HMMS Hour 3 - "We are Surprisingly Sober"

Wednesday, May 16th

This Hour we have Warped Female Brain, Hillmail, Ask an Attorney and more!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll line and your schedule. And my ex we've sorry 774 text what is my ex wife. Insist. On me meeting her new boyfriend. Is it because of mine new girlfriend is spot. Yes it's a court that's. Why and how well undoing an apparent that prison is my person. And a my fiance and I have decided. That we need to separate for awhile. Or should I say she's decided. She says that if we were to get married she wants to be able to give me all of her. So apparently now she is going to be giving part of heard somebody else yes that's correct the issue of giving a few parts of your odds of an OK before it does that that's really kind of an unfair thing for sale so late fugitive safe zone like that it's. Locker war when women are suggesting let's answer this question get this guy. When women are suggesting that. That you separate in a relationship what does that mean. That means I wanna go sleep with someone else that you can't say that anybody else that that's what I would Eagles date someone else and find out like a crash the plane a couple of times. Guy and a goat dates and then let's realize everyone's a gem to meet a couple of great guys were going to feud dates that don't realize that they suck. But I don't want kids and they don't want my house or whatever is and then coming back teal but I don't want you attach any other women. A here's the 978 tax oh god bless he'll ever known coming. Here's said. Here's a 978 packs I am forty something and divorced. And welcome to the club are women always turned off by a man who chased them. Or do some women really want that. All women really want that and pretend that they. It just depends on. How good looking you're in how much money in America and I think that's critical care and great beard accurately and speaking for everyone. So I eternal I met order. Here's an 857 tax as we go inside the war female brain I met a woman about a month ago I'm fifty and she is 31 who. She keeps telling me she wants to go out with me but she always cancels that they'd be four or why is that. Doesn't think they cancel something better comes up. If it's going to be is it is usually something better came up like another guy. Or if here in the if you're heavy or hard court dating scene especially someone who's 31 but I think probably some mills came. I'm married here's an eight. 60. Text. I'm married. But a good friend of mine I'd known for years is recently single room and she keeps sending me text messages that say it's taco Tuesday. And she keeps sending me taco emote urgings. What is up with that I've been dependent single letter to you again. Well I'm glad I'm. Not married I mean I don't yeah in my funeral. But there's like fancy like that cited here sending them like LA that me how did you use it. Please if she DTT paid. Around the taco I'm gonna let you know she really likes Mexicans or buy a by the way yes. I figured out. What our next bracket challenges going to be yes. Appetizers. The single. The fool and out and the final or of all time appetizers. I was reminded this. As I demolished. For. Philly steak and cheese rolls at the obvious in Boston last night at our yes that's how I was would not be a good one yeah that doesn't stand scalp draft and they assured I mean. I hope to classics but Danny at India buffalo wings Asia you've gotten them not shows it up routine and our deal although the full gamut may be sixty and yells out. We'll take tool will take your suggestions on our next bracket challenge tomorrow see. He got Telemar Ari. On you've got fried pickles and I am. Bulls. And I thought he got pretzels and beer cheese. You know when an anger Arabs view I mean honestly you have got so many opportunities when it comes that piece what about the fried Mac and cheese bites from Cheesecake Factory right out muscle blasts Hollowell buffalo flags and Cheesecake Factory. Goat votes are so many so many. I. Anyway. Here is a 617. Text from a woman. Who wants to go inside the world you know brain that's okay on the show absolutely there is a woman in our neighborhood. Who is constantly talking about how bad. Every one else's marriage is why. She's she's this she's the neighborhood gossip sees the busy body that she's got enough you know. And I'm looking illness don't tell anybody insulted us but I was not correct averaging as the other day and she was telling me that Freddie had a problem saying. And the other day and I goes over necessarily house and yet and I'm telling him like I see them outside in the time commands like they have all these counties but I know they have problems. So she does is it busy body mind their humvees blacks is a limit on. It's I mean honestly. There's nothing worse is that have been there or what America neighborhood busy bodies first I'm not known just people. Debt want to talk to tell you about other people. Read stuff. Other delightful stuff I don't you you know what I get could get so much crap going on in my life I I don't care all right Bob. And his wife and she was toppled some of backyard in the neighborhood was over and I snapped and they had this big brawl. Out. And all night air you don't care that. That woman's husband is nude gardening all I kind of breaking the kids out in the Brandon neighborhood Gary. I can't imagine people waste their time the neighbors across the street art you know UPS Gary stretched me and LB his driveway from an hour and forty minutes. Tell myself that I don't know I can't. Yeah I love that busy body turns the conversation at the end of the night. You know and don't Tony but it told us and Bob's incidents of what's going on PO. Like I tell you anything now that told me a ticket and I. And it was a fine here's a 978. Tax. Danielle a woman that I had in hooking up with has suggested that we continue a Friends With Benefits relationship only Nazi. I am concerned. That it is impossible for a woman to maintain this kind of relation to our major sell off the Michigan up. All alone and terrain and up and our lack of good. I am I patterns are all back I'm so great she's gonna catch failing the inevitable. So it's not stuff please not a problem can women do that I'm women can have a friends have been at it strictly FW the relationship before release. Alice in whole or. Jordan ignites the timing was up there's definitely not a day I left it wasn't as a adored the guy yeah. Just our lives didn't line up in in you know a future in a league very different future for your priorities we had very different ways in which we. Leave your lives and socialized got a lot of great sex is great everything is convenient school. Meaning cool easy no ground. Line was an uncomfortable he was your boss on the on the radio show you you're. Or was it puts it but that only an account you're not gonna say anything on them. That's okay you love to have any luck to laugh you know well see. Thing. Here is. Tax. This is a 508. Tax. I got completely. Caught off guard yesterday. With a woman that I am only friends quit that's who tonic he'll be archived. Asked me if I would ever go on a date with there. We have never flirted at all. Is this something that she is testing me on ward did you just realize that she likes me. Turkey could be there would be here. I think a lot of people kind of flip the switch address bar exam like since early and you realize. Or and I think. And an art could just be seven that was hidden for a long time yeah it's it's a tough effect. 781 tax. I am recently separated. And I keep getting hit on by women. Who are not. Good friends with my wife but they are friendly with her blue moon will it cause a problem if I take the opportunity Boettcher has spread hopper a filly in her. So easy now why they are pregnant now why are the people who are friendly but this woman. The women who are friendly with a woman interfering when there are separated. It's not interference in the election little secret and I really shouldn't do this for women signed it. When you wanted to test. The guy for whatever reason you don't go with a close friend his that's you suspicious mail if you acquaintances. Familiar enough with your scenario. And candid indiscreet enough that they get pulled the sake of the IKE. You know be funny. If you hit on my husband. Fever anything happened not be top eight so if you're not good enough friends and it's not a stranger. She still get control of the situation and she can test him and he's not going to be that suspicious. Mean they're not. Close friends so it's like while. Maybe they just you know they don't care enough is not good enough friends there and they would try to come after me Tucker I doubted there. And now this one is an issue at 617. Text. As we go inside the warped female brain. And we're doing it today because the new Ellis why not seek any log ins in Florida as soon as the show winds. My girlfriend. Of three years. Just told me. That she used to work for an escort service although. I was thinking of proposing. But I don't think I can get past this. Why would she had not told me about this previously. Hence you don't think you can get past that that she wants to make sure that your really love bothered to get a ring on the finger it's likely to get tell somebody bad news about your itself for your life and your history your past. You wait until their heartening elect. Should tell you this the forehand but I used to be a hot car or home. I can't tell you what to do in that scenario that's an I mean that's going to be a personal thing I think you really can sit down number real heart to heart because that's. That's a real difficult thing that's terrestrial life. I mean is that any different. And somebody that you're dating who's been with the other guys. I mean there's no not at all shows us a little more money right rapid rabbit in Atlanta this is gonna come up during flights it's been at all all the time resort. So what is our whole our will be the last thing says it and somebody sleep on the locker. 781 tax why does my wife's best friends and being mutants. First of all won't even bring it up. Okay this stuff just as well. You just enjoy men. And and always remember enjoying then delete Newton. Com are right well all that's pretty good others I don't do this for awhile yes that. Is inside the ward two female brain. Here at WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston WEEI. HD two Lawrence. And WW. BX HT two here in Boston and today's weather is brought to you by all around advantage. It is going to be mostly cloudy today temperature in the mid fifties. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Killed mail. When asked what your group. Albeit promote and who considered him. On WA. Today's male voice mail messages left by EU are brought to you by the city of busting credit union with all of the convenience that big bank checking accounts. But no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city bus in credit union. And their checking account service today. Our own we won't rule out. Serbia if or have they developed their own food and then import you'll remember what happened that Pluto or Michael gave them a kick. I couldn't get. Into messy and. He and so did the output and a couple days off and won't have them do but so but without it because they've got a good tour who always thought what a work. Then that they've got to earn it then. I've met when they're under and improbable that but it's also about. And the mentally hero. Electric drive with of scratched cornea what's the weather supposed to be like lord old Ireland England and I have looked because it's going to be much leniency unique audience now means like I am literally in name is valid point earlier I don't even know why I brought my hair dryer and currently is I'm probably just an up and didn't get it ruled or Landler. Unfortunately it will only about half where. So it's our derby that clock will be will be. Nice. High of 83. Rain you know rain every day to. Day and pray. You change. 8183. Counties. Have. And it's terrible. Twenty whom he. And it I'm brought down. And nobody would know could have. It out OK good well not at pebble and what looked pretty good out there this. And then I will say this. Is. You cannot say anything. Others and greatest player of his generation about bomb bomb. He just. Started to get it done I mean I'm right I'll just you know Kevin Love addict and a great game 42 time. But after wreck where Inca it was a Korver Korver was right in less than fifteen minute nobody else was. Not a Aerosmith was useless. It's meant there red. Guys the data to I don't know day and I detected technical aren't they were for the ages I mean the Celtics. Play. As a team and they and the agents in now I don't hear you know Horford had an amazing game last night. Paid the agents they have a guy who steps out when you need him to step up. I wolf I I will also Brian it's great to be excited. There's so please sir I have accomplished what they have to accomplish to get to the NBA finals. Went into use slot for a losses on LeBron James are not from about a game itself. I nationalizing the apps I think the series of amana if the Celtics can win one out there at the Vega and that's dead and they got I agree. We need and we'll look forward. Gotten. The moon. And. When did that. What is your favorite at its heart to heart. Have you even looking it online it's lists you usually do for the show just kind of familiarize myself that sometimes I get my hopes up itself the last three or four shows an artist on a particular song like yes that's very exciting fantastic and then they don't do it that night. 7040. Yeah. Don't look at this car at every little lucky not there. An order all our Britain Iraq. And that. Important. And Olympia. You did. Wisely select white T shirts for your teams shared was that anticipated in the rain with the with the partners single quarter Vickiel. And I was born yesterday and Canada a seven Luke four and. Either way here. But they're lined up all my. There. He's. This techsters trying to correct view. LB said that Kevin Love had 22 last night not a LeBron. Brian Bryant forty to use that when he tees. It cantonal I have a great game and I says yeah he's doing cornea deal. Salute to LeBron had a triple bubble yeah. Now I mean did you by the league didn't think that was goaltending when he. He flew down parents wanted the whole. You and me is an unbelievable player and should he he he is it humbling it until I'm still trying to wrap my head around allegedly goaltending is. I don't understand do is get the ball hits the back board and you can't the ball hit the ball is on it that's what I downward a downward slope. Downward. Jack I'll way but I I'd also. Seeing this is the second time because I thought the same thing of the basketball. It's the back board. Weather's going op are now down but it gets to the backboard you. Yeah it's cool ending if you could interfere right because it happens in the it happened in the warriors game two I didn't understand. Yes you know yes. Hoops. If you're you know just like the sport at these seven little oh man. Pocket and apple apple roadblock. To his. Home. Fulke and try to make you want to know what they're. Then in the Rhode Island the only experiment. And abetted import didn't have that have moved and not go. You know that message. To Clinton and I was an argument. Literally. Let's see LB you're absolutely correct about goaltending and the back port according to these school core. I that was before Redick place for the sixers you don't go birds we got that. It's downward trajectory. Greg that as a taxer informing and that's what I'm looking floors so yes. Oh and by the way. Our guest on Monday it is. Doctor. Lu Bo not DJ Lou both he and my dad. I doubt I wrote that down and and yeah. Yeah you're not in Nevada I'm not a lawyer and I got it out of fort I guess now I'm too busy re watching Star Trek on over and you every uniform. Yeah right and that scissors. Now here's a taxer I agree that that should have been a flagrant. To instead of a flagrant one last night yeah that was that was that was complete that was achieved show I wasn't cheap shot you shove and a guy in mid air. And you know he'd be he'd you do basically risking that guy's career. Joseph the musicologist is on the phone this morning hello Joseph. You live current event. Don't end there there clear him for what I'll do all day. And I hope it is the. Video. Yeah. Saucony Logan eighty furry it was 83. In Nebraska. And madam. A guy. Yeah well you know pretty cool alike can be a lot usual all that are great show those forget all that were struck. I'll usually cool really friendly. And I won tickets on the radio and there is great so I enjoy and him dump the ball. The man has an amazing catalog. And by the way yeah that you can make a case. For Kenny login as being the artist. Who has. Deem most. Top forty sound movie soundtrack hits. With regard to I'm Mara right from caddie shack down. Obviously danger zone yet. Footloose. I mean can you think of your name and other artists claim that the boys was also on top gun. I don't know if there was a time it was. I mean I'm in need of another name another artist you know you've got Elton John and the the Lion King stuff yeah. But can you name another artists. Who as a massive amounts of movie soundtrack to top forty hits. Can I gacy case and can you name another artist. As a massive. Catalog. Of movies out jackets Bernstein. Is that Bernstein gathered did all Leonard Leonard Bernstein. Yeah he did all he did scores for tons of movies out was is Gil in its corset top forty not top forty hits acrylic it's excellent Obama right and caddie shack was yeah okay public radio in my bed that's okay. Learn more known now. Now you're an angle that's how one LB you're trying. What you're trying. Good suggestion from the finally taxer Phil Collins and but he has against all lives. Yeah how king you do is let me walk away though than against all odds I don't know. What about Brian Adams yes Adam's yeah. We had heard. In the Robin hoods on and asked me. Randy Newman yeah my dad Brandon says Randy Newman. Randy Newman talked about writing his Disney's on an interview is again a runt and spent about 45 dollars brightness on. I got my check for three million I mean story of yes is not a blind as a one for him. And that's that's that's what. Yeah I mean Phil Collins. Any logic and see who is the New Guinea Ellis scene tonight what does it EG. What. Night fever that Google machines that night fever oh wow your love I don't know if you can count. I guess he can count Saturday night fever but they're not known for being like soundtrack I am and that will be at the B. I fever hasn't analysts go ahead of this killer. Oh are you doing a meet and greet wanted to do in the pre canned. I'm really know his manager and I'm not sure you can make it happen is that we should be able to figure that out. Coming up. We are going to give me the chance to ask an attorney at 8:35 this morning and Larry army junior who was in here few weeks ago for asking attorney. In here again for that today's weather brought to you by Subaru of New England dot com. And it is going to be cloudy today and the temperatures going to be in the mid fifties. Let's get to you wanna get to a little bit in news. So we can do that okay news this hour brought you by rocket mortgage it's simple all seek and understand the deet tails and be sure you're getting the right mortgage. Is it rocket mortgaged on con today licensed in all fifty states people housing lender. An analyst number 3030 brunch awesome cars for kids you were number one charity for our donation now also accepting boats. RVs motorcycles real estate donations. Call today. He's in Germany. Got a call about a loud domestic dispute and were prepared. To show up and break up an argument between boyfriend and girlfriend now ever. When they got to the residents. They found. That the 22 year old Maine in the apartment with arguing with his girlfriend. Parent. Yet what were they arguing about it cracker what we're. Or at what he had he reportedly had some issues that the parent in the past and couldn't take it anymore so he started a verbal argument. Within the hair so now now unfortunately the parent. Was not adapted actually eats the king. He just made noise in mimic sounds not so it's a once had a conversation that I wasn't getting anything either getting more frustrated. Other neighbors thought he was arguing with his check ish I was at the apartment now. Those angry because the pair was not fighting that crack waited. The proper birdie. Did they put him in jail because I believe that all Germans. From Germany belong in jail. While what else. We now know the drug test cities in America. And I would say a good portion of them are in Wisconsin. A. Well I'm not a lot going on out and practice and a coal price that's cold or alarm tartan he got the beer cheese is what. What is the number one drunken city and in the United States of America. Green Bay, Wisconsin really yes really yup frozen tundra kid who determined this. So this is a steady. Appleton Wisconsin number three ink. Can you name a bar and any of those cities buyers. I. What's subpoena. Is. And I don't remember the name but yes there is are there is a barn green barely knew when there. And you can need to peanuts and he had an all you can eat peanuts and leave the shells on the floor. But ground ground now. Senate candidate Santana deal although Adam Madison Wisconsin is number four GE's yeah. Wow Fargo, North Dakota number five workers scary monster mile Oshkosh Wisconsin number six. While missile Montana's number 79 I can name environments and I you know what I'd never been in Missoula. I've only been to Billings. Number eight Grand Forks, North Dakota and number nine Wausau Wisconsin and parts and look for a swift and so nothing on the East Coast I think Tony which I was I was very surprised about it. Are we are surprisingly sober when it when compared to Wisconsin here in Massachusetts. Good real it is 827 and today's Hill Man Morning Show presented by echo store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Coming up. After nine we will be joined by actor comedian nick so wards and who by the way it was in the feature films thirty minutes or less which was based. On true life story. Of the pizza delivery guy bank robbery and bombing which is the subject. The evil genius doc he's series. On Netflix and I have been. Telling you know much effort days now and in fact I think next week we're gonna have directors. That Netflix series not evil genius so do your homework dear Hillman hallmark. And watch that it is 838. And right now. And the studio with us it is the official attorney of the Hill Man Morning Show. Need some legal advice I promise you big cash settled. My fear is that because it needs some free legal advice it's time for ask a lawyer on the hill man morning. She. All right Larry army junior in the studio with us how Mario. May I am fantastic it is just a pleasure to be here it's good to be her mom you may tax your question. For free legal advice what's the going rate these days what do you what would you Lou what do you guys get an hour plans billable hours orderly process. Smith and Greg Hill plant says. OK I try to sell you get a little free legal advice right now text your question. Two of the text line which is 97107. And of course as we learned last time there is no question that is a stupid legal question and at us now. Here is a text that says. I was just to hold. By my fiance. That he wants a pre nup. I am somewhat bothered by this. Spot. What are the things that I need to look for in the cleanup agreement with him so this woman I guess he just. I mean is probably no good time in L knows this and overtime to bring up Farina and a lot of it depends of you are. It does feel real but what are the things that somebody should look for for that well let's take a look at see how much your spouse is gonna be where let's OK you want to fully complete disclosure and productive goods so I was like to say go to the appendix. Let's figure we are actually marry a guy it's a figure out how much. They're gonna be aware of and then what year share that made a decision if you wanna go forward with the letter yet but I mean yeah yeah but I mean are today I mean is there there's certain things that she should be careful of with this guy trying to get Internet assigned the pre nup or. I mean it depends on what the purposes but in incher she should get a lawyer. One of the things he needs to look for a pre nuptial agreement is to make sure that you had representation. You gotta make sure that there is a complete and full disclosure of all of your income assets and liabilities yeah you gotta make sure that it's fair and reasonable there's a whole bunch of things you look forward to. That your Dupree but it's not something he should do by yourself because they are valid Massachusetts. And you do stand to lose a lot of money if you won't get it. I mean it's a negotiation right and it's like a divorce you you know it there's also continue going and fighting with. You're acts that's why you hire a lawyer his lawyer. Is gonna fight for a year so you you know you I mean if you want his snowmobile. If they get divorced you need to tell a lawyer right. Let's kind of likely you are brewing you know you don't wanna be there when negotiating team because and I'm gonna talk to you again they'll seal that a lawyer do get a look at radical lawyer so you avoid problems in in the in the future if you do end up getting married. I have a crazy neighbor. Who is constantly. Reaching over my side of the property line and cutting branches off of trees and bushes etc. What do I do about that so. The first question is whose tree is. If it's on your property with a neighbor's property and that's one thing we got to look at. Secondly we got to look at is if it's your tree is it going on his property if it's history is equivalent to your property. Massachusetts we have property rights and extend up from the ground to the air okay so great example is outside your door you have a hotel that's going over the Mass Pike. Yeah that was leased land because about the politics of suspecting we're trees so that tree is history he's proving it to keep it off of your yard actually doing a favor because you stop and addressed. So it looks like he's going on. This guy's property this woman's bribery and cutting their tree. So that's an interesting question actually going on the problem that you're reaching or its over the property it's on to reach around and you carry me and you can't do that. Equally you can do that depending on if its senior airspace violation at any technically it's a trust pass to Lance yes I have related questions though neighbor puts up a fence. You're supposed to put up the outside of the fence basing your neighbor right correct yeah that's cute. Mean here's that's not a long yeah that'll sell it and if the due she neighbor puts up the fence the other way to induce a a couple of bullets just asking for you for asking for what happened after I thought this Willie Brown legal poor listener but no issue can take advantage and then what good acts like I say this it's very difficult to put ads up reverse. If that benefits the opposite way you would think. Either the property lines drawn or they aren't your property when they put out the facts didn't seem to have an issue a minute don't bet on our property now and called police mug or you know that's your trouble you know we images go back grab your property plants in there and then keep your fingers crossed presumably there is six's you know familiar faces and Pascal -- are out of the lawyer part it's is through growth this if this is Dave hello she hasn't meant or how Powell. Hello David. What's up David. They most of them all the for you to war but it well we're both believe all of a. When Atlanta. Thirty million dollars you father in law is worth why don't you liar you getting divorced more why she's calm the bird yeah it should how much more important question what is your question. Not might not my decision yeah. That is what the front of the judge pre. That the judge. They got the boot judge related to she. Judges. You know all the that you are not because the other but. It is it is all quite a full abolition. So what is your question with a question for them. Littlest in the ball looked at me you know and sure you're certain they're just there will all groups. Other business spending they have a lot of money to spend on lawyers that would that is. I don't do those types of things but. If there's a thirty million dollar state new three years and it's time to look in the mirror now you're the coaching at that later you let that happen so he should it take a settlement and just whatever I didn't say that I'm now thirty million dollars is something that. Luckily it's in my brain right now in this Cason and it's called the Von case in Massachusetts where an inheritance from parents is potentially. Part of the Merrill state so. Maybe that's what's taken salami that trying to make you rich. Can I expect here's is 617 text can I expect to successfully sue a chain restaurant or food poisoning. I have 600 dollars in medical fees associated with a it. NATO chain restaurant not a yeah I even say about Allen way and meaning and how often do you when he super something like that the UN can and of collecting polled recently where it yet and you know of course I guess I couldn't yet judge honestly it doesn't matter who used to it yet they're wrong your right you're probably knowing that somebody gives you food poisoning. You know that's actionable you should be so does 600 dollars in medical bills I'm quite sure how bad the food poisoning isn't worth suing in that case because you're going up and against the national chain who has. Lawyer after lawyer after lawyer I 600 being Smart. I mean to be honestly how much MG's we have 600 bucks couple thousand. Something to make you know a lot yeah. Let's see doctors diagnosed we diagnose me with a bronchitis treated me for over a month. But did no testing to confirm. I went to a new doctor did blood work found out that it was. Something serious. Ken and I. I do I have a case against the original doctors who did not diagnose me properly he would medical malpractice it's always complicated because you have to find another doctor someone that's willing to test by the UN document. And they don't want to do that to each other now they don't stick together the dead the valley lawyers yes that's hens and America right. Yeah you know what that the reality on that as you probably you know if the doctor failed to diagnose and because you images. You probably have a valid Los here's a 617 taxed at this is ask a lawyer would Larry army junior attorney at law. I'm my employer is telling me that I cannot leave the work property during launch. Is that legal. I don't mean to say about that one. I mean are you entitled to a lunch break you are right as by law I live like three to fifteen minute breaks for every four hours you work out how well can that cannot employer tell you the can't leave the property for your lunch break I mean it sounds like he's being illegally detained. It must be a false imprisonment. Yeah. Again that's not how how much you want your job and I don't know how you feel you reveal the lawyer the lawyer for the a that's kind of what it is some of these things is like yes I suppose he can go. And you know. And take the got a court and then you end up not have a new job at the end thing right is that is that the way that he ended today you wanna go to like assembly should be of the electorate you. If you plus is going to stick around. It's one of those scratch and sniff test here breaks it happens probably not right and I admire him my inclination would be dispersants Bentley coming back from lunch many. Do you believe that they take an X we do appreciate it may be it's the LB liquid lunch. They're taking me. Yeah now. How about opening but pretty tough subpoena Jesus I that's. This is Steve on the framing him forward studio line go ahead Steve asked the lawyer. I don't have a course about I. Exit poll have a date with someone that I fail. Lol oh nominating so you mean aren't there in the entire smashing out for random. There coal have a dating and he pays alimony is that what's what's a couple things yeah alimony reform act that we passed in the column a couple of years back says. That if your spouse is co have a team for a period greater than ninety days you going to modify or alimony to eliminate about eight inches of I guess I am when you read the statute doesn't say that your co have a dating and involved in a romantic or sexually Schenscher. It's strictly says co habitation so. My position is you have room for OpenId gazans contributing financially that would be the co habitation he need facilitated these cases are not. Cheap ones because they're worth it. You typically have to start out with a private detective in the document the fact that there's somebody living there he do that through voter registration. License with their licensees and practice with them now goes to and the least. So that's things he got to look at to do that he just can't court records say she's the one hand. Or ease of whether. Question and answer. Massachusetts. If your separated your current event cheered divorced and separated. I thought this was but the listeners you know maybe if there's one spouse in the houses and the other one got a hold garage where this friends worry list yeah. Should let him on this one yeah. According to I don't know my questions in Massachusetts is is is it true that if you're separated you cannot. Sleep with another person. An accident and if there had an impact of the time and that kind of Edwards are being here let me play the best thing about all this is the face. The facial expresses yeah look at what that question by the LB is the kind of guy who represents himself in the case I just can't do not so well or don't you can't you can't do that art but it's what's the odds are separated we one of the. A handful of states that adultery. Is still a crime in Massachusetts so if you are married even separated and you having sexual relations with somebody you could conceivably be charged with a Daughtry now. We haven't had a charge like that since the eighties in the state never did actually have one in the eighty's well Ted Kennedy. I am right out there and I'm here I guess where four boy yes I'm so what so really. Does that work against somebody if they're separated and they are sleeping with other people so I have a theory on this being somebody that is bang that an attorney for twenty plus years and does a lot of divorces. I believe that that large still on the books because when you're asked to testify about these things you can take the Fifth Amendment which is what I tell my class that. Home. Cook got the right against self incriminating himself to hundred no thank you represent yourself Bobby is. It's an excellent ones are right this is. How word hello Howard. All right how are there good ask an attorney would Larry army junior. All right so let's go back to 1994. I was charged. A bunch might. Own belongings stolen. And being in government tried to get him back I felt like OJ. Like that OJ yeah yeah yeah so I was tired misdemeanor possession of a burden to woke. And much has since said that annulled. Well my back in 1998 edit turned around at the Canadian border okay and now that I am. And it turned around someone airlift them not being able to go on to Canada. So you wanna know how I can get how we can get to go to Canada's Canada's rules or is that the US and Canada as rules all right so you have to go to Canada against an attorney who say this I should it's as a good attorney initiatives that I only licensed to practice in the CommVault tonight so you don't know what they're gonna he's gonna have to go and get a Canadian lawyer. Yes I actually happen have a little experience with okay. Canada has their own set of rules that the board you've been convicted of the crime even a drunk driving this. Or charged they appalachians. And they don't iPad other clients that a pad that and so so you gotta you gotta deal Canadian authorities now okay. You and so you have to go to candidate he just the embassy. Yet the tragedy to go to the Canadian embassy what you just you know Google to monetary and I like him and what it's. What if you have a back and how to get cheap appearances can actually cared. What if you have the diplomatic. Immune to it by the way how do you not have that. And hope you're right I mean I'd be priorities might do China ambassador and now this is at hello Ed. Good morning everyone what's up that morning. I don't know a I have a question. Start the media. At the same company for seventeen years to rant on protests. So one time we didn't drug tests they have I think all NH sitter for the marijuana to not score don't ever. Do not serve. But what I did have this as that he was on any. So I paid expert if all things done for the Ottawa they called essential level and I know they tackle Jackie Burke came all. Odd ticket. You know I mean the first look at. This summer you'll say I almost lost I also got to work. I had the quarter we have that we have guys go on yeah. It wouldn't go to court remember what you a lot of money. Limit date or what do it today admitted in court as well I think he wants to sue over that the faulty drug tests or something but. How they make him go to rehab over ray Alfred drug test. That sounds a little bit suspicious that makes people on the phone a little bit longer here's a 50 wait Texas says I was told that random drug tests that work are illegal in Massachusetts is Petro they get that from their attorney LB I don't know yeah that's what I call buddy of mine told me you know. Doesn't Iraq I guess. Israel and anti many employers test for drugs illegal it's legal typically something including your employment contract if you have one of its not there check your employee handbook but can they do a random drug test now how does that not only can they they do they do and how is the legalization. Of marijuana a fact that so this question we had last time that we OK a lot of it depends on the career the current. If you're police officer I am pretty sure the American election test positive for Merrill. You know if you let's say divorce lawyer they probably don't care if you need to get through that day. But it's legal and people need to understand that naturally a mentality thing that's really coming before the judges now. It's no different than alcohol smoke weed marijuana out of York College sports when he whatever it is is no difference in grabbing a beer bar. What about medical exe you needed. A doctor you the doctor's prescription for the Richard claiming now that's right. Thank you don't know that we can't say huge announcement analysts feel that drug tested me license for medicine. But Larry we wouldn't. B is is currently just a conversation. If you need America medical marijuana would not be the conversations are darling or bonds. That off until I tell who's going to tell your boss in advance their asses the situation and this is the condition yourself before cover you bought him a note from your doctor in not the Russian doctor that's in the top of the building and. Primary if you're a legitimate guy studio athlete you know outside of Australia. This is now below bath and you're on top asked an attorney asked the lawyer would area region. I everybody right in Allen and Bernard. Sucks you. I have a question Mike Young any crime is a lot of course. But it out at ending. Eight and fatter while I tax. Cheat at backpacks ever met OK Ed you carry it under a great. I'm a all the luck getting me very funny because he thinks that they can lock our eight. Alan all I certainly can't act carrying it ill. That's a good question okay. That is a good question yeah and I will tell you that's the only thing that I do not feel comfortable giving anybody advice as tax issues because that tax code changes. So quickly ya a package has changed again without drop. It's one of those things you truly need to speak to an expert a tax attorney as the latest on that as a handful of them is not a lot. So my advice call the Massachusetts bar association. And get her pro because that's the one area that it's just so complicated it's. Like Greek to common area adds a great great excuse to put off getting married don't say you have boas tax debt in the and you can't do that. Let's see I. Let's see here is mark Cologne mark. And what's marked glad you gotta go quick as rub against clock. I haven't obeyed the it was work for companies. And a couple of paperwork that has seen it and yet. I think there are and eight boldly at the news well it sure. Come to find out the company that was supposed to be getting insurance. That's happened here and the whole bill so basically I don't their electric got. That is much bigger and my index sank and now basically. A okay outside ill let let me talk. They are now. So personal how many years ago yeah actually spot all the advice you got it's wrong that comes and he workers' comp if you get an injury or doesn't come and your insurance should commandeer plays workers' comp. Sounds like your employer. If they're not paying your health insurance they're probably not paying for that work as the Pepsi you got an issue all right 617 text. Four ask a lawyer I've been married for fifteen years I'm going to inherit a substantial amount of money. If I have my wife signed a legal document now. The G is not entitled to any of it and then I get divorced years later which he still be able to get any of that money. So you'd need your way to sign post nuptial agreement as opposed to me. Green showed me yes no. Not do and it. I don't know I don't have a problem. A I'll get rich teller she signing something else are going out front right and I can't imagine how I this is a membership can be. Chance for instance and club. Oh to not get in trouble my dad was a divorce attorney. Tom and he used to tell me that the reason that Massachusetts finally came up the law. The you have to bring your driver's license to. House closing. Is because guys who are getting divorced it was mostly guys and forty Alley. Would sell the house. Oh my god without the lights permission and hold my guide and they would bring asked again and done life to the to the closing the site only not for us why you now have.