HMMS Hour 3 - Moose Knuckle In Salsa 9-5-18

Wednesday, September 5th

This hour we listen to your Hillmail voice mail messages, Nikki Minaj was on Ellen yesterday and revealed she needs someone who can satisfy her 3 times a night and absolutely no cuddling, and we're joined by Larry Army for Ask an Attorney!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The war female brain shall help you out tomorrow at 750. And the actor Gary Busey will join us on the show tomorrow during the 9 o'clock hour Friday. We have Hillman huddle for you the first one of the regular season. I can't wait till tomorrow night football finally utter and so excited. And so. We'll talk to Chris Hogan Friday and we'll have the comedian Bobby telling here who was hilarious. And we'll get to LB's greatest moments of the week at 750 so that is all coming up. On Fridays Hill Man Morning Show here act WA AF FM and HT one west Borough Boston. WB ER HD two warrants. And WW. PX HT two here in Boston and now it's your turn to tuck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male bit plume. Not very long arc from there our own fact. Under WA. Half problem. Coming up and a half an hour. Ask an attorney. We have our in house counsel's so you can get your free legal advice so tax or during asking attorney in half an hour now. I just mentioned. That one in five of view. Where your underwear from more than one day without washing. How many texts they wanted to now how many uses. Do you get out of date bath towel. 88 like are we talking 345. Couple week he did you get a week out of adultery. It you don't wash the Washington you get that he you know it is here now work in and get dirty you need you need to go through oh hi. Whining too well this is still gets on me about this because I really like using. A fresh new towel our assurance that like doing all the towels in the ground and both times like and that we sign up for the first. Arjun thank us thank god. I didn't brewers image you want to you the warning today that he got into the line. Well let's get. Dude today's Helm male voice mail messages here are the best ones that you left over the previous 24 hours. To me thinks. 41 PM. Why aren't you blow. What. I can the. It not for now than. A watch jaws jaws you regional jobs. I was an outstanding. Man I tell us these are our. On the on the way back from Nantucket on Monday yes and not in my in my friend Jay spoke to know. Jay had recommended. To get ahead of Lulu. You lose the moon Jay had recommended. To them. That I read the heart of the C okay anyone ever read it now I started reading it it is it's fair test it within about. It's about how money it's about how Nantucket. It's about how. The early settlers here. Made their way out to Nantucket. And get out there. And realize that the soil was not so good for grown crops. So they had to come up with a something the deal. And they basically decided hey. There's some whales out there aren't any whales here let's figure let's figure a way to go out and done win and are tiny little boats and a lot of heart to in the Wales and then about how. They had to come up with a bigger boats to go farther to get the whales and about all the things that happened. When they mean they'd these guys would go off. Burt you wanna talk about somebody who sacrificed. Just as much. As Colin Kaplan from some of these guys would go for three years. On a on a Wheeler while two out and try to find a whale says and oftentimes they wouldn't come back in on earnings up. And if Nike had been in existence back then they would had one of those Nantucket Willard guys on the you know on the ad. Now let's be honest the only reason you decided to read this book is because the author is Nathaniel. Phil Brecht. No that's not only made about your head above. Nothing to do evidently is. Is also a movie that Ron Howard directed that came around 2015 based on the book chase LB you can watch the movie you don't have allergies are the most you don't have to raise the book. None that I saw the mortgage and yet known on the Indian Ocean there it. You know I don't know if necessary no I don't know fits the same movie above the same book but it's a vote. A bunch of wheelers that went out. And they way they were gone for so long they ran out of food and and became Campbell's some guys died and they gave him the term the Nantucket sleigh ride. Which means something completely different right now yes that die down Barack. During fidelity it means something completely different yes that. Out of the cricket star. The experience of harpoon in the whale and then the whale taken off and Dre and dragging you in the boat. Brando one Wyndham would listen you know at least to me it's a small little boats olives and it was not that's why it's a really interest in what. The arm and the other thing too is I don't see that footage channel five had yesterday. Of that guy. Paddle boarding. In Salisbury beach. And he was paddle boarding the lawn and all the sudden a way old. Retreats and the guy like fossil Huff. Port like a complete panic. And I and Whitney and this is it's so amazingly the last two weeks that these whales have been that was right off like twenty. Five yards off the shore insult releasing it. You should share that on the FaceBook page and if he can. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks but I don't know if it's because and opens because of this water being warmer during our post do I'll let you know it's a vote. It's it's just like this marks the sharks will follow the seals will fall their foods or so yeah that means maybe the waters a little warmer where their food source or colder the food source come close to shore here is a fisherman. Who has called the program I don't know if that's the gorton's fisherman that yes hello. Not even an Obama DL guys and I even on the dog had. I didn't. Oh. Reached on hole. But did you egg scenario there. It is one under hello Brian. Say yeah let's put that Brian. LP could threaten the B Wheeler will be that you that you you let me. He's very get up making up this story with the night went out with tact for peek at it that's of the knicks. I may have are two obese are pulling if you will solve the great idea to keep retirement champ levee this is Michael Mike. Ed I'm so I'm I'm. I'm an artist sees so well you wanna Iberia. Basically it it it's. Oh what what's believed to be a true story about the aspect. I'm out. Nantucket what is. Sunk by a a whale which attacked the ship almost like Moby Dick that you guys. And the Herman Melville. I young Herman Melville. Was a reporter. For a newspaper yes who reported on the F six incidents are out there and that is where. That is where he got the idea. As for Moby Dick mind blown the great white way. Mobley bit of good and I married I was gonna agree. On this is Steve hello Steve. I don't guys and I bought them on water. You've idolized the automatic red light. We have photo book club while as to what now what are you fishing port today. Boxes actually Soledad. Hey what that dude who got the the translucent. See through lobs that the other day did you see that. Yeah I did this I mean cotton to blue in my life the order by another bishop but. I mean I got one option that would hop. By the way aegis and Nancy Nolan all in to a complete tailspin when he said cotton you have Cochran anything. I I am the it and cotton a lobster about I didn't get that they were saying the odds of catching that that see through lobster. We're like a hundred million to one or something while that it was it was it was a bit. The translucent ones out very very rare it was and how they the out of this yet read the book saw the movie and I. They got caught yet of what you guys seen earlier it's actually based on the true account set Herman malveaux. Give up what the story Moby Dick yeah I actually had very very very good factual good book read. Yeah it's it's it's phenomenal so far manages yesterday's. You beat on the camera keeping it in the humidity ballots and what I did I was reading that I love the IR we'll save us when we were in Jamaica. I was blown while I'm in the in the jacuzzi in the pool yes you know balancing cocktail on a naked woman's Bart yes I watched Gil cyber she can be good at fourteen cocktails on them whatever but yet. Yeah I wish it was local and surely I can read books put them and read read you a one afternoon. Via you read a whole book I was like one thing here's what's him. All right let's get to finally get to today's mail voicemail messages that were left by you. Over the previous 24 hours I don't think I don't want. Jack Gregory. I dated a girl who all of our. What told me that I would back. I don't know I got back on my goal but I did all we. That not be bored by it side. I want you put it back that really hit and then that fortunately I thought I would like I don't know I'd say guys. That food now centers or go to line for me when people grow. What what happened here you know here huge Macquarie and gore diet you're about to chapter at a. I. I notice. I was a little upset I notice you don't get invited to the Bruins a golf tournament anymore outside a sub culture of oh you've got to buy you just didn't show yesterday not a slut and a possible bird if it's a great tournament and they had every single Bruin than it ever played there except for except for you know so I just over invited me know I may not for another and what might they do with my hands I can't wac now weigh on me what I basically or surfing the other day he won the way it is hence why can't why a all so US troopers I cages you know come by for the dinner future and organized and easy enough for not married but he ought to have it wants to learn incredible term and all occur temperance players you know I was employed yet or is there there was a picture. Is on the Bruins in Seagram and then everybody who's there was straight. On fourteen room and again. Actually I am LB that. Do you believe that all that I don't. Who who won and again. Because you better go one at that point that. Code in the Republican primary last night but of course today is done Gregory and what bit them to do but as. But they've got. The you would we don't go good. Wounded now a couple things wrong that. Number one dish called in earlier. And then left that he Cleveland can't play he probably left heel milk buyers and and then got an opportunity for the call on our society is probably just in pick up on it. Duplication of that celebration is now when he thinks he has some good material. He's leaving hill mail voice mail message and and calling it a lot of balls just to make sure that gets on if I can make an obscure reference to the first season of is that when Dell. Talks about I think and car a lot of the woman who's dull. Any tests Marty Burton and asks if it's the first time she still and he said no. It's the first time you've caught her. I am keeping a hill mail and calling it I think it's the first time we caught circuit from. Well inland. They have the Hill Man Morning Show. Learned about curbing. No most people didn't sound like Marek twenty million of that thirty days look. Current and new thing where somebody themes interest in you. To be manipulative. And then doesn't really respond that they don't those Q now but they respond much later so you might text somebody reach out and say what's going on. What's what's happening car and yet I'm memo and we you a little voice cracked member we were camp counselors the other I don't know if you heard or not. But John Wade is going to be playing live in the studio and then like three hours later yeah you get like fumbles and an analogy yeah. And that's cult Irving and people are doing that other people just to be. Manipulative and mean right. And who think again. 840 ya know spoiler here are looking forward that you are so now you're hurt you look at Ireland. It is tired. Yeah. It's. Yeah. Guys and just the early too much that we. Boom boom. And. I don't you know you're gonna get we'll be right back well I think of course I like him over you know. But you know what we look forward bite. I can't you have like you know we picked it up director of hole. I don't play them now. Wounded now. It. You don't vote right and a lot to warrant or a citizen not I was number resident alien. Two more years two more years left graduated in here with it and take the pledge of allegiance to answer it. I was a little upset because. They didn't have stickers. The centers schools though I voted. Yeah one thing on social. What I wanted to sticker you'll (%expletive) everybody as one wanted to stick that that I voted but they haven't. Hormone only man. The activist community. Might not. Accidentally go over my neighbors and crushing blow prize winning bid you what is considered an act of god. Much like mine that stuff. Wounded men and missed then. Do it comes to voting black. There have food there there ought to be there are Padilla a dollar buffet it's donuts Oregon they should leave it there should be free food I think more people would vote only 25%. Of the people who could vote in Massachusetts voted in the primary yesterday. And sells. I think if like if they had like a good point there a good breakfast but Irish make you don't see in which like it don't flatter something now. I think that would improve. Amount of people are. Note is that you have the repeat voters. I don't care program that there was a button eighteen only hand. Yes I think Greg. It happened donating 1000. Dollars every. I can give something away from all of that you can do 1000 dollar Greg every time you want to give them the military court. And that message of in an hour about an hour spoiler free line on seasons do mistakenly told him the show. Often between people and. My mind. We've been floated. What is going on LP. That it. You have to do what you happy that he could drop the guy can't figure out where to go important drop sometimes it kind of thought about how to keep that up. What will it MI. And that clearly need to know what to do to keep his job that happens by default the I don't know what I am doing. OL shock and surprise the all the papers. Day. I don't know what this text means 95. For. Text message. Where's that from India. It is firm Broward County. Florida. Wow it says Greg will do breakfast with anyone what reference to a mean it is your ass. Yes it is true old habits of England accent. Plant made. He mumbled not saying listen I enjoyed. Eggs Benedict. On to. Of the holiday breakfast there so again I had it Saturday with the Julia and mrs. bill yeah. At the best western and Kenton New York panicked and I had a Monday before departing. Nantucket so non. And by the way the price differential. Quite a large gap between the 48 grade patent protection. I. When you know how much it costs leadership and armored carrier. Have you are register in Australia are the go to man and I love I love I'm just amazed I was loving it's Benedict you're asking if you're zone of the vineyard and as a not now never. But I foolishly you know on frugal. And so. When we decided to rule over there on Sunday said you know because. A jumped on the mind for injuries vote yes and so I said you know what I'll grab lunch. Everybody when we get the idea. And an annual immediately regret that statement and then we jumped in the yeah I asked. You're likely guessed the price all of three lobster rolls on hot crew. On Nantucket would it take though three of them three lobster rolls 117 dollars. These are low it's understood there are you you are almost on the mark the lobster roll. 36 the Hudson faced earlier change where their excellence on the rob Barr Nash not really know how people can really. Can get up and and do a lap there it's there for 36 dollars. A very important question that feeling I know where this is gonna go he hits it a Nantucket be rich people and feel lobster role was there anything accompanying lobster roll with the 36 dollars thrives well you try to open up they're French Fries but that was about it. Hi there wasn't much else. Our great. Thank you for participating today during hill mail. The weather. This hour is brought to you by count camps and it is going to be partly sunny today but. The temperature is gonna be in the upper 80s88. Is can be that high today cell. And we're going. A couple of muggy I'm always see days back back to back weight loss program. It is seven the four right now here in beautiful state Brighton Massachusetts. Demand for top talent is that an all time high. Count taps account camps can help you find highly skilled. Temporary accounting and finance professionals who fit your needs and hit the ground running. Account Temps A-Rod Robert half company. I'd argent half company and the let's see here's somebody says how close was the boat to capsize and when you jump. And they've put everyone else on the other side. Yes. Even out it was a little choppy coming back I don't like the the choppy seas. Gets sick and now but it is not a fan of I'm not a fan of the rust you Wear a life jacket I do not like that if they don't you know later Janet I I would if there was one that involved. Oh some loaded with that one that fit I would have given him. Are not as much as an air I don't. In not in the really hot weather yeah I don't yeah right don't you can't go back. I don't know literally I'm gonna have to get ready the next five K will be the this though Turkey trot thing on Thanksgiving so I'm gonna have to get ready for game and in the gym on the treadmill. I try and then I don't like I collected the two that the treadmill with the the roadway and yet the chicks. It's you know LB take the hook out Greg is about health. Not looking at women at the gym. Here's the text through says. Could I just point out. How much I appreciate being yells purge noise when Greg says he's through debt. I was excellent take a trip. Jobs jobs you wanna get some news thing now as well as we get our news the news this hour is brought to you by a hero. Finally here's a way you can save time parking use our hero anytime you park. First time users can enter promo code real for ten dollars off like a baby we'll spot hero. Park smarter. I'm curious to know what people think of making the none edges comments about sex she does on Allen yesterday. And she was talking about the very high standards that she sets for people cheat day it's now not when she's in a relationship. Just panic casual. Friends of benefits dating scenario and she has high standards for this yes she she expects to be. On injured. Three times a night. All nobody in nobody got time for that it'll excessive attorney yeah. OK I mean what about the sleeping part of it that well but it's a mean that you immediately supposed to go to sleep after you're done right. As a man and yes. And what else any other. And I also thought it was weird that it is she she kind of echoed my my sentiments about coddling she says nobody willing you don't like Connolly I don't like the agreement. After sex don't touch me. You know want everything else is so breathing heavy I'm sweating like I get a cramp in my wide. It up a minute are you breathing heavy because of the exercise that you actually daughter doing work I'm doing work in the Brando is a want everything she's won anything like that now whatsoever now. Then you have someone they don't see one a regular basis says. It's not like it in the middle of the titans having. But it used beat them you know like I want to. Twice a week removed then yeah three times a night when I see you three Thailand and OK. And you can't. The guy. You say three times isn't spread out over the night or just three times right away that hasn't beaten while no one and a half now are between each thing. Number one and a half hour and then I understand you don't enjoy being touched or cuddled afterward I hate coddling act air. All Evian and led Qaeda it's like you know it Elena but once I get my hand I feel really really great. Leave me alone. Canada founding comic assailant don't make the. Well if he. I guess oh. Would you make me want my ear and it she does echo your exact feelings on this other guys on sexton who like you know just kind of on the coach watching TV that's that's a good cuddle option IB a little before obviously. Socially. I've got to do the roll away. Now I need my time you need your time if you wanted to asleep in the other bedroom I'm fine without him. I have a hard time getting through three times there she's nasty want to know Latin. I would oddly made here did you see that DC yesterday I watched him she's got orange here well. Of course you still able she's real she's available during the data watch Allen Allen a concept that's all of our ability of the job. Well America's parking. While while industry is moving you're watching Elena on television she browser maker of form which. She gets paid like good zillions of dollars to use some companies maker. Some people think David. Some people think she uses huge huge future not even close there's an anybody famous and now it isn't that she's. Not active zone points here. A I mean I don't. Here's somebody says you're giving them. Donors one through eleven by talking. About after sex Connolly and I don't know why I want to turn on them I guess that's just been. It's inter bank is it lets you out of the obligation. Cadillac that it's in psych you just lay in there. A lot of stuff going on you might need to get up and ran to the bass term. Only thing you wanna do is roll into you would wrap my legs around viewers in Billick beats when all of that was on what about curling during the night that's fine. OK again it's beginning and I or if you do the nice. They can do like the little planet back to back but about thing or fewer roll over and spoon me with the arms around me yeah I'm good with that for like five minutes but again. Time to roll the way they're good time limit. I don't understand you look at some sort of like gay got issues here with I can't sleep with something like attached to. Well there are a lot of issue with that I can't I can't say there's a lot of women that are listening who are texting and saying that they love coddling they would prefer pummeling. The other part I think if sex and. I wouldn't just give a heads up to all the men out there. Have half sacks. Foot rubs. Our key grabbed the lotion and a throw that BR house some sacks and I hit the coach grabbed the Lohse change he literally. On she gets it became Aaron where some light clothing probably put the but John design and human life upper castes and Aaron nice for road LB obscure reference on that sells Wallace them Nikki Rocco or out of a sudden tournament I don't know maybe his wife for rock. Senator hit it exactly. Exactly. Somebody says they knew how will you marry me there's the no does not like doing that coddling him on his side the thinking is. Here's somebody says Eminem. Is going out Nikki Obama is that all Canadians the new album and I believe that age that was room gladly. Couple months ago lot. Get his pulse on the his finger on the pulse of the community and hit it. I'd like them. Both a lot of Reading up on what's going on them in the black community. France was worth my were up magazines and arrived yeah. It's hip hop monthly area. And well issue have you listened to the new Eminem album. It's only the first response is yeah solid time for but it sounds good I love that it got panned by a couple of critics McDonald they're talking about I'm well I'm a big fan yes I'm a little bias I believe that some people are upset because he's he's still is using some homophobic. Is yet he's. He's come on hard yeah really yeah it's not only kids listen. Very well coming up it is asking tourney. And we are all you're legal questions. Answered for free. I don't know that they're not let me start chefs. Were meant to apply. Gates needs let's get in the way of saying that what it is that I have a dream click on that night that night is not the bottom of the at this. Do you. Now you can call or you can tax on the text line for you're free legal advice from art in house counsel Larry army junior good morning free legal opinions. And I you know you gotta get this right out of the that we need to get the legal disclaimer in there and that is. That there Larry is here providing a an opinion based service. He is not officially serving as your attorney. During the segment right Larry now having said that good morning good morning. And everybody nice area Hollywood here's attacks didn't even need. To hire an attorney. If you were in an auto accident I was hit by a woman who ruled through a stop sign. And the insurance company wants me to settle. So you don't need to ever hire an attorney that's really not the right question the question is should you hire an attorney and you know for personal injury claims Greg. There's no payment and less the attorney is successful so figured if you're going into a deal in the insurance companies offering new X amount of dollars. You know what I would tell somebody's you know talk to the attorney. They don't charge you for an opinion as to what they can do for you they won't charge you unless there are successful there recovery. And there are some shops that will take off what you Verity being given is a negotiation. From that contingency fees so if you get 5000 dollars and let's say it's third. You know that I can take their 15100 it'll be over the 5000 you get and quite frankly. You should always hire an attorney we have personal injury claim because they know cases a war they know what insurance companies are looking for. They understand what documentation they need to provide and the narrative that needs to beasts are given here is. 978 tax. Can I file bankruptcy. And still keep my brand new car. And they love that if they attack you should not gotten hurt just. Right of the Fredricka how did you acquire that Kylie that's apathetic asking for a friend yes everybody's asking for trying to be the answer is. Potentially okay. You when you filed bankruptcy Greg this is an interest in question when we haven't really talked about here. We file a chapter seven for example as an individual all of your debts goal that nobody can collect against you know lawsuits pending can move forward everything's frozen. And brought to answer purposes all of your deck goes away. Now having said that there's a lot of people that have a car or that they have a house for example. That they wanna keep you can always affirm those debts so that means that once the bankers he goes through. Any debt that you affirm is still valid debt it's not wiped out by the bankruptcy. And interestingly Sony comes into my office for bankruptcy we always tell them. Paid we Asia car that you have a house call by new immediately. Because you're not gonna do the gallop for couple years after that and I'll read yeah credits are actually a Smart move police cannot buy a new car yeah. You just have to affirm that debt you can get the car knocked in get away with not getting that that and if you're a homeowner. And you're not currently thinking about bankruptcy. Do you recommend home stating your home anyway 100% and you know people might not know you can do this son generational say Greg it's a great plan and you got. Was a real estate attorney yes a lot of stuff so you have knowledge that others may not. So great job put this is again this is something we haven't talked about. Homestead is a very simple document the record in the registry of deeds and it gives you a certain amount of protection on your equity from creditors in bankruptcy. Two great thing to have so they carry a couple essentially can't come after and take your home you know today that aren't after you but it doesn't they're not gonna get your home though and anybody can do that. EE and he probably should do it just in case for every single person that does own real estate should and it's their primary residence. Has to be their primary residence should 100% of declaration homes and property. And see where is this one's was good and if a student athlete. Gets injured during a school sport. Is the school responsible for the medical bills. Up. I LB's chocolate at the bit here I wanna take the first out terrorists. In your face now you have professional. At the look when any when any sport there is an assumption of the risk. You're assuming some kind of an injury. When you step foot on the field is apparently you have a minor child living in place the same thing now I'll tell you that's your health insurance if you have health insurance. Is going to cover that. If you don't have health insurance problem we have some. Some ability go after the school from ads. You know it depends what level is too you know for example colleges Greg. They have medical trainers on staff they had this apparent response that's a lot of those schools secured by the cells have a question on that I'd just sign a waiver from my daughter to participate in sports will now hold. Now I'm just trying to figure wide review that Burris yeah. An update Greg Hodge. I don't that's the he is a text from Jacob which says can the government take my land if by athletic myself. When I excuse me which is also how to. Now technically yeah. And it started and I actually thought we're gonna have an eminent domain questionnaire. Hala hello I made for two hours a look a look Carolina look airline. Hello let's not gallon Lauren you're on ask an attorney would Larry army junior. Taking their act and we learn how to have that has led to that really. No contract nobody. No right and election ain't good start repaired. And look paint it and we want to occur how. So my issue legally become a and then and act and that right about that. If you like a friend is like a college friend or something that you let lived there are more yeah. Okay this is the disaster so I utters yet so so she's a friend he said okay fine move in with the us. And now she won't leave. Okay well you're not okay what rights they have Larry so did you bring her to live with you or did she come to visit that's the first question that I. We. Got hurt. Is that a mistake. Blazes in here so. Though you know kindness. Is often seen as weakness I don't subscribe to that yeah. And nice what you're doing but you know here's a classic example you do something nice you. I wanna go about it or is it going to be really hard for them to get her out it's it's always difficult to get some yeah I think it's living easier because she hasn't paid range she's not doing anything she's house cast the way to look at it I think that. Is to go out to local police department you know trespass order. Yet the file that in the local police department so you can get a Foreman anglers that's the problem for you think this go to Google. I would start with a no trespass or pile that local police department have served with a I don't know that she's dressed pastor and I mean I I always try to go with the less expensive route before we are going to the eviction world so at least right now they're probably gonna tell you it's a civil. Is that what they do not that the police have access via but having said that if you take the right steps I'm not really shared is a civil matter. And I'm not sure that the policing and actually doing but it's the first okay. Derrick can I had some good and wait wait wait don't hang out some advice for you Mike Scioscia. LD WA AF dot com uptrend on our economy and turn over. Absolves us number one yeah. Locked the bathroom. Number two normal hour to put food in the French. Number number number three do everything that she hates while she's in the house. And she will leave me and she can't if she can't eat dole Marty is a stove. And she's gonna snap is probably so you could you won't letter the lead at the end there she's gonna get a bit. These are all things and LB is done to people the viewers are have been done Dell knew it was against the somebody's got to take them out of there I just think the next number on that list was gonna get a TX. I. Yeah I yeah I got a little carried it right back and help him out all right good idea. I agree and even have to beat it this is what we learn. On this segment which is asking attorney that you even have to be careful. About being nice to somebody and allowing them to go to move into your home how many times book. Most of the issues I've had in my faith in my business from. Oracle friends yeah you know you try to take care of somebody get a discount you don't charge of handling those are the ones that always come back around. Here's the text for asking attorney. Which says I have a court order. That says I have exclusive use and occupancy of the house I live in we've my kids but my ex won't leave. What can 20. Maybe she loves you. And maybe maybe she does she loves you what you do actually have options. I would first of all talk to your attorney it sounds like you were in courts we have a court order so talk to your attorney I'm sure they're take the same thing to leave but. Number one you have the option if it's a court order that you can pilot contempt against your spouse. He seemed to be expose. At that point and you can ask the judge order possession. And after that it is still not getting out Eaton to go to the housing court it's a lot easier to get some Leo with a court order from the probate court judgment content. Verses going to the addiction one thing that we have done in the past that somebody won't do something that the court has told them to do. You can oftentimes asked the court to impose a fine per day pints of for example. Every day after the seven days this person stays in that house we're gonna charger to order to fine. That gets people a quick. Are matters here's an interesting taxed along those same lines. We have fired. A sales guy at work three times and he just continues to show up the next day and work. What can we do about that I think that's awesome. Think about it I fired him three times he comes to work for you kind. Of did you really fire. It. I don't pay you by. And citadel. George Cassandra well nobody's released stresses that it would be uncomfortable work out your wife nobody you don't have a job you think of about second let's think about what that boss looks like it sounds like acts like for somebody to say oh no problem acquired outs in the morning what was what should they do they get an agent and probably get a new boss out it could and so that's why the boss is no controllable via. This is Steve Hayes Steve. They've looked up at. What. I throw in a few years back our brother. He hadn't Carter later. This car. Less than a year of it started being born and she took off a lot of bad. So. Even he was unable to Vietnam trading yesterday you know so late 89 years later. She that in terms. And it thank Katy you know. I'm near car the only thing is she actually won't let my brother trig and eat the Arctic. But he mixes her and so when people do. OK a couple things. Priscilla what he really should have done. If you look if you resided in Massachusetts in the comma the Massachusetts for a six month period of time than Massachusetts has jurisdictions so. We're a little late on the first part but I'm and give it to listeners anyways in case this happens anybody else. So she liege of six months to file an action in the Massachusetts courts and get her serve in the Massachusetts would retain jurisdiction. You will get in order to have her come back with a child. Chances are she won't do it but at that point time you can go to the the issue and they Alabama and in you can certainly get that court order prove there and and however term. Now here we are 99 years later what your brother should be doing its filings call 209 C complaint to establish paternity. Demand genetic market testing. I don't know who's on the purse to negate or the voluntary knowledge tourney that's also evidence that he's that bother. But the generic market testing is gonna show. There's one issue. When you have a child born out of wedlock in Massachusetts the statute says the child support can go retroactive to the date of birth. So your brother goes and after in the by the way this is not a reason to not see your child right because I do think that in this particular setbacks. It be hard pressed for a judge to go retroactively nine years. Back for somebody that had not that judges could go back and. You low all of the nine years of child support who my ex and I raised two dogs together from poppies. Over six years ago. Now she is keeping them from should I take her to court for custody. Or visitation rights and is there a chance I can take the puppies from her. The dogs are registered in turn name good luck yeah I think I have. I humble and get a life do you are little like two more docks of the almighty don't I don't know. Yeah no I don't know poppies and you'll be some time now you have millions. Another bowl. Are you kidding me. While at the end of the day if they're registered to her that she's the owner. It's really that simple yeah. I'm not saying you can't go to court and you can't try to sue or to some equitable principal. Do you do a lot of divorces where. The custody of the path is a really important part of I think it's. Often times it is an issue in these case is that the most important part of the settlement offer once you get through the kids that animals are you know that's a pretty. In tumultuous and pop yeah yep Petrino has what you. Yeah I mean actually I once had a case where we resolved everything these people were. Ultra wealthy. Children was an issue everything is an issue we finally resolved everything except who got doc. So literally literally. Had a trial on who gets the de La well rich people well one out. Yeah. I judge a loss. By the way into the record. They what you do in that situation. You let the toggle kids read the kids go to the odds. But when everybody went right I here's tonight's eliminate tax. My husband and I are going to a separation. Can I tell him to leave the house. You could tell many want now have to leave the house in Massachusetts there is a statute that addresses this issue. You'd have him vacate the marital residence during the pendency of a divorce you have to show that there is an imminent mental physical feared that he provides you. And even and you only have ninety days you can have a vacate the order in place yet to go back having diabetes improve the still in fear either of your physical health and human. Having said that happens look I tell my clients if somebody watch out of the house barring children being present that changes things. It's either you get out now or you wait a month until she tries to get a restraining order hue and you know that I'm here's a 978 tax. I don't know sorry 774 attacks I own a home I purchased it and in July of 2017. In January of 2018 I put my girlfriend's name on the deed. And we have now just broken up. In hand she is. Giving me a hard time about her name on the deed how to how can I force her to remove it. This hurt this person's not gonna like this answer. First of all you should never do he should never have. Her his giveaway after your house if you're going to I I have at least by people staring it'll take. Later of course I shall never this is a really important that's a really important thing even if you're madly in love with somebody. Don't ever do do not ever put their name on the deed of that house if you wanted to have in the commitment of marriage and why you gonna have that commitment giving somebody house yeah. Now now though the bad. News is is that you know she's not willing to sign that over achieve the only thing you're going to be of the dues potentially file what's called a partition to partition. Which is an action in Massachusetts the you bring in Milan court with a superior court. And basically what they do is to sell the property they appoint a commissioner commissioner finds a real order. They go out and they market the property for sale you may be able to get the right of first refusal but whatever is left. She's getting half whatever it at the deficiency is you're gonna pay out. This is Mike. And asked to turn a little like good morning Greg let's. Now what Larry have a question for you if searches what he's saying that no in the Louis for a visit bank at issue that you before they sort of. Did they do have to show that they have the know in the mortgage it was a case came down. It was a whole bunch of cases that started in Massachusetts probably about eight or nine years ago the person was a case called of Banja as the EU's case. Basically what that says when the bank for closes. That what time those questions about who held the mortgages because a lot of banks would transfer the mortgage to a holding company. According service but they wouldn't have the know they would only have the the mortgage servicing. That the courts came down and said look beautiful clothes on mortgage you have to have a valid debt behind them which makes common sense. And that ballot that being actual note so yes the short answer is there in the are entitled to copy of that though. When you got your initial foreclosure notice the bank says hey look this is an attempt to collect the debt. And you have thirty days to dispute this that would I would tell my clients always is disputed that. Tell them that you want proof that that exists at which point in time is it time and the kicks and the vendor respond to you with those documents for example we know. And I. Here is a 978 tax. Due to DNA testing. I just found out who my father's. I'm in my thirties low. Is he liable for back child support. That us where you really love your daddy her. Right Martin. So tough times are tough a present that's what you say and you. Well you know this is an agent questioned by the way easier daddy. Lyndon former pop open yeah sure excellent. I mean I could have a conflict there. Everyone out there are never missed a ten. And you had ever I had an irony here yeah everything. That is what was the question at that that is their back child support if you find out your father is deserted DNA testing when your thirty's so the thinking is an organic go. He used are based on some cases that I had so I I had cases where there was parents that said hey you're you're on hard times don't worry about paying his support in the sport away for a year or 23. I want to lose the support for seven years we got along great twelve minute kid turned eighteen. And it was all done the mother went in contempt for seven years as support. The Supreme Court and the appeals court Massachusetts says that child support is the benefit of a minor child. As a result a minor child can't contract in Massachusetts so they can't wave we can't give you a waiver that child can't give you waiver of the support. The only person can do that in the state is the court okay now they may be a statue limitations issue. Six years for breach of contract for example in Massachusetts serious report so. You can find up to you with thirty so there's another. A line of reasoning amass she's called the discovered which means that your statute nations doesn't pull into the could reasonably have discovered the issue. So the short answer is you may have a case very unusual set of facts. I'd like to do that mall looking now interesting. But heavily taxed a girl that I smashed is now pregnant. However she has a boyfriend so I'm not sure if it's mind. If I don't end up on the birth certificate do I have rights and we'll have to pay child support. This. So if you on the person here and the voluntary argument you're gonna have to pay. If the boyfriend thinks that he's the dad. And he goes on the voluntary not me abreast of and one year passes your who just want you got to make 21 here but he does that mean I get extra material here. You may have a child and you are saying I don't wanna pay for my child seem child this is simple as balls are under where robber. Yet pull out a bunch of things happen. I would like you avoid paying this kid that I death. That I described rightly what is wrong what you do you have a baby gets the picture baby my advice is. Go to the hospital don't sign anything but ask for a DNA tests what you want and all that your cubicle that dirt bag that. I get on a her kid out here NA tests though so get addressed. Asked for a test to find out if that's all right simple as your child angle of definite yes that's what the world needs okay all right well. Can you can can we continue thrilled I get that 100% to get on with us in the studio since it's a Wednesday it is Larry army junior. And this is asking attorney we will continue we pure free legal advice.