HMMS Hour 3 - The Power of Woman Voters 3/13/18

Tuesday, March 13th

Hour 3 of the Hillman Morning show starts with news of a morally questionable scavenger hunt that got a sorority suspended for several years, we pick up the conversation on subservient woman voters in the south and there is some coffee controversy in the news as a café refuses to serve the law.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com that too low and what was it. Let's see first semester was point 25 seconds there's going on that I didn't have so. I don't know that you could withdraw from classes. I had no idea that was the thing so I failed everything likes he may get one. Second semester I failed everything I'm so sorry mom if you're listening. And my only let us when we went on in the wac. For change now. Concerned curry Amy this 038 and so worrying so you had a point 25 GPA your first semester went to. You have tried to do that and blow to our ski. It was very bad if it. Ben as of this moment there on double secret probation. See this it is John. John. Good morning everyone what's up John. All just enjoy the weather. We're argument John just urged its order Brockton. It's a real power in the VA hospital for anyone listening. Come in the newspaper carriers is still out as you mentioned earlier and we are expected to deliver. We're delivering today. There's a globe and the enterprise. And the and the enterprise. Though Brockton 50 is that they got like five pages in the and the news at his. A boat that they yeah obituaries and that he wanted an actual paper itself. I don't forget the horoscopes. I gotta get my parents out. And I will sell enough but the roads how about other roads down there aren't 24. I'm pretty sure they doubt it ever get our awareness now I'm getting a lot of text messages I've been getting text messages all morning. Those who are working today yeah and we we did give some. Some brand though you get a trophy gains for those who are working. During the storm itself several plow guys including mass TPW just checked in the Mass Turnpike. Guys wanted to say hello that's why there aren't that day. That's a 603 tax so that's a New Hampshire personnel working down here and not paying. Any taxes are tires stay where they're where they're working. Down haze let's see. Snow. It's wet and heavy and trees are coming down. In Sudbury parity that's finally text there on. The submarine got absolutely killed by the last on a plan and all the it's taken him like a week to tell it turns down walls are probably a lot that are. There's still lying amounts of the wet and it's you know you're worried it would land today when you mean and that now wasn't bad it was completely west and them all now it was a I if you wanna call and you wanna be on the show this morning to do so on the Framingham Ford studio line. That number is 617931. 1223. Or you can text on the tax line which is 97107. One else when he mentioned TO or gonna play your home male voice mail messages back in a moment. During the 9 o'clock hour. We will play our end of the show game were you paying attention and if you can answer a question about today show. And you could win tickets to goes he hailstorm map. And misery. You'll meet a pizza. God I lost I love this I whatever's happening one and I mean I love it I don't know if we can include your mom. I know at night it's not fair that I just of that what would it would it as it did happen again. You know you still win now Lou that I guess you mean you you you want. You you Cynthia's let's. I think I get it I know it sure and I briefly before the show we are talking about shoe shoe came in and he said. We bill stormed reduced to fuel would forward Utah Utah and that's exactly how I surrounded and Andy says it. And I. LB say Lindsay when you when you mention it. I just tried to close during the show noted. I could try and I felt fine I'll take the end there. It's I think every day it will do a what is only what is LB predictably going to say little islands. We could open gambling site just relax and my god I got Newport a plus five on the on the new port. I mean to flag live through ship. Rocker is made thirty years ago no one. 67 years that she's a manager asked our man. She she plays the guitar or big red green and Coca college football Saturday I think like 09. Isn't this just coming here post break out of my condition and should. That on my available we didn't we did a couple of different than them you know we always decent. And. I care a little bit so the thing with the ransacked her brother. And yeah Zuma. It is 805. It's time for this and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail. We know our third and ten days or go off of god. RWV. One another aren't coming next week so. Whether people looking at another storm. That is formulating. And will arrive here next week as we get to the end of march so. At today's weather but you are sorry today's home L voicemail messages brought to you by the city of Boston credit unions with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But with no minimum balance requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city busting credit union. And their checking account service today and since there are no days off if you are a hill male participants. In the middle of the storm here are today's. Pill mill voicemail messages left by EU over the previous 24 hours. Monday 11:15. AM. You know it wouldn't vote tomorrow you. I don't walk or no weapon did because it did note that there's just off the skill of this and not have known it they've been there from the beginning. It's. You a personal pocket clip. We'll never have to pick someone. And you don't deal. Yeah and then now it is. Through will never have a six on one in Thailand. But you're happily married by its idea. I don't know. I can knock go to do did not make out with supermodel Heidi and Copeland in 1982. How about Erica millennia. I made. Did not ever hang out with Woody Harrelson. Drank. And I've never been in Newport then not abandoned near a hundred and I did not in the way LB intentionally imported them did you do for it. There policy here's this is an excellent idea. The we should make it a game wears a collar at the start of the show at six. Predicts what exactly LB is going to say. And in repetitive basis. And then will do an over under on how many times he says big thing is LB won't know that. So it will be it won't be now it again and tasted but you might forget it I mean nobody it's ten minutes after the fall upon the cool though it. They're giving you here giving away hailstorm tickets so why wouldn't I be like what went on this day Lizzie everywhere Narnia why every single. You know who did the picture of her feast playing lives. Now she's amazingly heart and an innocent I don't own a good man. I was very shallow but I'll Lizzy is definitely it is fruitless. I sure don't question why did they not why you know why do you think Hart were so payments on his way their business and it shows exactly yes. Like for instance. We we should and over I'm either. Today because you've now come up at some point again taught a class I had something and another thing I'm jealous of that callers right I never had sex in a house where the in a hurricane when the group in the roof was ripped off topic thing you have to live than a minute is at record in group whose arm then there was the top part of the house it was ripped. These are you Narnia the opener. Master bedroom. And I think. Here's taxes says I should just do it on Twitter has LB does that guy who does not use that social media apply and I can turn out. I'll guide and go through the whole password game and it won't give me a password. And Mary Eleanor. Monday 5:49. PM. Hello days. No days are all. Own game. And then that is that there are a lot of people who'll hire heroes that we need today because they are working so. Thank you to all of you alluded new adapted. The crews out there from national green. Did a man and. All the all the linemen who are out there and what about that Dunkin' Donuts people who are out work sir updated copy this morning this is in July hello Angela. Aria what's. I wanted to shout out but it thank you keyword putt not a deliberate Ellen it. And it is actually got up early look at the generator just figured I leave our act. On I want our customers are what are you gonna do during the day watch TV and and and beat French toast and then the rest of the. Pretty Audubon all bond. My question is what do you do for him army units for a union out at the. 223. And again. You know I promised myself that I would never again. And open my mouth on any topic whatsoever and look at them my utmost. To educate myself and become a well informed as possible. On that topic. That won't apply to the president of the United States. They get. And the president had the full cap tweet yesterday. About being vindicated. And by the house ethics committee in the Russia for a few wonderful out its role model and half of the house ethics a majority of pain the work should trust and repelled and Ryan Smyth I include the Mahler Borough that is the way alerts. Vindication. But he was like the pharmaceutical industry you know pay the right people in landfall caps on that to eat ball caps. Let's be. Really annoying to look at the photos of the Tuscan Villa for mrs. dole while you're digging on this now. And and. Cooking class as genetic testing I don't enjoy them I noticed that you like that picture on it's the grass us. Let all of like every time every time is is help with the the story. A mile hike right back and like all the analysts so that I have reminds me and Juliet they're cute and gradually they have the time. Yeah that is are valid within the business it is a little frustrating in the in the middle of the winter storm to see them. And making pasta in the Tuscan Villa that she enjoyed here and but you know what. I think bill into it yet just how powerful you are she deserves it. I mean a few weeks over at Italy here because you've worked hard. Over the years has 300 ships in the fair manner I mean it didn't go to England. At the end of the month it happens after the pop that they honestly the past that the liberty. The homemade pops. Tune in for old man. They grade note that the ball was gone if it came next month they pick all of these Norton actor buddy. Now since LB 617 text over Brando doing. For everybody working at Logan Airport you got down. So yours dues to me grief. And mother nature catcher. Won't won't won't. They're bad they're good they're more now because. I'm here I'm light but as a black suspect like Clark and former powerball. I've been here at all. And the message that the act. Any apparent by thirty. Yeah now you must fill out policy that like 2:30 this morning GAAP and our gas is being responsible. Yes armed but he died. Thank you ordinary and so hard. You can't. Yeah you cannot Callan and uses profanity on the radio. On a view. 648. Team and will be good bill. While no. Now. I know didn't grow up with you among the girl and I am so while Kraft. And the message. Guillen and a little crowd and I well. I'm a 1997. For that didn't look that only do it so proud of Palawan data held a little planet dome while the crowd as it could but he's. Stone mountain Ian I hope. Why is it that he didn't. Are now. Didn't radicalism there. But it does mean the aids. Right now the helicopter sightseeing business is is not one that is thriving I would I was so unfortunately. Then twelve and Greg thanks a lot now and all of another 1520. What might happen live and get smoke around my head all day if you look from the second floor back. And then now his political lives up on the second floor. 7:40. AM. Senator Hillary Clinton you are completely bonkers at. Do you realize that you just gave me about how you lost the election because the old Soviet women in a country all of them. You are wounded now it's plastered on. A lot of people. Were pointing out. That. Victor Hillary's comments about how she lost the election. Because of subservient. Women. Probably did not go over that big in India. Democrats. Have been losing the white vote including white women. We do not do well with white men and we don't do well where is married white women. And part of that is. Me an identification with the Republican Party. And a 88 different ongoing pressure. Two. Votes the way that your husband your boss. Your son. Whoever. Believes you should let. I mean. And who buys into that other than Pena now. I'm buying into everything a lot that it's I think it's a valid point that in certain places in America that exit. It's it's currently does she thinks it. We want to hurt. Some but not enough to roll out is definitely. Definitely you guys there's guys are so sexist you're not giving women credit they did you live with a Democrat. There are. There are nine. First of all it is areas that we're going on your numbness and she is still bitterly traveling. And bemoaning the fact did did did the she how many reasons she adds more. Reasons. For her why she laughs then OJ has. Descriptions of what happened on that and Amber's. But it. Like I just don't believe that there are a lot of women. In this country. Cool we're told by their male boss. Or there husband oh how they had the vote in the auction. I believe there are a lot of men. Who were telling women how to vote number I'm just saying I don't think a lot of home went into the voting Booth and voted the way they were told Zia. I hear is it now has in 978 tacks I'm I'm open for discussion on this. Greg that exists everywhere you're a white male there is no way for you know this is another one of those things that as a white man. I am and informed and unable to ever understand but what I am trying to do. Techsters it is the last one to give credits. It through. The what I believe are the majority of wildly intelligent. And it's. Powerful women that we have in this kind Larry who do what ever. They want to do whether or not you ask them nicely to do something not day they tend to be on their own and do things in an independent manner at least the ones that I have been experienced. He's speaking specifically about the third congressional districts are common and our I'm not speaking at all about I'm talking about the fact. That I don't believe. Donald Trump won the election. Because a lot of them and a lot of men pulled their wives who they had the vote for in women listen below Obama. One of college ball a lot. I'm proud to have you stopped genius. It's eroding your phone I hear and understand what it would say it again. And Colin can typically lose Danielle yes. He can single woman down here and my mother and I analyst Carolina either one of those for addiction Hillary. Well they're always saying that it did down there in that part of the country you all do exactly what they little words and I know. Yeah our own words and I'll be all around you all do your husband tells you did you. Well that is not education at all. Like much in check when you're going to quoting push you into a wall that's why they can't stand in long has said that African couldn't only with the way. Yeah. I'm talking about like you know that guy says you go vote for trump when she goes to vote for tamper you go over for Hillary she goes to vote for Hillary I'm talking about. People falling in step with. You know the thoughts of the person who leads their house and it depth I'm not saying if the majority. It does exist in some spaces it absolutely is here's the 774. Attacks that says I have lived in the Bible Belt for three years. Women can think for themselves down. Here and it is an insult for Hillary to say otherwise. So there. Here's a Texas says I believe the opposite is also true if your girlfriend or wife is a it's hard headed politically. Then and you risk telling your that you voted in another way that you're probably going to be sleeping on the couch for the next six months earlier yesterday death by your governor of doubt is exactly right. And now everybody's yes yes person households in the five voice text Greg my mother in law firmly believes that my life voted for trump because I told her to. Trust me. My wife is Chertoff to pick her own decisions. What about the scene that's the thing is. I think it's really insulting it's insulting when women say something like that about other web. It's wildly insulting when Hillary says it's insulting when you say it these women they can pick our. In other. Then shoes even though they can think on their own they may have their own views that differ too. I don't know plays supportive 1950s tech pearl if they're still households in which that dynamic incest it's not the majority by any means but you can't say it's not happening out there somewhere. Here in this day and hello Dan. Yeah. I live down now. And the whole bit about that than men and women. At the side it beat the band like you're gonna vote and let us say that they get knowing better and I think I'll say it. But that's being built an art without lots of like sort of frame that's what it does not vote. Now where. Wear down south. North Carolina North Carolina. And did would you say that adopted that its predominant. That. A man. Tells his wife what to do in the south. I would think predominant I would say they kind of offered their opinion be without doubt there Mort this nowadays so. I've watched that. What what they gave their life that way don't get an argument later it like up here. How is that. Again. I don't know how this freaked out is that any different yeah Kentucky blue in the face and once you get in that manipulate whatever emblem Peru. One who's here's C is an actual Mac. Good morning ever good morning and now let's. Let's let's. Moderate side up I heard it all parties part of a home I agree with your help because. And who called that without a North Carolina but there's absolutely little like I told net. In January what are brother graduate lyrical. And first of all the confederate flag there who like flap in the wind down there. Aren't that you drive on that it fighting vehicle. So I've got to know. Is that we get the fire out there from Austin because. It to a to the couple the entire every day that FR I doubt that it was with Tom. That flout insecticide to figure out if all hot seat. The road bought. And who does it probably about the evidence I resent the fire straight at the simple. Target. You and you're saying that based on driving there which I think is wildly insulting people live there that's fine that's another can of there yet but Robert. Political director. Got a bit of a factor or cure. Freedom like solar and wind out I I I think you and Hillary are reaching. He is attacks from Tennessee from a woman in Tennessee. Please tell the union now that I feel bad for the man who dares to tell me or any of mass there and girlfriends. Out the vote. Think they're funny women that feel that way but they're still something that all the way their husbands are gonna sit there. Well. Bitter Hillary in India. And now. It appears that it is male bosses and husbands. Who lost the election for her because they pulled there that they told their women how to vote. And it is 826. And the winter storm is in progress here this one is named Schuyler and it is as miserable as Skyler white at least it's going to be. By the time it's done today's weather. Rock you by Subaru of New England supplying all wheel drive vehicles with a passion. For winter adventure. And by the time it's all done tonight it will be one to two feet of snow looks like south east Massachusetts region. It is going to be hardest hit today at the good news is that. From the tide perspective that tides we're going to be relatively low anyway I about a half feet so it doesn't look like there will be. Extensive coastal flooding this go round like there was last time. There are party power outages being reported. And that is certainly concerned. Pants. We're hoping at some point before the end of the show here from. Governor acre out of the bunker again an update from him. But looks like the roadways and diesel by this morning so most of you stayed home today hello Mike. Court earlier Droid what's Mike. I'm not going to comment on that last caller. First of all of them in the south now. Yeah I yeah occasionally treat confederate flags well I know people up in Maine that it's slated confederate flag just what ever reason a level it's. It's a southern thing yeah Alistair up there but what that that's not my point. It's going to do. He's talking about how. You know women are told by them and how to vote you're only companies out there. Hell David where the ball held their employees are you should vote for the person I know people personally that during the last election Arab and their employers were told them don't vote for Trout don't vote for trial. You know so it goes both ways so that that makes Hillary Clinton complete your point completely new era for air warfare that guy is. I know you guys go like that box ball below what happened down here and when we get a few which is ice is no. Beyond that they have done we're not equipped to deal with Victor we don't have that. It doesn't happen regularly just like if you leak it a few weeks ago you guys needed a bunch of guys I have to drywall and will this help you guys have done treat. No I mean so so it's it goes both ways we're trying to help you you know over the last few weeks that you guys are all. You know trees going down it would 7080 mile an hour wind we got a 110 mile an hour wind last year our Kate and I didn't lose power. Love you'll have the fair that guy. Listen Mike we appreciate the support and be happy that you're not getting a couple of fetus noted you. You guys are you guys go off they say about their you know don't. Soared to hopefully although these are like last time I hear that that's terrible but my mother was supposed to come down tomorrow and she got a flight canceled twelve. Obama but you know our blog yet all they've they've got. Well listen do what's that would you tell the white makes for breakfast this three if she could she be. She get everything ready down arrow. I lose political fortunately there. Sun comes out probably did not learn anymore. Oh that's good morning. Hey good morning everybody in my shop would be trust. That's good nothing else I'd I will know. Probably already know well yeah I got to make this and I need your opinion. What she wants. What I don't wanna bowl periodically. Why should it is so I'm probably going back to why you're not the follow you got a debate she laid up. Here are nothing. Earth evolved I would assume in Wellesley that most people have somebody who does. The shoveling for them yeah so you are now wire. But I believe. And the shovel once. Philosophy not shovels several times. So as to prevent. The build up of this now I'm Agilent at the end of things and and and you and diminish although businesses animals in Italy and that's. So I that's though I'd do it. Yeah if it or possible. For Kobe will be to shovel and have Gobi will be doing the shoveling but he's not that advance he's very intelligent advance buddies not that it ends. Single parent that is on the phone well whatever DR. Pay a label on I have to drink I predicted LT late they pick their pulled out. I'm omelets look at it yeah. It looked I think you guys though Daniel today. I'll I just want to thank you for being essential you know are very essential to me. Well we're glad to be here wasn't that big of a deal getting here it's probably going to be a big deal getting on the island and it's it's really coming down right now I'd really like to be more essential. Well if well. I had nothing immunity to be. I'll email address is email it LBW. I think elbow suggesting that he come over and do some plowing in your neighborhood. All wrong I do love. No doubt want you to take additional. All right observe me better. Yeah and I mean it went against right now at my legs don't you know political and economic. You're having logged on eating out so. No I've now I mean I don't need or is that right now it's your time but one of your list and let you down. I'm after Valentine's Day there today. With the league to take a look at I try to feed you'll see it now and if that is that it appears that are low everywhere and try to set the Catholic themselves yeah. Well I'm girl. What was the what was the last guy the one and a date with. I don't know his name just what was the listener or regular guy. He would not I would leaving early game a couple weeks ago it like it thickly bumped into him on the street that's how that out. And I know and I could it be locked up and read it how to create. Eight. You know come my story as well done because. It's just not going to work out Al. Be great if not me it was gasoline him thing. I'm out at me because it didn't want I don't know if I'm going out with me but until they cease. Not emotionally or mentally prepared. For a relationship. Oh man yeah. I'm on the grounds out of them for state and you for Dustin. Also their at all here you'll emotionally prepared for relationships that. When I throw that out after the media guys that are inevitably last war. I don't know you know after the first day it is frequently reflect that night that we didn't it looks as if that's done that's another one done. Oh. Listen maybe you'll find love during the storm there there there. People weren't there a whole bunch of of the blizzard of 78 babies maybe there will be some blizzard of 2008 team made yes it. I am contact with the black men you don't know that it went picking up the hill that I'd I'd wait. I'll I'll put my address on whether that'll be really yeah. Obviously our middle of the weapon space at gods I godspeed Vicki say our thank you stay safe. This is there an on the premium boards studio line what's happening back and. Vote question our where are you where you right now I was sort. It out there. I'm. Sympathetic. Or shore it up and I would go. All about Hillary Clinton and backed it up costs and I'm the although there but I don't look them how they think of it all the people are voting. So that they don't want what the map right they don't want without jobs go out. Why India and whatever she ordered if all that I think that's definitely what are for the election. I came over voters obviously. And gets. I mean she's reaching. But the good thing is she must have gone through nearly every excuse as to why she lost at this point I mean where. You know where a year. Plots to buy it right on that ship its channel would beat out. I was and a panel of experts that are helping your figure out what the excuse being it's yeah. It is. I mean. You know there's not made too many excuses left that nexus I'd be just like Belushi at the end of blues Brothers and Carrie Fisher wrong. Yeah. I won't come out I. The speaking of speaking of films. I was saddened this morning in the office because Daniel pull me that she read. That Cameron Diaz has announced that she is not going to act any longer that she's. Made her last movie I think not only she is very attractive Arafat. Challenge I think she's a pretty good actress Judy great actors are Schwartz king's New York now. She now yeah sure let's go to rock which is hundreds of Persia is an incredible role that better resume than the math. I thought it with and went on you know what she was hot and and she was really good and was that movie would Justin Timberlake. About the teachers. I teach yes man cellular good movie she was a really good in them. We answered you like and then. And it goes through his arms and Sharon came around. So it this is kind of like a aloe around about thanks so she felt Blair actually was doing an interview with a British newspaper. And she was talking about Hollywood. And she said quote I had lunch with Cameron the other day we were reminiscing about the sweetest thing to movie they did together in 2010. I'd have liked to do a sequel to Cameron's retired from acting she's like I'm done I don't know what it would take to bring her back she's happy. So cameras 45 she hasn't done a movie in about four years last when she did with any and when he fourteen. So when they say I don't know what it would take to bring mean to bring her back in his it's all about money it's like. I'm women Zell said. And come vs the time gap. And that palm just wants the field. Appreciated. Which means calm just wants him to show him the money that's what that needs. A few years have been very challenging for him so many ways. And I think it's just funny how he tells me I love it so much and I just want to go to Georgia Athens and appreciate and have fun at. And and he doesn't Monty has been Belichick is horrible and it's. Oh. You've editorializing against the earth if if if we need new glasses and isn't very tiny like half point font he's not have a fun or. Whip Tom. Yeah hundred club to congress act just like regular it's about time number he's not he just wants them onward Kenny want to feel. Once that they'll appreciate and that's what Gisele says I'm sure that yeah she's not speaking for him real thing she is just she knows them better than anybody. I'm kind of they it but I. Let's see here is on Twitter. Bill gun bill. Says that the shovel one strategy only works when it's not the wet heavy snow. And so oh. Bill is planning on going out at the quarter marks of the hour. Two I dumpster to hear that we'd really well. I'll ever lucky because we you know what it's a snowstorm like this tweaking give out here and get a dollar range and I just I'd try and do leg when there. Every two inches uniting of the TV on in the garage. You know craft is comfortable on its. The FBI guy and get the hi your hair down elect heart and that's in the what you know caps what it is. But what do you with the way get a blizzard and I don't know. Your connector of the winner at the Narnia the into the L being attacked a guard. The flaps come down or you know tougher out of the from down on yours and you see LB chasing this league Crosslin. Lot in the blizzard 'cause 'cause of law and I'll be chances to score earlier today that dream is going to be fair. He. Is fifty mile per hour winds in some areas that day that I. There nuts and that's why his wizards though right traffic update on the storm then we'll get to some new stuff. There is. Really that concerned her at the southeastern Massachusetts. When it comes to power outages. One to two feet of snow by the time we're done. There will be blizzard conditions which it is really the wind and the amount of snow is following that's how they define that. And it means it that visibility is. At a at a real low so if you don't have to go anywhere do not go anywhere that's of the governor says and we hope to hear from him before the end of today show right now the news and it is. Rocky this hour body. Choose how you wanna study in where you wanna study with luckily learn more online it excuse me earn more online dot lastly dot edu. She also buy cars for kids they're number one charity for card donations. Now also accepting boats are v.s motorcycles inability donations call today. A quick PSA. Please turn your headlights on sixteen feet at the daytime running lights are not enough because your tail lights and I eliminated her LB publicity don't laugh let me turn African lights on in the. I'd give you always devote the PSA. A bit when you drive home you flip the screen on your closer and my legs are on the Massachusetts against other people are not fair to follow Israel is wants to tell other people out of the exact. Behind lives I just want to be to see people when your in silver are falling on the highway with two feet of the bill of you. Robert women. And your husband has pulled him how to vote for Bob from small ball power and I hope I hope new different than if it. Call me. No memory of who were forced into voting for Donald from nuclear Coleman. All right there must be some other news it's going on besides the welfare. Is this a former daycare provider in end origin who has received 21 years in prison. For Jack in the kids up with melatonin says she can go tanning. This is not by the way the same case that just surfaced in the news a couple of weeks off from the Chicago area where this is it different case. And this particular. Individual. January. Netherland. 32 years old. Reportedly. Had giving kids millet to own and laced treats so they would sleep so she could leave them alone unattended at her daycare. Go tanning go run errands and all sorts of other things parents are reporting. That children are suffering lingering issues with their sleep side barrel mistrust and pork. Initially prosecutors requested a 35 year prison term they ultimately wound up giving her 21 years we've gets a courtroom audio from the five other one of the child victims. Sure yeah. CD. We'll it's. And prolong her car to go over our community. There's no. And tomorrow. Do you know it was. Now not ridiculous capsule would always surprised when people get into elected daycare business and they don't know about it I don't care about kids it's like William media. You know occasionally. And I always say that it's a tiny tiny percentage. 'cause most of the nearly every single one of the teachers that I have encountered. During the twenty years of Julia and Greece's educational experience have been amazing but occasionally. Ye ye hear about wine and they it is date they absolutely hate kids in the way they too and it's like why did you. What what what what got you into teaching if you can't stand kits right. In or me I know I never understood that you don't if he running these the only issue here is certainly. There's no possible way that they elect kids that it's well deserved jail sentence I think there. There's they controversy. Brewing. At a coffee shop an Oakland California it's. The coffee shop is called awesome where they coffee means until death. And they have a policy evidently where they do not serve officers in uniform. Officer returned to weigh a plea with the source of these upstarts. The shop is an employee owned co op. On the shops instead grim account there's a photo posted with text that reads in Spanish talk to your neighbors. Not the police then it goes on about and exchange with a uniform police apps in the Cayman. And it's said we have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety. Of our customers and ourselves the best emotional safety I can't enjoy. My double latte. With pumpkin spice because there isn't a whole threatening police officer. Are you kidding me not cavs everybody should boycott the place of the way. First time as a robbery. At a what do you think they're they're gonna get in the fetal position and call 911 right. So the Oakland police officers association sent a letter asking to open a dialogue about the policy and believe the shop has yet to respond. Roberta Lopez is an Oakland resident. Tony didn't who's only to upload yourself you sit on local community is totally outrageous. And he's not acceptable. Around here would that. Likes Elmer mentally and silently and then ship with the coffee shop down there with that that it was her daughter yes the manager who said she would host the coffee pot thing under pretty sad that they had we played bidding up until 8 AM weekdays at Girardi can't gunning for error it but and then mom who on the coffee shop and tried to kind of bring things back around saying she let her daughter's college Nolan managing deputy with the weight rooms. At the place gets robbed. Dan dead cops should say well we wanted to respond before and I'll but it go into the place lately gondola so. When it comes to those police officers.