down and it never take the plastic sleeve off like you know it's not a new car they didn't just roll off the lot with a and it's like well don't notice it began guest tonight. Notes lately on the tag on your baseball right you know generally was is its official gear all this is an official fairway but I can't use into the plastic bag over aggregate out of content if this British talking about the whole headlight thing in the driving stuff I have a question. How do you be. Human beings saving. Parking spots and when I say human beings I mean. Human. Standing in the middle of the parking spot vacant spot for someone who has not yet a RI guess to enact what brought up to. It's all that's a violation of international. Parking cost base lock. You are not allowed to save the space for somebody who's coming iciness frequently. Never mind like a parking garage but I see it frequently on a street like you're on boils industry there and somebody. Like has popped out and be able to run bath and save a spot for somebody who's gonna driver drive all the way around Newbury Street come back now she she asked 08. This is not an acceptable thing that's that's you're not human shields. And now in Iraq here at this is if you whoever gets there with the car first gets the spotlight US. I ask because there's a video that's gone viral this week of a woman. And her mind in Queens. Saving a spot for their dad so they're going to the Dem someplace. And it's it's over the weekend and the parking garage near the place always fills up real quick is this like markets and saffron it's really hard to find a spot. So this guy drives in need get a dash cams that are posted as dash cam video online. And he goes the pulling to a spot in this war runs out younger younger woman like maybe early twenties and stands in the spot with her arms out to decide in her hands flat out saying you can't park here so we're saving this space for my dad and I like your dad's not here get out of the way. But in the mom comes over and she's still in the whole thing and and finally the guy gives up his there was such a line of traffic behind him yeah but they made this whole big thing about how you can't park here. Okay. You're not even in a car woman. Yeah yeah. Where I don't see an old car you led to us and now it is always. Hi can withstand an aspiring. Jesus Christ. This is it caught parking spot not a woman parking slide it is. I was seeing all day I got tired I got time. That's really working yet analyst Lawrence that I really am hungry by the way that check in the video and it's ridiculous. Well com. We are going to be joined momentarily by the. Actor and comedian Jimmy O yes and you know from Silicon Valley one of my issues shows extra. Oh also in. The Wahlberg marathon movie. And was very very good and yes very very good and so. I gave you the I gave you whether one to two feet of snow by the time we're done with this today. Power outages and wind gusts may be up to fifty miles per hour off mostly. The concern is for southeastern Massachusetts. Does not there does not appear that there is going to be. Major coastal flooding like there was last week but this is our third nor'easter. And ten days and we have another one comic Motown next number against another one next week. Our next guests has written a book which is called. How to American. And Jimmy old gang is our guest on the Framingham Ford studio line this morning Jimmy. Again very excited are the exact box and one of my favorite city. Oh yeah we got patriots stayed out my first time there and I spent the month staying at the Mandarin on posts and ultimately. Is it as well great. You know out of the two marathon movies. It was it was it was close in my mind I really I don't know these stronger did you see the other Khamenei chance. I think in my contract never watch. But that pictures there was pretty good to meet like got experts Kevin Bacon and that was fantastic in that movie. May head and that whole we kind of live did so the whole. Watertown and FBI thing the follow up was extremely interesting and did you. Now you played the guy. That was carjacked. Anyway. Did you meet him at lake interact with him before playing him. Yes it was great he was so open about it and down. Yet seen me on an episode two broke girls which is literally in my first job and I would. So I guess you would have banned and he turned out to be like the nicest guy ever and that I'd love them every other day the stolen in Cambridge. Yeah and that peaked yet and act like he's an app makers it's an apple and shouted that's called Russian runner at the delivery like the best Chinese food box that. And that is so we try to hit it off with I basically play a version of and also look. Rally. And I was pregnant yes that's yes that's. It was I mean that must have been just days crystal ball. You know it is for him to get out of that car and run away like that it must have been terrified but I didn't give them credit rabbit nuts. Yet the guy at the turn out to be eaten Chinese immigrant which I am too and I'm very proud of and issue of the Chinese Democrat a turned out. To be somewhat of an American hero like elective really the rest of those guys. And you know the would've put mine out of the car I think those two bombers were trying to go to Manhattan. And do their Xbox. Yeah yeah those now speaking of being an immigrants. I recently heard you say that you have finally achieved. The holy Grail of eight. Of Asian actors acted you that you could you tell us what that is. So on an upcoming Melissa McCarthy will be I played her daughter's boyfriend affect now that doesn't sound like a huge deal may be. But what an Asian bill gets to play a white goes boyfriend. At the holy Grail of Hollywood. I. Know a I mean listen. There it then I you know have been some legendary Asian actors when it comes to the film here in the United States. Yeah but did you think about like like Jet Li never really can I mean he got it going Romeo must die. But Jack channel about the quality guy never really got the girl electric that's because loosely in the area white girl in real life that was nice. It's. What about the guy that was in the hangover movies. Job he's one of my best friends and he's that he's session its upcoming movie with me out called crazy originations. He's a wonderful man and down. It merits a very nice Asian woman in Tran and they're like my family but. I don't know if he ever got it girl in the movie. Now. You in the in the book you talk about that not only did talk about your experiences. As an immigrant please use you talk about. Some of the things comedy lies the experience. As an immigrant and and one of those ends up being racists. Hecklers which is that still is that still a thing you have to deal with the. I think it depends on which they've ever again happening in the south but outside as an eagle which happen to be a very. It's sad how apparently. And like there was audience member excellent. Like they were screaming out and word this comedian was white. How what what is going on and I have to go onstage I put it I'd tonight. The first thing I wanna what state that you just have to attract that you know and I I call them. You know a sponsor I'm like hey what side you racists mother you know. And I can I got their attention and the rest my that was fine. Let's say. And I made it BJ play everybody's COPEL fighting. Yeah I just I about race and that but I Lima. So you when you first came here you see you've looked to be sees rap city. For a cultural guidance that we first came Altidore and language yes I would. Yeah who the artist that you look to most. To guide all of our computer that they be. Now on six go what my guy with a song song. Ticket or satellite what have hers came here from Hong Kong went out thirteen. I'd I'd I'd learn English on paperback couldn't really understand the slang I didn't know like what site. Meant you know a good site I looked up and this guy you don't teach teach you that in the school books and Hong Kong. You know so I learn all the planes from BT wraps idiot like comic view right. And I didn't even know what Paula I don't know what it had been meant to alert our act. Monday and like comic view a soap soap on because that that gave me some reference to right. American culture also has become all the stereotypes I even know black people white people. It different thanks. It is and I'll call all we have the Chinese people there. You couldn't you know that you you had no idea that there was such thing is beer pong. Because if you got right in you'd you talked about how in China it's been pioneers like the national sport. Act like that and it saw the people a chance satellite Tom Brady basically. And down yeah I. I grew up playing it competitively at South Asia and I am like I was in the league's. Elect is under elect formally slight but you know I think that's like great like oh compete I almost an oven like top or something about just like week. I'd like to short of that what apple. Is that Jimmy you've got to play probably you'll week. It. Just. Like club basically they have club in palm like we have club soccer over here for kids' toys. Exactly yeah ranger play around the table two guys on one side one guy and the other and after rotator on the table over and over and over. All that's really intense yeah yeah you have done that now great to build. It. Well. Jimmy's book is called how to America and and you see you say this really an immigrants guide to disappoint. Pointing your parents because. They wanted you to be in finance and you're an actor and your comedian so are you disappointed them right. I've very much I think they're still very disappointed. But that's still periodically semi emotional career builder dot com all of us and let Jimmy you know real people tired. And. And the you're next in is life of the party is at the next thing that we will see you in other than Silicon Valley. Yes social rally comes back on in two weeks I'm very excited about it this time and down. Yet like a party comes out in May on Mother's Day that's the Melissa McCarthy will be whacked by a white girl's boyfriend though that the monumental movie all of us. But let it's Arnold several techsters wanted to point out that Don also got the Laker history Dow slid sixty handles all the -- up on that song. At that position eighty history and now. I atlases brigade having on CBOE Yang and good luck with everything and hope that someday your parents approval what you done. I'll hopefully I'll also I'll be a lockbox that didn't stand up April 6 at. I mean there aren't Yakima April 6 that left Boston. I looked it up and get publicity when he community April would love to see hopefully they'll be dominant. All right man thank you now when a work. And Gingrich ends up. LB didn't give them said though the way to work by eating keep beating given the key predictions do I mean I didn't want anybody goodness. And as it would misinterpret misinterpret what action what. Well you know. Carson was misinterpreting that classic case of people. That's the only anti resisted that and I realized its own environment and you always want to notice that I don't raise their right not I need to. Yeah I of that. I've. A target of 45 minutes you'll like it lasted. Since Alan I don't know why don't you used against him to have my you know stuff on my side just you want Obama and they're excited about it and we'll get the gist of politics I don't know if you know I'd. And finally tonight a local radio horse director makes an apology and a torn allegedly racist many after having had Chinese comedian on the Shia you believe. You can't believe your lying eyes is higher than in video rental fitness looks. Your. Veba it's a it is nine in toward the and today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by echo stored technologies. You're a data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. No the kids today. With the WAS. Sports minute. Try to by doctor Leonard doctor Matthew oppressing the masses that hair restoration if you're tired of being involved ladies did you have hair issues call 1800 get here. And he swings it drives went high deep to right senate failed let's put it well back and it is god. Over the right center field fence first why aren't that was hit very well despite the win that might have been gone anyway you. That's sad that somebody Joseph and yes the Red Sox are still playing great through the action Hector Velasquez allowed seven hits. And three runs for the Sox beat the Sox twins such moral voice of the day off today. And they play in more afternoon in Fort Myers my Bruins are coming up a home and home split with Chicago. That seems a blacking cooled down in Raleigh tonight 7 PM puck dropped. And they've won five or six or another get this team to go so no McIlroy no burden. Marshes dated day Marchand got the second star of the week. In the NHL for wolf four helpers in three games picked him up for birdie. And company and keep his season second place behind Tampa better. That he pay that 2000 dollar fine in earnings. Obviously it. I don't think march hours to mark his own line now non on the you're right he's pulling down some decent note crews are suite costs yet asked Walsh podcast bowl era in March we trust. Alex Ovechkin stashed number 600 becomes the twentieth NHL alert to it a plateau this sort of political. Now let's. Daddies go long way to go or he's probably never had 700 salt truck today. They are host the worst moral Orlando Friday. And forward Darren tight races of diving he has a torn meniscus in his me. So he is out for the rest of the season season's second behind Toronto this morning the big dance begins Thursday were drowned one play. Play until tonight ally you Brooke lender Bradford. Saint Bonaventure UCL away. Wednesday night he got NC central Texas southern Arizona State vs big news you are I guess that. On Thursday and they want Thursday show into my own spit there hello I'm. I worked out provident Carolina ends up. Yes keep your chin up. It's because in Pakistan announced. What you and one of the big dance on Friday the women's bracket came out last night no surprise. UConn is your legit number one. Mississippi State Louisville Notre Dame round up all the number one's four bodies. In their bracket round one begins Saturday saint patty's day the NFL legal tampering period design. The Broncos are one vikings free agent quarterback he's Keenan he's going to get. The area Jimmy grappled networks 47 back 27 million. Her so I would have yes these teams gonna get hooked up after 1113 for the vikings. Down the stretch last last season the dolphins are releasing dharma can sue. And the patriots tackle me so older is being courted by multiple teams. So he's gonna get paid as well hopefully the patriots beat my Mel B it's there. Sportsman it. Speaking of the celtics' injuries. I have a dome and jinx related question I don't know I was invited. To dinner this upcoming Monday with Gordon Hayward should I go home. So are not like you know with my body and bring you need to ask how I Chase Daniel has not gone out and I don't how do you think what just by bringing it up yeah. And not know a man Hillary may be always hurts. Maybe by go to the general reversed the mention of it on this mission I think. I think the only way you make that happen and it and married in and get rid of the Jenks. Is a diplomatic cable. Adjacent to the bar yes and you sit at the bar. And he sits at the table. And that's kind of not really having dinner ago no interaction with the runner and what's the point of them. Full Rio. Right tonight about the union until you know. That's get some quick news stuff coming up in just a little bit. We will play end of the show game were you paying attention so if you can answer questions about this morning's. Storm bunker program then you could win these Tbilisi hail storm. News this now they'll storm if they yeah RCL's. Hard now the news and it's brought to you by. Empire State Building make your date night and enchanted night with a visit the Empire State Building. Celebrate with dazzling lights and 360 degree city is buy tickets online at Empire State Building dot com open daily till 2 AM. But you also nice to grew up New England featuring the symmetrical all wheel drive Subaru Forester committed to keeping your loved ones safe. On snowy roads lots what's it's what makes a Subaru a Subaru. Subaru of New England dot com. A judge has ruled that the New Hampshire powerball winner that wanted to keep her identity anonymous. Hand deuce out I box the big controversy if you missed initially was that the woman had signed. The back of her powerball jackpot ticket endorsing her own signature. And then realized that her identity would have been made public in wanted to backtrack and set up a trust instead of because she every Sunday ticket with her name she couldn't changer when it would void the ticket. So a judge has ruled now in her favor that saying yes she can use they trust to act of passion tech. One how our family members that are distant that doesn't spoken to a year's able to get alone from our I don't know it's or I don't Brando woman from Alabama that finds her on FaceBook etc. it's. I like from the English one sack. I guess that's ridiculous it's a great thing yeah they are sharing your picture of the whole mature July the target on your back off these never robbers never want that. So they're report an op Ed piece indeed New York Times that mull Lonnie in new. My money trumps affairs the title of the piece dismal Lonnie and new Gilani and NATO also the New York Times is breaking the news. That men that the First Lady knew the president had affairs. Interesting piece and this is actually a point that. We touched on when we discuss the stormy Daniels story first. And I said that you know like you don't know whether or not. Donald in Maloney you have an arrangement maybe they Marty figured out okay well I think what's gonna happen I mean here's what we here's what I'm willing to put up with and here's what I'm not a thing. Quite frankly if you look at them. We know there must be in her. I mean let's put it. Regardless let's be honest so that's not at peace from Charles M blow in the New York Times goes over a few different incidents over the years that kind of paint the picture that and examples that Milan knew about how Donald wise for instance when they first met. Everything at eight party at New York Fashion Week. You wealthy telling businessmen had invited Donald. And had brought Lonnie over as a model trump happen to be there with another woman that night. Sent his date to the bathroom so he could chat up Maloney well. Smooth move. Until they go to the bathroom and partners after a thousand dollars to dignity there's sinks and displays a tremendous. Not one of them being when he went on the view in 2006 and said she does have a very nice figure. I said if Nevada where my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her the I'm and they talk about the stormy Daniels. As it pertains to the timeline of when Barron trump was conceived and born so. Mr. blows sums it up and says throughout it all lion has remained so that's their marriage. They clearly have some sort of understanding. Some emotional elasticity or financial dependency that is beyond my comprehension not wallets. Literally I mean and then when it comes to holding hands she's not suited never never wants all fans of the guy I mean let's let's turn. Already beyond my comprehension I'm like really. Really hire a model that gets to meet a billionaire. Gonna hang in there for workflow she says they're going. You're kidding lifetimes I put in fifteen years the guys. OK thanks. And look for now. Stormy Daniels is saying today that she will give the 130000. Dollars. She was paid. When it comes to hush money back if she's allowed to talk. That is correct yeah her attorney. Sent a letter and said that she will pay 130000 to present trumped by wire transfer I don't know why she would send it to end well allegedly his attorney Michael Owen right now. Well. I think I join. Every man in America. When I demand. That the gag order on stormy Daniels be lifted at W agreement should go this thick. We'll have an attacking. Order a little liar all right and there will add will be attacked. But colonial OS. AAF fab. Evelyn and coaches may look this surreal they have Zain notes didn't get it for free on your iPhone or android it's a formidable sense. It stings the most. And a good way to listen to WA AF everywhere checkout WA AF podcast. 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Just sixty seconds or less than Hill Man Morning Show will be back with more of this I mean people don't like something American over here there were. My name and heading guys here yeah. OAAIX. It can't. My name and is adding classic games can donate hair that doesn't. Mean. 1877. Cars and it is OK JER rest cars and it is 1877. Cars and it is. And donate your card today. I can't. Yeah. Now do you don't function and I'm minutes. Okay it. NASCAR didn't and it is why. It says it better cars than it is to donate your time today. Also accepting boats motorcycles RVs in real estate donations. Hi this is Jennifer good. Now back to the Hill Man Morning Show under the UK okay. Our lives winter storm coverage continues and I use the term coverage loosely. But we're here. And that means that were essential. And I need all of us except for her you know but we're here and LB's rights hold onto YouTube pays the wind gusts of wind gusts will be fifty miles per hour in some areas. It's. It looks if you look outside right now here in beautiful shape right Massachusetts it does look like a blizzard I mean the visibility is the real issues though. State put it wherever you are hopefully you did not have to go in to work today hopefully your home. And he got power and he got food there is that I don't think too many places. Are going. The open today and and subtlety can be able to go out and get food and and drink today and you're starting from this bracket yeah. Definitely I was on the door and used arch madness. Can I cancel an opportunity can do all credit but of course you never do that as far as he beat that must be some kind of turn it I guarantee you there's a backhand and handed compliment coming in some way shape or form wecht. Think it was very irresponsible of you to make the decision. To close your. Other establishments of which people I don't know you know he has some establishments he's a businessman. So that your employees would have to trek through the storm did you hear the pain in my voice during the income. A show like we literally like it was I. I saw tooth followed him out because it was like pulling TV you like. Says she's close I don't think the heavy stuff is coming down for awhile last let's open up for lunch and see what happens as an example that you're on hand behind ahead stress that's a valued at close anyway. Yeah. Wilson to get into slow anyway isn't. A lot of places close on Tuesday he defines law mean the registers still ringing notice is that those days where is your iPod was built. The battle restaurant means always those those anticipated that the bills you. I didn't really is there goes dad that I just you know look you know you can't closed because I've been on Mondays and Tuesdays are the days and all the people who work. In the industry. Have their days off usual song and a letter. And a already made the decision. Via via not bad. Off node that is. I'm an attorney to back penalties Ares I's minutes you know what actually when Albert lots open. Let's go to it and then adds kid goes in the open so some breaking news this morning. President trump has fired a secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Although he's praising him after the firing I doctor reporters outside the White House today school he said that that Tillerson was a good man. He wished him well said despite their disagreements he was a good guy. Trump is reportedly going to nominate CIA director Mike Mike Pompeo replace Tillerson. Said that Pompeo has great intellect and noted that he and Pompeo or on the same wave length. Making. You know who should be fired poll the and I'm surprised you haven't made your to a set to have brought this up this morning but the junior high. Science teacher. In Idaho yeah you don't. Who fed. A puppy. To a snapping turtle in class and he's have you seen that story yet anyway yeah this. Determine whether the poppy was alive what do you mean have we determine what are you yeah I'm in the involved in the investment not what they lose what I Italian media have has has it been determined yet what have been looking to see whether or not the puppy was opiates and weird it was preserved specimen no way this is there going to horrifying thing. They were biological specimen. But you don't need the deep down you don't feed the biological specimens. To a snapping her. That any did it after class and later this guy's been doing some weird stuff for a few years now reportedly they've had some pollute complaints about him Robert Rosalind. If his name. Still parents. Is eight parent and a child at that school. What I have learned in the last four days is disgusting it's sick it is sick I'm not going to allow. This to be swept under the rug allowing children to watch. An innocent baby puppy spill mean. Because it is being dead to an animal that is violence that is not okay. Well. Now okay especially. In junior high it's high it's right where you are now. I think that's and that's that's a gory mess here yes there of the journal try to repaired how do you. This really bad visual really horrible and I think music fitness term as one of the people that I mentioned earlier who should. Have not chosen the occupation of a teacher. And a parent are well. Fire that man I would say immediately is 945. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by echo storage technologies. Yours data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. And now it's time for a full senate seats. When you were paying attention. All right today's winner. Well received a pair of tickets go see hail storm at the strongest center on Friday may eleventh. So call now. 61793. Wine. One and two to three that's the Framingham Ford's studio line 617. 931 and one. If you can answer a question about this morning show. Then you could be our winner and it is done on outburst today hello Don. Bob Graham first how to most moderate rate that you work today you lost. All of you that whichever apartment so remote or another long now works and that's you're sure you schaeuble is now you're doing. I don't retro both go to farm break. By the way rent those dang. For our Boston burger company in Davis Square. Further over and saw mobile they are all all that matters she's burger would debate. And it. Donna what was in yells GPA. Her first semester at college. I'm live Richard Green and I didn't get up it's also insult true hero only. Happy day. Nazi in India yesterday Hillary Clinton. Blamed her election loss on men who did watts. Well I know this formula right now. He notes that sound you. It sure there are no. Particular kind of. You need that that's a good thing. You know or locked out players. Want. In India had a problem here yeah. Yeah it's you blame her election loss on. I don't know that our parents. This news and notes polonium. Great NATO and what's up neo. Flounder. And you answer either one of those two questions while you plow. I can't I'm. Lead Hillary Clinton lame men don't know when and how to vote. Yes. Yes men. Whether it's the husbands or the box. They hold their wives or their employees not to vote for her and that's why you lost a little neck. Hello Greg what's up next are living a nightmare at the where you. I'm not so right now so for art hub and how much Julia. Probably are origin before inches of on kiddies you're driving around you home with you deal I'm not buying part straight pipeline and can you see is the visibility about what's the deal is it checked up pretty bad seller. And I think probably by. I mean everything's news should be settled by tonight that. It's going to be for anybody asked the driver on this afternoon and this evening relax. It is yes and I acts. And peerless Larry redshirt reporter herb wired on. Defense. Guy. With the only people are driving I would white and silver cars until recently signed kids the kids change Blaine cargoes wires studio like once every fourteen minutes ago I don't ask me when you drive home is going to be some people with no complaints and I gotta get on the play fort night breezes al-Qaeda had a gonna get out here. I connected that they give me a question you oh do you know what they and yells GPA was her first semester college. I want to say you are yeah after death yes and it was a quarter yes those I don't know. Are these BAC last night at midnight. I. I love beer here like you have people quit smoking and quit drinking and then you know used to be Adobe partying team didn't and now you're Smart and are your act together world losers. Rendell today and until it's open from Rand go bang for the Franklin water departments. There out working LB Franklin Lotto in water on it. Commando baying for checks roast beef and behavioral there alone there are open today below Rick. I boarding group more you wreck they get yelled yes. I'm boat back on real wipers separate audit to try to watch and hope that the FY I it's mosques. WS. FY I OTW. Yes I yesterday at SXSW. Ilan mosque announced that he will be ready to send people to Mars next year. But it's likely they will all want. Yes Irish guy that well would you go to Mars if you knew you're gonna die. Who would you do it just to get away from this issue I'm it's it was a place. Edicts citizen and a lot of it was mulling. Second. Only do things going around chorus. Would you go to go to be likely mean nights and her. I mean there was terror but it's just an obvious way I handled my brain was the trailblazers. Who made their way across this country in the in the covered wagons they didn't know they will not zone room lineup trying to build on us last night. I knew each other page Davy Jones's it's gonna you know Mars hello Joseph. Yes so almost Dario how are you. Mario. Rand go to bing for dough boy donuts open open insult the right now I. And I don't know yes yes how good that great now I have doubted donut for a second one or certainly to our fans again and come back to the Jackson wanted to come back to the outside view America backed that up getting out there's a dark because the shielding us on yeah. And yet. All Kerry brought down out. Hole I said that's a sudden you walked in the room with some below that where I can have just half of one just their lunch meetings there. You I'm gonna have one month Obama to be a huge freighter in his hand. The jobs what month I don't know I just I got what they had niners in each user's account right now I think unless you encourage islands in the 00. You're gonna hold the thing up from Normandy tomorrow okay Glover. Seriously I don't. And asking for some now. Plus by the way have you ever wanna substitutes. A Dunkin donut. Glazed donut or glazed chocolate donuts for the Bonn on a cheap honesty and what you don't know I'm cheeseburger binal she's a little reluctantly. I can't do that every three closet ramps there's a Brando bang for awhile pulled DPW they're doing strong work regardless what exactly send money is gonna. Are right a jolt did I give you question yet. We're an art and an English woman. Who is worried about suffocating her breast feeding children. Is having a breast reduction what size are her views currently. I heard. You lose double. Negative non that aren't our parents native Jerry how was your drive in. It's slick what time do you believe lies at the hotel we did you downsize state local oh you wish you stayed at the hotel and Matty to know and Matty it was on an awkward it was it was kind of tough designed to go cross streets of offs. And bar phone while out and maybe have half a dozen win that's it just half a dozen quitter. That the united maybe a dozen I wonder of buses and during the storm probably aren't they weren't that I went viral and look at. Generally act in the capital analyst yeah you like imminent. Now everybody is hanging out in the lobby of the hotel there isn't are rarely have people understand that in an idea whether other media people there is the worst seven to go down into the conversation with the people select new stations I just put my hood and guys like Godzilla you know what attracted me and I really coming down. Yesterday off and sure there I LAF yeah I think EI solicit them back into the buckle that recorder could write a phone call regularly show where. Let's see Rand obeying him. People were. The whereas there is. The oh all the DP see the rent them water department is carrying their rent them highway department this morning during the storms over. Only now. Probably okay for everybody out there DVW's well will house diner and queen Z who opened during the storm. So that's good news. Rand though being for or the Mass Pike plow truck drivers gas of course. Centralized. Here's the Texas says I got. I guess that Texas says yeah that's a real nightmare being stuck in a hotel lobby would job the done. Now I don't know Johnny and it lives close to rugby channel seven buildings so she likely wouldn't be at the hotel by the way had got a DM. From Jessica ray adds yeah lovely Jessica and she will be in attendance. At the Greg Hill foundation 2000. 841 days of awesome so which is next we got us. Mean isn't it yeah it is and you're right about that yet it's yet this parade I get time for a good time for one more question and and then we had to go alone Nate. What's up what's going on. Go to work. And now Nate when mayor Walsh was on the show this morning he told us that last storm he got pizzas for City Hall from what pizzeria. I. They've been anybody get there you know GPA. Caller yes that's the point 25 was energy via a live yeah. A point. How about B and the girl from one that would be their baby. Know it's guys that are what's eyes are being its. There are 388. Eight. Yes thirty. Yeah. And there's and that's evened things in my right we got to go. You God's. Over an hour of nonstop rock for the plow guys and the heroes but heroes who are opening up their restaurants around their booze halls during the civil. So nonstop rock over an hour's worth coming up it's WA AF snow day blitz. And that's more code words code words to keep ticket mates yes yes Noonan yeah drug is yet so I punitive riches through that week so hopefully use Ullah maintain power. And hopefully keep your power and we will be listening on the treacherous ride home you guys don't mean art images. I'm going hollering and hang out and what it was. Or get in my big gigantic. Yet gas guzzling suvs and plot my way all I'm running over Prius is that Toyota's and everything on the way to get there and it's and it's my corolla to back yeah. Children you can you can surf your way ailment and I will be back tomorrow morning at six. Be safe out fire and enjoy your snow day and thank you for listening. Yeah it's basketball brackets yeah. Dan stellar that's life. If WA AF dot com slash bracket design job and make your bids on Thursday. Scores 500 bucks and bragging rights WA AF dress you. Presented by himself that's light and also brought you've revised energy. Rules that don't. Brackets. The one dollar down from ten dollars a month deal it and it fit his designed now I'm pretty sweet that's why no I don't know ten dollars a month to gain the thumbs up the most place. Yes and I just in terms of promoting it means that you're in the judgment trees out. 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