HMMS Hour 3 - Vaping In The Gender Neutral Bathroom

Tuesday, March 20th

This hour we listen to your Hillmail voice mail messages, beloved Keyboard Cat who was a viral video star has died, and we learn about a 60th High School reunion in Iowa where all the classmates are alive and attended, Plus Danielle continues to deny her true feelings for Stiz Grimey!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. God bless you Ankiel if it's a lot lately in chill wonderfully got a cold from French kissing his crime Mears on the web and all are well obviously wanted to throw I met French deceased Tuesday's league vice Roy's. I'm seriously don't cancel its like a chimney. If you aren't going well. That's what moms deserve a break you know like a three week vacation in Italy now I think parents. It is it is 8 o'clock here at WAA after F and HD one last pro Boston. WEEI. HD to Lawrence and WWB. Acts. HD two in Boston listen. Thousand dollar how there is on WFDA asks. Asks. Accessories. All right code word this hour is now own it and oh you and now round. A person place or the I think LB and and you should tax that code word and down. So this tax numbers 72881. And you will be entered. To win 1000 dollars cash of text the code word mound to 72881. Message and Gatorade supply. And I'll have your next code word coming up. And a nine. Is 617 facts. Currently in Boston how to like get the HD two station very simple by the way week in the XT two on the radio but most cars that Abbott now. And I'll get to do is is you may have a button when you select the eight. My vehicle just goes to the HD right after. Yeah BS stations so WWB axes. 104 point one. On the HD to win and WEEI. HD two is 937 and so on it's very simple it's. Nah it's I'm not symbol for you Obey. But simple for most people when it comes to technology I don't. And armored January. Of course you do. You know will witness what did I screw up the mounting as that person place or thing denying. A Texas correcting me. Yeah according to schoolhouse Rock Island yeah and analysts I think as a person not the medicine plays with a person's. They wanna go. When you get into specific what do they wanna like diagram sentences and we don't hide that that was the worst thing in the world on the stupid sentenced items did not the object of my sentences. Don't still do that diagram of the sentences that's done an encore Bruno's probably disputed that Daniel is element. We learning those endless. Studies who Mir can't I'm not sure there. Isn't and a Grammy and LB sentence in Iran. Dangling part of the old kid that months. We are all we are scary and we saw a couple dangling political talk to them and talk Paula good about it yes I. I'm a lot of people Jetta here that there. Well both of them police officers from the Maynard police department asking it or not the way. I let let us and let let's get to this. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male. And and all that normal route through. And I include. On W a death everybody's talking about the poor idea apart. Where as we say here as mass holes I dear. And they're all like here's a teacher 97 APEC summit teacher now on is a person place thing or idea now I have to disagree on an idea a thing. Happening Kyra yeah I'd area that of playing well love is this person says love like the union Allen and and that is love is is that as an idea it's an abstract persons concrete. And later Heidi at palmetto betting this is right up my Alley so I Unionists asylum system. A little Nicky we get it down but think that must be something that changed that doesn't had to have been badly you know when I was in school in the 1970s. Because I guess smoke in the last time because I'm ultimately. The that now was a person in place. Or thing and that was it. And so of accruals orbit. Daniels in a different curious if things do that would only you're saying don't get this needs to comes out to this names. Her excuse me excuse me also an excuse me. Did you. She would did you mention smoking in class. I just want to know 'cause analysts. And in the normal game right now. Using man one of those things it just seems like everybody else did it taste of eighteen jolt this children. Would you guys that passed about an old. On the way to get out. Gonna tell you about. The next day. As his written a wrap for you I thought. Apparently LC in new an all time that I demand one I wonder if he's written a love rap some kind of navy. Alone and of his many splendid thing go like a bird a verb is also a thing you know. All right let's get into. The very best but male voice mail messages that have been left by you over the previous 24 hours. London blue. 53 and again. I believe the war when I was through this. In their. More forward now I mean. Oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah yeah it was. In the neck and you know. Here's the 774 at Texas that song is now called me being in the gender neutral. I think he's beaten me in front I. In front and it bathroom of bait shop beauty in front. 9958. And again. All what a lovely couple you to nick have you ever read it then and yet 600 Lima. Let. Know our eyes and you is god. Lima. It's not many and I and you are yeah please vote yes and there are not January admire. That goes the ghost and mrs. you're minimum of them a she'd she it wouldn't they remake our. Know the old OK but we'll be retired that they remade it with Will Smith is something that goes then I'll ham. That was. I believe Charles Nelson Reilly reason. It has a belief. Monday 1:10. PM. Pat. You know. And you don't back it looked. Like it. Yeah. I. Now it anyways. So what bill. Who grew at all. Modern. I would Wear and wounded now. In really this is the fourth nor'easter in the month of march and we're gonna get another six to ten maybe and maybe more I think we get it kinda easy. And did in barely ever snows before Christmas. I mean it doesn't in Chicago think Ohio think there are those people and this against Chicago or try to play a part in me and dating bread milk. Move them we we have to deal with for a couple months. Give me a seventy degree beautiful day and get me lizard the very next day and India plane to mine. Us and we week got spoiled guys. Those seventy degree day in February where you start to believe that spring was released year. Happened to deal with every year we get a few nice climate change and everybody's just like yeah yeah great all and Colin would be you don't watch. Him now. Nine on. But just weren't married to. This one tomorrow night is it's it's it's just kind of piling on I just enough like I wanna. It should be Marathon Monday and it should be opening day at Fenway and we should all be packing a fat lip right from a mayor Marty Walsh and weigh him. It's just mean enough is enough we've about it. Yeah it is it's the it's the guy who shows up when the parties basically over yeah I'll say yeah yeah yeah come on man gamers is trying to clean up. In this day. My own who own them. Greg had a car Gordon Hayward and let it be about the and the bad that you're. When you guys were needed that you'd block the way I think that that doesn't mean that it wise but never. I've always thought that the flower well. And then tell it to take a look at mines degree and story. The hand comparison. Between me and NBA superstar Gordon Hayward and you'll see maybe like half inch difference so. Everybody was says that I have small hands. I believe that. Gordon Hayward and I could palm the same basketball. If asked to do so and an emergency bombing situation. You should do when marriage should dual bombing edgy. I absolutely can likened likened I can pom basketball. I can spin I can do the spin move on my finger Monica Lanka boss. If if called upon this look. For all. Again you know there is you either get error while there we should probably go below triple. He. Yeah. Out. There's a Texas says I am so sick of Greg's condescending. Tone. When he says climate change. Like he can deny area non believer and we just went on him at. Like he knows better than 98%. Of the scientific. Community he's a high school drop out yet. Yeah look at him now. That is true. Size and science. Was. Klaus that. Did not allow me to graduate at the path he's built Jim Rome from mr. craftsman Slovenia often and they could not locked and couldn't tell where my excel Gerome. While with the rest of the graduates. And that's why you hate climate shift that's right now that's very impart you don't want your part. Probably getting into my left out on icici Barnes is that scares Kenny and in my psyche that's probably it's probably Lima dire problem climate change tonight there. Group for older. We'll within the met my own at the weather that we're on schedule and we are look Eric you know quote unquote renewed. What they would give their own local mood there. Oh big need to put a petition to get that going in the mood not pro yet that's exactly yeah. Whom do men and stretch and it's a Regina moose knuckle moose knuckle Canada that's LB bills from. 89. And again. Elton in the United States yesterday there were a hundred million gov on the road. I don't know 101000 people that killed there was one self driving. On the road they've killed somebody you do the math. Was the only. So after an anchor there is on the road weren't. Known on America there was some on the road yesterday I mean listen. I think if you in the testing phase. And people are dying with with something whatever that that the whatever your testing it it it doesn't bode well for the actual. Implementation. Of the said that. I mean yeah I'll be saying basically. Issue listening earlier. Days self driving Lowber. Was involved in an accident with a woman who was pushing her bicycle across the road yesterday and there's a line and she died. And LB was saying why why is that any different than somebody where you have a driver car puts them that industry I think. That's how I look at it too for that specific situation I would want to know would it be reasonable to expect. A regular. Human driver to have been able to stop for that woman in the right scenario like I wanna see. How close the car was when she stepped dealt what exactly what else was going on around because it wouldn't be reasonable for a regular person to stop. Having all their senses about them and might not be reasonable for an autonomous car now that means shutting down the whole program for some people I don't know but I think you also have to look at that comparison. I just you know the whole knee jerk reaction I get there they're gonna have to tinker with that dial it in to make it perfect right. After another how many times have I have major car company had a one point four million vehicle recall all right gas pedal sticks yeah right you're right. I mean the the thing is is she. You know was she responsible because she was not in the crosswalk right. And would she had been which she had been hit by. Car that did have a driver and anybody else in the same in the same kind of scenario I may may be in. But at the Santa I don't sound. You know angry minority doesn't deliver very untouched but. This is a tragedy what happened but it's shouldn't stop the progress merit of this particular technology. Does he think about. Others that like when they actually did the first car came out. And somebody died in an or somebody got hit by an athlete these things are dangerous or the space program. You know people died there. And you know but they didn't stop there you know zionist advice on this is unfortunate but it should it should keep don't mean. I need the transatlantic music. Are you the are you referring to the horseless carried it. Earlier today on main street we'll. What's the bio horseless carriage. He was not as read about how bad century. So here's letters going to the five and dime against them any candidate. It is opposes same thing happened month. Henry Ford's stole the automobile from for mothers and claimed that claim that as a zone. Laden fourteen and. Or they could lead and their body your quick reminder that we get into the carpet that's just great little kid over there and now. Perhaps. You wanted to feel old. Bobby your time in seven years old yesterday we is the column on his birthday yeah he's any changes number. Carlyle. Ever since we've. Locking the keys in the car incidents the European wanna him in so. Anxious to be on the program. And eighteen and 800000. Dollars a month or. Thing in June. That's they have Bette and click on loop and play a lot of unemployment get overwrought in Britain that I think the article that if they are. But I didn't get an order form. And then that went on then sell the plan saying you know look this up this 978 Texas says this is a true story. The first person ever killed by car. Was so scared when they side they that they just couldn't get out of the way wall so close so maybe that. Because they only seen you know buggies and horses and and covered wagons and and and such. First person killed by an automobile was Bridget Driscoll. Who received fatal injuries when she walked into the path of a car moving at four miles per hour as it was giving demonstration ride. In the grounds of Crystal Palace in London on. August 17 1896. While. This is saying that she was so scared that she just couldn't get out of the way of looking a little stand back obviously did an idea that and I'm like the big sign that says it you know demonstration of horseless carriage going on here be careful boy you name. Could they have alerted people that they were going to be driving this this car thing around and there. And then in there and neighborhood seems like that's on the car demonstration people. Out of this demonstration go that a lot of people wanna get a car after they saw the ladies partly by Barack. Out of the billion dollar industry here is it a Puerto ten years later the vehicle could go up to eight miles per hour they had put a governor on and Julia a lot to travel as far as highest performance for governor not a go above and off. 7:22. AM. Caller called Bob. It don't work at all possible dot com. You have to spend the time they work all the they break it won't give one of these out of that 1%. Greg. But it doesn't it. Yeah. Implies that propaganda found in you know. Rudy 00 man. I don't see that they threw a wet and expected in patent caddie but you know what does that mean. We've got a good or bad that I had a little bit that Vick never got I have back. Yeah. If it hadn't been out. Well connected us and I mean pretty romantic. If you're seeing the in and he came in spent lines. Like about all the time like in badly. As he rap don't think I really I wouldn't know a few things happened at that time. Talking about long felt like I. It's does drive I. Marionette and relief he freestyles Corzine shuffled in and while we're and from LeBron day we mutiny that didn't. Was he rapping in the bathroom when he made up the excuse that he had to go to try to get your house after. He wraps nonstop from the time he arrived in my home until that time and drove up to Darian and. He was at wrapping machine. Okay well. That's today's home L voicemail segment thank you for participating this is an obscure reference from Jeff hello Jeff. Hey it's hundred number three telling everybody in this. Morning good morning. And so what it would. I think he has cracked accident or something and then at 9 o'clock in the hot. But he did drop the asked Bob little luck luckily were able to drop out of and so you get into an accident while talking about a driver Lewis and an ambulance and as a I. Is. It doesn't matter Danielle said earlier when it when it comes the suitors that she is gonna find her her her wealthy man. The Greg Hill foundation event on Thursday night do you have any wealthy venture capitalist coming that aren't close friends with him. Let's keep your arms and follow. You don't wanna date. We dated people that I know before. Really well oh I guess I don't think I he's a fine date. Well I look at it that you've put up what I know people are a problem. Oh yeah you know what I am so yeah I'm sorry I wanted. I have this means both of the hit show on the beach house in Maine and nova and nowhere I know we've been on him for six months. Greg actually asked if I can not invite you because of the cast your problem. Bring him in pads. I'm mrs. Miller going to tell any any and does this. That they'll be some guys is that it now we're. Wealthy now how do you like what is here. What's your formula for success and a nothing like that's the you'd like to begin the conversation energy just kind of stand their at a high top them. And the leader like Scotland and then their look casual correctional artist pick epithets that's because dazzle and approach it bullying he. But its second a weird conversation with somebody and have that look that says please save me now they come over and LAK. And then can Martin's hoops and. Starts in on the conversation did you can't just pays attention to an Olympics on the damn well deserve the the option up she goes to the whole bar. I'm so so by that area should have gone for a quick growth spec at great dinner last night and I don't know you ward where we're at war you gonna pick up the tab. Did you really had intentions of paying the tab black Knight or Dick did you did you reach for the wallet in in just symbolic. I see dead I waited until work put in is black card out and then I said well hold on a lot of second and now. Let's let me Al let me get that quick I mean it worries you organize this whole thing here at Smith the mall when ski and then move silently rolled it's he said absolutely not I will not allow you to I would never allow you to pay for dinner I would never allow myself to pay for dinner either. Very important question asked as I know earlier in the midst of maintaining your lead athletes' status and also victim to this that Smith Amylin ski. Were you able to avoid the fresh baked buttered rolls but yes. I did not. A sell it. This group that wants to sell independent and delicious monster to addressing on boot mustard vinaigrette. I had on the side I had two shrimp. And a half and I had. A bone in filet but I only 13 of a whirlwind Savard apparently it's. Restaurants jacket I brought the rest of the tactic Kobe harmed. And what did you eat secretly chaining yourself in the car right home I. To get at the drug what did you get that the dip that gas station I got a little neck and a large cheese pizza for that I water just remain lovely she's beaten. And let's see here's the text from Jeff I just saw somebody rear end somebody walk hockey the guys on the phone and I apologize for the F on now familiar and it happens. And the driver and a half. I here's the Texas says. So is Danielle now coming right out and saying she is going for a filthy rich guy yeah it was weird things aren't going where where are we think that's. How they feel problem with you in with admitting I like today people were comfortable and start listening yesterday. And. The rule is you have to we'll take care yourself I can take Jeremy. If you can't take carry yourself on not taking carrier right Manningham and I'm generous to a fault but and if you can't get if you're like. Now and you've got to have yourself elephant in the room not would I would that's beyond your. I heard. What happens is the auction starts and somebody bids like a thousand bucks on the autograph berg he Jersey. And Daniel Russia's right celebrants as. Well there. You liken it like fresh meat what's where our intro to get my out. In game string broke and can't get it done but not it's not a dirty Jersey it's the week on Nantucket. Only brighter red phone advertising chestnut out of fire there you don't want yeah graft for ages I can't eyewitness sports memorabilia organ went by the trip. I saw that you bought the Harley-Davidson motorcycle for 29000. Barrels Angeles. With her ride. Like I couldn't could they couldn't pay the taxes on a we so yup I listened I still some tickets available for Thursday night if you wanna join us. And that event is our 2841. Days event. It's very inspirational you'll hear the stories of our beneficiaries. And how you rule. Through your donations to the Greg Hill foundation have changed their lives so. It's at the UMass club in Boston food drink. Celebrities the mayor will be there Devin McCord he is going to be there. I think it'll it'll it'll be a great event. Let's get the some news and the news this hour is it brought to you by. Staples now at staples trading your printer and save up to eighty dollars on a new apps and tank that two years. And 324 C store staples dot com for details restrictions may apply staples it's proton. Brought to also buy cars for kids your number one charity for current donation. Now also accepting boats are these motorcycles real estate donations. Hall today. I wasn't even talking so much about the autonomous car. That killed a woman in Tempe Arizona I think we should wonder whether or not an autonomous car would have crashed into the front. Of the an elements in the sized studio. Because of gas break confusion or is that just an older persons where where that happened in Mansfield Mansfield. SUV. Plowed. Right through the reception area and into the first massage or Xavier have been an elements usually get reception. And call in and to their rooms two by two. So crashed right into the first can you imagine being in the middle of massage. And like somebody's front end is in the room now that's crazy code yes. Now they're affectionate with thrown against the wall the woman driving the SUV had. Reportedly mistakenly hit began instead of the bra. This is Andrew who owns that particular elements frontier with the. We're very fortunate the car went all the way at a very high rated Stephen Dodd told eyewitnesses. All the way into. The fact. All of those front lobby into another. The size room. Luckily all my clients are in their sessions. And luckily none of that room but another rooms. Did five. Local Rotary Club members run out the back with their. Yeah. The ankle went for the authorities certainly the I mean. I haven't embarrassing nobody's here in the massage your buck naked next scene area of broken leg lamp on the flow fireplaces. I didn't know what happened but it. I do I know I think we're up against the clock put on your very upset about the passing. A legendary well known animal yes OK soul talk about that. And we'll get to the rest of the news coming up in just the moment. On the show tomorrow I mentioned this earlier but Bob LaBelle will join us clone hey. The longtime Boston sportscaster. And Pablo battle. Is he wants to talk about the candidates convention what's it called you need camp men and Bob LaBelle. A big proponent of marijuana when it comes to. What he has been fighting illness wise and he is. Smoking caddies that for you and them. That's is now you view us owners scala. Said yeah yeah if you are doing yet yet and so when he it and if you can't sell so Bobble Belle tells all about that tomorrow. At 835. On that show and and we are going to go behind the your mind that 9 and tomorrow morning. Sun is out and the weather this hour is brought to you by Subaru of New England supplying all wheel drive vehicles with a passion for winter adventure. And that passion is only gonna increase with that nor'easter number four on the way tomorrow. Today the temperature will be in the thirties tomorrow afternoon into. Into the evening. They another nor'easter and it looks like six to ten inches of snow following years in the city and maybe. If you're on the. South schori get a break this time he views you've put up with enough of them and it tariffs like only three to six inches of snow so sure indicated by. Six that and elsewhere beanie now. You were telling me in the opposites morning being out that you're very upset about the death. Of the legendary now. I can't believe you lamented the death some. Oh traumatized keyboard cat died and now he can Lewis keyboard cat keyboard cat. Can't name Pinto who is known. Were making. Videos. In which he played a keyboard really yes center like some kind of amazing human like yeah talent if you elected what happened keyboard cat was joy driving in the driveway there are an excellent. This story a immediacy. It's an illness issues not only nine super long expert at the Bosnia the nine lives errors that. Come back next time impressionists now it Leo yeah. The we have any examples of his artistry of his news of his masterpieces this is one of keyboard can its greatest hit a shot. You know. Painful. And powerful machines and shrapnel. Now. Now now now you know. When you spend like fourteen hours that they are watching that crap and you do have an. Excuse me as if the court hot to handle the current TV watching this just aren't watching true crime and watching troop cat Ottawa to. It's here that I'm watching on the path. I am watching the assassination of Versace she annual and you're watching keyboard cat. With somebody like holding keyboard cat's paws on the keyboard it was the it was keyboard cat was the leak keyboard cat doing that all himself earners while doing it conform with that anger sheet a little heat was he your keyboard. Cat video was posted online. In 2007 actually stars and different cat the one it was not shot by the owner never posted online now. And then when he posted the video went viral he didn't he Nolan had that other cat so he started posting the videos have been down this carry cat naturally viral. And now sadly and joke. So and he's done an event. What you're saying that date keyboard cat owners had. Two cats died under mysterious circumstances and I don't wanna start speculating that I think that maybe something untoward happening and that's how I feel like when they start asking for more money he will be places that are more fancied this around he just goes and gets it when they get a certain level of fame. Ali gets rid of them hey this is Brian on the premium for its studio line what's up Brian. I yeah. I need accuser. It's. It Greg quick comment. So first. With that people would Jack get that check mark of the beast that they hit it to get their debt but it. Yeah. Eight LB now. Although our crappy bit of that Brooke if they don't smoke so one thing I've yet but he. Give us a yes all I am it was you know and I appreciate the cameraman for charity in its popular candidate so they kept on back there or down. Yeah marsh got marquis got mugged in overtime in the here and he would want it really I should have been apparently shot. Really act totally mean in in the in the rules of the game. Today yeah but you know marshy during that the refs don't like him too much I think he had job. Well pretty. Pretty nice that Ryan Donato had a goal and two assists in his debut as a player of kid if you caught any of the Olympics the other goal game in the it's. Point against the world's best he's our he's going to be a special player I tell you I'm concerned about it. Mac avoid. Not making it back please someone writes when he was that the Celtics here and I would I would priorities are you retired and we talked what does he said he would need and how don't come back. When he's shelf and really you bet. You don't even though you're gonna have a it an epic playoff round. He's seeking he's like into Internet junior's older he just turned nineteen that's your future. I mean that it is a stock. Actually that's franchise stuff that you build around and and again I'm gonna keep preaching this Donnie Sweeney chief executive of the year. While Daniel hates him but yeah it. Is a pretty Johnny. This show he knows that I don't. He knows and my only beef is the timing of the clothes firing press conference. Well people want them gone through in Idaho Larry are you a few months into it everybody wanted him gone and now. You're looking at these guys like day they have a they have a great chance of advancing and toward lord Stanley's cup. What I said like I said when I called them to relax they have played five for starters and 62 rounder it's federal. 181920. Years old that are going to be playing here in two years and and then and look what happens I I'm I'm so fired up. I mean you know obviously if they get first place ought to be great too but. A series between. All the young guys that play we try to me please have a point Warner under gates all of Bruins 120 former under you know that you know released got a great. They're kind of built the same name round and you know good veteran core when ball was young talent and you know being insane series. I think you don't mean you don't wanna play him today until you have to write in on a play them. First you don't wanna be whoever has to play them first or second round while they automobile Redford you know again seven game series journal gardens is move the yes yes. All right here at seven I like these drones can here's a 774 texas' LB year and idiot yeah. Our window for the cup is this year's U I'll show and I absolutely play and I hadn't been watching. They've got they've got six guys that are under. When he for ya where are they going I want is how long would you say that it's Bergeron it's Patrice has left largely more really. Duties are easily Cha. He's like Tom Brady. He works is where he works is not soft in the offseason takes care of himself retirement and I replied with a poem or should block now I would hazard or she's good to go to lease. 35 now he's thirty right 3031. Now all right. More sports after nine. Oh your food deliveries here. That's the law I mean it was a traumatic event when I dropped my breakfast earlier. You know what happened is being out locked in the studio with a full breakfast that she wearing guy for us now that they make and then. Somebody mentioned his grimy and she dropped she gets so nervous. Ownership and owners in meetings. I don't think I've ever had and any mention of our she dropped her food. Now the pin was still is on the radio yesterday yes. He wants you told me about this this morning. He said that he thought it was a data as I said correct. Death is he's delusional. Well I'm very clear on that you hear what you wanna hear. Bank so I was very clear with Stan I'm lots and I endorse anything great I consider myself and the commitment towards and Greg just like I'm considered supplement out of. India and you know Lester Kenny and you you're close to date your Minty would you mentor him in and how to how to get out of here at about 200. That was our available okay so let emotion about it but. But that being said. I was very clear with Daniel that this was not a date and nearly two friends. Going to a coworkers wedding together or why did you think was the date that I don't have a readiness and that's what you guys do all the blood rushes out of the big net and the little and you can't make normal decisions. I W 5051 you don't know this by now I think he felt like it was a date because you didn't make it clear I think the onus is on the person who invites. Someone on a date. To make it clear. Whether it's romantic data are platonic date my thinking that text message when I mentioned that the person I was date in the Clinton. Make that wedding. Probably tired of that should have been daily deal for as additional I'm gonna go deep on my personal information. Hi I saw last July now. Again I got up close and clearer now known as the idea that got to give the guy the option to get its roof and all through it's not a did help me. Oh really got a chuckle over it on the facilities or early. It's funny I think you're you're on offense and that's why you need to explain to them. On the fence about why you got there and you were having a good you really Guam actually am in good times does maybe there's a little something maybe there's only now does Cheney saying in. You know OPEC. Now. The fact that you consider yourself could be mentor angst is yeah. Reminds me of your mop that I think is a really appropriate it's because of the new age gap. But you wanna get the news yes maybe sizzle call the show visa yeah well how does. Oh yeah Michigan's does the Czech player. And hear about the date of it yeah that is totally fine men. And you about. The classmates having their sixtieth high school reunion and they're all still alive lots. This is an rinks sit Iowa. Class of 1958. They only had fourteen people in their class but even for fourteen people the odds of them all living that long. Are one in 177. Million. Dell Matheson is that guy who's organizing the reunion. We keep closely in touch with what another weary and all my Dallas Texas Amarillo. Eugene Oregon. There's various towns in Iowa Minnesota. Andrew in Colorado true that's got married to one another and it's. Mike and Margo married each other knowing than. Colorado City. So yeah we we keep in touch we keep track we shouldn't we have twenty. Or 33 children. Seven this year 74 grandchildren. And try any particular children look what about the way and that's more than we had a nice school. They're all gonna be alive until Margo finds out at the reunion that Mike has been duping now on our effect. It's cyclical effect school you know owners don't of these reunions of forty years to secede Martin's back. I'm Susan that's I can leave it up but no matter how old are still daddy audio I don't caddie yeah. The other your high school reunions idea yeah yeah that's I mean it's great seat people. I don't think that people these days really have a full appreciation of the the fun of the reunion because everybody's on FaceBook sort of dirty note it is you know there's really no. Hey what have you been up to last five or ten years conversation it's I cite your kid you know did well at T ball the other day on and Seagram. Yeah dirty know whatever in doing right it is still nice to see how people that you that you miss you don't interact with a lot it's nice to see the people that made your life held get fat. It's nice to be able ask questions and you know what do you do with your life has anyone spoken to Melissa Gilbert hospital or other opponent. I'm always encouraging I always say can we invite the class of the Lola reunion because Melissa Gilbert's in the in the class but yeah it happened to lake show up for opryland your establishment for their class. Or Everett they've reduced that board. That's amazing the whole posts alive now and that's up. Fourteen people. I don't even mention was edited that there is that little via Libya he's you know every is probably the one room schoolhouse. After him back and and I bet they didn't have any rules about what you could do on your own private time exactly what I do and they wanted to shoot and a way she's dancing class smoke in months. A policy. Here is a texts. For the war female brain that's Thursday at this text says this past week I had no plans. So coworker asked me to go to a wedding that I didn't plan on going through. Now I fashion like me because she asked me go on now I have now I've caught feelings for the school. On is this grammys cut feelings. What's gonna happen it's going to be pretty had feelings that as you as it can be awkward go around work if he cut feelings. Not become all the feels. Him and his announcement and you know we know that you know Manny and nick are helping. Presenting this a scenario in which stand and I fall in love. Movies but not telling. Well why not a. We are stranger things have happened yup I suppose I needed b.'s I mean now. Look at. Donald Trump junior. He was having a full on relationship with Aubrey hill today amber when you're fondling her at the Celtics cheerleader try out when we religious judges that one yeah send us I do Canada and a half years ago. And it turns out they had some kind of a horrid. A fair and that's why he's getting divorced he told his wife and after that he was leaving her for robbery reportedly for Bob Rio de again. She's very attractive she is carried her she's a very attractive right NC now he's I don't sit well not manna. When you're about a trillion you don't get an art over Portland. I didn't know that I believe if you may see you may in May slip from a twelve to a nine but you never get totally unattractive man. If they're both both the you can you can get something. Sometimes the years are tough. The the years can be tough to the future will be. The creation of requiring friends Argentines to do anything organized radio there is a. Ahead hello. Everybody let's. Say reunion a bit like the fact. And great. Well. You know a man made and I always nice to see people. You he'd been to man and women play in the little click play. Yeah we've been over to a main zone that have a December youth night the capital Waltham nice to catch terrible people. I downtown in the financial district I'm did you reach out to did you reach out to. Yeah I'm in time latitude Aaliyah minority been taxing in this morning and out of such a drag that hard. She didn't send over LAK good morning to see facing mode GK okay. I got in you know stares he's recording the whole sure all Americans and edit everything just about him also but I guess morning okay. Focused despite the calls this bay hill I'm usually too busy trying to figure out whatever he's sending that looks like the status phone there and outlining an accidental death and a copy of the paper towel out very. And so did not that they injected into the by now you've. Their their right there on the phone for youth. We have a tax code word coming up next which you can text in to win 1000 dollars that's the thousand dollar Holler in just a moment.