HMMS Hour 4 - Fat Disney 3-16-18

Friday, March 16th

This hour a discussion about a woman being fat shamed at Universal Studios spirals into our plan for a new amusement park...Fat Disney, also we find out a 100 year old woman's fountain of youth is beer, some people are saying that Chinese food may have too much salt, plus Were You Paying Attention!

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The story about the fat shaming at Universal Studios so we will get the that. And just a moment. Now at W all hears that code words you need to text in for your chance to win your share of 300000. Dollar. Got word this hour is planned PL a pad and you can text that code word. To this tax numbers 72881. And you. Will be entered to win 1000. Dollars a reminder that message and data rates apply. Just text the code word plan to 72881. Right now and you're next code word coming up and and get them all day so you have a lot of chances. To win. Me 1000 dollars this is Brian hello Brian. Today we it's the and where did that very issue. Newt Judas Priest yeah it is right off but yeah. Yeah man out to you what's good is the new Pearl Jam sigh of relief that. It reminds me of not for you a little bit it's I'm they kind of held back on the production model yeah ourselves are good kind of slick but the sounds nice and now I really really like the new approach him sit. It should get back to I think is free album is the best and think you'll. Really. Since. The neighbor regarding a woman it universal Harry Potter right yeah. It's you'd be surprised that you look at the court said the people mistook it agri. Are going to capitalist capital he would do topples into the slid into the mine is. This is just adjusted. You guys let's I actually agree with belt beyond this one. I get the double wait nobody cared about as some of these wait I'm so these are strictly for hours and yourself. Our country had a lot of overweight people are accommodating every all always first you know what a lot of the writer at 56 hour wait. Yeah I am great this is a great opportunities open human when you're involved in being beyond ignorant that you are. A fat Disney. That Israel of all I don't know that we cynical about which he called that right large big into all does that bone Disney big installed as a bone rites Pamela -- metabolism challenges and -- god like each -- only fits one person I don't see Disney and each ride you can only get one person and this and that you didn't think they're big enough firfer fat people yeah branch out via. Here you. Fatter arts. Yeah he's charged double but there's only one seat and started here and called a cargo plane. The sides are all reinforce them right don't feel bad going upper fifths of them off day. And here's a Texas says I love how Greg is conflict and on this because. The inner Jenner in him wants to defend this woman but the elite runner wants to make fun. Yes they visit the conflict trees isn't sure and that's their right here if you don't if let me let me make a bold prediction here as temperatures start to creep in the forties and fifties over the next few weeks. It'll pick back up and they're running routinely empire and the day before yesterday their dough don't know what that quite well once you monitor your own exercise active I and then let Sarah that's placing a lifted Apple's us access going to be I would I would first taste. Before and I'm sorry when was storm Tuesday yeah. I went for a run on the day before the storm which was Monday who I will run today animal model run either Saturday or Sunday doctor Gregory and efforts. You again and a whole line. Running. Close call in merchant interchange well you know yeah I can't walking fast clothes that would be energy industry and you know change special though chief technology. An act to access that. 71 text says it should become Disney's excel. Yeah I heard it simple that's perfect great clothing line at. The characters you needed to. That's the houses the row and then you know another 3480. Feet what about fabulous Disney unity demonic. Call it full flood below its level. Fabulously what does it in the media personals of the EP is not solve the love BV BVW. Are you right I think if you don't like I Shuster and act like he's not on the personal and profound prizes aren't. I get in my genes that he landed. Brasco Rask Oracle's Alia a moment. And then what abouts. Each ride has a tray on the ride for food. The brilliance. That would be brilliant attack back all the you have to change the name of its small world. Annan. And the sand world in its did the fans where Oudin after yeah. I'm with you I know last year all. It is metabolism challenged Disney did the food and then moved east. I don't think Spanish it's Randall click on the premium for a studio line premium Ford no one will sell you a Ford for less what's up Brandel. Now the only Danielle on the senate battle world whatever you are way back when why and there's vaporize bigger confidence Irish. If you were dead fat when they came out the graphic right. But it doesn't. Work out back then well I guess it's it's about quantity not clawed I have ever gone to visit like a. They can you send word overweight. Didn't didn't LB just say it a quality. We Americans are overweight. And his concerts themselves. Well yeah. It's of an outlet on him. Abbey ever gone to like that Paul Revere ouster of the littlest house in Boston is ceilings are really can't get you know people are only new to this people can do people are tiny. Now I don't know. What does angry Mickey think of the large people who can't ride the rides. The watch where the water and cool but this. Is. You'd you'd be able to get in the pants and notice you don't ever Wear pants I'll tell you wanted to lose a few problems. On a what I've outlined she'd be perfect host yeah. I mean. Many doesn't work she stay at home. Should somehow watches the Disney Channel. She's got some going on goofy. Whatever that is. Well you've had a line you guys battle on marriage. So it is not cool demeanor. It's. Just. You're either short look at to rest the slim. Black most likely eggs. You let herself go a little bit of garnered less. So woman isn't that she believes that she was that chain universal and she has filed a lawsuit. Today's weather brought to you by Subaru of New England supplying all wheel drive vehicles with eight passion for winter adventure. And it is going to be sunny and temperatures going to be in the upper thirties today in the weekend looks good if still. Hinting at a storm a nor'easter Tuesday into Wednesday. Probably gets that sorted out I guess hopefully by Monday. This is Mike on the premium force to be on what's up Mike. Bill Warren great heard the news did he excel. Your focal point should be shouldn't relic apple. That they eat and also with a woman that was a universal right eight. It doesn't seem like they're really ashamed for it seems more like they were just try to all of their job date. We need to get as many people on this right as possible. While accommodating you. You know I. That equates to issue aiming though in the social justice warrior mine Barack. Well if Puget didn't hold the door for me it means your sexist and I'm a woman. My opinion I thought we know in terms of your fired people we couldn't get on the right there and waited for 15 morning merits of Greg Hill correction Mickey Mickey Wear shorts Donald doesn't married man now shorts. Did that kid. Her backpack but a boo boos aren't. This is this is chain hello shame. Ladies and gentlemen what or not what's up. Rock let's ashamed nobody I mean machine. Consume one of the day. We're just one meal was the route you can do whatever you want. One smooth what are. Use what you read talking to me are you giving advice to this woman were like what's with the focus or or shut down. Once noted. OK thank. And you put fried chicken and gravy in the movie asking for different urban active on odd. 48 hours collars. That's rejected an earlier this that I loved the show because. I know that 50%. Of the collars are gonna completely going to be completely off their gored in the use that or Florida like that are up on something at their highest as tube socks that there I don't know what their deal is you program the callers come all the nonsense. That's right oh he is. 209 tax. And there are suggesting that the name. The theme park. For larger people should be called waste world. And I don't mean. All Californians that an appropriate announcement California hello KO one. I waste within me. Beautiful and. I can't you right now I can't handle you being on top of everything I. And blowing minds left and right gag. Are you. You know what is that argue it is the reason that year so sober and coherent is because you're gonna rip it up all we can proceed at heart is that as well hockey puck. There are no way no such workings mites may be a finals now. So you know could have a couple of three games this weekend so it at all when it all this is are you gearing up for not being any any I don't know I think if I you know I think it's paralegal are allergic reaction. I'm like did you can saying you know usually aren't completely out of my mind first saint patty's day weekend writes I don't Thursday Wednesday through Sunday. And and I am I am not even participating in the some may be you know I don't know maybe it's my mind it's. It's the Texas says Disney should have fat pass where the fact. He's going to get an extra. And you get more room it now I'm at now does the fat pass override the fast pass. You have to Kenyon is so many forget passes you can and I have been out which ones who proceeds amounts like a new four way stop the growth spurts this it is top. Hey Tom. Beijing. I am to eight years old world nearly. And at what that I ever Woodstock generation I was close and I just yeah. 01 of the document read the that read Dave Everett it. I got it yet in the but anyway. If you watch that actually you have any reason to be it actually and it it well. Well yeah that's interesting is that the digits in much cocaine. Good. Ousting I don't know everybody could have or cocaine. Notably Kirkland my hard. Of my record on bastard okay he didn't exactly it's about an hour days. It really expect now that's that's a good point out Tom did you mention Woodstock. Okay. Want. Him. So and by the way and yeah crowds. Snack. These small. Its. And yeah. Then just OK okay. Oh. No let. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We are good. Hello whale be 978. Techsters says. Bah ha ha overall. It's the self short kings not the night's. Eastern and I didn't hear what you are sure united nearly says. In this prisons. They oh they say they already have a theme park for fat people it's called Six Flags. Or six times now but at. Supermarkets Superman ride they got it did that mural of course they got to where you hang out relates to hang in years upper bodies trapped in months. Those are great which the mind racer the other miners who I am telling you doing college you like going on those things. I don't I love and then the best. Yes and rip or fired rides and then hit the water park. Hammered. On this piece of it's perfectly legally serve beer at the one reporter even after being hammered. No hammered when we do and the rights of the best it would who is intensely would put it on and I put it well that. There's like when it is like when you went to the carnival when you're thirteen fourteen you you you don't go you go big that the part about it right. And I think they've merely been shipped. Down now but they had it rightly did with the with the alcohol sea world. Yes because of the blood in by Budweiser and still owned by Anheuser-Busch or endeavor whoever they still the SeaWorld. SeaWorld candidate out of business right people on legacy of these animals is that that it accurate that the whales jump out of the water whenever. Meanwhile the little extra one pregnant women and Angelina as loves Atlanta constitution that will run Libyan notion as long as the whale as wet the Wales happy. If that is echoes of there. In 2009. Busch entertainment was sold to the Blackstone Group and subsequently renamed C world entertainment stuck. There's a good documentarian SeaWorld which might. Honestly all kidding aside change your minds about whether you wanna go see that kind of thing and how you feel about it so. Different you get fairly date the aquarium the equivalent to a Boston colonel Graham a little more. Did you watch all things must pass yesterday now he's a legend starts here are you know larger over the weekend I'm trying to watch over the weekend report back on Monday. It's it is excellent great document. All right let us get to this. And now LB everybody. Get done. With the WAM. Supports that brought you by doctor Robert. His doctor not look for a few the masses of hair restoration. You're tired of being involved please if you have any kind here issues call 1800 get here repaired ER dot com. Change let us change a light pole. Yeah now. Her best team in the NHL read nothing in the final. Fox radio are for the Florida Panthers the bees had the dead in game one of their Florida two game mini trip. Panthers. Led viral legend John Lawrence Frank our second place peace to resume last night and time to open. Was a casualty in the net next up the first place Tampa Bay Lightning in the first of three. Against our arch nemesis sole idea fellas get it done insults are on the load. For two. There in Orlando that night tipoff 7 PM dolls were a beloved drives they're second in the Atlantic behind the rafters and fourth overall. In the NBA with fourteen to go they are playoff round. They wanted the big dance is in the books in the road he's got an austerity yesterday at 1215 with a barn burner in OT. C Matthews what did drivel. You rebels still alive skeptical three. GAAP town action yesterday day one. I messed up for your eyes duke ouch that's gonna have to be an amazing performance to move on. Providence has Texas a and M today started all off on day two. At 1215. The bigger upsets in the first 32 number eleven Loyola of Chicago knocks off number six Miami. Number thirteen buffalo first ever. Winning him attorney did beat number four and you Arizona was a big dance favored the the choke BB 968. And so gold bulls number one know my number one Kansas pulled one number two duke does. You heard they're gonna play you are they worn number three Tennessee number four zag you've got to down number five Ohio State. Also in the W column Michigan Kentucky and Florida. 12 you can do all the action to get the rest of the information grapefruit league start number one for mr. price collected did not disappoint. Talking out. Pitches one away. Wanted that its constructive. Now David Price was laser show going four innings of five K who's sick ball yesterday. Sox started off six six nothing but end up winning 75. After it was all said and done against the jays Iraq's Red Sox have the twins in and night tilt tonight. Patriots grabbed Jason McCord yes it's Deborah McCord he's brother from the browns' first rounder. Pats got a second rounder back. In the deal bill out of according to some corner competition so pretty cool stuff you know being able to play pro pro sports with your Brothers. After you know Malcolm Bart Butler you landed in Tennessee so they needed some depth obviously. And I think this is a great ground. PGA Arnold Palmer invitational Hendrick stands at eight under Aron wise. And tiger are at seven under tied for second. If if by eking grabbed their shoot darts I think care we loaded the 77 foot putt tiger drew bringing. Yesterday's deal was show. Not there no worries about right now. No. When I first came back as a matter of just getting my feel determined golf again and I think advertised on and not really thinking as much on the golf course it's like to see your ceiling on and that's just because that's not done it feels like him. Somewhere there's so Waffle House server who's getting lucky this morning and afternoon and tiger did tiger that so that all. Yeah thank you my issue here. All right. There's from my shoe in and for everybody else's. Hundred year old woman who's in the news today really not fair and beef jerky time and that the of honor it's we really enjoyed the local news stories that way and that it reporter gets sent out to interviews the old person who's having. A milestone birthday and you notice that my good friend. Jorge Quiroga clinic yoga never gets sent on those stories he is the real is veterans like the let you know foundation. And the field. Old people's. It will cover the bunny race that the elementary school issue. This woman's name is mental occurs via via lives in San Diego. Our Sunday. She district 100 years old this week. Celebrated Herbert it was a lifelong friend who's forties older than her and she talked about. Heard daily routine as it pertains to her longevity. And I do my exercises. Every day. And had my career. Okay. It's. And I think. And glad you're okay. That is talking loudly yeah and my hair like yeah yeah. Are you happy without your birthday party we. At the nursing home. That she enjoyed. Steak tips also. People of that audio by the way I keep it greatly tweet via its inflation. If you missed it via the day. Tom sent us some audio. From our 101 year old friend Larry epic rule was. Talking about his favorite food. Favorite food. I guess word three. Straight in the tape is speaking but it depends on listening and what kind of state. We're you know. Whether is that the way. That's the beauty. I could have. That's close the base that chips dips chips yeah takes jets yeah. It's a big mistake to make easy mistake you know right it's obvious that you know I. You know that old woman really enjoy what I mean you don't read sports. Match you know that. You know I'm you know who how old is she she's under 100 yeah in. Nose she'd be perfect 40. Manhattan berth. Yeah. Oh. It's it's if they are. You have a fire speaking. Of all right so here's the texas' so much for coherent LB tiger is four under. And tied for fifth place not seventh according does that does that 127 now what I said. Yeah yeah I don't know what. These people. Right we got that. Have a bunch of new stuff still to get to and then we're gonna get to where you're paying attention on today's home in morning show. 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Corvette and the wild world we are leading in addition to north America's finest showed cars speed out pop up. It does build with traditional route because then sovereign and watching legendary guitar builder she feels she's got I've. I did it play more than they're trying to show Friday meet WWE superstar AJ that Saturday's NASCAR kid. As a jet silver lining to the World Trade Center stuff where that Tom yeah. Insider presents smackdown. Once they're done. He stone knows yeah. Missions can. Plus taking gym and some US champion. Moments dreams are made. Only. It's too simple. Men's ice hockey northeast regional. March 24 and 25. When schools and board today. Here's a big news. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is now in your favorite girl scout cookie inspired flavors like chocolate eats and men's toast until tonight Paramount and creamy peanut butter cookies pulling it down again. Clayson participation may very limited time offer. It's Greg Hill. 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That's what health care feels like at reliant medical group let's say you miss an appointment of health care screening or even need to visit the emergency room. Let's check in and see if you're OK because we know I think you have the most valuable player on the health care eighteen. We make sure they therefore you. Even when you're not an hour off mingling at reliance medical group or. Eight as. Hill Man Morning Show. Way behind. When it comes to the news this morning we've been distracted me by multiple interesting stories Russia. Have required a lot of in to play with those other interest in them so you wanna get some news before the Canadiens. We might as well okay news is brought to you by bill reckon motorsports during ski use winter celebration at Dover motor sports scene up to twice 500 dollars. On select 2017 snowmobiles subject to credit approval restrictions apply. He dealer for details brought to also by Subaru of New England featuring a symmetrical all wheel drive Subaru Impreza. Bill to accompany you won your winter adventure it's love it's what makes the Subaru superhero Subaru of New England dot com. By the way coming up. Why experts are saying today. That you must cancel your traditional Sunday night take out order or die. We will get through that OK we'll get them momentarily to good food can I can't try to quick Friday renewed being free charity event sure next Saturday the 24. Great event that's been going on for ten years now my body Timmy don't and the marlins' fire department post. I actually goes off well it's it's more than just chill. Firefighters cooking for a cure health departments and all of the North Shore and beyond. They come together timber sport yacht club and they basically do big cook offs on the judging panel not popular vote what they like Greg's easy. Italian chicken they might edit Symbian entered into the competition you are an honorary member of the PF FMI and an honorary Massachusetts firefighter yes I have the white helmet that could bring him yes. So what is it an amazing event you'd end DA cooking for a cured dot com. All been all proceeds benefit the Massachusetts muscular dystrophy association great event. And also happy birthday to the golden voice to wife of our friend Scott Trent from echo store it's the lovely Gail drinks birthday. Oh happy Bert that you yes he'll turn on speaking of cooking yes I am going to. Publicly issue a challenge. We are. Broadcasting live. At the capitol grill. On Marathon Monday as we normally don't yes. And I am thinking that during the show. I will challenge the executive chef of the capital grille shifted. To a cook off. And I will determine what the dishes and I it's going to be. One of three and it's if it's going to be crabby it's OK I will make the Greg's easy crabby. A recipe yes that is traditional. Dave may make them anyway that he that he wishes Arnold and I deterrent I I am guaranteeing him. We're gonna do will do blind flying blind taste test with the winners who get to come to the event okay so data and give up on presentation completely up and largely admirable actually make it blind lap I have blindfolds a neck while I don't think my presentation menace like. Sports a male only on the plate that's not code. Dots. You know you are spoon that was McHale did you do it smear with a bag got burned out of your this year or any other mission here the place. Yeah I got a durable artful yeah yeah definitely presentation I'll give it away yeah yeah yeah. But he'll probably be like com. You know he'll do the big you know food the executive Lee you've probably used real crab meat into real speed and gravity. We don't blame them really well election real she's occasionally it has the flavor is proud of a sudden I. So. I'm just telling you right now what we don't have limitations for that's a great idea the that. I'm so yes amen to that time and during a live broadcast and I think you'll have the chance thanks not heed onions and those people win your away and it via broadcasts. I exactly all right now listen excellent seven tax. This person is saying that our governor is now pandering. To those who are concerned about the general workers time off you have garnered I hate to blew into relation of RD blown any chance I had of Marty loss coming in the event next Thursday. I wanna blow with regard to the governor but please tell me that he's that there's not a news report that he's in. Among Amanda and there's no way I I think he would say it's it's a general it's a real person. This feel like this is a standard governor baker answer and he issued a statement. Party he was asked about the issue at an event yesterday and he said. I think many people consider general clapper to be part of the team that delivered freedom for slaves in this country good answer but the name over the building itself. Obviously carries with a connotation that. If the legislature and others think it's an appropriate thing to change that's certainly something we'd be willing to talk about. I feel like that's our pandering necessarily that's like oh OK I wasn't here are. He's saying that we talked about it or not doesn't Adobe doesn't talk much about it and opens like a 32 conversation where he says. Eads would waste of time stop acts like he used that via. Our way. Now of course if he's if if left up to the legislature Texas says it'll be changed just ours does you no longer will cost about 600000 dollars. Nothing else pertinent door. You know of great importance that's waiting and I never. Brent and now. She walls ripped apart and so sure. And here's the good points. Dave should plate Greg's food and vice Versa so did he complete my and that would really confused. And very I was just after each day if you plate mine Greg's easy grammys and Seagram. I'm Italian. These high pollution executive chefs and blow them out of the water this would he might as he Bradley's your confidence from hander Aaron for it I'm a blow water yet has none of them know how to make recipes that were in good housekeeping in 1957. Yeah. Government they're all like CIA turning. Well what is wrong. Hi what's wrong if half of my recipes. Use Campbell's soup as part of the the progression. All of Saudi army no studio ever you wanted to make my. Greg's easy mush from chicken with maybe make that for you Wednesday if you'd does utilized. The cream of chicken soup and of the respite from mother. OG mists hill all right anyway we were on the news or Lou tool where what are you talk about news ones. A video has been released by the Broward county sheriff's office. From the school shooting in Parkland Florida. And it shows the deputy Scott Peterson. Standing outside the building. 46 minutes and not going in while gunfire attack. It's really it's really frustrating to see that video now his attorney did you watch ES I don't watch it yet. OK I kind of like. His attorney as attorney has said that the reason why he didn't go in is because he thought the shooting was happening outside beaten the not acoustics is now couldn't tell where the gunfire was coming from I don't think it is it fairly clearly don't watch the videos of. It's one of those things it's it's kind of a silly explanation because if you're the police officer and shootings happening outside. You're gonna run inside to protect. Now you supposedly engaged the shooter so I don't know I if he should of if you is if he thought the shooting was going on outside it's news to me I'm not a listen I'm not a law enforcement presence August date that right up about. Have yet to be made an honorary member of the Massachusetts. Police in American Apparel and fearless man child that's coming up but we need to. He would be looking to engage the shooter outside as opposed to being in. And if there is accuracy my cars my point is if there were some confusion in his mind. Wouldn't the second. Steps say OK I'm gonna go to protect the larger. Amounts of peerless idea. Maybe I just I mean listen it's. It's an eight you have to have a lot of courage to do it but I think the majority of people who get into law enforcement do have a lot of courage yes and they wouldn't they would go immediately and engage. Who is with the shooters though they had to suit to get that footage released. You know I don't know I don't know why I guess maybe because they were trying to protect you beat people that were involved or someone definite what else is in the news today. It case it's closed kitchen rage in things for Al. Police are trying to find the identity of the man that they say a destroyed an awning outside tacit or his restaurant and things broke after employees told him. Sorry kitchens close cancer they all. It's late Friday night. Couple weeks ago three guys came in looking to get some foods and drinks and the employee told them that they could insert them because they were about to close up in the big guys to became very route went outside caused a lot of destruction. Dings replaced released surveillance video yesterday hoping someone will recognize at least one of the men and be able to give them yet. Mark. We were about to close our restaurant and we have given moment in the last half we told them that we could answer them because we're close and they were being rude in any way of saying thanks to the bartenders and they laughed caring man. Soon. Overseer of the maybe possible at morals not there. A text that says constant Torres is unreal really sounds good feel reckless. And what kind of food is it with Mexican Mexican food and we to have one of the one of the blind food taste test challenges be we Mexican blow off some time. I'm here any minute judge maybe talk closer. Or something out whatever alms yes you can but the way for national park code of course and a but. We get it with that the next one will be that Kravis and well and maybe not maybe a squeeze on again that it's your reference on Mexican food in getting in when you are to Mexican restaurant. It's strictly is with meat cheese nationals anytime someone asked. Is not go and retail does that hurt you with meat cheese nationals. Listen if I hate the people who go for Mexican and they don't put. An ass load of sour cream and guacamole on everything that's it that's a waste a trip you wasted trip totally wasted wasted trip. What can't do it he can't do that no sour cream no I don't know what's wrong review its descent in my taste profile. Sign of respect you achieve your right to have your you know like sour cream Communists now not not like I'll put it in mashed potatoes but I don't like it like on. How to be what he normally hate us kids you for what is up with our game on balance not when you're that you're making up a bogus they've you know like it on things like that only like it has to be distributed an ocean doll. I don't know what it what is he now are you did your bodily and power ranger bacterium from taking things out of the terms not on judge picky on. You know I just he'd like union one little tiny little. Little bit sour cream I just I actually just. Hold it under my nose and smell it it's like a dry martini and what a driver carried out just what the essence that the that the so littlest amount of sour cream slash remove it but it to possibly have. How we should do it for Cinco De Mayo would you do the outlined that very suggestion from our cultural appropriate now it's my cultural celebrations will not be ashamed to stop it. All right well I think Saturday the theory thanked him. It is Saturday as costs facility and let's can now. Both will be the stacks of says we have got to get to that I suggest that the crab Rangoon one we have to do that I do wanna mention. That there is a warning experts are warning you about. She gets me. Because. Apparently. The campaign group. Action for assault. Has revealed. Just how much salt is in Chinese. Oh really this new gallery and yet on and so. Due to a BBC report no amnesty which they discovered. That. Some Chinese food dishes. Contain half. Of an adults recommended. Six gram daily allowance that's all I thought I was at that I'm not that sort of eighth general gals chicken or what have you we're getting half. Your daily allowance of salt right and there are really concerned about it yet check your sodium content in your cheese when you put an undersea camera. It might. Stop the. Nobody doesn't know that there isn't crap on assault in China and I'm not ordering domain for my health brain out there trying to Oman. Then his own little platter watch my diet to raise too much salt and then they deep fried the warmer there except. The sad gum shall mean to this celery and at present itself the right what's that I just overdosed on salts no problem give me some water. The the main the main courses were found to have the highest salt content. Number one beef and black beans saw an awful lot like he has has more than six grams in that dish Obama. That's one of my favorite bean sauce so that's why they certainly TC can hydrate. It's. Daniel it's not a yourself or not saturate. The dishes the least amount where spare ribs and crispy duck and plain rice just cannot or any other had more salt than anything ironically. Tonight at four orders large. The white race. Blue moon. So I don't like chicken fingers swelled not want the fantasy date and works trips. Teriyaki beef and should throw electric random country it there will be fine yes so when he get ready to order take out on Sunday night's. Make sure that it's not a second went Chinese meal. What does a good job picking up may well as popular trying to atrial Obama's argument on me well. Parents. Let us get to this. Hill Man Morning Show presents when. Today's winner. Were you paying attention. Will win a pair of tickets to see the 2018. NCAA. Division one men's hockey north east regionals. Posted by. The crusaders. Of holy cross where we need TCU's senator on March 24 and 25. Visit and see double A dot com slash frozen fort to get tickets and this is. Jesse Jesse what's going on. A good signal coming in today and I'm happy to be here. I'm an account at fifteen minutes late but whatever. I got a little rushed out but that's fine enough and you know they you have to got a compliment windows so. Ovals idol a show Bertram posted start now. Pay an emergency planner for the city of Boston. Described what goes on in southeast Sunday by using what word. Who cute old timer. You shoot something insignificant but that's no no. It's an old time terms. Or not be certain that but the Imus gives me a little old timer myself. I am very tip that could get a number one I can't think that sap. What tip about my iPhone alarm did L gives LB give me this morning. LB was on fire this morning did everything right and what he instructed you to do. Blows you could affect your. Alarm every day days. Now I kid you nailed it. It's a future call 6179311. That's the premium sports studio line if you believe you can answer a question about something that happened. On today show hello Eric. Thought I Lloyd what's up Eric you know right backpack can you answer the emergency planner questioner do you want another one. I didn't get a question out intrepid over an emergency planner for the city of Boston and texted in this morning and said that described what goes on in South Beach on Sunday. By using what word. I have no idea a woman is suing universal theme park because she was shamed for what. Include that in an utter I guess. If he's some kind of mood this. A spell. Like a thin spell is the my I'm not to upload that carried Syriana. Back down again on the on the on the only person in the world who's not a fan of of their product. Eric Terry and this. It is dobbs hello dom. Welcome. You there are posters. With loads up dom. Are at work. Dom what entrance to the Statehouse those state representative Michelle DuBois want change. While the general order one yes the general hooker and entrants. She wants it's yeah it's me it's funny it's funny that wears the general hooker entrance. That's funny it is funny it's I mean how this sense you are crimes that teachable moment yeah. Hello rob. What's going. Much change. What cards in you know and neck in a fake radio date part war over. Are you got me. But the yeah holy cross is changing their school's mascot but keeping one. Oh yeah no idea I'd. This news. Frank hello frank. L what's up. And I know much union may get anybody get deep yeah old timer reference question what. It's nonsense it's there's. Assets nonsense. Yeah over and sell the on Sunday. The city doesn't like that nonsense and then there's a lot of nonsense that goes on there is lot of nonsense. Starts early in the morning. And it ends early the next morning. Not Saturday Bundy Saint Patrick's Day weekend. All right. What else I think rather him close to being up against the clock here so we are trying to get one more answer from Greg yeah solo grad. Oh great what's up Greg are you. The the answer to the fake radio deeper war between. Nik and Al. What are. Yes oh yeah. Math job acts excellent holy cross. They're changing the school mascot that they're keeping the the main crusaders for the sports. So it doesn't mile at least. It's either appropriate or inappropriate. Well you you your school's. And holy cross or a picture. Here you're yet enacted no matter why don't panic and I don't object to get a quick general command or opinions clock what everybody would have been quick I don't think you don't know will be Jim Miller's you know our body. His body sister pampering just reached out our goal Waltham high good luck they're playing in the. Basketball or hockey hockey match all right excellence. Well we are out up next to get over an hour of nonstop rock. That's the WA AF work they blitz in just a few moments ago Unix code word if you missed anything this morning you can hear it as a part. The full show podcast. Also got a call from mark which you get a double you have to console this weekend you're looking for some that do. Gillis an hour one hour to hour three hour four as a full show podcast without any commercial interruption. Will be back Monday have a great weekend thank you for listening.