HMMS Hour 4 - Alicia Key's Husband 3-19-18

Monday, March 19th

In hour 4 of the Hillman Morning show Find out why “staying in school” can get you kicked out of school, are aliens secretly attacking earth and Alicia Key’s husband is the only one who knows? And of course everyone’s favorite end of the show game.


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Book online at rodent Heiser dot com that's ROD and HI SER. Dot com. Today Hill Man Morning Show. Available in the flavor we don't judge them by their loved and they may seem like all right. They're quite good live. 617 Texas says I just tuned in did Danielle give up on life or something. Yeah. Not fair is this in your dignity. That's why he's stating says she didn't love online it says you do after. You do have to go back to work. And it's tough after a day like yesterday let me have you had some excessive celebration going on yesterday you know. So you'll at least get to take a break. During the 10 o'clock hour and enjoy the WA AF worked a bullet slow jam. So we think here on in the war piano playing why is Michael predict consumer chartering. Aspect. That far I don't later on that I'd Ono. You don't need a stripper and then the crowd very and I was your fault. Terrorists. Today's weather brought to you by prime motor group it's time for prime and that's going to be sunny today temperatures going to be 36. Right now it's 21 here in beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts. Kind of a tossup whether I like what the storm is going to be on Wednesday is they have said it's going to be. More Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night into Thursday than it is going to be Tuesday into Wednesday in the storm hasn't completely formed yet which is why there are various models that. Some say could be snow likely probable smell some say it could be. Just rain adjusting yes oh who knows. Our rights. Here's a text asking if ride. And after the letting it's I mean really you know bush out of control that with the with the weather insinuations I don't like it and I. A letter refused. It read any of these text messages about humans and is for the rest you wanna put money and I have. I'm not I'd like to at least make out on the dial I'm not gonna play and this. But but you would eat you you wouldn't David Garrard still is is stature nightmare I loved Suzy great present eighties under nannies. I don't know ice. I click yeah right size you know Paraguay has always like to all of a 145 pounds that money but you're taller and you can do it. Now look like you know paddling this Kellen. So it doesn't matter at the height of the guy or will you date somebody shorter than you because a lot of women refuse to date a guy we shorter health care. You don't care about that I've ever David shore. No no I don't think tablet that would that doesn't matter well the only thing that's a factor for YouTube. Howell Estes rated 2012820. Utley looks good looks. Iowa how does and yet. Every pushing thirty yeah but on the bill faith see is that both. I don't know that it occurs like Cuba is like twenty through 24 resolved via. He admitted there. The guy you know he's probably he's got a really seize the day and it he's been in the rap game for quite some time. He's come up to the hired the hard streets of the evidence about his uncle as a parents. Well. Here's a Texas says I can puts the Zell to rest with a one comment yeah Danielle does not dip her pen in company and that is terrible wreck that. It is. Tried it and it's aren't says well there are other things about you that naming onto. McKenna the signal company under our swords was chlamydia is a big deal. Cop is back in the let's see here is that Dave Dave. Good morning let's not that this. Greg a lot of equity total and are based on just carrying it in and out of the truck all morning finally caught up. Greer our show by 9 o'clock we don't you know hate it. Yes yes the update. The mine and all of. Oh. Well I'll take your anchor of theater. And whole. It's. It woman you look at this from the outside. And pretend you don't know the people involved. A woman has a date scheduled for a wedding yeah that cancels yeah. And then she reaches out to a man and says will you be my date for the wedding yeah a man's nose everyone who that is being a table that is that they are probably however I would wake visit this is why did you guys get confused are we going inside the work female are the settlement mind I'll be you're keeping your word people ask if he thinks that because you ask them to a wedding writer the idea think of them like hey Diane. A coworker of mine reached out to me over the weekend because the guy she was supposed to bring to a wedding. Had something to dip. We haven't really hung how much but I've always that are do you think she's DT but that's exactly how that question would go. Thursday by the way film and correction from multiple techsters in this particular case Danielle is the ink she is not tipping your enemy and should the the ten would be dipped and are sadly the yeah I'd that I don't really turn of the phrase that yeah. I wanted to explain it and yeah I never really even thought of it that way in on the earth so that's surprising to me. On sexual content and everything. Here's somebody says. Way in which you determine whether it was data or not is whether they slowed aunts and though we learned that earlier they did slow dance more than once. No just the first dance when Josh and Laura came out there was always. Our credit you are now now now his son went membership. Anna was like the high school dance where he had like we as what we look for people polio if he can't look from Oakley got whereas in an eye contact the whole time where was this his hands within your waist her around your back corner and it didn't. Number do we not played them 11 loser on the small mid back and we class incidentally if it were lower leg down to the end. Very respectful I usually enough heated nine I think. The original press. There was no press baca a I didn't have to back it up like detects line to get away from the breast that didn't happen is they're respect. A. But yeah. And ninth round. Very very interesting developments over the weekend. We'll continue to monitor those I wanna forget. Your opinion on. These students. Who was suspended. Because he didn't participates. In the high school walkout that's ridiculous last week absolutely. Ridiculous. And so. I think that. I mean. Doesn't seem to me that it ought to be a mandatory thing in a school that you have to walk out there. This kid this kid didn't wanna be he said he's apolitical. And so he he didn't want to express a political opinion. And so he. Decided that he was gonna stay in school. And what are idiots if what a loser I now can you imagine he wanted to actually stand and some people that are teach your children. There is seriously. I mean it's rather rather offensive to me that's happened. His name is Jacob Shoemaker and he's a senior at Hilliard Davidson high school who he would Ohio and you suspended after not taking part in the walk out now. The school has come forward with their explanation and said not all. We didn't spend Jacob for not locking out we suspended him because he did not go to the area in the school. Designated for the non protesters he sat back by himself and Clara I. And are well some faculty any faculty and administrators can be I feel like that's just a convenient of. Course it is you're telling me. That. All the way up that colleges and universities. That are announcing publicly. We will not hold any student accountable who gets any kind of disciplinary. Action for walking out in the middle school. This kid gets disciplinary action because he didn't go to the designated area call wreck and he gets suspended from a that is correct yes sir that's this economic growth seems absolutely ridiculous. We have some sound from Jacob himself. What happened was is they. Presented the situation of the national walk out such a way to Wear it it it really seemed like they were forcing me to make a choice a political choice in the classroom. And it's me it's just it didn't feel right to have to make a decision like that the safety of my school so what I chose was to stay. In my classroom. And continue to work on some work. The officials handled it by they were very respectful about the entire thing I want to make that very clear that the way to present the situation to me just. I didn't like that there was a choice I didn't like that I was going to have to decide whether I was you know anti gun violence and pro gun control. Or if I was to stay inside and as being pro gun violence effectively and it just didn't feel right to make that decision. And the officials. Did they word they were nice about it. They just did what they had to do but they suspended the LA day right yet it's suspended me for an entire day in the rest of the school day that the and sent occurred. Earlier mr. you can understand. Possibly work on his school work now but they don't get out I Waller learned here. Well hasn't he wasn't even fall in line with the indoctrination process that was going that was planned and and uncoordinated. For that day this is Ryan hello Ryan. Yeah yeah this. And thought about the tragedy that span did us a game that you did it. We decided I wanna say glad. To have my teachers. Who are supposed to keep me. You know provide a lot of requirement in yes. Why do the typical sit in an auditorium. Oh and terrible walls legged beauty BJP. Got to organize well. Boom. And death (%expletive) Good morning at southern jet all you wanna show other athletes I don't speak about it in the book that the sport and I read there's no peace said he didn't wanna make that choice. Could be with the protesters outside and are going to be coaching room. Also meant you were making another choice and I just wanted to remain neutral. And I might take a lot of work what we don't have enough administrative and couldn't cover him and also in so. If you think that he would mean it's it's. Again. You're celebrating. The kids who locked down in the middle school. Because they have an opinion Breyer. But you're not you're suspending him for having an grabbing an opinion which is that he didn't wanna have an MP in it wanna have a opinion in the middle school. Welcome to the out of living some sort of pretty Smart kid to break that's not what schools for president reasonably form opinions in her own hand and think things through like that apple for having sex with a teacher crisis that I thought of that we'll ask you don't get suspended for that either. I. Mean that's a nice you know what that is ridiculous. Moderately well. I you know so what was the punishment is now why is he disbanded for eat it like a weaker than it ended but there are certain. And now we're just the deck of the day. All right let's see mr. conservative is on the phone here yes mr. and so it. OK now we know. How much they would have been out the opening is very disturbing obviously you know what kind of funny that we. Group of people wanna punish people we're not going along with that was the whole thing. Be. Under our yes and all of bigger. Bigger level if you have any guy any time in the company's history that you all anyone has told that the government the cake. Quite the protections away from. Scary. Com. Well. You know I. I don't think listen protest has many times in our country is. Has accomplished things you know whether it was civil rights award Vietnam War so I don't. I just object of the fact that if you don't agree with the political opinion of the ranks of the administrators in the and the educators. That figure to be punished I mean I think that's I mean it's like that. While we were discussing the girl the other day in her college class. Who didn't fall in line on a a discussion a biological discussion about it the guy. It was a guy yeah I was in that class and didn't follow in line with whether you know his belief was that they were two sexes male female. And and so he we was tossed out of the college. That's crazy that doesn't seem a single into a college yeah. There rates it is 98 team and today's home in morning show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information he could go to echo stored dot com. And the you know who lifted by you Google to get to go with the WAF. Sportsman. Hey I want to welcome our new sponsor Mercedes-Benz. In the series friends and family of suvs. Whether starting apparently or hauling one Mercedes-Benz has you covered. Visit and the USC dot com today for a limited time offers. 45 seconds to go after reports bigotry it is more like side of. Totally. Western world of car and yes the defending champs are history Texas a and M number seven knocks of number do. North Carolina. 8665. Accuse they ran over Michigan State 53. 5553. In a barn burner. Clemson Tigers. They they win over Auburn and gosh Nevada is back then again they'd be knock off number two Cincinnati. It's just been a crazy crazy March Madness first weekend. And downward Darren of the sweet sixteen and act goes off on Thursday. Stand on the Boston Garden tilt for weekend number two of March Madness house we sticks if she's been sweet sixteen accident. She choked wells that are short stick it can't that's. 316 action at the garden as I'm over West Virginia Texas Tech Purdue Thursday. And other winners play on Sunday so it's been a crazy tournament two number ones knocked out. And I correct myself I admit I was wrong Nolan and Kansas are still alive and well do you BBC. Over the weekend to win hockey east that stuff. The chase to the men's ice hockey frozen four number one Cornell in Worcester Saturday 1 PM north easterners machine in a 430 Providence place car Clarkson Friday. East Bridgewater. Down at Connecticut that's puck drops at 630 you can catch all the teams aren't. ESPN new Celtics got rode hard put away wet 1 awake evening I'm by the pelicans down the by U. New Orleans big man Anthony Davis ran for thirty Forbes is a loss to the floor. The fall five behind Toronto coach Stevens on the Gordon Hayward setback to yes they have some specific. Treadmill that he was. Using two to rehab and coach Stevens says they look you know we took it. It was just a typical of what we're doing a progression had some soreness out of that progression you know we talk about like moving on in the altered gene running. So finally 1670. Started fifteen. Steps back for a couple weeks then resume. So messed up the thunder. And Russell Westbrook at the garden you or Casey detour last 1321 point five Westbrook. Finished fifth triple double in a row kids on fire. I bruised people lightning Saturday sit two back to Tampa Bay in the east with 98 points apiece have one either ten. Remember Blue Jackets and the awesome John Tallulah. Their head coach tend the garden at 7 o'clock puck drop. Kudos to our my blood swallowed peace pal. Heavy. An amazing Olympics and kid's a stud and I get a two year entry level contract from. The black and gold and event attendees third homer of the spring beat the pirates to one moved he has double RBIs while. Brian Johnson four innings of two hit ball which was good. He gets the win that sits in a row grapefruit league play. As of late the boards around Philly today at 1 o'clock are patriots they've been busy in free agency wide receiver part returner. Kordell Paterson is now patriot Patterson's 47 years old played five seasons in the in the big foreign meaning one with the readers last year. The deal for defensive end and falcon freeagent sack master. Is still in the works dangle free agent running back Jeremy will. Has a deal with appeared in one year. One million dollars in these he was banged up so well we'll see what happens there. Arnold Palmer invitational from bay hill Rory McIlroy birdied his way home for the win. This person's more than sixteen and eighteen under tiger finished at ten under. And now he's just you know gaining speed every weekend tied for fifth NASCAR from a Fontana California road racing. Or are you so we'll loosen. Martin Truex junior took the checkered column. Larceny Kyle Busch win second and third MLB have a great week. Rory McIlroy wants golf tournaments to lay off the alcohol sales after the incident on Saturday. In which she was. Being. Abuse. Verbally about his wife. I don't know what you think about that and oh welcome to the rest of sports. Yeah there are various there every other professional sport out there has to deal of that. Well Bakalar sorry yeah Somalia. What wasn't turning olds are ready Kenya on streams at Phoenix he added fi base open and made that he's gonna completely dismissed yeah everybody yells yeah that the golfers while their part yet they have like a par three there and use the fourteenth hole or whatever witches an awful lot of fun at it's like a party emblems. Yeah. I just thought I I think I don't know I don't think that they're going to be able. And that horse is already out of the barn thing goes with the with regard to a beer and Charles. Wouldn't be golf slowdown now now after. It would not interesting about alcohol. About that this story. This morning about the guy who claims to have found the wreckage of the doomed Malaysia airlines plane went missing 2014 yeah. Yes he's an Australian engineer and an immature crash investigator and during these people. And he ever since the plane went missing in 2014 he's been poring over Nancy imagery in Google Earth. Now Sierra but he says that the plane is rubles. With a bullet holes writes us yes and there's one kind like they lost his wife and children on the plane. Who had also said that he thought the plane was shot down now because they had reported that it dying of at a rapid slate it really Darrell Armstrong's ground and crashed on so the according rounded on Google or thriller yet Peter McMahon is his name. And he said he found it like ten mile felt the round island which is nearby Mari shifts. And they haven't searched that area of the ocean for that plane now reportedly US investigators had told. Searchers to continue looking in the designated area and not go outside of that magical weird nine on death they say they ate. There images pointing out what appears to be fuselage and wings. Who. A techsters says what about the encrypted. Messages that were received I don't know anything about that I haven't seen anything about I don't feel as more details please text is. Encrypted messages that some of it is some kind of an alien fail I guess they are aliens or something. We media we need more information on the let's see Hillman corrections seventeenth hole is where that is under court order in there you know my. Let's see here. It sounds like no one's immune whether you're an elite runner golfer you're still and I got. Now. After going yeah I'm apples during my afternoon runs and stuff yesterday's horse and a did you run over the weekend. I didn't over the weekend in May seem very interest that in. Whether or not whether I runner. Written in Phillip yeah us like a we want him out again here is sooner much more fun you real if we had a spot I have not when it comes to me leading food. It plays something of what do we think we peak he. He just. Suggests it would reformed bad he said well I don't missy you are. You know after the first we didn't create any thing at again it was just and water and and Sharon. I have crackers I'll just take them that of this and the planning on. I'm an R&D. Yet. Boone you can do is. I we are going get to where you're paying attention coming and we have tickets for the road to wrestle mania. If you can answer a question. About what you were paying attention to on today show that is coming up. Well hello Louis. AAF fab. In many countries it's made a bit surreal they have there and say you know just didn't get it for free on your iPhone or android it's a formidable cents. Stings the most. And a good way to listen to WA AF everywhere check out WA AF podcast. Get rocked newness and connect with us on FaceBook Twitter needs to grant it and studies it. 60% of the tag includes its home PDF that we support for apple. We're verifies energy Massey Energy Bardner get it now for your App Store. 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Plus eight and getting signs he's still paying today the day. Yeah ten times fifteen. Game and and plus fifteen. I'll pay steady getting tons of he did pay day two days. The senate. Yeah. Okay. Pain again and massive. I also accepting boats motorcycles RVs and realistic donations. It's giving me. The deal. After doing some research during the break and the Malaysian airliner and the encrypted message conspiracy theory and I will tell you that Danielle is terrified because she believes. And space aliens and apparently there is. An individual. Who says is. That he received. This encrypted message on his phone yeah I was a voicemail okay is its handle on Twitter was. At straightaway. Everything he is tweeted about this that initially don't like Eric and their like an alien movie coming out is that they dunked. Everything he is treated about and he got rid of social media accounts of the wiped out. But of course there are still screen shots of stuff that he treated and it's. This is if you're looking for a way to waste your entire day today this is a great one because it just the more right click and look and click and look it's very strange bit. He did this voicemail on his cellphone. Which. Has a computer generated voice speaking in like pilot alphabet or police alphabet. And then it will if you want we can play that and I can tell you what it spells out sure yeah let's listen. I'll he had a package units are. We'll ask don't count me out Hal that cup. Team. Hot on the mound. Yeah. Optics that channel count her power unit on. I know pandering. You're alcoholic his own tree and kick sports history yourself. He. Can't he ask me. I'm Erica and her. Background Romney out. He Oscar he had around me. Sounds like LB trying to remember all the things he did oversee veterans day weekend in fact I don't tell. Sierra Nevada rules on Mike's got to go to good use. So so it's it's now about two danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautioned they are not human and that message loops with. Coordinates to 042933964230. If you look at those corn at the a couple of different places one in Africa and then one in Malaysia. Pop. And so. The assumption is that this came from from aliens yet that are warning that they shot down in the Malaysian airline and don't keep looking into a OK and don't keep looking into and that there's a whole bunch of. It's doctor Steven Hocking conspiracy theories that are popping up too because of the date codes like the date when he died the day when the plane went anyway and Leahy for transposed he ordered. That he ordered the Malaysian airliner shut down well I think I am deficits and some negative things are gonna happen and I'll eighteen and then the they had said that being a rare for 1818. Is going to be like. The new David smear some more you have seen April 18. Again that's not a negative on Monday and I don't think I get things in vacation days before aliens can't use the example of James. What that chance. Yet the call them both this. Could the system computer generated that the day. Yes. They actually agree. Actually look at into the try to press got the district saw a couple YouTube video about that note pretty fascinated with certain. Actually this guy that she'd also gotten text messages are of 88 person in Indonesia or Indonesian. Language that he actually. Had he labored through a translation. And I actually told them. Posting about this. It seemed like he wasn't supposed to get the message. Yeah definitely seemed like. Lake that the Jordanians and it's also not give them another person had been verified that they open at the same message in a third person coming forward. Now why America fifteen minutes if I you're right yeah if they just told us and the guys you drop the F bomb. You know the problem would have been if I had gotten this voicemail we'd never heard about it has like three months later though our random voicemail and never listened to from this 03 exchange. Did doctor Stephen Hawking ever predict to you and Stanley were on the phone line of work. You know and I'm a genius that he was out of the he did not it that it definitely better co workers welded and that he ever predict that. You know higher remember being here at our former coworker Josh his wedding years ago when. Looking at standing Daniel all sitting there and thinking Monday they'd be married to let them I'm honored to be able to stand up here at this planning and tell this story. I believe that one day and then now and serious I mean your song they're shielding on as Danielle Grammy. Prediction sometime there's even on game. I'll be the united just. In case that in his family members. Oh. 08 bridges and Stephen Hawking and go into a bar. He's still very upset that Brittany Murphy died view it in 2009 and it's because she sent her and Patrick helpless he can't it was great story her and her sister are both amazing actresses. Frank what's up. Morning morning chill it's anybody's certain smokes or it. So like before the artery cute guy. Oh the book. And I did that in many years. And the plane then went missing. I was driving the guys who would be releasing few of them. He had them when in the car with him at that time and talking and eat there. He believed was horrible hole to the plane on the airway. On loans. The Indians in the logical. Thing I ever heard of vote. Anything. Right rate. In and did I mean if it's funny how quickly we forget. Well that nine Aladdin was planned it stated it's Torre had oil all the people that are dead are living on an island it is a big family now. Now Baghdad and I got Sweeney got a bag you can have Bosnia uranium raincoat gotta yeah and some well you know god god bless everybody because I cannot. It just. I mean just used just the most disgusting man and you'll people trying. And profit or get fame or did their thirteen minutes awful tragedy it's disgusting you should be ashamed to. You mean I use every talking directly to Jose Baez or Ullah not a diamond head and everybody's got a very rare everybody that makes secure Amazon offers me put it up. For free. You know the shocking thing here is that Swiss beats is the point man for the alien invasion. Where I ethics. So is it beats does that involve the cheese asking for a friend Johnson hopes. Cheating on your slightly shaky. That allegedly. If you guys believe in aliens so is it so far fetched. That they would have an accidental shooting and shoot the plane out of the sky or whatever I mean I got. We we are so insignificant. The aliens they have been around for an. Audience years. We're late this little planet floating amongst. I don't know a billion. Ten billion star. They don't know Darren you know so far yeah what they're only letting advanced a little bit and they're coming here and what do you know about this and a lot of playoff you give us all your military secrets or we're gonna kill all these now other. There did they want they they want. They warrant the intelligence before and after he teens. Big wins. But anyway what military went military secrets they want they want messiness that I understand them you worry about it ans you walked around to go oh I don't wanna walk over there accusers some Mansour are there he has the right to the world via a kid I don't know I know I don't think Isiah and Buick you have to put him perceive happening in my shorts and I jump around like a man and I like -- model. Conspiracy theory the aliens have at hand in. I think bush Obama and trump being elected to physical cuts made to the State's programs so yeah fine them. They want to keep as he delivering although he's gonna. You know this is the perfect job this whole alien thing is the perfect job for this race sports whereas Miami and now and then things. What are what got that I want this patient has assembled a space Fuller's immediately out of that I want space force. The faithful. Space force. You imagine if terms are jacked I desires space worsened space tourist and traveler. Two universe is away and then we've them and we get in a brawl was do you aliens. More comfortably trump is the hello Brian. And what's up Brian. Let the alien saying yes. Are that's the worry you know they get panic trade in that great people out there that are eating this stuff but. I wouldn't put it past. Certain. Government so whatever it would be doing I mean friends in the big issue. Why is that it's appear quiet why don't we not know anything. Every school shooting we know like the well. You know we know the kid the kid you know the big movement picked out yet I think it's just why has. You mean it you mean you don't. Are you saying we don't know as we don't know anything about that shooter before up until that time so weird. I think about the issue now I mean the video getting the it into a casino that you'd think that. Even the new and you can feel that had been questioning like I don't get information on it in yet. Yeah he cannot YouTube or not. Rabbit holes but it just kind of we are in need I'm not a weird person but it just. Back story that appeared in the words it cracked me among the worst shooting in had it out. We do know everything about stormy Daniels. The so he's feeling better. It's horrendous wreck are you heard from monitors aren't I encountered. Any. Mole. And that is close. To the inner circle of stormy Daniels play and that well and analysts polled about. What happened to visualize. That. The because the election. Nobody believed that the president. Was going to win the election. So as it became closer to Election Day. Her friends started saying. You better get whatever money you can get she was holding out for a lot more money. And they said you better get whatever mother you can get 'cause he's not gonna win the election it's not be worth anything right so that she took the 130 grand. And then now one hurt a backing get the did the bigger than watching it right she's gonna get a payday if she's your Roth at the bigger payday hello Tom. Are you going with that I'm. I'm gonna have that. Twilight don't. Yes I not Mehmet did an episode where it got lots you don't have a audit but it actually travel act eared and I yes. So I got what happens Malaysia flight of the workload that we see now are actually. Future playing demise come and pack. Oh I'll listen I'll law that's awesome the zone that also did that's good I guys wanna remind people there's a place called the true. What's it called down in Florida. And edited out in my car and the military. I'm not I'm not tired Mozart's you guys can mark me Saudi Ramirez Bermuda Triangle. Since the Nadal tons of shows Bermuda Triangle a loser only one is no no my point is is no one's found those planes right. Casey wian visited the you know I love the. Conspiracy people according to the way Spielberg and close encounters all those people the aliens brought back were taken from the Bermuda trying hall writes wow. Let's get this. And now it's time for our whole really it's the time you were paying attention. I. If you move can answer a question about today's show correctly and you could win and a pair of tickets for the town fair tire world of wields. At the seaport World Trade Center or march 23 through the 25 at school and as wheels. It can be found at the town fair entire world of wheels for details and that gives his world of wheels dot com you can also win. A pair. It gets to go see WWE. Lie rose to wrestle mania at the TD garden on March 30. Or you could when a pair of tickets for brutal hole. DCU center on Saturday march cars to get more information and to purchase tickets visit brew dot com that is that 21. Plus eve and obviously this is Kevin hello Kevin. They're younger but that Kevin not much color you. Hanging in there working on Monday night Kevin who did yell bring answered dates to a winning over the weekend. Yeah. Graves. Ago. All the yellow all the feels then yeah now yeah of the yeah. You do you Wear skinny swats. Iverson now yeah and I said yeah and a blow job best and all good morning Greg Perry noted today how are you today John. I'm great super great. John which alcoholic. Spirits did governor baker do they shot that the L street corner and shot takes you on. Yeah yeah. Eight years ahead. I associate quarreled over worsening since that is why he is the most popular governor in America. It's the it's it is breaks hello breaks the law and what's. Worker a woman and a man flying virgin airlines from London to Cancun and got in trouble for what breaks. I will not go on record have another. It's the Sacramento California authorities removed how many rabbits from quarters home. To order. Few innings but no that was. Hello Brian. Say that I wasn't paying attention there was 286. Rather. Do want Hannah Harry 86. Absolutely. 286. Ravitz. This is still below Tony Blair government power you aren't you worried. During an oxygen network documentary on Aaron Hernandez this weekend his defense team to hold. Said that he told them he was blocked. Are bisexual. Well OJ. Yes. And let's see OLB's 6 AM breath is on the phone. LB or what's up. Okay what March Madness ever did LB make to start the show this morning. I am sorry I don't got to have a good yeah I. It's nice to hear him around and now you. Brian Albright and good morning all what's up Brian. You don't order a little agree can you answer. That question what oh what March Madness error LB made to start the show this morning. Yeah I need you put up. The brackets for the wrong year. How well. Oh man matters are even closer and yes yeah necessary Harry Arabs were the breakfast and does well I'll be said that there were no number ones that were still alive there are some all four number ones girls. Right. I don't I think I mean. In order to still have a bracket that is in play you had to have made some amazingly. Unlikely choices statue enough terrible places you know Barack. Every other you know you have a bunch of twos and threes and yeah. I don't think recently who who who who took number eleven Syracuse yeah why all of the unions today are still in the brackets that are still in play today so. All right highlights of today's show will be podcast for you if you missed any thing. Full show podcast available at WA AF dot com see our one hour to hour history and our four. In their entirety without any commercials full show podcast will be back tomorrow. Mourning that'll be LB and Mike Shula and Danielle grimy and yours truly and I can hear it in else. On behalf on the show this afternoon and play exactly what really happens. Posts post date now. That in itself that you do lean over to buy things don't do it widget runoff which are dropping heavy in my house of him oh. A follow up. Innovative drive to your house and then and then drag on extravagant where he lives would have been on the way to get to the high Arenas and into tonight inside for a drink at the end of the destined to drink not camps now and I am. They kept it. It appears Germany is on his way into the video and I know well OLL call came at a news about the I'm smooth move. This movement that was all a what did you do while it isn't about him did you slip into something a little more comfortable I. Our feet and it's funny now and our stars please stand obviously noticeably little more comfortable humidity build out of the room players who would like yourself farm watching myself in my judgment and I. I would evaluate adding Aaron we gotta go you get tax code words that could when you have thousand dollars cash next. Previously on Matty and nick always dangerous to a soap because when you assume guys like Danny Amendola and at the Miami JE FC dot ride. People like I fixed get outrage you know like Belichick's got to plan it out to all the deserved to cash in this was his time. He's weakened market value right patriots are never gonna camp fought Europe that receive this kind of money they got to get younger at that position while Bob like you know what. I don't like being told it's last call. I don't like being told I'm too loud. And I like being told to grow a lot and that's not a lot to get upset about another grown man leave my favorite football team to go play for another football team. That might be it's my twice do you ever want to meet him and oh by the way that's great football team that this flat and up to both feet deep and black it. Jack Mehdi nick weekdays three this seven on WPA yes. Moments dreams are made. Link. Men's ice hockey northeast regional. March 24 and 25. Com slash frozen board today. It's getting elegant with ray Butler homered -- state auto group rate I've been told by your customers you find in the car that fits their needs even if that is knowing a lot honey do that Danielle wins it will lose away just tell me what you're looking for I have many resource is to search for just the right vehicle and just the right price anything from the street customer find out why car shoppers from all over New England have their best buying experience. Mixing it auto group route twenty in Auburn or online at nick stay out of there dot com and Danielle don't forget the deals are always great mid state. Waste management's national career days happening this Thursday march 22. More than what you think it is national career day interview and hiring of it's we'll be taking place on Thursday in both Norton fan lovers in Norton. It's not any of the 5 PM at 100 hill street that's not you know 5 PM at 100 hill street. Hiring residential commercial and roll off drivers plus heavy truck mechanics or craves it in Norton. It would print it's happening 1 PM to 6 PM at 204 Merrimack street that's one to 6 PM at 204 Merrimack street. Are in residential commercial and roll up drivers plus heavy truck mechanics the all Woburn Londonderry N Rochester. Waste management's national prayer day is happening this Thursday march 22 save your spots provided day at WM career day dot com. That's WM career A dot com. Or call 87762056. Point seven Watkins. Waste Management a safety first military friendly equal opportunity employer supporting women in transportation. This isn't for madness honey do. Iced or hot it. Nation of chocolate and coffee Bristol. Asked Jason Taylor he's got some serious skills and a serious third through scores and crazy book rights movement. And for a limited time did you meet my store hot. As for just 17. Enjoyable for the good. Good job. We took the three point. Hey guys this Danielle do you think about your weight every day do you look at stuffing your.