HMMS Hour 3 - "You Can Make All the Penis Jokes You Want" 4/19/18

Thursday, April 19th

This hour we have Stow 50, Hillmail, Ray Bourque calls in, and no more best friends in Georgetown Schools.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Day. April 9. At 3:23. PM. An officer checked on a car. At the sergeant farm conservation area not a bad place there was an individual. Taking a nap. All the not a nap. And not a big win snapper. Not eight do you get public he can't pick an app republic John in Stowe. What about during this port scheme that was hearing this this is awesome is it now if you're in sales is is that. But you cereals person's thing where you're on the road needlessly you know. I knew he had no call scheduled for the day be can be hanging around the office and the Boston cardinal calls if you go out the map in in conservation area. On Wednesday April 11. At 807 AM. A caller from circuit drive. Reported that a fox was in the neighborhood. It was not acting strangely. An officer advised the woman that it was not uncommon. For a fox to be out. During the day right. Right yeah as outlined in luminous animals can go out during the day to places like in the middle farmland it's a blind and it means OK there's a we just heard there's a comment conservation area in the yeah there's going to be animals. A text there is referring to earlier guy as now savage yes this is I think just randomly naps Bulgaria's that's right on public property of snaps snaps I got pulled over. Drive by now and have you ever like what's deal with taking in now. At 323 in the afternoon like. And he can't go home where it was a long drop like a cross country on the what you it's one of I've got a good for. Yeah I mean he was doing sales in meetings it 679. All night you mean or are you mean out and party in the mornings and then and then you know and many an immediate near and I didn't have another meeting July 4. Thirty and then you know like you don't want and my mom and one fort night and punish or attack just ten more minutes yet. At 12:30 PM. A walking and reported that she found a deal X. On her home on April 7 on the home yes the egg yolks all over the home on April seriously did you do that because Daniels that I normally don't you use the L the old. The A you'll see it's a you don't egg OK there's no ads as you'll know that's the sizes legal. It's not a deal could just jokes on its a joke to just the ulyetza gore made handle right currently is the whites the flops on and on grounds out Utley. 6:27. PM. The still fire department responded to Packard road. For an outdoor burn. Well yeah and read up permitted fire was located always okay I'll actually fly American paper on the I'm excited for 905 PM a collar on Gleason bill road reported that car was going eerily slow. Police responded to check the area and the cart was located in followed and there were no violations observe. All those driver the exact very good question if I Aetna I Thursday April 12 at 9:32 AM. A caller at the community gardens on title game thoughts in your crazy reported that an owl stuck in the net. Hole played well that's Brokaw if it is yeah yeah that's I'm sure. I mean here and you know he a bid by ideology. Police do not know. Blew up was responsible. Vote to add that looked at that dad Joseph. And at 9:52. A am a walking and reported this is the best call of the week as far as seriousness. They walked in reported that her brake line was cut. Options that are advised the individual. What that's going on ask them how lots I was I don't know watch your back and cover brake line. I'd that I remember these secure that it was our neighbor and liberated zone or cousins. As the matter if news is Lleyton. Ugly might be some kind of a domestic that you yeah Harry doesn't want somebody come home. One of those stories in my oil look at the rare broad generic keeps sleeping with the Daryn mystery. On Friday April 13. At 1101 AM. An individual flagged down an officer to explain that the trails. At the wildlife refuge weren't dangerous. Omaha apparently there were branches all over the hills my guys yup get easier for. Down a flight out it's not isolate you re flagged down. That's like an emergency situation and so was in the street flagging Danica there's a branch and the trick I can't step over the branch. I just haven't had a nonstop and just Vasquez and yeah. Is it the same in Stowe and in Worcester. It's very weird to me that. You know like I act when I drive to work in when I go home dolls and their branches all over that are going on the edge of the road. And branches are down on people's yards. From the storm that was what how long ago was it six weeks it's wild it's just bizarre. That people just don't go move the bridge. LB correction it is not the same in Stowe residents and but once the record straight right there at 8:27 PM a caller from great road reported that there was a verbal argument over a custody dispute with the dog. Low level people have custody disputes. To flee their kids don't have an. They don't have kids that doctor to yeah no no relation to the brake line cutting. Oh and then finally on Sunday April 15 at 11:12 AM. A collar on maple street reported that an alpaca was on the side of the road. Whatever your doctor farm member of the gate was open or not the first. Contact with the owner was attempted the alpaca jumped back over the fence and all was OK Lloyd the so out. That it is a brief look at the terrifying crimes that haunt us. My very dangerous hometown community as though Massachusetts every week that is still 50. At WAA. And HD one Westbrook Boston WP he guy HTT Lawrence. And WW DX HD two in Boston and now it's your Terri did tough luck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still mail. LP I think it's been well documented that underwear is underwear. And WD. All right. The days but Mel's voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. Withdrawal of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But with no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees you should check out the city of busting credit union. And they're checking account service today. Go to their website in his city of Boston CU dot com city of Boston CU dot com and now for you. The very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been left over the previous 24 hours. We in day 747. And. Wondering after all these animals are become an important Democrat. Period believe it. Murdering every walk. Well I mean. If you can sweep these guys with a win that night. That's. At least at this point in the season. That's the other best team in Major League Baseball right now and do you dislike. There housing and and in Islam. Mr. baseball must be very excited better. Citing usually in the West Coast suited they have trouble down adults on it I mean pitching the operating defensive playing sure not everything. Under in the Boston Red Sox and it'll go to crap. I was gonna start going back and I was gonna start getting injured in by August they're quiet all of our pace is a three game losing streak America's resolve the event. It. When Tony Luke's. 7 PM. Total the business. Let's look at the beginning. Although he has you and I'm waiting for the Panama. Do not return. But it didn't you may not because we made a significant. But it won't open. Let them. Wounded men and please again replace them first of all fuels and Michelle. It was clear that that common mired testes and not the first time Tom's been on the show many times he's the climb back in the day. Rather frequently of course he is advanced well past. The dishonor of being on this program again. But. That was not the first time that my best the and I had had communicated we. Both began our trajectory. On the bottom rung. And we have risen yes to the top of our respective field. And we may have lost touch during that time. However. I don't like however however arm brace today. Is one which reminds us of attention that's who it. Yeah that absolutely as Lee Bass the other part wasn't caught on the microphones that that's the absolutely. That's my best the. We don't look. And him. Yeah well we can look in Europe and he would pick him and that doesn't want a Memorial Day weekend for more. And a vehicle that can. Break Montreal electable and the technical. Only a little effect the cabinet your contemporary. Look and let let me conclude. Now. Yeah I get blown up a spot per as the law. Probably don't Indies disappearing for like five weeks ago autism motorcycle thing in the year you're blowing it up. Yeah I was out is that some divers search your car is good bite builder route to competition just Gatti of air mass. I know our mile and a drive six half hour ocean or reason whatsoever on the best marches ever been built an engraved on the planet. In Morocco Montreal here are within our own words all you lock doesn't Memorial Day Morris or show up to Montreal me this guy says he looked and there was no such thing people who cares about Jared doesn't that would why would. Again you think. I mean that the engraved by Kara and Eric feel back is there's it has a name. But this Levy who in grieves like I'll show you the pictures it'll blow you away. But every piece in the by using greed and she's from Alberta Canada. And Scott Ian Ritchie built despite yeah which one in new York and one in Chicago. And now gets to go to Montreal to win the North American arch song. But. While you're at home when your fat wife. More on the line concerts in the room for error in your house I'll be up to Montreal to shape Fareed banging strippers. Barrymore certainly showed a bunch of naked topless chicks. Would only one kidney. With only one kidney so I don't know. Let go men and therefore effective do that let. Let's look at who. That blue. Whenever it won't get the court that well. Oh do you think that could act tomorrow she says the inhaled back with the show. After suffering a debilitating. Cornea injury but no shoes trip and fall down mr. after the trip on her daughter there are a couple. A squirrel with young you know three legs now. Yeah twelve million. Get your act it out. At the opening I would look at it that and that. Includes. How many breakfast you think she hasn't she's home and nobody is watching a machine as three of them in here. I'm. How big would you guess you've got Danielle do says Danielle just grab the carton of twelve expert good she'd grab that occurred in 24. And my job. Serving a home Fries anybody's going down in the cafeteria. It was an earlier. In my the please pay game. I got a Zaria. On a cigar. Back that your advance and a capital growth yeah the played it low and unload ram waffles and create green and she's paid stuck. Still I don't Google tip the -- Korea and it rotted out wood to squeeze tube they don't like the legit whip cream on there was living cool Wikipedia ability and make it and put in the squeezed into Vietnam. I in the Gramm that and I wrote someone's. Someone's having breakfast or someone's hungrier something and she was like and I thought that our instead I am. Oh team and. And nobody admitted that it like I said. On my out dead and all of a back. They're in bed now. True true yours sure because they felt appears strode two more pressured daisies and new form. Or course suited it was a great it was a great fifteen year round listen let's be honest eighties where your decade yet. I only grow. Eighties Arnold through nine in a room and really many sap and it kind of and it was that it can and if you with the eighty's that was your that was your decade. And I mean you know you might have won. Maybe the arts what are we in right now as the spots or agree Aaron knows he knows the dots than the teams. Maybe the twenties the roaring twenties the roaring 2001 of these. Will be one last go for you. Oh yeah yeah. There's no little green and not from the defense limit and that. I'm not the typical public when you look around the content available. My own eyes. That we have the one of them that it wouldn't. We'll never. Know. Then looked. Lol well. Maybe she got inspired. When we were talking about Farrah Abrahams. Li B class the surgery is ever named Eric yeah him. Libya plus the largest reduction thing or whatever and that's maybe that is why Daniels out on that that's one of those things you don't it won't know because I you know I I've I went twice. You know two maybe a lasting now now to do the deal with the you know the archer archer there are there. And I'd just. I just don't understand like it's stuck it's the greatest thing with the greatest amount closures in your life then why would you announce whether. Yeah. It's. Just. All. It's reviewing it too much but I don't. Know. Look that bad I can't believe that there are out there now and then you called them back and we'll edit that out. Radio I mean you look at that they let it get the pop. Out at minute you're on the map but not very important that the bill would about it. A Scott it's not a new way to get on the show that is to leave it mail is no message does nobody can hand out the hats I. Thank you for participating this morning during home Al it is 816. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information. You can go to echo stored dot com coming up. We will be joined. By. Arguably. The greatest Bruins of all time ray Bork and we'll talk about tonight's game get a preview from red lawsuit he thinks so far. And what the Bruins have to do to move on here in round one of the playoffs and when you're side by each repeal or. Yeah don't you think analysts and processor this I mean I I don't wanna I don't know if we wanted to get into that debate because we've at a billion times but Bobby yours probably. Four is the is the very best programmable it. Take nothing away from from Bubba Bubba Bubba was amazing 21 years and if if Bjork played 21 years I don't even know the staffs or he would have put yeah but you're the would be I think it was. Like the incredible miss Bobby Orr was put together and I think ten or eleven years acts here. Yeah that's all that's quality player here is via via notes it's RBIs so. Ray Bork will join us in about. Twenty minutes or so. And it figured headed off to the somewhere where. Years you may not be able to Guinness on one of seven point three then of course remember that the radio dot com app. Is the official new home of WA AF downloaded today. To listen to us any time anywhere by and I mean anywhere you could be. In some sort of a bunker or you could be. At home. Where is some kind of fake eye injury. Out of Arizona time and I'm Howard after a crack fat asses this. Let's see mom. Some people are upset. Hold on let me get a single to order reduce unemployment biscuits and Oprah Vicky in the and I wanna tell you why some people are upset about what our president said yesterday a single -- Vicki. Am calling from right now unpacked. I I just want to say that you know we're going to get you leave you each have a Greek high when she comes out because you're effect in out there and letting our limit its retract. Although it's now the girl is going to be. And we'll see what happens yeah I. Am so. The president was speaking about Barbara Bush yesterday there and he made a marriage joke which is it today it's a joke on himself. Right but people are upset because they say it's too soon. So wanna play that for you and get your opinion on that pisses president trump yesterday. Milan and I send our prayers. To Barbara's husband of 73. Years. On the other beat that record. Strong regret. Well doctor compliments. This. I'd. The contents of compliments he's busted on himself and those in Mary hundred to write these you know. Don't think it's tees behind them you know I'm bothered about I'm not bothered by that because you know from a year she was cracking jokes. And yes yes atlas. In fact we have some audio on that if you want. From 41. George Herbert Walker Bush. Your favorite credit hole. Oh yeah W has the humor part though we have some audio from George Herbert Walker Bush. Who. Of course they met before he went to. Two world ward. Who care he was shut down Matthews and Andy was in navy pilot. And he's. What's with what he's saying shoot date data and put that in day I have W making the joke I know that they have to audio from George Herbert Walker Bush. When he spoke last night. About Barbara Bush. His wife. OK so those guys you guys when you said this morning in our meeting he had the audio. He didn't you do not put the audio in there war. Issue is rocks on some kind of Lackey to backing can't see you. Ground fired. Let's go. Let's go I don't see any but he scrambling and what is what is their strengths and always on their work and are they scrambling eggs because. Now great now I have that scrambled eggs for lunch. Let's listen to. Her son. Discuss. That she was joking matter until. Were you able to say goodbye to your career. Yeah and person who and then on the phone Lauren I. What overseer. A week ago Saturday. And we had a wonderful visit she was strong lucid. But they still funny she and our needling each other and the doctor came in and she turn the doctor said you wanna know why George W is the way is your doctor looks somewhat surprised she said because I drink and smoke when I was pregnant with the. A that does the mind joking around so he can joke about it now because that's how they wore apparently I was the relationship they're third Jackson's American mark. Texas says it's still not as bad as using her death in a lives nautical American Jim Reid I don't know who would do that. I don't know I don't I don't know who had. On there is a this is an interesting story this morning don't know anything about this too. There is a California college professor. Cool. Tweeted on Wednesday. That Barbara Bush. Was quote an amazing. Racists. On quote. And then added. That she was quote happy the witch is dead. And then. Road that because she had tenure. At her university. She would never be penalized. For the comments that she made. About Barbara Bush. We have a name. Yes. We absolutely. Have a name she was her name is ring and I'm sure our. She is a professor. In the English department. At California state university in Fresno. And just an hour. After Barbara Bush passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92. She wrote quote Barbara Bush. Was a generous and Smart an amazing racists. Who along with her husband. Raised a war criminal. After out of here with your nice words. Why Powell. So. The Fresno street Fresno state pro boasts. Lynette felicity. Says that. They are investigating. The matter. Right. Okay. Okay. OK okay yeah. We're seeing. Cause. It's. TV. Movie this. We each. It's. Our ass. The arrangement mental the arrangement syndrome suffered by these people I mean what is. So. You don't like. 43. As though. His mom passes away. And the united target heard because you think you're protected because you have tenure at one of our universities where you're teaching our kids. Today I mean I mean zero there's like zero common. Respect left. But congress that's what you all Twitter are concerned whatever I want I guess I'd blame it on and of course the school has to do a lengthy investigation to determine whether or not. I mean is that the kind of person. If year if if you're that university is that the kind of person you want representing year university and actually I mean these people. I mean have zero I don't care if you don't like what her husband did it when he was the president or you don't like what her son did. But I mean. Like she was since she wasn't shaping policy. She was the first you know she wasn't. And I had never heard anybody say a word about her being racist. I never ever heard any idea about that what's what and it's what's your point man at love of speaking. A dump on someone that pass to weigh where do you like them don't like them that it's just awful just awful. And I'm and I can't you know and you know what sucks. Is the university and go you're fired presents she's a lawyer up good and then they shouldn't. While they shouldn't but he can't disappointing eighteen yen do they more university just a waste a million dollars which could help students. And education. Two entered go through the process to your wrestler. Here's a 518. Tax Danielle where's that text from oh wait wait I'm. I agree when what you're saying about her so why don't you say the same thing about our president now listen I have said. That I don't believe that our president needs to be sending some of the tweets that he sense he'll have to share with me. Eight I tweaked. An inaccurate tweet from the president. About somebody who just passed away calling them a racists and they and the and the mother of a war criminal right and and and let me know where that Tweety is and then I would. Criticize that weakness and Wei and me I am criticizing this week this is Calvin on the Framingham Ford studio line what's going on Calvin. Well you know it's. Inevitable. We didn't work you can get what this hard to dispose of the that they would you and the total pot it's. Yeah she said that the that time was wasted on those it clarify that for me. She's actually tweeted I guess if you look at the numbers and the thought it. Actually who don't know blood. It's in little overcome with phone calls. Actual abductors. But that they'll be out. I mean what does it prevents let's put it sounds as users in our minds. Until somebody snapped. And it's unbelievable. It's just Europe that are now. Under tweeting there. And questions tenure. It's only evil ideas that your. Probably not warrant here probably than a buck fifty for teaching one process are she's on leave but it's ours to gently lead right it leave. It is 828. Here in Massachusetts. There is one community. Where. Cute little four year old kids yet are in trouble. At their school out there for. Announcing that they are best friends. And we'll discuss that coming out. And we're gonna talk with the ray Bork former Boston Bruin ray Bork next about tonight's game. Or most of the day today some areas receiving snow fall and yes it is just. The week and a half away from day and it's going north and west of 495. Temperature will be 45. For a high today here in beautiful say Brighton Massachusetts it is 420. But where you are in May be snowing and I'm sorry trying to hang on. Try to keep me I keep your chins up as LB would. Joining us right now. A man. Who moved. LB sat on the bench live for his whole entire career I've pom pom adequate notice for a right. Trainers says the great ray Bork and former Boston Bruin ray Bork joins us I believe from a place. Where it is not 42 degrees right now is that correct. Didn't try it it's probably going to be in the mid eighties today here on Florida. We're even going back to back what he's doing the yeah there at all but celebrity. Ultra little tour couldn't Muster and I'll be back tomorrow and then to. Two games of the Soviet Union and so they were preapproved so foundation come from that she weakens so. We have a good time tomorrow borrowers. Sort. Is it pretty busy week. Guys don't we're doing great how the how the golf game these days. The players won't show up pretty good trigger a little YouTube room to recruit potential. Oak Creek continues not to let. That you have improved since the legendary. Day when I took money from you and Gordy called Zack and Cody clues that was enraged with I wouldn't want wondered where we're there. SA CL people was dreamed a dream last that's picked up there well the year when my countrymen. But when you called right nobody is paying what to stack gritty gritty clues Zach. Is the most competitive human being used on the Internet is there's not worked through. So listen. I don't wanna get overly excited. I mean so far. This looks like really good bruins' playoff team. Your thoughts on that. I would look great and it's the tournament this year who go to your typical cable before they put us daughter. And then the refining crude costs onto concrete and a couple. You know. Surprised a little bit like Howell. No politician can men and Bolivia has an impact and achievement. And how hard and playing. And then in the veterans and done a great job in the country. The crude will this thing they've been so much from the launch and Iran through its own Christian being a little Milosevic. And the golden different tactics are usually. No one's saying they had their chances so. They'll do that protrude and political solution that. Looking forward to watching church thought our. I think you have to say and it bothers me when people don't say it. Because they both have taken some abuse. Around here I think you have to credit. Cam and Don Sweeney. For the incredible job that they did putting this team together. In and it's it's a team for the future too don't you believe right. Well I think it's it looks at all these young guns and talks come along this year. And that's what we'll look at prediction for the lunch true usage to be patient than. And through the throughout forum with controlled the cap being what it is and and sign insert god different. And you've got a couple. Young guys come and learn and make an impact and we're seeing and if we're seeing that happen now. And there. That's the schedule almost expect to see this election earlier laughter. Well look we see in this series just credit. And look at how they were about during the drought under the direction. Lee. Good job to consider other guys certain general and pushed around and strict accident yeah. You know couple young defensemen a couple of didn't forwards there's more congress shall couple to pick a problem truck. He could probably not pay them you know election earlier aftershock. Articulate it do deserve a lot of credit and moments. You know. That's such culture and now everything you can't disclose the Chinese trade goes you can afford the one that's citing people or send it back so. It's that's been fun to watch and see this eventually come out of play who support ticket out. Ray Bork is our guest that race would you play for 21 years in the extra. Point return on what do you think that when you look at. Big Z. Are you amazed that that he is still there on that. The minute people love. Hated that he's concerned he's fiscally we can turn into contention and how well not hitting is about the game and that's how you go to the year to play at that nature of inside the Olympic years it really well here. I think he's still he's positioned in the perfect spot to shut their own deal and you know playing a little over twenty minutes to gain countries don't look at all. Also thought the played yet since I since that time the capacity or vehicle so the spectrum. Good night patrol car and so that's yeah. A compliment back to and plus is leadership and how people who shot a true professional. Let who has absolutely here's what happened in recent. And I'm sure you guys so what are our players here that people how to prepare how to go about your business and now we have all these young guys come and watch and she didn't. And it was all souls. I like to be telling you learned about preparing by watching LT. OK okay if you will it. OK and you know what I'll say it again and hoping you can. Let your second well currently purse well I was I was around him and I guess I was a little help could play. Hoping to play what happened Israel these first couple fights reality he killed you guys who cycle. All right you can follow through with that this columnist. No well look like. You know beer being to recognize I was lucky enough to play a photographer mariners and you know in someone that came you know like I turned pro. Got drafted in 82. Was it training camp with rage you know re looking at you re 779. Rate asserted you know our sites are so. I wanna ask you where's. You've you've got a great core of older veterans with these Bruins and you put a Calder cup in your pocket your first year. As as an eighteen year old turning nineteen you've got Charlie not to avoid what does it mean for Charlie and he paid enough for math and he would put Calder cup in his pocket to you and I if you didn't get hurt but. I have the veteran leadership to lead these young guys because you went through that with cash and Sparky in nifty. And ratty and all those guys. How important is it. Where this team with this this older core in the younger core. I. Well I like that so when you're on your desk. The best players being the best people how they how they work that would restrict the corporation. That's what England will probably partly honors went public this year. It will slow popular game and almost like on a particular thing yeah. You know you worked and that's on what you have to practice shunned talk culture thing looks and certain tension. Let it go until rally that I was looking directly overseeing whatever it would. Now he goes over the telephone. Or not looking hard to let you know. Move just by a look and you don't the you don't final practice. This. Will own you know look good veterans and as the go to guy who's competent. It'll. People started to speak English with a single blossom. Stroke looked at an interest in speak little target I was watching it looks like a lot. I that kind of reminds me. Of one I was a young player. On the ice during a live during a live show and a grizzled veteran taught me. But something a little. Which is known as the moods and mummy to a certain way. I use that to stash about twelve. Over thirty goals that I have it in my career path using the move. Which you brought you spent a good twenty minutes teaching. Very uncoordinated. That prisoners are pure. You root. Included thought but what I am president I remember. Tonight. You know the may police have done their best. They get. Marsh plus they're and I think he's done a really good job. Of of being able to resist that if you're on that Toronto team is that something that you really focused on tonight not only with him I guess with a others. Is trying to get those guys. That takes a bad penalties. Like I think the focus and should not slowing down. Pushed lol how. Isn't blushing you know he he could try it's gonna understand who earn. But I know that's just how we place and you sort of cultural values you know just all of a little more I would like she's recoverable player he's so talented that works so hard so passionate and yeah you know that a little less. Sometimes overlooked so volatile. You don't disrupting air and that's what makes them who we have it was a little guy took a lot of action on either. And just incredible players so I think. And at least you know they obviously won't shut down that line because they've got killed by them want to recruit student. And did a good job of that. Somewhere in the last game but when you look at that it probably has or find a few chances to those who come open matchup. The post and the crowd also believe Cooley here. And most of his goal or look at probably our production him. I'm leap forward for the grown so still pushed a plan to shut down. And they got their normal checked into the Portland took it to keep government shall look at the book distinct. Place would pay extra. They didn't do. Wanted to stay in excel opinion without doubt and we have that contact the cup. Or how I feel about here's some hockey people who are somewhat. Either when they talked about last Vegas like you know LB calls in the Cinderella story for me and I hear people say. It wasn't a Cinderella story from an expansion point of view because they've done all the you know they got everybody's bass player I mean. That's a tribute they changed the expansion draft. So you know from you you used to be able to take. I guys about a lot of your roster right now and and bring you to go you could sit through their mileage. And they they changed to right thing play ten or twelve guys. Do you feel about that story. I think I think it's a great story I think it's fantastic. In the NHL what about this and struck. It's actually thought long arms and capital they have no luck those teams suffer cruel and twelve years there just to become. Being content with chants from the playoffs that's so different fabrics and you're sponsorship and everything succumb. Would the team had success in the and it worked so. In this well for the players. I mean those guys have been given an opportunity that no and a lot of the situation is that they were. Lesson that prevents what they've got some work to get an opportunity that taken a different. This shouldn't term Lou maybe the first and second. Or in the line up. Competitor will they were were there because now we're playing different rules shall look infection that can continue to look sort latency level. Would depend 600 million common. You'll have to wait tenure should be decent of that. That's and so I think it's that it's true. Ray Bork is our guest and I wanna ask you about something you have coming out because I'm giving serious. Is taking the next. Taken the next step in my elite runners status. I'm now. What do I have under my belt to undermine meaning they'll we've got three fun. 35 to I believe I have 35 case under my belt in the last nine months and I'm giving serious thought. To participating. In the Bork Stanley Foundation. Seven point seven K which is coming up on June 9 are you are you are you gonna run this rank. And boom okay. And so we we started our senate foundation last year without a person that like golf treatment accomplished last year. We'll have victory here. We'll try to get Patrice so that actually to raise money true sort of structure usually don't Woodward. And this is our our veterans and as a reporter except you know cultural knowledge from across the globe can win. And not a runner into the culture or two dollars and Walker's dirty. There's going to be. And after a little get together and party and I don't know. Yeah. And so. The senate in the first trio. Well one who won the cup. And that 2000 want shorts should be. Should be a lot of fun and good day. We're opener rouge. Some good money critical because certain source we're we're really excited about it. Since. It's your race elements come out there and envy about. I made all could have a little later. I'm okay. I we could apparently. So I would I would wager food that's what I like to wager I'd like to current and well and good richer than I ever right. While we wager that Clinton and her place. Your mind OK yeah sold village in. Go out or we'll do it about a road a brew house. And so there were young and you know do is. We will will bring a couple couple listeners whoever wins will pay for dinner the other and a couple licences at some school. Sound great. I think I can get. What I can do a five K in about thirty minutes so I can do a seven point seven or or. In about 4345. Somewhat affordable. They're gonna get. I gotta get training has further. A trade I trade but I haven't learned much although well actually start Iran does or. If you want it rexrodt. If you want a runner if you wanna run with a today. You can go to bored Stanley Foundation dot org that sport Stanley Foundation award. And enjoy Florida and then I don't wanna jinx anything but we'll see you next round the of the playoffs I'd I'd. How important work hard worker OK hold on somebody that people say I'm I'm leaving him hanging on the move and you just explain the movie Tommy today. The Cooley no. Singleton and a lot had a charmed sort of a part of my reached that position the goalie so the first thing in the shop. Blocker side if it's normal catching goalie blocker side low you got to stick that shot decrease of goalie. They bring it on your backhand. Into got a putter out under the bar on. And out there and did the right shoulder. It dipped a little shorter if the left shoulder that that the left out of shock. Maybe sit there at the right late effective shocked. That the car club. Look at the picture they'll quote throughout this process that was controller. What that does that. About that coordinated took forty freaking times. We are we literally we literally finished the show. And I'm like ray could you please choose you can show me that move again and he's like I talked it tried teacher forty times. All right they're written great talking about it. Her record and while there are scared. Eritrea. He would is the great ray Bork that great label are. And he can win Bruins tickets if you listening tomorrow during the 4 o'clock hour. Matty and nick have Bruins think it's a giveaway during the 4 o'clock hour tomorrow for game five which is Saturday night. To gotten. Pay. A wanna talk about what's going on in Georgetown. Because. There is. A mom. Who is upset. Because her four year old. Was cold at her preschool. That she cannot referred to her. Friend. As her best friend. Now. This is a four year old girl. Who was disciplined. Or. Having the best friend. And I. I really can't believe that in this day and age and everything's going on that we really want to discourage. Somebody from having a best friend is not or anything that's positive. Really well no you know what happens they're best friends and they started collecting amazed the other kids in the class and other kids doing their left I don't yeah I mean it's. The preschool pulled her parents. That the term best friend. Can lead other children to feel excluded and yes Selby. It can ultimately lead to the formation of clicks and outsiders. Are. And here is the mother of four year old Julie a heart well her name is Christie. She said you know silence so in my best buddy. The teacher told her that she couldn't say that there in school the I think it's ridiculous children who are forty years so to speak from the heart so mood they should be able to call kids. Anything around saying you're my best friend you're my best pound even now she goes to stay at an alarming way I'm gonna go see my best friend. Charlie I'm just learn that went in she looks at me I made that she's saying yet. And she's checking in with me to see if that language is okay. I give up. I give up let's keep that same teachers through the backyard barbecue and excludes. Our neighbors that are. In her cul-de-sac and you can't stand him I wonder how inclusive her parties are how inclusive as her friends list. Yeah I know it's a party it's open to every one. I don't thanks art and like honestly you're punished like the cute little four year old who was like happy that she hasn't passed and that right and it. It's it's of value you wanna teach kids you're punishing it if you're punishing somebody write that and more discouraging at. From her and expressing her feelings of she's got to look to the term bomber any adult in the room before she says and. That's my guess it's important to parents and tell your kid deal log on and entered people you know. I try and so will arena before he goes to bad that I love bomb is this a great guy I appreciate. How do you know how he's awesome to his. Bodies. It's it's not and it's gonna you know at the click thing. It's gonna happen regardless of the term best friend or not kids naturally slim and ended groups you can't be included. In everything in life right the sooner you learn that lesson the better off fuel our end. This hurts. But you can't be everybody's best friends. Look at settlement.