HMMS Hour 4 - Figured I'd Keep My Panties To Myself 5-17-18

Thursday, May 17th

This hour we talk about the new bikini barista coffee shop in Texas - Double Cup Coffee, Danielle calls in to recap her experience at the Kenny Loggins concert, and we are joined by Terry Crews who plays Bedlam in Deadpool 2 which opens this Friday!


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On during the under reporter earlier this week so Terry crews will join us at 940 right now it is 903. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to. Daniels out of chips shall should be out tomorrow. She's down in Florida where she went to see Kenny Laden's last night and we hope to get a concert review at some point. From Danielle if not get it on Monday on the show Monday of course Monday's mine will be in here Dodd who we are hoping you. And provide a home to and you have adopted over. Forty. Is of the Mondays months who have been here so 730 on Monday show Mondays might. At eight and on Monday's show we will go inside the simple mail mind that means if you are Whitman. And you're confused by the way the very basic very uncomplicated brain of the year boyfriend and guy you're gaming and I wanted Gator your husband or your ex works then. You can't text LB and he'll provide view is. An opportunity to go inside the simple mail minds so themselves that is Monday. Eight tan and and if you are addicted. Four nights like. Apparently. A certain Red Sox pitcher and you'll enjoy our interview on Monday. Waited alive streamer. Doctor Luke oh cool is. I think making about what what are we 750. Grand. A month or some of them that somebody's telling me the other day and we did the story will be here and exceed fifty were in for a two week that's ninja. Armitage even 715 the so it you know will yeah. You can make a real living. Playing Ford lighten and or you can blow a lot of money in my case. Anyway that's Monday and it eight. 35. Here's a 617. Tax wondering if there is any word on this year's. Miss bikini pageant. And yes it's happening in June and I believe. It's not next week but the week after. Ernie will join us for alive announcement about this year's miss bikini pageant nice lot of stuff coming up I just got a tax analysts say hello. To our good friend Tuukka Rask who's started to show and Sammy. Two good semi attacks and said that he is going to be. A celebrity bartender at seaports strong. On that's on May 29 this year adulterous goes in the seaports oh where where to go will be behind the bar. Is. Them according to instant actor Jon and bunch of news and and whether smokes and it's. It's you gave tickets now for that event when he noted the great deal foundation dot org that's the Miguel Angel foundation not orbits all the things it's it's. Amazing food from Dell Frisco is on the Schneider for you get around all over the place and and eager to sample all kinds of great spirits and wine emigrate time and laws and. And Africa and yeah hostages and I want it scares like Matt Light. You know Tom Brady. Overrated. You know I know you're not gonna let this go they're just. There seem to be. Not a lot of support. For your application. For Matt Light to be to go right from the patriots all painted the NFL hall of fame people urges. Don't they don't that they don't agree you I mean I don't don't take a person. You know you know we added we are here yet another alternate I would wanna have some noted one examine how. Now one of the best goalies in the league. You know the bronze sucked last year or earlier hands aren't big enough to Mike it's bouncing back and flip it. Yes the girls only had heard twelve points last year base Stockwell now on my god easier I can't believe how there. And it's you know. Speaking. Of the mess bikini pageant we had a guest judge last year. Carly Joseph the bikini varies though from Washington State Jonas. And there is. Wondering what the women who listened to the show thing because. There is another controversy. Waited a bikini but Reese though or two. And in this controversy two days from. League city Texas. Where. New Kimi breweries that copy shop is has opened up in this case in this case. The breeze that's where line injury. There and it's. Apparently people are have been losing their minds in Texas because they believe. That the women. Who work at these places. Are being use. So this places called. Double cops caught. And if you're if you're a woman. Weighing in on this you can text or you can call. But do you feel like somebody like Carly GO whole war. Mortician Valentine who we're gonna hear from them in a moment. Are being used. And honor I'm being taken advantage of by these bikini or lingerie breweries the businesses here is what. Mortician Valentine who is a bikini Reese that says about that. I'm definitely not being use my bills are being paid. That's all that matters rain I'm just for anything that's different. All right subsidies for anything that is different. I don't understand people when they pick their poison get upset. You know the women the jealous women post wires are banged up forgettable it's a respectable home after. Work ten hours a daring thing from home and take care reform Icrc president food and their terrorist but some smoke. Is wearing lingerie. Now he looks good and it may get a rousing game tipsy. There there there have been strip joints. Well that only constituency there's. Let them know that as a matter I don't know whether it was a nothing day they trying close. The coffee shops down and they. And they called you got that out in the open and anybody can go to it that one of their big arguments. It granted this is Texas where the the breast implant was invented in in his however one of their arguments is that these are out in open and then somebody could accidentally show up there with their kids or something and and I am beginning. Copy from from from from you know. Porsche and her inner lingerie and teach their kid got to be ashamed of their bodies. You know they're really matter that they're mad at their husbands are buying. At two dollar cup of coffee and leaving it to when he got there. The leadership right you know it's like giving I don't think I ruled the family out. And drive do this choir for the bus fare so well today yeah dad they don't know that the squires is strip joint when I agree sponsored by the north. Texas says it's ebony Tex if you apply to work there Howard you being used. Now. Here's a 617 tax which says as a woman. My concern is how is the coffee well yeah. I mean does manner isn't it's a 774 Texas is this is probably true. The women Wear less at the beach if you bit of each lately it wears lasts at the beach than they do. Here is a six on seven that I'm a girl more power to those girls they are making money and having fun. So I mean I don't know oh here's a woman says I'm totally jealous of those girls if it by attic. I get paid to use it as well I'm. Familiar virus expect I'd be a stripper. Oh you're gonna display your six pack or what's left the bit about myself at the corn at the beach Cornel permanent. Battered him in it's mine I just love everybody that we're short shaming me with the naked gardener thing yeah. If you wanted to put the picture up 121 years old plan for the Abrams I live you need me to show you my smell. Stopped thirty years ago I. I just. You have to get over the fact that I've already been there done that. Boss mine knots when you've been to Thailand when you've been to Finland when you've been to Russia when you've been to the Greek islands when you've been to Hawaii. Five times. And call and boss finance a bigger. Guns are retired and good. Here is that tax time off 44 year old female. I would love to sip coffee and stare at a gorgeous women and I'm straight. Sell it if it seems like the majority. Here's a 774 Texas says it seems to me that the men are the ones that are being used. I'm yeah that's it. Yeah that that's. Yes let Tracy. I idea. That Tracy. So I don't take it and that's all that help reach the thing I don't think that that should be an issue I think even many men are cocky and in a hot little you know cut little. You know cut out shots or what but the Intel construction not at all. He's got a it's a court in college you know I'm Eric in a ticket or college you know. They bring it they know what they're up against. Eight HO to take that let them be you know yet all I don't work it right keep my body shape you know it like. People won't lady you know folks do you want to let apple get married and kids can't let you take your kids don't eat eco women out. At the end they wanna be eighty. That's rational people out via bit cheeky not a beautiful and it embodied. Let them beatable they wanna teach and you come out and make money you lobbyists are not going to be twenty more yet they saw Leo and. We all we all know what but they're going to be in twenty years. I today I mean that unfortunately age gets catches up but the years catch up with all of us so you're right after they should absolutely. I think the thing that bothers me is. People who feel the need in this day and age to speak for other. Clear minded. Adults who make a decision if if this woman. Am. More dish. Decides that she wants to be a larger rate bikini buries that and she's making money. Not your job to speak for her he chose that she thinks she looks she looks good and she wants that that's what she wants that bill. What do choosing a bikini. Serving Italian nice oh yeah on the beach at old orchard business valuing your family are sitting there and the kids wire time knives they are you'd be. There's no differences and then. Hold the phone the sentinel manic depression to hold the phone. We're about to be joined. By our news woman who has awoken. From may wind induced coma in Florida she will join us in the second. It is 916. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies. You heard data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to echo stored dot com. I can't wait to hear this voice sounds like let's go to I don't know for going to the hotel around or at the breakfast buffet or. Or Kenny log ins tour bus right now I don't know where she is good morning. Good morning. On her birthday is that you want to let them use phones relatively coherent what how many are actually. I had an ambulance takes a period while not critical hotel last. Talked at wanted to couple. I'm proud of them and you don't yeah luck how was he should know. And the incredible. Really really today he did anything. Let our favorite Lleyton has scared up you appreciate that. When they get injured on the scene archer I harmed you look at the Jumbotron was spending. Added to really get. We are all separate they're now what I met but not an amateur usually. There is another bikini batteries that controversies. In Texas. As they're saying that. These women are being used and they don't. Let me explain it yes well that's a how to get there well the greatness dance. House. Did you mom enjoy the show. You get very much yes you love that you looked at it in it Utica pics show from then on she invites. That we'll. I'm at that you'll look miserable in your instant Graham because of how moist the humidity was and the Eric your hair fell. Our viewers viewers you look like you're miserable. It ain't so I don't know how people live here I don't play at this attack period last night on M I took to the political position. And look to support this crap any day. Didn't like it walk out eclectic blocking the right. I hate the fact. So so so you're saying you're there for the weekend you're seeing you're not doing what he's by the pool loop the now. Trying to rattle some color. Upper for the bloody Albanian. Political poker he has. You're medicine and may be. Yeah India the other belittle mr. blunt but it we had in that. I cannot let what other practice psychedelic record and you went out reigning Olympic. I'll behind me and I'd. It looked like tap that it would complete right so downpour and then eat a copy what people kicked in the aspect and. You know acting the part so that nobody else and how to go. It was not it was quite it quite as saying the shot himself with very economic parity and how it. To deeply footloose. He didn't like Cutler would collapse are the latest outlook outlook on core absolutely incensed at the encore what else I mean. Maybe I guess what do I do it could be I am all right catch and I think really I think. What do we get I'm worried about iPhone and only did no Alan it was early in the set. Did you did you try to meet him that you throw you in these. On stage and we gave he'll that Michael McDonald level seats that plan though I didn't. Oh I think he mentally I thought they were relatively act as well I don't really want it what do you like her people are doing a little fat. And did you didn't. Like what about waiting form to come out that way waiting by the that whereabouts and the disease still haven't ordered it that badly doesn't have a disease that is he still able to afford to tour buzzard is the applicant coral like a Mike Hsu 100000 mile plus and that is around. I think I knew I ended all right thank you brought it. Well what's up what's on tap for today any sightseeing any he only gonna gonna go to the Gator rancher or anything like that. We're gonna can't handle. Brackets certainly petty. And our connector that it hit that little bit and again agreed that never been. And and the Davis Cup and we made the heat stroke that. We. Just great equipment that they are. Can work out simple you know that is the to keep even now I Hitler's effect and actually taught at an eight hour drive from Orlando right out. Well I mean there is listen we live you know we live in an area where we yet. Two months or two and a half months of some errands and of the really really beautiful others though. You should while you're down there you should take full advantage of it and certainly visits. Believe. Did you say I wasn't listening earlier did you say you're going to the keys. I did grab a tag. Would did. Okay. Greg and I don't repeat after. Once had a ball. That's an air Roche by the way did you would you do with the carriers last night because Ahmedabad in the air. Mean to cover model Ahmedabad near. Some don't understand this this person says they can understand the vacation. Where you're driving around town to adapt what you are here. I cannot wrap my head around Europe officially sold well when is why many hours. And then decide to drive eight dollars. Well and I'll I don't know let's or are you if you if you are you know go to the keys for the rest of the trip to them fly all the yeah. I'm excellent elect a guy we're gonna go there. Right in your receiver Eric and it's treated me like I'm happy I'm not a quality you got out are eager to air that. A certain at a certain that the arrest me if I mean you let you do it again next match really actress coming from you know yeah well that summer next summer's I union mom and I admire your iPad. You're gonna give an RV and you're gonna drive across America Freud. Here's our house put down on the cross country trip that's one of the greatest things in the right yeah that. I did my family did that when I was it's a senior in high school yeah with you there yeah it's OK I get and again. Called haute. How appealed reviewed the whole time I. It all I don't know how what are bachelor wanted to be gates doctor MacArthur out. You'd be able to pull over to truck struck out there that's the fried steak that's what did license league team was made more. But I think the ice and is waiting with me for my I'm trying to think I'm I'm. My my alumni body and he's a hall of famers elegant you know Yemen is in Minnesota. And I iron and and and I'm forgetting. The CD has been stranded in Allen you're out to hook up you know listen he's so he sold this house. And they black you know down 400000 dollar boss RV. You know outcomes of Armenia with living room the pop out Saldana. You hear who's. True over on the matter like people living out of a and after all you know what I want to go to this late in Iowa. I. Yeah I don't approach unidentified 3000 mile mostly happens soon hang on for a week on its ozark. Great obscurity rally campuses. I the anyhow I hope will be put it in the area about it and started out yes. Forcing some can't it's it's it was this I'm glad you finally got to live here realize your lifelong dream of seeing Kenny log ins and I hope you enjoyed your. And tell your mom dale N Campbell we'll see you when your back on Monday right. Found it yet I will be back Monday I promise and enjoy it if I. It is 925. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. And now LV single pregnant women get horny tune out with a WAF. Sportsman. Hot spot in my abductor Matthew trustee doctor Robert schedule your free constitutional 1800 yet there. Yeah you love it Mattie was on the showed it making graphs. The all around amazing great guy great guy great dad great friend and a 100000 d.s he's amazing on the 72 we put in the patriots hall of fame. It's been an interesting point four rounds and I have to say that looking back on my career and reflecting a little bit appeared. Man we've we've had a lot of fun doing what we did. We got a lot of fun on your show and I wouldn't trade any of it for 12. Yeah I like malaise has made them out like yes and he's headed into the patriots hall of fame while sir you've got that right. Red Sox a couple of traders and they roll forward to. Or I should say 64 over BA's fuel finale here's the pitch. There's a drive can repeat the last letter mailed back my 378. Did two run homer rigidity Martina here's the one want. When they're that I don't let him hot pink back but unlike Iowa and. Three run homers then they're not that it had Red Sox completed six that soon. Great call Joseph WEI Red Sox trio network for sale hi K nine so that's. When he. Four strikeouts in his last two games for a one. Maltese don't wait for four price cormorants were cell and Rodriguez. Will see the bird's Celtics are enjoying. Some days off they play the towns Saturday out in. The flats in the midwest or up two zip foreign Brian Brian. And now we'll see what happened. Happens out there that. You know JR Smith no extra extra arm hard foul on Horford and that title movie I cavs secular charities of opportunity joining us. We've got to be tougher you know I think that plants suffer and we are we see that they're being physical. Public go to the game up and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically and we just play hard we we go out there we compete. You know Celtics basketball we really embracing the Celtics basketball play hard we've got each other's backs. Yeah that was Al Horford response to line. I don't think the Celtics are good morning it up I mean that's the last thing that I see from this team I hear us. What what is this so basically. We're supposed to inferred that the great moron moron has so much skills that we got a bunch of goons. Who are interfering win highly skilled. A basketball team right and right like it is and his parents tried to totally knocked Brian brownout. In Sydney gimme a break all right LB thank you very much it is 928. Moments away for a from actor Harry crews. Who'll join us and talk about that rule we which opens up. And Friday. And he plays bedlam. Hired chief there an officer can explain. Those of you don't know what bedlam who bedlam settlement is amazing sandwich making powers. He is an hour and shut off electronics and things around them and a robot uprising to doubted that avenue team. They're bad have on the plight when he's manager texting are the only intelligent nieces and get them. From your honor so he'll join us in and just a moment or two it is 930 says and then. Fallen apart over here where mine weather's sponsor of the nation is I do know holes on. I do. Though weather is brought to you this hour by Casper sleep and it is going to be. Cloudy for most of the day today there may be some sunshine. Outs for a little bit this afternoon temperature will be 72 for a high. And right now it is 57 years in beautiful shape right Massachusetts. Which is a 100 night risk free trial. You can discover how Casper has become the internet's favorite mattress goat to Casper dot com. Today. Hey. A long time listener of this program. News smoke. Jessica radios. Just tweeting some very interesting information about this morning's. Produce truck accident. Apparently it was being driven. By two Brothers. And one of them was behind the wheel and the other rather was in the passenger seat and care and the other brother was responsible. For the produce truck accident. On line. The bridge. A story drive bridge several. Several years ago or or a year ago right when they smoltz signs and a trial like almost tipped over. If you are members sell. Obviously. The that runs in the family with regard to the driving skills Italy that's that's real a. You're headed right into dancing and yeah. You know we're all now and Andre now let him back in the candidate now that is. Is that's the real truth now one wow. And Dexter who listens to show described that as a total. Plot twist on on Twitter so. The office. Terry crews Israelis go through your theory on wanna ask him since he play in the NFL about a year Matt light's argument the you've been going into all morning on hey Terry. They would apparently heard. Well great great just I'm real quick. We earlier on the show we had patriots former patriots offensive lineman Matt Light on. And he's he's being inducted into the patriots off the game. LP was advocating for the fact that Matt ought to be in the hall of fame. Purely because Tom Brady is so good and because he was his backside actor for so long so. Wheaties and we use them on that without having all the statistical information in front of you Terry crews. So far rather make a lot of sense. Are being you know these. Some personality later so so I know for a fact that quarterbacks this cute they have their blood and so if you go saying it's all on call of the it's kind of like saying throw the ball in the air and it charges several public and garden you know that word. It is having an IIQ he can't well it Eritrean government that so. Bill only would you out with the people in the hall of fame that deserve to be there what street that's well rather. Now as a guy that went from the NFL. To acting. What do you think about Bronx chances to do the same. I think it's great but you know this is this the hard part and it happens with all the athletes there. You have them on polluters because. What's gonna happen is you been the spots where you are when you come out to Hollywood and so might you know you do there instantly your view like yeah. Oracle the yeah yeah. That's far far rather laughter. It's not that we can't do it they just can't take the whole boom there it was cool. There it is questioning daylight. Go back and we also eroding that and they quit it just can't have that more. But there. Noah I don't care ought to look almost double play in the water at Iowa you know what I know well we're working. Working security for. All of everybody that we ought to do what they learn more. Equipment. I. An aircraft last. I recovered her alive or you know quite well no. Doubt that but I do you. Did you create a leak to the build. Up our governor of the people who were. What's what's within a year ago was what sweeping floors. Sweeping floors because it will conduct you do that is you own. But my way into people who live in the trust me. A little more responsibility of being really good at it like a good that felt good humble anchor. Looking ahead and implement activity. Is something up and learn how to do yeah instead of football player oval. It's ego okay. And could push guys who put colored. Everything what and it also in your city or Trenton in the. Our well our chief nerd officer Mike you have several questions about damn cool to do so glad you went first of Narnia. About your ego. I was once you figure articles have largely been a marvel movies easily. Unchanged and it it out I think it was like I am what took so long ago. I. Always rewarded you're always being called adult. Also could be a lot of people the right thing remarkable. Rubio and the main call that Leo him quite well and as super simple so good from a secret of comedy you have an actual. And now they are like the I'll work on our issues and to perk could run it like to purpose that. The perfect deal and it just isn't it I thought oh my cabinet and political I would. Game. So all about that obesity one of the right the right. Character what was it about that you want to put. All checked it Luke would. Comfortable over the years is there will be a war like characters. And my big thing divided Golan and enable prime like characters. And playing them or. No public schools black guy O Eric. The report here a country where the words you were immigrants that ultimately. It. Is now. And what happened though. This could go to that are no matter the white realized what an old. Couldn't pull it could really political lot of character go already existed in the meantime it is. The problem looked particularly tables well. Hope we had to go got to dig in Britain and create New Yorkers quarters with in the book but I'm a little bottom and it was the people you know and right. Apparently. If there are did not want the America that will always know news. You know it is all white guy in there and started playing ball limited and we feel we didn't. Yeah I'm itself be Terry and Terry I'm a huge span the movies I think our end just unbelievable off the charts amazing. What are the outtakes like there is so much mayhem going on Ryan Reynolds is completely hilarious you guys must have a ball. On outtakes arm you know one when they they yell cut. And you guys must just enjoyed their entire. Predict what would regret seeing is we reduce or they would end up like a different way. Oh or you become. Look at what happened that it could still quite another joke. The other being added that a little doubt about it. Imply opting out and they are well I think I'm. About that it definitely opened a black. Of all the oil Bill Clinton could do about it Lyon who. Need it created. Very all who didn't let. Who couldn't create any our local movie that I think it's going to be like I concede it yet. You cannot. And ordered it all goes up there in the movie you know. Oh and almost impossible. Luckily with the crowd in the most tasteless. Moment. And if you'd. All the facts and let alone. Or they won't release. I wouldn't they are all deeply. And you would appreciated if everybody listening so. It doubled to five or sixers. Are there. I and some. Several techsters wanna congratulate you on the renewal of Brooklyn 99 which I have not team. I haven't seen. Art. Okay you can't go into the mix their interpret. What they're gold political it's I don't. Thirty hours later. Picked up by NBC's good news right so he's no luck and there scattershot now. Well they had pulled to opens up. Prize for a while tidy yeah credit. Opens up tomorrow and Terry is that Guam and Terry crews it's been a pleasure to have you on this morning thank you. Are got a you do area alone can. All right. We talked about yesterday guys were saying that I was is a buffoon because I haven't seen dead pool so to me now. Maybe outline one the Thursday. A comedy yeah yeah it's it's a really dark. Action marvel movie comedy. I just don't like the superhero films. That's been well documented on this show I think you'd like this is they make fun of superhero films are packed and it. So it's got a great sense of humor doesn't take itself too seriously at least at Ryan Reynolds. Yeah well maybe after the corn hole championship and on Saturday I'll go home demise to my place in ocean park and sit down and watch it. And watched at pebble. Right I'm Max out our graduate grab yourself for senate kind of stuck. That sounds awesome. He's the sort of on his appeal now ready to get a large cheese pizza from bills off which has the best pizza. See all those things that have been talked about on the show. Can now be settled. On Saturday by by all of you who are attending the event. Because I you know I have. Alleged that the Brunswick might be the best beach fire in in the United States of America you can find that out for yourself on Saturday. If you attend the first annual Greg old foundation. Each Cornel championship I've said that bills pizza is the best that there is but then then leases across the street to do it better than I do is. And I've said that I said. That the cinnamon buns here on the ocean park seven grocers the greatest cinnamon buns and then you have the favorites. So well like it is yeah so I. You now have the opportunity if you join us on Saturday. Find out whether or not what I've what I've said is accurate so. And you can by the way he can go oh. And inspect eight and enjoy the front car slams and all that stuff that at the browns would you have to be in the competition. To join us. Counter perimeter Europe through old to a middleman foundation. Watch me crush everybody we silent auction going on there. Or me investments are yes. Your former teammate shoot bottom will be showing up and taking. Taking his teeth out and dropping in the polls in people's drinks that's one of his atrocity does. And so. Is when fearful and I want it now get over your drink if you're talking with shoe bottom up there on on Saturday. Let's see here's attacks 978 Texas says Greg there are big newbies in dead pool. So it will be okay that's rated. They do. Rock goes which by the ways is again. Second or third bills when it comes to the pizza. Rock goes does have fried oysters fried. Or Rios by the way all solid fuel strategies oasis now. I don't like Gillick is and daughter were talking about appetizers that he'd like Friday. There's Verisign and again bill I guess stuff. Okay are or are taken back I love fried oysters and producer Sarah much with coleslaw often do you enjoy that. Now now. And he. But yet they do a fried Oreo as Iraq goes down down on the Euro write down across from the peers so yeah that's like right next to the arcade right. As a cross streets. I'll can leg across the street so you have a crisis you know you have them the rotary there essentially it's not really a rotary because we only ever arteries in mass holy about it. Where the where the key areas in windows on the streets meet in the center of old orchard. You got bills you know which is right near the the dairy queen. And then processor yeah leases India Broncos and then you can you know you can track. I encourage you to try to slice from altering and sooner favored let's it's an army. Race he can I jump off the beer. Yahoo!. I've known people who jumped out of the year you know there's a bar and club. At the end of the year what's the name about where it's called here. And I've known people who have jumped if they claimed to have jumped out of the window and into the ocean out of the second floor of the here but I am you know. I have a feeling that's frowned upon our. Yes it happened last year and the parents are rubbing the bouncers ship via an entire low tide algae and flowers and now wait a second. A tax they're. Is saying. That the smoke. Who played. Prodi's wife hair from homeland is dead pools girlfriends. Now I'm definitely watching. She's we don't have Danielle here to Google and things like in February and Amos but she is she was absolutely beautiful. As Prodi's around for a last let's. Eighth the all right anyway. Larionov Bok arena if business that is since that it yet that is their name yes nice work. Irate. It is 953. And we gotta get out here coming up next it is the WA AF port to a blitz to get. Over an hour nonstop rock without a single commercial so the work they blitzed. When the affable carry as your hosts coming up next he and she will have a code word for you in just moments she's been called many names ever affable I don't think I've ever Vick or affable she's very affable guy that's out when I'm -- me let me make that clear it's not after. A bowl it's half a ball cap and he's probably as many of you are I'm a coworker us right here say that she is the is the former glory but she certainly is the latter's though. I'm she's apple means friendly albeit in the Indian and and how are you zone and turned Wilson's. Stroke. The glitz and the tax code word all coming up next. We'll be back tomorrow morning we have LB on today in history there are. And it gets out on ninth and Marlon Wayne's Pollyanna Syria yes ma plans in the studio with us tomorrow morning. And then of course on Monday as it heads out we will have doctors leave though the for nagged stream here doctor loop hole on the show Monday at 835 that's a heads up for you. If you're playing for right now. Writes. Highlights of today shall be missed anything including a higher amazing interview I bout with Matt Light he really. He reminded the really about it today that was he was he raises worries he had some great stories in just. He's got a heart of gold and he's just an amazing guy so he missed Matt lighter anything else. You'll be able to hear that as a part of the full show podcast which is available at W dot com. He can hear our one hour to hour history and our four. In their retiree. People are taxing all morning that the gas was screwed up yesterday with the it was briefly okay and then and it got one of the ours is only for minutes of sorts now for some reason only five mission but they read it. Was. Would you do just isolate the five minutes were LB wasn't. Interrupting in telling stories and then the resident now there's only five and expect not expect that of we'll show podcast at WAA. Dot com. Thanks for listening.