HMMS Hour 4 - "Even Though I Claim to have Elite Runner Status, I Really Do Not" 4/19/18

Thursday, April 19th

This hour we have Cheech Martin's interview, Nicholas Cage news, women going braless, and Greg makes a confession about his self-proclaimed Elite Runner Status.


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A level you're at we're. I'm and after after thought that guy at this point. Right. Although you. Are and yet. They get access defendant who's disloyal I could be a bit lost at. I knew what we teach you look what they do they get to the real world. These lights and it's all right you're finishing what you look cute but. What are we teaching these kids were they get the real world and get bombshell that a what are they gonna breakdown. If if if everybody at work doesn't include them and everything when they go out afterwards for drinks are they go to that. You know they're gonna complain to the boss and if everybody doesn't like gum at work than they're gonna I mean it's just. That doesn't teach you anything about life now you're disciplining a four year old and she has a best friend get out of here and here. All right we're gonna doctor chi each Marron a teacher John coming up next. WA AF got your Bruins game five playoff tickets. Visit tomorrow during the 4 PM hour for the code work. 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Not unlike that ease of automated customer service getting dentures and Aspen dental is actually easier. In other starting at just 399 call 1800 has been doubled to schedule your boy. But today Aspen dental simply easier starting president senator that you were slipping to succeed for ways to traverse Huckabee went off almost photographer Christopher was approaching this which was a national championship parking in the minority community parents or possibly be kept from the previous season money DS just mentally and he just I Christine Beatty asked infertility and seamless and possibly do hunting party in DC quantity. Now back to the men who considers himself to be that Tom Brady of morning radio. Without that dietary restrictions but so please read killed in the rest of the Hill Man Morning Show. I promise that tackle you every day for the rest of of my life. And yell is out today with the ace. Matched cornea however she told us earlier on the show that she will soldier on and show up for work tomorrow warrior. You'll be back here tomorrow morning I get a real. I got a real problem on my hands and on my tiny little hands and that is that. Bruins legend Ray Bourque. Just tweeted. The bet is that all who do you think will win the seven point seven K between myself. And Greg he'll W. I am. And now believe them locked in when I was just merely trying to help you're hoping you forget I was trying to help promote his seven point seven K one of the most competitive athletes all and I forget a talent and a threat for us why don't I I've only done. Five case and even like claimed to have the lead runner status I'd really do not and all oh and therefore I don't nine and it's on the air and therefore when I get to the end of the five K even though I got a PR for myself. In the jingle all the way for OK I am. I'm on I'm a mess. Physically and I don't know that I do. I don't know that you do the seven Pakistan that attitude they are hired let me just get you over the hump you have to think about it. In merit foreign terms so Marek farmers. In the air in it you when they train. If they can made. The thirteen point one yeah. They know they can make the 26 point two yeah you've already done 3.3 miles what's assembly 75 mile qualified miles my lawyers are very purity securities 70% there are geared so you. In order to be honest the it'll probably be similar to the what happened. In the women's field at the Boston Marathon where ray will start in the front with the elite runners. And I'll come from the back of the pack like that second place finisher the nurse who only your second. Thing and I'll probably catch up rusty that's the average is that he had a huge after after a catch. All right today's weather brought to you by V and case smoke shop in Quincy. And it's raining it's gonna continue to rain for most of the day today some of you. Have been getting snow this morning an odd depressing. And and and and and frustrating that could be it is April 19 after all however. Snow land and it's gonna rain for most the day temperature will eventually get to 45 today we will be joined. By Chichi manner and in just a few moments it is the fortieth anniversary of up in smoke. And teach. Is celebrating. Who is a new line. Recreational cannabis it's called that teaches. Private stash Erfurt and Angie shall join us in just a few moments tiger about that on foreign nineteen. This is Michael Mike. Morning guys out there on what's up Mike. Not much I just wanted to call and without comment on the you know that it with the best friend thing. It's just another example of the not running the asylum. It's true it's crazy to me is in the kids only what forty years old you. Oriental or let's say we live we live and we live in a society where right now there's so much focus on encouraging kids to be themselves. And for no nobody to influence what state what they think they wanna do even at a young age you know if if a boy he says well put a dress on today. You know god forbid we column while you all don't Wear a dress that same time I think it comes home says that got about try and no we don't want to do that. If it's contradictory completely contradictory its flight. You're up you're gonna let kids growing themselves. And find out who they are part of doing that is having you know primed and that's when I wouldn't be I wouldn't be anything. In my life if I wasn't first note I got a few people elected consider my best friend my specific one Beltran that I grew up what I don't. What I'd be right there without him. If he and out of listen I feel like Mike again I'm 51 right if you end up with a couple really good friends at the age and IMAP. Then you're very lucky wood and it tenure does say that I would the world when you're when you like we're teenager. As you can carry your best friends of people would take a bullet for you on one on one hand your regular airlines and and honestly. Indoctrinate. To try to indoctrinate. Four year olds that it's bad to have a best friend it's gross it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's there it's it's really. And how you get that mentality in years. What year a preschool and you're supposed to be taking care kids is it's yes it's it's really it's it's a shame it's it's it's an. I think it's been falling in pointing to these four kids hurt I mean let the kids or two years old I mean there's so much. More so long and active life. And for somebody says it could deter them from something that they're just doing naturally. And it's not a negative thing a positive thing that it's you know I have this friend that I I relate to we are worse human beings. We we can find what people that we can relate to. It's just it's ridiculous. I wished I I know I know Mike Hsu wish I was growing up. As well that she each had been my best friend or trying to teach or China either and and and new bureaucracy. And and sheets joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show on the premium for its studio library. Warrior friend and turned it into letters already. I've hit some good very well the fact that your Holden. Is is going to be the year that you're gonna have a lot of best friend street should. I will also let it's hard to believe. That up in smoke is forty years old. I didn't. Go to Google does so fast. Do you have a favorite film of you able to pick a favorite a ball a little on your films. All the loose some that are more favorite there's this certainly it does look at the top of the list. What about what about favorite scenes like I was one I was watching smoke plus. And Xena viewed and Tommy in the car and he whips out that forearm size split. And I'll bet that those scenes if you guys in the car are my favorites the and you know those those of the best. That that's my favorite city to create a lot of women that aren't very good budget we'll let the light like that or. It's this is real quick time is it crazy to view. That the that your career incense was built on. The fact that marijuana was illegal and and now here we are today and your calling us talk about your new line. Recreational candidates as well as is that crazy you. And will assume that. This little loud enough credit and capital. Police were up 29 states that have legalized marijuana out so. It is actually more the norm and not. You. Yeah hey this young people come up to you because. I IE we are used to in grade nine my freshman year high school we have a great fit allison's house and we have Brussels should there was fibers about Randy to the Russell swap I don't mention that might lead lives quietly. Well lit and everybody we are mostly or Portland area that we used to go to great fields this house is his parents were where he was Georgia. Did the job were born boy they were older and didn't. Here and we used to listen to your comment. Weasel this year commonly marvels and yet date before when school Monday through Friday. How young kids slip younger kids come up you go dude. You're amazing you changed their life. Look everybody. In you know we mostly take credit for our buck chuck UK is okay got a job with certainty that made it about that was made here. And are you concerned that Hollywood. Will do what they do very frequently. And remake. Teaching John Holmes who is a new. New cheats and a new chocolate. Relieve tensions that are loud even though they've been that they can keep trying to pin that was the people. Looked very good student. Success. I played great column from this sometimes believe that I have the sub at the Pierre to crow about that will never be able to create. We create cheeks and strong because the texture and sound. Tell us about teaches private stash. Yes I can't it's. You could let you do your homework you. It. And then we'd be glad when all all of category is that were slow opening up that. Very California Colorado moved that is so hard just to our PM. Yeah that column in the Washington and cheer lead vessel to sit so. And some other person back east in the little. In the east so well but don't. We're doing well look you know and that and that says just typical because you have to do new home meet face it straight. Traditional strains Sandler. He kept so little trust from for most of two million products which now are used children involved and. Are you the CRO that she's read for office there. And. Yeah. That. Site and be blew through hard right go to as you know affect the. It's really interest thing aliens she talks a lot about the opportunities when it comes to making money in this business and you mentioned Massachusetts and it's. It is interesting as these states sort of try to come to grips of what is going on here is that is is that the interest in part of the business for you. Well it yet hit it just seemed like yes as an operative word. I he looked at me so it has some alone or legalized marital problems is equal amount or some other than that it was to do well slots and they want to be reassured Democrats that have ordered up by the people. Actually try to absolutely rocks and boulders that they possibly can't. But here we are 29 states and in every election cycle for far more so. You don't. Yeah could stand up for the local that this will look at that. Teacher merit is our guest I I don't this true or not but I had read one time. That stripes was written for you guys and the in the military would not allow that is that is that true. You know wasn't true that they that they it was. Offered to ask. What we do we hero world tackling what do you do that so the Castro strikes but they won't let. But the bar they have much in doing that. There are busy cities import country. Eight. Seats with the fortieth anniversary of smoke and you get this this huge box them out which has mostly the big bamboo gigantic Roland. Which is awesome. Wrote all the help Pakistan. Oh boy gonna get it right you're right they're on quote. So would that there any plans for you in Tommy's doing you can maturing. It. Actually right now sudden in June Z. And friendly government will be the show Chris. I. Script idea plot idea for you here. Teach and John. At the villages in saluting their target key to lose those terrible. Oh yeah and and other right. Look good news is black and Libya that is try to we'll rhetoric we're. Words can't can't stand who. Waiting traders any longer for right. I'm telling you to try teaching John at the villages. It would be you had gone I think you may have been on something now that's no secret exit. They so easy professional giving teachers on something would never indulge just like in the movies although we'd mistake got RX oh part survives all right this was a stunt lead well yeah that was the line at the time these days and maybe it's different than its gas. And a thought. US and tin cup yeah so right right but Saratoga the US a part of our what's. The Florida option awards two guys would we only Don Johnson yeah yeah. Boy the only reason a different dodge guy who has and in Miami I wasn't going to. Their job yeah you know I can and other cock yeah. So many hours they should have been in class aren't listening and listening to those those columns out. Now why did I I did read that there remaking. Chi Ching Chong movie with will Smith's kid you know now in both rice Kenseth and Daniel Robert Udell you technical. Larry. In other guests of the going to be women in this time Barack and racked. Probably start. That's right female actresses give them a chance to be teaching job embryos and Melanie and Jones's feed into. Nash Bridges that's yeah female Indiana Jones Spielberg is talking. About doing another one and making Indiana Jones. A female character maybe trial what you award winners and ice in his honor. Have you heard the news today. That Nicolas Cage. Is announcing his retirement. From acting after making said Marie. Horrendous films of the last couple of years I can't think of if I had askew. What is the last. Good film. But Nicolas Cage made of what would you say I watched it yesterday 160 seconds does that was pretty gone in 62 guess our door. I mean he does these movies where like his family is that kidnapped and they asked the try to rescue a man and a immense. He I don't know what happened I don't know. Who his agent and manager ones. Because he's made some official was awesome. I don't and McCain and now what was the one worry is a salesman. The dead to. God. That was another salesman yeah he was god what was the movie. Local rock was great the Ron was saying okay. Good valley girl his first and Israel is eligible that was picked. Connie there was great con air wasn't in incredible you know he was he was father and he was of the for criminal and he worked good appliance stores and but it was awesome to. Here is what Nicolas Cage said yesterday. In terms of both producing and directing. Yes I'm getting better production might like company's atom films. Is involved and although movies I'm doing now. And DirecTV is something I look forward to down the road because right now I'm primarily area filled months before. I'm gonna continue doing that. Three or four more years and I'd like to focus more direct. I see so I'm announcing my retirement it would happen in three or four glory years the Elton John is right yeah there's currency in my movies. Well he he was in serious debt and tax Terrell Leo Rossi uses the crime mini accurate arm of the name of the show. They do a show where they go over. 1% there's who have blown to all their Dell and they just stated on him last week did you happen cents a and they were going over the stuff. That he has purchased. And. Fred where is Daniel to Google things from me when I really hear what there is a moderate castle. Bought it definitely not that's acted and now there is a an animal. That he purchased. That he uses. To help him. When his actor and it's San therapeutic acting and Apple's yes and he spent an absolute boon now. No two albino cobras no thousand actual purchase now he somebody who watched will will tell you. But he bought like some sort of a rare owl or something like that it was right shrunken heads the pigment front Ganassi by I don't know he people YEE but some sort of go a rare and exotic animal deaths and it helps them. We did his acting. Yeah I'm perfect view results obviously not helping much currently you but if it's the hour I think it's going to be extinct I'm tired you know via it's all season octopus. It's the octopus is it on us the octopus he also bought a shark and I don't know it's the octopus and a and a tennis star Boris Soros is gonna all warriors say they octopus and how some of his act now. This is as massage this is an eight hello Nate. Morning guys I had a quick comment on the email and it'd go. I believe they can carry out so great. Well yeah America. Here's a Texas says he would make a great telecheck in the movie. Nicholas K let's go into goods that could play that homeowners that. Be it good Peyton Manning. People are against the skull of the he wrecks the pockets of Boris Doris yeah was all. It was stolen. And he had to return it. Select the Mongolian government something like that's right now at a national treasure chest. And another to our enemies both of those movies that are this is Bob hello rob. Great eyesight he he has to dinosaur. Yes. So what Bob that joke is key right now is. I I would just try to not a night and I saw him I was despite got to be what how we brought the body. Eat it all are on you know I don't want to head. Yes. And he was making a fortune on movies at the time and got pop and they thought it would never end right. Did you look up to me I show. Now how. Some of the other stuff you don't like the pyramid tomb in New Orleans yes I'll real action comics number one for two million dollars asked you yet yes I actually ours number one yeah. Yeah now I mean he blew an awful lot of dough Nicolas Cage hello south. They would go around let's me. Now let's say LB it would yeah the movie that you think about very curl kind of showed up it is Doris says that the daughter that statement. Yes master Merrill matched a great flick was called broken famous yes. No. Now. I'm a Texan says he also just purchased stormy Daniels as a pet. I don't know if you noticed ourselves if the whole thing she's a liar he just. When she's done with the Libya. Lastly a steadier. If you you will be right over there on a little blues everybody's saying the show is American greed I think that is I think that is what's called so our. It is 928 and today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information go to echo stored dot com hey Brian is an American green the name of that job. Are you still don't want better basically bloated money list yes. I know let it go out go public yet. Still. The game Wimbledon. A Smart speaker saying. Played WA AF seeing my name. Play WHAS. And seeing my name you dirty doing our original DM robot. Played WA AF saying my name or Syrian none of whom you love OK okay OX. Played WA AF. Very years Smart speaker into radio and listen to stuff. 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What effect throughout Abu. Is lightning Al home sick today and texted in law listening on the Google home to tell me. That the name of the show that I was having senior moment or remembering. Is the filthy rich guy doc and that's exactly what it is so thank you. And a reminder. They can enjoy this show in the history of station on your Google home or on your Amazon echo and turn your smarts speaker in two. A radio and it's very simple to do just kindly politely asked. You robot to play W forced to enable W four to play while seven point three in Boston and there aren't. Countless ways that you can enjoy the show where the year old school and you're listening on one of seven point three on the FM dial four. What do you check out the radio dot com app which is the official new home of WA AF downloaded today. And listen to us any time anywhere that is the radio. Dot com app now. I went over during the break. Official list from that show. Of some of the stuff that Nicolas Cage but just clarify so we were talking before the break. About how Nicolas Cage has announced his retirement from acting. In three or four years. And he was once estimated to be worth a 150. Million dollars. He is now estimated to perhaps be worth 25 million. Because works because yeah. Because he's blown through a good 125. Million. Buying things like. At one point he had fifteen homes. Including. A fifteen point seven million dollars state in. LD. No clue. Newport kid around via Arianna mansion on on the class. I'm also at the time he owned the fifteen homes he had two castles. He he owned a deserted. Island in the Bahamas and that hole which he paid three million a mere 3000004. He so issue mentioned that he is a comic book it. Comic book collector area Superman obsession. Comic book collection he had valued at one point six million dollars. Nine. Rolls Royces. Certainly. And the late Shah. Of Iran's Lamborghini. In his in his. Art collection govern this city on that hurt after the data and don't forget don't for getting married elvis' daughter. That's true they were married for a little eyes she's freaked out judgment on something. But in order why is it that he'd lost me and I get a hit the nine rolls Royces were a waste of my what was it the car late why would you. Jonas remind our armed you don't what's the big deal and what how did you probably because it's worth. A one million dollar settlement in the cage and he's like out of here 39 fine by me I can't pay cash for it but there are Stanley what happened to him to lose our. I lost the value wolf first of all if you're spending. You know a million bucks. On a T Rex head. That isn't there it's on the black market that the Mongolian government wants back here out though one point six million east. And I got out of carries out there element X but again I yeah. You know it's not like he was taking out loans to buy stuff and I couldn't afford to a Manila but he's got those Gardner museum paintings they probably is and that's where you wondered where that money goes on a lot of these guys like that yeah they're one of the it is it's like you said. Who can say they have this job or Rand Lambert you guys close now bragging rights. I believe he means a bit of an odd duck out of applaud all who love pressure accurately. He only if I remember correctly only eats animals. Have sex. And in an Indy it like a natural heirs that obviously if like this how other animals have sex but. Yes this weird thing about what he eats. Now he doesn't need anything that artificially inseminated. Far easily yes now I don't know how you verify that before eating. Is it like some kind of a gynecological exam or something it beyond that either chicken or later there I was like Michael Adams there's one yeah or somber now. You would said the UN France and actually from the mine is on the phone. Who says that nick cage's the client is which apple will part and second. Tom. You said that you knew somebody done bought. I'll let their debt in advance of the leathers which is like internationally. Renowned motorcycle. Here aren't used to be headquartered in Stowe and so our friend who worked over their shoes and head designer and he bought like a million dollars or something like that worth of of custom designed leathers not just for him. But I believe he is going out with Patricia Arquette at the time out there no be so he bought like three or four. Of each of everything that the asked them to design because he needed to keep those in each of these houses where they'd like to go ride their Harley's all over. So artery probably one at fifteen and everything's right Agassi and exactly plus the island til six the dugout and if you can ride a Harley on an island but it's weird discussing Nicolas Cage because he is announced very dramatically that he will be retiring from acting. Over the next two to three years and I had mentioned that I watched the filthy rich guy on CNBC. I don't ambiguous and use this week and if the the latest ones on him and it's all about how to lose money and our good friend Steve is on the phone and Steve happens to be. When it whether it's Aston Martin or other exotic cars he happens to be in that business and I'm glad you called now. Steve. Your calling on the framing him for his studio line and not not the Aston Martin's studio and I just wanna and it's wanna make deck there. No one premium Ford Nolan we'll tell you afford for last but Nicolas Cage used to be client. In my element here yeah yeah we got something do you yeah he's quiet and actually had a dear friend of mine used to be to go to guy. Our order all the cards used to collect it and it was staggering to me having been written in my budget times. Hate it to burn rate doesn't that got me if you know the story about Sam Levin and his manager that actually all program. So are we assess it with seventy nick was spending his money his burner right every. Single day in the early 2000 plus 55000. Dollars. So I think it's a day not a month. That's a good time. Definitely society is slated to play the lottery. They're we didn't do it Allison bell and Eric he has to have the original brought you Iraq ought that would current issue it was this. Almost a month he's now all. And all of the comic books in in little window boxes and dining room. But no matter they and you mentioned Patricia Arquette who is married to. It got me the most about how strange nick what they never lived together and we haven't and no one night and it says I don't understand how you. Where as you'd you were married you didn't live together he said. Well. He's sick you know again I wake up in the morning and you you walked out you're always your kitchen because my kitchen is getting in one of my cars. And going terror are Paris and then we heard me because I just don't like anybody living in my house was. I hope did I just a particular area that are in my house. What a year ago so yeah those. Mean. And then cut the crap and I get out of all of that and all boil anymore actually did go it would have these. 825. Birdies is it a crack you're body and they don't make a movie we come back you look at them go you gotta sell these. I want it that the net and make another movie if he'd come back and say you really want is this this this and that's. And my body I feel like nick you all of those cars are ready like three years ago. I know what I want them back and unbelievable. That is unbelievable. Anyway. I'm glad yeah well. I'd. Great call an unbelievable this is will blow well. They were brought on Fred let only John McLaren and. Like this you know let's. Say of reference all. On the heels of she's Marion. The it was. One of the story of blood to us because we attacked as we'd love it. Yeah. Any duty he would he would that it would actually got huge bad news Coppola. At that time. Yes and he was in fast times at remind small role yes right he isn't in the van he had soul yes this is. Bobby Bobby. Please don't look great on what's at how to run a limited contact but that's an all means and he all of the scenic mansion down there. That adult sheen's house it was a murder house I mean you know you look production he lost a bottle on it what he did that give up. By Paramount kind of critical fact. Absolutely why and it's it's in fact it's not obvious he was a different style what else. I ER yeah again it's like I'd like to see our return our party you know get Mega Millions for 280 million dollars in write general goofy right. You know when you're here you're ripping down. When you do with it well. I don't know maybe not by some mini dinosaur skulls. They were saying I'm honored on the show. That on the filthy rich guide that he needed about thirty million dollars a year. For expenses. Meaning you know the upkeep and all that how gases what he would do things he would buy and a so he needed he would spend. Thirty million dollars a year Nicolas Cage or 35 decade. I de be yeah got to put some effort and a law that that's not to do this is wrecked on the premium boards to realize what's up wrecked. Rated Arizona. Yeah awesome. And it ought. Legendary movie also like John Goodman was. Crazy your connector also I think Leaving Las Vegas is a very good honey house he was very very good in that role you know he could act as. I all right foreigner narc him now. Some people like them but I it was not the I'm glad to whom I literally don't I don't believe he's made a good film in quite some. I it is 948. Danielle out today however. I still have some news. To get through this morning for you. And the news is brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. Seasons change your car can do. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealer and received spring bonus incentives through April 30. Visit and be USA dot com for more details now. And Californian not like the rest of us I don't know if you have seen. Any of the news stories on the tumbleweed invasion. But in Victorville California. That tumble weeds are so bad. That people are claiming that they can't get out of the doors of their house. Because there's somebody tumbleweed Lerner off visible people. Yeah I considered it big in the original water left are there yet but so everything's everything's dying in blowing all over the third. The country I don't have much experience with tumble weeds the only experience I have. Is when you tell the audience that you're about to tell a great story. And the only response. The owners' pockets I know it's a closely unknown at least cage and was knocked it down for dead but. This is a resident. Of Victorville California. Yes see it in those I Kenny and found gave my garage there was like a hundred of these bush is. But I just flying like it was a tornado yesterday. And I was just calling from back say to this side decides they say the. Yeah ever heard anything about that normal weights I'm 200 ounces from you know thousands watching western movie. I am I just I can't. It's amazing and I I in our again I think it's you know moved the earth is dying and people are trying to wrap their head around it. You know it's a tornado while did you ever imagine six tornadoes. At the same time. You know a few miles apart ripper and through communities. On the same deck you know you care in Ireland we live in the northeast we are ice storm. We panic. And in god for who we are. Power forward. An update from Florida on a story that we spoke about a week or so ago. The Florida high school student. Who triggered. The international discussion. On whether women. Should have to Wear bras or not. Is mobilizing. Girls. To go brought us. To protect the dress code. That he's that she says they're unfairly stripped for girls. You remember Lizzie Martinez was in the news. Because the school. Powder coming issued Wear a bra today they did an inspection. And then they had put band aids over her nipple. And she is. She has now held. A broad pot instead of a boycott. At the high school she held on Monday. And here are a couple of male students. Who no surprise. Are fully. Supportive. Of this effort. I am fully fit 100%. I think. You know it's good listen as you know such as and that is it whatever way down and that's that big I don't know that I'm very. Of course here for. Your teenage males act backwards towards. Someone gets named in Davis the road for the moment we'll. Credit. It. Was worded declaration. That was worth and we couldn't get another girl the same. That he was Alderson there's a protest. Well. I mean. Listen I don't care man in school and I at this nonsense about always being distracted in that I do like whoop whoop. Sinai I I just what are you into all the teachers. When I'm asleep from my hand on my desk yeah I wake up. With a with a ball on our NAFTA homered books in front of my my parents so I'm not embarrassed noted for everybody. It had nothing to do with every girl that was in the classes and say yeah I yet again we were a part. Grow course conducive. To class you know if she's if she's a smoke. Guys are gonna checker. Now there's a five holy text from a woman who says I love going violence often doing it for months now. Tired of drugs she's here as does any woman really enjoy wearing a Barack because I've heard not I mean it's it's always there's always complaints yeah I can't wait -- my bra and our uniqueness of an odd wasn't it just like let him offline wall what if it's one loses one of the push up bras though I think they enjoy wearing no. This that that he did the glee that cleaves augmentation. Is important in some cases but I do think they'd. One whenever we talk about this women talk about the giant relief they feel when they get home from work and are able to pick their bra off what I think it's instant relief. Because if if you are well and downed. I think gravity. And time would affect. You know if you are a big boost when the most vocal. Rec center I think I'm right now gravity grab you how active the you have to hold the moose knuckle up because I don't know ten years from now if I don't wanna step on my Mets a our rights. Well. That is gonna do it for today show although there's an obscure reference from Randy and Randi hang on for a while so yes Randy. I got here. Are. It's bad. Yeah it says okay these. Are challenging. This now and. There's millions are OK so now Arizona's Larry I don't expense thirty million dollars announcement what what was on what was the story a million to get 300 million. And yeah so I like a certain period and don't know yeah like I when he spent the thirty million. He couldn't profit from a right there Vienna exact he had to own stuff. And ended up being worth nothing right yes yes this is Mary hello Mary. And what's not Mary. What I really. Thought I doubt. That I am there. You're more comfortable community where I have cop a plea and no I'm not sure it and let it inside out in the locker. That behind you know out. Here's C kept him under but you could you you'd be happy not to have to Wear birth. Matt got eight note. Asking for Mike Hsu. I. Like to let what is this guy just. Eight. Not that much thicker. I active person. And around all the time and not become pretty well I don't and it's not every lamp. The running insult my wife though is similar to you and that's the first thing she doesn't she walks in the door for more just takes that right off flings it. He sits by the way tax I have big abuse. And yes. I enjoy wearing number. I'm not a 1% or like Greg who can have monkey hold up his man boobs well I don't at all involved and a thirty Ford doubled the checking in ninths of any text and when I'm running I'm must Wear a bra yet but other than that. Have decided to go blow us so maybe this woman in Florida is inspiring it. Maybe I'll let you. Our rights. Pilots of today show if you missed anything are available as a part of the full show podcast at WA AF dot com yet our one hour to hour three hour for. Without any commercials in their full and parties though. Check that out if you missed. Daily Al when she checked in this morning with her scratched cornea or ray Bork. Or teacher Marianne. Oiler stoked by lower or anything else that occurred on today's show anything else that should be back tomorrow so we hope she's recovering. And we hope she has some kind of guy that China which comes in tomorrow morning. And we'll be back at six the WA AF Forte blitz is next to get over an hour. Nonstop rock with out a single commercial and that is next. Unless you're the box do you gear box surrounded work. I don't write this Thai people asking you for all day long. Can can you just do it. Does your work day by showing your radio who. Word today bullets. Form lethally hot band it's one killer and I. I think global also know it's not just about how much you work out every day it's about how much work into every day zoomed so we blew our beer for those who realize that spending calories you've ever come at the expense. Spending time of friends. You understand that just because you worked out doesn't mean you can't go out and that's why we blew big global could have 95 calories two point six yards and the Wednesday's big global front group for those who live fifth live on the ball. We do the global like your head was. That says hey fellow landscaper and homeowners if you wanna save time and money getting lawnmower and small engine parts go to pro parts direct dot net taken from me pro parts direct those lawn equipment and we'll shift your hard fast for less that's pro parts direct dot net the right part of the right price every time. Get excited America at Dunkin' coaches are here coming down. Two legged jeans wake up wraps sandwiches.