HMMS Hour 3 - Sounding Way Less Fat 9-11-2018

Tuesday, September 11th

This hour we listen to your Hillmail voicemail messages, we talk about the alleged kidnapping incident in Fanuel Hall where a guy was trying to by a family’s daughter while they were sightseeing, and we play out annual 9/11 retrospective and remember one of the scariest days in United States history!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They ask are done male stripper last Friday whenever the bachelor party I think it's one of those things work. He's gonna get caught in these cheater. He's gonna get caught in she's gonna get half there's no downside. For the big girl it's and did you always timer wire. New dimension of rooms listening why not confront the groom instead of your old friend but I gotta say I know you don't. And what's that and he's no check but he might turn honor also helped Italy Gil and the thing you and then he'll turn on her. And she'll be out of the of the wedding party and you can't you cannot approach this in any fashion where anyone can deny eight. Or refute. Or do anything that could possibly. Make this I I get a you wanna protect your friend Il wanted to use something bad with with a cheater but it's like. Hole. Here's the sad irony here is that 617. Texas is just right in op Ed for the New York right Connie. And that's great at it slice of Mike Pence and I'm dropping a load star yeah right I'm just there. Everywhere do you think Dinara Dinara Dinara came from and. Tiny I say I wish we knew what the evidence once. Yeah you know well that would help me we can ask determined we can ask for clarification. What's the. Person's cheating like one person's breakfast is another person's brunch one person's cheating is another person's. Hall pass slash. Involved that would mean you don't meet your there's something else going on freeway adding we're doing okay this is your last right does do it via I don't know maybe shows like sex and she issued. He gave them and they have an arrangement. Here's. Attacks then. I'm assuming that is from her and which says one of my boyfriend's friends. Socked him. Making out with another girl at a restaurant in New Hampshire are dark that's not my cup not in like a militia is not. Camera that's not a reliable and hot way to right that getting married to him. When asked enough times you play as well let's let me just say I don't I don't know. I'm gonna let you all now Gary doesn't know what is Imus is blood walked into the motel room right there and Som and clearly didn't chick again now know pale. Cancel the league that don't do it that's a classic. Oh you're getting married this weekend we'll let me give you something to think about right you know she moves in and doesn't yeah maybe didn't instigated maybe was you know right I don't know may I admitting a bar that's a lot less yeah. This is a text from a woman. I would be pissed. If my friend knew that my fiance was cheating and didn't tell me. Right so she stands that if she doesn't say anything and the bride finds out that she know. She could be in peril also to me degrees of separation as of very low likelihood that the bride will find out that union. Wednesday at I got Italian news this hits close to home hours he sees. When you know listen more machines and knows when your ex girlfriends will hold on stop right there. I don't want you any of the school no well ha ha ha H a gritty that you gave beauty at Defcon five amount yeah tots up. And it might not redundant. Set everything's alleged over here and there are listeners error. If that's having you to review. And I think all right let's let's. I I got a realist but you know 100% that they like the pre quart luck all. Accurate at that your good friend and girl in that some really good. And relationships unique about how lack. And even at the clock is your relationship because in the long off he'll end up being friendly yet but you'll see there are a lot of ink. It appears that Texas says can we talk about how the text said one of my boyfriend's friend yes. What is it what do they mean what does this person me when they're saying can we talk about an. Are they saying because it's so far from her like she didn't theater self select or maybe because the boyfriend's friend. Shouldn't be knocking out. Guy that he wrote on Iran is our committees. I navy I don't think he intentionally. It probably wasn't a case Ricky. You know intentionally was all part soft feel the other night at the apple these news listen Jamie it he probably was like arguments that's happened and somewhat. At the game telephone that's why you don't even know if it's the same original story that the boyfriend's friend saw. Here's that Texas says hearsay is admissible. Here's this trip on the boyfriend's friend wants the hook up with a bright yeah I asked her and sabotaging the wedding. Well. All right minder these while that's what Obama now so worry we if you're just joining us it is eight gulf war. Here at WA AF FM and HD one less robust than WEEI. HD two Lawrence. And WW BX HD to Boston and we're in the middle. Nancy knowing all this week and Nancy was asked. By a bridesmaid. Who believes. That she has its uncovered. Definitive proof. That. As soon to be groomed. Is cheating whether or not she should inform the bride before the wedding which is on Saturday. I would offer up this. This helpful hand I should the wedding not proceed I would be happy to go there and eat many of the meals and the appetizers and things. So that's not a complete lost so it's a waste interjected you know that's how. Yes I am stuffed chicken if it has the proper supreme socks on and act like I like the wedding chicken with the stuff thing and it has to have a gravy a gold in gravy on it below Frankie. Me. Quick thing here what if boyfriend forehand. At that thing for the ball right now are the sabotage let him who was. No forward. Pool when he. You can hit the well. Here's a Bible it texas' I'm getting married this weekend and you're making me nervous or woman I don't think it's weird guy centuries now I'm sure he's rates though that's gonna work out a loved trial spoke up. Brian. They afford it this story LP unit. Are up at one night at ASU. They are so so it would face a backpack how how can this girl like I. Where it would hurt Eric Burke thought what are her boyfriend. A report where it. So little difference when rent wanna boyfriend's friends she says one of her boyfriend's from a friend of one of her boyfriend so what are the fishy yes. I'm wondering if the boyfriend's friends. So alive. And then told the boyfriend. And the boyfriend. Violated. A little agreement. A rule that as sacrosanct. And and pulled the and told his girlfriend about it try to curry favor with voters something like that. Nobody wears the Mac that's like a guy when everybody goes on the trip. And then he comes back he gives the full detailed report on what happened on the road trip out on. And it's. Although I say this it is. And want to import studio line. Premium Fortis metro last commercial truck headquarters there run on route nine goes out of my body are throw over there who give you the best deal ever what's up dead. All right I didn't just sign up could live in an age. Everybody got a hammer you know people like that fixes. And yet if I see some like that I'm not automatically pulling out my like as the boyfriend's friend. There's so many degrees of separation that you know if she saw why she rallied polar phone now is that her friend's fiancee but. Now some random guys and Manila on rotate that held for months ended march party right now. Texas says it's not definitive proof unless she has seen it herself I agree 100% second hand information is not. Credible this is certain from my eye opening acts in good spirit does need to cheat on. Me and I am a couple of extra cartels -- some charts work with here. This is Joseph blow Joseph. Yeah more what's up Joseph. I think we've lost a joke. Joey called him in public health spotted making out of another woman a little Lola and Asia and that. It is 80 wait here's the Texas says this happened to me. This weekend I was going to propose to my girlfriend. And her friend came clean. And showed me her fake instead Graham. Of photos of them together in bed and going on dates well why would you do it and it. Sorry that's I mean you dodged a bullet though I possessed rare disease yeah. Let's see here is somebody says they hate to break it to people I'm a woman. But I have heard countless stories of man cheating up until the wedding as their last hurrah a. It happens as LB has always said it had it has happened since the beginning of time Aaron and marriage yes there tell me dudes come back from a bachelor party in Vegas and run to their doctor to test for an STD before the last bit static got a rap rap like my zero freshen up. Madison put me and your wife so Ranariddh your future wears orange juice or don't Reynolds. A felony it's fine. It. Well your advice is not to say right Nancy I analyst yeah this I would not go down that night it's eight and and this is WA AF FM and HD one less robust than WD guy HD two Lawrence. And WWB. Acts HD two here in Boston and now. It's your turned its luck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail. So I heard a healthy thing that long enough Monday's much. There's no liquor better mood and I armories might try to drink that. Un W 88 yes. What acute there. Yeah borrowers that are really and if she gets that that. I don't wanna now it was in Seagram's stories those probably on the there's Mondays. Is Monday's my. In Seagram where you can check out at Monday's tea all right. Here for you now are the very best bowl mail voice mail messages that you have left for us. Over the previous 24 hours. London blue. 33 and again. And exhibit that opened to a golf tournament come back with a black guy. I'm dead and then why is. But I've probably tried to bite but but defenders of the damn that's because I got out grated impart into the I would have. And man I wish it was a better story and there's more holes than that story and there it then there are in the hunk of Swiss cheese last night but Wada on over and you don't know her pinky don't put up for the corporate thinking that. I'm being strip really care just. I saw Kent Casey last night and injured hundreds at all. And I asked him if he had any information on year on year slip and fall and he didn't he'd known about the chorus yeah you are sorry and now in the owning our guys feel about from enforcement. Monday through 23 PM. Days I've run multiple car dealership. And the classic automobiles. Why not I don't have to let you know foundation and get in my I have. There. And that I said yes that somebody is asking if Ernie. Was like they Ernie was currently Hugh Hefner. And I was saying that Ernie is currently Bruce yeah I agree with buddies listen. He's been a long time benefactor for us on the show support whispered. Decades. And I am so thankful to him. Are opening up is amazing car collection. For wind watches in wheels coming up next month and and I'm grateful all of you who. Immediately sold adamant doubt we had a limited amount of tickets available. But considerable amount and that thing sold out by working hammered something on Friday so. A look forward to seeing you love amazing food from earnings personal shaft. The very best wine very bashing and seen and somebody's gonna walk away with a brand new role. Model problem. It's October after you know it's December 10. At October 10. But I don't know how much access. Like I don't know if you'll be able lake sit in the cars and and get your hand prints and my sternum and goes out to the velvet ropes around you know and I think it really close. Ernie Schneider in the great you know Ernie loves to tell. The stories of the car and he knows so much so to me out of people most the most interesting part of it is hearing. All these stories about these amazing vehicles. Monday at 11:33. AM. Like the pot we bailed out by a body die. Low block that. And now an old joke that concept imagine it now. You know money Marty you're. Earlier today there to argue about achieving you know Marty bird or card cheating geek. Someone was wearing why are year. There. Aired everything that was going on. Blue cat lounge that's that's a sinker and it's low and in. Yeah Jeff we're giving out spoiler. During the broadcast. We'll be yeah. That meaning I mean if you ask me. They don't lock with the lights in the morning is normally a great experience that not a few lasting image now. Wow that's ball three. That app like take out Wilkes. Something up his campaign time. Landing pretty. 45 PM. Don't. But in your today ordered the delay them. I think that they're in really have already implementing. All that. And then now. That's too bad though. On a year. Lots. The done for the year I think I've writes last night is done for the year. I'm 45 AM. Note here and David I didn't have a competent and that Elton get it and ball. And that is rubbing one out and let that one lap. In May. That. Let's. And wooden Indian. Period about 1 o'clock and work Dan Bartlett big I wouldn't worry about it don't put a gun dealer. I worry about it or other health York. And then now and in count it's gigantic break wraps walking through the court erred here what did you drop your pre cut melons. Like a woman I like street. I played a good streak. 110 man. Yeah out Eric that make you both look bigger expand have to. But Wendy I want you configure my you don't need that care at all. And I do and our as the new share. In which they've utilized science. And the shadows. That are. Basically a part of the design of the shirt. To make you're cubes. Look way bigger than they are yes. So a lot of women apparently are buying these he should there are white white teacher something. Kind of shadows that are created into it meant so. If you you know if he got the yet you get a couple mosquito bites and you look at it look at a time. Bigger news this is only can do without spending. Big money. Getting transplants or whatever they collar implants yes. Think he eastbourne Ian. Had a bit out of the way you could have played for bill Connecticut. Head cleared it and reported for march forward and now. But I dared. But he did. He dated. All right that's gonna do it on whom will voice mail messages. It is 87. Teen. And today's weather is brought to you by Nissan intelligent mobility. It's gonna rain for most of the day today and the temperature is gonna get up to seven B five. Nissan intelligent mobility is loaded with a tech that is changing the way you deal. With the worst weather conditions. We have the lane changing sensors and early warning collision alerts. These are just some of the Nissan intelligent mobility features available to everyone right now. Visit Nissan USA dot com to learn more. This is Rick good morning wreck. Good morning everybody what's. I know it could be used to but it still cracks me up that it'll be so surprised about relevant sports news that you support on. Now what I I didn't I didn't know because you guys and one interrupt your man I misheard I thought the guys suited Juliette you'll alt. And on my oh my god. She blew her knee out well and she's off for the season announcing lore of the auto I was like are you don't know. Julia hill is that okay yes he would another day in Florida. And now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us just a moment not to collapse and actually fought and you don't wanna meet those ten. All right where are we going in our favorite state Miami OK to me on the upper thigh. I would say about a month ago there was a guy New York who stole an ambulance. Because it was too hot to block yes this gentleman stolen ambulance after being released from the hospital because he didn't have a ride home. His name is Michael hall. And he didn't have a car. Now oftentimes the EMTs and paramedics will leave the engines running in the ambulance to keep. You know that the interior cooled down for the next patient depending on where they're going at their transport and to work from. So this guy decided he'd sigh and available ambulance out front. Popped in took off when it. Joy you Oglesby is with the Broward Sheriff's Office. There's a GPS on the ambulance and so deputies were quickly able to enable the GPS. And tracked him a suspect who they took into custody within thirty minutes of the fact they suspects said that he just needed a car. If they need to AC going the need emergency lights on so at their situations no fault of their own. Well its users who does not throw the lights with the siren to volley. If you go I'm sure there's a lot of people who are on the pike outside the studio right now who'll wish they had a siren and SI mean and and some lights. I have a memorial obscure reference but the late great Burt Reynolds and the late Don Delaware he's used an ambulance and cannon ball run yes it across the country because no yeah pull over an ambulance with the lights on speed and right. They did grab the goofy doctored there's a weird doctor and Farrah Fawcett in the back breast. You know. It was nice say I read the other day. That Burt Reynolds neighbor. Basically. Bought him in the house that he lived in in Jupiter Florida and and charged them hardly any rent. Because Burt Reynolds he was basically bankrupt throughout his his whole life and so this guy. Is a big wealth the real state. Guy down in Florida and he basically took care Burrell slipper Reynolds that's that live in the and none of them that he had no idea of the polling place that he had become accustomed to heed. Like that was last just last year he put all of that amazing memorabilia up for auction all the satin movie jackets were Hooper error on. Perhaps he wore in the movies and you know all the all crops up like that that he had just to raise money for himself. One of the best scenes ever and a source up into the car. Or street Saddam on the air. And at the upper. Lot of pressure. Which may not be able to resist. To share the full. You are on table one minds program and might do it. I know I'd only seen night I set myself. Although that's OK listen I've likened by air condition on going to be my minister. And but I may be a cable to be respectful maybe you'll share it. On nine Seagram if you are not following me on mr. Graham. And you don't know what you're missing. Oh lots of food pictures as what you're missing if I Greg Greg Hill. 107. It'd give me the follow on IAG and I just. I just shared. In May I mean this is this is what college essentially is it is. That rather than spend hours upon hours on some kind of a doc Tor roll her thesis or something you herb you're painting. The most epic beer pong table all time put it at semester and I. Pairs you for things later on and it's you know some project or project management's. Thing. Are right what else and anything else in the news today being you know. Just crazy kidnapping attempted Daniel hall. Yes. So disturbing of this very weird they did in these parents were not free annual hall can still call that I now. And they had their thirteen year old daughter and his dude came up with a giant roll of money yeah. And said can I buy your daughter yes and then tried to snatch her like tried to drag her away from her parents. He's 27 he's been identified as Alfred Paterson of rain in New Hampshire. And then he. Fled on foot after the interaction with the parents. That the girl's father was able to stop him. It we can hear from a friend of the victim's mother. She was so upset if it's a scary experience than me thank god they're safe they would do such. Genetic timer and they actually have firefighters still looking at some sort shirts and stuff like that and they're process suddenly I realized a lot of money. Larry easy back to cash a Kansas. You know an era of kid that. Is that there have been an obscure reference on this. Yes much what digital gap since your win at. I want to buy it women in the yet doctors felt that. Semi chilled it. What's wrong with people I it's not as it's disgusting this is my take on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's going on Mike. All of our guys are there or what's awesome. All I did I just wanna comment on not always great or rattled some orange you'd order for right now. And the other I saw a picture from the other day I guess there was a whole bunch of let black transparent drive and and motor convoy basically and I I was told he's going to be buried in one of them locked. So bad bad that when I heard I don't know it should structure actually true I make sense I got you know you're you're. Your quote the band it would wanna be buried in the trans am not critical. Yes yes. Interest. And anybody that's ever been buried in a car before. Bolting self. I mean any drivers race car drivers. And then yeah it thing. You would think that like Dick Trickle or somebody would have been it is just likes and is I hope these. Oh he's it's an honor men he tells us yesterday oh yes that's a complete Jenks and it is 828 and coming up of course it is September 11 today. And we you'll remember. The events that occurred. Seventeen. Years ago today. And the way that day unfolded. On this show well. Coming up next. My seat transmission. From cancer and New York I have I'd move that photo mine's. Yes. Hopefully is hopefully it's before what are you arguing with somebody that's where about I mean on on not tax line about over here maybe and Twitter to wired that way yeah I had that when you gonna put on a lot of the beer pong table your lovely -- daughter Julia had just finished crafting I mean a year BA on page table today. SA yes. I had said being nice be respectful because I don't like when people. Seem rude or inappropriate things referring to Julia. And then. Couple people texted and said we can't share expense that's nice the guys like Father Knows Best oh for crying out loud that one do Lucia nozzle. There's one Jewish Oslo who doesn't get to that when we play Father Knows Best. The women who play it. Voluntarily. Submit to it and they seem to win Juliet in they know what the that I contacted the CEO of the beauty segments. Yeah and then is what I've asked apps. We use and and not put that you've you've flown home as hypocrisy no no it's not a progress he. It if if if Julianne hold wanted to play Father Knows Best on the show she certainly would be allowed to I would have no problem that that's what. I don't think I would eleven doesn't show that it is it would make me on as if that is something that she wanted to do. Right and she could certainly do it right you don't like for the 10070. South. Explanation yes yes. This is the man on the Framingham boards studio line what's going on Dan. Say what Tucker let's. I got an obscure reference on her rattled being buried in the trans am yes well people went fury on. Hi. Yes. Well Willie the win. Was a willing to win was a famous gangster partner and I believe he bit of our member gray it was a Chicago mob guy like during the Al Capone time. And I believe he had his son. Buried in a Cadillac. And I do believe. I think this song is only I have the live version. Very good friend of and open. Visit the golfers. Ray. Career path. Right here. Hunt down there. We'll go with. And I'm officially calling those eager cricket now. And you know why don't they wise but that's what I am announcement calling them. There they were originally here mosque and the warrior roaches. And now thanks to a certain. Not to be mentioned television program that'll called here cricket test this is dial. Eight Greg got the war. I've mentioned a couple times and doubt in my well it is sideways till. And they buried a minute it looked like it Cadillac is strictly thing is. I venture capital wrote a couple of like I'm re recorded bad ultimate Morse bad. And he did and so on each remembered at a serious radio in February of this year. What's. It's the ala Boris band and they do it Willy and but Joseph Louis lockers saying and in February charted number ten aren't serious radio. In the album went number one radio play. In the blues jazz stronger. Across America is pretty cool thank you Shannon now. Fake news that I map the capital grille lots of places ridiculously expensive yeah. Hello hello you've got are turning yellow background guy get out of there and just skimming that's. I know I Scott Brown got out and I love I love that apple will still be reading go see your body it's are you want hey take you any day off on a serious note it's 844. And today is September 11. And we were discussing earlier seventeen years ago today what happened in our country. And we have a tradition on the show. Remembering. That day. And remembering it in the way in which it. Unfolded on this show I don't know that in my eight close to thirty years of posting this same show. There is ever been a day like this the as as we began to realize what was going on in New York. And in Washington DC. And eventually in Pennsylvania. We stayed on the air. For the whole entire day. We. I eliminated throughout the best that they parts here at the station. Music. And we also. And I give a lot of credit to who. Our company for this we also went commercial for a on and simply. Allowed you the opportunity to talk about what you were feeling on that absolutely. Horrible day sell. We put this together I think. The year after there. And it is. A way to remember what happens. On this radio show. On September 11. 2001. September 11. 2001. On the Hill Man Morning Show. Dealing with some breaking news Sam it's Kevin has just come running in here to report some breaking news to me as the plane just crashed into the World Trade Center into the World Trade Center has not not the not the Boston growth rates and all the New York, New York. View do not know what's going on but it too. Planes to separate planes. Have both crashed directly into the World Trade Center. It's. You you'll see it a million times it is live footage of a plane slamming into. That the World Trade Center. You don't know what happened and until you find out but I cannot believe that that is not a terror at us and our goal and that's especially with the passenger jet that I mean you know. That that we watch it live it swung right straight in there now so yeah do you think somebody hijacked the plane small step for. That is just before my wife Somalia where she was the only book this supplement yup. They're saying that there was there a lumberjack that's what this date on the news. How and this is the most amazing footage there is a giant building the World Trade Center and there is a gigantic now there's two gigantic holes in the middle of the building I have never. In my life. Guaranteed the F sixteens scrambled out of Langley or wherever else and there's absolutely no air traffic. It's nothing you're gonna give the due to stop a ball. Question is then what do you do do you start shooting down jetliners as soon as they get close to our. Hanging yet that's the thing you know but but. I don't know I mean this is that I couldn't. I couldn't believe that I heard it has networks have been able to see the footage but I did come my wife and she's just like. Reportedly one of the planes the first plane I believe was American Airlines 767. From bar. You can can yeah I specifically they're don't want I don't project you know I've got from Bob. That is horrible news for people here plus the few which could miss of the obvious acorda they just reported that all New York airports that were foreclosed units in those. The second crash which happened within eight minutes of the first. You know outlook fire truck to get all the fires. And wanted to either of the country's best improve our military assistance. Two to try to catch up with them the about a fire that they have it's and they were talking about who's going up to the floor right now you can hear him talk about it. They sit down with two and a half hour walk to get to where the fires. All of lower Manhattan at the standing in the street on this sunny morning looking a bit unrealistic by the confidence that great moment. Coming out of that great better. But my true I think this enjoying his vacation or was enjoying his vacation show. Greg yeah I. Arnold they've amassed watching it on television and it's just it seems unreal. I think that's the main thing is how on real it is yeah. Now you look out on on the television or you're in New York you look at your window or if you're in Washington DC look at here's your front door. And you realize that the United States and being attacked. They could affect car in anyway. Will be helping to support the New York area we brought meets during the I kept. We will be shipped for a weekend from here and we're also going to be shipping what some other regions across the country is well what you think the military again if they're fat. Because out so many injured will be needing blood during the upcoming days and weeks. Got to clean that guy's daughter trying to get through 1800 give life to come back please continue to talking over the line so busy people are calling constantly. You know need to cut it today just try to cover it over the next several days that we. Horrible things don't go home audiences. You thought this guy or both times I was is heavily watched the TV with a second place one of those computer graphics are gonna explain what happened was. The other explosion at a tablet we've gone back toward the TV when they when they collapses this this is. Shocking and tragic and all those things state offices have been shut down they have evacuations are prevent side. Through differentials and that has been evacuating folks just go ahead home here. Also the financial district is shut down a lot of buildings over there as well. So equivalent darkened a lot of family in New York a lot deliver Manhattan. It had several work in the bill that's certainly powers similar work and building. The ball so yeah. But it would choose. There was just pray or. Who died in the situation your three year period. And fortunately there were 850 people on those two planes crashing crashing into the World Trade Center. I would imagine. That that is just the beginning as far as casualties known there's no there's no way that they can update. That at this. CNN is monitoring a a video phone message coming out of Kabul Afghanistan prominent sciences guy's name but. What keel I'll mad Montel why film I believe his palace spells and the part that we were able to get here is said that. It's not it's a tragedy and we didn't do it. Let that Musharraf your jockey John and like everyone's not gonna come out of the woodwork claiming they had nothing to do that doesn't explain away and nor does not explain away the people dancing in the streets and celebrate he's the Taliban foreign minister of Afghanistan prices. Wolf and for the first time in my life. Walk on kind of scared. Because. You. Your views you'd never bought did something like this would happen. Yes you look over your shoulder in. You put it what what could happen next. The best country in the world. And because we are the best country the world worked target and and our our freedom has become exported. And there you you don't know the more than ever inflicted she don't know. Actually these guys I'd get up all my girlfriend and she worked said that TJX companies and branding have you know familiar with that against seven of their people on that flight. Sat seven of their people were on the fly. Well. That is the way that that day unfolded on this show and obviously. It's I think when you hear it it's as still raw I think very much so that brings you right back to where. To where you where music on this day seventeen years ago. You think of the uncertainty. In. And like how fast the information was coming in and you couldn't even process the first plane hitting the first hour. And you're still trying to figure out what happened there and then the next and the next and then the next and it's just like. One is it stock not like I remember watching the news coverage on TV night. And it missed this just gives you the element to seventeen years ago. Driving to CVS to buy VHS tapes. To record what was happening on the news because I was like this is this is at this is something like huge it's happening we don't know. We just didn't know and then as the day went on to see everything that happened and it exists. And I there are no words. Several interesting comments. Which happens every time we replay that that piece of audio number one. Many believe that I sounded way less fat seventeen years ago in the and that audio we was little hearing loss and I'm not an oath several Texas say LB has clearly lost an awful lot of repeats couples and a sense that moment beat sounded more intelligent. More with bits as they say if the if in that. But Qaeda operating disease but it but yeah I mean it is it really. It's. It it's just. I think a moment that. Those those of us who were those of us who lived through it. Will never will never forget anything I you know I always think. Immediately of the heroism of the firefighters and the police officers. In New York City who went into that building now. And didn't come out with and liquors and did it without question that's that's why get frustrated. When people. Don't acknowledge this year. Bravery of those who go to work every day. Wondering if that type of thing is gonna happen that's going to be their last day and on planet earth. So. This it is bill on the premium for its studio line what's up bill. AM learned as. But mr. wanna thank you guys claim that. Let's go to our heroes chilling murder of there was there's a that your leaders declare. That there are I would very all of according Merrill would have been by. I do remember you know McConnell of on the fox. And is set as home from school and a lot of physical or not knowing what was going on. Is there a lot of empty houses back then you know like how how old you. I was 1111. Yeah I would let what happened and we heard we are in full you know I would I would come down to the older kids here in full. Did you ever come after an argument you nickel hole might. You know. And I went that he got by their. All right it's I think it's important to remember. This is Michael Mike. Tucker might. You know I'm little lol. Air I remember that because. It'll all we have a real diverse community of certain ethnic groups. It was real commonplace back end of the people who fought for different countries to ride around in their cars. The country of origin that's flag draped across the portability. And out and an eleven. They replaced those flags with American flags. It for the first time and every one was an American. It didn't matter where you are more even if you didn't even live in America. The whole world seems stick out seem to galvanize that the whole world looked on American morning time. And it's so sad commentary to C Pol Pot or we became. Just see how volatile we thought it. But Gary is now is greeted well now I'd Daniel said earlier that happened today. It would just be a mess and even more or divisive but I I I disagree because. It's what Americans do best and when it really comes down to a Americans will put all the differences aside. And get together. For one common cause and I think that tactic that still happens we're divided now because on you know fortunately there's nothing like that going on. But I think if something like that happens American snow okay well this is what matters the most than it really the best thing we do. We are we are all coming together and trying to arrest those were using plastic straws so I dispute is sort of standard review. We thought we are demanding. Larger size servants and R&R restaurants we are all coming together for that purpose but I think. I think you're right she'll I think I think that the country does. In moments like that whether it was. As mentioned earlier on the show. After Pearl Harbor or or rule a world war during world war to whom. The country did indeed come together the question is. You know how long. Does it stayed together hello Jay. Aerial reorder objects. And that morning I was in a limo driver and Cha Cha. And I dropped our farm to business but that law on the first play their pressure portraits are us and they still have my work jacket. You know wholesale electric stock and I dropped more. And I just saw that should get back or not knowing what happened switch and vehicles. In the full. We're ridding Iraq hawks. What sort. Did you hear what capital no what Ciurciu playing discretion to New. York. Yeah. You were talking about now are so potentials. A Texas says it was so eerie living in south the and not hearing planes. For several days. And you might not. If if you were not of a certain age at that point you might not know that but there was no air traffic offense dates and worked at the airport at that time it's weird going to work and just like all the terminals were shot down and it was just like. Have people are just there. Oh. Returned her to revenge. Car blows. The Sweeney dearly in Davis downwards. Urban report was there a burglary of Barry. Consumers are amazing. To me it's. To mark. Better angels. You're overdue. Him. I'll be very very emotional and and like a lot of people on share of the debt then there's thousands of people thousands and thousands of people. Have been affected by others. Barbarian. It's a really active yeah permanent slightly reduce you know. Artists we're simmered please and I. That. You tell your ciskei Asus skated. You know. What the bravest terrorism Michael Moore and I'd be doing. User who incredibly human being based daily was one over or are great friends and amazing boon. And there's rarely use incredible. And swooped Sweeney and I love you man. Yes. So. All right well. Other equal keep your chins up yeah. If you keep your shoes cute she ends up in bigger and we will take a break. And will be right.