HMMS Hour 3 - "Ok, Out Talk Me" 5/22/18

Tuesday, May 22nd

This hour Ernie Boch Jr calls in to tell us about the upcoming Bochini Pageant, Hillmaill, LB on History and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Dangerous city when I was over there was recent Julie monster to a couple. Like two or three murders their cherry Riley equities and flights were literally breaking out twenty feet in front runs in it I I dish. But he did just was a little unnerved. Here's a 781 texts. From one of your neighbors asking if they can come to the parties. Will have to go through proper channels but absolutely. It's a higher chip company. We need able to park in your driveway neighbor asks me though Ernie what is the date of the miss bikini pageant this year. To coincide. Will it this steel panther to war yes June 14. Okay June 14. And when you say double the the invite fees well how could Barack short trip. So how many are we going for this year dude just under a hundred watts yes. All my lord justice rocketing out of control and ride back and I talked to me feel pimping guys yesterday there in Australia they are so excited to come back configured. OK so we will have it live performance from steel and there throughout theme and cash prizes to meet winner yes a crown a sector fashion in a list of duty. Well. Now it's back. The pageant has that. That's true literature like he'd just make sure you get that consent on the list of duties and that's that's at all no one paying their side. It. Are right now if you would like to ideal human made notes in mind horrible. I've flown one. But if you would like to get in on the pageant. You can email block acts WA AF dot com that Spock act WA AF dot com. And what do we do you know the numbers on on the cash prize earnings you know well. We can talk about it we wanted to show. Well I mean what are we what are we view last year I think it was like a grand to lead to the way America and like 750. And 500 or something like I mean I think I feel like if we bumped it up political put out probably October 15100 most of the winner. Yes 750. To do second and 500 the third it's. The euro's 15100 days that's that's a surprise that lack of rain outs. Some competitors and that's 15100 in cash and there will be a little bit of paperwork a map of you sound like a W nine has put in the event there is trying to say legit here. Itself. All right June 14. Hours I don't know fourth or fifth annual miss bikini pageant at the pool. The lord of the manor the duke of Earl Ernie Boch junior hand. We still will be giving away whatever number of tickets on this on the show nip and he'll be you'll be violence and invites 100 people absolutely. This enriched did hit the guys will be here it will have already been here a couple days. When this events will be all comfortable there really cool. I mean few years ago there was VO if everybody's outside. Your house. Throw on here on final five events have been insanely cool yeah my gosh it's been nice MLB you have been a gentlemen the whole time here you know there were couples scuffles here in the area you handled it like I mean you handle scuffles like I've never seen. Anybody can scuffle. I think I think it for the thank you for the support. Appreciate. They you'll meet should be security yes based on their recent experience needs to take him now about eleven if you have a room on the oppose everything we can handle. If you were ruler RO I may have a little bit of an issue that pedal Borchardt. Coral turning. You know once a year. The economy goes south literary but total admissions the the Ian back slapping. I've been involved the Irish being done floppy we're we're we're going way back here. That's way back those disturbing. Uncomfortable incident I'd object abuses at Abu. Our master. LB scandals it on somebody needs to scuttle LD can scuttle analysts unless you know walk and stand there pavlik then to 32 to Q. Ernie attacks there is asking if president trump will be in. I'm not not this time. I think trump speak touted that it varies house. The first real fundraisers form. And I think that. And I was excited to meet the guy. And we went up this is before like anybody audience a chance right. Nobody thought he had to but everybody wanted to see him because he's now like you know like a circus there there was figure yet. Oh. We have like there was a big party at the house and then there was going to be a little meet and agree beforehand. Upstairs. And Ernie Ernie has like his garage where his car czar is Qatar rob Correa as well as guitars. So were all up there waiting there's like thirty or forty of us. And that trump like locks up the stairs and goes nice to see everybody at Oxford. Yeah he was here but he gave a great speech that night. Yeah he can really do about that stated that movement that was there in most time I had spent more time and and I quickly learned that. They you don't talk to mr. come mr. trump talks to move. That's how my whole framework for tweets that you. The violated Texas as you ought to call your goal. The glue bottle mild. That's outstanding. About that allowed that I don't. I don't why the ground while. Well listen thanks to do in this gas it. I I'm unemployed I'm an important tool looks like right now on interest you Graham out Ernie Boch junior and you can see column prepare I think your Padilla OK so let's Ernie Boch junior right on him. I Ernie will pocket soon in Los there give Italy. This bird miss bikini pageant on June or right they did Terry. Policy. Is that Texas says it must always be noted. That Ian Berry did not spilling his beer. And hell yeah he was great at making quick work. Yes that's now I have to explain all things people. You know Ian Barrett it's variety it was very director of real rock TV television television program we used to have. And we all travel over to Ireland together on parties yet to go to nor shall there and goal and now we do that every year. And one year there's a little confrontation with a hand in hand and that Ian. And demand reached out and slap the across the case. Indy and and it's flowing swing before and implementation yes analysts but Ian did not feel as you know and LB came over and made quick court and it obviously the queen. That's albeit as a is the cleaner elected like pulp fiction guys like oh cool yeah. Not the walrus the whole. In also directed the workplace. Educational video that Maggie lake and I started many years ago. I felt pretty Jack and Diane and. What CRA it's just. Here is a text asking how you're in the past this won't just be giving away the passes I mean. The the fact that Ernie is bumping up to a hundred people. Is gonna make it a full on. A full line a party in half. Over there yeah there early eighties ladies yeah you're welcome. Please come yeah Caroline oh okay have a gaggle yeah grab a gaggle earlier in your lady parties and coming in July yes. I think we will go to extra effort. Try to ensure that it's not a complete sausage fest out there so if I don't view this is press that sort of figured periodic reports are and that they get their bit fossil and ended in if it's 7525. Guys to girls and they get the beer muscles noticing current or strap in Sanaa. Everything goes South America very funny coming from. A lot and one that weekend at the turn to. You can't have bad clam. But I think it what I reaction. LB is the cooler from Rhode house a several times a day and a very. Yeah I know I mean. I'm. I mean I think. In most people are they're great guests get have a great its mostly a bit there was one guy wanted to go viewers some Madonna and. It was two guys who were getting into it themselves. They were they were they were being aggressive on two young ladies and an owner. They may have had Maxtor Maxtor cocktail Alia and I had to go over and and yeah. That yet. It's amazing it's an amazing event. It really is and I think he Mary Carey is your mind spending on what he's doing. To the pool fun. Parties. Somebody's everybody says that they looked on instant Graham. And it looks the past go. Places and it's. So oh if he and and I'm sure that if you. On instantly and he is slide in their attorneys the ams then maybe he'll have the chance to map your way and there as well. So. You know. A several asking whether currently geo is coming back I don't think parents that's gonna happen again I don't think parents. A you know what she would probably like to come back but they'd have to do surgery to get her boyfriend right on a apps camera. He was very protective. I and soon he's getting America bikini with a full size car jacking honor. Sheen is our main dude it's the most insecure loser I don't. It's needs but when I got news and also we're what what was she gonna do a cigarette was you know wacko. Burned grabbed me and take me into the battle and Selig grabbed one of our listeners in the run across the yard behind current Bernice house and copying some tree. The guy was like. So aggressive well I don't I felt bad for. I don't know that do you think he goes to the bikini briefs the coffee shop place you know he headed for the other side of the party lunch facetiously if you're back Linda with spot just sit there you 00 yeah. Yeah yeah it did do you think that guy works or merit and Kmart and then ships all bear. From 6 in the morning until she gets she leaves breached the place. Yeah set should such a weird like. Juxtaposition of lesser where banquet. She's so like since you smoke show on line and went when he senior person she she comes across as so much younger. Oh as I care a little. Everybody comes. Ferrari. How rarely am I hearing the. Lamented the girl and then somehow that's caddie I can't play out of here Astec. It anyway what I would charge you any punitive departed her. I'm literally none of them and out of my face it was such Jack the position because your. It. I don't know what I sent young and I felt pretty daring veteran bikini she looks of and lions all that's actually say when you listen to have it written down the words in my mouth. And I don't appreciate it and it's got a text from Kayla Cummings I don't I can bring a look at that straight years six of pre tax the tax machine. I can bring my naked and afraid girlfriends if you asked yeah. Yes. Courts. Show up wearing those new on some snapped back he gets ordered for your business and not fit to. Besides keeping DN Calif and other awesome here in Texas as obscure reference the boyfriend is the creep in the movie Ted. And I need any further I can remember and you can either better at two. I need more clarification on exactly what that. Indicates you. With the current director and that's what it earlier as good I feel like the bar was set so high that I was afraid one now. It was funny that okay. The news it's a hole. Theme about bass. I'm I'm not in yes I have. I haven't had a chance yet to wish my son a happy birthday today. Happy birthday Julian Edelman and and I don't. I don't know if may will try to randomly called Bob's and T team is on his birthday you're able to notice maybe. Maybe we'll do that after pill mill threat random called the bugs since he would be my answer we'll do it on the air wagers and Lindsay. Not to poop hit with like ten or enters number in it in his talent you're going to be delivering food to a city this stuff at that pubs close that that can makes form. The food books and he's really not almighty god and me like incredible beautiful beautiful meals. I can focus on. It is 814 in this is WA AF FM and HD one less robust than WB EI HDT Lawrence WW. PX. HD two box. And now it's your turned its shock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail. I doubt that they've had a potent report. There are holes yeah. On WA. Death. All right let's see this is. Brian real quick and the framing him Ford studio line Cranium board metro west commercial truck headquarters what's up Brian. And yeah. Let's go go. You know I'm here. Yeah a great I think it's it would bring her they did in a freight under on opiates that it be a little bit more crater left naked. And I go longer a accusing me strength. Them. She's beautiful is lows being naked I loved being naked in willow did to snake we don't love you being an elephant with all due respect. Pulpit of the respect please keep your clothes on for your hockey Biden he's doing yet. Today's. Oh Mel voicemail messages but you by the city of Austin credit union. With a all of the convenience of big bag checking accounts that no minimum balance requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union and they're checking account service today. And here for you right now by the very best film L voicemail messages that you left over the previous 24 hours. Monday 9:47. AM. And opened the opened at that time. Think more about formal won't cool there I didn't I didn't lose. Won't happen won't it won't happen in there and I think have to pay nothing can happen at some point I'm could be. And now whenever disembarked. No notes. Don't like sweets that's the only way that's a believable scenario direct and I'm harakiri. Corky suites there and to the cinema bunting is one of those things where I've been talking about it salon. People don't. They just thinking can't be as good as it is described and it is and that letter there were countless people. Who said I cannot believe how good the ocean park seven grocery cinnamon buns are they love them. Monday 9:52. AM. I'm not going to be able to get into work today. I multiplied my advice to Seattle look simple but cool group that I hungry I've got something that'll beat them. And the message of its fifth. Monday 7:17. PM. Our act what do you hear. That he trapeze. Act he. Cracked in the fact he. Content. When did not know how do you feel about. What do you appeared challenges that are going on. They're going viral and everybody's going crazy about you it was cute and it was Q the first second and listen to it for experts and posted sound asleep and I do engine and the khakis. And khakis or art he has been like that. I don't think you own old. I don't. I. And I was like it's in Britain. Think eighteen man. Yeah video as great YouTube product about tracking crap and we get Putin and how. We finally know what on without being if GOP ticket and. And now. It will be systems coming to a host house near you if you want to lose weight we learned this morning according to new research. Then make sure you take your shoes off before you going year house. Or you will be tracking obesity genes and these are. Chemical substances that are around us one walking around outside and they make us so. Don't track the obesity or into your house on your shoes. And everything will be okay. Eighteen and again. When you look at all. Being a little bit. Orlando let. And that message at. Like. What what what LB he separately target and a hundred per LB correction. From texture. You did indeed have a cinnamon bun on Saturday in fact it was all over your face a young lady was feeding it to you. Yes it's and yes I did not I did not. There are it was we have we have we were having fun and I eat that you can take that right as she was there when asked if it didn't sit down. And Paterson to buy and half and be able with the ladies yeah and eat it right I get. I get the joke having fun part with a cinnamon barn getting swarmed in my case sort of like a wedding came out is now what happens yes. A lead and taste it when it was when that I'm sure you aren't. I don't know it's again. Again you know I just yet it was a party. You know diet and a penthouse on the ocean with a bunch are incredibly awesome people that were supporting me Greg you'll foundation. I corn hole tournament what what what what am I supposed to do and ours here signal on share smoker dart by myself on the beach. Well I was seven. Mean that's that's what it's about when you're when you're at a beach bar. For a cool and then. And it grab your oil bar guys. I had not done. Read more on that oil partner about it. That the body while orbit albeit by the picked up like that later we could technically blatant that ethnically now. And god I can't always wanted to move up your car well not that the protests but not nobody wants the work anymore I bought. And then now people are upset when the cleaning woman called earlier. And said she really appreciates it. Well and people clean the whole entire house out before she goes. Because they believe that when she say that what she really means is. I don't wanna do all the work just out of the ball and that's what both of you women do you clean the place for the cleaning people. About what are they handed it should be about half as you RD did have the house before they got. 02. DN frame. Yet the department. Oh. Yes we've been bombardment in world that we were on mr. trump. You can loan him back on their. Own. Wounded men who believe that the wall. The the spy. That was theoretically inserted into. The trump campaign in the spring. Of 2016. By the FBI. Was code named the walrus. Whom are then we move forward. We drove Wimbledon. And just that success. A and there are people they'd like shipments do you know the chicks in in some sort of dance where Bertini answered you know. You know and a though you know sort. Little cheerleader outfits. What do you do all. Hey if we're they really work. But who thought that sort what what piled into. A dozen twenty she Ian. Payton. Back I. Think I'm glad I'm out I went back into that. He learned according to. New research that. In large percentage of women only go on dating apps or dating sites. To affirm. For themselves that there are attractive and I asked the united stated dating you. On the site they never will go on a date with the U the only reason is they wanna. Remind themselves that there hot. Hot is she pull hooked hooked on our right. Wanna tried not a I'm a nervous about doing this on there. Wanna try bulbs number and and and and wish him happy birthday if he answers guy dial up settlement of accomplishment out. OTAs get under way. In majority. There is that there are out of lemons he. It's original and like six in the might be too late truth about. On the sand and edible arrangements or something that would embarrass him by sent an animal arrangement locker room. Out of the four hours a. And a chicken and some gaming controllers for his birthday yeah. IG stories are any indicator he's got a lot of fun ones hanging around an under ours. Oldest clubs look that up. It's the Big Three oh yeah no. Probably cooler easily is that there 3230 to know about a year you'll. Agree Korea. Actress Ari change is I think now he's in. Incorporated Karen. Right to beat these. In her voice now he's working out he's entered formula signal. He's been on fire them just backed by contrast while I mean that's got to be the probably out on the field I mean I know. And I know who's not there. Tom Brady neck where have I can't study. No way to do it became. It's a generally is it's a book longevity do you understand 41 years old. How much. His he's put his body through already and they're ready would you think he should retire honest to god Korea already had a honeymoon out your analysis of let's make America isn't physically can't do the best player in the game. Is is there any human being on the environment that would believe Tom Brady. On day one of mandatory training camp in July. Well not beeper. Who thinks he's showing up thirty pounds overweight. Act well one of training camp the USA. A ditch it's ridiculous what it's like well. Artistry the U think the story is ridiculous that people. Wire speculating. About why. When he often shows up for wrote the days for voluntary OT is that he is not shopped Vermont girl monetary. I think that's a ridiculous story I believe. That at some point you have to manage. The wellness of your bawdy. So that you can play. Sixteen regular season games and then take your team they don't think about it in its teams that would the only case. The only kings won back legally dead and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hired you think Sidney Crosby is when he plays. An extra ninety gains in three years. To win three Stanley cups are you surprised that they losses here that's your your body. You have to manage the wellness of your bawdy and the one on the severe body of 41. Will take more time so why stress him out rock. How many major injuries or is has grown to come. About surge and everybody Boston grunts not ready you're ready right he's injury from. Why would you short for a few days to get banged up. No you know you're gonna be healthy come July whatever it is seventeen or 27 or whatever. Day one or training camp if you think mark the hardest work go. Style of all time is gonna show up forty pounds overweight not prepared deploy. Here's the 774. Text it is LB. Whole book look out oh it's not about longevity Tom is this app bill. On one shot out 100%. How you soap opera non patriots but I I. Did you have your view of the 45 year old loser that wears a Jersey business. What's wrong with somebody who's a little kids Wear jerseys. OK okay well kids teenagers college student cheering yeah yeah and issue where's the start Turkey uniform. And he's almost been all right Jimmy edited herds dressed up all the time. Ways I I I think it's it I just love. There in Ann and I am I'm speaking of prisoners are about eleven major surgeries are broken and liberal my neck broke through vertebrae in my back my in my mind. 012 threes fused. I dissipated my elbow are broke my hand fighting like seventeen. On and still do major wrist surgery. You will be broken on Saturday. But what I'm sorry but I am there my mine my mind was broken death now but what I don't know but. From experience if I would have if I would have managed I I played with vote. Consequence to my body soul. Now if you run into the boards. As hard as he can a bunch of times and you don't have any respect for your body. Your careers going to be over my career ended early because I was Mbenga. Did all that McCarty have respect for your body and Jack Jack was it was medication. Derek the Steelers fans on the Framingham boys studio line hello Derek. Cut this balloon being. The love being in in defensive per year as usual yes it is true that some milk helping you realize okay. The whole reason he put the goofy cat fed on an underground Asia he tries to pump money for TV twelve. It's because he's telling them is that if he's telling everybody. Like the mean green light to meet you what I do don't listen to I don't know this news. Training people. Do what are you now you're sitting out because he means in your body. Doesn't it doesn't Josh. Why we didn't know whether it's hard rock. Okay it's a plus the power and how we got the power struggle why would we want I would not on the I aren't. That's what. It's scary it's all very well. And so I'll listen when we volunteering when we had voluntary practices but there. Volunteer you know one. No no I know who I was before he hit I hashing out. Rob or there the starting goalie and he wasn't there I digital millennium goal he was out there. With the did the third string goalie I like it didn't. People actually hear what ranking. Well at this like a mere hours struggle now. I'm like good and amp. Warmed up I don't we thought it did I'd lived it. Thought I'd live that you have category for his you have volunteered for instance the losers in the military right against bill. You can't guide to I'm okay only when Ted got app from the art art will tigers leopards talk to me when you watch when when you walk into Gillette Stadium features locker room. And bill Bulger says. It's blowing water RW is that this guy great arm current people comfortable written not. I talked about doing. The act. What about what is. College Clinton and in what they're telling people that we know what you I don't already I don't know I'm not listen to sport you're older you are not at all. They blow so much smoke able nothing because if they don't blow smoke about something. They don't have a job. YY and rock rocket. We've got on behalf because because I know does he Wear giant grease on his noble because he's blown out of don't yeah. We hear anything that you would not there and I don't know what. I saw. He's so I just I could just like word French know how would you. It's. Just stop and in 082 sectors. What does everybody what what's the knock on ground. Teddy gets he gets injured all the time. So why is he gonna put extra extra when he doesn't have to do it. On tap tap until then every your guy. And now they're not because they want leveraged against hip blocked who lost their top. I hear Ben Roethlisberger. Retires or is exactly the way it's important ticker at thirteen slot where it doesn't even now there. You people worried you're trained like. Now it. No right there and you've got a lot there. Have been just enough that's what you now. You do your favorite just enough telling me what. I haven't haven't done when I when I was eighteen years old my plate with wing Cashman know. What do that you looked every bit. And when I got the ball so Derek Derek your partner for one odd remark gotten down yet she. And I hope I heard the 982 everybody's yeah in the locker room. And I know in 1985. When there were O'Reilly retired we started doing a rowboat and let the but I ninety are you here by guy eight we have we have proposed we had a personal trainer named Mike Boyle. It was bought by Boyle if anybody wants to get in incredible shape aren't loyal by what was it got title that had Tunisia and now talking when it cabin actually got back. Yeah. It's my. All right Derek you as such is such a fan you know what you. It's nowhere in site where is Arnold knowing that you well I think that's an odd. The world premiere radio that if you know what it did I'm gonna pray for the for the next week. A bolt reincarnation. So that you can go back. And then you could actually put in the effort to become a yeah no one phenomenally pray it it'll actually a lot of that fight with that double whack job listener. It is now among the elite really nervous you can go drink a few Beers on the beach. A OK I won't get a flight. Upgrade with Q bureau with it we can hold your great gap. I'd. And that's my job is that in this this debacle. I probably gonna go well look at two LB I'm history. And then we'll continue with the power struggle at the last coming out. Apologies I'm trying to give away these tickets for seaports to and on the man and again I got problems. Iphone's screen iPhone one plot point. Point five yes why. Mean this it's causing me problems left and right. But I am if you're not following me and it's a grand plan. You should do it quick Greg Hill 107 because I'm gonna give things away some of that and figure out. Today's weathered rock you by New England out lots dot com it is going to be cloudy and temperature temperatures going to be 66 today. News may actually rain. This afternoon. And weekend is looking okay I think it's gonna be salvageable if you're making plans for Memorial Day. Looks like at least two of the of the days will be OK okay it was side and maybe some. Here and there. It is 846 and time for this. And now there Hill Man Morning Show presents. I don't play on this exact date of the bank will be fun today eat in history. Larry today. Our guys every. Once and awhile on this show we share with the LB a milestone. From the this dates in history. And he tells us everything that he does or does not know. About that milestone. In sixty seconds or less are you ready LBJ yeah course shoot art interacts. On on this stayed and aid the issues at the clock at sixty. On this date. In 18020. Or. Martha Washington died in Iraq. Please tell us everything you know about her husband. Sure it to he's the president. It would tease to. Paris totally cheated on her. Kids letters to his polish prisoners United States of America. Yeah. He was also is north and it was more about the Guitar Hero tomorrow is prone to tunnel it's just. Are there all over dressed up from just doesn't I can't even imagine lives and our parents to also cool clothing. And they for the white. To win thanks. Yeah. I don't want us to Arnold meaning I was out there America aren't ya. It was loud as the news for a while. Yeah I heard it was a Riyadh Arabic here on our straying into struck politeness. From the back that those teams and are doing castle threatened us and it was like in the two hours with Washington's offense. Yeah I got our original. It was the largest oil fell to add to their children drank a mustard green a painful hunter told the virgin jokes time. Mourn our losses teeth he did have wooden teeth. Well documented. Of course you neglected to mention that he chopped down the cherry tree. And then the trio he was on a smooth this father about that of course when questioned he had not well lie either cannot tell. He was you were correct when news guess that he was the first president that Lincoln was not before. And I don't know that he cheated on Martha wash area and in all there and I don't know if there's any evidence of that day. You know he did sleep then. In many people's homes. You've ever seen the George Washington slept here side by. IE was on a yet he went on that. There's a place in Bolton where he slept he went on to victory tour he in the French general. Via Lafayette one victory tour after they won the revolutionary war what you think they wrote it all down in any every it's every hole at the ready Natal and sinners and after winning their evolution and on. My LL be. I guess theoretically you could call on the fourth father of America he's commonly called the the father of them of our country to watch it isn't for a father for so father. I don't believe he was Chalabi or jolly or 65 it was I think it was very well is actually think he would actually satisfied as very very tol you guys. Yes he was pleased to. He's reportedly found him it was one thereabouts it was six you know everybody else loves everybody else is forty I think everybody else is like five wanna talk. Now don't we get me wrong I did you get yeah yeah Bennett have you ever been an old ironsides is KF the back your head because everybody is social and historical home. Oh OK okay so ceilings. Six foot two assaulted 500. Just I don't know he or what's the difference that's like John Anderson is a New Year's 66358. Whatever. They want and good they want and the became. Yeah I want to be they want to be can this Dexter says that there was some snake oil salesman. Who tried to convince Martha Washington. That he could resurrect George. And so they were going to add some kind of chemical or something who is. To his problems you see any knowledge. Of that anywhere on the Google machine Danielle and I. I would be an amazing thing down or true. Doc pivotal. Are your big back and edited the snake oil salesman's. Oakland Oakland you know we show up in terms in the middle and Norwood deal lecture of gore and now. And they say there was a friend of Georgia's doctor William Horton he trained at the best medical schools in Europe and after Washington died in 1799. He came up with the idea. Two. Revive him. Generation it's. Just bring the ban because. He was such good friends with George Washington and he was so traumatized by his dad. I guess because it was so cold in Washington dyed his body was essentially frozen and Carrara. His doctor Thornton's proposal was Hugh saw George in cold water late in the blanket. Then give him war. Then give him this potion and opened a message to his lungs by which she could breach I suggested the same. Thing for LB arrives at the record at the corn hole tournament as a way to try to revive him. Or metal that your own guys aren't guys suggested that we trying to thaw him out and try to bring them back to life. Let's while it's the it's. The last time I don't know if this is true anonymous take this techsters word on. The last time that the liberty bell was wrong. Was for George Washington's birthday. While well is that when appropriate are probably well it cracked you mean yeah they're crown. Ridiculous. I think it was funny that. People were saying that they had no idea that 76ers got their name from 1776. Yesterday. Meanwhile they ring the liberty bell before every segment sixers game and though. Yeah. Old independents bell rang its last clear note. In February of 1846. An honor the birthday of Washington now hangs in the great cities people erect verbally cracked and dom. That's a quote I believe. The 508 texture is LB dropped not at all. Here. Why why why did this hill worked out of northern Saskatchewan and I. Lots more hot that you nailed it knocked me when I wasn't a lot going on back and there wasn't LB American when he was talking about. I don't know I can't ever again that I love you guys electorate make me look like you don't. What what would what people do for fun back in eighteen whatever was. You springer had you can put it. This stupid so I can't I say kitty corner in the studio so I can make eye contact with Greg. Much Michigan and possibly winking at me I am your lips that's little I don't need little chips tonight some new high. And it went of that little syllables from my desk Fella so I went to retrieve it and subsequently whacked my head on the wrong. I mean I totally I was able jokes for home hill tomorrow I'd like you had a note the opinions I yeah I just totally nailed it did George Washington thing. Oh I mean the fact failure of wooden teeth is that an accurate nothing good on my new years and knew it was the first president is that not good enough you can get crossing the Delaware how are saga pitcher on the title says amber is Tom Brady on a ball sooner than. Let's see this is Jeff hello Jeff. Guys I don't read what's going on jobs. Hey you wanna have all these facts are regular more correct and you work in which on the like the first three collection. And it would key did not shut down that cherry tree at the met you yet he made a whale well I mean he. Actually she bill like where you where you get that information that you one of his ancestors whose lack. Contrary sir wounded who we've got to George Washington she sent stock and now you're not he's not using him. Thomas flowers are not how recession George Washington yeah that you didn't yeah I just see him very. During the sixty seconds albeit not if you live or work. Greg kind of purse. This sequel made a well known in the cherry tree that's that's a message both to the bass player. Kill purpose publicity first also. It was breaking news. Let me ask you this answer when you let me ask you this sincere here veering into. You don't know Jack territory here. What about the death. Washington. And us. Geez I'm my aptitude now might and might be wrong about this type. What a bull what was there and comment about the death of Washington and Jefferson. Fruit bloodletting and ultimately well. All wants an atom it will Soledad I'm injured Adams and Jefferson died the same day and night and yeah and I think. On not one cent at first sight they are arch rivals but yes that's fine. Yes Walton says at least Thomas junction lived then Tom's suggestion back like three hours later. Yes it's yeah Jefferson Jefferson lives because he hated them and it's and. Well hey don't you and so imagine right. Pushing Clinton referenced. Ride it right new arrivals right. Yeah yeah yeah there's a difference there by the way this guy says you worried George Washington hard though and they love it. And I was up. Might might this is as something like a real peak my sister. Around Washington mentioning that. She actually look at he wrote a book about and it hit an all right guys. Those guys were so it's different. Few yeah. We. I'll be correction he was actually moderate these guys were so hard real world back then. I would little thing you know the guy you're electrocuted in order stopping or actually right. What we need stuff we like kind of English aristocracy type thing or something yeah. Well it. Probably yeah like what she did not want to be off. In particular great music great Washington story this is probably one that that's what the crew who got its first battle. It's in this soldiers killed sixteen or seventeen British soldiers. And one of them had a stretch the body in the continental side. He did it. Well because they were sleeping. So he'll let everyone know this is how can play we're gonna play dirty. Or take off your officers. That we guys who weren't right for crying out loud. So network is what people thought cute picture or get what is. Central lesson if any Republican strategy that oratory skills or as a general they hold they're their front yeah this is our role. That's understandable. Now listen where do you stand on when you when when you're calling me out on the fact that LB believed that. George Washington was also since Franklin. Yeah it knows about and there'll be and we'll they were friends with. Everybody's rates and time simply said yeah yeah I mean you know here you're here you're all right for a anything I think there LB news that is an event. I just. I appreciate I appreciate. That you have confirmed. That when I get mocked for saying if you're not cheating you ain't trying it started to. With the father of America. All right coming up we're going to talk to Carmela. From the W WP. And we'll see what she knows about George Washington.