HMMS Hour 3 - Two Words Jackhammer 5-17-18

Thursday, May 17th

This hour we continue the discussion on the parents who are kicking their 30 year old son out of the house, we listen to your Hillmail voicemail messages, the newest inductee into the Patriots Hall of Fame - our pal - Matt Light calls into the show, and a couple of Mantown hall of fame inductees because they continued to play their game of golf even though a volcano was erupting behind them!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'd I believe that here in Massachusetts most likely. That day you'd probably the court would rule the you don't have to kick you you can't kick your kid out until he's fifty because we we live in a victim and stay with our judicial system but. I picked I got booted out of my house. When when my father when I was eighteen and I and I finished high school meaning I finished attending that in graduate. And when I informed him that I want to continue to work in the at the video music TV station where I was working at. He 66. I was I was not going to go to college and I was not going to complete the biology class that I had to do a complete. And ordered him my high school diploma. Barry hills said. Yet how and he said late case you're wondering reminded me in this. All the my eyes out. Not all my act like a little baby I had no idea where I was going to go no idea what I was going to do all my eyes out. Right don't feel bad as a thirty year old kid in New York ball in his eyes are right now. No but but it can I do not Cooper and in the kitchen. You know every day I am you know your parents Chancery of the house and I can't know they when you're thirty that he can no. I'm just how. Are you you guys it's funny I get it. None of us can rapper head around the fact that we want to limit our parents to work thirty but they pick if you're not doing anything wrong. Now they can't throw you out. Here's a 617 Texas is dead on LB. Enabled this kid to be a loser and and in their house and not pay for anything shame on the parents. Yeah but they are doing something about regardless of how late in life I harassing legally in line with us. They're kicking him out and their offering him money. Offering a money problem place isn't nice emanate Texas as my brother in law also named Michael is forty years old. And still lives with his parents. For years who wants a fair mortgage rate when you were 31 reads. Thirty it was I was working right it's you know place yeah yeah elected as mayor I know it was via via manic guy attic get when I was thirty. Look like models gradually to is going to be. Juli is going to be 21 so yeah. Yeah now I mean I. If Julie came home. Yes from a politician when she graduates she got an accurate aren't our chief criminal for a little graduates next year yeah. An air and it mourning now and now she's not gonna be in my house at 29 know that normally you're not harass yes sir yes I am. After you do yes it's good for that it's good for some it's good for the trials are surging outcome almost certainly I'm not gonna be homeless when when people are. Told that they have to do something and they have to fend for themselves. As my old man what is said where he still would does. When you have to fend for yourself. You end up when the government isn't supporting you and when your parents aren't supporting you he realized the afterglow and support yourself well. Oceana. Would like yeah yeah yeah yeah you know. I'm ready. To anyone tell you why don't get. It. Will make it. Out. I just I think it is. Ridiculous that a couple has to go to court to get their thirty year old son out of the house and I am. You know I didn't irritate you I should believe it. Especially when they're they're they're launching them money will do whatever you want yeah just get out of our house. For crying out to Bobby. At a morning god and that's your reference. And oh yes. Rodney Dangerfield back to school he had the movie I'll talk college students don't know I'll know what you're Eric Fayetteville. Our door I agree reference to rather obscure reference Franken tank yeah. Yeah a thousand frank the tank what are I don't know but it does yeah well what about Tom step Brothers. Yeah there's less of an incredible and when I say yeah. Yeah I personally like him there and get laughing at Herman and sad about that it's now it's a reality. As you know yet write its life imitating art irate is 804 and this is WA AF FM am. And HD one less robust than WEEI. HD three months. And WW. PX HD two blocks and now it's your entered its shock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male and operate well if you're on W a it is attacks 617 Texas says. Greg will kick Julia out. And buy her a Condo in the sea ports buffalo. Gap. You're out of here for you want to better through drugs what is she is my precious daughter. And she's coming home and she texted me this morning about. Looking forward to running with me letters starting next week getting ready for the ocean park five K I got my running partner back. All right today's a male voice mail messages are rock TU. By the city of busting credit union with all of the convenience. The big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. You can check out the city busting credit union and their checking account service today. And here are the very best male voice mail messages you left for us. Over the previous 24 hours went on June 20 old. And yeah. You look at it's. Not the end date. Heat. Because. And down there alive. Yeah yeah yeah I think I am looking at the goal line. Let them compete. Time. And hey I'm really be then. Yeah. The core yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. On. I. And didn't seem. Yeah. Oh. 00 that latency. Wonderful. Well. So you're saying I have a chance writes I don't know I don't I I I just. I think you're confused about an occasion to intentions I don't think she's wing you I don't blame. I don't know how we gonna compete with on Saturday. At the Brunswick yet a lot of that Cornel teams in the great deal foundation beach corn hole tournament. Are loaded up with is with young athletes I mean you got guys like scope and Scotty blind and I'm a lot of the Alley and compete with these guys I mean there there twenty years your junior. Vick he's going to be talking to them and not talking to you two words. Jack. Jack hammer really put that though earth again demonstrated right there at the Brunswick Saturday. I'm getting really excited for the event. I was on my instant Graham yesterday shared did trophies. I shared the cup we have a cut that which in which you can enjoy. If you're the if you win the corn hole championship this Saturday at the Brunswick in old orchard beach. And you can drink shipyard. All day and night out of that and a cup comrades. And I got confirmation. On the warm. Fresh. Cinnamon buns from the ocean park seven grocery which will be delivered in the morning for everybody at the runs Pickens. Saturday so. And don't worry about the weather we got to get inside areas we got we got out on the deck it's covered we were are well. I don't think the weather is going to be that bad it's going to be great. I can't write you know and not for not renters aren't you or your retirement or whether duck. I think I'm just an American men and just enjoy the elements yes I'm I'm gonna get a double bed blow up slowed me. Yeah in Ramona and accurate because you can't sleep on the beach yeah. I'm an anchor in the ocean. I had a good night honestly I think you was sleeping on it. Will anchor it in the ocean ocean I don't think he's been moved. I don't think Margaret we TV anchor came loose and floated you floated out soon. And the Coast Guard had to rescue you right Steve here and there is lots of programs and me in the middle election. Ron Paul 104. PM. Next up on the hill man morning after returning whereas Larry I mean here he turned you'd play it. Nonsensical. Commentary from Linda and I. Now he doesn't on this show you know what he does it I just got it I just have to Taylor yeah. Everything that Larry was soccer ball and went through though and I've been through two divorces are dealt with the courts in Massachusetts are dealt with the IRS. I do I might. I had a ten year battle with the iris writes you know and you know and fullback is a more restaurants drove my buddy Ed Edward party. Was again a fine you know resuming credible accountant yeah for that whoever that text or was it of him and I can't you know I don't know what to do who who Edberg party. He'll see you save you time and they. X is and LB correction multiple LB corrections before tax. Jack hammer is one word not truths out your two words are my hip those secret it's. When me at 6:28. PM. No joke opening up incredibly competitive right. Now. Matt Light on on the phone ray though he'll join us as soon as we had done playing it'll melt voicemail messages that. And gloom side and then. Everybody played an opening comments back about any other team player and then tell me about. Nobody exactly. Didn't matter well use say things about other these players all of and yet you saying that nobody the fans don't like professional athletes. I'd say LB can get to that I can get practical. And act. I mean it's going to be spread out on the side on the grass and right over the you take it from corpus corporates. And blue moon and I want to hundred no crawl into water or in the yeah. I wonder outlet last night I hope she calls it poignant though the blue corner and. Thank you for the correction my true. And then they have not apparently. This message. That the 722. And again. Here and dot underpinned by Miller and Lynn L beat all the live I'm I'm I'm very happy now in the back and I thought that was the only going to be get. And then now. At some great. Good times with fireworks up in the ocean park old orchard beach area over the years. I got some good fireworks stories that'll tell sometimes. That's. You know what that's they do it right up there. You can have the fireworks and me know he can do about. What is the Borough with the ball won the shoot so multiple balls those seminars are putting their Barton and win it dining partner's nose and his group nothing like that. Open 24 and. Don't eat and didn't. New York. You know I. You open area of port that. Yeah network simply massive NHL executive stands. Often we sound older. You know that I don't either I don't know not yet. Let's go learn that the move that well on the board or. One punch outs and I mr. love Daniel. She makes the show. What everybody else who makes show she makes the show denouncing the throne as an enemy to show but right now. And Alan Hsu at the show and make the show or whom we think. Oh man. You get doesn't want to get there by our plate to make all the difference partridge. He wouldn't doubt that. Whom who. Johnson's hot. Out. All right ever participated in this morning during hill mail. Today's Hill Man Morning Show it's presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo Stewart that. And joining us right now on the Framingham boards studio line Cranium board metro west commercial truck headquarters it is. The next in that the into the patriots hall of fame are very good friend and longtime contributor to this program. Former New England Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light good morning and congratulations. Well thank you very much here and and I appreciate that men it's. It's been it's been an interesting point four hours and and I have asserted that. You know looking back on my career and kind of reflecting a little bit geared. Then we we had a lot of fun doing what we did we had a lot of fun on your show and I wouldn't trade in your bit for 12. And in the Colombian recognize. Just. It out we makes me think about all the guys that I played live that are deserving of this honor you I'll probably more so than myself for sure. But. It's truly an honor. You know could be among you know so many teammates of mine that Kevin walks in the Thai laws in the Bruschi and you know cord around them and Willie Mac can. And it and it could be alongside those guys are Indian recognized in this way America it's very humble. How do they inform you about something like this is there some kind of a telegram more a I got a cool little may not invitation that are riser how does that happen. Well. A heavily on un. On Tuesday. I we we had a leadership conference that we do we had kids in from Bridgewater. Well from. Brought there in Fall River in New Bedford and and actually toward brown who they're speaking a member of the leadership conference and I had my cell phone you know basically turned thought it was you know you're focused on doing what you do and I missed their call for mr. Graff than. You know would appear that that's a good thing to have happen but. I did let's go to him yesterday out in the middle of the woods the mist as they see games. Connected us on the flow and then you know you let me noted. You know defend this that voted me and then you know we we reminisced about some of the early days and where and when we first met each other and caucuses then go to the special moment at a minutes. Again it's it's hard for meter took to see myself. You know is. As some Ambien recognized in this restaurant you know I've always been and always will be a team player from the true sense of it you know it's. You know for me trying to get a full ball it was all about the friendship and camaraderie group around but we go out and and and completing a mission and and then having success on the field and and that really how we felt like you know I belong like I was always. You know trying to prove that that it you know as well what they're saying in the that I was or. You know all the effort they put in the media and you know it's kind of a surreal moment you know I I I I definitely didn't play the game of football. I'll warning to reach you know certain level of recognition I really want you know make my coach is proud of me make my teammates. You know proud of my effort and go to do what I do you know him so you know this is this is very special to promote family man I mean. I can't tell you how cool was still. You know my mom and dad are excited about coming out they might you know what my parents have sacrificed so much in. Seen me through so many different you know moments in my life and and then therefore me and Emma sister and her entire tribal seven years of my brother wall coming out there just it's going to be very. It's going to be a very awesome moment. Was it. It grew when you were talking when mr. Kraft about when you first arrived here what was that like what what what what what was it like at that time and what was it like for you know arrived. Here ads as a patriot. Why are producing them in addictive just went back art you know. I would almost surely the kid they had no clue I mean that was cool is to be NFL. My debt they I would that the neon activists. OK that flake. That was my watering hole at Purdue. And I mean a week we have the piano on the piano bar was completely rule it out. At all Margaret didn't cost me let me read a paper some about you know for the man that died so. You know. What we're all in there and on draft day I mean I remember it's got you'll say well you're going from one injury to another I have no idea what this guy's talking about. You know and then enemy come and go to New England Patriots on my I have I don't know that there in another country like I never even. It never even thought of me had never I never heard that the New England I'd I didn't know any I've never seen an OK in my life I know that sounds. So stupid and ignorant and in a way related the mean. You know you would have thought a little bit more first I didn't grow up watching a loved playing in the game and and so you know what I got out here you know at first our member of the on the East Coast. You know first time ever received also vote blown away those you know just this checking everything out and the inning that these opposite the one. Awesome place believe in you know take this elevator Richard Seymour. And the last thing I knew about Richard Seymour was that they came back 28 point down Abydos. In the Outback Bowl or play them you know my my my senior year in our junior year and so on so they're within a week or so greater then. Others uncomfortable awkward person we get off the elevator and you could see the whole downtown Boston promote iron. He's even dared you to do sort of sin you know we could meet Byron. They had this meals on wheels group there and get me there me talk all about the community in this the other and all we want to two ghost they appear well very high end in the zone motel on route one. I. And I mean think about that when news when Scott Pioli told you you're coming here at the play you're coming here. To protect Drew Bledsoe. And so you probably had no idea at that point who Tom Brady was correct. You know I did I didn't an and I mean we played in the Big Ten to get it right I mean. Again but it was my ignorance to you know really beat and now I'm focused it was a guy bought in there you know who together but he played against and have never really. You know built into it like that in some way that they get help in. Yeah you know what I became a real fan of the game in the history here and you know whether it was or the PA here. You know this big guy that I met the guy in and out of the locker room I mean. I mean we we have especially in the early years we had some really. Some really amazing individuals. That that probably a lot of people don't even recall being on the lost her in some ways. The guys that you don't really make big game in short order a lot on in the culture that locker room and everything else was pretty amazing man like oh. Well I mean look what we spoke with a guy that I would you know off. That there were selected from via. You know the other selection committee for you know this this whole flame a mean Mike Vrabel. And in what he did I mean I know he'll manage you've been around him enough to noted. You would never wanna try. Outwit micro or you'd never want your apple won't walk. I mean he had an amazing ability to air you'd down in the funniest most. You know amazing way possible also. And he was a guy that you know Utah coach you know as a player. He would be guy that would give real hard time I mean you know don't say something in the back corner the only guy that you know is. You know an older group of middle of Peru and it was aids and you know Roman Phifer and it goes you know Kibaki and all the old school guys the good. But you know like are there America or medical. Any and that and the thing is two days you get all these guys become enemy from the date they were born. All they see that the greatness of our culture and gradient the system and and I don't know that it's possible to really have that kind of culture anymore it's a pretty intimidating places it is but. You know we protect there will be made him and and I had so much fun playing in an organization even though distrustful. You know helping those kind of atmosphere and other water bottle of medicine and then things but you know they've created. A level of greatness. In order to do. Our guest is Matt Light and the former New England patriot has been announced as the next induct the into the patriots hall of fame who is matter who's the person. Who has had the most effect on you. When it comes to football in in Europe and higher in your entire life. You know that's a tough one I mean. I eat your gonna go back in the early years and and I I would say in my early years it was too for not number one my father. My father never plates or you know he suffered from polio girl about. Severe polio had her condition into one of these medical mere miracles and mysteries and and you know so he eat he wasn't a sports guy we never watched any sport grown up. But yeah I. Got the point where you don't really give them the full ball. Found that started well that your soul great and Peewee football Ohio and and my dad would just tell me hey you know who knows nothing about like what the normal coach say he would talk about lo he's an engineer in Utah about leverage and and the psychological game and and I think that really. That really set the tone for how I looked at a game of football so. And he never pushy that we don't push me and you know he would probably bet that would scream and yell from the bleachers and all that kind of stuff. But he had an effect on me you know at an early age into the competence and it was a good way to look at it and then. When I got to college. That they any hope was my offensive line coach yesterday and was the head coach recruiter for awhile. But. He would he would like a brother and father the same time and he really instilled in me all different level of confidence and how I approached the game and and it's an aggressive side that. You know you really Emporia so you know we we love that is offensive lineman. You know you don't talk about bringing a body bag and we put up on the wall and you know we we name it. Well that's a minute that's why they beat him and I mean it was it is many street art there by myself then. On any given day as well outside that or so. Found those two guys that are great effect and then look. It much and we bought it says. Good thing to do that the people that push here and then demand a lot from your but also you respect you know. Dante Scarnecchia. And and and is it you know people talk about him and everybody understands we're like we're outing and with him but because it approached the game is. It's so unique and it's it's it's a real I mean he he isn't that it in his job away. Well if if if anybody could hire a guy like they beat the number one imported organization. Who are you able to. If you had to a gain a single game that is that is your favorite game misses and when the patriot. That you know. Not this film so many great moments in and I don't remember what I can remember a play call you know it's only. You know good those little things that you know part of my job but I didn't focus on a boat. I do episode I any time that we guided to a good bowl. I can remember every moment and in doubt its true. Was edit at the height that is idiocy. When we played them. And it was Thanksgiving game. And political game for me because I was gonna go home and hug my former Ohio talent or by mid air are better than the members there. On the flight into the rainbow right they're a little we are bye week but weeks so. I may have thought for the game anyway him and we get in that game in this guy's just pulled out all the stops all the little dirty tricks and you know all those hoping he doesn't work on the goal line and an you've done some below that are you know some African we're talking about a don't let scrimmage and Willard of Plavix off the act all right so work. What region and saw that meant you'd get passed in Cody talk among our agreement you know won't will do little trouble you know he we called it a little shorter right. So we get on competence do and I mean it turned into all out war and and then to work you know work or go on and I find myself on our agreement on and try to choking. You know walk covered up and there's people kick immune Logan Perot on people often. You know I'm not let building could be kind of lost they grab ordered a great night in the coming out the pile with the helmet. And and hit me and several shade of purple and inaugural ball low and I've covered acute. You know fifteen times in the back in you know about it hang up or your wife are brutal clear across a field goal ultimate didn't get a check that number this is good. But a real. Okay good speed up but the thing because they because then you're your notebook the blocking out via. But more on try to ruin the game like myself but we that was probably highlighted premiere of all I'd like. What about the was it what's the name of that was. Crowder that Miami. The memory like a full on punch that was it was it was like a quarterback or something. But he was he was the linebacker crew. I have been talking all game and Russ Hochstein. Come there we discord collect the forty scorer and he still can't shut up. And I look across the line in you not even on the field all ought to support our game he would literally told the guy that came and took. Do the job that you are supposed to do to get off the field. I'll watch in all this so might. And we're sitting ducks I mean it that play at the dumbest playing football. But what good could this tradition and we we you know Walt recruited pepperoni Milan forward and they have a five guys getting local saga a look at a lot agreement. You know serpent but he could become an outright thirty or rough apparently didn't get that memo. And if you got completely and they're coming for me but he's right next to me and I just jump back in. You know pop album off Freeman we are gonna edit I remember it very much so I can get the dreadlocks. Walker where. You are worried it I don't know I port like. An hour. Well well our Carol it's it it it it's it's for you it's it's a well deserved honor and I think patriots fans everywhere yesterday when they heard the news. Well like you know what nobody deserves that now more than Matt Light does so we could not be happier for you we could not be proud here. I know that I'm sure the year conceit you're probably looking back at people who have been there if since the beginning. As far as who was going to induct you. And I certainly would. Would be available for the for the honor the if that crossed your mind. Yet so just Fleming how's that working on in the speech whatever it. Am I. I know you do a fine job and in Lipton mean something that we started. Oil low or something that you guys put on the map in terms of you know out of the the most passionate right yes yes I I feel like I'm gonna have to write a final burst Tibet and yet they did it feel compelled to deuce so given this. The point in my life. I think you you share outstanding and hear it live down there. Maybe maybe we'll do like a little pre party thing it splits Ville how balloon down there and how do you play alive on. The September 29 is is the day right September 29. It is yet mr. let him go there you know it's the tenth anniversary of all page or place them. You know that this special time that I believe there's two or before living members of all of the 27. Our ducks beat them you know it it'll be a going to do to be surrounded with those guys in and to be a part of that debate before the Miami game. Which would be a big game you know for the and you know I'm just again. I never saw myself but again will be recognized this way and it for the stand to a you know just. Just embrace me that as an outsider you know weird you know it was quite do it. Oh talks too much and there's always promoting you know something with a foundation and all that I really appreciate those you know just gone above and beyond the you know make me feel home here this is all of them. And that gave me a platform to walk from him and support the way they haven't spent this little mate that. You must ashe's out. Yeah well listen up all of automotive real. That must that's all flame war code and history we got to come so it Burt Reynolds and now apparently me. Remember they're immortal words of my good friend Johnny Cash due to your mother go to your brother and all of them could access. My. There. How. Lights. Out and not talking there are tired eyes for I thought I heard through periods Matt Light on the Hill Man Morning Show. I'm text that writes that for LB at the beach corn hole tournament on Saturday rather than an amphibious. Invasion it's going to be a and oblivious. Invasion by Atlanta we'll say a poll and we will see here. I forget. That there are some. Who have not been able to enjoy the 28. Year history of the show also don't know until something comes up on the show that it happened and this 617 Dexter says. I just went and looked at the video. Spats. Trying to rush Matt Light you mentioned earlier this morning and it is it is incredible yet and if you miss. You know that was whatever it was ten years ago or twelve years ago but. Spaz in his in his in his football yeah Lorie trying to eagle that Matt Light and trying trying to rush MetLife is is worth a watch on YouTube. What in the bonus on their arms Stephen Neal choking emote you know it was. Usually college wrestler yet yes all American wrestler yeah. It's 844 and today's weather brought to you by Subaru of New England dot com. It is going would be cloudy today may be a little bit us on this afternoon. Temperature will be 72 for a high right now it is 56 years and seen a secure. Brighton Massachusetts. Not what one where's your emergency and now they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Fun with 911 we're. You know I think also we are not always just. Time where fun with the 91 wine in hand the wife. If professional golfer Lucas Glover. Has been arrested and hold to stay away from the PGA player. After a spousal abuse incident. Apparently. Misses clobber likes to berate her husband when he does not play well in the PGA event. And he shot 78 this is there this past weren't right so address and she was very upset. And we have little bits the 911 call that she made to les. In which she claimed. That he is his mother her mother law started the fight and then the police believe call back. And they speak to mr. Glover but let's take a listen there. I can say I attacked and murdered her in my other. Locker room and the fact that. We're. I can't. Or girl yeah yeah. And keep coming up and yeah. Call she's since China Mobile which is there's at all or has occurred. I can I talk to you right quick to. Sues him or else we'll look over. Well there it is. It is that and to my good news is that you had occurred. I. I'm delighted that I could and I can't find out what coming happening and once is Biloxi and Russell Crowe and thoughtful posts. I Eric yeah by not having great yeah. And if you want to yeah. And I can't name. It's mrs. Glover. I'm the wife of a professional golfer my name is hold bigger. That's my name. DC by any chance or crazy guys in the in the a mug shots off ocean has complete. Danielle. Crazier than any allies in the mug shot you know she had one point uttered I'm not going back to three bedrooms. Harris appeared to end buddy what are your. He ejected but it is yet to seven he said since she started pressuring the market in the senate by seven resolved on. Here is that Texas says if by kids shoot a 78. Hello I in my life would be delighted to convert the rest of time and that is trio. I've heard I was laboratories. You don't inherit and then the bureau and approach are important. I mean the poor guy. It's it's speaking of golf. You wanna get to the man town hall of fame induction today we'll still sits. Verizon Manley is demanding the history of manly men there. Hill Man Morning Show presents your god today's inductees into the mid town hall of fame. The guy who are you. This morning I want to induct the golfers. At the volcano golf and country club in Hawaii nice who played through a massive volcanic eruption yesterday great video I don't know you see core I mean literally and hazard is that I mean I mean I. If you hear if you lose your ball in the volcanic ash do you get a drop like what Canada's allies I mean these guys are focused on their shot. And not focus on the massive volcanic eruption that is occurring right behind them now of course there warning people. To evacuate their homes. And that the risk of explosive eruptions. Is increasing and yet these guys they probably booked the trip a year ago and who's gonna canceled pro golf trip that volcano were not right. Kim mantown now is that you can get your team get video. Of view sinking a 22 foot putt. Right with a three foot break volcano going off in the background near the man for. Ever. This is the first on those guys the river under four seconds actually I'm not stuck around for volcano and Judah refrigerator sized rocks and I say it's like the bishop. I showed I throughout Basra had no life. Enough enough and watching all the videos of of what's going on it is amazing to me. That people are known to the factor the whole place could just. Blow up well what do you mean like that people partly it's a full casino ya I was I know I was a part of you've survived the volcano. No idea this Vancouver and when the eruption happened in Washington. From the covered might. My whole town and tooth you know two and a half inches of ash and we were. 22 and a half hours aware Colina I think it's. Sightseeing and I'm sorry your car mount saint helens is coming out to announce oh yeah that's in Washington yeah. Yeah you know I bureau we'd like my you know it was crazy you know and it's not stood there I'm on two and a half hours a way. And I can't imagine. Playing good hole and talking a lot I'd volcano that's I mean a lot of you know. Well these the guys are like the surfers that go out during the the xenon gas cards you know. But good for them when I mean it. Cool I'd be in there are seen I seen a lot of moving and you take pictures and you're standing beside it and it's moving like ever earned them a mile an hour Monday how. An active lava flow it's not. Well here's a Texas says usually the volcano goes off on the Muni golf courses. And that is normally where you might see that let. If you if you get the opportunity. To take a look at these golfers there there's certainly worthy. The man town hall of fame for playing through their essentially playing through the volcanic eruption and their wives and armored wrong please please erupt. I just wondered all I think several text users are suggesting that. Mount saint helens is in mind you know no but I it's Washington and producer watching the pressure rose about that I actually had a commemorative bottle of Jack Daniels. That's in the shape of mount saint helens erupting. Yet the court is actually the ash cloud in the air products and I don't on the back then as the Dayton and don't don't don't bring them around you know. Commemorative bottle will be empty. As I thought that. As the hour and just for the record and at that point or whiskey and actresses demo date marks you have and the Jane I look at the live via. Yeah nice stuff and aspire I just filled with a water and food color as the the house and you would turn it that's built on that I studies. I'm Aaron you know man. Speaking of Canada I think we must address the LB's fellow country person. Old. Was frustrated. We did the service. At the importance OK and has been cocked and security cameras after arguing with an employee. Pulling her pants down. And doing number two. In the in the Tim Hortons I don't know if you saw this video and I am not I shared a link to a last night in my Twitter fi great guild WA AF follow me on Twitter. It's rather disturbing in real real guitar. Well she did get Gigi did do a a primate and throw little love a little bit of it afterwards. She really she's arguing with a person who works its importance that donut chain from yeah initiatives that moves over to the to the law and that takes her pants down and now. And desert business it's it's really. I mean I understand that maybe you're not getting and any thing accomplished. With the opening. But this is puppy but is not really the way to prove your point about bats and witches the equivalent to Dunkin' Donuts while nothing is the equivalent underground Duncan's who runs shown the world. We have some of these two we have on an audio from local. Resident. Ghost and it's important OK it's a correction went. That's importance of woman also yes it was. Coming here and use of facilities and the only mess right. Husband and concern and to have. If you like has yoga pants on. I Jesus. And it's so fluid. Frenetic at Ward Just the way she motions that pulls the pants down while backing up and puts her back against the wall. I'd go business are sitting position and then it just. It's funny doesn't Troy of an employee approaches her and then it happens and run in the fourth could run and zero hour. You know and and by the way. I guess it's. Because of years that you know of rote memory did you notice that she grabbed the napkins. Before she dated white. Yeah I mean heart and I'd like it's just a natural reaction is. I don't know that parents are expenses at its oil August it's really mean honestly it is it's disturbing self. If you care to check that out you can do so on my Twitter feed yield on the area it is 855. One hour remaining in today's show and I'm wondering whether we will hear. From Danielle and she how many times she dry heaved. She went her lifelong dream of seeing Kenny log ins in concert came through last night. And I am I'm wondering whether or not. She will make an appearance before the end of the show with a concert review I will also have. De code words that you can text in to win 1000. Dollars cash in the thousand dollar Holler coming up in moments.