HMMS Hour 3 - Spreading Lard On A Bagel 9-12-18

Wednesday, September 12th

This hour we learn the healthful benefits from full fat dairy, we listen to your Hillmail voicemail messages, we learn about the woman who was saved by a selfie, plus we’re joined by Larry Army Jr for Ask an Attorney!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Here's a Texas says that they just looked up from back in with the beard he looks like Kenny Rogers he doesn't like an Iraq. Yeah what's wrong with that nice day that is the second. Kenny Rogers reference. In two hours on the show there I am nervous I fear please you'll get a wellness check. On the gambler this is this is Brian hello Brian. Bag yet. Brian. They are now one of the bodies showed that Netflix senate liberated diet. It'd be open and Joseph McHale yet to fight over the pronunciation. Of real her breasts realists are. Ha ha. People I love to deal of fans love him speak of diets yes and nutrition. There is breaking. Health news. From science yet with regards to. What you are going to eat today I feel like this is another reversal of something that was. Tried and true for the last few years I ask you is this the flip or the flock biggest of them I think if the flock thank. But the experts are now saying in order to be healthy yes you should eat. The re helping us up well whole dairy and yeah yeah seat. Cheese. Sour cream and I access full fat dairy full facts. We're talking about this the other day where they started saying yes you need he got a helpful if you're gonna have variation of the full that stuff in now. There are going all out and they're saying that you should in Georgia area three times a day yes so this is why. You you KLM Keane a lot people. Look so weak all the time and I you know I'm enjoying enough berries Soviet whether it's cream in your coffee. Or where I mean. Sour cream on your burrito or on your big the data or whatever enjoyment out there. In McMaster university in Canada is worthy study originated. Or me saying they elected 36000 people aged 35 to 7821 different countries. They found that consuming dairy products is linked to were reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. If people completed questionnaire about how much Gary they had per day and those who had just over three daily servings. And they mortality rate that is about two thirds of that who didn't have any dairy so it cuts their risk according to the stunt I'm great now I have to. She's for launch this is because they had the current this sour cream in the tubes now yeah squeeze on our ass like you just keep one of those you know in the car breaking him in a cooler I gave me half a glass of milk and five Oreo Cookies just drop on me and let it melt stump. I know. That the most fair shake from bush. Saturday is 802. And this is WAA after FM and HD one west Borough Boston and WEEI. HD two Lawrence. And WW BX HD to Boston. Today show is presented. By our friends at tackle store and Echostar technologies. Is secured data center solutions provider. If you want more information you can go to tackle store dot com coming up half an hour. It is ask an attorney so. If you've had a legal question. Float around for awhile and you wanna get answered and you don't wanna get a bill. You can get free legal advice from there the lawyer it's not official legal advice he's just advising you as a listener not a client old yet. We'll get asked an attorney underway in about a half an hour here at the W. And now it's your turned its shock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Killed mail. Like pop out on fire button. Without Bob there on WA yes. When it comes to yours servings of dairy aid packs there it is asking if case officer you know ice cream and chocolate counts. Yeah that's apparently what the courts coincident. Earth it is our right here for you now are the very best film L voicemail messages of the previous 24 hours. To me twelve. 17 PM. I improve on whom it. Every day of the week that that it would not although it is. True that equator. What do. Oh now we know we love quitter. You know it was a contract situation it was a veterans situation. And years. You know forty and he's making I think two point seven million. You know soured Campillo you know they got a time like ridiculous amount of amazing talent. And their organization that are 22 and under their general for. Decent Carter. A Texas says. Don Sweeney. Could drive the bruins' boss in to a crowd of children and Lindy Lindy would say it was a great close up. He's never criticized the dot because he's afraid he won't be able to get in the parents and sharpen. Them add that were passer I've explained outcomes this week to our camp talked you were were taught in suite seats. Now. But I think people really mean listen. He was a lunch pail kind of guy and he was a tough guy and sell people Bruins fans really respect that and so they're gonna they're gonna miss them there. You have to understand diets Sweeney had. The hearts of four lines to play the way he did. I think he's like fired eight. He's played played like a hundred and maybe 75 pounds yeah used to run Garza's size of the charm yell what do you every day. Then adapted to taxes to do with the McQuay trade. My McQuay had waited outside putter I had done what I'm trying to explain to people all the. Old guys. So so quaint it's gonna look for three point. Five million or original for a three year deal to plus one for two point seven million that's gonna go against the cap they've got. They did they just drafted I did anybody who watched the rookie challenge and watch the Bruins rookies. Crash everybody in buffalo and and forget the other team they played there's so much talent in this organization. Because of Don Sweeney. Look at. Who did the Butte cared. Defenseman. Karl. I'd probably yeah Mac or look at Mac aboard look at Pasternak look at all the young talent on this team. It got there are guys that played in Providence last year that are just like one years old. 21 years old that are going to be one replied. Stars in NHL it's you know the guy is rebuilding your organizing Asian they had to put together a ten or fifteen year run the gadgets. Enjoy I mean yeah he got a playoff run last year were Roland bay beat. Can poll for 48 PM. Adam acquitted the black. And it couldn't crack up they're back in 2010. Out of eleven. Why has played like a boy Robert Doyle. Owned now not just about all work. Seattle these bullet that they're never happy I never. Ever ever. Yes yes. The last two years of the Rangers. I mean he's Mars it's nine guys are solid skills guys when he was with the Bruins in if you wanna do little work I did. He was plus fifteen. In the game since he played for the so you'd think it's a good move feel like you like I think I I think this is he he's a puck moving guy he's a solid guy. Ian you know ease ease united again aegis this isn't about him. It's a bold money getting worse and a seventh rounder for a guy. Data's debt that would place on or steals game then Adam equated the game in the NHL now is a more skills forward game. You know equator you know it's like I wouldn't exist today. You know immediate teams don't have media and it's great to know saying adequate adequate is one of the best runs ever an incredible brunt career. But because he's tenure track because he makes two point seven million dollars and he's going to be a freeagent. Donnie went what does everybody always complain about oh we got another war. God they just let him scroll of anyone got a three year until we got nothing and so now we have a defensemen to draft and it's. This is whichever public on the non Iraqi. These are not on this one I mean no one loves to look waves that he would fire and days he's absolutely everything you want. It liberalize but Kevin Miller virtually the same player and you get behind gore. But you have eight defense and then in salary cap and everything else they have two young defensemen in the system coming out I think effort is that that got on the minor update that with a salary dump as much as I love equated it to be done. Yeah I agree better you know it's Amber's given me that call up to act. What's his name again. It's Sanford from Sanford should act. I don't know it's okay they're big Fella he's looked at as high as 5050. Foot and a. Me thinks. 21 PM. I let them lower lower note. And then that I've been serving up. My the I think it's almost like a good tool that would be brought in with the baby grand piano. It's here for an increase it it he the the fourth time. You hit your homework they did hit it. He paid her homework but you don't even know the guys just turn him. Two point 806. PM. What about 830 on and tonight somewhat in the immediate medical rock and roll boat trip you can interviewing boat got back. They didn't go belly up like got a way that I think. Not a real purpose of the so. My message. The listen Nancy. 0624. And again. Aleman. And helping that they have their day that the court alternative. I only fitting that wouldn't say how deep they are walking in the band playing in the back. Are people inquiring already. About next year and the second in mule. International corn hole tournament to benefit a great deal elevation you know I we will lock down a date that we'll do it may again up at the Brunswick awesome the only thing he is negative find more corn hole boards. So we can have more teams. We we we took up a good part of it because run out in front of the bonds are there. Hard to get some some handy listeners that are expert at fencing accordingly or borrow some you know will return him in the same condition in which they're boxed out. I I did cracked up the other day because corn hole has now reached the level of basic pitch I was at home goods. And there was acorn whole board set that was clearly designed for like the instant grand female because it had. Like a baby blue silhouettes of Massachusetts and it's at. Home and person flat on my. This is where corn homeless calendar can be done to their we've gone to YouTube life coach background status are at home goods and corn hole board at all that he does that other chick is really in the corn hole wonder boy friend is playing his ex I think that's the I. And I think actually about ten. Cents an hour like my reduced and the ladies and plan their own like my girls rent a bead. And I don't think he woman and man. But it got there they're right back. But the way up. We're all of it does not want to pick them fight it who cited like who ordered this day I thought I guess you've got to. To order that there that will that would be a well. You are. An entity. The people's ways here just throw something Alley that even the socks and a little subdued celebration. Last night it yet so not the giant champagne spout out I think all of that just an all we didn't secure a playoff spot. That he had a toast that was it that they did it yeah actions being real low lapses real low heat nice little I think that was that's pretty Richard celebration I don't think it would have even done and that's because they secured a playoff spot is very quiet. Yeah wine. I mean you're panicked deleted through the past. At her and he'd he'd he has the better to her I I. In the end you know deal with sale only pitching one meaningless though you know he looked good but they don't they wanna run system. That tells me that his injuries you know ways worse you know it's now scores like to stores like I was an engine on fire and everything's. Nobody doubted that sales this year is that he was he's all he was always awesome during the season and them and they went to the point doubts. He was he was burnt out right you want the stars while wrest the visible dances. And little. Little additional homework I concede on. Come on now. Or correct pig to little irate listeners little Hollywood it did on Karl sale. This is Mike hello Mike. Morning guys go there or what might. I'll be all that route you're completely on the record there it's sad if you go locally that a big part of the organization for awhile but. The train people are all upset about him leave them out of shape people that for the last. God knows how many months have been saying. The printer who saw duo is quoted a couple of real peculiar of well. Was ordered to do to a global picture you're sort of broader change people over. That they're just they can't get all get all the other stuff or there have been great trade for McQuay was handled certain the bench have received no problem I'm not stepping up further. The Rangers in regular budget cash. Great thing for the Bruins they get to graphics and a pretty decent defenseman. Good good I love it. This is David look David. If it weren't settlement what's going on them. They just back to the diet conversation of the health care professional. So there is imaginative coconut oil option as well I think they Kellogg into the trash in a lot of years. An awful. And not be that being a big Barry makes total sense because then the biggest. Strongest indicator of extending your light is having. A good Stanley and friend support structure around you. More so than exercise eliminate alcohol that's have you ever tried to hang it would've begin its awful also begin have no friend and that's what they die earlier. Think Mel's. I. Let's that I don't think nothing scientific estimate is that there's nothing LP here. Then a delicious sour cream and onion dip made with the with dense soup packets. And I won't be two days worth of sodium intake I will be. I got zero response yesterday. I was thinking about the the Bentley tailgate Saturday for home com yes. Sent mrs. hill attacks they said hey. Do you think you might be willing to make the buffalo chicken death yes I got zero response so you know what. I'm gonna make my own sour cream and onion a Lipton maybe even throw in a little bill. That I've never made it dip where you take sour cream. You're not gonna like this but sour cream parity of the face on a little bit of Maine donated some and some dill. And then you post some some pita bread and he cleaning out the fridge and it's it's delicious like it's just a little it's like three quarters sour cream one quarter may donates richest and lard on a panel I'm telling you science give it give it to try and up. It's gonna save you some time you you heard that firsts. From the pompous score mag on the show yes when that what is it well that ironic anyway LB think yeah if you could. I notice. On him and I hear you but you're peaking your beard pita chips captain copper at that host them. Well what's toaster bid to become an object posted are ready and people like them Jack. And well and do myself so it can put more about it room. Think 41 and again. There will be greater than today ever if he hadn't come on the go. And not where they model is. If the Albanian. Certain if you. Two years ago or not the cries and I will be here it. In any occupants. In the l.s dream interview. On Tuesday during the 9 o'clock hour stream. Though getting to the dangers on us. There at 9 o'clock hour Tuesday. We're looking for all. Yeah. Be what about Eric or. We I expected in the ride to implement it on or. Wounded now basically. It's a sports and somebody says earlier LB said Chris Sale has always had health issues in the playoffs. He has pitched one computer payoff game army. Yeah. And it's on my mind that some sort of do your homework. You know won't work aren't Christian OK so why I misspoke about playoffs. Chris sales issue. Is daddy bails his arm he gets hired at the end of the season. A case though I think. Call me call me a dummy aberrant and listen to the experts. And the reason Alex core what was your homework with the into the expert what. Listen I don't to. Home my my. Era on your formal being replaced him. I. You know that's where Alex core. Have eleven sip for like three weeks because with a shoulder inflammation century could have pitched like. Forty's after he had shoulder inflammation but when year. Gonna come up on a hundred. Wins you know you don't need Chris Sale the pitch let other guys get dialed in and personal triggered when the ball. You eat all. Yeah yeah that could have that problem that it didn't that get well and and enact important China. That are active and the other ways that aren't well. Our children from around. 720. Wow now I get like a white album. And now it's. Party. And it. If Cheryl light if you missed. The news there at 7 o'clock hour. Sir Paul McCartney. The legendary beatle has done an interview. With GQ. In which he shares details. On a aggressive bullpen session. That he and John Lannan and some of their male friends participated in. I'm so not gay can do this. Let's call. I was trying to prove your masculinity embodies what the satellite and haven't an aggressive bullpen session in front of a group that dude do you think that's what that's about I don't what it's about it on the. And then load it into thing that thing about it. Well what women don't do that. Know that you guys don't get together now we don't get it get together after brunch on the couch with the most isn't like all and I tried. Out what it's in warn all. Time might you this thing in rounds now evidence soon. A baby shells that everybody's mastered it other than you passed out or we're actually believed that doesn't happen in real life set as a as a category. Let me show our our. Please hour there is no picnic category that isn't available on if you for those who likely launch them I don't. What happened was I came into the argument my roommate was in there and she was wearing my underwear. And I sit Sheila how dare you would have ripped them off her and then we had sex. This is so this is Ryan on the flaming employed studio line framing him forward. Is metro west commercial truck headquarters what's going on Ryan. They'll pay both the baseball experts that you're getting information from after the so that you will go so Wendy Williams. I don't know who either of those people. I plugged it. What what was. Well there is a go anyway exactly afternoon matinee checked yes yes not a who's the other guy he's got his own show took out of it. I mean AA you know now threatened with a whole bowl or the did so weird to darn thing with the whole masturbation I mean I was with. Morning naked guys. There every day for peace practice and known even threw that out there well I got ejected. Not to you gotten I didn't get there if I mean. I suppose that Paul McCartney and John land where. Now we're very close and nothing. It would never let. They would never let anything come between them. And then a guy that way I the way. Yeah just below. Hello Tom. Dear dad did in Rome and outlook you'd build camaraderie. Trust building exercise. I mean there are you pumped your view of the road and against him with the big boys. Let's see of course you've had. Mick Jagger yup. All everybody pretty much believes that he and David but we slept all right I mean a woman caught them in bed yes. So you these kind of things happen it was essentially a pullback now they're being answered the answered these questions are it was the it was the sixty's couldn't go anywhere right. We gotta get some quick news and then it's time for ask an attorney. He is at Texas 774 attacks on the text line which is 97107. That says when you are driving your kids to school. And they ask what an aggressive bullpen session is. Then you can just simply say baseball write cancel you street Joseph Joseph Joseph Kelly director extra pitches. Below to the hello to the kids either listening Ambon zoo. Today's weather brought you by contents it's going to be cloudy and it's gonna rain on and off today all day long temperature will be 68. For a high. Demand for top talent is at an all time high. Account Thames can help you find highly skilled temporary accounting and finance professionals who fit your needs and hit the ground right. Account Thames a Robert half company. As a woman news for Michigan who is crediting felt peace with saving. Her life. Really we've talked to over the last few months about how self fees have killed people right. This saved this woman's life for name is one need to branch she 63. She was trying to take a new profile photo for FaceBook. Tissues taken if you sell fees are inches look at the pictures and she noticed her face looked weird. Now she had a stroke a couple of years ago. And when she saw her face progressively start to droop in the pictures she realized she was having another stroke. So she called 911. And it literally saved her life so. And June. There were no other effects other than their face was grouping that's it and she didn't feel she didn't feel it I noticed it and then she noticed that one side of her face was was trooping in almost paralyzed now called 911. Got to the hospital potentially saved her own life. Just say my wife that she needed titled my new look I wanna keep them. I say to get back and take a sell pizza day my day FaceBook page. My dad works in the next one of my life. Stroke. Asset backed down. It's time my balance in everything is gone and I seen people who have waited and it's. It's too late really gonna suddenly get kind of Q takes out things because that's something that's literally did save my life. She sounds like a cutie shoe yeah. You are now that I'm pat beef jerky and I'm. A comfort of life that it could result yeah absolutely the good than anything else yes we evict cheaters in the news story now. What are from this time I turn them. Shooter we're not what Senator Clinton and what. We're in the nearest neighbor that he would I don't know. Well yeah. A range still well. One of what state police officer arrested for offering to clear another man's arrest for Beers. And shrimp cocktail. This happened in my home country if Connecticut yeah buddy. 34 year old guy named Adam Levine decided he was going to be. Pulling people over this past summer and pretending to be a police officer spoiler alert he's not cop yeah so he will not talking to this guy named Keith Barnes his 47. Who is facing an impaired driving charge in in the conversation comes up that atoms like hey. On the state troop Burma on disability right now but I can actually can hope that your your do you like charge clear and I was like Herring. What you want port. So Adam tells them. Neeson Beers and shrimp cocktail. Well it would've liked mir's entry I'm owner I got a beard that he might have is there was not entirely sure expenses that might have been accidentally such as double IP. That the hoppy the out of town B hop and expensive stuff you want the heady topic of the good stuff you won at lunch or maybe dinner. So the whole thing was very suspicious so the guy that is facing that charge called the real police tell them what was going on the track this kid down. And he was arrested earlier this week impersonating a police officer. Good luck that they have apprehended that maintenance that's not to worry about it via operator America America. All right coming up next. I've got Sandra. Who was already on the phone waiting to ask a legal question of Larry the lawyers cell we will get to all of your questions he can text them on the tax line which is 97107. Or you can call. On the Framingham fourth line this is a premium for it studio line this is your opportunity next. To ask and turning on the home in morning show. He'll have yet to subscribe to that female do you sell now and once a week we will update you. We've can't miss audio video concert updates and the very best. Contests. Of contests. Coming up during the 9 o'clock hour another chance to win tickets. For the eighth annual great New England barbecue festival what she's mountain yes race will serve we're gonna be sick I just made at call during the break we're going to be serving extra dairy. Yeah he's great at the great New England barbecue festival what she's at September 29 and thirtieth. But get the AF email now at WA AF dot com slash email. But interests and legal advice I promise you I'm big cash settled. The new force them free legal advice might he is 50%. It's time. That tyranny. It's 839 and Larry the lawyer is here Larry army junior who of course is not acting in an official capacity as your representative today just offering his opinion. And testing how are legally you're all dressed up and assume what legal record an IQ I have court they speeding ticket day all ha yes. Yes my office manages son. Decided that he was gonna accelerate at a rapid. Rapid pace highway yes they got caught by a fine state troopers OK but the best part about this story yes. Is that his mom when they come out from school today to bring to the ticket that I'm going to head to after the show. In Chico pulled over but you also go on yes somebody Dotty mother myself that led to runs in the Big Apple doesn't ballpark and trader at genetics. Try that as the defense looked good news is the mom was one of 98 it wasn't all what we like guys I market. What is the best what's the best way to get out of the speeding ticket. Other than take your clothes off traffic. I mean yeah. Well you share them online game yeah perhaps yeah. Cannon ball run yet that he had the best way. In court what what corks yet what works so let me say that she should appeal every speaking to always always appeal right out the value of the chase croc doesn't. Yeah if they don't show up after the second. And you you no matter so that's. That's number one is always shot the you know and by Dana I then actually. Second thing is you know you you have to have your facts generally have to know your story yet to make sure that you're not a fool to the police opposite when he pulled you over because they write things these tickets like. Not a nice person yeah yeah yeah I look at people like being nice and hire an attorney that knows it is okay. 77 fort tax for asking attorney art work in a retail job I have a young family at home. Can the company force me to work mostly nights. And tell me that it doesn't matter what my family hours are. They don't have to care about your house they care about their company so if they hire you when you're an employee and they sector hours and you know like you're I was in the job. Our text or call in with your question for ask an attorney this is Sandra good morning Sandra. Hey good morning everybody you know. The amount and and my question is utterly on permanent starting that second planning my mom my debt happily my monthly at the event that you know well. Like all the time that happened below and she told me she wasn't in any questions at you also that is letting my brother. Had confused by that it out what to do that. OK so. Is it well this lawyer drafted correct. You contact a lawyer for clocking the Willard talk about the will. Be this season. Example. It popped it will let them and I asked you questions that people aren't. So if your brother the executor of the named executor in the will. He is and that's what I'm a little you know O'Leary how it's pretty good that we'll. Couple matches on that tag tacked property. You know questions along those lines I think trying to scare up a little bit. Yeah sounds like you did I my advice would be that you need to get an independent attorneys and the rest of the party in this case they are Asians when you can have an executive to replace. You can shell it out you can meet criteria that senate analog that you could potentially happen move that case is an 828 tax our apartment. Make that pennant split up and pay the apartment complex as property tax is that legal. Yes it is legal a diplomat in that in commercial because that Tripoli college triple that yeah yeah but in in a residential world you can have a tenant due to snowplow to attend due the the landscaping it's all part of the negotiation and needs to be in at least something you know correct in in general has to be either in a lease or has to be renegotiated. And triple but also what we need to catch myself and LB will only go to the track and show. They have it as well myself and that time and finally tax my wife and I are expecting congratulations. My mother and wise knots. And leaving her father she is not my wife's biological mom. But she is claiming that she is entitled to grand parental rights. The greatest passion is she in this is a great question yes so the short answer the baby hasn't come yet cracked so the short answer is gonna be no she's not entitled to print the right script writes yeah. There is a lot of cases in Massachusetts that allows grandparents to command and again. Visitation rights or child or sometimes a commitment try to get guardianship or trial. One of the things they have to prove is that if there's been an ongoing existing relationship between them and the child even if they're not blood we related like if it's that it did daddy's s.'s second wife partnered whatever I still without that they would I'm OK is it de facto ground. He knows that apparent. But again in this case because the child hasn't com there's no relationship so if you wanna keep grandma away from the child. That's your best better keeping early child knows that makes any sense speaking of Massachusetts. Larry the lawyer. A text there wants to know what you think bill weirdest lie in Massachusetts the weirdest law here's why in Massachusetts. As C. It's a tie. I still think the adult relies pretty weird. Not weird in and that you should not go out and have sexual relations with your neighbor's house yes but weird because nobody prosecutes it. Nobody really cares. But but there's another one this kind of weird the state to again I don't think it's weird in that sense but it's odd. That nationally them. If you go to Gillette Stadium Fenway they are required by statute masters is the plea the national and the whole way through. Really yeah it's. You have completely anthem all the way through and that's a law that is it's up to 200 dollar fine old. But I'm gonna look like. What sports team cut it off halfway what is the other it's in part of that statute you cannot use the National Anthem to mix and any other songs like DJ can't makes in the star spangled banner with Drake. So that's like mind that I. God that is the Massachusetts only lie is that that you Kia completely and the Motley yesterday. What you can Neil. This the globe he cast this is. Thomas on the Framingham boards studio line during asking attorney what's up Thomas. Hey. My Obama. Is insults them cameras in the workplace that. Also record audio he says he doesn't listen to the audio. A he said it's legal I'll be viewed as an attorney early two weeks. Excuse. Basically watched the cameras well lives and that's legal side. You know to me. I do you know I mean yeah when he's you can't watch but you cannot listen okay let's everybody has consented to listening in this. So your boss has drawn a lot that's probably why he was a lawyer for two weeks yeah. A lot of people seem to be putting cameras in the workplace we'll watch what people are doing you know back in the day I used to work day athletic club. That sun tanning booths. And as it turned out unbeknownst to me unfortunately because I was in the prime aged sixteen this would have been like gold for underground feel they had they had little peoples and they are watching eager. Easier down with and where where this place we it was hot. How. Does it in clearing the way to sing when that is going as little card there are MLB are on your answer here is the tax. You don't practice in New Hampshire but the supplies temporary guest. This individual has a small LLC business limited liability corporation business in New Hampshire. And they may have to claim bankruptcy unfortunately. They wanna know what the best way to protect themselves it is. Bankruptcy. I mean as you got to file bankruptcy I'm assuming the businesses in the toilet there wondering if they can protect their credit moving forward when they file bankruptcy took it's a business filings it shouldn't necessarily affected your personal credit is not affected by correct and I she signed on the dotted line personally but having said that ever sign a PG. I don't know but if they ever and he never PGA anything that somebody could but I don't. Or maverick maverick there only rookies personally guarantee that your story yes it is. The interesting thing is if he does filer she does file bankruptcy their business and there is a personal guarantee that all they've done is they place all the burden on themselves cut and so if that's the case in north awkward chapter seven personal bankruptcy. At which point time credits shy but you can start to build. My roommate has moved out of our apartment. But still owes me money for utilities. And refuses to respond to text messages or on the back is there something I can do legally. Legally yes. You can file a small claims action which would probably be my advice it's you know it's a very small fee under fifty dollars you'd have to have their name and address of the person suing. The the furthering actors where she's moved you. So the get her serve but that's your best bet that your reasons that I. We are in the middle of ask an attorney. Of course Larry the lawyer has to be in court so how would I want to we have what. I think I can make it their bye bye leader by 915. Where where what Connecticut and west broke with our older Westbrook yet. This is sapped the morning Seth. Hey guys what's up. All of our guys not guilt beyond value lie. And so on direct it built show that I Elliott who submit to a breath wider ground water everywhere and I get that wiped off. Now now there's no Erica and neither he immediately thought that six month plausibly Spurrier whose ethnic. But the good news my friend is you're not paying that 6000 dollars in extra lap premiums for your car insurance if you do get that knock and you didn't take that breath analyzer. And this is Kelly hello Kelly. All right what's going on. How much I have been a I'd open accompanied and lord and I know he got it yet if Matt not that. Acute that. I have a guy that works for me it would be held down there and over the past year it's been. They're between a 10050000. Dollars you have an out of Marty. Company it at all these speed ethernet behind her on the accompanied not being on the corporation. Found out later that he compared it Eleanor and older gentlemen CN. I'm trying to find. My question is in my better luck and may 25000. Dollars a lawyer to do grant. Or should I go to the district attorney he's done a lot of illegal saying undermine accompanied by Florida law. That I don't wanna be held responsible on assuming it I bring it to their attention earth. Then they're gonna look at meat they why you don't know what's going on came on it and I'll watch your company better at least you're trying to do the right thing. Yes. So. I'm not leaving street called the police on this one friend because if you gave this guy checked signing authority. And he went out and sign those checks he had the right to send those checks on here that and now and said that. There's still an element of fraud and potentially an element of larceny that he committed on U. So I would say to use that your best bet and the most affordable route is to contact the local police. From practice I while. 150 grand a guy like the way with you and how did not know that somebody scrap the program from new busy. It's like a pretty busy most. I think I can. That a just a little bit on text machine to the 100%. College is just a couple below that if you include. He's so quickly now I have a daughter in college is is 71 text have a daughter in college or pay a 100%. Of her tuition after loans grants etc. Why do I have to pay my tax child support. When she. Is living away at school and I pay a 100% of the cost of tuition. Because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts says that you are you have. Let's see you required to pass it doesn't see you have to play it says you can't. My advice get a lawyer it's competent in this type of issue. And head and decorum complaint from on vacation and you know you make your argument that nine months out of the twelve months she's. Not increasing the food not increasing electricity or any of those costs at home. And I had no weep my firm personally had a lot of success with that Greg where you do with termination of that is support. During the school year and then resumes at Christmas and summer rates. 781 tax I am planning on hitting the lottery soon awesome. Divorced with kids. Ex wife is very civil. That could change how to protect myself. So they're divorced this is so great that there's really a person out there. It's planning on winning the lottery and in advance of this do we wanna do some playing now this is the kind of person I want as. I don't even a phone give this advice out. First of all you do win the lottery after your divorce it's an asset they came in post divorce judgment she can't she care about it. But it might be an inching argument that if you take that lumps. Monthly payout that it's an income stream. Theory comes gone up so that maybe there isn't. Hall so here's video call me. Let me know how you gonna win this rant let me know the date you're gonna win the lottery I'll started trust I'll even be here just before where this in advance of the text that says. Guaranteed the wife is listening. And he Marty yes a couple hundred life and because the auto out that if they outlawed it and get out of gas masks you know it's great I naval about it. As if that's really what's going on here cut or right over my head Jacob. This is dad hello Daniel Ron asked an attorney would Larry lawyer. I yeah I have a couple of parking tickets. Yes Boston you know bought it horrible. While political pay one Obama football I I gotta think it was 4020. I get out of a commercial vehicle and activate it parked their path forward that I. Hypocritical for a total. Your you know and it's close but in ninety dollar about what they'll pay it 120 dollars. And I can make quite pocketed political pain and I have apparently the second one to ninety dollars I didn't get that ticket into a debate that's up until. Well yeah. I do not play this back in the day right before I was a lawyer. I used to take somebody else's parking ticket and put it on my car. Knowing that the meter maids of lock grip I hope I didn't do that this guy now. But somebody did that's not right it always appeal parking ticket but I will tell you this these days they had these of the ipads that they locked around. They're taking pictures and everything you do you approve so you'd better have the same kind of proved that shows out your photos are different than their photos or whatever it is that. It. Morrow who every day the day here here she couldn't give the guy now five minute that's how they get checked in and day they come on and you'll be walking on the street. And all the sudden the ticket appeal heading. From www. Do you have. Look at from the other side. You know. She doesn't know what went chino so you're gonna be there and 42 seconds right genre for our. On ten I had an idea where I am lesion that. At 4 o'clock on these little stretches in Boston for example in the in the courthouse. Everything is more. And that you watch at 4 o'clock in all the copy shops people. Yes because they hit it quoted and I and I think that's unfair but the rules are posted and be Smart and here's a Texas as Larry the lawyer that parking ticket idea is pure genius appreciative not advising its is that well aren't I I would not advise that put another if you put ticket from somebody else on your car would be crime. ICI AI. I we cannot go downhill but I let's say that here's a safe alternative when you get zero ticket. Just keep putting that aren't because I've done active. The parking ticket man yeah. I had that orange. Right orange sticker. Thing in my car and have the one from Worcester which is blue and white matter what time the deal I have a ticket myself yes and that guerrilla. Who actually goes so far as to blow your own vehicle so but I haven't been brutally and took their caught up stimulus act or Giricek. So it's asking attorney it's 856. Today show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you could go to echo stored dot com Larry the lawyer off the court but. We still have another fifteen or twenty minutes or so to answer your questions so you can tax you can call for asked an attorney here on the Hill Man Morning Show.