HMMS Hour 3 - Proof God Hates Us 7-12-18

Thursday, July 12th

We continue to go Inside The Warped Female Brain, we listen to your Hillmail voice mail messages, A woman in Maine was bit by the dreaded lonestar tick and now she can’t eat any kind of mammal, and Hollywood is already developing 2 movies about the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. What would you say it's a finally tax. What would you say it is too soon to get engaged. After a divorce. We are both in our thirties Nokia its. Depends on the introductory of your last marriage in. If the divorce was surprising your style into written and you know you're saddened there's mixed feelings and you haven't divvied up the dvd collection. I went away a little bit but if you're over it at the divorce is final if you're happy and you were in new relationship proceed as you feel is appropriate. 42 year old divorced man here have been divorced for about a year. And it had to longer relationships cents. When I broke up with each woman they both claimed they were pregnant and then said they lost the baby I love that I was married for fifteen years never had a scare they just saying this hurt me to make news day or date or could they be telling the truth acting crazy Jack as. I don't let him grow at what evidence you demand to see it pregnancy tests taken in front of you is what I. Positive pregnancy tests on Chrysler's move on and on the Internet. Not I you know I I I always enjoy when people don't. Women don't take the time. To get like the legit looking fake ultrasound they pull off they they do the ultrasound Google image search and they pulled the first one off there's your first. Sending text of an ultrasound and says it's yours and there's no name or date and it looks like the first photo that comes up on Google. It is my girlfriend going to be offended if I ask her to sleep in a separate bad huh. She rolls around way too much and parks in her sleep and it drives me crazy. So that's why a minute to spare bedroom it that hard. Key to longevity in any relationship did you feel guilty. Is there is is it you you know my grandparents have separate records. And I when I grew up my MI my parents are divorced so Ollie ever knew is that men and women at separate bag and so go to my friend doesn't like your parents sleep in the same bed that we're gonna. And then I was like that maybe it kind of where the my grandparents left in separate bedrooms. I eight. Cannot imagine. Spending a lifetime sleeping with someone. Who does not have the same sleep pattern is you the rolling over that he breaks the hot from the cold the snoring the moving the getting up to go to the bathroom to. I'll see less sex awfully together I'll get up goal in the other room at night. What if you like to cull all you don't need it up in India separately weatherman and that's why make our coach and a flat screen TV. You get hit it's amazing sleep gilts. Yeah because sleep sleep isn't. Probably the most important thing in your alive a 100%. Right if you're not get it. Your miserable is a 50 wait taxes we go inside the warped female brain. I mean and my girlfriend have been dating for eight months and she is talking about moving in together and ask Sheila is it too soon. Pelletier situation I aimed would not advocate moving in than anyone before at least a year. Maybe even into it to how quickly heal and get stepped on. If you have selected each other's places and spent a lot of one on one time together. And you hardy know the person's little peccadilloes and one not think I had move in together do the thing. Just establish a set of boundaries and head of time. Or be hit halo people move in together in the like this is going to be so grade you're gonna have fifth and they do that. And then everything craps the bed is one person likes it this way one person does that one person doesn't put that away. You have to kind of see how the other person lives first. See my girlfriend comes from money. And I do not. But I have a better job than her yet she always talks down to me. Like she is superior over the Indiana over them. That's how she was brought up her whole life. She's got money she feel superior to people that don't evaluate that it affluent that she suffer from Al flew Lanza who was what is Chad tech sister's name and I happened in a bad back then your idea backe so now that that is so she was told her whole life. That should ditch she was one of the chosen ones why he thinks she is a job that's not as good as yours because she doesn't have to have one that says that you know you have a great job if she didn't come from money you wanna make your own way you wanna support yourself and save a few featured a nice retirement. She's been relying on the army. Back through the orgasms Smith's. Error my girlfriend. After an orgasm starts laughing and controls your congratulations gave her trail and not because that is okay let me laugh at a funeral you know he believes at his section it did during orgasm is such a Russian. You know when neurological stimulation and physiological things happening in the body you know crying. Crying laughing these are all natural things have happened when that moment occurs guys don't like to be left out and even though you're not laughing I didn't take it personally I realized I am I different dumped a girl and that really take them on it. How she keeps laughing during a talk about Obama whatever what what. I I don't. Understands that people would judge. Sex actions. Your your in the bedroom. You're getting sex from our. Monthly yearly basis. What do you care what happens when she hasn't to rank. I think this are you saying this does is still sat at the comments people made when you took your clothes off pharma and it's aground off. I I just I just somebody I color I don't understand. That peak dead people to judge what happens in the wrapper would you not want to be in the wrapper with tech girl and mean. Or that guy yeah. Yeah I mean you're in the wrapper. Every day. Why does my wife always expect that after a long. Twelve hour work day. I am going to com home. And start cleaning right when I walk in the killer if I don't do it right away she gets mad and it ruins that night. Stanley people do that I have to give people little time to decompress. When they get home from work like. Personal loan for a half hour an hour. Just in many thanks to CF bank do you think chill out and then and then you can clean air talker have dinner. It's somebody asked the second they walked in the door. Is and you know let the person stops coming out. Is that an obsession with. The place being queen that you guys have it I I use I know you're working all day but you know. I I work two and I do so much in your not chipping in and helping it now you left that Chinese food dish next to the bed for two weeks. I practice there to see if you would notice needing needing care. Now I mean I don't currently earth could well. I always feel like just because you're somebody. Who likes to clean house now it doesn't make your. Like what you want more important than me if I'm somebody who doesn't mind a dirty peninsula wire to wire you can. The house cleaners the right wire you better than me because you like things clean maybe I things maybe I like the take my clothes off and thrown right there besides sharks likened to Oman the taxpayers some of them if you're tired of it c'mon man thrown in the laundry. 617 tax I am we're going inside the ward female brain. Would the would the birthday girls Daniels are dated and so clearance and if you heard I. And you're confused about the way the mind of any woman in your life where he can texture questioner right down 971 house. 617 tax I'm 52 and I just got divorced. I have a 21 year old daughter and I'm considering the eating 23 year old don't do it what now what age do you think my daughter would be okay with. Never have you wearing his. That was the worst things you can do is dated check the last year that very close your guys' age you get in get get at least the ten year upgrade. Minimum. There's old 5223. That's sox' track what you think she wants to pay you for that she's showing an apartment she's got dumped yes no money. That. I mean. Is that possible that these two. Have found their soul mates. I probably not now it's not possible. I love you spell much and I'm so glad that your daughter and I are such great friend and that that he graduated high school that name nearing. There's a 97 apex my wife of ten years. Brings up the idea of a threesome. Went another girl look. And is said many times. That she is interested in experimenting. She talks like she wants to. But any time we find someone interested in joining she puts the kibosh. On him why. Big thing is a big deal really talking about I'm just trying to make any teacher wants to spice it up and it. Just the thought of bringing someone Nelson is enough for heard it it's. I need to know I mean we don't need to tackle right the second but just ask yourself. Did she talked about bringing another person into the relationship. When your at dinner an Applebee's are why you're having a truck that. And if that did did Applebee's that might be a significant like Olga she's really walking about it if she's after XX like the stuff I've said during sex that affect anybody dude was like hey. You know you promised him like well well well put it away first of all I ever actually agreed to it Boehner and lime and illiquid Stafford. You know people it eat and talk up a good game about stuff during sex doesn't mean you're actually going to bring it to be room you know. Seven anyone tax happy birthday Danielle you why it. Excuse me sorry why does my wife need me to call during work. And oh sorry why does my wife need to call me during work and complain about something I did two weeks ago. If she spent two weeks hoping that you would realize that you did it you still haven't had she finally had enough if you did it again you know I am. I used to be someone who did not respect the the work they issue and would would call boyfriend in the middle of the work dated to bitch about something now now I it I wouldn't be able to. Even if it's something. Really super crazy an important. If anything I would want the person's full attention because I know that if Simon definitely if I'm a little my work day. You know for mid shell like it's 810 right now. If if if of my boyfriend her arm and mom or somebody rich text me be like hey he's got 'cause I important thing only. Yeah and element in the middle of doing a radio show like I can't really. Deal with this right this sacking Alec Greg Hill occasionally get a phone call from someone business related or something like Britain and all the shown your like. Yeah I mean. Think you know that I'm doing a radio show right now secondly talk about this right because I call it and yeah you know you need to have respect for what is your day especially if you want them to actually listen to what. Yours is it just that she wants to harangue you can't attack and get that offer plate for the day daily and that there have been daily complete a lot of other really work this does not need this week his air rights they candles in any longer won't reverend Johnny sack men don't parents. Why is it that here's a 978 tax why is it that my wife won't text me at work. And if I don't respond. Immediately. She is very upset about it. Because you didn't mean her head means that she's not important in April and sex sex. So you're not in the you're not making her priority because you're not responding term pleasure working that pays the bills are atheists do ours yes and. The other thing you don't sit there look at your behavior during off time because if you're person. Who is constantly on his or her phone when you're with your significant other. And then Nate text viewer they call you would any other time and you don't get back to the right away it's like. What afraid you're on your face is always buried in your phone and I'm Ricky Tellme you to be the answer may. That means just put the phone away given a second here's the tough one. I'm the older. Brother by two years check my mom passed the way for years ago sorry and my dad has a new fiance okay my sister. Who is two years in McNamee has stated she will never accept this new woman. And she will not have anything to do with the family if our father gets remarried. Are self center selfish selfish selfish. I could see if your dad was having an affair with this woman lawyer mother was alive in the left your mother for an for the woman I can see are not lying. You know our relationship with your mother passed away your father's moving on your father has the right to be happy. It sisters being selfish hopefully she'll realize that eventually you should give a crap fort. I understand it because. A lot of times you know children will think that. Even adult children grown grown ass adults will think that. The parent is trying to replace the other parent by dating someone new and that's simply not the case. Mother's son your dad deserves to continue to live his life and I'm sure your mother would have wanted that to you at the. Female fan entered I think it Libya beavers. That he found some. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah a lot of people get bitter via. But you get selfish yet you know on meet the new guy dudes dudes get battered considerably mom's little boy. Mueller beaten left for my son and nobody can beacons from another this morning my wife had a great dress on for work and look taught. She asked if it was too short and I said now it looks good. And she said okay I'm gonna change it why not I'm. You can't. That's a lot of good fewer put it there's something wrong that exact. Putt is. We are way testing things like your your approval for one thing that means like that you get that confirmed. Your approval of an item of clothing will confirm. It's something we shouldn't weary and something right. Like if you're cool if I was like they've been waiting at this address it looks pretty sexy like great I'm not I don't accept the business tonight and Damian that. Certainly I thought at that 978 attacks as we go inside the war female brain my wife of ten years keeps telling me. That she wants to go to a strip joint let me. I love strip joints but I don't know if it's a great idea to bring her and get lap dances. It might be one of those things that will make her angry she has never been to one by the way. So I would I would ease into this generic McAllister joins I think they're great. I would ease into this scenario by saying the first time you go don't get lap beats. Posts and murder Rowe may be sit and one of the little booths a couple couple rows behind picture stage. And then you may consider the table massage oil comes around you can do you know real thing global block. But. And you can you know then you can kind of gauge her reaction and she's like to go back and you can advance to the lap dancing and you might also if you think she's gonna be the jealous possibly get her lap dance. You do not get a lap band world where you'll avoid the lap dance get went for her shall think it's sexy this is great to not in a strip protect your. Right and asked them not to say. Dropping another thousand dollars tonight mr. Jones is doing and you don't need them it's an NBA playoffs are here regular and yeah. To yesterday. It 50 wait. A bit of vitally tax. I have no social media. And if I mention a female co worker too much I get accused of something yet my girlfriend has all social media. Including snapped Jack. And talks to several guys from past jobs and current jobs why does she think that's okay for her double standard. The female's head BK she knows in her mind that she's never initially polluting the Schwab's even though that's that they're trying to do slide into our DMS. But you keep bringing up this one chicken might keep bringing that girl that works with you like it just seemed kind of we year. Is that by sorry here's an 802 tax. I'm the wife that was wearing a short dress I wanted to change it anyway it had nothing to do with him pop up. Half and they are out and turn around America and it's a natural thing. Let's see here's 978. Taxed at WA AF FM and HD one west robust than WEEI HD two Lawrence. And WW BX HDT Boston. Speaking of social media I have asked my girlfriend repeatedly. Not to instill Graham photos of herself in her bikini and yet she continues to do why are crumbled plot power moved. Skirted or I don't she wanted to celebrate how hard alerts for my but coalition where pant suit to the beach you don't get whipped Karzai like I don't know. 40000. Guys on the beach while you're here you're out drinking and enjoying the ocean not the moment thing. It is not what's the difference is not the same thing Barack. The wasted emotion my god. Well is she doing that her attention. He's doing for like. It's sees a look at any tell me how good Iowa all saying today that this wonderful stroke my ego. So she should really be listening to him if he doesn't want opposed. With a bikini picture I mean you're not comfortable with something that you're doing on the national media you should you should it if it's not ridiculous request. At least try to heat debt persons. You know concerned about Jack do me a favor never looked at a check and go wow. She's. Well and I don't I never let me aren't I don't look at me are chicks anymore they'll look at chicks. And and you're not allowed to do everything I mean who cares. Yeah I mean the social media thing is really hurts it's really causing a lot of problems. For deeper relationship. Just don't have boundaries. Of the hottest that Andrea and they think it just because oh it's social media. It's no big deal. Social media is a blessing and a curse it's really good for some things it's. I almost war it's pretty horrendous for relationships. Is it gives people too many ways to misinterpret comments. Too many ways for people to get in touch with the other people. It's just it's it's it can turn into a disaster and some people what for what one person thinks is like an innocent post someone else. It's like dude really you're gonna put that TCU seriously don't think that's gonna cause a problem. I. I think it's these guys are so insecure. And so you stand with the water cooler with three other guys in the office talked about how hard the new. Our sales chip cares. But then your check puts a bikini picture unanswered runs aground in your airline news. Aren't yeah I got my man. Now are there women. Listening who. Leg they do listen to what their what their male partner wants without regard to bikini I mean. Is that like the number one picture that's posted on -- to him for what the thickness that I'm not talking about not tell you about my. The love of my life Emily ran account scary thing I'm talking about regular. The women who listen and say oh are they always putting bikini pictures I wouldn't think it may be this particular rose putting them up a lot yeah I don't. Won't that be great if you're if your significant other was was feeling great about herself. And so confident and when to kind of wanna encourage that Anita starts DM in these guys all that this is it faring and stuff. One thing but she's if she's with view and she's just trying to be like look at me look great feel good. There's a difference between an urge them having self confidence. And trolling for. You know people that tell you that you look good in and getting the DN girls and getting people to pay attention and because a lot of times. When will put up social media posts just a soft they're significant loss like that because they know that other dudes are gonna comment it's gonna (%expletive) them off. One bit but I think it's funny that Gary Gibbs crystal ball to bikini paper when he goes to prove peoples of Playboy and out of Texas. True that it's incredible what are classic will be. Decades what a decade are you living in an attempt to let you keep it under the reading these. Yeah yeah I don't know. A. Here is somebody who says women who oppose bikini pictures are clearly looking only for attention from other guys every ten pictures and I'm every one look at their case so far from now on Wear a black T shirt and black jeans and and the same shoes everyday. What do you get dressed up four to go out. Don't look good for other totally polarized Orton oh what is the it is they want somebody Watson's chip to walk up from golf while I look let me assure you look great. Okay I actually community around you you go back to the barn tell yourself they use so we wonder balls. My boyfriend and I just got engaged in Mexico last week and I was on the beach and topless. When no one. When no one was really around. He told me that it made him uncomfortable but he did say. That it's your body and because the way he responded I put my tap my top back on you know I think that he'll. Big mistake. But don't put the top. The top as each in Mexico. This is Laura hello Laurie. I had in mind I was. Happy in my bedroom and LA yes yeah yeah yeah they get I'm dot com. Anyway happy I say eating out. My climbing into light green and hang out I would expect they don't talk about the media. It caught up amount not that Eliot every right to fight back I'm not with my can't play that political combat. I'm let. Outlet of economic know how much time and now on Murray that greatness that. I cannot I end up on the not that big black marriage bad I am I'm at the bottom of the aisles like 12100 AA weather coming up. Well what about this one. My new boyfriend. And then we're gonna get to your home male voice mail messages and literally second selves so hang time. My new boyfriend wants me take down any old profile pictures that have might extend them. That's not enough reasonable request greeted real I. It not I am only thing I've won buddy. Who. Never scrubs his social media feed aunts and since I'd known to meet at a couple different conference and like to how you leave up like. Pictures with your act like a scene if you went to the coliseum and that the onetime thing. All the lobby dubbed the profile pictures that to review where you know it did iron elect may fool me. We're gonna dive frolic in garlic therapeutics these soon to folic the relationship didn't exist nobody you'd there's no need for if you're with someone new there's no need. For that. Presence to a current social media whatsoever does not need to be that is one state profiles of pork. I could stay in touch access registry and remind him publicity. Didn't hit it like if it's terrorism that you can just make you can change the privacy setting to only youth of the picture still there if you wanted to lead itsy have a record and that it. Okay if you're in a relationship with the person and and you have photos of you with that person. Why he would still visible photos of acts. All right let's do this race. W. And now it's your turn to time as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male. Reformer who happened very quickly pulled out you can camp on W a all right well. Good dating Albert day tradition. Dating. Tired. Our girl is has turned 41 years old today and here are the very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been left over the previous 24 hours. When they twelve. 44 PM. And now a very special they've gone a little bit and now. In their core low land flap. And there's a new theme where lawyer I have the new core I. Guarantee. The Gorton. After being out there and that. And it meant to leave now. All of the words in there that she hates. When own 7:46. PM. They've noticed that they didn't look bad in the face in trying to one up if they could but it about it now. Didn't play as being buried it. And the message. I cannot find something on the island. Between April and again. Oh and where the game. Bowl have been. And voters misery. If there isn't. People dying and has recently. And saying. Pluto. Happy birthday we can. Ultimately that. Expand that message is the word sweetie okay in this. I use terms endemic for peoples a say thank you honey you don't need to Ireland doll face down I never had anyone get visibly upset in front of me that I use that term with them that I know some people take some good result I heard some guys use it like in in that lake work. And yet that gets wildly I hear he's right there. Well I'll be does say that all the time what I think there's harmonize on the said the but it's not our problem and everybody in my workplace all the chicks in the workplace and certainly in editor column know I wanna get yet with a yeah also Willie Mays Willie McGinest went installation yeah I would look for some like they have agreed they had me yeah. That. You do accusing it you hit an illness that is your that's Shelby's personnel. So you for him for him to say that you know it's not coming across is weird in even if it does not want that I know odds of them I know but he definitely isn't it at least Russian and Nike just being friendly. But he does. If he doesn't call you sweetie. It means no real problems. We. Ordered and on. And gonorrhea. And after whoever if we have Bonser managers and they see me in the bill. I'm going HR. Marc cannon doesn't colony's leading to an ultimate sweetie. And I don't hold her. Mom won't he run again. And renovated it got. I realize that mattered to him that well this PH evolved slightly overweight involved but I think I concur that it. That. Line and I was sent a link to whom he had. Happened Brett Peyton in new. Hero. Is there water that it have a great birthday. Eight point seven completely audience contract negotiations on the person speaking of mark. Looks blue moon and. Every now we are pretty that it plays he gave their burning up and coming part of their it art capital. I don't know I I've always I didn't watch it but I as I said again I never watched a but it was a it was it was funny. I just of the whole thing where everybody. Pretended dated no war it was and everybody kept trying to call me. And I don't know. Aren't aren't exactly I stood right in front of John I'm pleased producers and I'm leaving him one advocates and I went plated Mark Wahlberg is a golf tournament and it. Who called me old. They need video birthday. But you lot take that live to sort out the window. All of the on good on the back Ali and we're gonna go celebrate that our big girl like no. Maybe when they. Are from. And I'm gonna get him off night. I'll sleep in five minutes wildly inappropriate term in. Mexico. Q are you kidding me. What is it that these via race and scrub like most of its its its. Boom boom boom boom and. Hell yeah. Get really penalty he has the time below the order and that. All the way. I. Captain ms. Merkel and friends tomorrow morning and then I'll be back on Monday. And the thousand dollars Holler starts up again on Monday at seven. And we'll go inside the simple mail mind on Monday. And one of our favorite news smokes in the posture of normal being anywhere on nights during the 9 o'clock hour on Monday shows so busy show on Monday but I'll be off. I'm enjoying the beach tomorrow. Thanks for me yeah. Obeyed recommended beer work tomorrow. In this message that I. Congested and right. I mean this can manage. Are. Those are today's hill mail voice mail messages thank you for participating coming up after a guy former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo friend of the program will be in here with his guitar and he is doing. He chaired the booze cruises. Tonight what no more fun is there and then that while the news crews with music. And though the weather on the harbor it is it's going to be a beautiful night to be boating. So. Doing a lot of boating well my friend Jay has the votes and I ended up. I had events in the city and and and I ended up with the whole bunch of people including our friend. Jackie Webb who is. Boat show merit sponsor a marathon survivor didn't. And I don't know if you some ions in them and I posted a picture of Jackie and I and the votes huge grain and there was and the first thing that happened was there was day. Ed Jewish council who. Made reference the fact that she must be on the Jackie's on the board of directors of the foundation to she's a marathon survivor ranked but they made a comment that must be because she looks because she's smoke show. I sociable a cut off fuel but let's be honest she Rebecca Terry. Your back a very nice. Response to that and it and then oh the plan at them like I think that's and then I got the bill would go birds sang out your pounding when it should action and here I eighth. And I had to add to inform those people that mrs. Phil does not like to be on instrument. Because of people like you were able. She does not enjoyed being on the social media's. I'm because of because people like to make their little comments and she's not a a public offers I. I went through this humid there is someone felt the need to tell any benighted. With someone else. The set of the radio is plugged with somebody else now. No no this is like a pop I don't think that that was the point afterward trying. Tell Miami. You know that I had done something with another girl I've kissed another girl and they liked it and I and I and I I had. Had to say I had the last out of -- of course. It is we. Go back and I say if the five mantown dvds. Of the pictures I took privilege. Girls in the sang Alonso iron mr. and years. This is doctor jelly on the Framingham forward studio line hello Joey. Case of the story about a dog days of summer it's because at the start serious in the the big its closest star. Dad scientists found a lot of information about recently. And on July when he there are eight comes from behind the site and appears in the morning. Rights are and there are some tribes and indigenous people police are. Confident that. And there's a lot of books written about it but there's one really can he goes to eat you know explains tried to act. Doesn't answer in the audience simulates these two being being around each other. So I just being ten years ago when I knew it strong equipment found out that this is called. Buying a restock that actually true status next to each other in the east in around each other and acting. And one of the size of the planet that goes around Lucas tried. As it being on the ground exactly and a whole pattern of how this. Chat system works and they say they're just too old to ever make it are there any previous. July 23 in the first the dog days of summer when the talks are serious. It's fantastic so it's really not the dog days of summer yet. Not as July Tony there and and I have to be at the Bert Bert if a lot of urged people make good at bat if I tell you know the badger. Yeah. On that's an interesting merry answer. Non there's and irrational fears from my adopted home continent of Maine in the news this morning in that is a woman. Has been bitten. By the dreaded lone star dec. We have to discuss the lone star tick on the show because when you're a bit by it. You can no longer eat. Meet its pro life that god hates us let out a way that what absolute horrible tragedy terror and so this woman in Maine. Paddy O'Brien and carrier. That got bitten by issues of Gardiner Daniels is a cautionary tale for you can elect are not your month at your advanced age of 41 yes. I need a little stool global Rowling stole hearts and that's that it is updated at the bottom. And it's. I used to hate battery in my old man used to make me my old man like 22 garden yes he loved to garden I don't know why but it was vegetables okay. You say that brilliant you're debt was a lawyer right ya so he's he's like. Ball out of fourteen hours a day yeah it's like it's like Danielle all right you wanna go by yourself and you want to song yeah relax I've talked to my tomatoes but he used to make me I'd get up in the morning till we need a freaking garden or is that the worse thing in the world sadly I was let herself. I have absolute worst thing in the world. But anyway she if she got bit and she can no longer consume. And economy. Which is that absolute disaster and she. She talks about the diagnosis. And and what they holder. You have been bitten by a lone star tick and I am I never heard of alarms start sick. And because of that you can never again eat man I couldn't eat the dinner that I've been preparing. As it was no more I'm mammals because you could have another reaction. So it was pretty startling. No more mammals as well I have been there I'm not one of those next transaction on every block from her right there Amman at the. That's crazy though that's I mean to think. That's something like that could actually. Rule out an entire food group would say no matter what it is. Yeah that that it caused Yury you know physiological stuff that change someone's or physical whatever it is not case that that it would. Cause potential reactions to balance critic. I get a if it's day or not enough information call again and he carbon monoxide that area close them and it's not as. I'm not monkey get out of the escalade. Do you see the woman who there's also a woman in the news who was outraged. She's she's a V again. And she was informed. By a worker that nannies is not a does not begin related product that I Angel and people don't know if she lost her she had like a food pretty huge thing. Which I don't know that I would have known that either I'm not to have to date on the vegetables will be well I don't know he is only a little idea being the end zone do deteriorating yes she loves you and -- yeah he's like honey she wasn't necessarily a rocket science person so she'd been eating mayonnaise for quite some time and I think that it was like subway the subway the subway and ethnic its older and you went. In play a complete defeat in rage which you probably didn't have much energy for because I don't know protein. What am. There are a where do you think your preteen gets its energy for allies I can't I've heard that it's like the wonder burger. And let's call it they. Because those boards. Berger called the 99 and possible burner with and it gets on the impossible burger. Which. Pretty amazing thing because what they did was they identified. This. Like an enzyme or something garner that is in. The the plant material. That cows eat right and so. Because that's what the cow eats. That's where the taste. Feel. So now reality of beef comes via morrow so they used so ridiculous that Ian committing this this this V and beef burger kind is probably impossible. And the thing was pretty good men and I haven't had a UK I have a tennis Abraham yeah he's not able burger for like I haven't had a second one. It was it was it was pretty it's made out of these. Excellent group and that criteria so I interviewed him up there and I traded it to try it warrants and Erica. A and there in a bench during mid afternoon. Isn't texas' life without stake is not worth living I now and I agree life without enemies are areas are just enough. I mean every every kind of meat sauce some of them. That discount meet and be careful of disk can fight for private market basket. Discount sushi discount neat. Fish is number 1% of not discount seafood yeah and now audited companies and words at this seafood smells like C. That's. About a pat Stewart believes that when Carl Sagan called earlier. The that. That he never explained why who could never explain the dog days reference we're talking about the dark days of summer serious the star thing it's in ahead in the diesel origin of that it's called the dog star yet all in all we honor it's like Guinness major and minor I think serious as major. So I Al kind of evolved from Greek and Latin and now via our Q. Let's Huber can do can't extra hero is all I enter them on your bird then you're going. Tons viewed it. I don't notice these things and you don't you hormones. Some grease song yeah. Reid's sons. Do you ever did you notice how. It's. A. I'm just. She's. And it's. Okay. And you're so. That's still feels like Florence yells into the microphone on please you know sounds good deal adds style she has agreed to send a strong voice it were what were your parents in the machine when is that yeah. It's probably. Ten years ago and Beardsley didn't think it would never disarm Marla chrome and ago now there are not sonogram you know questioned she mentioned. Wildfire. Maybe one. Let me give you a literary obscure reference to one may have been named misty of two entities the I did you. Did you ever read that misty of chief could I did not child. I once went on a trip to Chincoteague and got a running of the yes yes a big party down if there was a huge party that Iraq Don and it's like Maryland averaging. Senator terribly feel the Madison house there will. But no they don't know Clinton foundation has a house in our bank regardless of how the Clinton foundation as a small mention doubted she'd go to Italy's banks. It's not the underground sea island is just yeah India and it's the of ocracoke. Well what. Great now I don't have them poker lounge act. Right. Behind me. Here's somebody says that points in the machine does an amazing rendition of stand by me which I don't dealer but I love that. As juniors in Miami. I couldn't. Let's see 774 attacks that they sound like a high school talent show terrible. Don't file guy you felt like I go unchallenged. You're an idiot and a terrible year. And just get in the mode because sub Bronson Arroyo is coming in the Natalee outside attorneys gonna play some music and a little bit. I what else oh we should probably get some news he wanted to to reduce. Dude that parents. Also new this hour he used throughout Cuba I cars for kids an easy way to donate your car. Donate today in your car can be picked up tomorrow but it cars for kids dot com or 1877. Cars for it. So it's been announced. I film company that they're making a movie about the tie in soccer oh my god bless. It's one day ma. Well in us I was I was I was scoff doubt by a Hollywood actor on the show the other day and I suggested that and so there there. Clicking they're actually two movies do. All like like the Boston Marathon yet had a stronger. Period. Wednesday I think he's going back sit and via Amy Fisher thing Democrats shoot him as soon and he's about that yeah you brought that up by do you think we talked about it did two directors Roy already. Well there was a whole bunch of the whole bunch of bull went over there like Jack. Like the agents and directors and everybody and yeah I mean. So that we have a title matters. It is. The caves of draft or what when we're it would lead killer coach at that fits all course Obi those particular. One of the big concerns. That people have already about the movies that Hollywood is going to white wash it so I want to make sure. That they used tae actors. All. Now. I don't know of any well known. I actors here in America now. It well defined them better start looking at mortgages from reactors in Thailand the contract right there are only I wanna bet that they wanna sell didn't wanna sell the movie see yet have a name minimally Bradley Cooper as the coaches Dexter says. Exxon has. Ryan Reynolds that the that it and look at no time about the video it's probably and he will Smith's kid who's there isn't but you know play every all of the soccer kids. All of will Smith's kids will play every single socket and Andy and I and one person doing the whole team I guarantee. Tom Hanks is going to be soccer got his eyes like Sully Sullenberger. Is gonna only gonna be the mayor of his players in India governor of the provinces. Even ex pat that relocated to Thailand set up shop in a remote village. DC is being attacked. On the little boy from Myanmar that there calling hero always. I.'s fourteen. Or abandoned by his parents when he was young. But he spoke five languages. Just like Maloney at trump. So he was able to help guide the rescue efforts because he spoke English and he can communicate with a lot of people who come from from overseas that really yeah. Equal what was I reading that they were drugs in order could be there you know panic to be so they wouldn't can't begin academy. Like you did that back in 2000 that the clubs Wright stuff you are Smart enough special pink. That's amazing. I mean it it it makes cents. Because I. Man I I went I mean I snorkel and Hawaii once and I I panicked well it and claustrophobic. And cloudy water. Well you just thinking of fear someone that's drowning yeah you know you have to put your arm around their neck because they're gonna try and drown you riser freaking out right. Loves. Here's a text. Suggesting Robert Downey junior as Ilan mosque yes. Sammy can arrive so he can arrived one day late in his invention that is Betty made to save the world can I try. I doubt he'd try it was you let's squatting more hours late. Sometimes you know. So I'm sorry but it a bit big what I'd get your Elon Musk you know nobody had down you're seeing how many kids submarine kittens as the right together. I look at me moment it's like a ride being with that Powell. I'd say after LB is taken as closed and I studio and got on how many little submarines are you still mr. Yeltsin as useless and I can use it tonight and like what the scenario. When you line mosque it got on his private jet witness. Submarine that he invented. And he came zooming in the Thailand and arrived at the caves and everybody was gone there was like a bunch of first aid like left over syringes and packages and adjust the things that is why I was at home. Moscow if you're ever want it done it was a prank unless soccer sure but I guess yeah illegal Boston and that put the effort I just. Want the credit to. If you have to drug kids to get out of located when things go bad. How do you allow kids to go into her care. Al-Qaeda and its not an early days and yeah story announces place they can go exiting so there all the time the I well. A drug you'd get you battle army captain Prius is 857. And today show is presented by echo store technologies you're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. And here's the Texas sense. Greg at least even on trying. Yes I actually I I'm not you text files under in the perhaps get a sense of humor and I think it's my. Not a big issue for me I just think it's kind of funny that the that he rushed in the senate today and I think that was the end of it it I did it happen quick into that made dramatic amount and about creating some kind of a whole new submarine thing yeah late you know Finding Nemo yen. And he was that me that we can use it for the future I think we've probably camp and occurred other. To happen if there's another soccer it and it's not what it does he answers track. Athlete. In line.