HMMS Hour 4 – “Haaaf A Million” 8/21/18

Tuesday, August 21st

In hour 4 of the Hillman Moring show we start with Fact Schmacks to see if your sox make sex better, there is a brand new Bond car and Ernie Boch calls into the show to chat about the state of the car world.  

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com do you. Sorry I just felt looking for the road goes around always store and I did not Nancy at. But please you have been advised if you happen to one count there. The stork. The escaped its pork from the stone zoo do not approach the stork alert the authorities enough I don't know what I mean what does a store duty they'd be cute to net as you are unique begin to doubt that. Oh is that program. Now are they are they like flamingos are they one legged when that when and I don't know that's a good question. I mean this is historical part of the flamingo family. Or. That's another good question I don't know I died died don't know I gotta tell you I don't know much about storks. And I don't know much about forming ghosts and here's an 843. Text that says Danielle. You get all over Greg about beautiful girls the film. And LB was just talking about how Brooke Shields at twelve was spotted that might well hold on first of all do you think I was actually listening. I don't even hear her say so there's that court for the record. If I'm not mistaken. I was a teenager after terror and that the not so we have now. So well are you referring to the film pretty baby that's the one in which she played the prostitute when she was twelfth. You married are you are talking about little what they're called little darlings the movie where. And where she was gonna lose your virginity what was that movie called it that the two other chipped back in the day. Christie technical yes and I and I don't matter that wasn't a book chills doesn't it shields was in blue lagoon when she was denied she wasn't going anywhere in that blind kids swam naked jets topless and yeah. Nineteen EB Hugh. If. In this. 1960 fives should be fifteen. If for watt for Whitman and her little lagoon Daryn it was Anderson and Rick Christie or were whatever else you army medical and man who's the girl did. Baseball kids' movie. Testimony Tatum O'Neal they were the ones and little darlings where they had to lose their virginity efforts that campy. And that of course. Who could forget I don't have time because we're gonna play fetch Max. I would earmarked endless love. Texas. Since that was it and and and and apparently spoiler alert. He set the house on fire at all this whole here's here's oh it single order picky picky now. How might. Apple people always say that we can't call you. Single quarter Vicky anymore because you are on on the Twitter yeah with so we at the would get the call you speak and what are the tour site. Let me think Italy and then alleviate the move into and a lot spoken footer six years. I'm single I'm not married I mean come on quite an actor and Rangel. Like Olympic hockey to pat my favorite quote in my in I'd ask asks has yes I sucked into Barack take a couple weeks ago. With a guy duke he has a whole face but is she couldn't break right Neil. Have you ever met him and Bob invite. He glitter let's get into his break he played. I'm thinking through his Amazon. And so you consider play trivia and he will literally eat you're what you eat and he'll kick you a lot of that Rupert you don't win and if you wanna take a cut our. So let's so this may fit and so he's berg. I feel Andy Al yeah like treat them won't. I'm very you can catch your own people got cold waters and even when he trick cheap Ascap at Fenway after contact. Everything I needed you can call in fact your right if you discount he is Anita. And that you didn't set up a return picked up with a Hoover guy Neil that's in violation of the Hoover. Policy. Hi welcome to what he that he thought then he'll pick it's very different top I felt very much I get a value. I don't know that I Alley does that it it will prevent it with the most fun I get excited. Blair that could be misconstrued but it might get a free ride this. I'm not. I told him I I eat you know you liked everything about Robert they legally their talks. Well like my last October before over I Neal the man with the injury very killed. I've reported here at love life with his wife and I can't you beat the market and I met Neil he changed and let them. Error. There are some people who really object. To a parking Woburn driver of eight. How did I I'm what did you dare they don't want any conversation now that I don't mind you say hi are you Danielle and I say yes and I get in and you confirm the destination and that's it until you drop me off to a hint you're cash tip. I've stars ought to romantic that's it yep. Now see the cab lends itself to no conversation. Because of the the windows so yeah and he thinks that any clinical added it it. You are does not read it lends itself the conversation between the drivers and in the right you party established the destination. The room Sheraton the price with the Hoover so that's party set in stone deaf mute in you have on your over app as a writer. You can you can track the same route that the drivers is taking so it's great with a cab. The meters taken in traffic you don't know what it these guys on the preeminent. I. And I might have to call cut and I called camp now. Endorsing a maneuver it is the Cologne and the curfew Airpwn. You know I can I would rather deal with the terribly glass are salami sandwich is uncertain in the front seat for two there's no way you have to gras one year on your phone. No way he always you never even take on how you know he's not get out of at a store there and you're down. And I believe your phone was here at the radio station all day until this morning. Yes yes didn't need day yesterday or us for doubters out there and just cuts both. What's this inaccurate rumor and rumor it is in the U Monday. He had a great day we had a great show. Here here's the text from Judy 617 text there says I had Neil. Three times in one night Obama so much did you did you that is. Though he knows how to make you feel about that Bloomberg Neil as a thing with the golf fund over a million dollars. Over guy Neil I don't know over got a program and you know I felt like my worst nightmare and he pops up it's like Neill is on his way in camera and I can't fill. I can't care for the ten dollar fee of five no no Laporte look for the hidden camera movement. That Betty is creepy things sometimes if if he'd ever gotten in the over and I it's totally for safety purposes and I completely. Respect over drivers for doing it but when they have the camera that records the interior of the V don't seem that act had. I mean and taking a hundred Wilbur Wright's but it's seen at least two people where it's been lately visible I'm an and went to. Pats game last season we will bring down repeating. And the dialect pointed out right arrays like FYI. No nonsense so I keep this up pierce had to say ladies are aware that your being taped now like I appreciate the disclosure you ever get rejected. When they find out. Where the destination as. I haven't but I know people who have and that is super for us. And happened to me the other day we are worried I was gonna stop and the guys like I'm not gonna stone in my quit thinking you can't refuse. You can't refuse service. Here I'm gonna order a hurdler a government will alert over about a snow but you know they don't know until they pick you up. He they're taking you need to know I know that I I assume you could decide you know if you just want to state local however mean liquid thought expert in Connecticut was eight when they pick you up and then they say all right let's go. That's the first time that they figure out where consumer figure that out the people might say I don't know how to drive yet I don't know I don't know I can enhance your downtown paso and also but but I don't know what you get to rate and rank Syria mulling a narrative she's not a hundred radar guided the black. So stars they also rate Yale. Yet you'll have an item ratings. So if you know if you have a particularly low rating people act in a. Like picking up I don't know if you can see that rating before hand or not some people are upset that they that it did the tip factor and because it was supposed to be without the tip. When you do you don't have to step now you don't have to it's optional I always do you probably gets angry I don't know if you don't pet it and then hit and deliver. You know the the paneling and a halt to conversation but on day you know of those fee based ride like cavs. And always include tips on don't know why wouldn't. Our rights we gotta do it's 9/11. We give you the weather and camera play fetch Max. The weather has brought you by the mid state auto group it's going to be cloudy start today obviously. If you've been an outsider looking outside there may be some sun out temperatures gonna get to seventy for a high. And it is 65 right now here in scenic secure Brighton Massachusetts. Mid state auto group looking for a car under 101000 dollars visit raise new lot. 496 Washington street in Auburn quality cars. Under 101000 dollars. And now the Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against Adobe's not the alternative fax 30. It's turn their backs she men X how to distinguish them now back to back story that activists packed. The fact fears that yes America plan. Are there and fight of our law it's now we have biggest giveaway forgot smack in shine down on Saturday night. At the X been the center Austin you can a decent tailgating and enjoy yourself enjoy a beautiful summer night. And you get passes. To meet both god smacked and shine down. If you are able to outwit the dim wit on this show its you vs LB. And it's ray who is up first this morning on defense and import studio line without break. Hey good morning ladies and gentlemen how are you read our wonderful allele axle where you from. Not repeal okay well nice ray. Yet there Finland. He's the only country in the developed world. Where fathers. Spend more time with their children. And mothers. Back or should mapped. And I need to work LB it'll burst on the world around he is a world traveler. Yes. Yeah I lost their first of all showed no two are your arm occasional lining the general manager and my former team and in the Columbus Blue Jackets low. What about the best finish what about the man with to use into cans. But the to command yes this is the first annual and I didn't eat there I didn't room with two guys roomed with its in its okay Colin okay. It is a it's a fact it is a fact. I am also gonna go there and you are both correct yes yes yes so a lot of the ads in Finland spend more time. And the moms we their name. Sounds like a pretty good celebrity get an elegant. Guys home all day want to Netflix. Eaten lunch or whatever it's pairing and again are traditional marriage wanna finish the woman by the way Obama. This is Randy hello Randy. Or that guy what's going on. NATO and where you from Randy. I'll war that need it have you ever and we have ever had a kidney stone. I out. Is that the most painful thing in the world I'm probably gonna jinx myself by saying this yeah well it is the most they say it's the most painful thing that areas. The data through my idol as a way to work because I actually have a staple in my stomach they're not suck my bladder and kidneys don't formed around that and. Yeah. Baggage cast for that baby bag. Well riding a roller coaster. Helps patients expelled their kidney stones that Porsche attacked. It illicit okay. Or. I thought LB are. Worse LD they just say put it to two and two together gravity DB. You're giving it's not your given jostled around it's all booked up down gravity. It's it's it's it's pushing it out it's our backs what do you what do you say Randy. Now. Well. LB is once again correct it's backed. Riding a roller coaster can help expelled and kidneys why that's why I never stand under. You'll coast I'll. I don't wanna get a rogue kidneys don't mix and Six Flags and claim the medical emergency. And the Frontline combat it and that's partly in. This is Jessica on the premium at Studio One. How Leo how you doing Jessica. I'm what do you deal. Gaining momentum learn until about two weeks and I go back to where are now it's if you have the whole summer off. I am coach Saturday at Starbucks at certain times. Jessica. And in a recent study. Women who wore socks. Reached orgasm 80% of the time as opposed to those who did not. Who reached orgasm only 50% of the time to act or track. Act that's a map LB you know and you know so much about medicine and orgasms. God but to me if you just think about it again aren't I you know I really have no idea but I'm thinking. If you Wear socks. Your circulation. Will be pushed up from your feet and your circulation will be better in your body and what makes an orgasm happen blood flow I. So you're saying. You are correct that that's got an orgasm. And sorry Jessica but next time okay throw those socks on. Immediately got the only got two more weeks to be in mobile guys and yet that's Betty yes all right Jessica. And finally this morning it is Josh hello Josh. You don't know what's going on. Not much court and well what do you do for work. Order. Where don't work. Out here zero. So. You're going for tickets to see God's Mac and shine down and the chance to meet both the hands on Saturday night. Up it brought. The hits on. Closing time. By the beach and semi sonic. It is was written about closing time at a bar. Fact or smacked. At. That LB. You told the story votes on you when Hsu when you were doing the muse music call Japan and we players in Ramallah. I'm an gosh now. It is indeed issue math. I'm sorry to tell you but I will let lead singer of that and explain to you as he did onstage recently what that's on about. Good news people rivers. And why it. Didn't today. They. Yeah. And the song is about birth births Albert knotted at the Apollo not about last call dense. Plus column of whom musicologist supports a I don't know how many people have have have requested that at 2 AM or 145 somewhere. Because they thought pressure that's. So. All right nice work LBS magic I think you nailed it by other and you exactly back yes. Policy here is a woman texting in who has had kidney stones and given birth. And she says that labor is 100 times worse than kidney stones well so yeah. Justin in the energy loan needed if there's anybody don't. I mean there proof do you guys and I'd let you ladies god bless yeah. Here is attacks have been through quite a lot and I can say with certainty that he dislocated shoulder is the most painful men and nodded. Pretty manageable size pretty painful. I mean it's Cuomo and now you're Superman but it's. I dislocated my short hours or you know and so as I personally haven't tried what what what what is what would you say is the most painful thing birth. Oh yeah no I'm nearly severed you know I learned shot not overnight I think the thing the thing. You know when you when you get injured. Year your body goes into shock when you're in labor you're completely in. Aware and back into writing in your world with all dealing with said bowling ball coming out of some tiny little spot. Yeah I mean you worse than the you know if you're not. Taking anything you know a guy not getting in nappy girl over here now than natural child there. Twenty minutes later. I don't know why anybody as the natural child. Perfectly fine drugs that are gonna harm I don't know him now but does a lot of times they changed their mind at the last second yeah. First shot and drugs. That there are our rights. Big news today by the way. In the automotive world. And that is that Aston Martin. It is going to make several. Of the James Bond vehicles 48 in a limited to special edition amount I think they're only gonna make it the of them. They are me this is a good deed. The street six to 82 horsepower. 3995. CC motor. Hold on a second. So mom. How much is that they begin to go 3.5 million dollars 3.5 million wow get a top speed of 145 miles per hour here to 67 point one seconds. Heavily export these famous revolving license plate and other gadgets. Machine gun I don't know if they're gonna have the machine gun unless I oil slick it was there that projection passenger seats. Now they haven't. Specified exactly which other gadgets the gold fingered DB five include. Unlikely that you're gonna have any kind of machine guns but it will look exactly like the original all eyes will not have airbags seatbelts or other safety features because according to an Aston Martin. The car is not broad legal so that F you money put in an irrational you can't even drive it on the mood in theory mind. Let Julian Wright that. My. Half million dollars entity that thing out for rides. You know they know. I wonder. Owners Ernie close I would be shocked if he didn't. Again Ernie on the show because the alpaca news in Jerusalem that they were going to use them able to show. This is Peter from Florida on the premium Ford's studio line what's going on Peter. Moore. I'm going to show what's on what's happening playing great I've heard I heard that. Jump over a doggie gate is the most painful thing. There was a guy there was the guy tweeting me yesterday. Who had a near doggie gate incident and it just was able to see yet he sent me tweet. And he was able to save himself last minute by grabbing on to the door jam or whatever but he almost suffered the same fate. Palace face planted myself in the day tripping over baby gate and exits in Foster kittens in a room and I flip flop got caught on top of it. Yeah so my leg got held back yes terrifying when you have a baby gate for kittens. Always wary tourniquet out. The house is there and they're there and a dedicated room now and my very intelligent dog bella. I have found the lever handles on the veterans in my house she knows how to stand up and opened them she lets you and eat cat food and whatever in the little box I had the baby can't you she's terrified baby gate keeper and yeah. All right today's show is presented by Arco store technologies you're data center solutions provider for more information. You can go to echo stored dot com that's echo stored dot com. And now at the wheel we'll all federal voters back that means get the favor of wanna say it. With a WAS. Sports minute. That's brought you by Matthew prestige and Robert went to the masses of hair restoration if you're tired of being ball deal with there issues. Call 1800 get here go to your PR dot com. Swung on and drilled deep to right field. That's going back to the wall is gone home run two run shot. Like that number nine hitter Craig Allen and Rick were some of those given up his third home run of the night. In the indians' lead for the first time that is fine with three Cleveland. That it adds up 54 and the fellows were up three sip before. Mr. core solo gave up three traders and he's had a great year so hey look everybody can have an off day game two of the four game set tonight. Vs Cleveland who is first in their division several five are written NASA and ER Nathan bald Eagles. To the bumped from your your guys yankees are nine Barack and I'm the first of the two game mini series against Miami. And I hate golden Sox roster that's 20/20 baby. Are 20 paths out pre season number three in Carolina Friday and I. Now it was announced yesterday that he stadium for the loose socks is going to be named the polar stadium. Paula does yeah polar park. Because the polar beverages people. Are going to be sponsoring it fine organization love it yeah there. And I don't know if that I assume they're gonna move the date polar bear over from the polar bear plant over the over the stadium or maybe we'll have another acting and other polar bears another right. All right well now do you like that a lot of people don't like the warm socks name do you like the most Sox. Shiloh of that appearance and last year I missed your mr. baseball in your mister Worcester Waltz it's it's gonna be the lowest Red Sox who. Sox is awesome yeah yeah yeah for the warm socks is that any better now the world's loss of. Flo TV in the last night to Andrew Luck was factor they were they lost that morning nineteen and he's coming back from that shoulder injuries and off for 600 days so this is good to see him up there. I your division now one top five in college pigskin famine number Warren. Then you've got Clemson Georgia Wisconsin and Ohio rules they. Gamma looking. After. Third time as number one of three piece which I messed up you know those sports rooms were accused him after September 6 single game tickets trying to knock. And so right now and the fellows are on mirror their summer fare on tour they're in Springfield yesterday. Charlie knock the boy and result in a boat shaken hands and signing autographs. And they've got three more starts so Google that in the Little League World Series is still long. Fewer and tobacco and you know not for nothing. I've for a guy keeps forgetting The American Legion championship best high school kids that's honors while on the champs of game. Now origin vs North Carolina to our 7 o'clock when he asked piano I'm albeit. Smith's sports men and they did say the Bruins did say yesterday that berg he will be back from his surgery which out of the game you know we have the what's never got played with a punctured so we'll be back which is good news this is Dave hello Dave. And a more aggressive early morning tell. Them. The issue. Right. Yeah oh yeah yeah. You're you're you're Q what they're gonna old standard stadium yes artwork for yes Kelly square. You can scale is no but what will prodding L where. Yes I'm very familiar of a lot of things are gonna tell our. It's the worst considered by many to be the worst intersection in the in in the state if not and in New England yes hot in many citizens are they going to do something infrastructure wise to allow people to get rather you have like a ramp right off of who ninety that's what I've heard that they're gonna restructure Kelley square OK and it might make sense. After they're done the intersection because right now really doesn't bug. I don't know I was just like hearsay. Yeah at this point I mean the design for the ballpark looks it looks nice looks like can I carry Camden yards in which is I don't buy it be great for that city and doing awesome for the Syria as in his defense and the you know you're gonna see the guys you know coming up lemon coming back to rehab and stuff you know ban or sent down whatever there aren't her thing about think about how many games you can bring your score spoke to. Well and keeps score because that's. My share David Starr again every game he's here he keeps it brings is on scars put Aziz mess their base. Ball usually Liam alone though lose Sox. All right we'll be right back. Well you'll like LB and you forget things. And everything like you remains very tough for clarifying then you can and tell Alexa. Wake you up to this show so you don't forget and you're not late for work or you're not Wafer. The year golf slash fight the scheduled for this weekend the golf course all you have to do is is ask Alexis them. Wake you up to the Hill Man Morning Show earlier NWA effort. Any time during the day you can ask collects and play WA AF and you can turn your Smart speaker in two. A radio. This is radical Iraq. Deploy reportage no longer with fluid. And to get back to that what they're stock. It looked albeit against a key get that all the beer you could just get a jarring pitcher capping the uncle. No effects their kids there's going to be it's that the answer yeah same kind of wall. I'm there are people who are texting in I don't know much about that Kelley square area but since you live out there you probably do it's my favorite place to hang on and was there there are people texting in the it's a bad area and action of chosen patients chosen to put the reds now and I'm talking to mr. was the right now you can gentlemen second bites come along one. You know it's got its problems like any city does and there's some places around there were there some. You know there's some criminal activity here and there yet it happens but. You know. They're coming from Pawtucket. Yes it's yes and I'm not putting down what's dad yeah I'm just saying that you know that didn't have a great reputation either the you know but. Countless scores fine I've gone around Kelley square so many times I've wondered do that intersection drunk so yeah. Midnight in Paris and I I've I've hung out around the clubs and bars down there for a lot. People have families and young kids it'll be nice to be able to take them to a Minor League Baseball game you know what a Red Sox Minor League Baseball and that's not. It's closer than Pawtucket. For a lot of people say it's it's not that. Was just ten times bigger than park doctor. Bottler Latinos already promised I think something in the range of late thirty million dollars. As far as yeah yeah helping out. Beyond building the stadium. That battle areas. If if it's propaganda what should quit reaching the army you know Dan of what's to come and always have been. Kelly scores amazing there's like forty. Weaving shoot twenty bars probably Achilles restaurants and you know between you know two or three block out that are going to be around the stadium it's. It's like building a ball park by trying to at all. Danielle I know you probably don't wanna talk about it because years about it but could we discuss. The alpaca. Is that is in the news today because the alpaca. Has lost its life due to a junk food addicted. Passer by this except to Dick I would throttle and if I could else yes very mad and where where is the story from Florida yeah. Fleming island. There's beloved community alpaca that was born about a year ago. It lived it's swimming can creek elementary. And eat. Was out in an accessible field kind of like Tino ones in appalling indictment read it right sold this governor. Who drove eight blue vehicle. Would. Routinely like weakly to right up to the field and dump junk food animal crackers Doritos. Chief next eighteen what a waste a great junk food and I. But secondly he thought the alpaca like the junk food yes so we kept dropping it off despite the fact that he had been spoken to about it. Several time snuff so any time the employees and the volunteers spotted him. They would go clean it up. I think the peanuts where the problem here and then pour alpaca over indulged and die. What a shame and people who live in the area are really upset this is actually in neighbor. I think it is despicable most. We've whom we love good animals than maybe you do at home I just can't believe somebody intentionally crowded field. If they do their dads are really role. I was trying to do is try to be nice break feeding it junk food and spoken to if they didn't speak to them like it's ill maybe I was just trying to give its next. He can't imagine that it an animal is going to be able to subsist and it's it's not it. I'm just getting word. That the official alpaca expert on this show. Ernie Boch junior is available on the ISDN lines from the box states and ready to give us some information Ernie good morning. Are earning. I'm here I mean yes. I analyst. Very found out I'm more about Lama an alarm was little more I know something about Al packaged their Pannemon miniature version of the Lama went second. So I thought you had and and Al pocket you don't and I know how long comments about Islam which is you know like a big alpaca right. Right now and feeding image is an issue I ever. Place on the vineyard and in a lot of people there in the days hang out of the fanfare and I have scientists say please don't feed the warmth down. What does the mom eats. The hay in the eyes actually like. Lama food that you can buy kind of like gone. Like Guam a child like organic Lama food yet again it's now gotten and the thing about alpaca from mama's which is interesting is when they prove. They've proven once fought. Until it's so big that they have to start another wants to really giant circles. Who payment eventually you know goes in the grass but it kills aggressive first. So it's it's interesting economic crop circles. Now did you get back. On now Ernie Al Packers did. Like Guam as they don't make it's all packed as you can they they shave them and make clothing right like swell guy you dig it. You know in some parts of the world. Alarm or alpaca Jiaka could be twenty grand mean it's crazy are. Now speaking of money we were talking earlier I don't know if you're listening or not about the James Bond car yes. You could and you have the iTunes app from right there are now I can't believe they're going to do it I mean you know and and and I don't know I'm the gonna get away with pity safety standards that they have to put in because those cars work. Absolutely. Gorgeous but not the safest vehicles. Well it's three and a half million yeah I know about it now you can to get out on the road it's not it's not road ready okay all right will that make sense because. Yeah you know those cards would not. Past today's standards would you get one of those. Hurt now I'm I'm I'm you know I just can't keep spending three million dollars and car I I just don't know what's. What is the most what's the most you've ever spent on car. Under a million under. And how many of those you. I incidence in today's world there they are actually good investment. Rather there are people are making millions of dollars on these vehicles it's crazy well do you go to the do you go to the auction casino. You out of Barrett Jackson yeah so I every here in meek in in good being in yeah I go to a lot of those auctions. I would assume though that did Aston Martin is gonna have. A giant waiting list for these 25 feet I look at at three million plots and people have to report it's crazy yeah. You know that stand bills there is probably. Like an alligator in some other engaging yeah yeah and after watching the fight it out over I don't enjoy it I'm sure you've told people befall him on his program. I guess happy she's showing the things he's when it comes to life he's he's already won it I mean he's really incredible. He is one life. Monday that. So I guess so that's what you would not you know we don't need it don't it is Packers or alarm or lovers they'd be you know you you don't know something that you think is. No problem. What we have a donkey in my father used to feed him necco wafers. Well. You know eventually kill. Now in the idea you never know where our you know fortunately the necco wafers didn't hurt you you never know. What have been techs who would like to know if it would have been animal crackers active day fed animal crackers would that have been cannibalism. Opportunity to the end and help a little hard time twenty to thirty years. Really big problem Ernie attacks or wants to know if you investigated. Buying that Aerosmith. Toward van and I decide that I was shocked on the first offer that he made. I was I mean I think it was 22 grand was the first offer it was an American pickers that was it I think at that goes well I'll miss 220 and the fingers. Was literally in half you know and yeah so decrepit iPod 22 assists stand up offer yeah. I am what the end of the noted ended up selling for I think 22 now. America. It is you know we're talking about the animal crackers and stolen. Packers llamas or whatever. Sugar kills your. The animals what are your dogs are people. You know it's not Jewish it's not just. Shock courts it's it's sugar it's I don't give your darned and apple don't. You know feed your animals the proper food because. It's gonna and appeal. Through Ernie eight parks there is lines were talking about cars. A text or wants to know if you'll get the new Tesla Roadster in 20/20. I would be interested in that the Republicans mosque is saying something that no other manufacturer. On the planet. Have fed war has gone Ferrari Lamborghini portion nobody he would claiming. This vehicle will do easier to sixty in under. Two seconds that's not very not a vehicle there's not a vehicle that you grew by BP but god the everything is nothing. That is under two seconds right now on them you can spend 510 million dollar the Ferrari you can't do nothing. He claims that he would do that and he also said you can drive it into a cave and rescue. A Taiwanese. Girls are Thailand I soccer team. Let's you quickly grew to speak in a car loses just a definitive the best bang for the buck on the market today. For sports car the best bang for the buck is a Corvette. Z absolutely. Terry. Through what the new Corvette offers right now you would have to spend half a million bucks on a Ferrari. And what do they go for Ernie there's there's still under a hundred grand right. Now I think they're bigger and bigger there in the mid you know buck fifty bucks per carry but still compared to the other cars you can do the same thing the Corvette and the best bang for the buck. Where you stand on mosque getting in trouble for tweeting that he wanted to go pride. And again I think that I don't think that's department all but I think with ma is that he is you know he's like and frankly he's a guy like that is born once every hundred years you've got to stand behind America. I'm just afraid he's gonna get into legal hot water and that's what's going to show up so he do you really believe so you're saying that he is that like once and a 100 years absolutely genius outfield or like I'm trying to hit the Brent Franklin of today. Now he seems I don't know if you read that the it was a New York Times piece of community where. He talks about how we can't sleep they announced that deep do you feel like he's kind of cracking up a little bit yes or yes but I mean. Look at what he's doing space act human halfway. Through the genius that is amazing. This yet this text their use said this but it's under two they're saying that that roads that are. It is zero to sixty and one point nine one point nine climate that'll suck you back this year's C nobody has ever done that. That's that's that's now what else quality and anger and well you know I think the weather's a common down here we'll get ready for winter I know it's still you know beautiful summer but I'd I'd prepare ahead I think I'm I'm excited about it via. Now what do you mean like years stocking up on rations through our normal I think that I'm done with summer I think it's over what his next case. Yeah yeah. And hey next page yeah. Month saw men. Shut your mouth and now thing. I don't laugh a suburb should go fill us till November around my house on the main afterward. Q I'm excited winter burn it on its Delano oh really. Absolutely. Let's see Ernie your thoughts on these sky line. GTR. From the text or an analyst that's a Nissan you know very nice very very nice the old one DD BB would be ones from the from the eighties I assume he's talking I guess incredible incredible vehicle worth crazy minor those things. If I guess they were probably. Seven gray and brand new and now they're well over a hundred. We should electric car talk thing when there are people people and I know we should do we should do little thing. Where we invite from listeners down to my garage. Again national law. Yes out of the ball arm yeah soul of the vehicles hang yes I mean that -- if it's a really pools base while we do and what do we do that which we do that to the lakers would it would during the show or African doing it you know I -- -- after and and elective like food and some yeah I you know and I gotta say they'd you know of course I'm Melissa RP one they used to call people like me on channels they still they can still do. We should do something for the great hills foundation which does incredible. Incredible things. Instantly. That it costs are the foundation like that where all of a sudden something happens in both. Don what the car when is your car. Barn thing going to be done Federer OK okay and I'll bet that's him on the level of two different things. Yeah that's old Edmonton in a while it is. I called downer yeah that's here is better it's a whole line yeah. No I'm single yeah lets someone carrying well I'll aren't really doing as well that would Arlen that would be awesome and excited very gracious and and can I bring my corolla. As fluid and roll out jewelry for us. Of people are texting and about their own cars now they're like how do you feel about the 97 Ford Fiesta. Hey I love for my. I was I was fortunate enough to. To get a GT. And GT eight we halo. Fortunate enough now what's how many of those that they do 250. Worldwide. That over and over about over about a three to four year production and how much are those days they haven't quite priced in yet. Like you order their own price of spot. The ones that have been coming out Jay Leno has on and that Russia where they got in trouble for telling there selling his. But they're about you know depending on how you or him 67. Now really. 67 large. Yeah. 60700. You know they're going right now if you can find them on the market there and they're asking two million form. The few eyebrows and fell to two million you know we should do is. Legion one we should we should try to get. Try to get light. To bring his new tank. Yeah after the event to did you hear him talking about the tank. Yeah he's he's insane he hunts turkeys on my brother in laws property. Yes he hands dirty view that he looks like he's going into Vietnam when he could not come and experience you guys see the pictures of tennis in the tour is no Turkey's. What a bad. They've got their views Chideya giant and he appeared on his relatives who literally. A you know I I peso only feeding them. Will people texting and about this event like this person is like. I would murder LB in the street right now for the chance to go to earnings garage and for great deals artists like is that yes yes. But please set this up I am a female car enthusiast and I. I'm a female car enthusiasts and I'd be it would be a dream to see earnings Kara you know. All all girl garage great guys great show on velocity or. Al Gore garage three girls they killed. Helen. Something else. And an offer that for the car fans out there I'm doing a build with would can big picture rides. He's a when I'll pay off what we filmed the first we filmed the first part if it takes about two to three years to do car backed Yahoo! gonna do it I. They think it's going to be on on the seventh season went what is this thing where I'm a he's re doing in 1972. Pentair. What's that today that was a that was. Car that was available through Lincoln Mercury dealers. In the seventies and early eighties it was an Italian body with a domestic and and how does this show work what you going to Europe part of like the build of the car and yet what happens is he's a very he's very sought after builders so when I first talked to. Like 9 in the morning it was a five year wait. By 4 o'clock in the afternoon. He's had ship the car. That's awesome. Good god now you're really really good guy there's so many great shows a barrier that. I bits and those guys I bet you rides that are they're dangerous and just being. But where the real deal there ever they are out there winning awards in and you know immigrant they're they're builds gold for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of all the only. Good guy. Good you know are at or let's make this event happens and I'm glad you checked in I'm sorry I missed identified you as how aka expert when your along expert yelled packet expert is your friend in my friend. Pat badger from extreme. He's got a whole apocryphal yeah. You know knee deep in a yeah irony. Are now learning about two. That's it's. Well hello bow. Is there no are you Serbo grass you know emergency can't say I would look to go to that event as our wolf I'm reading now record you guys. And that Bernie wants it what the end or on the block of the exit. I think it's I think it's a pretty good idea for event bicycle do late afternoon early evening or some dense against them food and Arnie has a beautiful bar up above. The garage all the the fine. Would that came from me it's like a the fine mahogany on well it's not that it's more likely endangered species of tree. Cyprus on well it's like the FEMA it is kind of like a a meaty stern and who god via a place Atlanta. And I wish kind of yes it's kind of allows each and got a musical or are we were at the end you should adopt I don't know I was fighting my way to get some breakfast it's its view it's a beautiful and the good news is. I'll see some people really enjoy that signatures now and some people feel like they can't relay because they can't afford the cars cars. Cars of cars that hurts the EC that's the misconception. Of cars. It and that's why car shows right now are all the resort to food channel you can go while. And buying a crap. Food or no law. Take it back to your garage and if you're willing. The fix it in did and I did this happen overnight you watch TV that they make it look like get out and 40s40 minutes yeah okay. But you know cars have been the read each of them in in American history since the beginning of. Yes well since the beginning of carts there. We asked you before we we got to go if you missed anything this morning you will be able to hear it as a part of the also podcast which is available for download at WA AF dot com anytime and up next. It is the WA AF fourteen bullets over an hour of nonstop rock without any commercials tomorrow on the show. It's asking attorney. 835 join us tomorrow for free legal advice from mark in house.