HMMS Hour 4 - Does LB Know How To Turn His Phone On 3-20-18

Tuesday, March 20th

This hour we talk about the Facebook data breach by Cambridge Analytics and that people are just now realizing they might be offering up too much information on it, In Australia McDonalds is rolling out a new off menu item the McSecret, there's a funeral home in Southie that is storing the bodies in an unlicensed garage, President Trump was throwing some massive shade at the Mayor and City of Lawerence, plus Were You Paying Attention!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'm again to give away a little bit of cash. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to win your share of 300000. Dollar. All right. That code word this hour is. Blue. QLB. Below. You're not gonna give it the light board below what they are good or draft blew up at the blue BLU. He is the code words he should tax. 27288. Wine and you'll be entered to win 1000 dollars. A reminder that message and data rates apply text the code word glued to 72881. Right now. And I all well actually carry you'll give you years next text code word coming up. At Penn. So poor poor Mark Zuckerberg why not a good day yesterday my remarks that what happened. Well last about five billion dollars in Facebook's stock value in a matter of hours whoa that's some stuff for him and mortgage payment yeah I. Five billion. That's. That's an accounting error for cars and Mark Zuckerberg and so transposed digits is this because of the the data. Breach that scenario correct yeah. Yet Cambridge analytic is data consultant that consult with the truck campaign and has worked and other businesses. And there are accused of I asked breaking the data. A potentially millions of users without their consent and of course is a lot of different FaceBook apps in quizzes that do this we usually have to consent for them to access certain things about your profile. Essentially FaceBook. They shared the data but but they weren't supposed to pitch to give the data to anybody else that court correctly if you keep that Russia face heads since 2007 FaceBook has allowed outside developers to build their business businesses off Facebook's data which they give them to it. Friends lists your lakes. Any anything else that is an affinity for you so that you can see how people build different relationships and what their thought process these are. Cambridge analytic. Had gathered this data under the pretense of academic use and that. Had somehow violated. Facebook's system's policies. Well a lot of people I think are looking at FaceBook now and wondering whether they had shared too much action I write. I was editor Larry I don't enemy isn't that kind of what I mean you're big FaceBook and I hate it hate FaceBook that's what you like to know you only reason I'm I and I have to be on FaceBook it because it works that can access via station pages can be. Animal rescue that the huge networking place her for rescue stuff and if I didn't need it for that that track I've tried to. Get off FaceBook in deactivate FaceBook that I prefer in terms of platform just you even for browsing purposes. Like the content to one pattern or about stocking purposes when you're trying to catch somebody cheating. A little west and I think this wish them the whole other segment can we don't really have time that one it's a matter start he had already retired or trying to find a guy that is a separate ghost linked in for that into a a however. You know the with the times and I've tried to get off FaceBook. Everybody plans everything and face everybody invites everybody idiots like you to think like. Comment and I finally come in where what what tapping. They invite six month golf from Hyde Park here personally you know how many invites again I keep yet we should be attacked and I haven't a thing and then on the 21. Yeah I other than that I hate FaceBook because it's just between the political arguments the complaining. I've shot nobody cares aren't too big FaceBook I'm mark. Yeah outlined main reason for friends and family yeah you know get mobbed like what is going on the there's a great way to quality ads yes exactly that's up with a suit and sharing I'm sharing my family information it's all out there. The other you know I don't see. I'm sure every other social platform you can't tell me it's the Gramm doesn't do the same thing and well and snap jab your. Taken to a lot of these cuisine and then the feet you know this is in all of those big like how would you look at and poster act its like did they're taking all your step. When you consent to these things are taken earlier stuff like when they do that we appoints surname is your first pet's name and street he grew up on it's like yeah. And those are two of the main questions that I ankle askew with security questions when you're logging into your count they're basically throwing your and. While there. All over the place and they had a bank ask you what you porn star name is when you're oh what bank is that Dell wounds and looks from the you know you're a rare event. I bet on the street you grew up to a sperm bracket when it's. I signed my name would be Fritz went one. Fast. Like that's a fifth. Does look like people are you know our debt on the government disturbed you know there are still in our privacy right now I am right there right volunteering and you realize someone in Japan you'd like to and know everything about your life right now. I mean. It by the way here you've angered some people by reporting that the trump campaign use this spotted at the same thing Cynthia is that why you're not. I just said that came original that the more recent accusation yet that they were involved with the trump campaign that's much more recent than Obama yet. Relax none. But it is an interest that I mean it's interesting to me that this story. At least the way it was reported yesterday in some media outlets was less about. FaceBook and what day if the information that they were giving out and more about the fact that that trump campaign use the use the business. It doesn't matter less and less about Facebook's I thought it was just five billion dollars less yeah yeah yeah and announced. So I mean should we start. Go find me for years Zuckerberg or what's the right what is this what can the foundation doing. A couple of seconds left that I just sitting there he's bound and he's now five billion point unless he can give a blank and since his net worth. That's got to be like five or six billion. Courses that sounds way more you know most of its most of its stocks well you ready for the I think I might play a lot of 74 point five billion with a B dollars real art. RO one million dollar and so he lost 8% of his network yesterday and image American interest by Monday well you know let it I'm sure it'll. You can come I do think that there are you know huge. Probably he should keep you should think about how much information you are giving out. By using social platforms. That you don't realize. You're giving that infraction out on that right and you know every picture you post. I think what they call that geo marking. She's tracking geotagging Sarah pay attention like every pitch I didn't know this until years later. And a friend of mine that works anti fraud for bank he said every picture you post it is GO attractive Smart. Yeah so people can find out where that was where you are where your daughters and. Some of our marriage bonuses turn location on my now my Aaron give you don't even audit turned owner. Phil batter of the game and Kraft story time stories I've. Just yeah hang on crap to Foreign Ministry there you cracked on the phone not to let them in practice and I go to given my track and then I run my former. There's comes out of doctor when I I hear you're here to Aaron obviously smelled as it's Tuesday. March when he any and will again be in Florida for a week. I smell absence comment this is a good idea. Yeah I got a notice that we're not gonna win we have kids like ran out yeah. Life moment yeah out Nolan. And then. You didn't pay too much credit for yeah. Yeah and sneaky creative Manhattan. And. Are right well. Five billion dollars. The loss suffered. By Mark Zuckerberg yesterday thoughts and prayers. I don't know. Also this is important information for LB told me that there's some sort today. A secret. McDonald's item which you secret burger being tested in Australia kid wicked secret mix secret burger secret burger. Well. Sauce. Well yes OK good. It's the world's first limited edition burger it's due to launch across Australia tomorrow. There were only 100 people chosen to try to burger they were randomly off the street. And they had to sign nondisclosure. Agreement. They couldn't talk about the bad parent holding it's line that they got to try to Bernard any information leaked about what the sciences and fortunately now. But it's going to be. Way QB if kids know and Larry and new gourmet bun. Alongside a specially created thoughts on crispy bacon Twitter handle it alongside. Yes I mean it's what's on top of it until I thought I did dipping like Wright brings us that crispy bacon caramelized onion. Tomato lettuce in chief who. I am tired of Texas says it's made out a kangaroo the kangaroo and. I'm. A girl you're taking care criminal well yesterday I had primary editor. I dated one of her in the game if you need an ostrich you need to kangaroo. Really mean to me that connection. With them. Okay. Okay so it's only in Australia but if it works it'll come here is that it is that the thing that's correct they're planning to launch nationwide if networks oversees what are they ever test flu like the fast food places it's always like Australia and generally in Japan or Korea they never cost anything on us they do sometimes they do this party too fat they wanna go with the people that might not pick that kind of stuff and then they're like if they're into it the American kennel on it I'm just saying I'm one reporter out there on I can do it bully -- -- court they -- it would be giant American. You ask. Yeah who who apparently the it's not a help in my weird I don't know how does a great idea just make it bigger and I don't know more is better for the kid. Grand Mac Cal-Maine and accurately are domestic achievements and and therefore in Brandon Jennings. All right today's weather brought to you by country bank it is going to be partly sunny and temperatures going to be in the thirties no problems today nor'easter number four this month arrives tomorrow. And it's gonna snow all the way through tomorrow night wind wind gusts could be heavy tomorrow also so that same problem with a per hour in the trees and I'll take that project I'll. Six to ten inches of snow by the time it's done here in the city of Boston and may be less. On South Shore and the cape. And now LB after an ice men are like there when you're a nice you know with the WAS. Sports mid. Brought you by the Mercedes-Benz family of suvs were there starting a family or hauling one. Mercedes-Benz. Has you covered visit MD USA dot com today. Limited time offers. It's. Jackie Edwards or brick due to call on NASA what a night through did not know family Teddy. Heavy. It was his first Boston Bruins killed. Camby finished up with his first Boston Bruins goal and two helpers in the 54 overtime loss. To be Blue Jackets over a garden. This fund it ended tough. But again today I was excited in I think it all went well. Personally but obviously it's still bitter because of the loss during warm ups access is kind of like take away I mean kind of felt like a dream and I really didn't get that warmed up because those two focused on everything else and scandals situations it was an unbelievable experience and those of us. So I felt last night sitting at this table. Would Gordon Hayward as today directly it is. Is is planet is basketball here as a local athlete and then I was able to say that. At the dinner table and Gordon Hayward and kind of. Feeling yeah yes special thing this special that's right sessions. BCI alumni that cam Atkinson had the overtime winner and as I mentioned earlier. Brad Marchand a job should that apparently shot in overtime before. Before. The Blue Jackets cord winner. Not a black and we'll begin war on the road beginning in Saint Louis tomorrow night the Dallas Friday meaning Sunday before finishing up in Canada in the pay. Vs the the jets next week on the big news yesterday for you Bergeron skated the captain. Oh I'm sorry excuse me alternate captain we won't go down that road again. Is dated today and that is great news for a team that is playing pretty well votes to force him to step. The Red Sox rallied back to be the Phillies 65. On the Christmas Day or single in the ninth Zander where yard yesterday each herself tough day. Five innings I hit two batters. Gave up a big swamp. And four runs. And I suggest you everybody as a bad for noted Sox are fifteen to me this spring. They host the box this afternoon at jetBlue 105. Who originally had deals in the works we're the greatest Major League Baseball rivalry to battle over in London next season Red Sox yankees two game mini series. Next June. Closer Craig Kimbrel is back at camp after. His family dealt with his daughter's heart surgery in their way to work give way to stay tough. And it noted I said. It's been me toughest thing we've ever been there I can't say enough about. I made in Boston Children's Hospital room nurses the doctors have definitely amazing progressives process helping you know more routes me and actually do sort of ladies' figure out who last week or whatever his name. Unbelievable to Childress. Ballots were hell and actually go through this and it has been tough. Yeah added doctors nurses and the people a little over children's hospitals are nothing short of phenomenal. You've got Celtics take Arnold DC and Russell Westbrook tonight an 8 PM tipoff. Guard marquis Smart will have some surgery and is out indefinitely. Surgeons says my eyes were targeted an out of court would be needed to corporate recovery. Real real real excited and eager to get back out there whenever that is hopefully sooner than later this is so hopefully team competitive business head back. Don't get it and out of patch release star linebacker Sean McClelland after a failed physical shape was bagged up all last season. As well you'd saves 2.2 five mil against the cap point fourteen past champ linebacker Jonathan this is was at Gillette last Thursday. He left to to go to the giants are free agency and maybe. Coming back to be a patron began March Madness sweet sixteen action begins Thursday this week the garden hose Friday and Saturday. Noble West Virginia Texas Tech Purdue must stare straight sets matches along yeah yeah. Frozen form Worcester at the DCU. Do you and number 1 Cornell at 1 o'clock Saturday northeastern Michigan. Later at foreign what do dale hockey that's going to be man's attorney Chad Denver opens up chrome one vs Penn State looking to brief me. I'm albeit to their sportsman. The news this hour is brought to you by. On sponsor somewhere. Brought to buy super of New England. Featuring the symmetrical all wheel drive super in pro is built to accompany you on your winter adventures love it's what makes this super super. Is Subaru of New England dot com. So opting some breaking news that's unfolding this morning there is a reported school shooting. It great mills high school in great mills Maryland the school is reported to be on lockdown right now authorities are saying the situation is contained. Some unverified reports of at least one person dead but again that's not confirmed by I want forced me yet so we need to wait to see. Parents and students at that school have been instructed not to respond to the school they're instructed to go into eight neighboring towns school one. That the four campus on lockdown so there. Keeping an eye on that situation will monitor them yeah well but OK they're real scary out. Now though there's an issue with a few home in Winthrop. Winthrop and that's when Trent went Tripp yeah their face any get the investigation at the packaging on a funeral home. About how there. Storing bodies that are preparing for burial. There's a garage that they use a garage at the garage a room inside a garage that they used to prepare the bodies it's also home. To an auto teach him shock. I space you're doing the same kind of thing your like I failures here detailing the car your detailing human for him what does that directory what's the big deal. I there was a woman who would go on there to take care of her grandmother's hair for her wake and funeral. And he got a card veto that they've got done amid the pretty good thing because you know I'm definitely I don't take if I could drop a body up going to your card being held itself saves you a lot of times the woman said that there were dirty and cramped conditions along the port drainage that she filed the complaint. With the state that reprimand is licensed and inspected by the state. Had you know was contacted by channel five WCV they said that they're proud of the services. They provided for ninety years they've never had a complaint from any of the families they've served. And they have passed every inspections and now the state board that oversees funeral homes we'll conduct an investigation there today. Avaya unified bring a deceased family members get armour all true Kodiak yes in the cap Russell Williams you know cardiac problem against Florida and. Have you CNB controversy about the Washington DC lawmaker who I do apologize after blaming the edge news for all the snow. No I didn't see that our. I didn't zoning and accidentally sit greedy Jewish record I was wondering who is to blame for the. He says I. Though this guy is an elected official says this was later to counselor City Council and are currently aren't and I am white senior yeah I had put up a post which is now since been deleted I believe on FaceBook. And talks about the snow as it pertains to the bankers okay. As a side a small and I know it is more. That it fits into today's climate control. It's kind of manipulation. And DC she talked about we are resilient city as a model based off the rough shadows controlled the climate. Screen action says they get paid for their own cities and maybe kids. So the Rothschild is our child they're controlling the climate. Our or did you ask him a ticket palaces a little bit of a break on this fourth nor'easter coming tomorrow and potatoes as one of the roster bonus for an eighth in the Russians is that how it works from. I don't like you know what the connection. Then the whole theory for not familiar with the Rothschild says flood of anti Semitic. Notions around the Rothschild and that when the Wear it when there was a natural disaster they can step in and essentially buy out now own or an area so that's partly that criticism and on. I believe the obscure reference there is so I married an axe murderer only McConnell Myers dad says the Rothschild. The Geddes. The rockefellers. And colonel Sanders are all part of an organization meets. But in my annually if they don't sit at a place in called the meadows well and that's really plan now where they're gonna rule the world book and a the double downs for tree within. Know what I would hope so this kernels. They'll make the doubled our identity or is it specifically. Ordering off menu yes. What else is in the news today. Earlier about how the president was in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday speaking about the old Buick crisis. In New Hampshire across the United States of America. And things the president I had to say yesterday it was with that was that. A lot of the drugs are coming from. Lawrence. Because it's a sanctuary that that's gonna upset the Lawrence people picturesque data Haifa so let's look at the president's comments first. The sanctuary city of Florence Massachusetts this one of the primary sources of Fenton all in six New Hampshire counties. Mean pneumonia so Lawrence smeared in Rivera has spoken about it he took great offense the president's comments and said it's like they. Never got in the the president takes your city's name in vain. Com and so I'd like to start by saying shame on the president's face and feel good prices isn't what he wants it to be some boogie man to came across the border. This piece of different language. The bogey man of this epidemic this into these people's souls have been hoping this awful awful drug. Well. I mean 90%. 90% of the heroin. Com over the border. And one at a beacon that also heard that a lot of it allegedly comes from I don't know step stars of retains a level hasn't come over the border from Afghanistan. In the wilderness in a tunnel yet again LB things is that now. Underwater tunnel now those drug dealers are serious submarines they got high and tells me also bring in on the plane yeah. I mean you know I can understand Tennessee here the mayor and you don't necessarily use that. So I mean listen there's. He can't blame one particular. He's talking about New Hampshire which has a massive problem Maceda massive rental OP aid issue. The city can't certainly just blame warrants for that that you can point out the they eat the at the U you mentioned big pharma and doctors and now there's there's a whole lot of people who. Can share some of the blame in some of the burden for that this is Jim within obscure reference on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's up Jim. They don't want to monitor gels. But it last week them sit there watching this channel seven middle. We're hopeful occurred yet not. They had did this story about rescue that what this circuit we've thrown to you that we saw people all over the ice isn't easy to do you asked drew up. And he's trying to take contrary. It could be true opposition who are. His best yet obviously it is right next goal. The look on her face face all I is that what inserted if you really says it's likewise did we knew what we want it. Yeah America who would listen to this and like five times she did this prewar. Ya know yeah we get Chia. He can't say if it is a country without. It's a little with it. I mean yeah. It appeared to. Photo exhibit at McDonald's I followed the same apply dowdy and netbook without a hello Johnny I'm Johnnie L listens this show Jon and wanted to come on the show and then they were afraid of that and a bunch and annexed it you know all of Santo. Yeah no appeared. Let's let's it's called ball great mayor Lauren as you beat our motto would tripled chin in the run into in the past. This at. I haven't I haven't seen them I've been that doesn't matter we're about what would the president sediment what he says. All right anything else in the news this hour an hour. Right now grant okay. We are about to play our end of the. Show game were you paying attention. So if you've been paying attention all morning long ban you could win tickets to see WWE. Live road to wrestle mania at the garden coming up on Friday. March 30 where you're paying attention is next tomorrow morning. Nancy no it all add about 730 and legendary. Boston news. Caster Bob LaBelle sportscaster news that portico it was sportscaster yeah yeah the breathless and fast. Will join us to talk about its. Being a major proponent of marijuana use when it comes to. Madam. The way in which it's helped him medically. And that's happening in 835. And it's. Will do they will be some kind of a stone LaBelle gamers something when he got when he joins us at 835. Let me ask them. Got a reaction I had done that yet all right here's twenty tacos. Go back and and then we're going behind the ear month tomorrow. At 910. And this particularly in my happens to be one of the when it comes to songs. That nearly everybody can sing whether in a bar or you at a party or years. The year attending some kind of a group event and everybody knows the lyrics and everybody sings along and the sign that we're going behind the mosque on the morrow at ninth and right at the top of the craft. That is all coming up. On line tomorrow. Earnings Hill Man Morning Show it is 939. And today show is presented by Echostar technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. And now it's time for mayor who said the decision. When you were paying attention. All right. Bunch of great prizes today including a pair of tickets to see WWP. Alive road to wrestle mania at the garden on Friday march 30. Also pair of tickets for brew Wu. Yes at the NASA on center on Saturday march 31 for more information and the purchase tickets. Visit brew lewd comments 21 plus about we'd be their faction absolutely. Obsessions and also a pair of tickets for the town fair tire world of wheels. At the seaport World Trade Center march 23 to 25. If it's cool and has wheels can be found at the town fair tire world wheels. For details and for tickets visit world of wheels dot com and Tim is up first this morning on line. Where you're paying attention hate him. No matter how are you. Excellent thank you what what professional on the line schemer. Did Gordon Hayward of the Celtics tell me about last night. Yes ninja thank you well done ninja. Makes 850000. Dollars a month. With those who are viewing his on line gaming incredible. On what we could make the Clinton name is chief Magnus went along the fifty in my pop hit I went into a place to go. What's your name. Are you ninja are at least loves martial an engine oil awareness. Slow motion that ninja you're hip challenge ninja that's an obvious is this is Ronnie hello running. Thought I got so I don't what's up Ronnie. We are great passes. But what I'm Ronnie what local rapper checked in during hill mail to spit some rhymes about his relationship with the Danielle. He has yes yes. It does get back to you about calling the show and talking about your relationship this morning he didn't. Yeah it's. One with why would he not only now respond hello Brian. Brian. All right Brian is not. On the premium for his studio line to Ricky is still react. Hi if and when it exploded just as they open yeah. Yesterday I couldn't get through boat you're talking about Charlie Baker dual mission yes. Who do you think of the first well people predicted it best if he packed. I. Don't mean it has been you can drink both of those guys I think it would have cycled. That he was being in the size of your bottom line. According to insert today. According to a survey by Welch's the average mom works how many hours a week Rick. I did it at. All. Let me. So. The this is Rachel hello Rachel. Good morning right I don't Rachel and I won't according to a survey by Welch's the average mom works how many hours that we. I noticed that flight 98 yes. It's for you moderates or I sure am so little and Powell's. My daughter is four and a half and my son is going to be two. And get your chance to see means let's fluent and that 23 to kick back. Listen. They grow up fast Rachel I suggest to enjoy enjoy these moments. The precious moments of childhood or ball. And what's up all. Well in the wake of an incident involving a driver analysts are in Arizona. Mayor Walsh has done lot here and city. Our I've heard guys talking about how they're allowed mr. Mardy two term mayor and com. If we could stop the technology that notion was talking vote can't solve the technology. At sounds like a rush on weekends stopped that. Economic and that's why yes yes yes you're right you can you carry that idea male Walsh has suspended. The seaport operations. Two driver Lewis car companies. In the wake of the death of the pedestrian. That was caused by a driver Lewis who bird in Arizona hello Rebecca. Early on you Rebecca. I'm away. Rebecca how he got excellent excellent high school students in the Lacey township New Jersey have been suspended. After snapped check post showed them doing lot. Baylor. AD on gun range with their Aaron yes it's there than a solution to. But to their own time yes on the I've got no family let us. What did they posted pictures of pop art. That word. And initiate certain guns. It would have been suspended for that. And great now I have that pop tarts reliance. What's your favorite. Flavor of politics like the chocolate brown sugar oh the browns and their goat smaller yeah it's really presents more on who I'm. Strawberry pop tired as the answer roster. Do you toast them you have to out any parent knows that savage beat them and they have a I think yeah. I get now politically dozen boxes in the car and that's your current commitments that I I don't know what to execute these literally not gonna go yeah they just did any of them bought. It. Partners. And I love. The I'm a joke you know say what. What to pop tarts and pants have in common LB gorilla out of it. Jessica. Marian without Jessica not learnt. What Patrick Swayze film was referenced during our gun range discussions morning. So I know it was not goes against the goes this is Ryan hello Ryan. Good lord in your area let's Brian can answer question one another one. I would like number. Danielle announced this morning on the show that she was having the love child of whom. Here yeah it is that means that you ease that it what did you say if it was a trio cardinals radio. I. You know is it was a Freudian shall yes always e-book. I. Hey how their mortgage or are you doing. It's of Steve. A Florida mom is in trouble for leaving her four year old on the street alone. While she went to do what Steve. Others say even though. Momentum and here. Can you tell it all that you Paul didn't do that yes she's been drug stuff. And yeah like. Didn't tell anybody at the time you think talent and almost had total broad appeal ought to wait for it. But NASA also. She was she wasn't rich she was a rich girl doll. That is vital element anyway that is back that's the fastest way to you know it's hard. It is it's not. Your thoughts on. Here's Dallas never why I almost none of them last year you've fingers you love them and he never seen him he I think with anything mr. someplace that it money attractive I think. Sizzle thing Q. This is a Briggs who breaks. Roy Greg let's not Briggs. And Mercury Greg can you answer any of the previous questions orgy like a new one. When it occurred where you want to know what film was obscure reference this morning. Red dawn red dog whatever and yeah it is awesome games. The worst. Remake. Ever. Accountancy. Horrible. Abetting in Iowa would recent trends and they loved it loved it as far as the over our reference advocate and seen the original that's what happens. Hello John. Oh what's up John. John during during how creepy is it we heard from a listener who was creeped out when she got what out work. Yes and that green was trying to have a further conversation whether our outrage. Random Psycho chivalry is dead it is it's dying in the street in the water that you found that you found it creepy is that you really it was a day right you know the next page is in the little. He's immediately on this on an investigating it. This is Bob that hole about that. Right leg. Do you calling about. I'd say it any questions that unfortunately didn't get it there. But they're short you know it's. OK to let it collect all else is there anything experts question. Ourselves. Did Tuesday use bug he's. Happy birthday dead I thank you Allan. And question and walker. Art VOR yeah I agree it's far. I'm I guarantee you remember. It at all. It was yesterday's today about viewers turned seventy that's amazing yet you spirits I think yesterday Bob would know about it. And and. Nice going great picture him in big Z John and it was either Florida or Tampa Bay on them the Florida trip yeah. And in our charge system based human being very well worse like be yours not a smaller gap is yeah I mean now. Sorry for your great great for our big Z hidden towns of props. I mean it's it's really. Amazing community seven years old that's apparently really really amazingly he's always been kind enough to come on this program Bobby York. One of the great moments in my life meeting and having him on the show. Hello bill acorn cro without help and leadership at all. Obscure reference. Talked about really makes comedy are very got a remake. Then. The what the danger of being. Madonna more than twice yeah avid I don't know why not now. He's there you dare they give me your original. Was uncovered and huge there to turn Russell. I mean Hollywood needs some oh know. How you okay. Well I'd have you look at dead in bed and worker IDO line. It's the I don't think we got the that we get the Florida mom answer yet you know the answer to that pat. We couldn't implement. It. This. Ad campaign. I mean it's a question okay repeat the question a Florida mom is in trouble for leaving her four year old on the street alone. While she went to to do what. The president I bet yet. I can't play and I am not thought that's our that's our computing. It's just not computing. Hello Jeff. Egg hunt and it may again once. It's gone well. I question though. All right now everywhere you lucky she didn't ask Peter. I've heard about justice. Sure we don't talk about anymore just what set. What would happen during the call. I'll hold the red light and apparently the techno actually known that was threat at red crescent. Where where was that I would never have been. That we're actually can. All right and you are you answering the previous question or what you would be. You know what I'd. Who is Donald Trump junior alleged to have had it in the fairway. I get a neighbor you would churn out there. She was a G. Real. Thing of Kennedy mean Jews on making the band and show yet here. I. The president. Hold Donald junior and knock it off yeah. It. We're finished with inflation and knocked down enough a situation where personal junior variance wears on three. As job is already coming to the barbecue this week I lose your sentiments loser for a slash. Boorish. Please move on here. Hello darling. As Aubrey coming over to your statement fruit and where are your aren't. All right we got to go thank you for listening. We'll be back tomorrow morning bright and early with a code word you can text in to win 1000. Dollars cash that is right at six and Vlad the latest. On the storm any update on me nom. Maryland school shootings before we go on a serious note this morning double checking to theater right now. Stars and nothing nothing really concrete other than what we knew already that the situation. Was contained. At the high school in Maryland they did however reported a shooter on campus this morning. On campus is under a lockdown and parents have been alerted to go to a neighboring towns high school to wait for instructions aren't on. Stable stay at. Day without we'll have. Tomorrow on the show Nancy no it all and behind the Vermont and Bob LaBelle. And if you missed anything this morning you can get it as a part of the full show podcast. That's available at WA AF dot com our one hour to hour three hour for in their entirety thanks for listening.