HMMS Hour 3 - Meet the Kids 7/11/18

Wednesday, July 11th

In hour 3 of the Hillman Moring show we start off with a batch of all new Hill-Mails,  Kid gets shot in the eye with a paintball gun and we have the youngest band to ever play … jamming in studio.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Men weren't adhered to discuss your personal life times married yet make comments about resounding no sir have a big day you. You know we're just recently portola. Did it object and peace in. Eventually and. Even. Get to that point or if it. Did literally that all example at a certain individuals on the show bring on the border during story. It. Throughout the it's that's why I don't like face are. Well and I don't. Like he ended men. Lindsay Indy having anything about asking attorney. You know today I ha ha ha. I'll just say this and in order wants just today I even watched evil things. You guys are you guys wants Eric. Evil thing and amp evil I don't know what what are you order what do you Tony screw it it's that are brought should show you guys watch what. A time of strangers thing drink everything passed okay all right so I did so I've watched it. In and you guys you know your boss might announce a book a lady with the blue hair. That if not I don't I couldn't have set this up any now I don't know I don't know what the what is it what what that each episode is so random and people are knots. It did do I want to know more electric Joseph keeps you like I. I'm still here. I don't know I don't know what. I guess we're gonna show that I thought you guys are all watched. And it's it's it's random a bald people wouldn't see in dealing with crazy currency that evil things he I'm saying the wrong thing. All right I don't but we'll never get that 200. Our guys it is no immunity deal and it does. And an innocent act is that we now let me just manifest until or you know any. We have that no big now what I legs somebody putting out that LB and you have can get my three whose tax relief yesterday. Muddled waste of my. And my thought I was playing along with the show. A year later on in and yeah. It is idiots it's 802 and this is WA. FM and HD one was bro box then. WP TI ESP two or. Lawrence and WW. TX HD to Boston and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll email. I want. You. On WA championships witness. I. Here now for you the very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been left over the previous 24 hours and. Day 4:18. PM. You know I overheard. LB talking to somebody off the air and I couldn't believe it the British accent. The more people love that word to. It's all an act and please guy's it's all there. Felt like he could be announced that from masterpiece theatre on. Media they're easy thing. And the message yeah it soundly. It's not a theory it's not and Ireland and its people and that Ray Allen if you don't believe it on I don't know it's Diane it's it's. Horrible it's the manifestation. Of years and years of element of abuse of countless. Substances and don't drink in my pocket and body parts and I was but my parents and 6 am talked about it and so I could play on with you guys would be an article where is it is brain disorders that is that punches to the head Davis. Our fight. Eight billions. Blood heavies. It's really that's what year that's easier that's about it's the manifestation all that. To me 5:27. PM. I'm unlock all the blue on. Can grab it and read all about and that he brought Reagan and open it. Dude ever popular quote the declaration that I was able that the I don't quite yet I did at the crack of the bat. And that message. Professor have an honorable and didn't. Role. In the fight of our. It's. 714. And again. No. The less attractive you are the more money at this and I'm engagement ring pop. They'll pay I mean knowing that he's not engagement. And now. And perhaps you think that's stupid. Couple of 25 times sure you know decent size rock that. You're here appeared on her finger I bought a house before acres. The mortgage you're. Smart enough rent and a chance yours. Yeah that's good enough to buy expensive. To second. And make sure my LB line answer at least I'm trying to answer all of whom I don't bloom all. Model being an actor and an amateur back rent. Scored the winning goal yesterday I would really look forward who met and helping you can't. More important than others in New York you know I try. It's like all the stars like the day after the marathon. When you try to pronounce the name of the winner from another country you'll on the bus the marathon. 7:19. AM. They don't you think that no wonder it got trapped in the it. I know you have to open them instead of waiting for them to US equity he had seen parts. I don't know if that's what I can get simply don't know. I LB is that the other day Monday. He said on the show that he he believed that the soccer coach was trying to kill the kids. However I believe you have. Refined your opinion on no no I'm gone back are gone back to my original statement. Any new. It drags a bunch of kids two point nine miles. Into a deadly care if should go to jail. You know. If it takes you don't think you're used to yeah you don't think they'll send you guys you're such hypocrites everybody out there somebody somebody walks of a mountain gets lost in the woods. And then you expect. Then to pay the cops. Where the people the swat team that goes up there are find them you everybody expects that person to pay them because they were stupid enough. They're going to. Walker what I was on a trail in the woods at noon after having a perfect. I got a little light in particular I forgot to bring like an extra granola bar. But but this guy's like some sort of hero of six Navy SEALs had to win there and save the nit wit. Because he was stupid enough to drag a bunch of kids that are qualified to be in the cave in the first place the pig it's so dangerous a navy seal died now. One of those are you being on the planet that is a father or mother would sign a waiver rule are about to happen. Some of the kids have been their before. Usual trip they do it's soccer club yeah they got a lot of people do because it's not a deadly case now need to place people go to -- create just like the white mountains watching Tom Watson swim in the pool but if a parent is there an acute drowns. Is that find the player. I. And so this might pull a hundred and I'm sorry that they walked over opened the fans walked in and went for a dip in drowned. C'mon you call. Often 21 AM. I've got to take care about that woman who came for auto repairs that they died in the Iraq. Well at least the outline that. Now that's in the accident. This problem 21 AM. That the captain. I have it won't let it carry political Albion content into that. Are right. There is straightaway and thank you for her your home L voicemail messages that you have left this morning. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com this is Brian hello Brian. Hey Brian actor reduce other go bingo Brian second it's time. 6179311. Day after his number call if you would like to be on today's show. And maybe like crime and you'll you're lying on for more than a second ago computer communication com. Let's get to the news this hour and then color killer will play live in the studio the news this hour is brought to you by. True car if you're looking to buy a car it's true price from troop Ari can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want to see that other people paid for Tim. Is it true heart to enjoy more confident car buying experience. Rush also this hour my Leisle university graduate with the skills to make an impact. Simply your degree online Leisle university will help you get where you wanna go learn more and online outlets plea dot edu. Police and Procter and like to know who's shooting paint balls that kids is one of them got real heart. Twelve year old Cody kilts was outside playing with a couple kids on Ford's street Brockton. I'll when someone in the dark sedan drove up shot at them with a paintball gun Cody took one right tit TI. In scratched cornea. We know the pain bodies are there detached retina and severe swelling he's gonna go back to the hospital every day that doctors can monitor whether or not his ninth in the needs surgery. Evidently there have been three paintball incidents like this in Brockton up until now also police are looking for answers this is Tony's mom can Sondra. I had some popping noises in the aching and like his I was I. You know my name in a post I just I just. One. Or had that terrible. Terrible. A clinic in them. I'm so. That debate continues. Whether or not we should be giving non citizens from voting rights here in the city of Boston City Council sat down. Yesterday afternoon to discuss the proposal. That would allow non US citizens to vote in local elections only now this wouldn't apply to people that are here illegal would be. Illegally it would apply to people who have legal permanent residence status such as those holding green card Horry visa. We had to Wear today told the City Council that she's been collected the citizenship process for the last ten years. I have been fighting very hard to become an American citizen I don't have a voice I pay taxes. I owned property. And I think that at the end of the day that she gave me a certain level of ability to have a voice and help dictate what direction often who's in the future. We discussed this the other day. Have you changed your mind at all about this. No no you wouldn't if if that people are here legally. And they pay taxes they own property I wouldn't have. Problem with them voting and you know to say what's happening in the local community. But it has to be that they have to be here legally ready yet delicate green cards in regulation and it entails yeah. Have to be paying taxes yes you know all that I totally agree but. The management part is what I'm worried about the play putt because management several fronts lately and I we have several programs out of people's on the slide by now you know also reality that you assess our own but I agree with I left a you know the concept of me I agree way you agree to it and cons and right you're not supply just like lobster were injured righty lead seeker I don't have confidence in the people that manage. Some of those programs that. Do you feel like whether it's. A witness somebody who. After getting their groceries isn't utilizing. Got into an escalade newer than yours now. I went and purchased. Several. Lottery tickets yet from the lottery machines and I mean is that spread everywhere man if they mean if you in their cash and other news or use their cash benefits for that yet. But they were within a foot if you can afford. To feed your failing and you need to be on supplemental assistance or transitional whatever we're calling it is it is in fact. Meant to be transitional. I don't think you should buying things like lottery tick bite scratch or cigarettes. Or booze only Communists but if you like if you need. If you need the assistance from the government team to handle like basic things I think that you should be very careful about what you're using. Any discretionary or disposable income you might have after that for now I think. Most people are are pretty good about it but he do you have. Now a decent amount of people that she's in the system and it sucks it sucks for the people that need the bad people always ruin it. For the people would actually her eye on Arab try to do the right thing and then go get a job to get back on their feet and get off assistants. No I I. I you guys might have the same one I've medical benefits card when I tried to buy something that it's not covered denies it right. Does that not happen because I'm not familiar with the program does that not happen to like any BT Carner assistants are. Does that look Greg saying is that you know fear is this this individual. Using EDT Carter where it was when popular Democrat as a supplemental induction yeah whatever that is and the Akron and so they use that to pay for their food but they used to their own personal money that I. Four to de ice after this ride and go like she might be kind of thing if you can't afford food at the grocery store should you be playing scratched it and you're due out. Let's go back to. This woman who we just heard from she's she pays taxes shields property she's here legally do you have a problem with someone like that. Being able to vote in municipal we're not talking vote and for you know the federal level or stay low but what municipal elections. Aren't bloom I think it's there and here's a text through says I think that this person thinks that if you're on any kind of assistance like that that you should not be able to vote. I think that's yeah that's very accident I was very excited about because maybe somebody went to a hard times somebody. You know a woman had a guy leave her brand roses is job in the loses house and I and that's. I don't agree and I would but I yeah I'm a resident alien I'd like to have the same what goes on and Paulson. Yeah right well yeah you can't vote right now now in Cambodia hello Andy. Our I am so glad that you detect that does that prove my point. It out in broad market. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You'd be of the I think you'd be you'd probably go to the wrong polling place on the wrong day. But they are cute boys he had I don't advocate well I forget theories I think you'd be irresponsible vote mr. byers that's a blood. Pressure check. Yeah you are right are there. Obvious just I don't I don't want bill Swanson person distinction. There's an office this is David. And David you on the Framingham Ford studio on what's going on David. Do you actually entertaining as he LB into a boat blew through the Internet storm so anyway I'm at. We can make an issue a little bit and I've got some appealing about it but it seems that you make it wanna allow. People that that I'm fit that profile to vote in CD or Al collection is the option or not. Looking at yes they measures now looking at federal thing so they would be voting on things like if we want to build a school urgent police building. You don't need to mated to that sort of thing or they're elected officials in the cities so. In the event that they wanted to do that never had a desire by the city you're counted directing that kinda makes sense. They want to question I would have it would be for those that are not residents own property in a way that before investors were. Residents in other towns who owned column if this is her. Apartment buildings. Should people be allowed to vote and it's already and the apple if it I don't think two people both in occupancy. And I think it's a weird here resident alien Ali yeah you know I've been here since 1983. Sucking off the rest there are gone now yes I'd mills and clearly as business but I think I think someone that. Is in my position should have a say in in what goes on local. Yeah. You mean like whether or not Starbucks can be in the yeah and it finally happened yet. Nine about 905 this morning we will be dew lined. By the man who is leading. The Starbucks resists all looking it's not mayor Walsh it's an idea on the showing it's a long time north under all of this is legal only if we are are fully Jerry who is leading the Starbucks. Resistance. This is Mary good morning Mary. And I could every say it's too. I have a thing to say though that program on their native Matt to choose the it worked for a company it really burns me to hit the company. That encouraged. The error. I would say employees to sign up for now. One employee I don't first match out there and turn would give the company money on a quarterly basis. And the company earned about 101000 dollar a year from the state of Massachusetts. Template by citing people look for that. You're you're you're kidding me. I don't inaudible. In that same thing it's like when and I ego UV they Victor. Snapper there he BT and they go to. A local. Convenience store and the guy gives them 75 cents on the dollar. Well yeah I mean that that is for a beer that they've had yeah yes that is that is. Other Americans by the way the office. When the Stanford and Scranton branches merged they discovered that Johnson hired an ex convicts for which the company is getting a thousand dollar check every month a it has to be Martin this is Matt. I go on first SunPower is why do our talk about the snap benefits aren't you recently. Just unemployed myself and I and I have been Ernst and have her over over a year. And now a suit against Lloyd. They shut and you know I'm OK with that I have no problem paying social and other they have a job I let little. I thought it was supposed to be transitional assistance and it'd be not a great help transition and waiting for that first checked. And pain free daycare and everything and they really don't take those things into account and yes there are there is audit report that. In a nice mall. It's its such it's so frustrating that once you get employed they immediately shut you all know. In a warning or anything. Maybe that's why those people were buying lottery tickets. It don't know yet acreage. All right let's go to who this woman with her comment about this well I don't like FaceBook. And I don't. Like he ended. I think I. What else is in the news. Now. We have excuses LB has used at that we have. And now it's time for other dishes and excuses weak convenient excuse LB. This also by the way happens to be Florida now the rest of us who aren't surprised. They can. Sorry I wasn't dead drunk driving I was just drinking at the stop signs. This isn't unique approach actually. I wish it turning our turning army was still here. Earl Stevens loses 69 year old felon he. Buckshot looks a little weathered looks like he's had a few hover over the course of his life he's from Vero Beach but pulled over for drunk driving. His car. Kept lately tapping. The woman's car in front of him at the drive through with the local fast food joint or how she made a call incentives persons in aired cops show up. Can't shepherd them they pull over he said he was not drinking. Excuse me wasn't drunk driving because he was only taking swings at Jim beam at stop signs. Theoretically he's right cars ammonia that it's he wasn't driving the driving part right not emotion continued tropic by the congress about it it's just a little bourbon yeah. I've didn't work right I did not easy citizen arrested and charged with driving under the always been an Albany stop signs that he it. And it's because there are going to be even join me yeah exactly. So there's a little bit of a crisis in north Redding restaurant has been shut down following a suspected Salmonella outbreak that sickened forty people. This happened it kitty. The department of health careers that they received 39 out complaints from 39 different people. Saying that they get sick kitty late last month the state confirmed nine cases of Salmonella and thirty suspected cases though. It was traced back to. The anti passed down and possibly the house to rat thing. All bull aren't great spot don't. Yeah odds on interference on his go to fight I'd I've been there are usually a time when you go there today about equipment we are you would. What's so now like grit we've lost more than one of the big deal. What's a little Salmonella a little water don't dire. So restaurant closed last week. They were allowed to reopen on Friday after a synchronization but I think there at the restaurants holding out because they don't wanna rush things they're testing their 46 employees to make sure that none of them are sick and. And gusts Neubauer. Is a frequent customer. I'm shocked to see the parking lot down to eat. We're looking forward to a nice salad biggie because the seller to the salon is on the prolonged and addressing this but usually it is I will buy it. We'll buy it individually to take all of us sometimes. Tried Seligman Allah that. Everybody had their dad today and tomorrow it's the coup. I think there robbery edit this out without worries. Bill. Power watch that. I'll watch that lead and please you know I think I feel like Libya. Main changes in order brands programs and initiatives as for why dialogue and stuff under new ownership. Maybe to a currently an inner. Under new management silence skip that houses the tees it needs to be any. And get the game the past though off of the yeah the bad ever. Changing the TCDs as a whole other conversation. In more learning. A little girl almost lost her at all. Any splash park and now they better air a yellow plastic water slide one yup. Pretty crazy. Happened at Buzzards Bay park hunt the kids were there. The girl's two years old should be rushed to Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence. They are closing the playground. Until further notice until they can make sure that all the attractions there. Are safe no official update yet on the girl's condition. This is Thomas Korea know whose town manager in born. Was a young child that went on a slide apparently the slide may have had a flawed and it ended. Grab your troll that's a little better than we originally thought we had heard that she had lost her told but my understanding right knows that's not the case. There are gonna charge. Colby's wife in me with a crime. Because she brought him to a lot of marketing stuck in the in the slide. LSU yeah I'll have been trying to make good and I think that the ride that's even more horrifying prospect prospect of the Nike rescue LB gets stuck halfway down to release slide and then everything just accept a kind of public and the like forty people tightening up down the. A. My own room. John started practice trapped there are nobody's coming out there Ericsson. Mean who maintains close I mean you'd never I don't think you'd ever know. That slide is the image right and I it's one of the. Sings there always are you know worst case scenario yeah beer over it you're gonna go down a 150 foot ramp. And years and the guy who once a year and he gets launched out onto concrete guys you're the one that risks the only walk up and wanna go to. A Texan says that they should have passed kids are like these playgrounds and and things outside the legal the last fresh ones that test kit can go to. Let the kid who got out of the the cable laughs yep you know that was the one way derelict in Hogan would ultimately get there S China economic rescue wanted to find. We actually got our starters give it the starters left the cave first and according to inside through the tournament having I can guarantee I was I guarantee was the bench warmer is like me who got out last no exceptions are made for access to these I. You know I'm all right Dan he's going to blow to ask gamers do yeah verse three pillars the percent of the yeah. It's like people who worked to get Friday's. An exceptional people and exceptional and all of T outside that phrase coming up if you are mountains re. And I think that I Airbus invented that race for you and I. And just a few moments. When we will be joined in the studio. By youngest bear in ever to play the war tour today are called color killer. They are 810. And twelve years Ole. And able it'll play for you in the studio. Coming up next on today's Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Arco store technologies you're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Thirteen. Working very hard here get the studio set up and I assume that all we are actually live on FaceBook right now so. FaceBook dot com slash W. Rocks. If you wanna see. The youngest of the hand to ever play the warped tour play live here studio they're called color killer. And their Nate and their Dylan and Lincoln and Matt. And I believe. That we're able to talk one dates a week in one way okay we need one minute. Let me I'm working on a bunch of stuff all you are I wasted a lot of these guys aren't Eli yah de dire. Eight and ten and twelve years all makes me feel like and and but will it. If you have the same exact. Loser where you're doing when you're where you had a band that was playing a warped tour and you're winning or eight years old and now neither was playing with Legos the I was sending army man on fire after. I don't count and I was collecting stamps. All right so. I think we can talk let's talk to Nate I think they can say they can you're talking and we area. Young yes yes I rights than they how old are you know. On twelve years old you're twelve your results. And Linkedin. Is Philip Lincoln's the little guy how old you Lincoln. Usual you're eight years old. And how did you guys end up becoming a band. So live pretty much in his first years any you know we're just happens rinks around there just. Played around like Ali and we shouldn't have fans you know own behalf an opponent. The problem is you can't really figure out like a good Dane named just thinking and I think in and then we just came up with Alec village put much rain whereas together. Donna I'll be dust and exports just puts it on Germany and important together. So then well where was. Lincoln ware was here where was your first gig where with the first gave the guys ever play. Well not thinking here because now everything. In perspective. I'm get being scans could easily did. Pound champ you did the talent show and the U his agenda and. And that was that's Dillon who was the drummer and Yahoo!'s general was the drummer at the time. But now Mattis who drummer yeah so was the talent show for school. And what school do you guys I'll go to. I got here Mattel and then she made granola come okay and that's again. And Marlboro mom and Marlboro OK so you guys are from Monroe. And then how did you end up getting on the warped tour. We've pretty much. We're just playing really really we got as as time when are we just up there ya it's. Payments which got better as time went on I mean my songs yet. In one of our songs that got really really popular. Spot. On FaceBook I don't winner. What's called down with dinner okay down with a winner undoubtedly winner this man here is down with a winner Pachulia like that I know I lost a lot of you guys and you too bluster. And our assets awesome Mike she was in a band back in 1987. I was much older. It was Miller's orchestra pit area wonderful not yet goodies we have a lot of like groupies hanging around going to the shows and stuff. Now assistance assistance. Is okay. And do you guys ever like how to deal along the media is there ever see you know because you know like the the Rolling Stone uses they hate each other they've been fighting for you the guys I mean the guys get along or is he gets some some fights. Sometimes. When they. Came out. Almost in the old days teams. I. Mean not present. Me I won't sometimes. Animal alliance. Now almost. I'll only the drummer that's map that chanting stop OK I email and stuff some. You guys angry eerie yet you met each other does anybody crier you're you're you're way cooler Matt Ryan. Not as. Went that what the point that the art and I guess. The pros and respect of the drummer. Yet delta that it. Has yeah. The band colored killer is with us in the studio they are eight and and and twelve girls. And the bears CD releases on July 20. And that is at the tank in at Guam. Do you guys play can you allowed to play bars the do you have like yeah figured yeah fake IDs and yes I can't. Well now I'm on top TV in case you aren't the owners and they compromising Willie. Like the only ones and survived it. Okay ancestors and and and you know that. It's delayed is always get in regardless. Isn't there a risk of duties with the with the sisters. Yes. There yeah via a vigorous concluded that I yeah. All right. So these guys are going to be playing. Vans warped tour on July 27. You can check them out on instinct or am I actually. On Maine's two grams or you can see the guys they got now. You guys got the hair dyed. Lincoln is little. What made you go blue Lincoln. Sat my me and Richard I am saying yeah there's only cover current and my sister's getting an idea there's pull upon terms like that role and need to Yasser that is never an all clear Andersons and my he's. And and Nate either work what are you will will colors and anchor it was it was. Going to what do part in New Hampshire. An image is playing. It. And I and and map that is what colors maps here Matt's way back map we can we get that Michael were him I am yeah okay you know an area that. Announced that drummer. It's both the you've been into this. I'll lethal blow it you want it. And then. Ali salmon as as themselves telling you about your dad you salmon. Putts and that's our side. And then. A techsters said that they had seen something about you guys. That want to view has they. A juice box addiction that really interfere with the two hour is that true when he doesn't mean arts as a as a not addicted to juice boxes. And ours are happy. Aren't sure about that there does not excessive backstage use of juice boxes and tonight that milk usually like to share template right. And you're right there. Yeah. Sticks or make nice. I. It's easy to accidentally you microphones say that in the this might. It sticks on people's camps in the management's. Yeah accidentally. I certainly accidentally. Now who are your guys influences music. Of the Green Day goes next. On each are asking it. Think you know. Ya ya gonna prisoners. Cool while I think we should I think we should have these guys play live for us in the studio. And word FaceBook live right now so that's one way you can check this out. I'll tell you Lincoln Lincoln petroleum. You see what is it three feet on and so is back guitar. Taller than you are just sees me. Your image and that there right now I can assure that. The it's oh a month ago. I'll I'll get some instruments stuff on this worry though FaceBook live. And color killer is the youngest man to ever play the vans warped tour that's July 27 and what's are you guys can do forest. Go to bed go and that it's don't go to now that's my wife says to me nightmare a hell of senator. So here they are. Alive on WA AF its color of every as a race. The bottom of a bank. And I want a good day. It's as bad. Had a lot of them I've. Yeah. It's not. So I don't make things. No ball. And yeah its site. Well today and Friday how about that guys that was awesome that is color killer me and they are eighths and ten and twelve years old and that was really really good that was what was the first sorry guys ever played. He remembered. I. The original cut lines well cover wise it was a personal here at what Howell would be. Eight I think me to write was that the first time. Yes for me this press I'd play you guys and being green. And not to date I know none of you have been on Yemen and Jennifer's states today. Now who allegedly bent the rules of how do you still love girls. And Lagos I Alan the gallantly. In the painless and at this particular thing. The who whether she's listening and now the guys soccer do you deal only text and wheat to Iraq. Sentenced next sometimes yeah well what's at Lincoln has that Jack he's allowed past that what Lincoln's allowed us. Dolphins. In. One out of it. And yeah no exactly yeah. And you guys. Old Joe's girlfriend and it was in the and you notice it's always a singer who steals the right don't. All right well. Com and public The Beatles look all these text messages here CEO these these guys everybody saying now really did you alive and day. They want they want in the might turn them Polonia. And and they also wanna hear one more hours song he has a Purdue and once there. Eyes what fuel what do you want to do now. Is okay and I. Well color killer you'll see them on warped tour on July 27. Hands. On there also there there's a documentary being made about these guys. Iron bound Phil's sentiment and mountains connecting with that how that is it cool to have a documentary made about him. Yeah it's it's been pretty cool yeah okay all right we'll go ahead here we go. I. And is color killer 810 and twelve years old. And great job guys I'm so glad he came in here so. CD releases July 21 in. And you're on and Seagram ranked what guys on its dramatic color killer band color killer it and then. Okay and it'll be anybody can go to the CD release party at that that the tank and go on that's on July 20 and you're gonna play you play alive. And all of us and it's oh it's when are you it's well my information here says that the pac. Now we have Gil. Speaking to each. Okay so to get this information. See the old man in the arms productivity is July 20 CD release at the tankan hagel on and and on July 22. CD release party adult burns in mom. He nods. You guys get remembered me right so LB none of them they'll I'm not a man and I ticket you guys could crash. I'm DOD take a look at LB does he look close to death to you how how would. How old would you guess LB is if you if you think yes what sixties. 96. You guys I realized that. One dollar and if you kept and Alan. Of price is right in hell yeah here's what we gonna talk about that what do you guys do so when you guys get paid fairly gigs in and stuff. What at what happens with the money does it does it get this is it gets gets split up. You'd have we. He he might look in. The you have to pay for your guitar you pay your dad back because he bought new year guitar so yeah that's right dollars right it does yeah. I asked fast dads on the money gets split up equally and and you guys get it or is it like in a bank account. Oh week. Get a most of time we getting and we just we have like a lot you know lots in her until later that Ali yeah yeah. I felt like 60000 something dollars in the paint and Mac probably. What about Ford nine. Yes actually spending money to a sport you know always and is now on them and spend money the money and it's sad for these whom he. Only I'm like 25 media. And a it. And what's the. And it's going out. Limited down brawl in the studio. I'd as and racing and Elvis. I how to bring it up and in the document and Nadia this. This is going to be and this is Ariane. All right guys well what's up for the summer anything other than playing and the warped tour worked very excited. You you it's the and the war to a. I don't know what planet and it like I mean like I don't know what planet. And. Like how I want to have their pension plan. Now I know that there's a bunch of good bands seemed. And I see it water parks. Seymour yeah I wanna play less with Less Than Jake O'Donnell. I Dahlia out of her honesty sampling line. An excellent all time luck and Angela aunts and yeah see and then again America race. Well it's been awesome having here. And please read lake LB said remember us when you get really really big and now we will we will always remember us yeah right. We see a backstage really be cool or Unionists like you know who are those guys and influence on him call security could do that as from both command. And mentally in house. And it cost. All right well probably look worse than that we do now that's the way it happens when he it'll do you guys figure that out someday I. I'm color killer day iron 81012. Years old. And you can check out their website which is color Columbian dot com to see him the audience warped tour on July 20s. I wish you guys.