HMMS Hour 3 - The Legal Hour 6/20/18

Wednesday, June 20th

In hour 3 of the Hillman Morning show we start things off with a fresh batch of Hill-Mails and out old friend Larry Army is in studio for Ask An Attorney.  

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. He probably did area bonus if they did they ban those bands from ever going great for kids. Yes it would be under twelve well not. This shoe. You sports is not about kits. I don't know I don't know I don't know where you normally. And I don't know. It's 8 o'clock and this is WA AFF fan and. HD one less robust than WEEI. HD to Lawrence and WW. BX. HD to Boston I know you love a good viral video Greg have you seen the one of the guy that shoots himself in the growing by all and it warn you guys and sorry shoots himself from the green by accident after he put his distilled on the front of his pants yes and dark. I did see that. These are some kind of scorers or is it looked like barber shop or something like owner like an eye. Source slash office where there's some workstations yeah I might add I mean they're Derek target some long on Arnold it's a firearms training no place maybe. And where was this I. But the guy what's the gun down on the front of his pants. I think it's a block. And then he walks over to a shelf in bend down to pick something up the gun goes off. He gets hit. Luckily someone in the office who was there with him was able to attend to him and call 911 but just a really scary situation and they had done. Surveillance set up in the room jury ruled to grab some of the sound and that video. Yeah and the. Oh yeah. And put the safety arm people in New York giant to show himself in the bar Plaxico Burress. Yeah. That's that's. 978. Tax. Was cheddar Bob that shot himself with a zoning and I'm. Eight mile. The issue itself. It's a great question yeah yeah area. Yeah right. Pencil and a believes that oh well I mean it's inflation put the thing down the front of the year. Europe your parents. And I would. Race only licensed to care yeah you're putting your pants. You deserve to be sure. I mean that's. LB correction. Blocks don't have safeties. Kerry so yeah. Though I'm Lindsay can opt to get the safety. And a 781. Techsters says it was. Okay and that means I must do this. You look. What is. All one opportunity home and he's he's everything you admiral Watson. In a moment. You what are you calculate. Or let it slip. Always. Palm didn't sweat the unique and all the value above an artist whether already above its edgy and nervous. Body through a busy little thing called already dropped the bombs. But he did to detonate. What do you floated down the hole probably still allowed open is now but but let's hope I'll I'll he's still connect everybody still get in now. Babbitt divers lineup guys oh we'll blow. Stop them back at me out of here they go on the ballot did go to the gravity still keep still about what you love. Give out the eight who will have a buddy go do what he won't go back. Got that doubt he's doled. Buddy don't body blow to what he's still great he go to when he goes back he would bow would I would hope. That is doctor regarding Greg O'Dell route to keep that I did a goat these bullet hole out not that. Greatest candidate karaoke all pirates aren't. Text or correction on a text or correction clocks have eight trigger safety so it's the attacks there the Texas where it. Already Massachusetts. Plate yeah it's really hard to pilot a lot anyway are. This is frank on the Framingham board studio line hello frank. Billboard on what's. Perhaps you're Robert alt both all the goodwill here at old. Clunker part and Google both of them broke out. Right out another good piece of advice don't put your guy and in the crotch area of your pants don't. As the text he said don't team your guy and at anything that you don't wanna shoot including your nuts and don't use your god and while intoxicated Yasser. Do it on the bar and watch movies I think that goes in the back here hi I'm. Here's you see him and then you point it sideways when you drowning and one. You know. At the pool party after the missed bucking the pageant. People thought you were armed but then when you take your pants up they realize that you weren't care. You know when you've got populated that it isn't when he got in the pool they've realized nor cared and were loaded for boost. Full. Let's get to this. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail. Investors as freedom cradle of the revolution. Home of the first people they do. On W a death today's film L voicemail messages. But you by the city of busting credit union. With all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts but with no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. You should check out the city of busting credit union and their checking account service today. You can choose the city bus and credit union if you live or work in separate from Norfolk County I did for the great gill foundation. Couldn't be happier just go to city of Boston CU dot com that city of Boston CU dot com. To poll approve 33 PM. I don't big talent everything you know about Don Juan and economic boom and then encrypt what era. Even when items are more Barry cut out these great job. Now since. Gretzky like on the ice. I don't know I've never caught on I mean we better. Deputy like magic answer to those guys I suppose and and during a a mismatch line winds. You would be you would have been out there would you plan a fourth line. Yes and you're occasionally out there you go boom boom you know after school but that you occasional doubts Steve Smith you out there with the great one. From Nigeria jam I think I think you know yeah a couple of shifts to chase him around you don't touch anybody give back to the bench you're completely blown up and editors around in my ovary understood. You know when I'm sure that bench was three lines now on sometimes. I am sometimes accused. Of being home where there however I believe Bobby you're the greatest hockey player in the history of all hockey however. The great ones on the rate for one reason would you what you say would you say Gretzky is the best ever oversee or. I just saying you know we talk was all time I think you have that stratosphere. Where you you know your real good players yes Denny have multi time all star players. And then you have. Structured data switches and uses it I mean how could you are or are you Gordy Howe verses Gretzky messier RP order I don't know how do you are you need to work 21 years shall I. And you know and IDs Bobby your army I think then you know we all understand. When someone aptly transcends. The sport yes to a next level which is what Bobby nor did he took you know defensive defenseman and discord and a 138 points it. You know there's you know don't Paul Coffey at a hundred. Are reports. I wanna interrupt briefly. With the playing of the home male voice mail messages. Because. The best the our 100 and now two year old friend Larry is on the phone yes with a message I believe that's that's Tom I don't know if he's with Larry and otter he's just calling it. I don't listen well I just I'm not what Larry took a little early yet but tomorrow will be. I just down. And so here again looking through all these cards and I I get the pleasure being with him when he when we I had it open most of because you. Listeners and your fans have given him. I don't blog Friday distinguished position of you have to go to gables and a lot of us know what to achieve its hit. But around. You know just when you start to question immunity you see the outpouring of support that you guys have been able certain. Cars for him and I decided it was appropriate to call up and and and say thank you mean discourage here from Florida Connecticut New Hampshire. Probably every town in Massachusetts. Around isn't it him isn't it amazing. I mean I we have I always say this. And allow maybe I should say. We have the greatest audience ever or maybe I should say because the angry national boycott. We used to have we used to have Tom the greatest. Audience ever. And they are. The nicest people there didn't you know we mentioned Larry's birthday. And that Larry was turning a 102 this past Sunday and that if it if people want to send cards and sometimes you. You know people are busy in their lives and I don't know. If they're gonna make the effort and who has. That's put into this this but I mean how many cards would you say total. Have been sent to literary. You know the last count and assessed their own sons. On the with the cape and now. This horse I think there were over seventy and then went back again on Monday Connecticut's benched some on Sunday that was probably another thirty or forty. I haven't counted but this this well over a hundred. Awesome. And it's amazing and he's won a couple hundred bucks on the strategy his eyes which is great. Yeah and and it put the biggest smiling faces 442 quality love the he loved the balloon bouquet that was and then he's he's just the greatest guys there isn't. Oh what about. The the chicken wings as he didn't this has been asking for chicken wings. Well I've I brought some on Monday and he you have to ask for potatoes and so I I assumed he meant French Fries so I was I was late with. With that gas up to us via modem down. Yeah. Yeah he's not done this actually should send you audio of him eating all of that Durbin could. And while I'd is it blown out. Are born and would you check in the guy is a World War II veteran it's Polonia phony baloney oh yeah only IE on the only fatty dumb down goes for the it's I don't from the buffalo and sixties. It's. Would you do it sixty girls go for the Italians I like chicken fingers. That there was a card from a three year old. Yep the three year old trying to find this attitude isn't it a three year old has his name is looks like Carter aged three. Happy birthday Larry believe you said. He's he's sound he's so great and and hopefully we'll deal that sometimes some of delivering the kick at some point but maybe we'll hook up and get together. In the last thing he is what's publicly via the date of Monday he should know what I would think it. That you don't have enough that this started to pretty much my limit. And then he just you know what I've won so much money in the a lot of young women in this place that it would secure an awful lot. Pass. The house should you saying yes this is Larry Obama. It goes you holding your business and a couple this with the yeah us. Let go they sort of the opportunity just to look. To thank everyone sought out Tom thank you all right take yet. Com for those who don't know. Was the Waltham police detective who investigated. The burglary. Of Larry scratch ticket and has. Spanned. Hours and hours and hours upon hours of his time. Hang in outwardly airy and visiting Larry and becoming leaders that stand which to me is another amazing thing about humanity there's a guy who is. Has his own family and it's a busy while them police detective but. Gives up. A day after day to go over Iraq and hang alum Amy just amazing amazing. All right here's a tax the 617 taxer is concerned. That Larry's amazingly soft hands. Will be disturbed from the scratched to get scratching and poppy soft anymore are you worried about that Iraq. I I mean after anyway after he won the first 200 you're probably paying The Andersons the partners from this gross. That's the rest of. To me six. 21 PM. No I haven't Pol Pot but Gloria Barry brought up the pack picked up the fact that there may be a real that both the state board. That may follow war reality. Are back big and bad at all but let AP. In the men and Powell a law. We written in man. It yet though that didn't. You don't talk like that. I wrecked and then you go to. All these third and let the good news there but they don't know. I. Know. I couldn't say it right there are back there. Wounded men well so listening to the full show podcasts. At a time when we're not on and then becoming outraged or lower or passionate. And then calling and went on on. I can see that happening at. Most people just yell at the radio in their right punch and there when there angrier way there. When they're saying to themselves. Want to use that would instantly talking about what what what. Seventeen he had no accurate out of that you want an area I don't know about that inept that it. All of the fire out there that even cook but there under the item one. Are you can't couldn't. Outlook and let it they do background but the parent power of hearing them off. Now. You know against you know minus fifty minus 65 below zero in the winter but for like forty degrees and it's like 115. Degrees agency there that one. Whom owe them. Don't get it very well available on the market. We're talking earlier Daniel read this thing. That women preferred every chance. And it's summertime salute guys there at the beach and some guys apparently. Feel comfortable taking their shirts off the impeachable. Speaking for friend who doesn't. One they'll see the test and short and beat them different. Well. I I trim right. Oh yeah that's yeah need to see the patriots you now now I can about. Sought and party you do this is a guy like like a beard Trimmer thing. That bothered to get three years ago by a series when you take the tips on it takes like five hours because that can hayride. Shared that the key day in there and this is Recco wreck. Rec. Rec rid brand doctor meager EU and bingo. Doctors used. Q in your people are welcome to stay in my forearm. Wi fi and then. In my boycotting the grade Gil Morgan more so we're confident president ground content patent particular. American flag and there well. And the message that. Thanks for me me and then. Well now we know how many. What do what got a lot if always got good walk that already that played a rapid extend outward up. Because that is what it grouping of the. And now. Do you think it's the type wood that the use of them that holds the flag flag me and a right. As you know Irish. That's a bishop from their T yeah oh there. Her pet him he and the name would you dads like which hurts keeps growing and Els so that's arbitrarily and then. Bloom old. They're very. That that piece but about it's fantastic that clearly political and felt that. So that would Kramer electric and cable broke back pulled out include cable. The a great application. On the net income from Newton. There is new pizza boxes. That the Boston pizza companies using. And it turns into a table for when you're eating pizza in bed. Seven 17 AM. Yeah you'd have thought about I don't want to be illegal. Come July. They did that now as anyone now no now water everywhere you drive. Now it's. Us. I smell when a mom height everywhere via camera. What scares because it means bugler smoking Simon yeah and there's a horrible thing work. Better one on stoned which is untrue because personal text messages they're gonna tell us dollar right now and I don't like it here on being are not supposed to be doing a lot of lower target list don't rule him bullets mode demeanor and their excuses. It helps me I am so focused. Their cars strains that help you focus yeah I like to use weapons. Mean I did smell it at the Zack brown band now not a background on Saturday night now I've ever you don't tell the people were drinking too I smelled it in I've smelled it recently. In a in public at a restaurant or something and it surprised me. But then again so people ten people they get a little cocky so it's time that I canceled ballot it's like Alan. I can smell a little of their content in English as its its. Well over here can smell so that's what you think it is is that is the vapors are actually taping. The the marijuana. And in an actor and they don't think they they don't think the you know and not just this whole thing you know it it's like something eyes. It's a next generation of the closet smoker. Yeah I totally quit smoking in our brands as I think people are being extra bold because it is legal there and possessive. To an ounce. Just smoking it like while you're driving that's not a good thing though not a good thing and you're not helping. Michael I. Buy like work means sometimes they'll be oh yeah department at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and it's just like. Some electric. What gag was that sparkle Lee who gives us a stumbling out of man yeah man. I do it more Elmo was been a masters look OK I take money line and coming up in just about seven or eight minutes. It is asking attorney would our in house counsel your opportunity for some free legal advice coming up. And just about 7810 minutes whatever it is. Today's weather brought to you by the 2019. Subaru a set and love is now bigger than ever this summer Subaru of New England dot com. And it is going to be sunny today and the temperature is gonna get up. 281. For high race tomorrow and Friday are both. Looking like great days and then of course Saturday when you get today off it's gonna rain itself. Weakened not not looking that great hope we don't. That was one summer like three or four years ago where Monday through Friday was gorgeous and it rained every single yen weakened remember that I hope we're not in some kind of weather. Is there are so I went for you as you're not that weather well is there a weekend weather pattern where'd it rains ultimately a candidate that I called the mass hole. You know evidence Saturn it's like when you're driving down a two or three lane roadway that has a tunnel lights and you hit. Every parent like that the can't break added that one day Wear it like your three seconds behind and you knew it well. We need her every light was green on the way to work today that's the Tuesday the Saturday is the every red light. We've gotten the rainstorms. Here's a text from somebody who is still owned right now producing a morning radio show in Boston. Oh yeah that's the stock could reduce the actress started experiments show. An Afghan only tangible piece I don't get stone for work what a waste. Am. You look in an apartment little that your money Greg never understood that it's been Arnold are in a carefully here I think it's been well document answer this carefully because I have the option of a lifetime I believe for you yes. Bruce. They're auctioning off his handwritten lyrics to born. To run your kidding me I don't see it on. The app. Now they realized what do you aren't on the armored. That's on transcends just Bruce fans as the grates on was it's a huge hit yeah I think people. Millions easily preach. Preach about outrage today is about handwritten great thrill out it's probably a notebook Lenny Bruce writes all of his lyrics he has. Notebook after notebook after notebook that have all this lyrics one time I I've orgasm. Ala a while ago while attending a charity events some horrible and which Bruce went through here is that the Somerville theatre yeah. And he went to Oliver's lyric notebooks played like 3040 seconds of Islam. And then explain what he was thinking when he wrote it and went back and continue to play out though. Now who's auctioning these off the its hold and hold them at Sotheby's. Is auctioning it off in New Jersey they were written on a piece notebook paper from 1974. The opening bid is 160000. Dollars in the auction closes next Thursday you know who you know who Julianne. I didn't she. And still nobody liked her the first wife she was the Yoko Bruce brings to speak of that these stories about the guy. Who was divorced and his wife. And socialite. And he was very wealthy man and he. Left. He used parts braille over the house the chant is. You take a look at a firm that standard under wire looking bad. Name was bill grows so funny that you find that story yet they did the music what else he did he get a hole he's accused of doing a whole bunch of things it's pretty it's pretty. Pretty zealous wealthy guy he's. On king that he's dealing. In Kenya is bonds by the way. Billion dollar bonuses totaling coaches like extra like that fronts opponent billion dollars. Oh in the divorce settlement with his now ex wife's you he lost the thirteen 1819. Square foot Laguna Beach Nance. And before he left where she was about take possession he used art sprays. By the way rookie move didn't remove them from the house through the mountain house is trash cans in the clearly didn't give an F. I placed dead fish in the air vent. At all. Fish's degree singer that house plants smelled so bad they need to be replaced. There's water damage throughout the home. They found a court to a treadmill severed. An art installation of hats with their facial features scratched out. And he allegedly hired a security company to monitor the ex wife for two sisters and her assistant. Evidently she showed up at the house a few times to collect items that were. Given to her in the divorce settlement and it wasn't happy about it. And they now smell experts yep hey how's your how that that the Bosnia have from the Ming dynasty well. I got in the divorce and smells like sparks a. Hello mark. Good morning Greg heard what's. After hearing news links being put up the lyrics so option I may cap itself some of livestock just that our ability you do and Monty putting up the atmosphere and you are. Your. And it it is it's amazing all right well speaking of divorce and other legal matters. Coming up next are wildly new popular segment which is called ask an attorney. Your chance to get all of the free legal advice on. As we have learned over the last few weeks on any possible topic that is coming up next. Ask an attorney here on the Hill Man Morning Show it's 838 and it is going to be sunny and 81 for a high today and right now it is 63 years in Brighton. Interests and legal advice I promise you I'm big cash settled. The foursome free legal advice might be is 50%. An attorney. Time now for asking attorney. Which is our own in house counsel Larry army junior who is in day they had passed that suit. So let me smoke in a limit must be something going on well we are off to the septic county courthouse after this all defending a criminal all alleged external signs criminal ledger won I love to tell us anything about the case I can tell you it's actually crazy case yet listeners may be just witness okay so I representing young man who's traveling salesman from New York. He comes up to and and allegedly at around 1:30 in the morning he's walking back to lose tomorrow. Or a man is walking acts of man is lucky man walking somewhere when element looks and sees them and allegedly following okay. So we fast portable five minutes later she enters the vestibule of her building us opens the door getting ready to go in and somebody grabs her and the in the buttocks in the box a region. In the buttocks region she is around and allegedly my client or man smiles and walks away from the best deal and then leafs and at least. Nothing happens okay three days later my client. Goes to a bar. And dale hall and bartender. Season and it says that's the guy who's in the vestibule who grabbed. The early there the woman with a bartender at the allegedly yes yes that adds my guys laces and credit card when she takes is tricolor rights on the information. Weights three more days. They cause the please my guy gets arrested for indecent assault and battery is looking at being. On the sexual registry you're kidding I am not here and and he's been here and there and he lives in new York and York and the heat is on a bracelet. So the moment guards but it was bracelet one whatever the case of mistaken I bet that which is what my brain that's screaming yelling at us and good. A bracelet people driving on the white rhino with sixteen TV the crazy I just get the bracelet and the jets wouldn't let it happen and others got lost his job beast in new York and the records are six the parent. I meet up in the air yeah it is that the new parent. To hash tag yeah. Accurately define it turns out we should do what are poll. Oh maybe we should grow. My nose at people we put up a guilty or not portable. And Bob Charles Atlas a few people click. I. Brian is up first this morning during ask an attorney for illegal advice with our in house counsel. And Brian you're on the premium sports studio line what's up Brian. I did they are right. Thank you let's. That's living out my extra burden and that. See you posting more on a web site and selling it and we should get their what's the and asking for help me. She actually thought it down now because she got our car wreck again. So you that he then she doing it in her apartment has seen him art and that might tell littler. I am happy I think you don't seem nervous and they really debate tomorrow. Well how much. The I wish you know the guys out the Miami's Joseph mentioned so you're one ahead of that there's another very well untreated on the blog site to. What it says it's an important underneath there on the port web site yeah and it says help pay rent. And will eat out. Okay celebrating its way are you don't want you wondering if you can get custody because of us. We'll be happy and I'm wondering if I guess her hurt and injured my old or are you be a restaurant or soliciting prostitution. Okay well it sounds like you tried to turn a hole into a housewife as sun art center. So good and I'm sorry to say that. Yeah I she sounds to me like she's a prostitute eyes and so is do you believe that he could get full custody as well in danger in the shot go by and pay a lot what he should have done immediately contacted departments of children's and we down the youngest child at risk. Yeah I will tell you that if my children were in a house where the baby mama. Was make him portals with strange views that she found and actually Madison. I would have my kids all time you would look there's no question about that that's the way that you ago that is the way that you. On why he may shocking how many. Help me pay my rent campaigns there are on go find me right now really yeah we're what is lying about Jennifer and I went what do you think it's shocking. College girls go to Vegas for bird spring break. And then with with rich dudes to pay their tuition buy it I mean his knights have any text. I'm encore after a line. At sea change. Tonight EA cannot use a lyric from a song on assign or is that copyright infringement. You cannot use any copyrighted songs. For advertisement purposes website any of those things without the express written permission of the publisher and I will tell you this I had this happen on numerous occasions it it's a it's songs and pictures even now people off the Internet there are companies literally that go out there. And searched the Internet and prosecute these claims ya coasted dance studios and using. Songs in their gas classes and commercial basis all the way to web sites so that is something you wanna stay away from. Now does that only if you're making money while using the song the photo or eulogy to promote. If you wanted to promote even if you're even if you're not specifically making money and that thing correct now. What if you're making a school book cover out of a a grocery bag anyone puts on their gonna your favorite local. And is that okay. I think probably there this is Donald. On asset attorney hi Donald. Good morning. Say so ten years ago I had he had surgery. And overcast here my team's been getting increasingly worse. Six months ago all I've fallen and I did some research I went back to the hospital to have the surgery and I find out the meaning the company that made the match it was called. Oh the match don't there's a massive losses yet so I'll do what he say about that so typically you have the statute limitations issue three years for negligent claims are tort claims in six years for Carter claims but. There is an exception called the discovery rule if you weren't able to understand or uncover the issue than your statue limitations could potentially told a year and a half ago he figured this out. The issue was going to be did they try to send you notice of the defects. It is a strict liability issue because it's potentially product liability issue. My advice is you definitely need to speak to an attorney to ferret all the so you may have a case there for malpractice and more product liability. Married 21 years. Kids are all grown up we make about the same salary MI still going to be stuck paying. I'll be out of the horse horse cars the thought but I do get ready to lose half a blowout. I guess that you know I'll be kudos to you because you really hit them and then mail him yet and evidently it is now I kind of like you know I'll be athletic and explaining death in their doesn't deal well. He's probably not gonna have to pay child's border alimony by. Property distribution is fair game you know typically 5050 but Massachusetts is an equitable distribution state. So you could pay more eco painless but so you're gonna pay something because. She has her own salary he's doctor at the pale. For it what are you saying is true that they're making the same amount of money yeah it's not a now case. 781 tax. My husband is police officer we have two children we have yet to make a will is it necessary. A we have just one earnings etc. He said I can be held liable for later on if if there if there's money owed it so happens to him should their should there be a well. The show always BO special and had kids this is up and I think we talked about a couple weeks ago. The biggest thing for for me anyways having young children with a well is pick and who do you want to be their guardian if something happens to your husband simultaneously. He also wanna make sure that you have a will to. Really detail. A where do you want your state to go to what Penn State looks like. In when you're doing willed his other documents the should do it the same time health care proxy the durable power of attorney says something happens here call Mario stroke. Somebody can pay the bills and make the decision is needed to continue and do people really exclude. People from wills or is that just in the movies on all that happens often wryly in more and more with children in the east. Is it they so there'll anyway as the warehouse that could it so they actually explode if I don't wanna give anything that do nothing. As kid in my I've told both of my daughters and less they have a college degree now they're not connected they're in there and get back totally. Other than son refused to Wear his dad's number for the last like on a start up outline his career. Hurt did he cut out of the the you know that's that that's an athlete should go to subject. Asking for a and the camera. Listen to cute performs well apparently this ball no problem he's in the blaze in the little. Let's see this it is. Frank on the Framingham board studio line during ask an attorney you're on little area army junior tough break. There are too much. My question is another company vehicle threat consider drug sites like if they'd. Sure that I'm on the not a bit. Oh OK in the company vehicle driving to the site should he be paid for that it depends. It has a couple things if you start at work in nine your hours nine to five junior at the job at nine and you eat from any workplace you'd pay. If you're leaving your house at 8 o'clock to get to work in nine your boss is nice enough to give you a free truck with free insurance and free gas. Just say thank you to do this and Eric I that is version yeah I can tell it has a lot of good legal questions here but there's a lot of people. China gets. I'm right I bless you all the hustle and as a high samaritan American if the American consul. Three if I have this is 617 Texans I have read Pope mobile trust together with my life that we get divorced is that re evil global trust aren't medically revoked. Asking for frank he says. Out Lopez of the trust language says but I will tell you this are both public trust by definition is provoke a bullet just about any time. So it need to look at the trust document to make sure about that but yes the than what they will tell you is that over the past couple years has been some changes in the divorce losses were talking about a lot of the voice that I. And they are now cases where if you put together an irrevocable trust. Those are not going to be considered assets that will be distributed during the marriage so really rich men and women out there. London. A water. My son's Oklahoma center sorry. Where that question. There was one about the oh yours. I have a sobriety clause in my divorce agreement. Due out at happen. That lawyer I guess dupe the league's do you police departments do random breath analyzer test if not. What are my other options if she ever decides to actually send me for it apps. While I would say year best option used to contact. Someplace like I'd care hospital and get some help because if you're talking about. How can I not get caught drinking and had my kids you have a problem yeah and your wife can call me your ex wife can call and be happy to helper object. We'll show it off I don't I mean we're being real here I don't ask don't do that European rail out we died yesterday. Let's see. I have sole legal and physical custom custody in my voice to a twelve and fourteen however their father has visitation. And has not surrounded parental rights. My question is at their ages twelve and fourteen do they have any say in what happens to them or where they will live. If I were to die unexpectedly. No no now. I mean let's let's look at it this way if you kids don't want say hey mom I wanna. I wanna smoke weed today. You tackle Adam 12 year olds can't make lifetime decisions you know and and this is something that we deal with an awful lot. When can my kids decide they don't wanna see the other spouse in a divorce. Now a that's really not a conversation you need to have and having that conversation you need think about pocketed some professionals helping kids. Then they're gonna make the decision whether or not they wanna go see the parent. This is Ascot attorney at 851. My employer this is a 303. Text Daniel. My employer of ten years. Wants to use GPS on my phone to track mileage on my car for IRS reporting is this an invasion of privacy. I wouldn't call it an invasion of privacy I would say that it's a little bit unusual. Them to wanna have access to your personal phone out his company found you know no problems at all out of your mind bosses. That but I would say this more and more companies are looking for ways to save money and ensure that their accounting is proper so. You see a lot more on this here's a great one. My high school senior. Is dating a freshman. We know is is going to ages seventeen and fourteen respectively. When the senior turns eighteen what are the legal ramifications you best make sure your child is not having intercourse with a fourteen. Statutory rape and consent is not required because under the age sixteen you can't give consent in this state. So they are sexually active at any given point. Your son could be arrested for statutory rape and by the way it has happened it has happened it does happen yeah it will. How are I have a question related to that. Our friend don't even think about it but what's the age where you get married in the state. So your B eighteen a BC affiliate team colors on rivers like New Hampshire your fourteen that you can give consent until you're sixteen ounces wondering it was a different. Eighteen but. You can petition the court to be emancipated earlier than that and you know with the right facts and circumstances you could get married early. Can you back up the text machine Danielle that landlord question it's just right before their of the landlord is asking us. Page last month's the last months rants. Of course I'm not going to be able find it now panels and I. And numbness and all my second. I'll do not normally look we recently got new neighbors we have a dog that we don't leash because she's fully trained to stay in the yard never wanders that is older and not good with other dogs. Neighbors have two dogs and constantly constantly get loose. And commend our yard if they fight in our yard who is at fault. Who is at fault well. The neighbors obviously neighbors that their documentary us pass OK if that in price in their town has a leash Lars well yeah. So the dogs are your property your diet can do whatever they want. Now if it's a two on one in your dog gets hurt you probably have a claim for the vet bills. My family is demanding that OK sorry my landlord is demanding that we pay the last months France. But in the beginning of the least we paid first. First last and security and she is threatening to evict me and my family. Well the good news views appear at your last month's rent she's not due to object to with the without a give you at least fourteen or thirty day notice to quit. Be filing an action in the housing court and see going in there getting an order for you to be removed from the property which all that takes at a minimum. 45 to ninety days socio try to collect I would let me the last and so I don't pay it now you meet at the ordinary paid. Gas and use that line at Georgia last month get ready to move out. And then be prepared for the battle of your security deposit because rain on the sound of it you're not getting that back without speaking of landlords five away tax none of the windows in our apartment open they're all but closed landlord says he's not responsible is this legal. I think that if you contact your local board of health they may have something different Italian and or adept at two points in the grass too yeah a lot of them in a window typically is an analyst at first yeah. Buyers keep something that. Usually to the crisis front door backed yeah. What year we are an eye adjusts it's our people easy it would be on the fourteenth story I grab a ladder and how to paint sort of window open. I mean did you change a cool wanna you chose to move into a place that the windows don't I don't equipment and if I have three weeks have earned vacation time. And I leave my employer do they have to legally pay me for those three weeks they do they do they are required to do that. Didn't even know what three weeks. Yeah. That looks like every Friday and Monday and it. You've got on top of his other vacation you'll you'll only got three weeks. Is it legal to rent a house to paying tenants. If the house has no plumbing vents whatsoever. Is it legal is it legal rent a house via the tenants who we're gonna pay you at that has no events plumbing that's yes well. This is why I went to law school. Have no idea what the plumbing event. Yeah what are your like you Greg I stay away from improved the plumbing van goes up to the top of the house like that any one yeah I know that the reason that they have missed so the fumes that toxic fumes don't come back LD months five and has been nontoxic and again I would say in that situation you wanna call this the town of the city's building department building inspector girl born Al yup. Before you wrecked out you might wanna get tactics. If you're probably yours you're asleep at the wheel. I think the house's bill without permits and there's no there has got to. Again yeah. I like the part that got us hello exactly Greg. I. Everybody hug everybody would. Palin to have a great question that you onsite alert that can't they trash company right and oh the state senate. I'm glad I'm content we we aren't vacation time and we all picked out vacation not a calendar so when it comes to town to pick up vacation our company. All back I hope I hate. Our vacation they don't pay is that week. About vacation and the whole bit by anniversary date that that we got a good job of that against a lot. Know that it's necessarily against the law I do know that when you work you have to get paid for example if you're terminated they have to pay on that date for everything your owed. It's an unusual question is certainly an unusual policy. I would wanna looking your contract if you have one in the Plame annual you know if they told you that we're gonna give you three weeks vacation and you start you can take it anytime you those three weeks on the state. You probably stuck with that his contract but it's just it's our usual. Fisher. Attorney army what time are you required to be at Suffolk. Susan Suffolk Superior Court. Alas they district court so what are we required by actually not to discipline I got into trouble it's the Boston team in his book of Boston Dallas downtown formula and on LB knows the location of record messages. Out of court opens it. Nine starts again OK so you get another ten minutes of questions.