HMMS Hour 3 – “It’s Called Creativity” 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

This hour we have Hillmail, Richie Sambora calls in, the beginning of Ask an Attorney and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Pro Boston WEEI. HD two Lawrence. That's 937. HD two station and WW PX. HT to Boston which is the 104 point one HD two station. And now his intentions go from her feet and 2 pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show Christmas I know anything can some sort of some. Talking and he's manned the truth is gorgeous. This is a weird one in. Ladies imagine that you're at the Natick mall. It's a Natick collection of records. Excuse I'm sorry Congo's on top sorry I college I called the Natick mall and as the most people Tom and your participating in a virtual reality. Type event yes at a kiosk. And all of a sudden you feel someone touching your stereo. You feel someone. Milking. The Yorktown. This woman. Was at the Natick mall India virtual reality experience and she felt. Somebody touching her feet. And she said that the sky was pulling on her to pose as though he were. Milking them like that now or no growth the use semi or urged 31. Years bowl. That he allegedly tried to look up purse her boyfriend was right there during the whole thing. He also. Allegedly. According to police he claimed he touched the woman's feet because moving her feet was part of the virtual experience. We still hanging there. So. He ransom room. In house in Framingham. In this guy Adam Sorenson also rents and that same house doesn't known too well just move. Didn't know a little while ago with his body across the hall and I really don't know him well. Well no idea. Of in a rooming house they still have them yeah hundred pound and a hundred articles. Well that's so Scioscia like the virtual reality. Goggles on them. And then he started in the locker yeah we visited a farm VRX yeah. Mon sounds like something Malcolm that you would say hello. Can I milk your clothes. That's like this that are doing well. All right this is Alexis on the Framingham Floyd studio line hello Alexis. It what's going on. I would open that I could LB contract is up in August oh do you know anything about sports if you don't you read. Death. I don't what I I think I got a cupboard got cut coming how I don't. Kid look people get through Britain's allies. Second I took this the wrong way I thought you were offering me contract work somewhere. Went the way everybody is playing LB bing bingo is is winning right now on non on. On all fun. Those rays who thought Florida. Let's get this. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Bill mail. All of these who. It's everybody's. Couldn't. Find W a death. I completely disagree with this text. 774. Attacks they're says speaking of Djokovic how awful. Was his Russian accent on billions and I thought his accent was great and I loved by his. They use in the last four episodes and I absolutely love loss and it is Wednesday so yes we'll talk about it. The fact that I believe acts and chuck. Are now going to get together right and work together great partnership is extraordinary. You know chuck got fired because he tried to is set up the attorney general and everybody knocked him out married and I wanted to when they were waiting there. When I love that attorney general territories. And the actor I don't know I don't know of that back here. I was what's what's the the movie from back when Weaver. We were teenagers he was he wasn't back guys you mean when you were a teenager I don't know what we were and it's just beat up. And then he. Is he not again and the lord please what is your question. There was a movie back in the day called the bodyguard. Yes it was an older high school student who stuck up for younger cared. Easier. Question is that this. I now not I don't know he's Asia incredible it's definitely not credible you mean my body guy my body here again in nineteen my bodyguards. Is the same guy. Who plays the please answer why don't I don't question but so is is that is the guy who plays the attorney general yeah I'm in millions of the guy that was in my body guard as a child whose name is Clancy Brown that is the name. The actor and I don't know how somebody can say. When and Malkovich played a Russian in around hitters to pay that amount in this money. I don't know how they can say that he doesn't do great commissioners voted accent. I mean unless it's a Boston accent yeah you'd doctor Bradley who knows the Russian accent. Yeah it's isn't it don't collect eighteen. Portals Russian accents. They speak outdoor mass. Yeah information on Clancy Brown was Clancy Brown in my body does not appear that apparently brown replied my body guard it was came out about three years before. He began his acting career according to ion TV and the Internet. He was a guard in Shawshank. Yes back to others that what is Lotta people get my body guard and Shaw shank yes computers similar area yeah. All right it is still male voice mail messages brought to the city of Boston credit union. With all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city busting credit union. And they're checking account service today here are the best film L voicemail messages you left. Over the previous 24 hours. To me mind. 49 AM. Who called and although a level of the buyer president we encountered with the fires they were alone in the darkened garage. Hoping. That in Bloomington. Moon killing weapon. To find out that it would actually make it but I improve on that little extreme can. The old man with the white beard would actually be a reflection of the Kentucky credit in their home. Now in Austria and a little I just received a text on my. Personal phone. From Hollywood actor Kevin Chapman. Who NASA who points out Nancy was the guy. That Sean and beat was the key in of oh yeah she's a bad bullets. Is that what you're thinking a lot of people confuse bad boys and my body guard Josh I mean that was an old idea I knew it was a an older movie the race. To me one reconcile. PM. Well and then didn't open again. On Monday thought about how would then be humiliated on reliable and they'll vote that close crap whenever I run the event. Mine goes down thousand people who have that little program we'd go. In this neck and I mean which would you prefer your and you're waiting for green line train and there's a wire that wire problem and it doesn't arrive for hours war. You're trying to drive around the city. And there are people. Lying down in the middle of the street without the permits to protest which one doesn't matter get more points pick your poison pick your poison. To me 7:51. PM. Obama I got to treat it that simple one part I hired and how it and it. Really didn't. In India how the NFL is having problems. Figuring out. What exactly happened. With Bob's moments passed on and can't figure it out. They don't substance was they don't know I believed. That my good friend Julian element will be vindicated and the rest of the country can aspect. To me 0:9. PM. Well that a can of development these popular restaurant saying I. It looked a bit further there's other than the morning so what director William byers. But an entirely you can't let alone. I hit in the third. Google says that he has. You're able inside that restaurant. In less than thirty minutes without the need of a walk and duplicate that play. That. Why don't we do land so we actually can pardon yet there they are important. Two of red and white but there. A message. Addicted to. Horton who signed and brought the. Ears and the thought. Give including this port there and it happened again tomorrow. Yet if the. Goal. And now. The first time in quite some time the US did not qualified for world now comfortable now in Russia. They're giving people. Who will be attending the world com. A class and in an actual class and how to smile. Because Russians don't smile. Here yes yes oh my god though there those who might be attending the World Cup will have to smile. 700. Yeah. Circular. Orbit well. Hillary and all of noted that nobody can go OK okay report. Third forehead war. And it. Into a and the whole world and people really blew it in the moment there. And I darkened great balls but who and what will vote until. Or even brighter here if they're they're good they're winning their. This message. With. Mr. Kraft again mr. Lebanon but Blum oh man. What a great deal of they shouldn't be bad it didn't Sony today but that crack and what. Okay. Now. Amazing story Daniel was very upset. Full of anxiety over the raccoon who crawled. Up with a skyscraper. 23 floors loss and then perched itself there all day yesterday. For those wondering the raccoon. Has arrived at the roof and the raccoon it is that is okay for a WB welcoming that raccoon in human history at home more time I've ever appropriate to remembrance and all he cares that rectum what they put stepping back out into the wild and it just keeps coming back and climbing the skyscraper in Saint Paul. They gonna get a permit for an educational animal products it demands like spider raccoon spider tune facts in raccoon. It is 811. And this is George on the premium for a studio lining George. It's so all gagged George. Hey. And I have like five minutes back or via a whole. Luke. That do. LB just pulled out with that actor. I'm pleased. I happen to see how you help me. How can I kept. Us. So I have a brain fart and trying to think about a movie and what did you what you've never forgot or trying to figure some mountainous it merits stumbling and bumbling about Georgia's public that George Burns messes we work directly you hear them you know you've never lost. In the car ever. In about twenty minutes or 25 minutes it is ask an attorney on this show your chance to get free legal advice for right now. We are joined by one of the great guitarists in the history of rock and roll Richie Sambora. Who's got a band. With his girlfriend who is an amazing you're tired yes and of course was just inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame where. Bon Jovi and it is eight pleasure to have Richie Sambora on the show this morning at 813 Rick Jake. But thought well how how are yeah I'm up my mother and it certainly has made rear camera. I. Now like bacon egg and cheese or went away. Exactly yeah it's now. The have to operate via the Payer for that matters is I'm sure a mom. Yet. And preparing for me more than that. Under the faced Jersey. Have you seen Bruce on broadly. And then you'd hear undermined. You must respect. Well I think all of you know who's just amazed. Redick they're here round. I take a lot of abuse on the show from. I have heard I think in some in some Bon Jovi sonics oh a little bit Bruce like a little homage troopers slow. And they're grandmas well it is very regretful. I. You know I mean they I comment on you know it. My involvement or Australia and her Natalie there's plans. I joined is you rent or apartment goes and all of them but even as reared their farm. The program yeah. And they got amazing producer and songwriter and not a lot and do everything went. Version is great. He got to remember or something well yeah and it really comes on the ball. At the bottom as you know the oh yeah. But Baxter is asking since you mentioned your girlfriend if it's tough to be in a band with your girlfriend who actually read out. The. Are people like me you know affect. We get monitored unfortunately. I'm like you know Jon Bon Jovi right. He's like. But. We kind of thing pretty good read or write authority here. Yeah. We created and has and I'm really really satisfied app uses as they. And they are. The corresponding. I made. You know it is at seven marathon of sitting around the world war of people come here. That we are uninsured. You think well that I read that you did a lot of the record in years in your kitchen. Get like a studio on the kitchen island the that the average house. Very big kitchen hours amazing cook numbers surprise that world back. I got back. Bob rock who is insanely amazing you know. There's everything from the black album on the two. My. And when I was a notebook platform together and now. We had a great unless there's certain. But you know what you guys here is that there. Was it was it at all. We hear her awkward. At the rock hall of fame induction ceremony you looked really you looked really really happy sites and was but was it weird to be back with our. He or the ball. Yes but you know we'd sit there but man and I did some damage in this. We your music as a world where oh where it brought. Beta candidate but while we're back I'll Altman as well actually due. Out there are you know. And regretted saying that my daughter my and my war in you know market. The people that get an art. And Jody it's an active role elected they're bursting of about five years before you again. I'd never even know I was there are here you know and will me. He knows it's here it was a beautiful. You'd daughter I mean it must be pretty cool to see your dad and the optional. I feel this. I'm at my mother. Paris where many. Are rock out while I was. Not about. They're backing me up. The red you know it was. Support it has gone. But my mom but here and now I'm about it made it sounds I'm very. Richie who is Richie Sambora is yes bush your guitar. Idol growing its. Merry via direct. Beijing. Backed up there and you know Buddy Guy. I dedicate. This treaty. I agree. What you know. We're out here. Yeah I am eager. Software as a target but that there's. Air quality. It. On planet rock is we would you know audience without the walker. Well. Feel you have got down a little bit yeah it's a category. First parliament but he. You the pretty good. So well. But I assured it will all of the different level. Well would go. You know the boot. That so far as well ever found that very. Thing they're. They're. And you know we're right what. Oh yeah we got back. We're. Yeah everybody in that situation. And music accompanying. People well they're great actors out there and Booker. You know. Are there. Are you on the you on the beach right now on the Jersey Shore and if so. Are you wearing a Speedo. Or got very clock. I'm just checking I get the win right there in the league are better then let me Margaret remain open. I. Really. Doubt it. I wrapped my mom out. And it. The other. You know. Richie got a hundred text messages on the mask you based on the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony. Would you consider. Going back in and touring with Bon Jovi. Never say that you know it's going to be up to. What. I mean it's that I'm committed. You you know this. Brand in this record obviously. Robert rock I think you're damn. Quote people emotionally I think that we were pretty good. Well it's called radio free America and it's available in stores now owe more on iTunes. Amazon. All that's there are all there. And I. I was so I was happy because I read after the the Iraq and all of main thing that. The way in which she left on Jovi ethnic left a lot of people wondering what happened and really I heard you say it was just about. Kind of like you know there's a whole bunch of things that gave you kind of an indication that it was maybe time has slowed down a little bit and it was though. Knowing him. They'll fail yeah yeah. Every time there. Have a rate in the relationship yeah. You know the lack sources with the band like eight pier half month. 52 countries. In that a lot like a lot wired up like thirty years. Yeah. And an advance you know so you know my daughter. And I. Meaty you know obviously not. I deserve you know what I've looked at my watch what was our won't. It just happened in the middle of the night. And well Matt yeah. You can't. I mean I'm on it and got. Yeah. There. Where and you're a band like that and that there. And you are basically. In that record at the minute war and a lot of spot where. Somebody tells me. You know you have where I live where in your bad your about your dog or also got now. For contact for. The Mac. There's going to get our crowd and share that we're back. And got up. Remastered. I'm so thankful and humble about all of that. Well there in being able trying to make people happy about them in your view and so our best. We'll listen congrats on our soul and and I hope you enjoy the dresses in via bacon egg and cheese and it is I acted as well. Robert my. Oh okay well. And it's and a listen it's always great talking Richie Sambora and and and thanks for coming on. It. Thought about this several techsters say he sounds an awful lot like el chino I'd. He'd Dell Asia yeah. TV and but John Lee Hooker clothes which I putted good he told a trust has been seeing is his Regina when he's grocer. Absolutely I don't agree Korea new Yorker I think it is. But an example the loans whose bad back. There. It taxes says. All aging rock stars sounded like their brains are scrambled these guys were savages. Quite incredible. Internet they've done a lot they have literally I think you heard of yeah they have that life yet substances. Every. But he probably doesn't have to ever go back wins. Bonds I mean he's got a lot of moment never to running in a row Croats yeah exactly quote although sought for the month so he's he's he's got to publish it. And so he probably never asked about the Bon Jovi again that eight and yet maybe in ten years or fifteen years they'll do some sort of bond wanna. They'll be like. Jon Bon Jovi wall in the band and a little bit on video but be Tico Torres or whoever day in and do you think about so he was in the band for thirty something years. Think about how much sleep he got thirty years out guessing he got about a year's worth the sleep. In their years right so you say their brains scrambled yet because they they lived the life like LB they've lived five you know five lives to one of our regular Oakland. Now I did yeah no big yeah I think that the. While I guess you when you adds. The show us. And improbable between the shows. To do the shows that is just insanity. What what do what other what rock band it's OK so Bon Jovi plays. Two shows in Boston and and the other traveled to Atlanta. And they play two shows are glamour. Then they'd traveled to Miami and they play two shows in Miami and that's one week. That's very act. Wolf. Here's a Texas says where was he calling from panel that he mentioned it at all yes you bet after that as well. Does the couldn't do it and remember it was given his mom grass that is moms who made him and makes them much. Money. Six dollar a lie I think it was like way back in the fall Ernie had posted a video online and sound check of Ritchie and his girlfriend orient think. And that's I first got turned on her because my dad says that again you would please pass and I first got turned two or Hannity he's gonna he's a really is what. Is tennis on the you don't wanna know if you haven't heard it really really don't I'd get a year's old now but it's it's just think it's that great GM man. That's just musicologist rights and. Eric today's weather brought Cuba at the 2019. Subaru assent to love is now bigger than ever this summer Subaru of New England dot com and it is going to be sunny and 77 for a high today. There may be some showers or thunderstorms around this afternoon right now it is sixty. Here in scenic secure Brighton Massachusetts on the way next ask an attorney art in the house counsel in the studio. Answering every single one of your legal related questions no question out of bounds he wants some free legal advice you'll get it next. During ask an attorney. It is 838 and asked an attorney coming up. It's been a miserable. Morning on the Massachusetts. Turnpike in Seoul we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of art in the house counsel wants. It's been a horrible commute this morning so. Larry army junior there are attorney for asking attorney should be here shortly I do wanna giveaway. The final remaining pair of passes. For tomorrow's broadcast at the sixth annual miss bikini pageant. And so if you are the 25. Caller right now. On the Framingham forward studio line which is 617. 931. 1223. There and he you'll join us tomorrow morning we have a gas that the house of the can I say how's it releases and more like it's more like a compound at the compound of of Ernie Boch junior. For this year's miss bikini pageant I feel like compound implies that people are being held against their will somewhere on the property wrath. This that you Veronica sovereign nation and it's here. So. I and then Ernie is the you know every year this events it's improved with the with letter he doesn't and this year will be no exceptions though. Steel that are performing live and Ernie chef cooking breakfast and then food all day we'll get some kind of the Richie Sambora light egg sandwich for breakfast and a single day in and drink. After and lifeguards and analogue opens up. A bring your dating again if you win these passes. Bring god and appeared if you're if you're not going to be able to make it. Then as I said earlier make sure that you are following line on the various social media channels. Those of W you can always followed a Leah have financed the Gramm and Twitter and FaceBook in and do the same. When may snow. I will I'll do my best keep up to date tomorrow everything that is going on. It is 840. Heads up for next week. On Monday we will be here which is. Monday's mutt a dog that is hoping to who'd be adopted by one viewer amazingly generous people and we'll go inside. The simple mail mine on Monday. And it's. That means that it's at some point during next week as we're getting close to to the date. You'll have the chance to win the foursome that we are giving away in this year's WAS celebrity golf tournament which is happening. Down at foxwoods and I you know I wanna thank god. Jim and his team over an anti connectors because they dropped off some of the new Nantucket and actors flavors. All right I'm an. My name all eyes are what are what the red plum laminated as he Syracuse lava that's not laminated ever had ruined my life. Really aren't it is and see areas in seemingly geared. And it looks like to meet this all. Pretty much eliminated here in your bottle him and I don't think you've doctored time out and I mean yeah there are dollars that are in the Netherlands. Sorry I did I did I did the other exciting op Ed sorry it's been it's been a starring Arnold didn't cut me off you can LB whatever I'm sorry Al Sami you're just yapping away oh for everybody else. It what are the US errors okay Robert. Employ not say LB might be drinking at work I have my moments at lower having eliminated what do you give a turn into a bad thing. War. This it is Tierney hello Danny. They were going on what's going on Danny. I'm excited for tomorrow yeah Danny you have one there passes for tomorrow or you bringing to earning spouse. I don't I don't know where. But can he get the day off the or what's your job to have a job. Yeah that there are. Well join us tomorrow morning you are aghast and we'll see you there and that's it I believe he may be able to doctor Ernie into an invite. If you DM him on this program he's been I notice he's been keep people out belittled. Here and there so. Tutor time is immune maybe noses. Have you seen by chance. The news. About. Your favorite restaurant LB yet. I'm talking of course about Kentucky fried chicken I can see the the fried chicken crusts. Pizza that they are offering in some more. Yes he's a hell I'd chickened. Press flashed in. Like he can catch than anything. Felonies like the skin on yeah well in other parts of the Christ is the chicken is fried chicken yeah I understand that he's testing that in Asian and nine year high in Brighton I don't know maybe there that sounds right there waiting for some kind of an important. Moments that today be that way to give them that moment they are waiting for Kim Jung on its first. United States of America. That can't even do. That she and a it's important and 20. Yeah definitely. Zone on chick in no crossed. Pretty good. News and its I believe that it is Leo all right. You're not really care who does say those awards and urges and second is branded. Now it. Is a little the F. Ella here. I actually just for the record here SC isn't breaded it's a flowered. It's Boris flower. Yeah it still goes against that. Oh. But the point on the technical aspect that's currently in America. Being a manager at twelve that it is via U twelve humor can't seem manager more than 1968. Somebody starts. You work with the kernel. Of the colonel hired him but. Doctor Jack action had been my dad's restaurant. Don Jack on Jan. Wears guys carry somebody says isn't that called chicken harm while it's not. You know it's not recently I was creativity. Is that it's it's offering you something different than walking in and ordering the same sandwich every day you know pepperoni answer in my only issue you should note that all of me Jane Jenkins and you're savage errors. I'd add. That he wrote yeah well I think it's an ominous mood of the traffic traffic has been miserable due to traffic to going to Boston last night and moment it went to the pops. Eight normally like. You know Tuesday night or if we'd be careful execs look at my tickets went 515 minutes an hour and fifteen minutes in traffic was in full yeah. Well it was I mean it's complete. We delayed as an attorney this morning but I believe. Or attorneys here in the building. Though here is a taxer asking if Mike Hsu. Just issued a twenty guess street to effort to Datsyuk. And yes he did bring over a dozen right now an index for Christmas and asked in an affair in male and a little blunt okay. Obscure reference. John Wayne Gacy serial killer. Also a manager at KFC just like Joseph yes well yes. And he Ono Iginla as the tractor salesman right Fred dean was the tractor salesman. And on Monday's show. IE I can I can wait no longer. To discuss. The owls talon. Theory on the staircase which are obsessed with have been obsessive that for 24 straight hours so. Am I will give everybody the weekend. Two why is somebody getting airy. One of the one that won his system producers. Yes there's other ways I thought Sony army is and isn't allowed me try to get him. The the I will give you the weekend to catch up on the staircase. And then on Monday we will address the the foul theory because it's mine it's mine blowing and you know absolutely absolutely mine's an exciting. Our rights if you have a question for ask an attorney which we will extend. Into the 9 o'clock hour. Since traffic as the way it our in house counsel. You can texted. On the tax line which is 971. Windows seven's though. If there is a question you have. When it comes to I've been amazing question that somebody. Has sent in with regard to what they were told at work. About using the work bathroom and why they can no longer use the work about a minute Mark Gardner this is for. This is right appear Alley op where Justin Moose knuckle I don't know it's. The diet. This is the only person who's ever since we started talking about the staircase and Netflix the only person says that the little ball. This the 774 Texas that it is there watching use a little doll. Well a bit expect everybody alike yeah. Into the story line is that what you think your movies so areas and some B watches the movie and there aren't adding Gabbert. Like your stories. Like I'm sure there's our viewers are on journalism and some audio interview is moved into the home. We'll find it enjoyable when you place why somebody else it's on more on their way of demand out about it die I am and that's unless. All the work I mean I am here I where your bus I'm right hotels and night life. Yeah that here talk about yourself and perhaps Greg talked about heroes doing stupid me I should be in a cream right now any stories guys trying to build some sort of status green with a youthful and plus those dinners. Are right. You can listen to this show end this station on your Amazon act goal or your Google home. All you have to do is ask collects or Google. To play W. And turn your Smart speaker in two. A radio. I'm wondering if we should keep waiting for asked who are going to be up against the clock and I wanna start asking attorney but I don't wanna start something else because as soon as they start something else seasonal player he's gonna barge and through the through the door. Are we do quick sports and then yeah no such thing it has never been any such thing as a quick. Cure is a good story we haven't talked about it today. Somewhere not totally. A deal like that she's on your chicken round on firm ground or not how I'm watching the full Monty. They're smaller finally in. A speech in about get naked. Leaked it in 21 years. What's your senators richter yeah Rosa and pony boy literally from your garage yeah. And you know planners yet waters all right I'm notice them that's not that's that's you're yeah. I'm an armada of current about it you know it'd be crying it's the operative word well you know direct lets our mission let's go let's say I'll let you know let's poetry there have been let go ahead and get to the news right through wanna should go ahead and give us the news in the second. How would you avenue sponsored who gets you knew was brought to you by Lesley university graduate with the skills to make an impact. Complete your degree online Lesley University rock help you get where you want to count. Learn more online dot Leslie dot edu. Brett you also buy cars for kids now would be a great time to clean out your garage and donate that old cart cars for kids see how easy it is call 877 cars for kids. Or you can go online to cars for kids dot com. Colonials. Are gonna be millionaires at least that's what half of them think. There's a new survey out. Spoke with 15100 Americans between the ages of 21 and 37. Which is and one in a category you know 53% of them said that they fully expect. Total confidence that they will be millionaires. Some day well they also sang. That they expect to retire. At age 56. Really gaffe. Or maybe it's because they're taking a page out of the book of Michael were penned. A the man show. And I didn't ever have the pay and rants. Then you could you could be a million. But optimism I don't know why that I would think every generation thinks that I'm on the image isn't. Yeah I'll think yeah it's please you've got to live forever and I am you know you're going to be Iraq's unstoppable corporate raider whether an at large and a politics. All he's not that we are angry lawyers are Carlo are lawyer is finally here for a basket attorney. Yeah yeah what's worse than driving two and a half hours to get what LB don't. This happened go to the bathroom last 45 minutes of the well it's almost an air Marty Beijing is calmly and I got to go to the bathroom where where did you start. I didn't shoot very I'll kill you. They're sick child should flowers and when he went right usually eat 645 home while that's the way it is these days I mean 645. It's now two hours leader. And it was all Mass Pike. And I think for the first order of business we would sue the state what are some of no I mean I don't shut it pains not thinking clear now forty years ago when they took over the plate they should they can double and comfort chopper. Well our clock. World will get into him while we we have some extra time so will pull push ask an attorney in two. The 9 o'clock hour and we'll begin with a driving one here here's a 978 taxed. This individual. Got an oh you lie they blew a point 08. And they weren't driving and they didn't have their keys in the ignition when they got charged. Do they have a case. So I'm gonna assume they were behind the wheel of the car like sleeping or something right yes behind it as you have access to the nation you have the keys within arm's length. Does that the cars. Really when they say you're supposed to sleep in the back or something like that that would you know I believe you should pull over the bullets and that that's a year ago to say that's got us the opportunity cam that's just over. I'm so they're not really case because they had telling the point always they definitely have a case yeah. Let's see I filed for divorce we have a mediator meeting. Old game you know can you back that up from me now now now these questions are coming in as the actors. I filed for divorce we had a mediator meeting. And he asked to pay me alimony and divorce. Can he change his mind. And not agreed to the divorce and not aiming anything. So he can't change his mind of its mediation unless the agreement has been signed by both parties then you potentially have a breach of contract claim. If the agreement was presented to a judge and except that it made a part of a court order. Yet the content. But what it sounds like is they went to mediation. The husband made a deal went back home to a buyer's remorse. If that's what actually happened you needed divorce where. I. My uncle won one million dollars on a scratch ticket. Should he take the lump sum or the pavements. And does he have to have his name made public oldest. The case to him now as you do it. Right LB he has that they got pretty buyers starting fires are liking him I guess if you will be cut you are your thoughts it elevated. What is the answer I already know in his answers you've got. Your CPA about whether or not you should take a lump sum or immunize now. I will tell you this typically I believe that taking on some is better because I think you can do more with that money in terms of growth and you gonna do with the monthly payments over time structured settlement they call that. Now the flip side is is that you have no clue how to manage money you might wanna think about taking the structured settlement. I served figures 33. Nine tax. I served in the military for 23 years. And was married to the same woman for twenty of those years. Is she entitled. 238%. Of mine military retirement. Pension so the military is great as they have special Lou rules that people that serve. So there's a point when he role in the military for pensions. And if you're married for twenty years during twenty years of active duty service or reserve service your spouse is going to be entitled to that. Just as a side note they have the 1010 rule for health insurance as well as they try care that continues through them. So he just unfortunately it sounds like each you should ended a little bit before the twice as seen in quite a predawn hours planning is important drag. That do people do pre divorce planning we we do have. We do have some notoriety for doing those kind of done that way helping people navigate the shores of a divorce does the other spouses generally know that pre divorce planning going on now I do not just told everybody and I'm not generally level on morning. It's yes. Let's see. If you are using your personal vehicle on company time for company business. And your windshield gets broken on the highway. Is that is that the employer's responsibility for repairs. So the short answer here in the logical answer is you get free window replacement and Yahoo! policy in Massachusetts though. Why make campaign not (%expletive) them off the Daryn just get it down for for Iona at duke of Cleveland vice comets as I grant. My parents took settlement money from my dog bite that I was supposed to get at eighteen years old and bought a house. They gave the house to my brother and left he would not then what are my options. Called Larry what do parents let. It's. So typically we knew Getty's its settlement as a minor. It's typically held in trust. I don't know the terms of the settlement but I'd be hard pressed to imagine some homeowners policy. It was working on the student senate that way because your minor. We had a dog bites so. If that is in fact the case and you probably have velocity should parents for breach of a fight you Sherri duty now here we go with suing the parents again big word. Current army well let's because there's people are holed soul will extend into the 9 o'clock hour wind asking attorney are in the house counsel and you'll answer all of your questions coming up.