HMMS Hour 4 "It's Orlando, They're Called Strip Joints" 5/16/18

Wednesday, May 16th

This Hour we have Nick Swardson's Interview, Danielle getting ready for her trip to Florida and more!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Your drivers like people are tricky I mean there are cruel and there tricky all right at least get a post nuptial. Post nuptial post nuptials for everyone this doctor says everyone army and Roche dot com all right Larry great to see a guy and that's great to be all right we'll do this again path forward to that is that is ask a lawyer with the Larry army junior and it is 9 o'clock here. Game. Netflix we are joined by nick swords and who it has been our pleasure to have in the studio in the past many times and it's a pleasure mom phone this morning that how Mario. What. Or product I'm greats. I have been obsessed. Which is evil genius on Netflix and I don't know if the united had a chance to watch it yet but. 3030 minutes or less was based kind of loosely based on apple pizza delivery guy bank robbery bombing story right. I think they're right here I think you know that story was the impetus using the bodies of the bomber on an accurate look there. It wasn't based on that had nothing that you are the characters aren't there. The speech VoIP outlook bombs strapped to a guy robbing a bank was used yeah for sure but it wasn't. In any way making light of that situation but no I haven't seen yet I'll. I think at about 55 TV shows behind right now. Some like we live in an error I don't let them look like acts like a lot of catching up well. It is insane. You know it's what's a real problem and they need to have like a psychological. Term for it but. When you're really into something and he got about three quarters of the way through it binging. And then all the sudden something else gets your attention and you start binging to act. And then you're an and you realize. That you never finished you know I never finished well one way to segue and go back I was on the ozark. What what yeah. What are you watching like what are you what are you what are you watching these daisies that is really did. All of them it's pretty simple like the pursuit of a plot line I was sleet the controller Larry. I was really at so obsessive that I'm I'm I'm a sense of the so billions seducing and sorry yes that's incredible. Yes. I really like that but I mean again like I'm on the road so. It's hard. I have I'm pretty behind that we or Clark C. And yeah I'm just I don't know like it was thrown out completely circular. And then it like to leave here as well and others. I heard it. I forget what's happening and it. So there's so intense that like I forgot every eagle directory why some of them like white beard and later I don't know what's happening that look like the yeah I don't know I gotta get back that also wrote in the Sudan or show like. Yes would you recommend. Yes I highly recommended and it's. Its its results really well done and and trying to sort out who's the actual evil genius really loses. Is is excellence. I recommend that and nick is. I'm nick is coming into the Wilbur. On Memorial Day weekend Sunday may 27 and there are two shows. Seven yen and at 945. So you probably wanna be invited would you like to be invited to somebody's Memorial Day cookout all year here. Couple nice yeah. That would be immediately and opt sort of jostle. The yeah because what you we're all where you ranked Boston when it comes to. Cities to do stand up and. I mean it's right up there for sure I'd put forward blossom going back to comedy action saying all. And I've always loved it and shows there has done one of my remote I basically you years you shows what Anthony Clark. Yes. Way back in the day and I remember the first and I did that. This is probably going back 1516 years ago. And that this show and dinner and has been years. He went to six dollars and it was a big boxing glove box. And egos and avoid the last call on you see what happens outplayed all. It is thick accent and Lego Harry and so. It would last call and all the sudden it was almost like the movie like world wars see here's some of the overall. And the like. Well called it might well unlike. In the days. Like Oprah couldn't couldn't go and then we quiet. About who didn't like what is happening right now. And you'd like your typical incredible. Constantly didn't they can't do it out of that it was late at night get off that net crap. It was given credit I thought it was in the days you know. I don't know what benefit comedy that made me sick of saying the long. That's congress that's the problem we're having a 2 AM closing time in New York. People spread out their drinking. Here. You know by the time you get out it's eleven and you have two hours basically cramming and all your shots and everything else so at last call people aren't. Furiously downing drinks now and then there released into the wild of the street. I don't know but it took brawl with everybody now I mean it's yeah. It's. He integrated the great comedy on it lets. You. I've been doing comedy forty years there's you know there's always somebody awesome story is common access. You now the history of the eighties and all the guys coming up. A copper. A text there 774 taxer. Would like to know if you will be hitting up and team massage parlors wall in town. For an uncomfortable. Asian interaction. I don't know but I'm as something from him from from from your team or maybe told on the show remember. Com it is from a routine that it would be really does. They're angry it's like I've been. And let it get out. I was sort of happened in the article. But I thought our special like special. The stats it would like to know if you were still living with your parents. My remit it's just like my mind you this week. It so yeah I was gonna say to follow black. Bob but yet. We are. Good but aren't you bomb but are you really still living with your parents. Now know. I was so bizarre. I mean you know wouldn't be completely horrible. I've yet to be yeah I would I would want to. What some of my dad passed away so be weirder sort of hit and that it be like weekend at Bernie's death while I was sort. We have Michael Bolton on the last week. Are out pretty well we've. I Ayatollah and it looks on our love. It was I remember at least amber we actually the united actually remove the other awesome call that Smart or overstate it will be done. I'll look to did you mention that the no grandma's boy much of grandma's boy the other day being liked your favorite what one your favorite yet that's where did the and since we car comes from here. I. New high score what does that mean did it break it the good. I improvise so on to. It's yeah yeah. Yeah little plant animal. You can go to any fabric said he couldn't believe that Michael Bolton at the straw bullet you do worry. It up there like there's no way he's gonna do this in the lower seats fully committed to. Lately that I love stuff like that. Stuff I didn't go to my favorite lake celebrity. Interact since beating. It looks like random. Like carries I have looked moments really erupted here. And I suck any seed in other it's that simple clear. And that's clarinet I can recruit simply magical season and that. Yeah I saw McCluster has they only had candy she. Got later Erica are monitoring company is that there is fun. And can he came organization here we don't drink but well you know they gave as good desserts and I was like okay cool. Let's welcome he got voted on over and say I. You know we're you're friends and I was like super excited. I'm not like a lot of people vote like super excited that can be. As good as the greatest permanent. Oh yeah he is. Yeah he's got great let us on Italy's. Did Michael all electric and electronic blunders some sort of look a look. It is a 617. Tax. From a mass hole. Who partied with view at Paul goals in Vegas. And San. Occurrence that says your great dude. That you brought the car. Plus his heart attack also re rules that was about it. That's the road. A road establishing yeah it's like you have people into rioting at a driving rains hammered. And everyone next series others so it is sick of all like really hard to meet at. It's horrifying good game and it was definitely saw. Do you like do you like going to Vegas. You'll love bacon. It's you know it's it's county you eat and that bothers somebody on a little while also a couple of years. Click once you get it down and you crack the code how to get in and outs where all your genitals clean this. Your brain that it is about being out there and money in your pocket once you figured out that it's very. But like the first couple trips to Vegas. You had no idea what you're doing is getting sucked into the vortex. Of it's chaos idea that it. Multiply and I can't believe I'm a lot I mean. It's horrible it's good evening I'm sort of like a walk across the desert. Oh. It's good third 24 to 36 hours and after that if you're putting yourself at extreme risk. Yeah I read and understood the marauders on the tour of the mosque itself and to. I ran into a packet of artistic you know myself mirrored that in their bodies when he first birthday. And optical pick up the ultimate happy birthday to go quality here we go or yes sort all week. And I play a full. You know he got right in his eulogy here you know play the poor boy. A lot that we. When you're 21. And let me just see if I can get so now on the phone with you yes south. Yeah I made that kind of warrants say your character. On Reno 911 parity is more integrated. Is ever. Very updates. Yes yes absolutely. I love here you know as a black out. And I guess Comedy Central do standoff over the what do so that canceled. Other place in what do we do a show. With just aryan called here he PI. Area of the private investigator. But he was horrible. Drivers all any sane. And they were like don't think anybody would want us and a good guy it's that they or. I think people want Syria Egypt without any. Yeah you go to somebody South Korean conflicts it's a Netflix I never let somebody out a cigarette. Comedies are so dumb again. Listen it's it's great talking and we love I think last time literally you were here. Was I it was for the thirty minutes or last movie because I think so alienated. As you just accepted Jesse was with view is that the is that the only movie guys have done together. All the subject so that's what it was yeah. But you're always welcome if you the that before the before the Wilbur shows and commend them for years. All right and and get tickets and those seem neck on Sunday may 27 there's 7 PM show and then 945. Show and talked to Easton and things calm this morning. Yeah look it up it's really exciting what do you think it I mean obviously. Log on can never be counted out what oh what's who is yet to call it what would you what would you call. I call the game yesterday I would look bloody dictator. And he doesn't look terrible lighting as well aside that I go all the bonds up like that don't. I was so the game last night and it simply these two games. You know it's scary what that it wants to you don't know what bonds is gonna go insane but I think that the Celtics Benson it. They're players it is more well rounded as playing better also. I would say the Celtics in six. Greg call I mean even though I mean LeBron had. He can be I mean he had 42 points last night and they and you know he can't do it all themselves. I mean now Tom Brady can but. Another learning to walk about it. It sucks you know flexible Boston sports council has no matter how good team is doing him in another sports. If all goes back to the page well. I of course that area in a twenty year old it's lightning lightning and not be easily put blonde on Brian fees down on the floor. And and and it's like well. Tom Brady. I'm really always gets it. Second a text there says that the blood line girl. Was in grandma's. Linda currently. Lead. Fools there call. And question it. You're talking yesterday we were talking about the worse. Season finale of all time and blood line was it was it was up there just they ended the waiting and it was we it was like they lost. Tax credits or something filming in Florida and it was it was weird way. And. You had a kind of a bummer either Saturday that it waits. Blow yeah. That's the fla. And as I got real lazy. We're just there talking about how the sign films he's series finale was that was the worse. Yet about how to keep. Did you yeah phenom did you like this supply house. Series finale I'll I didn't like it first but then upon reflection I thought it was really really good. I thought I'd never really tight. Short never squats. On wood yeah liberal. What is wrong. I don't know some idea what about the outlook about the breaking bad and. I never watched Rick yeah Steve's work in what is your view of an acting too much into watching on television what. What is wrong or he's not at home on his coach Tony force in there and here. Somebody who ought to. Have a place where like if you don't get on or rental area. You just need to get caught you know you just missed out so like I admit the first couple he's an all those shows because. You know when you're still being here on the road Yates is hardly catch up on and so what you are trying to. It's really hard suit you know to catch up so. You know now that it so that like seven seasons. You know I would have to buy it seems like month and it does that there's. A lake had been put quite collapsed group on the tooth here. So constantly. And flight around the world is watching everything. Nicolas Cage has a cave in Montana you'll wreck you like the electable if you'd like to borrow it. Before you go. Before you go eight text there would like you to tell the David Spade helicopter story. Welcome to yeah I can ultimately play. David they called me having those and it any leader and may now. I got an up and what. And he goes down do Michael C Bryan Adams and Def Leppard. Later yes the answer will always be yes that quite certain. So he got I know where where they're playing in December. San Bernardino about forty minutes outside of Los it'll. Let it go are we getting there he is like helicopter. And go okay now of course were loud enough is enough and a little. I think it's going to opinion is sick of granite Dave check you go to your airport the helicopter. And we go on the helicopters beautiful blondes sick you know David Mandell at a year and well I of course means having a simple brain. Sort of realize that there are no bathrooms and helicopter. That. Now I have to keep really pat you know we're like hurting. Apple. Lowell the I go to the united. And he goes little guilt when. I don't know if there's like this breaks sliding. Little window. And play alternate. And I I thought that even dumber on my part I thought that he would go public street you know to me. And so I heard urinating and it hit the air like. Political parade it's back. All over it it. Like partly and even then they're both liked screenings. And here is like no way. If I was OK. Yep he got to the helicopter so let's all and Magnum PI know. It worked at a helicopter. Duke captor. They're anything like going out. It was really our credentials beginning at 1098 but he got to propensity unity would introduce you to write a. Yeah thanks for being on and I'll see you indicative. Partners and that's next Woodson. Is a room and Sunday may 27. Two shows at the Wilbert dot com. Summer is upon us to do this seaports strong celebrate Martin. I have. She has the ten or a whatever it is sort of place and ended in the news media business sound like it's an otherwise it would yeah. But can't come to the sex. I think yes the sixth and and she six seven and nine attend that 1230. I'm all. Idea I am about oats to be able to confirm. That. Seven probable ASCII will be there are no some. Whether smoke and I believe that Hill Man Morning Show. Was there Jessica Reyes is working hard on I'm joining. And we will what's the matter how. You freak cold. Where a lot more than McGee get here vents usually have to work out they don't they don't have to that the other girls that. The event this happening on May 29. And seaports John. It is at Dell frescoes and I would a buyer tickets quick as they. Honestly it's when it comes due value for her for price it's fifty bucks and yet all golfers goes out doesn't cells. With the with the past orders COU wanna try to get that to those before. Daniel and I but. The and that is all kinds sampling of great wine in and great spirits. And celebrity bartenders. Like he both of them quarries are going to be there. DeVon and Jason and I saw some Patrick Chung will be by attending the commission should Nikko will be there and a bunch of of the of the local slept so. May 29 assist Tuesday after Memorial Day and he gave you tickets. When you go to to move the great gill foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation. Dot. Org. It's 939. And it's today's weather but few buy Dell. And it is going to be. Mostly cloudy today temperatures going to be in the mid. Fifties during small business month Dell is offering up to 40% off select PCs. We have eight gen Intel Core processors. Call 877. By Dell. To speak with a small business technology advisor. Today. I am. So Dave Ellis off I head off to Florida. And heading out to see Kenny login news. She and her mom. And. That's sure as late as the show tonight show it tonight okay. And what time is the show stuck at 8 PM AP I need to sleep on the plane can now honestly okay so that's what I was gonna ask you is you get on the plane. Do we do we have a bloody Mary you're did your mom animal fashion relate what women are there mammal do like. Straight out vodka martini with a twist once in awhile but old shoes cattle lady right there there's straight up and I don't know of any Turkey and the martz and. That La. It's not like she's she would she's not a plane drinker she's not playing drinker now because my mother having worked for. The airlines for thirty years and then. The the TSA for another like six years. Is very concerned about aircraft safety and I'm aware systems she's hyper aware on on. Well don't worry your flight attendant will be intoxicated as as we recently learned a pilot went through a button. Plywood and others either a blessing or curse isn't sitting on the plane shall actually hit that two global within the conflict from nineteen. My first time I opened up a Russian airliner was an exact plan. I hate when people tell you what the potential things that could go wrong you're making us think we are dying out. Four but the fact that your your 32000. Feet in the air is not just to not. Right definitely am married to do with anything else. People who relate talking about how much anxiety we have about flying and stuff yeah. I can and Whitney but it gives everybody else unless like it gives everybody else on the flight and Andre. You know and and then those of the people who are also pop some kind of a as an accident something and and they mixed with the rank and there there isn't it leaves her own but if that game and technique than to adopt and I like an hour you know now what do you guys when you travel. Like when you say you're going poorly in though. Will you do some sightseeing I agree go to any of the like the alligator theme parks or any of those oh wildlife refuge places that. Now a what what about how I do like nice dinners and spot if and that's that's a no no she I mean I was very very very fortunate and that my mom my mom's a single mom. She reasoning by herself with my grandparents. And god bless her she took me he did near Disney World every single year house reaction to resolve the so we flew for free. But she made a point every year insignia Disney World I was very fortunate in having that experience elect. We've done all that crap. You don't wanna go to Disney for one day council. I got a knee area because the people. Has it on Iraq. Agree don't rushed. What you could go yet back hell lot you know Nancy it could go get some good. Food in the what with a place that has all the European he go to Italy India and cut a guy yeah I can drink man wearing an Afghan on Afghan people and children. Now you don't want anyone and I don't want to do when I relaxed you wanna wait in line for three hours of great bunch of people you don't know of kids trying I'd like to. 500 dollar. To wait in line only one hour instead of six hours again men couldn't pay me and it it took me two days to get all the animals and the places that they're going to owns that. A I need a vacation from that like going away for three days is just it's almost more work than it's worth. Yeah just because that I get it gonna bring world Somali. 33 little dogs to the client bring three big docs to this place somebody's gonna say at a house cat. And what about the applicant can and he. Laden's concerts a year or something we're going big or don't you don't brag. I don't know I don't Wear the artist teacher to the concert is on trial and get out and play. Speaking hefty faux pas at the hell you're not a minority lawyer teacher to a slayer concert you're gonna irregularly and Eli games eighties Jean jacket. I did eight and I debated. Bringing. An album with me that is the reason I like yah rock is because my mom used to listen to the records on the record player and that's. And that's how I heard an audience like McDonald total. So we still have all those albums from like the late seventies Reitman when she would listen to them doesn't. Wanna risk bringing the Sony on chance and can swing a mean green and I haven't sign it and I was like. You may be. You know doesn't matter which one but maybe one of you could throw your panties up on the which. And I'm sure Kenny would his age what is he 72. Guys I think area and I'm sure he might respond if somebody some undergarments of on the stage yeah. I caught the album stormed the stared view that growth. Yeah now. Give up on Atlantic at the day I. Was too tired to fight my way on to stage and hold the front of the stage spot during its Meehan has faced. During a drop kick saint patty's day show is that Daniel Kennedy. Sit down concerts only from here on. That's if that's a whole different show you'll probably be the youngest person in the world probably the most energy and you know on resigning manager over some old ladies strategy you know there here's the here's the final eight tax on the thirty year old woman. I take climate pin and had exactly three glasses Marleau in order. In order to fly without being Chris that way it made slow I think yeah next time you flying get off the plane should never assistant producer mark interview. Staff at all but here's somebody who recommends that you go to these Salvador Dali Museum that fund is north and apparently helped sell off in Iraq to and I don't know the weird place for and I mean there are people who. I mean there's real specific travelers. You've got the people who want to taking in all of the local. Historical sights the museums and unrest or ordering. You gotta get a little bit on Lola flavor it's like when I because strip joints not thrown out. Now it's like when I went to the Winston Churchill. To the to the war while back schools I'm gonna in London yeah I mean tonight in our lantern. I don't know down there to ready could go to. You can go to the lawful house where a Tiger Woods had sex with every one of the female employees. That's that's located down there. And yet it's. Shot a mistress don't feel like Ali and I think we live in Boston it's like. Yeah worth about and we went to Orlando and we will captain my voice is hey let's go to the Orlando museum of science and look now. So I'm running we have the best whenever I lost and been there done that. Is that Texas is actually shoot the Kenny log and show in Florida. Is going to be day. Viagra. Fueled orgy festival well yes you know Ontario probably be a lot of older men call 01 down on the on the land down our drinks. Doesn't work when you're popping Viagra but in yours donate your tree. And works it's pretty fun yeah. And I notice that kind of a show that's the crowd here again I don't more people the cool part is is that with the age of the crowd. The Rhodesia in Tokyo. They're gonna bring you back with flash yeah. And you on you and three other forty something zambians who backstage. Normally one and the fans the female fans are flashing. And it can log and show yes the look at the look in the Florida area to see anything. It's. Here here yeah there so they're still they're so well there. Oh apparently the Dali museum is in a seat heat. I'm not in the it sell it to ride over to Tampa. It is my dad's grave well perhaps. Well that's a couple hours from Orlando Tampa and after. This. I'm not telling people. In in Florida. They have no problem driving. Like ours and they do like hundred idea and nobody on the highway. With the traffic is not badly this year. New Yorkers and it leading scorer it's argued that it's like you know where new media you know and you are seniors that real name Susan. Here's somebody recommending the go to Gator land. The best place in Orlando. One. And beach area of the Jeter bite sooner. Properly or not is it some guy doing the gators show ever seen one of those things though they're pretty accurately if you go to. Does the roadside Gator places. They do pretty they do some amazing things with the idea with the gators play yeah. They're going to alligator show is deceased and one die if they don't let things go wrong people lose to them very frequently like the trainers like dated people blown off and dive that they date to lose a finger hand or someone deadly jobs. He I don't know if she'll ever seen that was litigator or crock that you had the marquee acts of years ago that was. Was to have the crocodile whisper. I think it was croc is crocodiles that he had. He did some amazing thing yes. And he didn't quite put his head all in but he did amaze you things about. You know just the fact that you're within the vicinity of a crocodile I deviant Democrat a 100%. 50 wait tax the Titanic museum in Orlando. Is lights out. That Texas is ish. But it wants to remove me. There was more than an effort for Jack on them on the door and L clusters per of that why don't chewed checking in we is. Local news personality. Rosie woods well you're an attorney upon the. I cake column. And they have a lot I mean like and you and and I am going to reach out you know and I. Wondering. If me you can care. Hanging out and seeing if we could squash. I don't want it right. If I mean and then now being. This is mark on the frame him afterwards field line what mark. Good morning everybody else it I hope you have a wonderful trip. With all these reckon bit recommendations coming in you should be saying I'm good you should be saying. I'm all right. And nobody at our about Maine where in Canada one did the danger zones that are of the shows act. Should they be Black Friday. I could. You know me. I'm always ready within your. That will grow its way into your year. Helping you probably had Gator bites before right corner wants now. This chicken. Yeah a series everything tastes in every entries are checked it's worked as agrees it's greasy yet released here reduction in order to compare it through that consistency chick like dot. None other like Deloitte meat chicken it's well way to meet that daddy's greasy like dark meat and monitoring our nation can meet in. We'll actually have the last arms and there rideau former pro third. Sauce choice on the Gator bytes I had it Woodley Kei hands super hot sauce and moral ones real issues fantastic. Run all DOS wrong. Overrated and what it's what is brilliant elected greasy Carter made her anatomy and only being used you'll Gator untenable. Basically I mean it's indifference reeling after searcher who's there all morning here. Well. For Danielle today really is her Friday openness. She is off to Florida to see. Kenny log in its. And we'll look I'm gonna get a report. Tomorrow morning on the show on how the show and I'm like how was that no matter how few family outcast and hammered. Out. One. I don't get lost I mean that their their I don't know you know there on the lookout for tourists have been like. Figured Juliet going to Europe and I'm your father but just be careful in looking for drunk tourists down there to steal your guy and take advantage of you not to be careful. That two of us which one of us has more prone to using the phrase I have collapses. And my but not me Aybar and you know you can protect yourself yes. Yeah I uses your sorry Eric I can't wait to do Florida not like the rest of us on Friday right. And did any idea why in her underwear and a lot of street. It's we will be back tomorrow. At six if you miss anything this morning you'll be able accurate. As a part of the full show podcast which is available every single day any time you want it. Late afternoon early evening post dinner. Bid if he can't sleep early in the morning eking get the full show podcast our one hour two hours three hours war. Without commercial interruption act WA AF dot com that as we go for that WA AF dot com up next. Over an hour of nonstop rock without any commercials that's the WA AF were they blitz so over an hour. Tons and no commercials that snacks. And before that began this you're gonna again years next text code words for the thousand dollar dollars so. Kerry has take care optional coupon code were these text and to win a thousand dollars cash have a great trip ankle and Mitzi oh ago. I want to give away a pair of tickets to go so. I actually have not a pair but I have a four pack of tickets. To go to pumped into public these craft Padilla and music festival. Featuring Bad Religion. They'll effects and a bunch of others on Saturday mean nineteenth Campanelli stadium. Yeah I'd be wanting one or older to attack and but if you are the seventh caller right now at 6179311. You get a four pack of passes for where. Or pond in public and you'll enjoy it and it's brought to you by EC bar and for all of your V needs. Shut them out at ease Sega barn dot com.