HMMS Hour 3 - That's More Than A Dollop

Monday, April 16th

This hour we continue with The Great Crabby Cook Off including the blind taste test, we listen to your Hillmail voicemail messages, and are joined by Marathon bombing survivor Roseanne Sdoia who's new book Perfect Strangers is about the bombings and how it affected her life!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Hollis lines and your special. Today asked dot com we need just eight. I'm good at that dollar and hinted dollop of mayonnaise that's more than I don't. All right well as a line a spoonful of mail helps the secret is go to them if you're if you're following along at home and you wanna make these. Let me just go ahead and give you my own personal recipe. I have a cup of softened butter we have that. You want a teaspoon garlic powder we have that. Two tablespoons of mail about two tablespoons there. And the cheese spread and the OK and then and then we get the if I end up. Well served with the hand with the glove behind this to switch it between your fingers. Hi this is fantastic smelling but it doesn't it well she's process she's always smells good. Let's do this well. Yeah lots of colored that would tie dye. Number three. And makes sick like really yellowing. I have a comment you're just joining us live broadcasting live from the capital grille. And I am preparing Greg's easy crowd needs. Which will be enjoyed by higher on listeners hear this morning in its eighty a taste tests. Taste test challenge. We did Dave who is the shaft here. At the at the capitol he's making his own version of Greg's easy graphics looks good to hear it doesn't look are you watching yeah yeah of course we want to moment. Should be telling us. He's got the blowtorch so I you know he's he's probably doing some post and cross fingers on the salamander. OK I need. I need like a cookie cheaters like that the two if she can ya. Okay critics like the guy that sandwich place that makes your order. Takes your money processes the transaction keep this in clubs on the testimony with the treatment not to go to the next that we. Uses uses one pair of gloves all day wanting to know much gloves cost a guy that's the now. Next up English muffins. These are thomas' English muffins only use thomas' they're made in America there. Warnings that was brought to you by Thomas and Thomas thing about it hash tag not sponsored. The key thing the key thing with the Thomas is is they can before split. I'll really okay yeah you got to fork split going to be sent or you don't want to or. Four. A mistake that a lot of amateurs make LB. Is that they'll cut these things yeah you know outside doing and you get an increase enough Adam when you don't want them. So what you do here watch me. You take a little bit of the crab meat mixture there. And you rescue that you know what that's. See that little tidbit right there which knew what he just went from the end like some dude that could stuff that is supposed to actually. Noted that that's a suffered a professional now and other used in the sport and not to special twist and a chef would come up with idea it's not enough. Witnesses that I wasn't born yesterday. That's not my first time in the kitchen we know that you might as again time you're 58 usually complaining about the cost. Again if you're just joining us. It's our Boston Marathon live broadcast that the capital grille. And I have challenged the executive chef here Dave. To a cook off we are each making. Greg's easy crowd bees I am making the traditional recipe. That I had been making for decades. Dave is making some kind of how full loosen. Food costs that 4042%. A version of this thing. And now I make mine the old school way I. I felt Arafat for people think just to get them a little visual you're not watching feeds of live at the moment. Because this did come up as a debate before Greg's process he's not free toasting English muffins Obama and now straight at us now topping. Now now and then so you go you go Ron English muffin into the open yeah. And so you just basically warm English more often are a little yeah yeah you don't go. Fault those now one thing that the recipe calls for that I not I'm not going to be able to do today now is the recipe calls. Or freezing these. All of that right now hooking him about it and he'll do that I itself. Here we go folks. Finishes sop what you wanna do is just kind of finish it off with what you have I'm trying to do this like a good future wanna take Connie your left over crowd here. And you wanna just kind of finish each of these off. Like so. And likes oh. And and nights. I mean self apparent. What we're going to do now is that somebody's gonna clean on the side and I don't. And that we're gonna go ahead and put those were gonna put those under the broiler. And Chris Scott from the capitals helping put us under those under the broiler so Chris good god what do I. The fact that what you're gonna try just for the fun that way it is Monday broiler. And that we're gonna watch those and we'll bring those out when they're ready in just a few months I can. So I think probably what we'll do is I'd go away from FaceBook life for a few moments. And we'll get. Womb will get icy winter dew line we'll get to Hillman helped because there's no there's no trickery going but I have a trainer of creamy crabby threaded I. Perhaps something that's how they cash looking up next and I. We're gonna get we need to get blindfolds can you guys out there can you get blindfolds four. Pizza smoke and and agent to the stars there in cells then and whoever else is going to be. 'cause I want an honest opinion on this kind of thing resell stretching. Yeah he I mean I think he hood why can't my age is nothing like Jim Angle it it will. Ping because he's gluten free app you'll be. Cried when I saw one yeah. I left or so it comes down with knives to look like can I just can I just mentioned. While wood before we get up FaceBook like could you just hold your hands up again. I'm if everyone votes out here that's watching your gap has commented that your hands what you got you look big now there. All right we now Kensing allowed me that has been prepared now by chef Dave an almighty god they didn't Atlanta. I'm not bill I at night look and I did come over here on this side so we can get an explanation on. Boy. Yeah that thing looks like that that these oil what's happening over and that thing looks unbelievable. Really it's out. Our rights blindfolded Jeff Davis. Why don't you tell us. I mine done OK they're looking good they just might need to cook a teeny little bit more. You want to be a little bit he won't be a little crispy. I'm Jeff they can you tell us how you prepared your version. Of Greg's easy crappy. It's not so again a little mustard based paragon nannies. Must apologies that was the minor fresh cheddar cheese. Lightly bound together with a DO. And and put that on toast or Rios the top is heavy cream reduced down with he'd be just crystal chatter. And. Roasted garlic product shot rule around the outside of that. Crying out loud this is completely unfair I don't have access to all those ingredients path. So that is and you notice the PC this is why I'm concerned about the presentation. Because he has that green stuff on like you know what I'm saying like you see you see the green. You see the green stuff he's confident kid he ought to have a look at look at those now there is my first. There's my finished product. Play those we've please. Write those things need to be plated. Right here's the very seventy's compared it is now that's a whole thing she'll look at would. Look at this look at this finished product that looks good don't they look good don't think yeah I knew him nodding to any of their heroic ones that looks pretty good they look pretty good. I wouldn't buddy so what do you do with that little bit goofy sauce did put around this thing I don't do that kind of stuff out of about presentation on Saturday I don't care about that I'm about the need it and the meat of the matter. I've kit you know I get right to the act I don't care about the the four player any of that stuff. I self we need to now did you just do one of them. You have much of a network okay right so let's get these cut out. And then we'll get our tasters to give them a try can we bring our let's bring our tasters down here so that they're close by. And in the meantime we should probably should we play hill mail while we got these cut out yeah all right let's do that. So we're gonna get those off cut out and we're gonna play here who know voicemail messages. And now it's your Terri did talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Kill mail. However on W idiots. I don't know Mel voicemail messages brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. And check out there are out checking account service they have no minimum balance requirements to a there are amazing people they've been great help to the great guild foundation. And they'll be great help to you. Visit their website it is city of Boston CU dot com that city of Boston see you dot com now here for you. Are the very best till Mel voicemail messages the bottom left in the previous a couple of days. Assembled 11:15. AM. And pro. And your thoughts about. The tribal people. And their vote now at. You can live in denial. So whether it is you can do a couple of pool. And then now there really is amazing and it's April 16. And we get snow. Mean in now ridiculous and a couple places there's a couple of inches she had a couple inches of snow this morality of our guys I was rated to stick my head and one of these ovens the smallest bit and after I don't know how to pass a climate change of ago. Yeah. I won't eat. 0:5. AM. A millennial wrap your head around it. But let's don't go all of you can put things you vote out policy didn't try to connect the dot dummies. Wounded men did that that people are very upset about as rightly so they should be at this. This cop killer. Yeah Imus and Oliver's all of his convictions. Just horrendous I mean. We're having fun right now we need to continue that discussion here Friday at some point and and will have the discussion with the governor. Governor will be in the studio next week for breakfast of regular session that. Won't moon moon oh man. App that track. Its patent now I think. Laser show you lose that whole line was just phenomenal he had an unbelievable game and you know what if they keep playing like this they will go far I don't wanna jinx anything. But if they keep playing like this they they're going to advance far. One when he won't own. In the moment and move Kabul load before every broadcast. Whether there's the marathon and not eat food cook you left the building in morning. Now and I'm dying to try I'm dying to try these Kravitz and I can't wait to get themselves days. We'll prudent move warm. Exact while the mine are all a Purdue radio it worked it. Two of the quite dropped then thought about a little bit but I like a practical about what else in the pocket that I. Obama could get some people like it when it got so well these things I area that we move we. And then. Marathon Monday. He's only been involved in a fellow Briton who he is like getting blacked out around to watching people run. 16 motto. Wounded men and that's what elbowing too and it's about the drug be drinking the prompting Beijing to announce point announces yeah. Who often written on hand. Today is marathon Monday morning and you know would ever run that raise the that there was an endless amount of who. Bumper favorite restaurant would they don't sense of getting fat that would end an engagement ring waiting for epicenter spot. And now it's like to factory gates got to drive for signs of 7:18. AM. But it match but I think that guys would say is that I think you know what the wild. But it's gonna take it to what they're but I just. That hit driver OK when a bad day at all. Wounded man you. I. I feel like we should bring the crowd he's out. Because I don't want everything to get coal India mother hot yeah right so let's go back on FaceBook glad we're back I think FaceBook live here at the capitol grill. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks and we have our blindfolded. Judges here. And they are being given one particular crabby first so start with this one that you're giving them now. We have 55 judges pizza smoke. Agent to the stars Aaron cells not he Donny from nautical American Jin object single to order Vicky in this guy I don't know what your name is. And well OK wills I don't play the game and our good name that I so they are being given go ahead and give that a try guys. Yeah go. Well you're gonna have that's orderly Niger Mike Hsu might she was gonna guide your hands. You know and cut a little cities. Cut itself a little bit of a piece of it something given the tastes. And this is one of the two. One of the duke crowd b.s that are available here. I like the way knotty donny's Tony you just he just that the whole thing happened to can be invited it. What's that would not donny's blindfolds. He's got like a Mardi Gras thing they did on its head self doubt they needed to napkins OK okay. Not enough with the head chanted hey you should you should date Mike Hsu do it like defeated you know it's like you were feat employer when she was like two years old. I know here comes the playing now will open wire. Alright. Okay so as everybody had a chance to try the first the first scrappy that is the first easy route. Pizza smoke if you tried I have what do you think what is what is your opinion. I would say it's probably like an 58 point five our right pizza smoke gives an eight point five. Let's didn't let's check in with agent to the stars Aaron sells my best bro in the world whatsoever. I think about it seven point 47 point four on that one let's check where it. Let's check would not Donny from month nautical American legion Donny diminish growing needs to unleash texture. Hey it's got a nice text. A single to order Vicky. Hi its Amy and crispy. Lol I say eat half half on that and will build a solid eight point two. All right scores are and respect that we can attract oh let's go OK were you got let's bring the other one over. They Greg you know what's servers you know it naughty Donnie policies but. Age. Ends yet. I'm. All right number one here comes crabby number two news. These have been pre cut trio of ethnic as a courtesy to deal. I get these try you'll find you can just pick them up with your hands there that small button and at this crap it. This is the second in our entry of crap these. And this is live on FaceBook so everybody is able to watch this whole tiger thing. And CNET. I check and see here. See you got people who feel the need to like tried I that they can insult. It's like afraid of what happens on its eighth let's see what people think that. Let's let's go to on that one let's let's go to C I mean people can't help as he mark. I'd sit out on the element of BL the last one. I'm a big garlic person image it was a lot of garlic and I can taste the garlic now so which one do you prefer this one or the previous. I think that's one okay this mummy of one vote for this one. I'm let's go to I agents of the stars Aaron sells itself without says about nine point sooner than this one wins this one okay this one is a winner well let's move move that's. A naughty doggy. As I. Not good you know you prefer the first one it was it is a different kind of texted this and it's like she wins. Now I can't buy at the break out of single sort of Vicki. Am I anti Steny crowd let's check I'm not doubt about it so I can't just say I'll give this one an aim whereas the last at any point. I I believe that means that we now have a pie when those two choosing. The second in the country. These two choosing the fairest precious little will out of those in please feel free to be honest don't worry about you'll. Nothing nothing will happen like you'll get kicked out of my foundation party or anything about it when what what is. What I'm gonna go number one. On its way to be honest well it's. It's right because does this show let's get executive chef Dave in the capital grill the job lives. Hey no I don't sell yourself short we're talking eight yard to eight point fives dude I gotta tell I mean I it was that it came down at the very last vote came down at the very last. Thank thank you pizza smoke. I'm so it came down to him out of the variants. And it's in now we gave it gave it the old college try. In addition of state secret and read it yet that's been revealed no we got to go back I think he gave us this hole and greet you cover your secret ingredient. You've covered all your ingredients right a couple of things well that. Small factory here. That's on there smoked paprika. Shoe Houston. She has been smoking now break all morning. Spirited give and instigated and got Evan knows god help us. Games Dave's credit patty's at capital growth it like yeah I didn't feel well if you wanna add it as an appetizer randomly. I would definitely that. Maybe could replace that lots of this minute feature for warriors over again. Well let's mistresses could kill me all right I'm so so our rights elicit hey can we have Omar out of applause third. There were connected killed it. I should never tried I can't believe it when it will not he's not gonna eat their crowd I'll. I'll take that will serve your crab meat patties that Eagles Raj all day every day it. That's right by the day's CEOs. That is. And it's the brio which I think is the realist in you know. That is good. It is what time is 8870 I'd FaceBook like thank you for tuning in. Thank you. We are at the capitol grill. And crabby challenge goes to executive chef Dave as would be expected I mean the man. Is day at Johnson and Wales graduates yeah. Professionals yet not pompous now you would expect that the pompous gourmet would not be something like that right that's fair. Before we go back in their break you have cramp or hook up. That the old redone it. All right we're gonna make our way back over to our broadcast. The nation out here let me give me the weather forecast for today it is getting rain. For most of the data today temperatures can eventually get into the mid forties. Many view are dealing with a cute Lehman saying this only sixty. But many of you are dealing with snow. Certainly north and west of the city today. So maybe a little bit before we get out there in and get where you're going hopefully have the day off today. Very impressive care thank you love me very impressive given a world. I'm knocking that I am not disappointed. I'm also not gonna say that one of the issues I had yeah was with the aircraft old English she's that was it was unfortunately not so often like it was supposed to be at the would have made it tastes completely different. If that I get that it would. And better and definitely would not have tasted better warmer. I think it would have Chris I I will say I do it will save us a leg to differ and get. But what I know I explicit you're you're in the conversation. If demand that runs the show walks out of the kitchen. And it's as senior Asia ziglar fired tuna Natalia of course he's nervous he's. Of trying to terrify you seem like five of the things that the I could backbeat and lined up there and it's that it. Which are opposition to go to the let's speak with the react who joins us right now here on the Framingham forward studio I'm what's going on wreck. They're weird. It's all food all our deity to be talking about Tunisia. Fred beat daddy track. Bringing in shrimp milestones of thirty years was centered didn't put popcorn shrimp now. And I'll read it she didn't encourage engines closely ads on the solution. You know safe to milking grade Asian. I don't need any Monday morning quarterbacks ruining your I decide to sacrifice. You realize how much. The song went to the grocery store yesterday I don't go to the grocery store a lot of etc. you don't do what are your. So part Lye yeah I look at parliament Sunday to go by the ingredients. Right. Well I did not send Johnny Johnny and is he. He's got he's got them to do as Johnny eagle reacted like a regular person enjoying this party I think I charting needs has managed it on up against them. His text asking if I'm gonna cry like LB did over he I'm not crying over losing confidence because it was close us. It was a blow out yeah right five slip like if someone threw up yes yeah well. What got a fairly good moment. I mean if if it was five all affordable one yet I feel like the Toronto Maple Leafs do this morning but. What black carpet. It's the army just jinx the Bruins on the streets. Yeah but I mean honestly. I feel like that's a pretty good showing for a guy who imagine if I put the time and went to Johnson wheels when I could create. You know I mean that's still edible food like I and I imagine when packet coming in where her. So where did you goodies included Johnson Svensson shirt you Chacin now isn't as well. Those bird it's a all right well. That's it on the Greg's easy crabby so hopefully you have you have the recipe you can make in yourself and and I think you know I was a little bit her read we try to do it for the for the show on the slot and all of idea attempts to you know inhibit you from me you them for a supposedly forgetting that she might ask. You know giving you'd defective kitchen where two were out with him I know Chris nodding your year all right time talking trash if it came down the last decade now as persons and each crabby caddie here was worth one. 75 bucks yours yeah. Probably cost two dollars and costly like fifty cents apiece. The committee of the Great Depression comes back he can make is that all day that's what this means not a big deal they were huge hit a key parties across America. Well yeah I mean what you'll what just basically happened to. To pull Albanians make an analogy. Is eight and Lamborghini. And a corolla how to race. And the Lamborghini won by like that's our order a quarter of a correlate data that I and that's apparently that's about. I think I think the one thing you know a little bit of a downfall is a year of too much information yeah plus I heard you are opening the hand with the channel partner what's Allen. Well the global Dave Dave reach into a bag we'll get our crowd and actually Barack. The good speed good housekeeping note about what would dump crabs are garment itself but there were a little piece of it it it went off great unfinished work just for the there was unbelievable but the thing is you ship it kept some things secret yeah. He gave up imagined bone that faces that takes them and I lost fair and square. I'm not I I can I can accept it when I when I lose wood does it's over there like you know the Lambeau won only by a small margin lines because it's the one that's being driven by the 74 year old guy in the left lane on the plight. It's possible that Hezbollah. All right. Well it is 845. And today Hill Man Morning Show is presented. By echo store technologies. You're data center solutions provider for more information. You can go to echo stored dot com that's echo stored dot com we are broadcasting from the capital grille. Right at the third here on boils than street there are 30000. Registered runners. Pool get under way a little bit later on this morning it's our mark making their way into the finish line which is right here. At the capitol on royals' streak. In abouts. Fourteen minutes or so at 840 the mobility challenged athletes will leave Hopkinton. On their way to Boston so it's not that long until we start to see those whoever come completing this amazing. Athletic feat I wanna give. A big good luck offering and in and massive banks to the great guild foundation Boston Marathon team this year. There they have all raised I think in order to get did it participate they had recently 500 dollars each wow that's awesome bunch the bunch of them have gone way overs Circor. Will be I will be you know we. Probably because 100000 dollars that the foundation marathon teams it's phenomenal it's gonna raise today so. I know that a lot of them are listening on the way out topped it and I'll wanna wish all of them. Core rate lock in wanna thank him for what they view for the founding and anybody who's running the great things about the Boston Marathon is. That there are an awful lot of foundations. That benefit from marathon teams yet whether that's awesome foundation Sweeney the grunts and nice foundation don't or uzis so. You know so. I think authority will be by here later for our party and Rob Ninkovich combined yearly ourself we got a full day we will be right back from. Boils and street on Marathon Monday here at W. Is our annual Marathon Monday broadcast from the capitol grill right here at the corner. Pair of third and boils industry. And we had been doing this for a long time and five years ago today we were here. Yeah he in the afternoon and I think like most of most of Boston probably. A lot the country I'll never forget the events of the Boston Marathon. Five years ago today. And we are joined. Right now. I rose in the delay who is a Boston Marathon bombing survivor. And a friend of the great guild foundation a friend of the show and Roseanne has written a book which is called perfect strangers. Friendship strength and recovery after Boston's worst day. And five years to the day that that what happened here happened Alan welcome Roseanne to the show hey Roseanne. Greg are you I'm good how are you doing today. Guys thank you thank you are you for having me on today well. It's I think it's a day a very moving thing you know I ever since what happened happened that we've been we've been back here at the capital grille and I IE you know I will as somebody who was just a spectator that day and our foundation event. I will never forget that day so I can't imagine what it's like for you guys but one of the but one of the kind of the main themes about your book is about what it is like for you over the last five years and about how. Most of you have that have been able to turn we'll what happens in two in in many ways positive which I think is. For all of us who didn't go through what you guys have gone through it's it's hard to think about that that's sort of the theme of of of your book grows. It is doing the book wasn't. God says that everybody could mean that what happened not say I think we all know what happened that day. So it would really marches here that good that has happened after the fact because those stories that they can make an out. Probably more so locally and nationally or you know it just import dependence here that's worried that yes it was an awful awful day. Won it and it what do you know everybody in this area Horry and the other by. I'll put that there's been almost Gooding and friendship and love that come out of it and you know it's not just marathon it's not April 15 that's about Brad it's people that won't blend for me particularly Marathon Monday could. They both represent something completely different Sumi. And they both say they're tough but it's more fellow of the good and what's gone on content from those two days. Well you were like a lot of people. Art today we in fact we talked about this on the show last week I you know might my father. And mother used to Pak us into the station wagon every year and we've go a lot of room to watch the marathon. And he's your your family was saying you would you would always go watch the marathon in five years ago today. You ended up not coming down here to boil since. Yes yep etiquette tracks how many years. But the same thing had I done so many times have. And down and that's a front running senate just. It would it one other thing that's following rely on the happy getting notified where they weren't just happened about clean up front should have been coming. But in fact and that's second farm going or not she wasn't. Q profit would you would be able to feel the impact that it but it was wasn't that close luckily pink with pink slip. Is that one of those things you think about is out I would imagine that going through what you went through. You think about how seconds either way or moments either way or feet. You know physical physical distance either way could have made such a difference. Funny thing is Greg I I don't I don't think the only thing I think about is different I honestly feel that I was lucky we're eye black. Because. And I feel awful for the other people but I wasn't out injured at a lot of other people work out I Marx who guerrillas right behind the heat he's. Still having issues today. I would eat the mark Richard and in lieu and you know those four people worse so injured I mean they I gave it. I just. Don't think of what F I just think that I've been very fortunate. That I wasn't an injured and it wasn't com. You know I added I was able to how people now you know that he can cure it so well with the people thinking that my life. And that hat into the immediate need operate electronic surgeon all the way up you glued now has been so. Yes so what's a cock you know the book is really about three people. Who were there for use that day. And continued to be a big part of your life so that tell us a little bit about those three people. I'm very thankful that sort out there at the time of the college student yet from liquid courage in him about Alina. Because. Although yet he was under age I don't know if we're ultimately. Caused. But unless he was how old man and 120. Years. I think I think when he apparently knew it finally. And so I you know Ali you're kind of mash together at this point but. Yeah he was underage any at a little liquid courage going on so I. He tried academy on the sidewalk it strike you. They need to get out of that area but I hope that there was no way to captivate and a leg. Yeah he can't meet in the middle of oil in street and then they would many other people cute and it come on that day. Not just these three particular people but he did read that for whatever beat really want to sit tight bond. There were several firefighters and the real mystery how that it can come upon the scene as well as options there's data control who. But sort holding the tourniquet on my leg and on. And you know credit technique. And I got my feeling telephone numbers to what I'd make a phone call to let you know. You got a bit injured they basically said it had a broken leg didn't really want to achieve any each Al Anbar and then. Out while the rest did that oil industry counts are trying to work on getting beat people like to be transported. Make Nigeria. Hacked it out over assisting a couple of the other victims seem to give it any thinks he could you help them. And as he was moving on you come across the street where that's the guy player they were like Mike Nolan Pratt loading down in. They ended up floating Meehan in the back of content. Firing at patty wagon and god and Mike came along with into the hospital. And you ended up marrying night. We. Which Virginia now is really good news because you can have you can even have the worst day of your life. And you hear someone and so there's still hope for you Danny out like I you can still edged out so inspirational. Things aren't right over here again I've heard over here. So that it. Yeah that I act if I like if I'm not a bad I haven't gotten here I thought about. It. Well and so. In the case of and and remind me again of the gentlemen who whispers there for you the source what's his name. Sort opera yes. In his case when you read the book. He was an able. To talk with his parents about what it happened that day and until until he got to meet you. And to see that you were doing okay. That's yes I'd. You just in such shock. What had happened when he see what he you know went. He was actually in the middle of finals at northeastern didn't hopes he would really kind of you know I think focused on on getting to the final thing. It was just very hard for you didn't verbalize what what you get it and it stopped. But they didn't know the sense of what he did have which. I I couldn't about it at first when I turned to run and I knew anything about going to see what happened down at first I hate I would love I was out there. And down and he green and it and truly amazing and yet you know you can constituents that he needs to run it and how that day and eat it could actually. The youngest. And you know Bob Merritt Jill car where he is saving eight college student heat suit Q. Trying to inflict such lenient on people play I think. It back and really kind of helped bring more loved and enjoyed it and he's the city of Bachmann in the sense you know I don't. You know the tragic tragedy that happened that day in and that's every a lot of people are doing a lot of good stopped for a lot of good charity that and then. It's just truly amazing in and I had it exactly like that he'd actually running. The marathon today for the had lost foundation which we settlement GAAP one of the gentlemen after. Beacon street I whose body out of that fire out I'm planning for the ostentatious as bell. If marathon he's not a runner and I just afraid that he does okay. We guard joined right now by Roseanne. She's Boston Marathon survivors. And I'm bombing survivors she's written a book. Which is called perfect strangers. Friends I friendship strength and recovery after Boston's worst and I I wanna. Touch on something lead as mentioned you you know the book title says Boston's worst day. But do you think in some in in some ways that. In light of what has happened afterwards and and what you experiences also maybe Boston's best day. I'm I look at it in in it and play absolutely. Absolutely clear I have got your. Somebody people doing so many good that's good you had patted I'm getting prosthetic the people who can't afford. I didn't particularly in many foundations stepping on that helping. Doctors try to figure out how to connect. Content that you people brain that are still that you can almost walk naturally and if it is the art I don't appreciate it student so many different people trying to eat so much good out there that. You know I think it's just it's it's added it's also brought a lot of I not specifically the bombing that. I've just noticed that there's so much more attention to the stability in that media and in app tightening in it and seeing all of the you know things that people wouldn't believe how about book or regulate. Even in the eighties or in check into it now I'm in that they believe a lot of these other people buy it just didn't. And then needing charity the last five years. What will you do on a hot do you are you somebody I know that there's there's some survivors who do come here today. And there are some who still can't what what what do you do today because Mike is running will you be down here in and what do you think about if you if you are coming. If you think the bonding. I've gone back every year since but I've worked my way into a crowd a little bit up. We just evolving watch party 2014. And it behind the collapse but injuries aren't I kind of went into the cloud. Second hand Gregg I was back here I was that the capital grille a little bit right it really have to go into the cloud so much. Just a little bit by the fire Asia and it. But what I weighed back in it a lot you're sure it's green and with a bit that I get bored at a foundation. There is no way in the crowd waiting and watching and cheering for him. So yes I will be there this year I would be app to have that the saudis and watching and because I have learned that I didn't hit it on against our car. And and like learning how can I I don't I'm not there. Exactly give black if I went there. And not just hitting. But I have credentials to get the finish line later today for that god to be in and around town and it's done. Traveling with my the only who's gonna be there to cheer him on in Italy as Victor coming to protect kids in. You know it's just something I've always done rain or shine no leak help it I've always been there at RBC there. Well what you know you did a great video for us for our foundation day's events. A few weeks ago. And I'm just always. So you know I'm a big day like I you know I get older something I get a cold and I'm in bed for five days mining. And I broke my ankle and that was it's four weeks on the whining like a man on the radio so I'm. What you guys have been able to do what you have done since that day and and what all of you. Are are able to do I think is an inspiration for the city and it is chests and it's it's amazing to me your story is amazing. And your your courage is amazing and the the courage of everybody on that particular day who as you mentioned earlier. Who didn't run away they ran they ran toward what happened. Whether they were first responders and that's what they do or whether they were spectators who were there and that's the kind of people is just it's so inspiring so. I think there's a lot do you know where it's it's hard to believe that it's been five years but there's a lot that we can look to. On the on Boston's worst day as as things get inspiration from I mean is it. Is it amazing to you that it's been five years. Yes and I say you really into needing it that they aren't. You know that quick and then it also seemed so long I honestly don't remember what it was like after one to have two legs. So yes it does seem like a lifetime. But then I'm still learning different thing every day with the rest of my car that naked. Still trying to you know build couples that have tried Kerry carried it didn't exist and Dayton today I don't. You know it is something that is different so it's it's just kind of really still very surreal. Yet it's a lifetime. Are you it's interesting there's there's kind of a difference of opinion among. Survivors that I talk to with regard it we don't use the name of the of the two guys on the show who did what they did but. Are you. Are you still angry at families still are you you still is that where you've been able to to put them out of your mind and move on. I've always put them on my mind I feel as though that yet they get something it to a lot of other people. But it if I'd really focused on not particularly the anti that I need to go forward. Or the energy that I need to use the paid actors so many people who. Stepped up to help but gave want it and within minutes. You know I wanna focus all my energy on helping people. I've overcome certain situation that they're having their life whether it's you know traumatic birth defects or whatever. I would have that energy if I focused on them I don't really even think I don't really think about I honestly don't. Good for you and it's that that's an amazing thing to use them. The book is called perfect strangers friendships strength and recovery. After Boston's. Worst day and it is by rose and the and it's it's been great to have you on. And I hope that Mike does does great time wise today the guys eminent an amazing day and if we get to can't come on down here if you want and say hello co angler that we'd love to see it right. Think you say it again thanks for having me on it like I left. Good luck. All right Mike good luck good luck Mike all right thank thanks Roseanne. I'm it is 854. And it's Mike's my husband is the firefighter who. Help that they got a daughter in the patty lagging because there were no ambulances available and to think patty wagon. But I mean amazing and incredible yeah. That's why it's so unbelievable to see how all lives. If you look at what happened you know when we were here that day out on the patio hearing the blast not knowing what it was. And then seeing people running the wrong way up oil stand and they need to see how all those stories unfolded and you learned about people's lives. And how they went on to triumph over this tragedy and just. Get back to his much normalcy as they possibly could it's incredible. And you wonder if you would be able to do that yourself right. Now and so it. It's really it's it's inspirational it is it's it's it's just it's inspirational being here and that's why I think a lot of people will be down here at present. People come out I don't care if it's raining or forty carries people come out. To cheer on the did the the triumph of human spirit announcement. As an elite runner I can tell you that that's a few races are out company. Nothing was a better game to nothing was better at the ocean park five K when I made the turn and I saw those people there all all fifty of them and you smell the sentiment I'm surprised he. But he kept you've gone at last quarter miles at the snow is the most inspirational to me is how positive she remains. Something so horrible experience that whole experience. And she's still steered this whole interview and a more positive direction the whole time yeah but I don't think about them I'm move forward. You know there's so many policy listed all the positive things she could think of that came out of this horrible experience to you that's. It's ago was she went through and remain that positive that is that's me is truly inspirational. Now speaking of marathons coming up in about ten or fifteen minutes we are going to talk to a professional. Marathon. Investigator. And what he does this. He goes around. And investigate those. Who claim they have finished a marathon. But I have cheated like Golf Channel like like Rosie Ruiz share. And I think recently he's busted fifteen. On in the past year in the past years is shocking that people still. That the sheets so you know let's be investigating a guy named. Craig Gilbert I'm. It isn't it if he might he might be what I'm not looking into the jingle all the way five. They're thirty times where I hope I. You ever the chief of police she can't see don't know what I wanna ask you though could you eat you the five K champ you're awesome yes. Are you are you getting any kind of inspiration to take it ten it or. Agent to the stars Aaron cells. Has asked if he and I can run. Half of the marathon next year each of us so I wouldn't. Good round thirteen point one miles and down on thirteen point one. A mini marathon is lucky to having you and a high. As well behaved I'd much that's really that's incredibly awesome idea America might think would for the foundation he I might think genius might think about that but I have to get. I can barely do a five K which is three point. Two or three whatever it is three point ten more miles I'm enough I could do so now you're gonna be accused of leaving the marathon course early. Heights I'm not yeah. I don't know if you want that you want the first leg of battered do you want the swap is I probably want I want the accolades when I finish here I want our second right yeah what's secular I could but you you can't do it on America on Monday that we do gunmen opened Monday they let people do that why don't we know the latest change initiatives at the permission to do it out there we just yet. Cells slightly fat suit Apple's suit as its pocket about Daniel gives cheer. Right now this he would be dressing up as crank that thing you see them trying to I'll let you really want that second half break. And heartbreak hill I pick out. Back here for the food stumble and bumble and buy here. Imagine what would be thrown OK and I when I can't get past that I put myself lagoon that they grannies and there's a lot of they're here on swells that you reach up to wave to everybody agreed outgrown you fall down face plant a complete rounds varies on both doubles. And now I think that is now revealing and amazing fundraisers and that's cool. I this is dead on the premium Floyd studio line. Let's yeah airport you have to download some momentum Indian. That fact actually let's talk about our bloodline and my opponent all of our new favorite. Our relay race yet look at this happened relay race just like I. What are broadcasting from the capital growth Marathon Monday broadcast is brought to you by nautical American Jin. And we'll be back with today's news in the sports and a professional. Marathon. Cheater. Investigators so that it's coming up.