HMMS Hour 3 – “What Does He Smell Like” 8/21/18

Tuesday, August 21st

In hour 3 of the Hillman Moring show we take a look at a scary video of a robot that walks like a human, Trump insults a border patrol worker, a brand new batch of Hill-Mails and we have host of the show Cash Cab, Ben Baily in studio to talk about some of his upcoming stand-up in Boston.

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on my. Pins on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I got about nine the text messages asking it math like completes a I I I just I think it's funny how are rebutted pretends and I am argument. I. Does that do you not did I mean what are you kidding right nobody would know but what do you do on weekends talked about the Red Sox. Where shell shocked I was rural and easy yet fifteen wins masters and the associate well yet a bed in a bad day. It's just the I mean that's what people do now I'm apparently a sense when you in the hands gloat and you have to Martinis union. Here you're going. At it. We need is I sponsor point typically. A little bit Buchanan we we we do we play the talking stick theory. I. Saw him walking stick around you don't have the top and you know our objectives ride in on a hundred tickets and talking and only talking stick. So your own shut off. For Rudy I don't want. But I don't block it out of the blue. Is that important to get right back here OK there are people who voted on the London and. What I actually. Two. What's what's the website deployed website is that your conduct. Jane Eleanor chicken com acts on public figures coming up I don't get beat. Usually chicken hawk talk about the technology and I don't think people talk to them. Bo what is what is at the ones but I just on the back I go ahead deuce deuce reach her research Google incorporated there's a flight site. And Jamail and our listeners like the top flight Q a word like your top of the ball on him. The drug should be proud you know once in Q are the rivalry. The buyers. If this buyers there now. I mean she's in Europe finals and conference. I'm 410 man. It's hard not let them that. Bring or direct what you've got a lot of I have an end. That way. And then match and do the sports what they'll be once I mean attacked acumen work he's doing it the second time to give them a chance to get it right. Which she doesn't like I've always feel like by the second time around. Or might it be accurate the facts and you know we need to do is be like the governor when he's in here for breakfast with baker caller calls up with a genuine concern. Charlie will write it down. LB needs to do that with the corrections and write them down before in your much yeah. So my guess just sort of so yeah. Daniel I love Charlie Baker an obvious and obviously obviously he's the best governor in in our country. And he writes it down. Compatible Diebler army inspector the office paper market. Just been rolled up and thrown into. LA now he's followed up on FM LB need chief of staff yes that would. Why in every week you go back to old school we used to do three sportsman's net and now we broke it. Think putting thinks and then. They get them killed when dot com we've told them. He didn't get punched in the big want to hear what what I'm not. When that happened. In honoree yes wine and Scott that's. Had shared. The eyewitness account. From the golf course in Plymouth and a friend of it is. Who witnessed the handle biting. Incident. And we now know that man was in court yesterday we talked about this during the 6 o'clock hour but. The man who. It the finger off the fellow golfer has been identified. Yet and he is day four. These six year old man Derrick. Harkin 46 year old guy didn't get the guy he's 57 he bit the finger off a 57 year old man I mean this is the problem with golf which is that you people are way too and they're at their two passionate out. Well they're good you know there may be alcohol that with and that's the last. I mean the I mean that thing is. There are people who get very upset with slow play sure but it doesn't need to lead into the final and by anybody finger and I also really you have an obligation. To let a group play through right here if you're playing slow home. Move aside let them hit on the green and then let them let him roll through I mean who wants to ruin. Good round of golf by being stressed out with people that are up your ass the whole entire time but and the whole thing. So funny because as you know all guys are here Boehner is the reason they go play golf does he give away from the white for the day. But only forced four guys in front of deployed faster. But they don't really wanted to get home. On I don't. It doesn't seem like something that somebody should be punched for. Their fingers should be bitten off for. You'll all want. And I brought to you during a local elementary schools and you're fired yesterday. Afternoon the if you perform pulled him simple if you climbed blown. At that many of the student who are very distraught but those who have them the other they've said the plan partners keep going and we couldn't get. Wounded now. That program. That there's a link to that video on my Twitter feed this morning we talked about this. During the 6 o'clock hour but there's a school teacher who was doing pole dancing in her own home. For exercise. And shared that video on FaceBook and she is now in fired yes and the question was. Are there occupations. Like teaching or professions where things that you're doing on your own time. If there shared on social media that you should be fired for because somebody deems them to be inappropriate and I think a lot of people. Didn't think that she should have been fired this is bill on the Framingham Ford studio line what's up bill. I didn't that guy that the golf it's going to love yes I actually went to school wouldn't. It was only getting the girls tickets. Yeah. Don't yell at and I think that I love those yes this is Patrick Kilpatrick. How much you wanna bet it goes slow play through golf but it ain't people there in the left lane on I legal if you loud now won't move all the. Anybody. Like there's records like this morning in only a liar. That's your reference council ploy on the golf course I went and played directly with marble did Spain. And now some dudes news into us your rep but through it. But a lot about you the stories as the just click conflicted character references from film and amateur night vision Shalit I know you what you should the Yankees at every game he's a legendary money LB golf whipped him with Dave. If you didn't now. Now here's the problem that a lot of people about in Plymouth. The the slow group. Pat was to force so it was eight. And now people sometimes now they'll join open it up and so that really that slow and nobody that's. That's an analyst at eleven play. They should have let other yes yes yes I mean you know I'm aware I'm a guy who wears glasses so I never believe violence is the answer. Unless somebody else's is gonna him forming but I don't mean shouldn't have gotten to the point that it got to but I could see that they're very frustrated when he got eight guys playing in. Front of you for an entire. 818 holes and what's the name of the dead it sends everybody off the first tee. The Marshall. The marshals so why would the Marshall allow. And its own listen to Arnott on and on and on charity event in order charity of mouse. You know what might happen is that they might have been the course might have been slow anyway and so activating joined up together well I don't I don't I wasn't there so I don't know you know what might happen. Beer well he got said the day the judge did ask this individual to. Stay away from alcohol. Until his next appearance in court right you know when there's a hold open disc golf is yes that is a prime time to sit down and rule wanna. A I know when he gets and a flight. 702. AM. What I don't understand it in the where most of us as we looked up. If when they didn't really at stake and didn't know we were talking about most of the time the boy wouldn't happen. Call it what it is because you wouldn't make it anywhere else you know I've never drank whole book blood. Yeah myself on the back Q stiff. When he couldn't hardly what I wanted me here. When I start nip or to sketch one relation to population 2000. But okay. 2000 aren't as I love that guy I don't know what your job is you don't think electrician. Miss wires a switch you don't somebody all those hasn't been questioned in Ding Dong. Yeah they get hired again they have a company you own the company there's there's a gazillion companies out there were guys up all day every tell me. You got such hypocrites I get used cholera and an attached and can you wanna get me going and works. Yeah. You know anarchy is it because it drives me recognize. What we could. Did you want it. If you weren't. You know I'm work for free today anyway. After today I'll go home and more of my line. For my multimillion. Dollar wife and never come back. But like I love you guys I respect everybody that works or fails. I'm so much respect for you guys who's known you gave me a life. Won't bloom all. It's them. One defeat if I do not want you wary. Of it there. What do Wear big picture hadn't. 7:35. AM. The last seven years I have been thing. One million dollars or indecent proposal. And the at a record you know would they can be the punt block from wind. And it is help melt thank you for participating. In these eight men. And today's weather brought you by the 2019. Subaru sent. Love is now bigger than ever this summer Subaru of New England dot com. Whether it is going to be partly sunny this afternoon until then clouds around maybe some drizzle. Temperature will be seventy for a high today that's as warm as it is yet. And it is 64 right now here in Brighton it's his show on on these Framingham sports studio line what's up John. Not much at all. What's the oh I don't trumpet currently electrician goes and that's why is some and I'm like electrician yeah you get a good illusion house. And you could go to jail if somebody gets hurt. And you screwed up like LB on the other hand can screw up and they're not no repercussion that Ali de got a job at the end that's. Or did you record. A he donated nightmare if you live on the Hill Man Morning Show (%expletive) yes I did you wire house wrong way and burns down. You're down. OK and you're trying to pretend because I mess up the sports. Like life is an orange oh. I can't believe it or salesperson died because they'll be masked of this works aren't expecting get fired a project. No nobody dies when he's through the sports now closer to and that's now it is now here's perfectionism over there in the corner not. Then you know here's your taxes says it's. Why is it okay for her. To call LB games on the reg. To be competitive. And to passively aggressively start the arguments. I I don't passive aggressively or the argument that it's often. And develop us. As you love my saint organic anyway argue. I'm scared after Garrard girl woman have searched and won an owner and then that's a huge compliment. There's. Men higher rates. It is 813. And today show is presented by taco store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com another day in Florida. And now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us just a moment not go out and actually aren't you don't want me don't pan. All right time for Florida not like the rest of us this morning. Adding to Denny in Florida. And they're having a problem with one of their street signs being stolen repeatedly. It's Mary Jane lane hot car. Our Stan and of course now in three years the signs at both ends of the street had gone missing eight times in the replacement cost. Is nearly a thousand dollars per son and you analyst survey it's like Marshall hold wanting Ares he someone has when their house in every so. They eat they used to bolts assigned to the Paul now sexually welded. To our. And the hole is anchored in cement forty inches into the ground no word on whether there's a sixth grade teacher on the panel. But we've got some Sanford Keith. Fogarty who's the director of public services into Eaton. Obviously managing itself that it's got some historic I'm not gonna get into what they have three very very nervous it's a little bit more than somebody's. Somebody's playing. You can get into a guy at its legal and virtually every. Day. Don't worry about. Ask you about the latest from controversies that that the president from controversy at the day is another reason one reason and not gotten a comment dummies anymore because I'm always paraded like so. I'm gonna you can have a doozy here it isn't a fun one it is. Oh the president delivering remarks to honor immigration and border protection fish. Yesterday yes. And president trump brings an officer on me. And that's something that many people feel was inappropriate and thumped okay I'm meant played adios to hear yourself. Okay and he is honoring a bull honor roll yes it Border Patrol off yes and he says something appropriate to me you're not nervous. Speaks perfect English from now when I ask you about that 78 lives are saved 78 people. It's terrific English. That's so people are that about that real idea they think it's that are wrong for him to assume that any man works at the border wouldn't speak. Perfect English for that would be an issue that they didn't Torre if they spoke another language or Spanish or anything else. She where do you stand on this you know I don't like again although that seems it's just seems like it's reaching 'cause I don't know everything for today we're gonna do well he's and it's not seems nitpick medio. I listen that I'm dispelling all the guys Latino I don't know if that you make a decision. The agent is Latina. And now you're not bothered by that interesting model residents and now I know is Latino. Bothers me a little bit maybe but I just don't mother very shocking things is now well. I mean there are certain. Only a lot of people in the country who don't speak English right. And so I don't know I don't think it's appropriate to make an assumption that because someone is. Of Latino heritage that they would not speak English I think that's the ish people would you sum it with spree. English is the guy I was hearing here because at this job than government the United States and neither government employee. Now now there are people of all different nationalities and cultural backgrounds that speak English and many other language that art. You know perhaps their native or will what you would assume they're at their language it. I didn't this text there says that he the president used an LB ism instead 79 large. In that Clinton's advantage he did that. It is any flags and I. That was on its it is. I can't the guys never ever heard that before. Now we but it's not one million large you don't say the amount of them the money that's associated stimulus and on March. And usually thousand I don't believe is it large numbers you know. It's not science and I'll speak this quick exit there just isn't he proud are you look at. Worked and I get the recorder I'll put an object once more on the streets selections are merchant warrior and see this is Steve hello Steve. These these. What's up Steve what are you calling about. And look and yeah and site easier than the worst look at the doubt about it. And again a thousand. Well I mean they have to have the of the the officials. Streets time and asked that he can't just paint you know I mean it is Florida after Ollie could expose you take a piece of cardboard and use a show European Reitman came on Aaron wouldn't be surprised many people wouldn't and its 2000. Bad day here. City I don't know if this is helping minute taxer says that's definitely not the worst thing that he says her. I guess I don't see its hands are not I was concerned that if if it's going to be incredible idiots elected for a second term. People are gonna lose arm. There mines are losing them. Thinking about something it's guaranteed that he will. Middle of the kids don't know the democrats' interest at this yes. I mean I don't think he's going to be. The the. Candidate for president from the Democrat party which is Marty Walsh Marty losses. He's traveling off to Iowa New Hampshire and that's his nobody can understand Marty access of the Arizona failed campaign promises of it we didn't I didn't think that's what he said at all. Let's see here is an 857. Texas says we don't have a national language in this company. So who cares a what does the company in this country so to who cares if he said that. A lot of people care than a lot of people don't speak English here and all the time grant Eric what do I have to press one for English. Well it's like when you win when people of of people Litton patent their nonwhite. And Simmons is where you from. Like Chicago. If they're like Korean or something right I get weary from you get that right and and really boring well Pittsburgh. They don't know where you really from bank Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. But let's. I'm in I mean I do think that he often times is joking and shore and people don't. I'd appreciated you know I think it's like he sixth grade teacher doing the pulled dancing for fitness. Just because you can say or show or do something doesn't mean you necessarily should put it up. Yeah but under the most powerful man on the world like senator Warren and I can turn to go screw. That's Democrat as a leader of a country with people from all different backgrounds and I think a lot of people already have the attitude whether or not you accurate that the trump is the trump is either racist or biased against certain nationalities setter again. Whether or not it's accurate before you text and so people have that perception and when he says something like this. That kind of scores of people and how that perception a lot of work for trump. A lot of people are hundreds of thousands of people that work for the guy. No there we've done many stories about how people. Say all the time that the presence is racist and someone will come back and say show me one timer set something racist and don't know linking up with something something to do it here he's just teach in these supplies tons of minorities and people in this country. With the livelihood. And there the same people Abbas is nuts. His 617 tax. That says we need a robot for president. Are you urgent outbreaks of Russians don't know I'm that's pretty good candidates out there hacking our our voting machine for here have you seen. I shared it on Twitter last night. Have you seen that terrifying. Robot uprising. Of video of the robot just walking around the neighborhood. Ready the robot that looks like he's human just random walk around to face check out my Twitter feed that's creeping the robot with the faces walking around. That could walk in your home at any moment for our business and take you out and it's. Larry the scary thing is the casual walk yeah yeah solar. Oh yeah it's not a robot o'clock it's only yen and nice day. That kind of a sway in the hips and arms back and forth you know what you're saying on that. Promise in. I enjoy the indeed the person who posted the video when you retreated. Out theory show me palatable how I will die yes well that's what this the robot uprising its act and everybody. You know it's getting to enter the very end of the video is decree PS for the robot attendant gives the person taking the video site I say yes. Yes no thanks because they know all over in my iPhone I'll be heard Aaron I don't burn my fingerprints on the there. A. Let's see here's somebody says that video is fake. I don't know if that's true even is fake it could be real at some point. Any new scenes the the Boston dynamics robot so there's that. Oh here's the Texas as a shoo in any must do's in Pittsburgh while I'm here all week. Ball always well you gotta hit the institution that is the permit any Brothers yes south a gigantic roast beef sandwich with French Fries in the past nice. The legal the cheese sauce on that for now that's fantastic hold on right now. So the Fries and the cheese sauce are on the roast beef sandwich and a look at strips style sandwich in Pittsburgh will kind of breadth. Law in early depleted deli solar or is that basically whatever it you wanna you wanna thick red side of the cheese some. We we've yet to. Exe cute the single greatest roast beef sandwich a blind food they face this challenge that we need to do. And when we wanna maybe follows better for that September experiment if I ever do in the pumpkin spice locked in a CL CS and I'll. Not doing opponents myself and and ninth. Punk me or not it is no. He I mean I. There is also great casino there. Yeah this size right across from the Roberto Clemente bridge. That's right Kansas pirates game is PNC park is dues yet yet beautiful and there's also an amazing when it comes to the view in the food is good too there's an amazing restaurant. That is a main stay there and Pittsburgh up on the hill overlooking. Downtown as the one at the end of the Dean Cain incline yes. Just like you you might you must remember the Duquesne incline from flash dance that's what just riding up the hill as a nice restaurant there are hundreds pirates from. Okay hold on this is Brian hello Brian. The gun quick question I don't want the Danielle and so are a move that you've got to really think console racist does that I think that is it that. When I didn't get it drive me nuts because the got an excellent. Point you know never inexcusable racist until it was present it like you don't really think he's a great. Says I think I lost slightly in front of the questions that. You know I know where opium. Where I am but like what do you actually they keep it really depends. The problem is that you guys cut China's click start looking at some of ducky you're unlikely to let under such heading. Of now provide the funds be without looking at the positive things are that negative. So I hear what you guys. It looked that deep into I think he has certain attitudes towards certain people in the way he speaks about things can be perceived a certain way I don't think he's very good about the way he expresses himself. I've said before that I don't eat. Hit track record from back when he was like you she viewed from Oprah I Oprah acting like the EB like he'd been so. From then can now with what. And I think. Are actually. You know looking into the fact partners. You. Even a lot of flip flopping into the streets them which is this OK now taking over the years there's been a lot of honors in that went on about our cities used to owns none. He is not that but I think he's been pretty. He liked the steady Eddie and yeah. Q what's your what's your answer I don't Donald believe. These racist I just think he's. Doesn't process information while an yeah but when you hire someone you know and and my distance well over Christmas rooms you know I don't process informer issue right there when it comes out Kamal there's analyst blog every you know I just don't I don't consider him to represent me. And I think the you know in general if you really want if you wanna drive. You wanna try to attack somebody. You know it is the goat to as the say that there are races that I mean if you. Even if you're somebody who voted for the guy you're you're accused of being a racist when he had to two sources there on so. You know it can really have time. I don't even though there are choices you know past elections is not a lot of choice but he certainly is he's he's popular. When it comes to African American voters I think is is that he's got 31%. Popularity rating with the African American dollars so I don't know there are some people who. May agree and some people may disagree with regard to whether he has. Are right. It is 828 coming up we'll have a chance to win and got smacked tickets to seek god smacked and shined down and meet the bans on Saturday. At the X Kennedy Center way and we'd play facts she Max would Indy. Our fans. Cash cap which is on discovery will allow them will appreciate that the host of that show Ben Bailey is here this morning how are real are good men are you now. We do cab driver before the show. You know I was I was a limo driver but is it when I said they wanted to comedians post show that went to clubs in your way in. San Cisco and maybe Chicago and can have a leg up to her music but we should depend pales. He's a little guy he can drive. Of drive anybody famous in your limo now you were famous no no I never did it. But everyone always excited for everybody that's really no narrative said the some rich guys are just you know mostly business. Airport runs you know wasn't wasn't exciting couples don't show is in dinner in the city on a hot chute appeared in the I had more there but but never the same time I'm. I had a hot chicks but dated if you happen other people view of now which is Kerio and wanna see our group you can avoid it and once I was running I I. I read about Jews that coach you've got. I don't it's that guy that's it might be fake newsman. Did that you've got your start in comedy beak is. You we you working that the war comedy store I got a job answering the phones. That's our guns and moved to LA getting film I was what movies and do. I moved to LA to get into film and I couldn't get a job anywhere the most experienced. It tells in Jersey bug known in no way there at all. So just kept going recent views and not giving them a network you know. And then I came out of this you know plays for the ride high which is. Janet famous our world began Wednesday. When the famous shark incident yeah yeah. Apple factual thing the shark incident the solution that was mentioned is not the right finish talking I'll. There that says that benefit yes and that's. What it sounds really interest that. I think you can imagine what it's there was a shark in the pool excellence and I can imagine what that might go you can imagine what they might use. Fish. War zone because annuities because they didn't OK because particularly sound and picture getting your not getting mental pictures the thoughts. That kind of thing you'd see that involves sharks on discovery checkout aisle and be part of shortly about. And are treated her. A so I came out of that place yeah no sharks I didn't see any sharks came out of interviews there it's so awesome guys. Started talking them and they'll work on the store right next or I'd never heard of this kind of weird look in black building all these names and all of you know. And that I was like we have a good voice. Is you want it we need some audiences phones the phones here. Mike what does it pays a 350 an hour. Shorter. That's 350 more than Jamaican right now job and I. You know I stumbled in this in a way that's me that's possible elements weird story of how I ended up out there he's an honest community. There's a good show that's on. It's kind of based on the on the comedies the right thing. About all the comedians though is that HBO on us sometime appeared. Do you just. That is based on the story later route computers. If it cut the one who's gonna play medium match. Probably won't be via a go audition I played myself I do not get it well I mean. Gold the I think is supposed to be Mitzi shore yeah I character on the show but that that's the that's a pretty good job. Now I'd like search area into British of people good stories. Now here's attacks there who says you don't sound anything like you do on cash. Really in the on the on the radio that's interest allies I'm using the same voice. And only one I have. Mail us because I may because they do the voices when people get him a yes you don't. Throughout do it this Russian dialect would you go. Little. That is here's somebody who went into labor and went into labor in the middle of the night. And I watched cash cab in the early morning until I delivered. Points on six and amp. I don't know if they named their son after you're not afternoon and cash is expected to affect. Us congratulations. To this just happened there. I don't want it passes breaking news I don't know when it happened now your city winery in town and I assume words you're going to be coming yes I feel. Ordering next Friday next Friday the 31 it was a magic competing with. A new episode of cashed Amazon at the various. Amendments offered on just turn it off and I just reported on and a theater at the does guys can just watch just. Put the line. But the outcast there's new ones every Friday at six or an hour long it's our likeness the next sixers and and I'm a city winery next Friday nights for a meeting with cash and yeah exactly it shows Austin. Here is at Texas that years that says your new relief flightless birds thing that's left oh thank you. It's an actual classifications birds and nearly fortunately for parents UP urged that almost can't fly. Five holy text me back at you people ever refused to be on cash they do once in awhile it's in the beginning it was most of them. Liked it and believe me. In earlier this isn't a show what I please. At least that'll help us I don't wanna sound like but now they know me I don't wanna sound like the president here but you're. You're in New York cabbie. And you speak pretty good English that is surprising as it I think we are. That's probably what are suspicious. Again and I'm like hello. Welcome to my taxi a global. Not. I seriously don't treat me uploaded into account. Brian a lot of problems is gender would throw you throw up in the camp now now you've probably just I would be out yelling at me and all the which way to go I did throw up their normal Hillman well. Here's the 978 tax our. Our contestants pre selected before they. You know now there's none of that right that is non sometimes there interviewed. Like it too much about how we do it as we have very elaborate. Ways that we it's like total price that we gave him an error in if we wanna do that we have to go and do our own work on that since just like David Price. But yet you can't that you can't tells the seat I can't if detailed. Yes but they don't know it's not it's not sent. Here's the text or who wants to now. If there any plans to do. Cash Hoover or hard cash left. People ask me that about that might be the most common question again at this point really yeah you can ever do with the movers yeah. Honest to be I was at first I was like please stop suggesting Woburn. But now I'm like you know what it's not a bad idea now really be a great way for me to start surprising people again. Yeah they wouldn't expect him they wouldn't have they would now. And in policy Hoover might sponsor it and Democrats are car and only misdemeanors or are what do you what do you drive Amir a minivan and a familiar face in an analyst suburban or do you aren't you're wildly popular television policies driving a minivan has to be honest look like a Hoover would get me around yes yes it would get you around and a lot of laws. Yeah it. Let's see them yes usually used in Manhattan when you do cashed in Bronx cashed that have been boogie down Bronx I don't see that happening and it's here. I would take somebody up there. If they got in incidentally all the Bronx and there but the problem is then we should be only that we be able to get someone going back. So it's like just killed a lot of I'm gonna travel back that we would. And I don't leave your tablet 2000 dollars. That's a problem there you know Manhattan is used to be. It's it's pretty safe. Forty years ago I probably would have been rob yeah content. Yeah absolutely it's. Have you ever gotten into an accident. And the ones that no I haven't been I've never had anyone in known as Everett. How do you do people who are driving the kept back to the garage at the end of the day. Crash really care even hosting a gauge there just drop. And how how have you ever wanted to punch one of yours yes. This this person but I still would like to pop up I saw them knives every lakers finish act remember. This person says it. They have this love your special on Netflix and you're wrong there on the punt when. Thank you and yes. Yes repeatedly. Most of the time people are pretty good but it's world. It doesn't errors and right it's not secretly hoping that they lose a while once in Ottawa and around it if you know if someone's too cool for the game. They find out they figures and their like yeah. And 11 of those people if you vote to ruin things when the phone and Julia like what what's the problem. This often does this happen you right here on her way to work in your own game show. Live enough for ten minutes. The sponsor wants to know the oddest thing. Hope we have time because I guarantee you there's probably a lot of the oddest thing that is happened. In the cash. There's been a lot of weird stuff the Pentagon happening this huge respect for men were rabbit Austin I just saw him as a man would you can see. Where he can call me baby. I was like listen rabbit and a nobody calls me stadium and he was like okay baby and we almost got. Sort of arguing we almost got into fight. If he got out I didn't wanna put it would go to some nightclub. It just find it features as the rabbit out of Lebanon EPI I don't know is where I'm the rabbits suited 3 in the morning yeah I think yeah I think if you didn't have any creative. Well we almost got into a wrestling match. Mike that would have made highlight real and myself and as a giant and wrestling in the middle of third evidence that was pretty good one it's been weird stuff like what. Well ladies and cheek in elections today. What's your question. I believed her I think she wants I think she wants yeah she didn't blasts minutes now Tyler and now. Several times he would at camp lakers this is a wife. It's that we're not because I hear you ever. OK I imagine that happens. Witness protection program. Oh well when it gets it and envy her. The people in Iowa has affirmed there it is it's easier to find someone and you know there. Weren't sure. Like people get into fights with each other when they lose. One person wings the other woman and a throws a lot of us getting out. If you are screaming relationships relationships have ended because the casket out yeah probably so not a minute but you. Google a bill but they are probably and any. What's analyst what's the most money ever won sick I think it was. 6200. Either 62 under 64. The public and armed guards than protecting the money asking for a friend like you their security in there it's Saturday security at times yes so don't get the ideas. Yeah I don't rob us. I'm surprised. We've all the texting laws going on these days that. Like the stayed in New York the city New York ends at one you can't drive around in our city and Hannity show going on your world camera with him that. I'm surprised Tulsa. Distracted driving it just I guess there's just not a law about it it's like if you go to Amsterdam. You can do all of it's almost criminal stuff because they just haven't analogue about it yet. That's like that's there what they say oh no we do we haven't made that. Along yet so in New York because there's just not a law about a post game show you I can't text message out to impose the aviation. It's cute that well. If you're around next Friday our use lithium Peugeot one show on to show us right or three shells or was initially it was two shows yeah and now it's one show. You'll Adam's sexual back. Okay. It's a little confusing yes it was awesome shows one show three shows says well you know there's all kinds that there's all kinds of different tickets available. That's a great place have you been over there I haven't been here so everybody's army it's awesome it's it's great doors open up five there's great food obviously great line and it's great places to C show before you go. On you've loosely seized some celebrity's in the cab with the participants. Actually last year it was a all last season yet but that's okay it's not vacuum yes I'm on a huge Turkey ties my question is. And what does he smell like. Triples on the. And isn't a and exciting content yeah. It's it's a he smells like the Q continual com. There's still much of that is ultimately. Don't tell me earn merit like she was in there and I like starter. In Iraq Imus and it amateur and partner but I murdered now. When you're there and act like quantum leap love one was possibly keep such a nice guy. For some reason we have at our new camp is actually like eleven years old. People at a camp for 32007. My ass like why yeah that's. And it overheated. Got back it was in the cat. It it overheated it was a 105 in New York that day off then when I got out of the cab it was it felt cool. So it must have been like on when he and he was like wearing a jacket he wants an even sweating. He's not speculative answer ask a dude you OK again I got out and he was fine and the guys are in there happen to be big tricky. Guys too you know he was the celebrity guest and they were. They were just lose. They could and eagle need at the cuts came in like solicit this while. It was a fun game anybody not so great celebrity ones. Two. Gilbert Godfrey was areas but he didn't help at all. Trivia. You need a lot of she didn't know a single. Publicly discussed it pretty well. And everybody was we have Matthew Perry in there use that arm. Brooke Shields. Well I'll be there localities and I'll I'll I'll hit some of that review. Users now is that we're gonna go back to when she was like sixteen soon and out of the orders we would June. Can you could hardly think of earned her pants. And put in a lot of messages about that I'm. Yeah that's all right well then Bailey thank you for coming in. I have a hands. Go to city winery. Get your tickets at city winery dot com slash Boston that city winery dot com slash Boston they can get tickets through Markowitz okay reopened. It doesn't look great physical act. On an infield what happened its function the Russians and some like I went to myself Wendy and there's a picture of this magician here. And just says you got asked by this guy. Maybe is the guy the rabbit suit my eye and I haven't read it I think it was too skinny. People in Italy Austria and it. Yeah you turned around for so much and it's not pretty but the info out there and went to detect it offers winery can you ultimate magician minerals and egyptians open. And pulled the rabbit out of if.