HMMS Hour 3 - Is the Crying Closet Sound Proof? 4/26/18

Thursday, April 26th

This hour we have Inside the Warped Female Brain, Hill Mail, Nation of Pussies Report, Javier Pena of Narcos, and Hostile Mike Calls in!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Last night I think he discovered text messages basically she said she's not text anybody. But he discovered I mean it's if there are now gone in and deleted and I feel older yes I mean she in this seat she initiated the text conversation with another guy's got a problem. And guess it depends who the guy is via depends on what her relationship but the guy is and and what the text messages contained now. 978 techs have gone on about four dates with the escrow. And when we tax she's all happy go lucky and even says she won our last day so we planned it. Then when we go on these states she doesn't seem in the media at all. And the like she is bored being there she wants a. Read dinner or. Not Al Unser her personality in person I've. I've met people like many am united in their romantic sense just an act like a friendly sense that I had great conversations with. Via text or email or whatever I mean even pertain to interval rescue and that I get a lot of this person really well and you meet in it's the most awkward for continued ever elect. However communicate so well by attempt because I just weird only person via the sometimes he still click in person. We are going inside. The warped female brain. As we normally do one there's days so if your man and you're confused me text your question to the text line. Which is 9717. That's 971. Ounce. Since we're on the topic I had. A female. Primary care physician yes and she told me. And my physical. I had to stop master. I and I said Nate and I said why. And she says because here in my camera. I think that was really mean. I went after that I hope that helps us that it's gonna you know tell America's jokes to your children. Two thirds of grandfather Joseph. Things here aren't there let's say. That what it's. Here's the tax I went 978 text I went out of date with a groan was great. However. I feel like it was ruined because she mentioned. That either one of us should think about moving closer to each on grass and all she lives in Portland Maine and I'm in Bedford mass. Why do women feel a need to rush that was is too early after one day after agree. Date you know here's my thought and that's okay is. It. I mode George. She's she's either not certain wants to marry him RO. Are it's one of those if you're willing to eventually do that. It's a deal breaker like if you asked someone if they would have kids or have more children. Relic like after a couple of dates it's not usually get pregnant RO it's because you're like okay. If you know you don't want kids and I do that the deal breaker so could be the same thing she's like can't really cannot put this guy. We live kind of are part let me see if he would ever be open to right and if he's like now that she knows that it likely woodwork now I'm hundred to eight and it is the first thing I get seconds. Not to decide church to certain yardage did guns now blocked. Hardest you know when you meet you when you meet the hottest person we've ever dated in your life. Yet and probably a little nervous or near you you you you know you moral locking down a stat O so she really should it may be just the first person that she really had a spark with hundreds of guys who the hottest guy she's every Mac. We say let's take a parent Jodi. You might just sounds bad German. He's slowly Andrea have my I own my own company email and Trevor BMW Emma former stripper turned CEO I went to the hospital economic. Well I mean it seems like that's just a little bits and to be talking about moving closer together. And a little bit little bits. Let's see. Here's an 860. Text from the continent of Connecticut yeah buddy. I'm a woman. Dating a woman. She is only in the girls. I like man also. Should I pursue this relationship or will it be a problem down on the line with her. I mean are you planning to like skies while you two are together this year be it she you know the type of woman. Who looks down upon women who are buying incentive full on lesbian I don't know I mean that's I think that's. They need to feel that out throw a couple of hypothetical stories in there and see how she reacts in the navy if some people don't having some. The people there by don't have a problem at their partners buyer just like 11 sacks or whatever but some people get very uptight about it so it's personal preference. Have a big board conversely. Girl grow. 97 indirectly. Albeit WA AF and in there and 978 text are a lot of women. On dating sites. Just looking for a free meal slash interact yes they seem. To all go to the same way lately and I'm not ugly. Where else do forty something divorced people go to meet people. I'm so yeah there's market. I thought oh god I'm so yours and yes. They are unfortunately just looking for a free meal and. Absolutely I have a friend who is now married but when she she was a serial match dot com Gator firm right before she met her husband. And she know we talk about who may be like 23 dates a week this is not singles order if you elect to not like 23 dates a week. And would always complain about this is settlement why do you tech ice seems like you had nothing in common and she's like. You know somebody that works in XYZ restaurant in the north Ender this place you'd like I just want the dinner I want dinner in line and I should like I'm sick of paying for it she works in in an NF fields. That is it if they difficult field the ad doesn't pay it's employees at time. So teacher. I don't they ask. And I just. For their heads up tonight Jack. Dock forty something divorced. Hotel bars ugly on the import and it's a new pools and yeah obviously parents Rachel's Rachel's in the Marriott long war. People gonna want what can I speak of the is that it wasn't the the marry outlaw are much kidding me alone are not pretend you know yeah I don't know the dark but early in the bar I got your sorry about your present great so's your goat do. Throughout the eighties was champions in the Mary and that doesn't put us down on the side of downtown you strode in and it would send it's you would stride right here as a Bruin and Kennedy you. And I'm her. That the chair appear as much revenue in the now barred if if if you're if you're arm. Haven't midlife crisis divorce dude hotel lies told to Obama's high and mile long wharf champions. 9978. Text I have a casual thing going on with a coworker. Sometimes. When she goes. She laps. Other times she cried. What is going on here you probably get your real one hop rock. That's okay so in the a big physiological. Release when you have the Al and they eat a lot of your other bodily systems can be affected us. All types of people react to all differently if that scenario the giggling he shouldn't be alarmed by the giggling and laughing at Atlanta for the funerals I can't help but it's history tight tight call. With the none of them new body. Now budding let's say five holy text my girlfriend recently got angry at me. For having dirty text conversations weather but not doing it in person. It's not always appropriate for instance. Out to dinner isn't the place for them what gives. Why is she all I mean is she got the kind of person if the only openly valley is she into the exhibition a stuff and. You know it doesn't have a problem not tapping the conversation liar in public yeah step up carrying. Out my god I'm jealous. And he's comfortable with blue with with acting like you're talking in a certain way in public some meaningful call are better kept private. Here's a woman who wants to go inside the war female brain and another woman moderates which is fine I have a friend who has been seeing the guy for almost two years now. She is she consistently thinks they're going to get into a relationship together but he has told her to her face time and time again. He doesn't like that way and doesn't want a relationship movement she is always getting upset about this why is she going back. Because she think she's gonna change him. She thinks eventually he's gonna realize how great she has. All madly in love with her because she's watched so many Rahm comes with Kate Hudson and Renee Zellweger are all right. The end of the movie everyone turns around and is in love lives happily ever after an portal Crowe couldn't get the tying you with a Matthew McConaughey pays character was insistent she didn't wanna relationship but in the NB may. Greater not a good looking do harm humans aren't jealous I'm jealous. 978 Texas we go inside the war female brain a girl was sending me picks. And we are fifteen years apart in age wise. She never insinuated. That she wants to hook up when we hang out. She has a boyfriend. Why is she sending me pictures what does she want. You to. Tell her that she's really attractive visual arts grade in the system while I wish you didn't have a boyfriend. So then she went she. She puts it in the ball to put it like the little text blocker in your head so that when the boyfriend fight their but some. Don't let you know lack. If I believed to appreciate. When I send him pictured and tell me that I look named a wheel to. How about attention for her that resonate here here just propping her up making her feel good she has no intention of being with the began as a boy it is that it missing completely like obvious signals when your weather that she is ETF but yeah I think in this case it sounds morally it's an attention ground. And it. Well. 617 text I have a girlfriend who gets angry at me frequently if she sees me looking at other women. How to like teller this is normal he threatened people without targeting. Right here. I don't I aegis. You have to watch yourself it's people like that don't change they're always going to be up your ass about something that's you know it where you could be turning your shoe into that home. So you kind of start the old woman in the deli line that's nice I can't even bringing to the supermarket now. Because when I'm never checked out guys that are now. No of course not now not when I would never know when there was somebody never I did ya my sort thank you that is inside the warped female brain we do that on Thursdays. Coming up in just a few moments we've got to get the today's nation policies report. And we will discuss. The college here in America. Which I believe is. Attended only by adults ranked where they have created. A special sanctuary. Where you can go. If you're an adult content and years that an attack it and feeling I'm feeling sad that adults old get to that coming up. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still mail. I've for the walk well or they're going. Somewhat better than what you're looking but it baton. RW a yet. All right. Today's gold mill voicemail messages here at WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston WT guy. HD to Lawrence and WW BX HDT Boston. Are presented by the city of lasting credit union would all of the convenience. Of big bag checking accounts but would no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees you should check out the city bus in credit union. And they're checking account service today just go to their website which is city of Boston CU. Dot com. We in day twelve but beside. Let him. When it they have a lot related L bing might go by. And now bring it about that again probably won't look back at. It's. It's. And the message. Sprinkle our frequently got to go listens to the show courts and I Jamie doubts and now wish me you're locked. Wind blown 1:33. PM. And when the pin and Nobel peace yeah. It's. Cold but happy yeah oh yeah. And I think. Again. Blocking. I don't think so immature and Micky ward Micky ward reached out to me this year and indeed to turned out his place west for. The left who you're gonna have to hide down the two page we'll would like bungee cords are guys that you don't want that you don't want that thing flying off and then in the well if he tightening. That the. Went only 526. Let him. And what effect if unlike so that you can't download that bill I think it would community. I'm wondering if you log into that in win. I'm a member. We're. Coming up at 8:45 this morning my issues favorite segment. Elderly horny women. In the news we're gonna get. Elderly horny women in the news. The news actuality that goes along with this story. References of of the all time great card games which interview in years. You're near gaggle of senior citizen fans out. There that's coming up at 845. When Tony 71. PM. They wrote that quite a bit ago that the walk the talk that's why I didn't they are in the next. I mean to go was had a rough build it first two periods but there yeah there was nothing is that I guess head there's never zero backhand via via. OK so I mean. This new game hockey now because forwards are so fast and everybody is in such amazing shape and her. Incredible. And and yet you you make foreign army Bart it's a vote taking time and space away. And the Bruins for what ever reason sometimes. The forwards are separated from the defense and which gives space in the middle now and then a guy goes top shelf blocker. Diaz fight all here ailing 919. Sector instead Derek worries you issued. Or possibly feel like you know the last couple of gains. They have been coughing up the puck almost in. Almost an lackadaisical. Like. Now. I don't like I don't know turnovers are unbelievable you called me and yeah Paris like there flipping like kind of like casual and after last night he's the only certain ethical soccer body answers he's blocker side he's casually. Flipping the puck right and it doesn't clear the zone. And you know and you know but but anyway. Tuukka saved all eight shots on him as their third period aside neutered yet to Ku as a means again. When you run into him. Boy burned in my glad you left out in the second period. And that. And item. Just one more buddy I'm I'm I'm going on Wednesday so not as data late last night because your blunted. Wine need jinx gamers but I am I'm not only ones there in my guys will be there Wednesday June 22 PM. It. It. Wounded man who. Oh world and the united it. Just ended in these parts tort theories oh yes no doubt that we played for Edmonton. Was acts. Gardner who completely out of the round down as a big impact on the company just. Justin unbelievable goal. Blue moon and. I have that I one name that then if there's room I would if the wind at let that. Comment at the news that Abu you have. And now the. He is he's going to fight cost style Mike and we're trying to set it up at foxwoods during I don't care golf tournament it's several people did ask me about the golf tournament. Because they wanna come down just so you fight and that one of their fortunes available. We rarely have. A foursome available for the WA AF celebrity golf tournament it is gone on for. I don't know 20/20 720 that's not quite as probably 2526. Years. 25 basis point at the site. There may be if you force them is available. EE UK and just go to the website which is the great legal foundation dot org. That's the great guild foundation downward. And it's. It's a great event it's it's a few days of Nancy get your whole entire force and gets two nights at foxwoods. Yeah that uses their precious or recession because we're doing I think are angry note note we're gonna do look by I don't know we'll do that opening night or the next nighter. But. You know you get all your food in and now your adult beverages in amazing gift package and golf with the celebrities and music you can ala all of them so. And the the foxwoods. Golf courses. It should absolutely amazing. Him to two courses there. The the range advocate for you yeah. I yet beautiful golf course of your try to go go did you send an email I think we have an info act. The technical foundation war. Are you doing the ball drop again here. Nice yes LB mapping thank that will I don't think I probably would win two years ago at. Oh yeah. Debated as the red tide and let it. And think. If we didn't know that was our whole lives in ways that it's. A little bit in general and although he mentioned the other that's been fired. It what are using Napster and plus because of rooms were on NASA and NASA image and be some concern. And lucky McKee hit two home runs of more. The maybe if we kick at foxwoods through approved. View and hostile Mike fighting at foxwoods. We can do it Happy Gilmore style right in the middle of the golf tournament. If. Then boom Fuller and LP. What. I'll let you go why let a million. In the fourth we all know who. If the guy that brought food and now he. Here's a 857 tax on the tech slide which is 97107. Which reads I just dialed up. The de brusque vs buyers fight on YouTube. Hopefully you do better against. Overly tough yeah. And I guess strong and our okay I was quite for San Jose mayor. I news I knew is a big Grady is a big boy you know you have me environments yourself. I wrap our highway I thought he was the Euro a writing room and I went to disarm or zero lefty and then he left he means it means I'm. Couple small arms. I heard that hostile Mike. Is getting very trash talking and faced only careful yeah. He's done is to give you can hear it really does that only a terrible thing. Well people know you're if peaceful are you loser you people suck. Whoa hey my good stuff. Did you know and police pulled on me mentally and I want to do Mike Hsu doing me mind doing me. Hey. And it's completely useless and it's very confident and millions pulpit. First of law there is good. Zoning people that are Carl Cameron Brazilian serves very yeah every every time Floyd mark Mayweather. Parents somebody's face there. I'm sure they were fairly confident. That you say he's like Connor McGregor. IE should really much I had a little angry and I'm gonna crushes. You know loved and being nice my toward the whole bit yeah. He's like he's like a cat with a mouse. Yeah yeah he's at least you were aggressive and the area below your cat in a dogfight right so we cannot scare tactic to partner dies in your products are backward. Our Jeanne just scratch where for Arab. Product. You're uncertain as UN back here and act now comes owner Aaron from Bernard. While minutes. Parents and after you dinars me here's our Q are there. Shouldn't kid yeah. There is very registering your somewhere that. I love your confidence in my. Enjoy. Have you. And by the way your back to your backed up. Yeah you 333. Scrambled. When he. Obvious backed up on the line that doesn't joke about a zoo zoo is quite short or not I don't know the president is its chicks involved right. There at the ball tomorrow farmer. Is several taxis and one no if you have an even though I'm asking you this but if you have any information on whether waiter. Dislocated shall I thought I do it if doomed the way it looked. I would hazard yes he separated his shoulder bats couldn't didn't seem like shoulder you know scenario started his body and it's no no no -- no he duty here car I'm not but not on the shoulder did yeah did he move on racial or so you know that reach up on the top usually get doubles and I. And on the that I get everything you know is certain you supporters of the DC jury I'm not a doctor you size joint desire little separation. It's a half inch of Lou you meant to and you Karen worn two or three and Texas says this is like the rocky vs club or rematch. So I guess I guess I'd do differently yes there are you know I would go back to. There are some non. There's no chance of Bernard beating anybody out yet and disaster. But it's earlier accused Vieira did here it's going to be. Our future. It is CSI. Is a 23. And let's get to today's nation of policies reports. And hard to believe. I guess it's really not but on in this country we now have. A university. Of higher education. Which has created. For their adult students. A crying. Closet yes so that you can go. And cry. Privately. If you are upset about something like for instance you didn't get invited. To Saturday's big Greek a frat party nine or. A year unable to the I'd get the class. That you want to bomb on there. An accident I need to arm for an hour and then walked back to the clouds are not out double and snow. Here at the point in this country are. Where. We have created. A crying. Closet the hoop for students is that the University of Utah they're calling in an art installation but. I think that's just a CFC way to try to make it seem like the kids don't need a place to cry it's in the middle of the library. And they're putting it there. During finals week it's a little closet right in the middle of like a bunt bank of tape sure. And the floor of it is lined with stuffed animals he can basically going to lie on an area of Saudi stuffed animal. There's a timer inside and a little latency terminal an afternoon doing UE it's a maximum of ten minutes that you can be in there. You're not allowed to be in there with anyone else would credible far you can cry a little bit you can trial lots more on Jen Cunningham. Is with the communications office at Utah. It's called at that price closet it was created by whatever graduating seniors. And the cult of fine arts a great place to just come and decompress and that's really what that's for. It's for decompress. Because. We've learned that our students. Will find when they enter the work place. They will find a crying closet also at their workplace at their bosses over aggressive and yelling at them. No they won't. What. Outcry and closets. You're kidding me that is what this country this is a drama machine. Independent like I hope we're not attacked. To light like we were in World War II hours I was pregnant ever sat everybody is get I mean everybody is just gonna grow up into the fetal position in a in a ball. And cry in the court crying closets. Are you kidding me. And it's in the middle of the library so does anybody goes in their everybody can CU go in. Right so you're coming out of the crying closet you know that's due so crying that's I was saying you're just attracting attention a crying on my way cents. I mean if it is it is I just I mean it is it is nuts. It is a safe place for stressed out students. That's what the outside decide on the outside of the doors says here's somebody wants to know you can take a nap and Napa enjoy. And you know the ascendancy really your area where rules are appreciative. Well you we actually needed crying closet. And Lyndon dryers here and they are here in this sensitive. Is that Texas is just cry and public your laptop like the rest of us that right now I think. I got a crying closet it's Colin Barr I'm right and I go there and cry on the bars and seven they want tax decrying closet at work is also known as the handicaps the off off. Oh yeah well. Also the little things don't now here is Jason who is a college student and I'm him for a studio line hello Jason. Bobby very everybody so useless all the other batteries get that will work that he's. You know popular dingle berries and and. This is just an effort to put our caller great to me he listens every day just North Carolina senator deal I think it's great. Let's see. Here is a tax wondering how many college students are too. Are going to smash in the outcry exit democratic closet I think that may go on and asked if they don't have proper supervision. One narc it's basically an apology needed chooses at the table next with a when they see two people going like. Me. Anybody know them ha ha closeted. Yet are in. Lady's office. I don't this really I can't believe is that sound proof a text or wants to know if other people and here you are wondering. Wallet in Iraq. And you get the grade the site viewers you deserved Avaya IR award being it's this is I mean this is the point that we reached here in the United States of America. We now. Colleges and universities. That have created crying closets. He joined momentarily. By to me and who inspired. The Netflix series narco those which is well documented I am addicted do and a giant fan and so the two. The original the real life and the agents. IRL. As a as what's his name says it was Erika is emerging magical C two Eagles jingles mcdougals. IRL. Hot a year Pena and Steve Murphy. Will both join us this morning because they're doing it really cool event nearby. Next week so both of those guys are gonna join us at least for trying to get both of them to Jonas in just a little bit. It is 840 and starting tomorrow at five. Matty and there will kick off. WA AF some double shot weekend dude dude dude dude dude dude elbow shot shot shot so we will. Crank out double shots all weekend long from AF artists and actually get a I think Matty wants to call before the end of the show because he has something mid. Or he indicated some that they need our help on the reason is gonna cauldron at 9 o'clock hour this morning differences. Okay hey it's I mean to you talk about for you operate Europe and the united dumping on him. We were never as really I mean it's amazing now. Quickly things can change things change and a relationship I mean. You're all about them and now than them in one on what the flop man wreckage and he's going to be a part of the wreckage that even left behind. Today's weather brought to you by Subaru of New England the dot com. And it is raining now in many areas the side is gonna come out this afternoon. The temperature will be in the mid sixties. And we are. In the upper fifties right now. I believe. That hobby years on the phone on but we're waiting for Steve Cobb because they are indifferent different parts of the country how our deal. Good good this are here. Listen I gotta tell you something. I'm a gigantic. Now Archos and I wonder. How do you feel about your portrayal did did you want somebody would like who is. Better looking or you are you comfortable with the way you would you portray. Well obviously you know quarter of your guitar I'll call real there's artistic license does that happen right now yeah that's illegal I don't has full smoke. I think you know I have a couple of drinks and the body's immune pet a close call oh please me devoted a great job. But almost like her. You're I would assume you know are you still in the DEA are you know longer and the DA or you can't tell us because we don't have a security clearance. And love it out retired. About four years who broke. There and you know we we do this are our presentations. And if you are and we told Lou real story below books published more. Yeah. There's an event coming up. And it's happening at the league in auditorium on May fourth it's called capturing Pablo and evening. Javier and with Steve and I'm wondering is. You still. Like me I'm a big baby items 51 years old I needed crying closet mama I'm not afraid of a lot of irrational fears. Do you still at all fear. And he kind of any kind of threats. From the an Archos and did you did you get any threats after retiring or anything like that. Well yeah. You know what we have been retired and they don't go in the some things. Oh million cartels is pretty much saw light. There's one guarded but he's just got a little looser car and look he's on the sort of probably set the right people who don't. But you don't meet common sense in local wrong you know one more scenario we got a lot of hits but you know we've lived with it was a Colombian social policeman didn't result in. Particularly the you know it was just common sense you know you could not sent some some there in the and risky but so it it's been good. It ought the thing that got me about the show is. To me it seemed like you just could not trust anyone you contrast the people you're working with the people working against you. Just anyone and I can't figure out how you were able to figure out who you can actually trust who was giving you good and well it. Don't work in that I argued colonial national squeezed whenever and the guys at the beginning in the mid eighties when we do it yet we have long. Corruption and lower a lot of guys who control also we. We established group overload it carries school recession squeezed into week news on the new us and we trust some of. But there was not a guy that along that it turned on there. Because he had the pressure from above me was that was that like a freak I mean I don't know how much of that is dramatized for Marcos about. Yet yet as there are so artistic licenses but. Again I'd go Byrd who you are yeah we we have people knew those a lot of money on those water pumps money. Who wrote shouldn't lose there were so you don't assume most of the plot or global energy succeed when you lonesome. If you don't take money and Tokyo using a lot of people look to the the money but here it is certain interest and there's some interesting turns since this is why we are on those no bushels and we talk about the real story at all. What kind of a gut check did you move. Have to take to yourself or it was a goal look in the mirror thing when they serve this is what we want you to do and and you actually. Said you know what I got this on. You know hundreds that cardinal cardinal and I've got us army and this investigation. When that first separate out. Columbia did not know who almost well look so. So once we started you know Goran separately and it slight well all of blue beetle this is something we've never seen before so. With the and is this stuff about Escobar I mean some of these documents and I don't know if you've ever ever seen the the thirty for thirty the did not yet. Red so. How much of what we side in in narco is the prisons. The I mean how much of that is accurate about the guy that he was. Well you know what and I think not close our director of Google crucial blows a lot and I assure local content so beau. The only horse at the beginning that the front and then there was a lot of it'll put. Either do. Very year spacious that are remote and retired apartment where they and its. Eagle it accurately the TVs no mart always there and he built competitors out. On the side of the mountain which or. Apartments lone girl were you know this city so it wasn't personnel and their recalled that in Europe we call that the could be global. But it was you don't that and reversal could of the brutal lot nicer. It was so there was don't social person there are certain luxury. Apartments. What what about using stacks of cash. As fire fueled a. The act. I don't know what that. I cannot see yes you heard that he and that would but I'd go that's you know there was a lot of tension in. He it's. You don't uncle backed to the movies corporation global mean post yet group you don't love Paris was Bloomberg. There's there's still some of that buried around at the the. There's Ers. You know the bird hasn't there's a lot of there's moderate conservatives to two over Gary's who you were also only probable bowl. The problem does as it exists and people. Trying to located third but this just you don't it is impossible. Well I guess it is Javier Pena and he is one of through. Did DEA agents. Whose story inspired the Netflix series night goes and these guys are doing an evening line made for that to leave an auditorium. There I'd tickets that are available com. We did a VIP meet greet after the show. Obvious it's gonna pat you down and probably. You may have you've probably got to go through like a metal detectors something certainly mattered at that bank case this. But you said most I mean there's really. He says is really there's only one cartel guy that remains from that period of time that that's still part. Yeah he had his name as a pop by here and some pieces that were added to bolt you don't talk. And increased. But you know he's stone cold the assassin. They didn't. We hope you'll carry daughters are due to warmer popular martyred or do some homework and within the to a lot of people. So. Did he get about twenty some odd years in Colombia beat you sergeant Gilbert so there's only didn't need obviously one you know he's slipped. Is it true. That weekly. At at the height of his control of everything. Escobar. Was taking in over 400 million a week is is that is that a true figure. Well you don't want an end that war and we. You took the trophy government itself it's it's up there. If he was sending them and I cannot know secrecy collusion but according front runner to those of cocaine on the daily basis in number. In the mid eighties that Coke. In the united state IQ low was going anywhere from sixty to 80000. Dollars. All this you grew 80000. And a rough and it was 25 it was 2500 a day. Yet 2500 kilos or certainly not gay community but are very pleased on the that are. Clandestine runways Levy New York so United States from Mexico also include Caribbean. In Europe the baucus where you were a 100000 dollar towards a local debate. So you don't billions could be back at the iPad you don't billions billions. So that what you you can control whatever you want to control what. Billion dollar industry kid a 100% and a half and today it can can you. Sorry sorry it's LB are more ass so so there's only one guy left from you know Pablo is your rock. Now what you know obviously you're still. On the in what's a cartel now is it's still role in our race though crushing and. Well. You don't not know many courts know there were totally dismantled bimbo Cali cartel told Kohler we do totally dismantled them. And then there are some other clerks are still remember there's people out there that are way he's to take over because there's money in Balkans just. They're it could get your opinion. On the east legalization of marijuana that's going on the United States and yours your feelings about that. Well obviously we had at that. You know we don't sit indoors suited and you know what. It's that's a topic that. You know we can talk about some world is so loose most of the time consuming. Topic right now. Didn't do they're so moderate. There's a lot going on on the night did you get into a great number of purposes or her live retired vote discussion. That means he smokes or not. Yeah. Yes yeah. But. Yeah I admit it. On May fourth at the fifth at the league in on the tour. And you can mean job here and you can meet Steve and you can learn all about cash capturing Pablo and what it was like to be there at the end on that roof was it actually out of Rufo is that artistic license. Not I was actually we and ruled there are so a lot of lows. Totals better effects do you look cool so this simple almost all homes East Europe there Steve took. Now why Allison thanks go to you bug thanks for being don't exactly where. It all it's 852. And if you haven't seen Archos and you have not know you've got I mean listen to me. Lock your doors to hide them lock your door get some food that he may be Greg's easy check in order and maybe some some crabby. Armed Greg's easy chip and I'm Brazil's at Beth and compounds and and and the engine you've got binge narco season one is extraordinary. Season through I think it's is close. Not a fan the most recent months that was season three right there's only three seasons you want a zone as the only two under doesn't. I think there's that there was there it was it was a may need India and moved on Cali right. There was one hasn't mapped I don't know techsters. That's Iranian reference yes entourage after. Does absolutely. All right it is 850 degree and we do one of two things here. We can allow overly Haas style might to join us once again he's in enemy and or a week and that's got us. And that could last week in June and charity but a lot of ego we could discuss elderly horny women in the news usually we will do that anyway about it but let me see what. Hop style Mike overly hostile Mike once he is the listener that showed up here yesterday to fight LB. And would like to join us here on the framing him forward studio line yes my. Good morning everybody. Look up LB David Miliband moose knuckle. You just said I'll let it go I mean driving them out again mediation Politico. House years are you get a loaded in the Obama pot and then now two seed Boston blood you know. So lost and whatnot but also look at the earlier you told the governor Mike Scioscia talked about what else have we talked earlier Greg you told the governor that I didn't like Obey. If not then they don't like I am just back. I think that after 22 is within challenging people somebody should step up and now. So many can't do that that right after number one but better on the Internet we understand. You guys gonna sit there and say that. I'm look my girl is involved by. In Alberta up onto my friend back in the might effectively using the oil market wouldn't expect my drove them to let you know you love me. Should the couple's. Let me know in defense acknowledged in an oval your friends are and that threat obviously it's. Well I mean there are all. Girlfriend I don't like a bullet in my head you know bring you single out one person kind of into your favor Ayman what are the what are you rock you can swing from my balls we can fly up I voluntarily accept it and I hope I won't. Another question I want to another question I want asked are you gonna be ugly right. You gonna be are you gonna be a little bit earlier to have an enemy match or you just want to run your little US and gloves and broker a bit. You wanna you know they're not about it Bob I'll go wherever you want welcome unkindly that I was. With a very with a very very and then they and then unfriendly so. You tell me if you want to blow an engine. I don't care dude I don't even know who you are you never existed in my life you wanna Ziff. Exist after Derek charity event where we raise some money. God help you you can. Tell me yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you're our other controversial don't need to Beers or the other Clarkson and and and and in the backyard barbecue on. Are you need not apply a little noted probably kicker also told him. I gotta say you can't Wear the radio Altria. Unbelievable you know what not all of them would take it yeah yeah. Yeah yeah Google yesterday a U Pablo. And yesterday and earlier Tony little you watch this again I imagine I imagine you fundamental job. Imagine. To replace old man. And all. Of them need to sign though. Yeah and it yourself the back you know hey Al Obey. I cannot wait you mean when they were you grow. I can't read your urine and you meeting it and you can hear you you and me in the new term I've earned I don't know. I. Read yeah. Antibody that you don't want to you know on the floor right now. Yeah I'm actually I'm I've often. That we all know I'm just chill and they all Clinton to the best radio station I heard him except lift. One of the most ridiculous. Over the top. Won't knuckled Al personality that I've ever heard. Your use you're using as stated this is that this is like someone called there and call me a non. They're used. I mean you're using that. You save a million times today. You don't lose your planet. You can McCain yeah. Every day now you are trying to tell me about credit outlook on how about you. C'mon something original like he came out. Helmand you know and snuck a look like it's like people calling in the bus we're about to call me in Nam war. You know the Doral. And all I'm a little. I appreciate those who are appreciate that you listen if you do analysts and I would nab a job. But quit using my statements it next time you call him to bust my parents come up with some original. Oh good lord how I pick your program. We get a Dell lost now I have a good day I doubt that you saw. Our costs. Jack had cocktail I'd love to have him enjoy enjoy fixing your vacuum tubes around your place stinks like rap it's. These people. Really want some people really want to see you bundle this person. And then yeah Abiola. I I I just wanna avoid this this dude. Is like chasing fame or your group or. Don't you know yeah you know it's unbelievable. Isn't he thinks he'll be here it's more gas. He's gonna be special well I think I I don't wanna break it to him but I socked. I'm not are not dreamers muted so. I mean you know hard you'll hear Tom Brady grade Julian Edelman Clark. Birdie. Out of our school where average aerial and ground. A barrier around it Larry Bird Barbie or Mary or taco Bobby Lauren and Louis about a I was hectic I agree now you're you're you're you're solar Ed via some people believe he's reached out from Lehman's level. Ours aren't aren't pleased and I you know.