HMMS Hour 4 – Jimmy Buffet Surfing 9/14/18

Friday, September 14th

In hour 4 we review the tragic events that took place in the Merrimack Valley. Jimmy Buffet says he’s going surfing during the hurricane and we take a look at the most popular toys this year.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Today's weather is brought to buy spot hero and it's eventually going to be sunny. And the temperature is gonna be 72 for a high today and the weekend. Looks great Smart about tomorrow's going to be in the seventies and sunny and Sunday it looks like it's gonna get into the eighties are going to be inside watching those are going to. Are typically do not done a minute and you're waiting for her not a canyon canyon not doing interviews. One which is sneak it like one that you guys. Thank you concede that when you pull up the Netflix now as when I was catching back up on what I and done an Ozarks seemed to rejoin earlier in the week and I had asked former assistant producers to go into season two and find me sound bite. And when we pulled o.s are up the next time companion is like up. So I see you've watched a few. Suddenly. Got where do you and companion like to watch television is it in the bathtub is it. Unlike you I have one of those TV in my bathroom visit. The is it light. Seed in the lake on the couch paddling or yeah yeah. And in any corona and do you make companions some sort of a nice appetizer or something like that before is that down the Netflix and and chiller and hello dinner with me oh you get the full that he's Kabul is echoed in the abruptly experiences at a GM Fiat and it is not paint or are we ever gonna get any details on companion you know what he does elements through whether he's well known person in the local. If not rose set adventure no it's not a case Monroe's. So hearts are breaking left to right what we're doing that I mean I legend look at that black or anything she's lie allegedly it's not Rosa charity you know now it's not. I'm telling me that I would titans are savage has yet the boy that'd be a lot of fun show. Well I mean so you think about the broken hearts do you Wear to the broad where'd the broken hearted though you think about its. Total local part of drown your sorrows lesser so every time my parents been broken it's my turn look what you've left in your weight missed his grimy rose say avidly she's talking about a cup rappers. Yeah. Talking about bag and he tacky next I. Anyway got distracted. While those doing the weather. And I didn't get to tell you that here's a way you can save time parking. Use but hero anytime you park first time users can enter promo code wheel for ten dollars off spot hero park. Smarter. So we now know what he. Employees are they're being inducted into the toy hall of fame. Are like when they do this every is death let's what's getting in this go around what the writers agree on they've announced the twelve finalists this year. For it will be inducted later this fall twelve nominees for the finalists are. American girl dolls thoughts and prayers to those you know spent nine million dollars. And all the accessories. Tool of seeing blue route back. Chalk. The world's world's favorite. Shoots and latter's yeah Steele who. The magic eight ball all try again. I was a little one now with a lot lot of entertainment from the metro yeah oh yeah. Masters of the universe action figures not knowing who pinball. Like pinball and general like them they think that that the general Laker big game to game and yet in the game table how's that not been and there are I don't know where our power. Does fled. Let's. Sure again should have been in there now why I don't know we're talking flexible flyer or flying saucer it didn't give specifics didn't give specifics. Tic tac toe. Really game and it totally ready and. Member of the game show Tic Tac Dough don't dance and this button and I don't know but they made the Torrey where you through the being bed all right Hank and I neck called Gannett and all. It was called the might have been or is it different. Now that's what people say when they see LB locking up a through him but parents are good not good enough. Google book and only went over we tumbled. Crowds of teenagers to help them up and I don't several we're gonna need tickle me Elmo. No again should do it in there very electric football. Yeah I came almighty god you're bringing back all these memories of the one word vibrates in the gap players move around on the lives of our guest this you year it was like one of the first leg scheme. Like flake and a personal held teams thing you know what I mean like you I remembered bring in at the school. What else thing else well no. Yes you know and that means a card game as good if you wanna get into a fight with the. And yes. And finally rounding out the top twelve the Fisher Price corn Popper. That was that little thing that I have like the little white based handle in and pick it pushes it the little balls fly up and then and I don't not only added elements like toddlers little. Our yet now. A several techsters are saying. That it's horrendous. That I had never heard of he man it's not that I never heard the he man action figure thing that you mention NASA's in our. I now dubbed a world. Yeah. Masters of the universe ideas that wasn't his thing. Yeah I was a monopoly was mastering the non I was not handyman. And never Netherlands and the man not a team Ireland in what was objected to honor his ops it was. The other show was sheer. Was she part of that universe there. Right there that they rejected it so yeah branch ever ever. Alia is Texas cracked I'm thinking of police go for law not yeah. Electorate now the electorate thereabouts a full fledged football. And have batteries and operates in the primary goal managed. Those great they do and I data an idea. So that's the toy hall of fame yes and where is that located each point hollows I wanna visit. Isn't can't and new Yorker where did where is the idea is that oil and one thing is that it would it should be on the North Pole plethora boy writers are below an alternate not not a spoiler alert. Just little national wealth fame located in scenic Rochester New York well I'm a little Rochester. Rochester and there are. Let's get this. And now his intentions go from feet and 2 pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show Christmas I know you think your songs artists. Yeah me and the truth is just. Yeah did you ever do this yeah. Still this is something you think you'd see it in an eighty's sitcom that's the last time you get Atlantic that if there's a man on the news is in trouble. For taking Down's syndrome. To have nurses change his diaper. Eric a grass committed. Thirty years old as names Pullman Chaka. And Gilbert Arizona and he's got a fetish for women to treat him like a baby including things like beating him. Giving him timeouts even changing his diapers and wiping proof that he would pretend that he had Down's syndrome he hired nurses to come over and take care of them. The nurses would work out all the details via phone call and when he was on the phone them he would. Fake female voice and say he was amien pretend to be his own mother. Now the nurses never lasted too long on the job because of his weird action and I got busted because they got together for a third nurse thought it was he was. A little suspicious because he would complain about them not cleaning improperly in a certain area so she tracked down his real parents. They confirmed their son was not in fact affected with Down syndrome and did not need diapers. So he was arrested Tuesday on four felony counts of sex abuse and. Grade the third Pena and yes there have been others rose. It is 914. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies you'd data center solutions provider for more information you can go. 20 echo stored dot com. And now they'll be OK I got a hockey record with that I stayed up and things have to. Head with a W. AS sports victory movie guy there sportsman's right by new England's loss experts doctor Matthew prestige and doctor Robert Leonard. If you're tired of being involved lays you have any manners should call 1800. Get there. In gross adding lipstick very. You know swing Anaheim pop fly to shallow right field near the line. Martinez is there coming in jet. 101. Victory giving the Red Sox beat Toronto forward afraid revisiting their magic number to six they clinched the ladies. That's Arianna made. Joseph made the call you rod was laser show to start Joseph Kelly. Got lit up a little bit me but the boys get the win next tilts are. Three vs the Mets at Fenway. Then they're off to the knobs in Brooklyn slash the Bronx okay so I was wrong for sports it's 52 minutes. Flown from. Brooklyn to the line so in my about Sox faced New York's north San Diego 75 NASA and WEEI after the match work. We're gonna get a dime and crushed the Yankees and take home the at least blast is what's on sale. Faced the Mets it's that time a year yeah I T for sports fans pats Jack Sunday for a five. Brock vs I'd Jalen Ramzi Ramzi popped off. It's Wednesday he's good good. You say this to me is supposedly very fierce and as. There welfare comment period so we ought to come out there a lot of form. Or however it goes on we got to play got to play justices. Grind yesterday and he was he what he waiting for. But it doesn't now how was yesterday now. But that's okay. Why just watching on national last night I question I watch it the day before. Care you want your way beyond me if I don't I don't care when it happened at its wanna get information write for for those who probably saw it sometime within the last. 36 hours since there to be like the it's yeah before or for apple yesterday or people what the day before sincere if you were guards stepped. Preparing my as prepared as just do my job on fumes were about that won't. It doesn't. It's self God's church here and there. It really doesn't give you answers you looking for those sort of trick question trying to get organization. He let it doesn't it doesn't you know I mean. Yet. That the patriots Rory character he's he's a while we have that kind of stuff is only benefits you know the less than no place it's like the Bentley falcons not listening to the noise from from Merrimack about about tomorrow's game. An update I just built 2 PM LB. 2 PM over there is that at Bentley sick now now is anybody invited to again. Apparently I mean Walsh. You you are you asking for a friend are on the ground zero. Jeff I know Jen hill goes through Jonas. The ground as a little uneven over there so I'd. Be a little worried about him while locking around the parents tailgate area while playing well comes. Yeah heads up when when mrs. hill might not hands she would well alt rock the crutches UH she would love and Democrats go in and she goes I'm sure that we PD that big listeners that the show that you'll they will guide you down there and it in around schooled on the area. I'd be split squads they get two games in China once more once next week via wash. In between Sunday and Monday. Ceased training camp is around the corner and Gordon Hayward is healthy so that's good news Celtics guard Jabari bird is out. On bail on domestic abuse charges bird pled not guilty yesterday so that. Is a wait and see. What else forgot all last night Dalton and the AJ green lit up who looked the Bengals rolled over the ravens figured three TDs in the first quarter never slowed down 134 point three. And the Seahawks. Linebacker Michael candor it's after being charged. With the insider trading. I guess allegedly got a tip and I put a million dollars in his pocket and that is illegal in America in my BC Eagles rolled. 4134 over these CC rival Wake Forest yesterday down south that's not Wakefield which Wake Forest AB Anthony brown threw for 300 yards and TJ Jones. Ran wild for a 185. Yards and had TV BC's three you know. Do well you've got Purdue. Next week two more yet you find you are you wanna age at Colorado Harvard. Is San Diego. Across the street from boxing fans triple G. And Alvarez tomorrow night out in Vegas for the WBA WB seat belts they bought. To a drop which was very controversial. A year ago so well. We'll see what happens MLB or its air sportsman. 781 texts are accusing me of micromanagement on the on the agreement cut so let's insular my sincere apologies. Lindy. He you have a meeting with Linden also in the morning and I never won easily handles lovingly. I'm that would be the last mile faster. I would not be ability and he's punching me out after what happens and a potent come out of a chair lose his mind it's. I mean certainly if I were to do that it would it would make sure not to Marc Littman later. And advocate on behalf wanna go work for yes fear there could golf at. You know they asked have they asked a party we're from and I'd look at what must come to your shoppers. About a little remains strong with this one a worker or from a three weeks before you came back to Boston. You offered me a week at Christmas and that's a point two years later were having this conversation learn. Seven and one texts can you explain why mrs. hill doesn't like LB she likes being. Yeah it's not a one time the one time he vomiting and my daughter's crying on box when he's when he stayed over my house I mean that was I think it's more me and then mrs. hill and guaranteed the embarrassment the guilt and comfortable mrs. That would ensue I mean I sure can generate gents I'd trust me you wouldn't I'm not sure I'll bring back the grandma it was it was it was twenty years and dollars or fifteen years ago I I don't think mrs. dole. When she goes honored honored jog yeah says you know. Yeah I can reach out to. I don't know who. Always forgiven but I don't know about you think Mick do you think Jin fill any as ever thought about me ever listen please use a beautiful woman she's awesome. She would have been thinking about Yule is if she were at by the burgers in the dobbs NG New York come into the tailgate usually robot doubles double the pleasure. All right let's get to the news and the news this hour is Barack do you buy cars for kids the easy way to donate your current Tony today and your partner detective tomorrow cars for kids dot com 1877. Cars sports it I don't think he said is that this Dexter is saying UNH at Colorado. Watts I don't think he says that that you. Unit unit as bush cholera and they are paying Melanie UH his putt while it that way Manning the first. Sports or senate could look to see you could. Get an ass more and and it's a bit as far as friend and I'll. Play Arafat right 5 o'clock product that's good football there you know I won't know it gave. It it's a great it's a great. Puerto Rico you know. I hire fire for you know NH do you take on a division one solid program absolutely that's pretty cool stuff absolutely. Art what I wanna get through news wise still recap of what happened the Merrimack Valley last night course. Issue with a high pressure gas lines caused explosions and fires an upwards of 7200 homes we still don't have. Final numbers yet but the town's effective Lawrence and over in north and over just an absolute mess up there. Eighteen year old man is dead after a chimney collapsed. After an explosion at home be happy to be in the driveway in his vehicle more chimney fell on the vehicle. Awful news there. I just NN news alert on my phone from channel seven they say that. Officials say that the town white power outage in and over is gonna go through at least tomorrow and all all day Saturday is National Grid did shut the power often those towns to warning potential you know further issues. We actually hear from the in over fire chief Michael Mansfield they had done. Concurrent ten alarmed situations going on in Lawrence an end over and I just I mean. All hands on deck. I mean I think that's the most that there can be yes as an honorary member. Of the professional firefighters union of Massachusetts you know I normally only put my wife Helmand on when there is the panel armor yes and that's the most that they can that they can ring traditionally. To sum it up. Look like Armageddon they really did do Bob Dole's. Billows of smoke coming off from Lawrence behind me. We've got could see plumes of smoke in front of me within its out of hand over it just won't let go the national war zone. Something that god never experienced. My fire service career and hopefully I don't have to experience it ever again keep. Yes and and honestly. Amazing work by by first responders everywhere and who's not only did a lot of other fire department's rush there at two assessed by. And that word you know a lot of mutual aid situations going on in and so were were so lucky of those who are willing to. Going to those kind of situations. On behalf of all of us and there were several firefighters who were injured death doesn't look like anybody seriously. But. I will recap. And that somebody just Texan and his wife. Is a police officer and warrants and wanted to recap on the fundraising this morning and so. We are at last check. We word on the news. Mean an iPhone here we were. 6080. Dollars that you have given so far this morning. For those affected. By what happened in the Merrimack Valley yesterday is Daniel said so. If you would like to donate. Please go to the great hill foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation dot org and make a donation in the foundation. He is matching your donations today up to 101000 dollars. And I want to thank. The amazing people at GMB financial who are almost immediately. Last night I think it was about 6 PM. They reached out wouldn't and wanted to that's awesome to match donations today so. We are matching your donations up to 101000 dollars UK and give when you go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great gill foundation dot org. And this is prey on the Framingham ports to realize what's up drag. Yeah Ali. I I live tally it it'll look and the match went for night I've and I think each other I'm right now apparently yes and I am. I yeah no means are equating it to the army which. The second pop up pretty close to me. I was that. The real thing so that they I mean I would leaving the court and act they would definitely in the city. All the press responded that day the marathon are coming down on 93. Yesterday leaving the Eddie can see all the extra on is going you know what I need three is screwy. And the other plume of smoke and everything and it don't rain and dump. Them. And so I was trying to get out and slightly elevate that now in. Say recognize Israel. Can I follow and watch my how. And they said no panic at okay be out. It was so many people trying to negotiate. To get to their property and trying to give them I'm. And every first responder. What are background that was. It's still cool and collected. That it was troubling for me to witness that. And how. Out of my neighborhood. Everybody in my neighborhood it either Friday or an active strip under. And I was able to glean. First he and reaction from them and how they wouldn't dealing with everything. So I am very fortunate I get I'm Obama and that is JJ. Yeah yeah I'll always. And I'm very lucky my health is ending. And of course they interviewed a kind of as if that I made huge acts include quarantined and how about I will not be eating Matt. Ali Ali Ali Ali give LB you'll get an attractive it's good. That. I buyout is like my understanding. You read things that are in the break room here at Entercom Boston had been there since 2012. I just awful to think tells. There's one piece left I have been under our big grazing from last three days integrating for the last you know. Seven years statement in their first minutes were working on two weeks probably belongs to somebody that's him on that there are did you you don't want it to somebody else's. Food. Could. Well I there was. Really interesting footage. And I think it was channel five last night. Emergency vehicle after emergency vehicle after emergency vehicle. Utilizing the breakdown lane to get up for 95 god bless you mining lord yes I did see that pretty credit was really really is really amazing so I agree would trade that we owe a debt of gratitude to those that responded and continued to work out there. If you would like to take us would you wherever you are going today or this weekend the only way to do that is weird that the radio dot com app. That is our radio dot com app. Just downloaded today and you can listen to us anytime. Anywhere. Also this morning are questioning the sanity of Jimmy Buffett. It might choose favorite musical artists. Or. Eight tweet that he put up yesterday in which she was apparently. Or appeared to be surfing. On a beach in. South Carolina. As the hurricane. Was about to make enough for crying out loud now ask ask ask of course the the posts. Included the lyrics to surfing in hurricane. One of his finely crafted pop songs and there are questions about whether or not. He was released there or was an old photo of actual policy news. Well he's going to be 75. Is he that old the 217. Mindy and surfing. In all the power to home. Unless there's only one you're out there bored. Easy here it was it. 51. Bush senior. I darn toll was like. And it's true he was 51 avenue at 51 presidency. Yeah he won 4141. Well yes he did yeah now that that uses. That is just sheer unadulterated hell man Jenks moment right there that LB Brad that about just injury. You tried I'd have tried several times. He's a guy. Are right. We have news to get to you before we do though just an update. On the fundraising. This morning. The Greg Hill foundation. Is raising funds for those affected. By the Columbia gas explosions. Yesterday evening in Lawrence and in end over end in North Andover. Somewhere between. Seven. 100. Explosions. You can if you can imagine. And so far as of this moment. You have donated 9000. Dollars. To those affected and there are there was one casualty eighteen year old a man who was in his vehicle in his driveway. When the explosion occurred and the chimney. Ended up on the vehicle there are injuries that are associated not only with the as we mentioned earlier with firefighters but. Would those. Whose homes. Randomly out of the blue exploded. And then of course there are countless issues going forward for those who need a place to live and and those who need to replace. What they have lost. In those in those seven these somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy to 100 explosions so. The foundation is matching your donations up to 101000 dollars worth a thousand dollars away from being at that match. And I thanked every single one of you. Who has donated so far this morning at the great health foundation dot board that's the great gill foundation dot award. And I hope that before the show's over we get it up to 101000 dollars of give what you can't doesn't matter. If it's. To the archive of the dollar tan doesn't doesn't matter if we can. And of course in keeping with a mission. We will get your donations. To those who need it immediately. We gave the zero red tape. It is 942. And don't despair will be back on Monday after the weekend all dancing and know things and it's. And on the union electric where you'll have we'll have a Monday's mud in here Dodd is hoping you can give them forever home and we'll go inside. The symbol male mind on Monday shows a year old woman. And something happens this weekend it leaves you. Somewhat confused by the way the very basic very simple mail mind works can mask LB to explain it to you on Monday show everybody and and of course Tuesday the highly anticipated interview of a lifetime forward Danielle. Kenny log ins. We'll be footloose and we see free on the show. During the 9 o'clock hours of that I will not be it's all right us. Edits are looking it is. I hope that companion doesn't get jealous when he at all. It illegally and and and Google it would that Kenny log ads on Tuesday campaigning is well aware of my love for yacht rock artists are and will be joined Michael mcdonalds. Now. Is is companion into the opera. You see perhaps a captain on a sailing vessel out. I'm trying to identify who come and it is. Well I would aid at does he do when he sailing. It is in his leisure time he's not pain with Christopher crop of the Salmonella does not have a boat and that boat none of them on this crossing all these things off trying to figure right comparisons of elimination what we we will will we ever meet companion. And then van okay. A definitely a taller than you yes. Yeah of course considerably you know we're not sure. I didn't mommy time and date stamped. And not. Shorter than me I'd I wouldn't have an issue with that but I I like at all. On Burnett now dark hair dark hair care. Classes ultimately you know like minimum when he got against and go with classes went down as a defensive facial hair does it officially. Out of beer. Goes back and forth between couples in that Matt Light. I don't know he's he's lessons that reddish he's better reddish witness there are two different Susie is not and it's not letting go it's time to do that to page is that is the person a famous and not just the regular everyday average like enough when it sensitive. Analysts and jamario tailored to needy he's. Not I've never date Annika even though you guys click on the bootleggers and that's why I'm not yet they don't like what we call. I look at that is the and the news this hour is brought to you by profit with my health warning order want to talk about Florio. Have you driven. Behind someone that's been watching porn that you can see like through their rear view America cars. If it's one of the most disturbing things ever but it's also fun at it like hundreds what do you. What is it with just an eerie it was about able I think the woman trapped under April isn't washing machine repairman is her stepson. Pulled over a man last week for erratic driving and he was not eating differently ice cream come in Cambridge ladder we spoke about earlier in the week. The guy ain't. Who had his cell phone. Propped up behind the steering wheel in front of the speedometer and he was watching porn while he was driving. Now we don't know if the man who is attempting to engage in and a mobile aggressive opened my junior and that he was watching the porn. So luckily nobody was injured he didn't crash in oh. To add insult to injury he didn't have any insurance on his vehicle he's been hit with several different charges by police and his car has been impounded. Yeah so that is illegal does as a reminder. To those viewers stuck into rain he can't be distracted by. Anything and nine. You know Lou we've seen nasty Tara plays hurt us Allen seems out there serial seem pretty dire people who shave on their way to other people who aren't. Kinds of things. Here's a text there that says what Greg I have to cut that in my short many viewer happy about that. I'm. Being alerted. That our good friend dean Pullman. The Massachusetts state police is on the Framingham Ford's studio line. And Dina has been as have many of those guys. In the Merrimack Valley region for the last 1516 hours a day and a do what's going on. Not too much as one caller Camara the level on the don't do quite well and all he scores yeah. Yeah. Yeah adding to avoid your awesome its test of what's the La I assume you're still he's still there this morning did not up. Well no we broke out of State Department slept bit kernel sought an order of just. Total spent a lot of people are displaced from their whole lives are so so well I don't do it. If having not having not been there I would EU were there I would assume that it's. You can't grasp what it was like unless you were there. It's I mean it's. Just yesterday watching it the news last night it was I mean it's devastating absolutely dead. All the persons waters where they are and aren't won in announced a joke. As quickly as well who want to protect the B. People were being displaced them you can imagine what our. It was out there would go all the persons orders were a well course the great this gold agreed to the people to be in. Her arm but what do you get kicked out he longs. And during. The earlier news there is that at all. Is that it would conclude you know I don't what we do. The foundation and not. Want to make it would contribute and or product of the guys that they're. A personal look at what. The little people and it is where it is an era analytical and sort would love to do that on its mission. Well Dana there you amazing men and women and we thank you so much of that and and thank you for checking in and for what you guys that. Just wanted to chip are you so much we appreciate it. All right thank you thank you and libraries. Cared many times the ladies go crazy when Dana calls and with the voice they love they just love the voice they jailed as a very deep. Now what loans. What about companion. The voice. Or high pitched just like us now I don't know did you imagine. Yeah. Yeah. Just jacket and a snippet of Netflix in general and oh. Yeah at. Yeah. And owner of the Honda Odyssey totally there 24 hours. You actually asking if we can move in together. I. But you know we're not. And then there are way. Does does companion work does the job. Yes I do not until you update you be like I've said before you know despite what we joked about in the show I don't mind contributing and paying for things in Sharon Sharon whatever personal finances but. You need to be able to take care of your own business I can't support yet and some were in croissants up from Wayne yeah. You don't think the unemployed now voice hey Megan at least as much as I'd go. I do you know you April April 1 comes around there's you know she's yet this year you know tax report. From about. About. The asking for tax forms years ago that a socially filing your taxes and we are going there. I think that richer. Social honoring your cutter importance he worked. Is it Joseph the music college it is yes there are side in my same thing at the as a hit man. Let me go out enjoy a complete Sara smile from me acoustic. I Joseph ayalon and a great wealth is no news before we go to those speaking music actually Eminem. And Eminem has just on a new interview with sway. And he says he thinks he might have gone too far by by Ridley yeah both of these was it a full apology or kind of a half hearted kind of an egg knowledge mental apology I'm not really is dean. One notes here with the talented team the word that I called him. A new album was one SO. Was. One of the things well felt late. This might be too far because in my in my quest to hurt him I realize. Today I was hurting a lot of other people. Might say. Yeah. Our one opportunity home and he's he's everything you admiral Watson. In a moment. You what are you calculating and boys let it slip. Always. Palm didn't sweat the unique and all of that ready above an artist whether batting a ball to give he's nervous. Buddy Timothy little thing called already dropped the bombs. But he did to boot detonate what he voted down the whole crowd was so loud open is about what looked won't come out. He's so good at everybody still get in now. A good time as well about Tyler is always a smile went stopping him back every out of the indigo could got a PH told the Bobby Kielty still bad but you blow. Give up the eight who won't have a but he knows what he won't go back that it doubt he's dealt. But egos but ebooks but he's still great he don't when he goes back to you Bo would put it holds. That is doctor Rodriguez no doubt about it that I didn't go to these bullet hole that goes without that. One of one of the umpire about the got a good mood on Friday night it's nothing it's a party out cameras stereo off. All right hey I just got I want to thank our our friends that. Watches it brewing company because it is out word. That after every pint that is sold today. Out of the watches it grew yard dinners out which I was out that the few months ago and it's really really cool up there. They are not only the one in Westminster but Sharon in in Boston also. There are making a donation to a great deal foundation. To help the families affected in Lawrence and then in Dover an so what is challenge one thing then he got sandy you're alone get a new DeVon humor and good food donated to charity you alone to be responsible for thousands of dollars LB and in just a few short hours Tom attached. And let's see before we go to donation total 9400. Dollars so thank you very much for her for all of you who have given. So far this morning we'll keep you up to date on that. On the social media platforms for the foundation you can follow us on Twitter where you can like this on FaceBook you can follow us on its program. And it's generally the Grant Hill foundation in order to find us there. All right well. I hope you catch up and finish up on ozark to over the weekend UCL meets him. We will be back on Monday morning. I hope everybody has a great save beautiful week and I'd like to wish the Bentley falcons' success in their game tomorrow yes Merrimack had actually she success in your tailgate tour are you thank you what's kickoff and then tool. It's next week Jonah I don't tailgate peca 1111. We will get there they'll get underway we'll see over there you know make it their violent after dateline. That's a pretty bold statement I am. Doing anything I've I knew I didn't want to. Mentioned this before hill mail because I had been ridiculed. On the show for even bringing it up in the path. But you know what I am attending tonight. Watts because I'm sentimental. And sad and asked the dormant now why and like I admit I am attending in the showboat chieftains. High school football game and that's not weird. And I'll know it's not it is not weird due to enemy out. You know I didn't play you'd try to make it up to be weird it's not weird firm Leo Bernal football parent to go back for game it is not weird game. I where or we're out here if you miss anything this morning you can hear as a part of the full show podcast which you can download at WA AF dot com anytime. And you'll get our one hour two hours three hours four in their entirety. That is WA AF dot com where you go. For the full show podcast. And up next it's a WA AF work day blitz that means you get over an hour of nonstop rock commercial for.