HMMS Hour 3 - Trump, President for Life 3-5-18

Monday, March 5th

In Hour 3 of the Hillman Morning Show we start it off with a set of Hill-Mails and the Jinx is still on.  LB helps out the dude listeners with their questions about the opposite sex in Inside the Male Mind.  Trump wants to be president for life and find out if you’re awesome enough to be considered a Millennial.


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll mail. The blue nineteen. Who would like personally. And. On WA yes. Today's no male voice mail messages brought to you by the city of Boston credit union with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of Boston credit union. And they're checking account service today you can choose the city bus and credit union. If you live or work in Suffolk Norfolk County just go to city of Boston CU dot com density of Boston's you'd. And here for you right now are the very best he'll male voice mail messages that you left over the previous couple days. Find me 10:44. AM. It yet. It would be in there aren't the current. And now. There. Skiing boarding billion dollars a hundred billion dollar a diesel thanks curls. We will look. 0:6. PM. No I vote what could have been in glove with the Clinton known among my employer. Amendment into. The parliament that we might not fit it. And then or it could happen certain in my school and long President Obama and. And then now about horrible for the people of Quinn Z in waterfront areas over. Previous you'd have to wrangle in mess in amassed man a lot of cleanup to do and governors looking at the cleared. If you yen after international. Like disaster areas of the federal government kicks in some money. And then prove. 30 PM. We know about. If I need to have full color and they'll have little power required women want and. Is that irony. Solar panels and though our. Yes that would be coincidence or where where it depends if you have a battery. If you battery that you're not. Part of Madrid yeah and battle it out that some people have solar and they're still connected to degrade and will use they earn credits as they produce electricity. Tickets sold back to oyster company and they start making money you're off the grid because here conspiracy theories that's why are off the ground but also because she's very I have nothing stored up in my basement no Lawrence green might she and remark she was off the grid. I don't think he's doing animal Xia yeah he's definitely not degrade. And they saw them. But plume PM. Then grabbed it wouldn't be crap they. The net and it certainly wouldn't ebitda. And that that with a tiny hand. And there is actually chicken farm in mid chicken farm. I area to secure part I don't know I just don't think I mean listen I make an amazing chicken pot. Amazing yeah. But I don't know that there's anything really unique about it everybody knows how to make chicken upon. I suppose I could I still have to make Greg's easy crabby. For audience to Graham. Cheap gourmet show. Featuring sheath Iranians edited it and. I get I can't do it tonight in the Foundation's. Board meeting tonight so maybe it helping people getting in the way of answer yes you're right you know this. The philanthropy stuff offices really getting in the way of cooking delicious food and eating and maybe I'll make the grace easy caddies that tomorrow and put upon in Seagram. Fine 45 and again. You know yeah I typically work I'll make like who is threatening. And also I'd make. I read the work. And its message. Big tree fell outside adding l.s house she's been calling Dave counts wants god for years about it at an air pointed out. Weirdo you know let's a somebody needs to send avarice oh wait it fell into the entire fence and it never mind and it's gonna chase I'll let her rip yeah. Second inning insurance company and a month in which means you wanna you want to meet with a chainsaw do you think that's a good idea sector moron now is three on your property. It's app on my property half on the soundtrack written in and we know right against the line. No not that that's worth elbow where's the tree located where it's untold property the roots of the tree were on town property at. I'm not sure you're gonna get anything for that I think will be register your address or thereabouts of the country guys it was in the show go over and recorded. And it's a town cents down at the minute bonds got so with the town fan so why do you think you're gonna get insurance for. Because of that cleanup part that's a minor its that this is the battle I have to go home and have no today and make 9000 well. A man I'm sure you're on my pastor practice just good enough. Let it rip has and I tried to cut the tree down previously because it was a hazard not only to my yard pick the kids practicing soccer and football in the park on the other side of my. I was told you can't do anything about it it's a town tree will. Who are out there you hear him I can't wait for you to be seven. All I guide your we're neighbors. He imagine how many times. She called town hall to the point where they weren't answering anymore there flipping over and every other department. The card dirt floor and the rug why in front of my house run at them guys they and that's you know I'm yeah. And telling about the three again. I'm now into the authorities. Can I speak to the tree warden can speak in the slums got three word mrs. Daniel me. Let's is definitely a widow maker and some kids head. And then he'll then be laughing about evidently about you every time we get a windstorm and out there and noticed that you know anything about it either never been taken everything the tree off. Don't tell me about it it just found it really need telling you you have a treat your backyard notion practice that is as a structurally (%expletive) I would just take care of that train myself I wouldn't bother the townspeople are important things to do they added they have to get. Drains on stock and is solely on flooding that sixty years to being. There him. Yeah out. This is Daniel calling you know may get down there aren't having to do list. What did you do things at Augusta up to do or studies similar name. And then number. I think that mere. Ten years. Users you know like the ghost and this is near. Me a lot of this and this is the ideal me years collings. You know like I am. Probably not now. Dog on the other side of the park who is this one's got a tree warden is an important you don't have a tree wore them. That's that's like gig. The tube that good gigs in the town of the tree warden and the cemetery. And if they if you have the cemetery prison in audience that was the end of malaria while on the summer and people coming over there for a funeral or whatever you at a time yeah. Tidy the place up and other than that there's not a lock on. Our own and being born. Got in the car with more to turn the radio on and help you make it under the name Ed. As big as you'd ever that an eloquent but you'll hear a lady who lives in effect now all of our name but relatives. Now it's shame on him for not go home by a nickname or care. This vehicle in London case I don't even I even answered away and in anymore. I have that admittedly greed. Somebody wants is the lead Daniel alone you have to defend their thinking chivalry is what candidates should Boris listener he's settlements. And I don't know him. And if that. On quote at this particular. And then that didn't want coming. There's another bomb load Genesis nor'easter coming on Wednesday up two and perhaps over. A foot of snow for 27 and then. Our own word did open. I have been on there. You're about how that went through and liquid. And then. I'll. It was Adam I don't believe ever convicted of anything although it is. Yep didn't give his wife of four million dollar diamond yeah yeah and and then he did an area that and a woman he had to do you have any differently here. Jared there you can might have given the hotel employees and a bag of cash. It was kind of funny when Jimmy Kimmel was talking about the fact that Harvey Weinstein. Was kicked out of the the Oscars is the is it is that's. They call those people the academy the cabinet and he was kicked out of the academy. They said only there's only ones there's only one other actor who's been kicked out. And the guy I was kicked out because he gave screening copies of movies the other people want us this post I thought if he Jimmy Kimmel is basically saying Harvey Weinstein. Got the same punishment is that guy. I thought the academy identity yet he had VHS tapes Aziz said. Think we learn and and Greg thought we wouldn't have. I'm not happy and that might say they loan it to an Italian thugs but didn't couldn't play game against the Canadian. It that Lola. The board right the big guy like you are a good zillion games this month in March yeah so and up and time's gonna have to player feud. Few tilts and enough about them the best goalie tandem in the image. In excelled in the two of them had a percent. It was a good win Saturday at that might have a little bit let down after the penguins. And the penguins tool was. Some grades. We wouldn't rule and then. That are the most. The idea. And that there ought to make it and today and flip side there are bad and I'm and I can't download at W. Red if the market. Oh won't swing guy you probably hard to grow. That. Pre existing injury be felt on Tuukka he came in here with some kind of muscle strain your son needed and it didn't happen as a result of this. Jinx he wasn't gonna lock in here and tell everybody about it you know means so. And had nothing to do the fact that he didn't play Saturday had nothing to do with the fact that he was here Friday. Seven 0:7. Am. It out our. Are. Appropriate. Okay. You know. But I was from almost famous INS. Yeah yeah. At the moment there are no intro next on Tinto Alcan. The latter day. It is 812. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by echo Stewart technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. And now and then it's only natural front alone and naked girls join us a man ever going to stop going to pass to. I don't understand this week peer inside another got to work one on one so I want. The simple male mind in order we're having to examine a great time. Several people. Who were unable to listen to the latter portion of the show on Friday are asking who the winner once. And so I'll share that information again. Why can gradually blue cheese in Wilmington. The winner. For once and for all of the best Italian sandwich in the commonwealth of blind taste test challenge on the show. They added I noticed several people went there over the weekend to get Italians the big banner hung up. Yeah big sign out front lob it and so congratulations. To the whole entire staff at blue cheese. And I don't know what's next. We may try to squeeze in I think it's national meet bald man there is they would may try to squeeze in some sort meatball competition. Now people want me to do steak and cheese in my side David times out of the best thing. Yeah that's not to travel now tell me is that air cannon. Manny right right odd timing that I advocate seat feel like an hour between pick up in that if if longer than that might be tough about hundred the real good state agencies of though. Aren't anyway inside the symbol male mind is brought to you by LB scared doctors doctor Robert Leonard. And doctor Matthew oppress the you can call them at 1800. Yet here that 21800. Get here and AFP you're a woman and you find yourself confused. By the way the very basic simple mail mind works humane out text a question of any kind to LB. And he will provide you they rare glimpse inside. The simple mail mine. And to start this morning here is a 617. Taxed. Why it is my husband insists on using every single dish we own. Anytime he cooks a mean little Abby and that is an excellent point is kids you. And clean it up. Well he's not worried about high lesser being very. People are in the law. And then people have individuals and danys. In around him he probably goes out of his body's employees starts on Friday nine come homes. I think and comes home hammered and then you wake up in the morning. And unity here you he would punch him in the chest are marked as he passed on in the current you know like what half and then his way of getting back to you for. Torturing him for the whole weekend. Because he works his ass off all week to pay the mortgage in the house living in the bed that you sleep there and you rule. Have to clean up his issues and he's got you know yeah it is her little thing to your bracket their partner. I think it all Comcast save their clothes on the floor some guys. You know shower and leave the towel on the floor you know who showers and does. Towel back to drier rock guy you know. I don't think it's that complicated I just think that we're not as adept at planning out our meal preparation as he lies so. Oftentimes the will use you know we we could have views this as small dish or grab a beer one and that will move everything to another dish yeah that's my problem when. When the cheap gourmet is cooking that's that's my. I issue as I do I probably do utilized more dishes and I mean to you on again. Excuse me for making dinner sorry I'm just trying to make dinner for the family and all you do is this your crap and all over me you're welcome about hey thanks for making dinner. Well I you know hey yea yea you make a bunch of good news to report in the book small ball no more food that doesn't fit in civilian use another ball and move. My kind of standard. Here's a 7821. Texts. Just started dating a guy and he is fantastic in every way other than in bed. What is the past two way. To tell a younger man that he needs to be. A little more experience. Yeah yeah and Daniel are taught wrong time give him a couple of shots watched watched some foreign. There is ideas from the porn are some Russian foreign for a week to be doesn't come around. Desperate to be cared that I mean not thinking they're good people. You know people are just naturally bad in the rap again. You know there's there's not you know it's psychological. There's a lot that goes on aggregate confidence. Mean you know a lot of people get freaked out you know what it's like dirty talk. You know some people revelers you know like I'm awesome I love talking there's too. Is that we don't know where you're talking by yourself volatile I'm and the other parts of the radio station and you dirty talking to yourself. Not to me argument yeah. Let's see here. Here's a 617 tax I have been when my boyfriend for three years. We never thought once. I am ready to take the next step and to get engaged. How to Y know if he has. It mentioned at nine now. Parties speak different ask him there thank your you don't have conversational writing. And a couple of thirty years then if. EE YouTube Marty had the marriage conversation puberty at the next level conversation not gonna happen now saying if if if the other person is looking to do that other person want that then yeah so I just say she's she's so well that's that your. Now. Just just to go for dinner the conversation lawyer and a couple of cocktails and Wednesday. My time you about some things aren't getting their ad. Are there any for. Or is there any two. And I was I was four years. Almost five years and yet the threat you know yeah but but again I mean I wasn't for an open chief threaten me in the next you know look West Bank bless. The so happy so visible spoke so visibly happy for output side I'd and a close out their last night. Are you can just you can read juvenile record corn. And solace than an hour an oxymoron. Saw so I had expectations of the buyers rarely was gonna hang in cerner reports are Joseph and dialed. What words I am answer key in their hands he spam me now so all the numbers. And now so I called her mom. Cheat us it. Left one couple that with better people that are if you lit her Rottweiler took why would you let it was any and all right cook your dinner where Mario. I mean it's okay that's it. I you made me we're getting a divorce a moderator. I'm going to limit council's garage changing the world in our rhetoric is Andy's mom and dad called it's is will be okay. And now I'm not at the Denver decades. It's the here's the Texas says there's any thing that LB does not involve a quote couple of cocktails. Quote mental. All right here is. A 978 text my birthday is tomorrow. And my husband got me a quote toy. On gloat. He said he didn't have anything else performing why would he get that for me it's more of a gift for him. Then that I feel as a gift for me. Yeah you know it's one of those things he can't be judged judged turn around here he was thinking now via its editor in win win for everybody. He's it may be thought he was getting creative and zags in turn to spice spice you know your relationship. Like I came close monitoring for Christmas. It's really not under again it's like by a married guy a lot more for his birthday now and until that asks are there immortal line and I just you know again he eco vision showed up at home with a card. Would that have been better. Right you know flowers CA sunny days aren't flowers when we're chocolates at the thought that counts around. Not really uttered yeah. I think there's happiness factor the concert there again you can't win. You got her something else you know it's like you're exactly right LB just a car as she was in Paula got me you know to be honest is making dinner using too many dishes have a nice dinner. But. The big the key is just you know from now on school cash. And I'm a bit on her birthday when your lights out and. As a text from a woman 774 attacks that recently engaged. But his friend. Keeps telling me that this is a mistake. I am not sure that he is as interested in me as he is engaged. In himself. Should I discuss this with my fiancee. We all know what a separate site. Read that I am recently engaged yes but his friend keeps telling me that this is a mistake right. I don't think the friend is interested in me because he is engaged himself yeah should I tell my fiance that his friend is saying. These things are the guys view that there. These two guys trying to make a move on people who who it does back. Oh somebody that they shouldn't do it when you're about Brad or what it's engaged is like telling his buddies girl. It's not easy I gave that she shouldn't be engaged and we're like you had. Judge you're. Blind yeah. And now he knows them. Arizona. Yeah. On camera as a bullet this is going to be big mistake because he knows that it is now as money on its not my business. But it and thrown. For all. Intents and purposes here. Purpose it's a complete C block. Business. And the first world. It's you know what guys can be who beat the guys probably journalists. That his yard series around. Loser and he doesn't wanna get there and so then he doesn't want his body to get married because I best. Bodies are could be it. Here's a 978 text I've been dating a guy for almost six months we see each other almost every day. My landlord is selling the house that I rent doubts why I need a place to live and he offered to meet to move in with them until I have a place to live it. Is it too soon now we've never even had a boyfriend girlfriend talk. Butts. I. It's Friday we guarded and seen each other for six months it's free here is a very average sexing it is this you know what Nokia is that a problem aren't just let's move in there don't worry about it yeah it's sometimes. No real quick president until well that's not the point just you're going with the going with the attitude that you know sometimes you'll be so efficient. You know put up of this crap than men milk it to you get your own place. And as well as people all day every day you know to be there all I mean forever and is sent to differ a couple of months three months usually find they find different just do it. Put a little slack you know you'll be happy. My bedroom mind your own business don't give him this crap. Right here's the 978. Taxed as we go inside the simple mail mind. My boyfriend of three years. Constantly leaves the kitchens sprayer on and so every time I turn on the phone I said I give us pray I don't know it's great I've asked them repeatedly not to do he says he'll pay attention to a buddy never pays attention to why is that if you asked him not to and as he did you do something that's almost a small. Still irritating after the accident and I'm trying to free spirit trying to zero orders that you do blow you have pisses him off. You probably very improbable hero does a lot of interest Lee's original wandering around for many original closed yesterday through the longer have to find a period. Parents and Sartre featured worm in the pool from this 1617. Tax. I've been engaged for almost. A year and half. And we are getting married at the end of this month congratulations dare Wear to work. Even though we have never discussed that once. Yesterday. My fiance brought up that he would like for me to sign a pre nup. His parents are somewhat well to do. But I don't know why he would never bring this up. When we are getting married and just a few weeks. It'll just I don't know it ever did today it's eager to turn in now he's been he's been stressed. Since you've you've you've got engaged on how to break hysteria. So that me he waited waited waited waited waited to the very last moment because it's a stressful thing to after. Ask your partner. Which is not unreasonable by the way. You know I have to sign I think every year before tax were damaged or you know whatever money on set she's lost. I smartly energy Smart and I don't know but I hope they don't get it inside a problem sign an excited every year we're right here. You know I allowed the fact that they may decide a new one and he laden gusting I had just a chance. The allies. If he's still. Is he's still around. All right make a sign another free not make this a ironclad. I and being someone being someone that's lost half twice. You know it's added it's not it's very stressful and so she shouldn't worry about and that does not want to know if you love if you love him then. I remind my thing is is OK I signed it every year because I don't care of any kicked my ass on the door like like I'm not gonna make it among. Yeah back to Newport. Seats are that can happen. Now finally scrambled back to Newport our current consumption of some financial and I'm. I did I'd be dead in three weeks. Yeah I mean out and I guess that's a real touchy subject for some people and I suppose the indication is that. If you're making me sign this thing you're going into it thinking that it's not gonna work. That is until at bats are more ridiculous guy in what what you have to protect your assets what the pre nup it's all about number one. You're you're you're getting into a joint life. That you get to keep everything that you both make from that point the days get married. Everything that you. Mark where is it crew got donate financially. Property wise. You you get half back. So why do you why do you and why do you think you deserve half of what he's already earned without you. Yeah what the parents are making him honestly that's right thing. Parents I think he's just watchable parents don't like her and maybe they're hoping muscle and elastic that a penalty cancel balloon back. Here's the Texas from a woman says a month before the wedding what do. Well I was readily apparent strategy. We're gonna have you wing totalitarian yeah let's bring in a decision like three weeks out. And act like a really late dat dat prep for that lady right there if you brought it up two years ago. And so any Arlo a probably would end the wherever and a relationship Bryant. I'm like c'mon there. And I deemed so you're saying don't worry about it sign it then and you've probably never know I I don't understand why people believe. That because you're getting married. You deserve. Exactly have all the act wanna carry out quick but you would you think you deserve all of what I've done in my life you know coach groh. Here's the Texas as I've been married nineteen years come August is it too late to get a life that sign a pre nup I think nineteen years and do it. That would be called the mid not. American Cyanamid nuptial agreement valued field but he OK with that movement than this. All right just gave Serena like it two weeks. It. That is inside the simple Mel mind review about Monday's here the Hill Man Morning Show. Always discussions. During inside the simple mail mind. About green ops has struck a nerve. And I might take a few moments before we get the news and discuss this for the ball. A an attorney. Checked in during the break ninth of any tax and I don't know if it was Larry army Esquire and I got out alive guy but I'm. The attorney says the UK and get. And in in the nuptial agreement in hand than actual agreement which. Is mid marriage. So the Kingdome mid marriage and make an agreement. In finances and the rest. Battle over. And cubs go over I think would you do this now oh and I just in case might be a good idea to try to sort this out now now. If this is really interesting I got attacks. During. During the break 617 tax from someone who says. That they're not getting married because there I think there I would assume they fall into. We discussed previously that. Millennial olds in particular. Are are choosing not to get married now and this 617 techsters says weird we are purposefully not getting married. However. We signed a life partnership agreement. Which provides for many different options should it not work out. Between. The way life insurance. I guess there article I guess they figure out how to split. How to split everything opera out of we have an agreement on how they're gonna break up if they break up as is I mean is this a common thing I do think it's interesting. Well real quick. Did you see that there is a there was a texture earlier who. Said they can't stand when I say for once and for all. Umps on this day did you see this morning that for once and for all they have determined exactly what. A millennial lists. And if you were born between 1981. And 1996. You are officially. In maligning according to the Pew Research Center yet. Okay puke so that is a done deal all set that's that'll never change. 1981. In 1996. But. I guess it it it's it's interesting if you are a millennial. And you're not going to get married but you are -- somebody and you are co habit paving and how do you. How do you handle this kind of an arrangement kind of thing because the law. Would not cover it would not protect. I guess it's just you do have a lawyer write a book contract. If you're gonna do this life prior agreement that I you know was the dumb money you say no giant wedding. No huge lawyer constitute divorce this dreary out maybe I don't know maybe yeah coupled them but I know I just think I think. Times have changed where people are making a little bit more money so they can travel. I think the world is become a finer place I think the world's become more accepting of travel. You know if you're a much fun we had narrow. And it's. Well yeah I mean and I yea well I don't know much about it but it says it's it's one analysts say is if you're dating someone and you're just. Hanging you can. Grab your body easing go to Florida for four days in golf because it's affordable and you got the money you'd do it. Yeah. Yeah there's a lot of lot of fun stuff going on out there you know you or be tied down Nashville that is and what a national right now doesn't change if you actually get married in marriage license and I'll lay out where you throw that went out to Francoise are they gonna want to go to Nashville for the weekend. I felt as if you're living with someone if you're living with someone and it's the same thing no but that's what that's aren't saying that you you don't live with anybody anymore you Byron how she dried her own car. You got the money you gauge. You have a girlfriend she has her own house Xia has her own car and you get to Syria on a Friday I'm out of dodge steel Monday. And and you're not broke you are in our community are eaten half eaten sandwiches on Daytona Beach. Lyndon byers is not licensed relationship expert by the way. Via air listener Arab money Matty was our notion that he took a bunch of pictures what terms and on said the guys are picture read these sort of picture of our. Out the backdoor on the on Daytona Beach or marrying. In a bar higher partner under. Boy there's a lot of people who are set. That they fall into the millennial generation definition don't you know there's just different people have different there's there's people at every generation of all kinds of different traits don't be offended by the fact that the Q there's people who are like wait a minute. Don't you dare call my born in 1983 Assam millennial I mean that's what that's what it is is if you were born from 1981. Until 1996. You have been officially determined to be a morning and we were called life. Gen X there's. Yeah and it slackers. Yeah you know so it's sad every generation has Curtis. Who. Whoever said that the the big thing I was dying is either Wear them it was a big thing to people Leonardo wrote in their twenties in the ninety's or whatever they were slackers to single out right away and started Korea. The thing that's everybody. Gen X is 1965. To 1980 for birth years obscure reference made 1966. Baby. That's where I quickly Larry King 82 is a millennial. On. You were born in 1982 you moron you keep saying now Graham born in 1958. He just can't remember past. It's it's gonna work as you're ninety's slacker reference portly India the dream of the ninety's is like yes Portland are thrice. Great show. Yeah I mean. I guess if indeed. You are going to avoid getting married. And you're doing that not because you are millennial but just because you're going to be living with somebody you're not interested in in getting married. Have you signed any kind of partnership agreement or something like that as some textures are indicating. Then he can certainly texting and weighted information on that this morning. This is Travis on the Framingham Ford studio lied premium Ford no one will sell you a Ford for less what's up Travis. They've done let's. I think why a lot generation is well. Getting there like you say I think it'll do at their parents who blunt but a growing up. I I agree I could see that great 50% of families are divorced yeah I mean there's so why why get married if you know that. Ten years down the row and it's ultimately a fact that you're going to be cancer. Yeah well there was certainly a lot of people on the baby boomer generation who didn't get divorced ages hated each other. I'm so I don't know that there's it but maybe that's it maybe maybe there is period of time where people have seen. Their parents gets does get divorced much more. Much. Quicker and and much room in oh with the ease and so maybe there and maybe that's why they don't wanna get married at all Matt. Day later than what's. I the comment I think. You're wrong person or what somebody out or 1981. Being that age group in the morning Obey it could hop group. I think you estimate that they face. Not yet tied I'm not I do not currently I'm not involved in the Pew Research Center and also I've got a run. They're quote that is the information that they don't beat you but but again don't be offended by it. Just because you're in a generation no like at the description of a generation doesn't mean it. You have any bad traits in a car. I'm not a lot of things that are afraid or like Iraq at a rotary saw a black and white CP you know that happened. It's that if this that it sank to an end of the last. It bigger watching 1975 and 1986. That the duration and the Eagles gone and looked back at one of the greatest generations because. Many many thousands of people stood up and decided they saw on 9/11 fact that would make a political joint military draft. They went enjoy knowing that it dismembered and all the other things that I mean that's that's a generation. Now. That'll be it in its own history judges capsule. Our it is 844. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Looks like the snow is and did most places it is going to be cloudy today temperature we 39 for a high. And then on Wednesday it looks like we're getting another nor'easter hopefully have your power back on by that you're somebody else does still does them on it story. Could be over a foot of snow falling Wednesday night into Thursday morning. So winter continues into march now the news and the news this hour is brought to you by. Cars for kids you're number one charity for card donations now also accepting boats are these motorcycles and real estate donations call today. Brought you also by Brady here university are you ready to transform your future. Jews from programs in business. Excuse me online degree from Revere can help choose from programs and business. Nursing psychology and public health learn more at prettier radio dot com. All the people are freaking out about a comment speak president made it. Moral law though over the REIT Arnold's well was the looking for. More Lonnie trying to track down the beautiful First Lady and she did a lot of pain. The rules here someplace where it was a fresh slant he. Moorish. Please move on here. Hello during the I. And though dining. Had no dieting. Yes standing. That was in it now that ignited so he was giving. Speech to Republican donors on Saturday night at moral line now. And you meet a joke about how China's president turn himself into a dictator and said that maybe he could be. President for life now and people freaking out about it like oh yeah like he was serious all of. Like I'm going to be able to somehow. Overturned future presidential election yes NB president for life her life out right. She is a great job. Spring. You've got shots from the. Yeah. A. And it's. You know worried about that all the guys clearly just making a funny now I'll I'll I'll I don't think he'd wanted to give you want to be president of reliable car. I think he wants a new president. A couple of would you open a myth that it's. All right what else is in the news today by the way speaking of politicians that want to mention this or real quick because that side. Early this morning it struck me it's kind of a little bit Anthony Weiner like UCT. The congressional candidate in New York. Who's getting some flak firm on public comments he made on posts about Mikhailov morality that Jim nest when she was only sixteen. Now this happened back in this guy's name is and authorized to tell. And so he's challenging. New York State rep Carolyn Malone Moroni and and Maloney excuse me in the democratic primary. So back 2012 on FaceBook Kimi a lot of comments under photos. Of McCalebb Maroney he was able to meet her one point take a picture with her and keyboard commenting that it was his dream. And then there's another he posted his buzz feed article. And it's that I love this one because it's how I feel and it's all these posts and pictures about McCalebb Maroney and and he goes she's so jacked by the way. And just all this weird creepy. About social media that something happened and honor at. So now he's having to apologize if I. In case she was underage at the parent not a profitable creep within this act is now people there they just say there there's social media oh yeah. Russians are the Russian control farm out Russian drill front. One else let's see here's the within incidents and in Overland Park. Kansas voters location that has some people that. There was you don't give sitting at dinner sometimes and look at wonders over and you look around you like this with. Both campuses according to look like and no one's looking for them. They're just Kennelly you know like coming up you're table saying hey what's up in the walking away. Some people do that when LB is stumbling around a restaurant. What does this prison belong to no people who. Finish their tour there are generally perfectly good I don't February. So. This little child was wandering around and reportedly. A teacher and at the restaurant who later I denim identified himself as a firefighter. Allegedly used a racial slur to refer to that child. According to a witness although as the kids hit his three year result also hooters is the family restaurant Nevada and I've often wondered about that. Somebody brought the three year old the hooters I look at patted Monday night around 8:15 PM yeah. The words were exchanged luckily. No it didn't come to blows but the please respond to take statements from from some individuals. And one witness who had heard the whole thing said that the he guy who allegedly used this learning wrecked it's okay and the firemen. And that got the witness I felt like that's supposed to be a blanket for everything covering him like he's he's immune to you know getting in trouble for freezing in Portland and had fired. So the firefighter could possibly be charged with battery and making criminal threats. He's also accused of speeding. On the shy. That's what a loser to monitor these are Wu. Shock though the three year old grandfather spoke with KC TV news on Friday. My whole body just limo woman heard the two of our customers do that's hotel she's a baby. He's helped lose millions actually the milestone and what you know you go query for people like that. Here conceive of fires if there they're doing an investigation and internal investing for you wings for life. They should is that the three year old he should have free free wings and looters for life. All right what else is in the news. Speaking at Kansas. An interesting story in the news as it pertains to wrongful convictions and be bag of cash that LB like dimension oftentimes someone's been wrongfully convicted of the crime. And it's found that they were in the state was responsible will get some kind of compensation. This tiny LaMont McEntire. Served 23 years behind bars for a double murder that he never committed while they exonerated him of the charges October. He walked out of prison with a clean record however. He's not getting any monetary compensation plans this is one of eighteen states. That offer wrongfully convicted prisoners. Zero compensation. Upon their relief. It. Nothing nothing like about like a Groupon. And live there is nothing to give them give them anything riding a five dollar coffee gift card wow. Absolutely unbelievable. And so he has secured an attorney he's still trying to go after some something but he wants it. He's going on the state public awareness campaign to let people know that this is the thing where. Sometimes he he'll get nothing has a lot of people don't know about it. What happened to making a murderer season until. But I I saw those coming out. February sought but they're gonna focus on the side of the prosecution. Believe. Well I know that there was a big petition filed. About Steven Avery. And this and I believe he had been convicted. Some sort of sexual assault or something prior to what happened. With three solve back going there and there was a big petition. It was on line against Netflix that they shouldn't have. Shouldn't even bother waited. Season two of making them murder soul. It did they did they flip him like mid stream and decide that they're now gonna focus on the prosecution an honor on him is that. That's an outside thing was the AV club had an article on it and so that they were gonna focus on the view of the prosecution they say when it was going to be nine NCA data on this. What was that the other documentary that we we watched about is similar little we just talked about the guy actually got out there with Chicago right yes and that was like some odd group would get extra swing at Max assassin right but then it ended up like. He actually did it's yeah he got out they they sprung this guy by accident or at least the professor was. On a mission just approved something duck and a. Did it was a lot like an over aggressive. Law professor. Pulled out his whole class involved and remember I don't and so it's at what was yeah you know what was what was the name of that document that was really good with it a whole entire exercise that would with the reporter now. Yeah it was yes exercise please thank you. It's. It yesterday it's an documentary. Old man moment. If I were born between 1981 and 1996 again problem. It. Cute kid slacker. It is 854 coming up another code words you can text into in 1000. Dollars the next. Thousand dollar dollars it is. Get the rest of the conversation in the next hour a day Hill Man Morning Show podcast.