HMMS Hour 3 - "Prostate Exam Jokes, Always Funny" 3-21-18

Wednesday, March 21st

Hour 3 from Wednesday's show, wrapping up Nancy Know It All, Hillmail, Irrational Fear, Bob Lobel Interview and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The 978 Texas says how in the world is Al Bundy story over there relevant to help out he's. The relevancy is that police officer was willing to put his career sour on line to get us to a hotel. Number one Boston PD cruisers aren't allowed to go to Saudi it's right okay so I am the guy a put his ass on the line and one of somebody you know now days there have been screen shots on cell phones with a BP. 95 north. There is seeing what what they're after is going aren't and then it gets sent to his boss any hits is now suspended and loses. Four weeks is salary you know saying she shouldn't cover for the guy yes you know to China clean that up for advertisers agree with you understand you know who do you she can't put her family's well being on the line these days because everybody is our. You know Nancy nodal. Here's 617. Texas says the guy is obviously not going the baseball is cheating on his why it's. Josh is out of guys and Whitmore told a lot of excitement is that. It's since in below Indy. And I ordered out what's up Andy. I've. There are a lot of little lady. Or are you going to all of packet remember altered date set on days. Yeah this. Practices. Practices got underway on Monday so maybe goes maybe he's that guy maybe he's he's heard of he's Horrow goes and watches practice. Come on junior asked. Great job on the suicide but there they're. Okay and you work our junior swing a little bit. I guess it's a full week pensioner in the garages where his care and thirteen to do bench. Coming up in just about an hour's though. We will be Joseph mind. By a very old friend of this program Bobble about who has been using marijuana. In a day and medical way and wants to talk about that because there is. Okay convention coming in the camp. Is that this weekend highs convention you go to. See I'm I get a big dish off tournament we. Hey speaking of now lock in that's my own little ways that you mentioned on where is the big disk golf tournament this is as -- are aware. This isn't coming up we're stallion brewer Obama. All were begins and ends of the brewery and it's being catered by BT smoke hole. All women. Because these are right. Let us get to lose this and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still mail. Again though it did he did it get camera. Well there's there's supposed to mobile effort to look. On WAS. That the but I don't forget. Tune in alert. His grimy. Has wrapped a love song. For his girlfriend and you know and I will debut that 905 or so this morning that created and his girlfriend at the same name and think now listen. I understand you don't wanna. Go full public would with the relationship until you're sure that's that the seriousness as serious as you think it is on my world and 905 will debut this is rap song that wrapped him in that he did for at the union now. And hopefully it's appropriate for the airwaves after what happened down and Memphis. The hard way. I today so Mel voicemail messages brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. Win all the convenience of big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. Check out the city of busting credit union and they're checking account service. Today and here now for you are the very best he'll male voice mail messages that you have left for us over the previous 24 hours. To me. 7:47. Am. Yes you can track anybody down on sort of media bite out of despite their first name Elton John who is a black man the entire career. That effort on numbers and nobody can find it below the bottom. Now kids but let me please. Ask away and the man. You two sentences. Can poll 12:12. Am. Adding that there and I went and didn't include they're ready for mom in your message. Well. I hope that I mean it's going to be forty. Tomorrow again warning on Friday and Saturday so I think most of it wolf. Well now right and indeed wash a car everyday as I I I just I mean. Again it we have winter every years and edit but just the storm on top of the storm on them as comments that I feel bad for the people in in Quincy. And some short because they are worried about. Another titles storm surge LA and and amass a lot of those people still some of those areas in Quincy they're still not back in their homes yeah pray and so last month and take care it's. The title charts are not to working in the favor. Does sell short listeners Stafford for this particular storm winter storm. Will be. And me we 7 PM. There have been gotten feel warm current symbol part of that time that the president that no Tibetan. Yeah. Yeah. It. Blue line and Gregory got it physical yep today impact it would wind power. The good bad and what the company had dinner table and food never patent that expects. That he. Cholesterol. Right on it right on the mark. Doctors now ski very impressed with the the weight loss. The running. Is mentioning. Currently. My muscle development. My steps. The world sits written in big blue paint from Maurice and taking your ball out of here it's him back out he's he's recently divorced here that is. I'm basically I think at the end. That in my annual physical yesterday called me an amazing physical specimen. Was pleased when you said so. There's a lot of annual Susan government that's nine less than a lot of people get old 51 years old and is that the let themselves go. Not this guy over here I'll start I'll. Talked to what does that hip hop at its shape yesterday would rule on. So Greg. I've noticed that hasn't even been on vacation and you have been hard on it and as they've been bad cold more important and. This man who that's believable. Believable if you want and we weren't and they. This message. It. And then blue cooler and. Did America pick it up with the electric bill that would. Look at the blue and not let. Does that come out and do up until we appreciated. In this message. I mean let's that the it's one of those things that have to be done medically in Munich in I'm sure that it's the kind of thing that. One could get used to. If there are a lot of people that. It but it's just not necessarily that. It's Cuba it's but it's. Everything. Abigail KK okay. Are out there or whatever it was and there is in the then there was. A couple of days before Sony used the water just now I don't want to think about it it's big bottle of mineral. Right Rica are. We found on. Dad got some way that up. Caught on the B. Propagated then when you at 34. I want looked upon them that pretty much full of crap. Thank you for participating in this morning and dying hill mail when you're in the middle exam did did you scream daily daily at any point. It. It might lead early and breaking hello I'm diligently here next thing. Mean listen you know these kinds of things day they can be about speculating I mean when years when they when doctor says please remove year. Your underwear in turn around temperature brace yourself and I thought like that the plane was crashing or something about the aegis of the obviously spoke Saber is exposed to say brace yourself before doing the prostate your arms on. Look at the front again. You're familiar ultimately somebody in the say they normally did raise its level beat we weren't any duty or doing that brace yourself. And yeah. I let's see here is day 617. In. Individual who says Greg you'd go to though. Quincy is not the South Shore. What and worked well since when is the answer should be I think to show the shore is south of Boston bank and if you're leaving Boston. The general you know next area you get to would would be there is so short Quincy. A majestic wind Louisiana is is not the way that works and you're going to on the expressway on this. Thank you so it's windy bay news mislabeled as if there's no it's not itself. Door. What and it is. But see here's a texas' full show Colin or they're screaming poll show colonoscopy. Assets. This is Jeff Fuller Jeff. Everybody welcome to your show with Jeffrey. Hey couldn't remember one thing that it medical to angered that magical. Cast votes for it. 811. I mean yeah hard to via story it's two fingers. Yeah medical medically mentally it is tuning then you know he's not. That. Skinny you know. Yes it's you know it is yeah. Alleged that the standard. The running them of the more insecure individuals might need that's like anyone that's why can't six. I was wondering when you when I'd be when Columbia and I'm standing up all morning just thought you knew how this thing I am so yeah they're great understanding death. And if you want beyond the show this morning you can call on the premium for its studio line that number is 617. 931. 12236179311223. You know might Q and and Danielle. Talk a lot about marijuana in medical marijuana yes how that's gonna change our state and in about fifteen or twenty minutes will be joined by. One of the all time legendary. Local news superstars Bobble bell and Bobble bell. Gonna talk about the same things so. Bob. Has been fighting illness and I could. You're story is using is using marijuana. At three random the end really help him yeah I Gary's ex champ bears did she make any huge difference all of them. And problem bell was. Before before anybody on this it was on this show before LB before. In yelled before issue. A Bible Belt was the very first. Regular segment. That I did on my fledgling new morning show and it was a weekly segment called I should probably do this in the Johnnie saint our voice. The Nobel Prize for short. Time every week and award at a local person. You know like Larry Bird or out or Milt Schmidt to somebody else that's how old I am the he'll award the low bill prize for sports and now is. 2827. Years ago or something like that this is now. Well. What Debra let's go. I'd attack as they yeah men collection yes it does not winter's storms won't eat it winter's storms could die and get. They boots a root subsidiary since your reference your name is children roots obscure reference. This is the clothes he didn't. Morning guys beat them again are these. It those doggone. I deposited Daniel they got an epidemic in a mine went out the Mobley 302. Instances when trader. Get the queen didn't. You will not like this it will not you'll quickly and he definitely be at the same way I debate about Greg we should turn on the back around to do an imminent there. And that's only if there you're exactly right now that the prostate jokes prostate exam jokes always put our. Doctor never gets tired of hearing you ask him if his turned either that or the Internet chestnut let's get to the news and the news this hour is brought to you buy cars tricky easy way to donate your card donate today your card can be picked up tomorrow. But it cars for kids dot org or 1877. Cars. All our kids that the number four. Rachal the right liberty mutual insurance you nothing to worry about everyday insurance shouldn't be one of them you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. Liberty mutual insurance by the way I'll leave you see that Larry Bird was at the Sox game yesterday the grapefruit league now jetBlue park you know. I'm very cool monster and I kept McCarron was the seas are really there last night Kevin Cahill was that the Celtics. All right let's do this. Rush you don't need. Then forty show. Well you see the car that went off the overpass in Foxboro yesterday here. Looks like the driver was choking on coffee irrational fear it might lord doesn't have you know he'll stick pretty and yeah it's a little bit of a beverage. That's the worst kind of choking. We we discussed people who have died from. They're dead that you can die. From choking on your own spit or from from choking on a liquid so that guy. Was driving and choked on copy in the this car went off of nine by yeah. Fresh rain to a Paul on at least once today in the sports dies as a I can journal one drop a lot of people. She youth this is Steve Larsen who is it witness. Endlessly into the guardrail went up only got real in just more or less rolled down on two wheels downhill and once you get on the snow you're not gonna they're gonna stop. Absolutely terrifying. We're my my niece here when driving is and you have both knees. It's coming gun. And it it eat you start to do that thing we have to kind of closure eyes a little waiting for this needing it and I'm always terrified and NN went crashing in as somebody. On my third sneeze etiquette seminars and short putts that are rational. Add his voice but I suppose it could. Happen. And port at the now I mean. How we can look up how many people die every year. From choking on their own spit because I believe at one point we had discussed that have you ever had that and he can't talk for late. And it's easier when we go blue as you know record the worst cold won't Leo you completely lose you completely lose your voice my irrational fears tractor trail what do you mean. Pilings I saw yesterday as well you got to get by tractor trailer in you know snowstorms and there's a you know. It everything's coming off the back to the tractor trailer and a museum sly laugh busy you know slide right. And then yesterday I was driving home on the plight given tractor trailer took America. Real idea. The card games to guard rail. If you're driving between two big trucks that he had won in the lane on either side of view and there's a person in front of you that. Gets freaked out midway through in slams on the breaks were just stops and now you're stuck between two semis it's like this is not. Now I wanted to strip to roll. Here's the tax. This individual's. Brother in law. 50 wait tax. Poll bowled his car by sneezing. And summing up exactly Godiva somebody stopped short game and Ryan and later was when he was these visitors that it in you know you Audi in relation to texting. And how much time we take our eyes off the roads to look at our phones. In like even just those few seconds when you're getting ready to its knees and you have your eyes closed to wake up. So many things can change in a couple seconds like someone could putt for any of that trap short you don't know. Here's a Texas says. My biggest fear is dry drowning what's that that's means you're not in the water your urges to. What's dry drowning it's time I think it's kind of like. Choking on your spent like that like any kind of water can trigger a span in your air way it's been and is it does is it because it gets in the yearlong race. Is that is that would is that what happened so you can be drinking. A delicious iced coffee or hot coffee and discuss analysts are can be called secondary drowning Zoellick also it is in the pool. Yes and they have trouble breathing. Like an hour up to 24 hours later that can be just because of some water that's right like yeah we're never able to Specter room. Here's somebody uses steel at 508 tech's secondary drowning or just learned about yesterday somebody told me about it. After I finished choking on coverage now and so that though right now you could choke on it worry you children a beverage this morning and then all of a sudden a few hours later you would just you know I guess is you never got never get the stuff about a year logs well Carol and I are the liquid on you yeah well. Five holy text my biggest fear is the big Mac without sauce I yes idea at. Well LB likes the big Mac grant as I would tolerate a man to man Graham map. Knock it out driving because you don't call it falls on your chest every time I looked down mcdaniels 12 did you have. Max us making it to the elite eight. You order under underground and I'd go look at my lead Abram and on our program now. LB you're not running anywhere style bloggers. Via. Yes so LB. Accurately predicted. Eight of the sweet sixteen sauces. And and that is in the stocks madness sauce brackets that we have at W dot com so eagerly and on that in order at some point out over the results as we get here. In this sweet sixteen time in this is. Ban on the Framingham boards studio line what's going on bent. There are all right there you guys are about he had different say. Yes. And they got all of our take out central. Yeah not. At least we thought that a lot dissect and it started we got. Dry drowning. It is different from secondary because it's what I want to choose. B I'll I think the upper airway the whole thing will constrict and not clamp down on itself says. Instinctive response whereas the F trader. Is once somebody's been revised from drowning. So once respond later on fire. Rushing a lot of forced into some sort your body's water it's circular Ulihrach. Really. Or here's somebody who is in a rational fear. Of spontaneous. Human combustion off it was started by in search of the Atlantic program and there wouldn't it where and since there eight years old it out of fear of spontaneous human combustion. Exactly and obscure reference to Spinal Tap. And Arabs. And I didn't need somebody you meet somebody sneezes that's bloated news just in Ireland blob blob that school. It is. 617 tax. My irrational fear is accidentally walking in on that day and yeah Allen's is. Shared by oh. I. Line up tight lies to flip around and get it at the ethnic and Austin a little concerned I don't know if you've thought about this. And not but I am I'm a little concerned of the implications. When it comes to the the meat to movement because. You're in a position of authority over overstating Ali I have some influence on every time around I mean I feel like it may have been in first what may have been an appropriate feud for you'd ask him on a date in the first place days whenever they thought who took it with everything that's going on at that need to wise and well I'm not only maybe not like he couldn't say now. Like may be well rubbing up against the plant in the hallways. Of what my benefits in this scenario I hope they do everything he put him in two. And uncomfortable awkward position when he asked them to go to be your dated wedding. Because maybe felt like work advancement was concerned now but no I didn't know what I. I I I happy yeah he's got and they know what you're a 100% to right and because of this nine ending their relationship with stand. I don't feel that probably ever tackled we thought it would let you know if you can get so I just did every job I did you got a text similar narcotic or cut your alliances of you know whether he's awake and now clinic next. At a time I checked back after the does I'd go I just woke up. We're not that many and then the call you blue bank out of college I picked up but it's a little bit at a it's. Well we are going to debut is. There's loves his love rap video that. 905. This morning and then have you already Adam I have an alien I volunteered organically and I'll. We're definitely I've known as the oh okay well there's apparently no. And no and no. But wouldn't. It's let Nazis here. Some text messages. Policy Danielle. Just admitted that there was a relationship you know not isn't it sort sentiment people's voices is that fear for your work life that the kitten. If you. That Danielle just a reference to read something into a plan yet shoes Harvey Weinstein terror expert. And know. Did you hear the birthday message. That Rose McGowan. Sent to Harvey Weinstein. Powell yesterday yesterday in we have we have pinch shoot you grab that here's where I am now and and there digital birthday message to Harvey Weinstein. They're thinner than we've seen. Intelligently. Until T twenty years ago I heard that you do this to another girl and wounded. On the company. And through golf. Course. Oh well. The owner of the astoundingly can't blame him or her sounding out and hit it sounds kind of into. Ya ya ya and and anything else wrote on her anything else news wise that you wanna talk among my yes speaking of things to keep repeating let's talk about the newest dog went to different city or in this case. Sixties scandal involving. Delta Airlines this happened again and again and I am going. The airlines Stanley from Idaho purchased an eight week old puppy from a breeder in Virginia. They could've just gone on to at Monday's month on minster Graham brown is but it's the breeder. Put poppies on a delta flight headed for Boise. And they're actually two puppies is Iran to separate and when one family showed up with cargo area a Boise airport on Sunday there were given. The Ron god they were given the puppies litter mate who is actually supposed to go to a different person who lived close to that area but not really. The plane was supposed to go from Virginia to Minneapolis to Boise. He went from Virginia to Detroit they stayed overnight mandatory and then got to the wrong people when they get to voice of the whole thing is it a giant cluster half. And. Giants slate each Josh slate excuse me as one of the puppy purchasers. We were concerned about the flight. But I figured because of the national. Attention to this issue that that it would have been better rather than workers. I mean. Honestly it's and it's yeah it is I don't know how often you I guess people are a lot would there. People fly a lot of what their dogs and how often do they does that happen constantly I think that it I think that we're hearing more about it. Because of did the more prominent story that happened recently but he died it died the united it died in this. This is that the dog thing going to different cities it's not like newer surprise I guess seeing Alan. We're earlier you're gonna get god terrible the are terror cell and seeing. The 9000 bags right we may or did you ever sitting in front of that office regularly go talk to the one lady and find out. When you're gonna get your luggage delivered to your house. I mean. It happens occasionally with kids to like lay up. When they have kids flying by themselves they send unaccompanied minor also I continue to do what he never going to Florida you the same this is John on the premium forward studio lot and what's going on John. Hey as a salute and do a story about the puppy that all of our 3-D. Should it got local. I'd be the other through that and look at these that got laid o'clock that beat you up yeah. Yeah what you pay they pay you pay for the feds throw stuff yeah do you know he sent in by a cargo they you know if they're all there are certain regulations about colony can be. On a play left alone it's I mean there are people that tend to them anarchists and you know Garrett. And they are that we we hear about any action on Monday's much yet this week I haven't. I have not heard anything yet about Mariah and a. And but it's. One of our partner won the last. Last recently before that might not adopted. Which one mile and a we diocese from. Fall River. Casey with the Nelson and depends upon spread across the fervor not violent it was a dot yes just a little older we've had great luck with yeah the older pops. Another redundant. Good for you in your heart of gold admit that for you people money this month so there is and a Monday's much in here every Monday and we're trying to find for ever homes fares Danielle C. What would you call Herman Marjorie is at the name of the menagerie menagerie that's yeah I. If you are considering using marijuana medically then you're gonna wanna hear what our next guest has to say. It's former legendary east boy has always legendary sportscaster former sportscaster. Bob low bell and then we'll get to this day is grimy love rap for Danielle and we're going behind the ear mobs. Which is a an artist who had a number one ahead with a song that everybody has sang. At one time or another that is coming up at 910. Anywhere from zero. Something. As I mentioned earlier I will be forever grateful to our next guest because he gave. A young. Fledgling upstart to broadcast third chance 28 years ago and agreed. To participate. In the first regular segment on this program the low bell prize for sports award. And I am so excited that he's joining us this morning problem bell is on the Framingham ports studio line. Hey Bob. We'll let you Dylan. I am square and a reduction. You remember those days and what are you hitting it right yeah yeah he didn't like CD. Typical PC. That was the anger that show yeah okay gosh we didn't have asked these I don't know yet it. I don't even know who did another CD's that's. Well it's it's it's community he never opened. Well so yeah I mean you know those ticket I doubt it covered bridge so but it wasn't grateful that we really. It was a lot of record shoot. It was either that there I guess it it gets her restaurants you Alienware and we are here I don't know I am here. It might hurt great food dude Greg don't kid yourself. Bob you didn't need career moves that you you guys were like the you guys with the highest paid like local news anchors ever at that and and the that that help they'll be radio guys. Forever grateful for the I think are so into it don't make me regret. So. It's really interesting I think bird bird many of listeners and Danielle and Cuba remarked about it earlier. You've been you've been using marijuana. In you you've been a little bit sick and you've been using it and you want to share that experience that everybody not only. The sneaky and trade show this weekend. On on the show this morning tells a little bit about Bob. All about what about maybe using medical marijuana yes or yes about how to go about your use of what what made what made you like that. Doctor recommended he seek it out of your own like what. Start. So I would be one of those. You learned so much so volatile is on the folder well you're very very can't stop but boy is. No it was good but it was Peter RC Cotto. What are you gonna have wondered about that. Yeah. That the I'm very limited that I credit they way. Mean I hear my side. Fate in the U wanna yes I gripped the birds and the oxy code on the yeah yeah I'm I'm I'm on marijuana and now myself hook. It is the greatest line I've ever had but I was like old and a microphone. In Pittsburgh when he came out. Play in the Stanley Cup finals that you were hurt or he says look I'm. That's when he says that he misses three or four shows a week here as well. Aaron Aaron whatever. Anyway it would go anywhere. You know for me just try to deal with. You know stupid pain. And you know. At that sound you know they'll they'll start where we know well it doesn't matter that that. An alternative. To doing. You know. I can go lower actually good or anything good success or lack. We have the that you really work their way up when he got an alternative and you know from they have forced not that. If that works and figure out what war in the morning and then what you. Use flex. Think there'd underdog here content or do a lot of what but as bad the south there's plenty of ways to deliver a package and and it's a lot safer than do Iraqi go down as that a victim in any way shape or form or just or. Now Bob I'm I'm assuming you used mostly CBD. Stuff is very good paper and that. Yeah so it's dvds is different from the age he has the cycle active part in but now they can they can with the technology does today you again. Canvas that's just CDD doesn't lie. It's an amazing well it's an amazing chemical that's in Kansas. There let a little bit sorry but this is the dessert deal. Today it is active and how are you a doctor you. It. I've been altered it or are you Duma but doubt about it that nobody can browse to access. There. So doctors did you counsel Bob on and choosing marijuana from they're cute point of view. He's the work and a bit accurately. And it very important because one of my basic mission is. The people retained the big Mac and to learn about the beautiful system. Known as. And that most clinicians don't know anything about it because we're not talking and only about. 15% of the medical school community can now. And what we want people understand the truth. And that is truly an option that's out there and and I can't it is an alternative. And we want people to know that if that it has been around a long long time. It is safe alternative. To killed nobody is. And it in could cry. Why doctors. In the work in the united peak form cookie from 1850. In 1942. And one of the indication. What are open Hewitt it can also alcoholism. And most people don't know that and also beginning to see if America had happened. Or can nationally. It is meant saying he'd be he'd want them that he sees another one that well. But they are. Anti oxidant and you know protecting. Alicia knew about this before my prostate exams -- yesterday that doctor Ella bully I would have thought would have liked what you would your fellow defense equipment would have been. Let us. You can pick and keeping us updated and it. That wreck that is a very thanks bill that we sit and even though a lot of people don't talk about it. I'm old oil. Well below league club box. They went out well yeah. This did not use that probably eight years Bob this did not accept. But that did not eased out when you're doing when you lose water currently at 6 o'clock they weren't talking about but yeah. No I act I know I do so radical but he's director of it's if they're they're not letter certain diet doctor. Showed what we want people. It accurately and there are a whole array. Of different can not knowing. And it has over 400 different chemicals and over a hundred it thinking tonight. And he see it I'd like to call it could be intoxicating. And Benoit and CB he had been not. In appetite. And we definitely want to see the I want them to be heard clearly. She beat you does not work with a septic not brain or aren't cheap into the sectors but TC. Yes indeed he is an alternative backed up aired a lot of quality doctor about it but it is just one little cannot Benoit. Out here and it barred delivery systems. That amount. Is one entrance of deliberately leaking inhaled it. Weakening check it uploaded to your time. You could put it on your body count quickly and yet. You to put it in the big guy and that included in the wreck him either all delivery systems and depending on. People look. Depending on emotional physical whatever that part of the tainted. All delivery system that can work in different ways depending on how quickly you wanted to work what you. And there are many you know many who are listening. Like you know Bob was talking about LB and and sports and there are a lot of people who have old sports injuries a lot of people who are. Who wake up these you know with the you know pain in the knees and and pain in the and they hit send. If from a top focal point of view. That's making a big difference for people as well. You know the or. I think that the most important message you have to deliver the stuff works. And the inside the blue and sometimes. Probably the ticket back to Cotto but she's probably a bit of it do very prepared. Yeah sure they hear the very. But you're gonna need more Iraqis to. I don't work but that's different. Than that works and there's still a lot of their reforms. Right it's like okay we talked about about the first of all but that was I don't know anyway. See things work. Nice I you know listen I've got a really great friend of mine you guys have known not bad three hip replacements. Ya then I got an infection. And I haven't really good friend of mine give me a soft and it is completely. I went through. How long eighteen months of me him yeah on crutches off crutches on crutches off crutches. And I I was introduced to the sob. And it is changed since it's changed my recovered yeah. You know I'm like I'm almost back to normal alignment and actually riding a stationary bike again and you know so many elderly and they're not big daddy your tree is about. They knew right from birth to be stationary but you can't you can't move. And I and I. Hit the and you know that's obvious not supposed to be taking that rectal. And I'm sorry I do now Bob you you and former bears quarterback Jim McMahon are going to be at the convention which is at behind kicked Hynes convention center this weekend correct. That being I don't think they're bigger bird. But at the point is that yeah its commitment and go back in 198611. US beside the bear. Super bowl of McMahon was a bad boy and more about what you think that any sane debate pretty wise and was deported back to the bears. But there's a great side there's no question about it that got killed the wolf but on the other hand it was built a remarkable week. And these other winter break introduction to. Just to be there because a better bet every or that you'd think you'd start. Now that we end activity docking jar and I've been doing it in Africa and let it and didn't get it and talking about how he using candidate in the completely awful all of that old feeling. And athlete we're all obsolete these wanna be athlete. And candidate is all about convention. In the improving quality of life. And that and also have put billions that can be easier route co pay and Eric let. So it's the dock and the jocks which is alive panel discussion. On the rule of canvas and treating sports related injuries. Arab view and I don't know Helmer if you thought if you abuse checked on Jim McMahon story it is it is hard break up. Like literally. He was getting he was getting injections. In is it in the back of his match he. Can't leave the house he can't not Wear sunglasses. Like the story of the pain that he went through and his his torture. Is unbelievable and this is such a great day. Yeah you know it's it's it's it's. And Bob how are you doing met medically how are you feeling. Yeah very banks but is that it fired and wouldn't you know on the verge. You know patrol attention to the pain and and delivered. It try. You know. A McCrery Cuba as let them know it's not a lot of fond of your practice. Most of time but the way it is you know. Good and so of the card your belt of the Batman in the season where Kodak theater far get some. Both of them had similar style of play. Like drop the gloves soaked so. If I wanted to assume. What that. I say if I plotted these through. Okay. Well good yeah obviously you don't remember so rare that. There was Bob Bob there's a lot of good conscience and Elizabeth you know a couple of 115. Fights and and I Windsor so I don't remember a whole lot anymore. But again I. I will just say this deal will be you know higher I'm so proud you and I love that a year you'd take your debt now out and and being public about your. Your pain in your injury because people need to know this I mean there's so many athletes. Back you know we we Tryon play though were the tough guy and you put up with so much so much pain and I know you did and then you you know you finally. You have this is this access to pain relief and it's it's some it's amazingly awesome. Yeah and at the same thing goes review let them. Of the older big fan and a there are a lot of you know not going to you know on the ice and I'll let Doug let also. On the air and later you're basing transition in the yeah they're better workplace to your regular no question about. That there. I secure Baghdad have actually get through the personal pain traders say you're talking about that everybody has to deal with them some a lot more than others in your court. You know a lot more. At he would buy that that'd be government committed at some kind of a conversation. That people understand. That you're basically sober. Why you know we'll be you know I want I want you know let people know. They argue would migrants. And that's out you put it on your temples. Don't you know you'd it it it cuts the pain by so many hours you know sort of battling for foreign five hours. Back you know you get relief. You know way way way way sooner and they and there's there's a you know again I'm just learning so there's so many options. There's so many on our analysts aren't so me so. They'll terribly leveled the talk with two seconds but the fact he did just make your ability get migraines. You know that's an awful thing and and bit of a deal with it by putting straddling a terrible or whatever you know it's pretty remarkable it's justice. A lot of people say what we're quite used this for apple exists there are many different ways that this stuff works and what. Really peer benefit so why aren't. As a refugee camp about what works where because there's at all just you know I've done very aberration but it have a terrible. I have heard about that. But then there's something else that he's injured or out there and it has worked for me wire would that work for somebody else is that migrate that. Now this show is it's this weekend begins bank Hynes convention senator. And and doctor and doctor Loeb well it is it has been that great. Both the view on the show this morning and I hope we get to see you soon Bob. Sorry Eric that Latin that there are teams like the pied piper. Do you think about and think about. On the one that was indeed a democratic or your health care provider of our candidate. And also backed dramatic swings in and PTTs that get candidate is being out protecting as well look forward looking Altria. All right fantastic. That is Pablo bowel and doctor. Both hot as it doctor O'Malley go balls high as a character in real. That's the army not clear you guys saying the you don't really you do you it depends it and he may not have the effect right did you play. It got high CBD strain for rectal a lot of people that use candidates to treat anxiety. TH C high teaching strains are tough for penciled although with something that's more high in CBD you don't have that Psycho active effect. Because I was a little concerned about somebody lighting the join and then blowing it up my my diet but that's okay yeah. How it works the hole right now okay. It's a little bit I was a little worried that we weren't you worried about it. All right. And it is 858 here on the Hill Man Morning Show.