HMMS Hour 3 - Keep Scott Off the Air Please 3-19-18

Monday, March 19th

In hour 3 of the Hillman Morning show we have a brand new set of drunken Saint Paddy’s Day Hill-Mails, LB takes us Inside The Simple Male Mind, Scott from Weymouth gets his daily allotted time and we press Danielle on the whole Stiz thing.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And I know crisis that then so I just started videotape being on my fallen. Yeah I I saw I saw may have scenes a few advances really on still is as part art. You know I'm Vince is he saw on my part or toward the cheese table. Yeah it would Danielle was very aggressive could be how does it be choice or cuter in their search usery and I saw that and also they had the tomato soup shots of the mini grilled cheese doesn't she was very aggressive towards those. Let's see here's a 978 text I'm a woman and it is very totally plausible. That you would slow dance with a male friend and nothing would be going on. And I'll with a message discharge some Daniel knuckle models that. They can get you Kelly so nice a 978 text there wants to know if you got PMC of oh no I'm not exactly others battled. And there's nothing weird nothing at all Sully our work relationship. There was going to barred grazing no knock no nothing he was very very respected gentleman and then. Narrates. Ashley came on allowing only got Audi pumped my gas that's not code all blowout cheats. It is time for this. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Feel mail. We've been 470. Breathe it Danielle is single and have forty. He is a proponent. That fan. On W 88 yes. I care about internment. Today is still male voice mail messages about the by the city busting credit union would olive convenience of big bag checking accounts. But with no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fee structure of the city busting credit union. And they're checking account service today in here for you right now are the very best a male voice mail messages. That have been and left over the previous couple days. Send me twelve. 59 PM. Wow you guys care about Gordon did it yet what it would one that we have been on the hotel owner that app fought. Don't like the attitude his nickname from. That Donovan. Let me put himself like three years four years. At a reasonable career right now he was cute when there you know use your player reasonable. Rule to 18 PM. Vertical feet. But I thought. All it is true people you'll. This. And then message. Get your fill of Irish music over the weekend. This is when you get to hear it yeah I was when you're out you're out on Saturday. Yeah it. It you know it I feel like you with the typical Saint Patrick's Day week and yeah I reveled in a lot of them social media posts by my friends who are doing things elect that's. That's on I've retired. I watched groups. I was Avastin arms I didn't hear one Irish are her words you know what's called troops over as a bartender. I don't miss having to do the where is the freaking green food coloring this time to scramble because that other tech decided to order green beer and a now that that I don't mess. Nice day for the parade yesterday does seem like everybody had fun and pretty Adobe's do that includes our governor who was doing shots of tequila over at the media L street. Tavern wanted Roberts have to talk to him about that next time we get to a breakfast of baker did. Get a text from him saying that all along the parade route people were talking about how they enjoy breakfast would baker when he's on the shelves though. He was some people don't think he should of take in the line after the shot of tequila I don't think Lee. I mean you I mean look I didn't need to prove that he did tequila bad. I'm on a particular hard oh yeah. Like I hate it the drug chain and development if you look at I used to be like that like back and added that are just some Jamison straight big athlete. But it's not a big credit. Did start man. I don't I don't even know you know it's not mess with that you snort salt squeeze lime in your eyes you see this loss hurt us all night after the shot and then he squeezed the out. Well I doubt there's an inverted penis if you're doing so I just wanna thank Jerry you know my favorite people armed forces fellow's been taught me that. You sure they just didn't tell you to do that another man they did it. No it's real like the desk while some were offended. And commenting on the and I read posted the video of the governor. That he was having a shot of tequila on saint Patrick's and there they. Should've been the Jameson is there some people don't like with the Yankees to break it again. Yeah the last and deceit Deval Patrick enjoyed a glass of white wine Charlie Baker tequila I know I saw in Florida now are intentionally left. No we'll be kitty Duca out. Path on our national insular diner dash right now Aaron shot at Kitty Dukakis. About how they shot down or we know them. We'll five. 30 PM. It is you know. Hello there. You can now and now you know I didn't you know freaks me out. I'm won't hand 38 and again. In the morning luck can present. Glad you're probably what this again local media company but the basic. And how local. Heavy equipment we have taken from them and put into the Dominican. If he 5000 dollar bet everybody from that you know they have a total of and tuchman. And then now it's actually kind of makes you feel better what. It makes me proud of our W where if listeners. That you know you kind of take pride in the fact that out cash. There will give you table mention us. But we always step up like community organizers rallied together for the Berry fans out. It's maybe it was. They just in time. But it. Intentional. I think of it thinks that another celebrity and they don't want to mention the station's call solid shots. Like hey independent you interview with Heatley who scraped all the WA AF that was not an expert. Can you stand in front of his land an artist brick wall with no records on it. That'd be great thank. Well the there's other ones to do the donating and they know that they've donated cell. It's unfortunate and I guess that some local media outlets don't mention that it's yeah so when I do wanna thank Jorge Quiroga you don't have. And channel five people they did several reports and Wednesday acknowledged the donor cell. Nice work by all of you who gave to that family I wanna thank. My friend show. Cool. Volunteered to go over to the dairy house was this. Construction crew in and do all kinds of work on that place get a score and that's awesome and ready and I think that the several members of that family are going to be with us on Thursday night for the 2841. Day's event that the foundation is having so if you care to join us that event this Thursday night at the UMass club in Boston and we Daniel mentioned this last week but the way in which were able to match. The donations that you guys give. Is through fund raising that we do at our events like this event on Thursday night so. And it's a great event we have food and drink can. We have some some great celebrity guests coming in. I think that Devin chord he's going to be there were other the mayor's gonna be there and I think may be. A maybe an injured currently injured Bruin made may be there on Thursday night. A great source Richard and his career Jenks has that potential Zheng scenario five or receive one soon. You can get tickets when you go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation dot org. Links between people who need it but wouldn't that Ryan wanted to be finally thought it was up there isn't that something like you know. The man. And yeah my grandmother won't leave. Atlanta. Can do that he sees that. Coming and I'm 164 Irish. And let me inland. And I'm. Let me and the true. And I didn't lose. And just that. Rated. If you guys were singing songs together it's on the snapped. This thing done CTO and expand on time. If they don't know the words and that he added that England has apparently leaning on ethics is at a cent on year. Have your shoulder if you don't act like he wants any means to Pretoria anemic. Improvement the other night you watched a nice track I ticket doing it a little theater of the mind I don't appreciate it guys I don't fresh. You are you bringing him on Thursday night of the 2000 or 41 days event in my adult ticket outlet in the anti prop guys going you guys going and second date that come out. We definitely the first state to yeah that violent day and that they would mean a lot when one when a woman calls a guy up. And says will you go to this about him. That's at eight with no I mean it's that they now there was no discussion about a secondly dinner hour longer than any kind of stepped in it or anything comparable. I can't wait to hear this afternoon Wentz this businesses. The realtor and pocket and I hope he does this tell him. And that area there's going to be some embellishment. What does this text their wants and off he was of raping sweet nothing in the year earlier in the which currently. Anything the pillaging and for your latest EP. Think we can only man. Yeah. 88. Million. It's very maybe you have been nice if I may you score and gave it but I did it probably. Yeah. A 701. AM. And wounded men it. Aren't that's gonna do it thank you for participating this morning during hill mail. And it is 8:11 today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies. Geared data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. And now and it's only natural fraudulent and eager to join us I'm never going to stop going to prostitute. I don't understand this week peered inside another got to work when I'm once a while the simple mail mind more than we're happy to examine a great time well. It. Inside the symbol male mind is brought to you by LB scared doctors doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew low press the call them. At 1800. Yet there. And if you're a woman. And you find yourself confused by the very basic very simple very Neanderthal like male mind you may now text any and all questions to the tax line. Which is 97107. And LB. We'll provide you with a rare glimpse inside. The simple mail mine and their families here's a 617. Text I went out for saint patty's day. And was hit on all day by married man or guys with girlfriends yet. This seems to be a pattern would mean never getting hit on by the available guys. Is there something about me that draws unavailable guys Toomey. How are your cost. And excuse me stating the obvious and bonus question why these guys so open about telling me they want to cheat. 50% of America's divorced ladies and mind I just can't. I'd like just can't get ahold of women that can't wrap their head around you know just saying now getting yeah hey bud you married now. You route to you know got a shot you're mr. yeah steel ladder bloom. That is that your beautiful girlfriend of the bar chatting some other dude up while you're trying to wheel me. And on my blog and I'm good luck and oh you're only we're engaged. Care good luck on that marriage. Of like you're losing your house your car and their troops and here's our offer. 22 year teaching for a friend is there's do you think there's something about it he said we being serious about the fact that she's the Arctic doesn't matter if you're single you're married. It there guys guys chase. You know and I assure you and looked and I rolled it. Every Garrett into various. But I'm just trying to explain you fifty per share of a man in America don't give two hoots about being married her arm and a girlfriend or fiancee. When they see something that's better mood. And let's sync pass these days you know guys get a buzz on at least you know what you guys get a buzz on it and you know it's. Take a shot. You know you have that extra shot of tequila and boom you're in a motel room in Chelsea. Here's a 50 apex. My tax paid his wife to leave. I moved in and then out of the blue he asked me to leave. I've been moved out for two weeks now and during the past couple weeks he's told me misses me loves me back and yes I've slept over. He told me who knows what will happen with us. The just needed. He just me or he's just need your pre Peters closes saarc seed I'll. He spent the he's spent the past two Sundays with his ex wives of and he said yeah as an inning divorce you might you might wanna Arco. And Orion. He's 52 she's 65 I'm 46 do you think senator what do you think is going give him wire again any income guarantee one way or arm and be sloppy seconds then it'd but he's I think you know not suburban go find your man. Is he trying to work though the act certainly doesn't wanna pay the acts or what is it that way I sort of you know the whole divorcing Eric it's such a hard. Ping an and it takes for ever you wanna be the middle person on them. Here's a set of anyone taxed as we go inside the simple mail mind. What is up. When Friends With Benefits guy is still going on for over a year and it was once one or two nights a week but now it's many nights a week. You approach hello pat yourself on the grass it's well how that is it becoming serious. Guy as opposed to friends issue. Well ages zero and number when he swipe from right nobody swipe from right croc hunter sari swipe shrimp and you are here less wanted to write Bratton zone's seventeen the other public now Brenda who exactly Danielle what was the last time you went for dinner and Applebee's. Five way tie attorneys again her parents are really great sir Arnold delivery great. My sister is seeing a guy and they were out in Boston over the weekend any girl came up and said she saw his penis and knew his name. He says he doesn't know where and know who she is. My sister thinks he isn't someone who would do something like that what do you think is going on. I I think there'd be number one you're seeing someone so it's obvious that he and it's not serious and I'm sure he slept for other people are centered deep Eric the move like stupid guys do you know I believe that deep picture hearts club that story all the thing is all the women they kept the and humiliate the guy you're creating so far enough yeah if the guys are giving you. Her friends back there as well I have a camera I've never think clarify if you're aiding and you like the person. If he doesn't have a great piece you not shown any money if you're with a guy the hook up with and he has never great piece that you can't stand and then you show. Now if you're dating somebody care about you could that's austere Hartnett yet but what if he doesn't agree Daniel like obviously it. Let's argument again speaking for our I mean here you got to be wildly. In doubt to be thrown those exit. Here's a 774. Attacks my boyfriend doesn't care about sexy lingerie but I love wearing it. How to like get him to care or at least be into it or should I just accepted for what it is yet. See she's just accepted you enjoy wearing yet he won't pay attention I'm I'm I'm not a larger area. You know you know Fannie and he strolled out. You know in delivering German Grammy pennies Madrigal Mark Warner when she was wearing lace underwear from Victoria's Secret and ripped it off from. And some guys you know doesn't matter. The Teddy in those days are over. What an army the fifty to fifty user error history. People now what about you win here in the polar bear costume of the that was the most out of poking out does does she go crazy she's right she runs into the awards screaming. See 781 tax my husband cheated and I found out we're going through divorce and we have two young kids. He doesn't call the kids consistently however just recently asked the would you do something together with the kids. It's light for the mistress falling apart or is he playing mind games. Okayed it is cigarettes or more time. She found out that he cheated the either registered his with the mistress. They're going through divorce but now he suddenly said can we do something together with the kids so he's trying to do very daring as well you're good father should be so it doesn't mean he wants to get back together when their life. Now now we boys try to be good Derek yeah. It's the years. My fiance is convinced I am cheating with the his boss. Not at all true but he brings it up every time. Drafts are a lot of hair. Aaron is that irritating very terrible personal classmates a ton of money. As the LA the port and secures your idea. Guys are answered here doesn't matter area there's a ton of things you can trigger Dallas one now. God forbid you go to our company partying and in. Your girl rolls over and gives the bar so hard and you're in the first scene you know three cocktails lady wanna punch his lights upstairs and you know they spend it right every Friday made her return she says she's going to bingo. She's a vote told the boss. Let's see is a 617. Tax they hooked up with a guy that I work with the after the parade yesterday. And I texted him this morning since we are going to see each other work and I have not received any response. What do you think is going to happen why. Darcy you listen just a guarantee one night stands are formed and when you have more nightstand. Be respectful. Safe thank you say you were amazing in the rapper saying hey you know what maybe will hook up again. Love to see here. Maybe we will show what's known but show up at work and be like that and what's up what's so yeah you don't don't don't feel it don't make it uncomfortable. It is what it is. One night she already screw it up by texting him about. You know asks yeah yeah because she's gonna see him anyway at our right yeah probably try to get to work it isn't time to expect geek. You're gonna see him out what it doesn't even remember it. How incredible amount of area and nobody getting in Oregon again he probably couldn't text back here's his wife. My machine the follow me on Arab turn off I'm gone home and over again I think that's there wants to know what god attacks there was no that was in the Al text. You know what I did a nice try. Again it's it's 11. Stands by the people have to get over the fact of one night stands are bad fan one nice dance copper and it's it's just. One of those things and everything comes together and you know hook up. Just let it be one night stand there who you know he would you know our you know he's gonna show up the word go I love you. I want you to move there was it me or museum weaving my life. Here's a 978 Texas we go inside the simple mail mind in my eight year anniversary is coming up soon. We are very sexually active and it seems like that I have done everything in the book for gifts. And keeping our sex life alive is great what are different ideas that men would appreciate. On their. Anniversary. Our DR Daryn I'd go through salt and downturns anniversaries. The less pressure you can put our near man. To do stuff. A you don't you know you know you don't agree being. Is tell your guys that he doesn't have to come to your parents are somethings give him and pretend to be happy that's a little enough cause life. 97 degrees in years sit across. From hero lies in news edited Turkey tastes like crap and all your single bodies are the bar watching football. So that would be an anniversary gift yeah yeah and now times anniversary Thanksgiving Christmas Eve but did that's the other thing it's torture. All your buddies are tired and up Crist received and then you gotta go. And hound like white wine with with zero lives and there bared their friends and pretend like that you know you care. We you'd be going to Thanksgiving with the mr. and mrs. grammys this is is parents Colleen. Thanks. And now. No I don't think so you know didn't help giving it a grimy Daniel and Daniel grimy has a nice ring to it doesn't it attacks are there isn't anything that has museum or snapped cared look I am so I'm I'm Daniel Grimes. And drive me I've organized some of the rap wives into going and doing a charity. We're not going to be Chelsea and with the brownies out Chelsea you think that's obvious under water is often now. I can't wait I can't wait to see at the wedding report you know wave height commerce and fly into Lou yeah. Or shy. Of the movie not gonna be like a rat hole. Is that fax 774 attacks my acts is being unusually nice to me Allison does that mean he wants to get back together or am I reading too much into it. We've been separated for three years we have two kids the other means you just I'm sorry I am sending it. I think you know enough for number and you guys had two kids together obviously. You heard some awesome saarc stars never forget our. But you don't par for three years so just be nice factor in the premium to give kids together so just be nice banquet. In on him or anyone present you Boris problem. We want frazzled benefits the you know they get you know what's gonna happen tourists. You know he's probably is April probably. Broke open this you know whose current girlfriend has her Grammy action. Maybe wants to get back and then it's going to be in you know one and I mean in both humans feel bad. So you know just. Be nice and in do the great thing for kids. Here is Texas speaking of Friends With Benefits I've had a pretty good one for the last two years however. I just started to get sort of serious with a another guy that I math. Is it does the guy the friends of benefits guys want me to tell him all about that or just go system. Don't you just got to go some. How much you like Canada it as a regular afternoon Darren afterward to ghost or Garrett or he's such mortgage guarantors of what would probably ghost you anyway. I think she's wondering if if he is owed some kind of an explanation now she's a lot into it's that's a good thing about prison benefits is there's no ill. There's no obligation to communicate things like rats are a disappear for a little while the other person should just expect it as you should. If your friend with cinema doesn't cinema Texas were were down. Friends of their habits are over for and probably should isn't it takes to let us see in like six weeks breakfast your friends are great friends that benefits are overblown. Now I mean what she wants the recreate a she should safer now right I would so stressful because she might wanna go back there early in my mind why are we where we think in the heaving cares that. Is whether now cares and know however I mean after another strong. First heard brought you know and peace we were four other women say yeah he'll be like okay Larry I just ago Monday nights off. Alexy the. 978 Texas. After nine years and two children and we have had to taking in my mother at the house. She and my husband don't get along well any advice I feel like things between us are suffering. You know get it to be honest. There it's it's really really marries that you do that for your mom. The only thing I can think years. Either. Make a space for her downstairs. Usually give her her own living space. So back in everybody's not sitting around a table having supper together so. I don't know what your living situation ears. But what rocker in the basement while mom and our adversaries and where where all the work they put it out guest house here where you put the made. Right where you put the service servants are always downstairs. How would you know make a space for her to be able. How some sort of living area where she's honest journalist arm with with your husband your friends more but she still going to be feel like she's getting taking care. He uneasy should be serving to the hill household are shuttled from outside. Than 170 text. I'm a 43 year old female married for twelve years with two kids and I have a demanding job. My husband is wonderful and admittedly we don't have a ton of sacks which is my fault. Because I'm usually spent by the end of the day however pet peeve while we are doing it. My husband always talks about what he wants to do sexually the very next day. Can't you just enjoy it while we are doing it. I was kind of hoping that giving it up a lot media a day or two off. I take it on first second guess you're not picking up on a very important clue he knows that you're given in the mercy yes. And you're not into it so you're doing the laid there on tired but I'll I'll I'll let you get and in real quick so he's he's doing this set up for. I know you're tired and you don't wanna do all these things right now but I expect them tomorrow and taken now. Yeah. Yeah yeah Diana at the very passive aggressive but this is working for me for now but don't think you're gonna get away with this forever Brenda. And I offered up and be happy we are the sorts of social round trip and now as lame as it mirrors. Here's the 351 text that says. Did you notice that LB steered clear of the phrase for all intents and hurt and I don't know resolved I. I can't I gonna say they would always remember the same for all intents. And tents and purpose also and so I got to add the European USA and turns right in time for all intents. And purposes. When it is not pants and I see it's like Aaron thing and airmen are close enough. His attacks my husband talks constantly during sex the night tonight let's. How can I tell him to shut the half up nicely you can do it all again you know would you would you you know would you rather not have sex and him be sir what are would you rather. Jim chatted up and have sex now. Maybe my brother is not. At a bar when it went up when I'm in the I had broken off a very can also win hearts and shouted above. That is an NFL Jackson is Linkedin you like talking so much you talked to yourself when you're in the Britain now what I do want to tell their stories eat yourself must've heard yourself sort of like fifty god I mean this if you when you're doing it to lay off a good story suggests and is it a moment ago its story about sexier for myself I ask you this is a loss of her miserly return that are sooners should you Newport. All right let's got to do it. A whole lot. One more one mourn 97 attacks over the weekend my boyfriend called me by his ex is name while we were looking at houses and land to buy together. He said it was a slip up but I think he was dreaming of having those things are not mean. Know that note is I don't know I've heard sexual part in a broad. And Eva. Listen you know you slip up Terrence X yeah but to sit there and I guess enacts this is worse this is during how. How the other day but. But. He might have lived in a wholesome look the same with his facts sir I'm doing some triggers an and to you know everybody missed. Beats when it under financed and he's leading voice you literally love this took us around them and of the is I disagree you're here you're allowed that slip up. Yeah it's like bull Durham or I say this all time on Mondays you know would you rather. Maybe seeing his name having sex with you were drew rather me be having sex from him saying your name. Look at the positive yet. All right thank you that is inside the simple male mind and WAS. On the streets. Coming up on Wednesday the mom assessor at the Brighton music calm the musical box fiftieth anniversary celebration of Genesis is at the wheel back and the Boston underground film festival begins at the brattle. And that's the word on the street sponsored by don't import. For more details and info blog on the WA AF dot com. This soothing sounds of spring. Are about to be silenced. 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Kind of sad here's the attacks that 617 text from a woman who says that Danielle. May build. The mercy of scenario situation. During inside this simple mail lines a few moments ago and I'm sure that that woman's boyfriend or husband. Is frustrated by the fact that. In LNG. Both. Are well aware of the mercy some scenario so they're both aware imagine how many more women are at the how many. Let's see here is 781 tax. Calling for a wellbeing check. And rose savaged now that the union owns this they're different dating problems. I'd probably that I unions they get. They denied I mean you might not thought that was a date but Enos does not it was. I mean you know he's like you for a long time now he's leaving notes and everything like in the eye on it still does illness. Mean that's that's a that's a romance did get away and that's a Romania as a romantic happiness not a tonic and kind of thing leaving some notes and well I mean that's you know he thought it was a day where I usually can't in the middle. So I mean strong start wearing Chelsea you know. Probably things here as you know comes the same side of the track just a. Your response that technically due up. You can tune in this afternoon at 3 o'clock for the all new WA AF afternoon show. Matty and nick and Daniels. Boyfriends is I mean that's three to seven today this is Scott's here on the premium for a studio line hello Scott. What's good morning so while that's up from believe it dot. Start now rather eat us up what's up what's up I before I get the duties were zero difference having dinner in synthetic to have real quick read about gay template without real quick but different yeah. I if you effect on the air application. If you love keeps the body indeed see any fishing you need to check out. Boston fishing charters stock on the scene as captain Mike he's a very good friend of mine you'll never have more fun to have a catch well just checking out often fishing charter dot com picky that okay. You can't. You can't do that plus an amount that. Yeah okay don't you cry who don't. Only it's yeah. Yeah I know I don't let them there we go back honestly whenever we get a kick out of there out of sight I am I the only one to try to reconstruct Saturday night I don't I don't know what happened but. That would what you would know better what difference right I think is hysterical you hit it from the show last week terribly. You sit down with the saudis say all right what's up everybody. Coming up in three minutes what order drinks. And 8721. We'll get order appetite it and they towed because the 805 in order Andres did you do that here shuffled. Just. I think the hysterical. Although we cannot let that go to call and say that again and again to somebody else mentioned that what you mentioned that you Tucker Georgia actually they got George semi regular caller yeah. Blonde sit down there would apply to my but honestly in my the only one who can remember what happened until all my front public we're where we wish we go after the Hartley I'm unblocked Obama. You may have a drinking problem but that's aren't. Let's see here is a tax that said is so glad that Danielle. Found love and it was right in front over the whole time. All and that's how it happens sometimes that's all that's how it happens sometimes I reckon he'd like you just in L. You don't realize bill until you're here you had a real simply head over heels it's just like clueless yeah. You know I don't he was there and hold in China's. Mario and Brandon and loyal friend and all the sudden boom. The shoe shoe on who is a friend of state is crime oh hey what's up John. And the young guys on a jet not the I caught some protection step out of my review article that dropped it the blog Temecula and also includes pretty ejection APEC you know Danielle I thought it would lie but I guess we'll true. Now the did he say it. Wedding he went out with me and yeah. I invited he wasn't invited to the money you invited him. He wasn't just randomly there you invited him as you do nine he was already invited to the wedding in decline because he didn't think he would know anybody in the shoes going is is going to let people we are going I think the match on his me I'm. He's I don't know I actually you're gonna get one lucky exactly also look at it exactly why. Line all right I'm going to be and yeah well not today. Yeah draft picks with their bodies. And how much they believe they're totally gonna mail behind you vanished and ran right is that what angle all those shows Kenny guy to its chip on them. I. Instead of mom is a text or wants to know if your second date is going to be at a rapid battle yet. Right in the basement somewhere around right now it'll be a Middle East upstairs and there's hops they're a nice little roll and it is now also study at times but. Where you are on the right. The rich athletes announcements and angles to appear in the middle Clinton. I'm an. Rappers like you ever did one before Angel for the snow they don't want musician and equipment and yeah I mean you've probably got a dollar shows. If you're right there front and center stage a side stage and get away with your late twenties and say that that never gets old after. Playing. Random. In the film. Well you know aside chatter now where you know if needed towards his shows and be right there she's got to be loan. This is. Tom hello Tom. Good morning Greg Dario let's. They'll make a deal you up patriot kids' college education to eat off the radio. And I don't I've already got the replay very radio there might be done to reflect on it every time you get on the radio. Well on the kid the kid just doesn't care what are blacked out on city predator and over and went wanted to do long not vote today about her that's turned the well. Thriller the last hundred years wallets elicit even our governor was not doing shots he lines and I understand is that the point of trying to call the only up calling art. Your show. And then stating the on again the guy gets some material dirt. What did DJ DJ could get a booby hugs from some hot bartender can you give us some decent information. Dated via video hookup. They know we hear you wake up in the Hollywood your pants down and some homeless guy you know on you know all the people in the studio B I you would have sympathy for situation I don't know I just had 100 Gillis of contents. You know and I come up with cracker Jack getting chased by a Blackberry you come up with I would wired black parents saint patty's Michael. 90%. Of Boston black or saint patty's day that's that's what Bostonians do on saint Andes there. Here is Jeff hello Jeff. Good morning everybody wants some. They keep your age you're in this recreate the broad theme. The pottery wheel is that this is doubtless yeah yeah oh yeah now you do need. You know one of your non student at a threes and that another suitor for years waking up this morning hearing you're dating since grimy very upset about that on rapid. Very very upset about that. Let's see here's somebody says I'm sorry but Derek the Steelers fan is a much bigger reduced since Scott did and got to agree entirely fashion game and that explains that attitude there I had to go out there and why he's a great Garrett just loved his passion. Of heat for the patriots because we crushed the Steelers all. Let's see. This is Eminem and Danielle as Christina Ricci. It was a know now immersed in it redeemer you know Australia. The late Brittany the late Brittany and I issued a massive well I don't know what's mostly how to she'd done. Overdose thing with homes and yeah it was like if she had like. She's on prescription med stuff and and she had these you get homeowners something in addition of that personally. And has said Stewart she was why. Here's grade graders on dramatic goal was consider us debt. Toxic mold which would have probably cause pneumonia or respiratory issue irrational fear of toxic mold. LBJ seats is way right through it in the fridge. This is Brian Brian can't say Bryant. Yeah yeah I. Comic book the web yes Brooklyn is he might be of the character but that rank. I looked back up and a dispute is just what everybody at a local. 88 Greg nothing is better than him frequently being hung up awed by yacht beatle portrait in the afternoon alma. I you know I think it's something you have to get to get creative with the hang ups that's what and I enjoy doing this guy and he's he's come do these conferences now when one that's coming. Let's see coming up. At 905. What a high school student says it's happened to him when he chose not. To participate. And last week's national school lockdown. And I lecture I want your opinion on this. We will we will get that coming up in just a little bit too. If we get married at ten Leila you can't hardly given connections that you John Henry should get married in a club or something I mean that's his hole it that's also on the body if any over Royale part of but it definitely isn't the end and they need all the VIP section in the booths up top that up with the only the best of moms champagne it's probably gonna have and forties for everyone yeah. I would assume that rap royalty will be attending your wedding. Conclusion was in the local wrap seeing that probably have slain marathon in a Adam and I have been very authentic at. That's playing out a lot of them in Atlanta and in other news thing. I. Mean. Don't eulogy at the wedding. And now mr. and for the first time and mr. and mrs. Bryant. Mrs. marriage. It's actually a couple of them. You heed these days since I heard me murder the driver. I don't know I and then he would he would have actually no input whatsoever and that way and you know that. Murdered in the thing that all the Heisman will be Merv Crimea are grimy Mara primary play hard and I'm delighted they couldn't be any other important and to know oh vote in the name of your celebrity your celebrity element name what would would that the primary driver right you able to sponsor the wedding. Unbelievable what this is Texas says I believe the holes this thing is a false flag. In L probably as a new real boyfriend and doesn't want to know about it oh interesting and yeah conspiracy theory out like a false flag. Crisis actor made it to digits prices accident that this because I don't. I. Has. Fizzled and appropriate thing to check America series is that I need is you okay this is my plan would stand if someone asks what you do for work here's what I need to tell them. We are in the Soyuz thing is just a front OK what I need is real closely embarked in in my ours the whole wedding some people think real effect and. I. Let's see here is a text that says I'm convinced that the coffee mug situation from last week. Was all stages as a way to get Cano to pay attention to them and it paid off cushy invited him to the winning. Well maybe ratio that's as many actually that's doubles and and I like he would walk all the way around the center console in the studio to leave logs on the windowsill maybe was code. I'm island man but I can make it Saturday. A outlook among gunman opened the monks on the windows. Now did your. And expect to invite him. Via text or like a phone caller in person next tax them and what do you say just. McKay do you wanna but he wanted to go to the wedding with a ten K are you going to the wedding and he said nab. Among many hardly read I don't know if an. Said yeah low meaning like is there are negative version of yeah okay that's all he says it's yells and hello yeah so now always thought that's a. I don't of the wedding collier. Oh. I said home slice you going to Josh his wedding or now. And it does not up sprawling night I didn't think I know he's probably not in wasn't going sole owner said you want to meany said yeah but I didn't RSVPs who would that be rude and I said no. Late night date can't make it now because of the conflict so I have lost one and he him. Yeah I'll role my home. When I can't. Does that go I'll roll all all all rule Betty well. On the fresh check out there he did have a nicer office sooner he cleaned up pretty well did it to you reeked of butts and digital online. We get to you gotta quit stimulus come off now homeless. Seeded did you buy a new dress and shoes and things like that most of them now if I can viewers against Jeff you are looking very late you know where you were some from beer some titan on some of the little black out there and number. Who you're couple name your celebrity couple name is actually stand yell that's done an excellent path I. Daniel so that those where you stand yeah you know the new celebrity couple tips and you know. And I. You know the breadwinner now. The tactic you've probably pay at the end of the show. We'll flair and the show game were you paying attention and you could win road to wrestle mania tickets so that's coming up at 935 or 9:40 this morning. People for money. They ask questions. 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