HMMS Hour 3 – “Any of You Guys Drink Cobra Blood?” 08/09/18

Thursday, August 9th

This Hour we have the rest of Warped Female Brain, Hillmail, Why Online Dating may not be working for you, Speedo Rage and more!

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Did Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always. And I yeah so that's OK asks us. Where you sent an older photo not realizing that it's aid depending on whether I have an iPhone or android it's fairly easy. To pull up when the photo was taken because only date stamping on voted off the name of the photos. This is that this is Nancy Nolan all private eyes though yeah so she basically figured out that he said that other bills and isn't like that even though she centered now. Like why does send me a six month old Deepak yeah. Let's say. Where the mango. Listen this 617 text I've been dating a girl for 4 months. I am crazy about her. She recently met a few of my friends. And one of them recognize. Her. From an escort service that he used a wild back. I checked it out and it was definitely her what to why do I really like her should I let it. Go. Is she still doing it and can you cope with the fact that she did it that's on you you can't ask anyone else you know whether or not you're comfortable. With stats like fining Belichick used to be a stripper summer that you know whether or not that's gonna body for the rest your life if you think you can get past it and she's definitely done doing now. In great move forward it's in the past look you know not that much different honestly then. Then you know going to a bar and going home of the one night stand with a guy whose name you don't even know she is happening at eight fitness or buts she's smarter or near if it's gonna bother you for a long time I would just avoid this off. Other commute back that up just the teeny tiny little bit detection machines what I am referring to you perverts. I've been married for nine years. And I have three kids. The sex has slowed. To once or twice a month. But my wife continues to groom. On a daily basis down there should I be concerned. Or is it just a habit. Not she if it's something she's always done and being consistent with a whole time medium whether I would worry about it if she started let nick go six years ago. And you guys are haven't facts are now all of a sudden she's going doctor Bombay then I would be concerned. I you know I always clubs go down as. Might you take care of three kids. You've yet I'm on from the more thank you address some you make them breakfast and you get him off to school and then find out how are much you wanna side is considered. Offshoot group can act that text machine of the 9781 about the card in the windshield. If you whose. I met a girl the gem. We seem to hit it off so I asked her out she said yes I don't bring a foreign jams like told right and our honor windshield. And she said great but she never call. Why would she never calls when she said let's go out. Maybe she was just being nice and you mistook part of the conversation maybe the card blew away maybe you have the wrong car maybe she lost it there are a lot of different. Possible reasons why I mean big deal weren't too organization like prop eight side I was I I misplaced your card if I forgot to grab it off the windshield and I turned the wipers on. And it broke all bushes or you're too lazy to read your phone number down on a piece of paper and bring down here and or something and bring him back it was yeah. Erica check in at the gym or should he. He knows what kind of car she volleys that he talked to her as a hitting. And maybe get time. Does not what we are getting this job and leaves it out a business card on a windshield wiper. There are a loser. Pretty much the same thing is writing and a piece paid little or no no not putting in the effort to just walk over. The guy that runs Jim Goss stadium. Yeah stickam. I'm an hour and a number of our and then you deterrent she put two and a gym shorts and now you guys are having dinner or a Carter. Text or agrees they say leaving your business cards sounds pretentious and do Shuster. To me years ago is it like it move ever and he coffee or you look at all my life is out of my back pocket than he split his business card back in and realizes the end of the night 00 era flags of Phillips singled out and they have well when I realized it was a night. When he realized he was a CEO like I'm and other. And l.'s CEO outlook marketed you know that congress again it is that you like that I thought it was I. The big questioners. Are you stood with them with that now. After. And me. Yeah it's been good to honor. Will continue this but right now. Eagle floor here at WA AF FM and. HD one was robust and WEEI HD to Lawrence and WW BX HD two Boston signed. Let's see here's the 508 text to say that says suddenly today LB is a female activist well expect or think. I was just sit I will say this to all the guys are listening. Is the best way if you light someone you're attractive somewhere and you wanted someone in a bar you see bartender. At the bar of your revenues were your bodies the best thing you can do is just be completely honest and be. You know from just walking up and say you know I think your. I mean your amazing if you wanna give me a shot. Can you be my number probe should be right now. I'm a your thoughts slob you play 53 years old milk. Baghdad are very told me here I'm married to any news super awesome. Here is a 978 tax. Speaking. What women think. How much does size really matter I think we have I think we've covered this. But it was a while ago that this question came. There's that there's definitely a balance that think for most women size does matter to a degree however. If you have prowess in using send science and other parts of yourself to do things. You can go every. You get you get around it you get were you aware that they're there if your hung like a field mouse yeah. You can still do things that will make the experience pleasurable and and and the woman can get over the lack of ask I think there are asking for such a plan for our listeners are regularly appetizers provided a convenient ordered up appetizers you don't need to meal. App appetizer. I mean seeding you've got to cocktail franks down there it's a cocktail weenie OK Lauren why are Sunni and an honor I find it's kind of. Like the bell curve back. DL liars and had a real extreme ones and then you look at what's in the middle so. In the field mouse might be tough the motion capped field mouse whatever you wanna go down and there and then you know the walking stick business. After tomorrow. Yeah this Obama has a 617 tax back to the are there any women. Who ever won them I can't imagine since from a guy can't imagine it's a huge turn non. Do they do something to themselves or looking at the pictures or I assume they're not. This person says I assume they're not as per these guys. Like what do women even do with them when they get them or when they asked for them when children to our friends approached fun and make fun of the guy. Pretty much the there are some of the definitely do enjoy the deep at the. This is you need to. Hate it's not half hazard you know. Laundry on the floor are just out of the shower while you're driving your Adlai eating while you're driving it. I don't like yes there are you aware of what the background as you can do the deep pick grip you get the hook fun thing dollar non. If you illusion more size may may pick and not make it something like he used to do the photo shoots at Olin mills okay may get make it frame more than. All of fighting what if I made it. Where they are so what if I made a dire drama out of like. You know. The signing of the declaration of independence that's way gone you know stuff like that is not something that's you know. There is a woman I think we talked about her on the show a couple of years ago I think she's Persian who does that for a living she dresses up women's business daily and takes a shall do like that you know Hitler costume are Castro cost him I'm so you get creative if if you're into that kind of thing I think the ladies at Michaels my question you when you start. I'm not a small thing is that if you want to get into that I'm fine with that that's that's. And what order I would would be it would be worth it for the guarantee you someone else's now. Now it is locked up we're gonna know it's not yours it's and I was going no but that's gonna get the hook up she orchids stop once you get there. It's 978 text. We analyzed the photos from a woman and we look in the background. For a dirty room Netscape guys that hit the guys act as badly about the cleanup bat right exactly. That's the here is a tax from a woman I love them but only when a guy masks. Asks first or I'd request. Yes. We got a text earlier this morning. From a woman. Who'll have referenced the fact that she was on line. The MBTA. Yesterday. And a guy on the train. Was aired dropping. P.s. He picks he would change settings and everyone everyone that was every woman that was that the creditor or at least there are areas that the predator BJJ dissenting views. The uterus. Of a I don't know about being Canadian shouted an answer I would say it's like Warren wrote. You know weren't overthrow enough and Ryan flashing everybody in I mean I don't. Well it's it's a photo now really it's got a crazy thing to think about with technology. Is he can air drop any photo and and what you are imminent. A real with it that's like an alarming experience now this is another reason why I do not frequent public transits. There are either I don't wanna smell like it or do you extra product I'm like an elitist and what not to exceed at Fenway it was Brees when you know it's really it's just us. It's really mean. I mean the purpose get a lot of hazards their appearances amount of marginal wandered far leave. Town all right well. Interesting stuff. Thank you Danielle. Welcomed it is 811. And today's show is presented by act goes toward technologies. You're a data center solutions provider for more information if you go to echo stored dot com. And now it's your Terri did tuck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male. The on W a death. Tax from woman. He says I only use them. To see if it's worth giving the guy shocked though that is what that particular moment. Does win today win an unsolicited or he solicited. He we have a lot of apparently a lot of on technically savvy people Lakeland and listen to the show they're all experiencing what is airdrop asking. Airdrop if you have an iPhone you can you eat here in of Paxson is something you can share photos videos document center. You can have your airdrops settings set to contact only. For everyone if you leave it open for everyone pretty much annually around you. In airdrop Hewitt and so basically what occurred on its. Way. Is this guy to use airdrop this photo and its related and AMIS is perfect for because it goes out into. The phone of everybody who is there iPhone everybody co operation. While problem. I don't have any friends understand this and everything and now. In my life and about two strangers call militias the pick distribution practice court this week. 860 text their load to the continent of an epic. Our rates. Let's get to today's male voice mail messages that left value over the previous 24 hours. Went down 7:39. AM. Albeit they don't want to get it down like itself. I've got multiple important. Point is. Everybody's sake but then I totally understand. Why I get it back well. Now I love the support you browse. He's you know he's got to talking to in the you know this text or wants to know why didn't just pulled your hand in the cast of Hillary talking to him. And said we don't just pretended. To protect it and I don't listen. To protect its choice says Hastert should do when you're talking to keep your idea you know ideally yeah yes you know there about it. No I totally shocked yeah yeah Isiah is in ninth symphony text from the detective Debbie like did yell. Once you've seen these once you see the panic and I'd notice a box of tampons in the background old guy claimed he was single. You can find lots of information and you get the excellence that mostly. Much like when you zoom in or when you change the brightness and contrast on the photo you can see a lot actually intended to conceal something for it. It's got a photo from a buddy who is like a moment in accord for deeply involved in the case. Her way to court might be out of there. Like just picture there and then I looked at the right time on his watch. And I was like no you didn't just take that picture you took it yesterday or some other day at 312. Texas six on seven text from a woman who says it would be fun to airdrop a view be picked. On the train and then watch all the guys around Maine and I watch this data protection you do. When asked me eight ohm side and. You want an open ever been equally it's been simple there a message. There's a pretty amazing to me the Sacramento. Isn't. He really now is serious misconception of how. Should we have time to get that right now but I've been using in your era our man at that point you know you're good you are gonna get a you know so many things now. Is socks that I haven't been back Darren Campbell my parents are dead. But I you know I would love to have the letter for the free ride there Harvard. I'm a free ride to her. And I guess part you just wanna frame and I went to enter a plea generically to make a bunch of money. When the media and then paid to do a platform the media in Norman is the deal with the Ivy League they don't give the news they don't give the athletic scholarships and the air out of for an hour talking yesterday in the Lincoln's seat super secret forever I don't sort of when they don't give credit I don't like that and I question no question are at a market a question no you can't. Mean yeah I'd I'd I'd dotted I added I was was it like Harvard Institute of Technology on clearly heard those were Harvard College so it's a jango. Call date rape yet to read Colgate. And now right now and if rewrite to do brown didn't know really what a free ride to all of these Ivy League schools that don't give the scholarships. Well what alternate for a. Yeah it caught the yeah I believe it or aren't getting right now and I and I just I I love that really can't tell you okay wrote this deal. What it yeah definitely hard to Harvard has nothing to do an intelligence supplied by you now let me get noticeable because I was gonna keep one right will you were using it to us everywhere I go right. We were saying that you're not a dummy because he got a free ride the Harvard. But that was about athletics. Norton called jewel boxes catch. I just private school. The best athletes in and the lights yet to go there. There's only to learn through teach students a woman and 200 people right. I got to go. That's the guys so I guess as a it was a it was a very Smart kid. As I just love you pretend like. I'm not there and the OK I don't really like the five guys from Michigan that made a bull load of money. That have like a one point one green pointed graduated with scholarships. Data happened. God yak yak. Prior. Ivy League schools don't give. Free rides OK there. You won't applaud you know pull it along commission and is not an Ivy League school that's not the point oh okay. I urge my point is. Okay Reggie Bush who's quarterback deployed USC. Big bet that they lived in a 3.5 million dollar Condo how bad happened for a oh gosh yeah I know everybody's legit. The ovaries. I don't. 7:22. PM. Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay what is the matter with you every morning. Did my annual or headache. I don't I think it's hilarious or guys like Dowd and Colin Abbas went out there and I'm not being argumentative under the screen conversational. Here. Is Zack and Hunsicker ringing who drives a dumb to rocker owns his own company's. And goes for launching marshes seven Beers and a vodka tonic and then goes back to work. But I'm a network and I'm alive and I make stuff up my. I am. In Estrich cobra blood no black candidate. Oh yeah. I couldn't buy that though can make it that bit more accurate and we all should now call. Of duty on sport. The day. Let everybody know what let him. Back in. That he was aka the deal here in the theater there Sox world images which is. Good. My own and. One wouldn't come along later that morning I don't think there's anybody that you've got to go back. You know like the Mac. And if you can help new group that one of his final Broadway Show. And then that Max Weinberg. The drummer for the greatest artists of all time Bruce Springsteen will join us at 9:15 this morning. And it's come a town that's cool explain over the Boston winery and I it and he's doing a lot of bands now I've noticed are doing something where. The audience gets to select the song that I mentioned this about the counting burrows. Where you can donate a block in advance of of the next road show coaches. Next Friday night I have an advent calendar on. Caller to not recognize the days. And you can block the sun won here charity and love that and then bill tabulate the responses and Max Weinberg is doing similar things though. He will join us at 915 and yes they'll ask smells like. Laden who each and Louisville mayor Newt stated what the muddy or anyone not to call it and they can't look them up blocker on their home. The message. Received. A thousand of those from. My good friend agent to the stars. Aaron small business. We as Airgas. You lose the game changer lifesaver at this that's an important gift. 70. Man. Okay now that we've all got out and talking. The buyers include technical and didn't call knuckle down at all. We do the Monday February dude here everybody talks one I'd do so hard you know Richard. Or person show you know. 721. And. And then that it did in America at bay and of course that they had better not comment and I thought and message. It. That was one of the admissions questions. How hard forever now. Yeah in Chicago in America right and did an and then when it got it and they were like yeah all right but those and the AD went back and look at my stats from my high school Arkin was like yeah you're you're. Monoline business 617 attacked us. From Ivy League sports dot com. Ivy League schools provide financial aid to students including athletes only on the basis of financial matter as determined by each institution's financial aid office just there are no academic or athletic scholarships in the Ivy League shot. But that don't don't call this person to shut out of there really there OK so Elizabeth Warren got paid for its part is Elizabeth Warren make 435000. Dollars to teach one class by not giving any by not giving any scholarships out. I'd love if people don't tell that her it's match it's like you personally got 8085. Mile an hour dollar speeding ticket you went to court to beat it. Maybe you'd have to. Everybody. And there are no rules in college yet it did NCAA is that a billion dollar. Cheating industry able fine. Are you kidding me but I delivery picked him up. Pretend like I didn't live or tank. You know when I say cracker Jack chased by a black Wear around my trailer in the trailer park in. Jasper Alberta you lose it real you lived it was real. When I drove my mailed to eager for forty. Snowmobile to the force that's there farm. Five miles from my house when I was like eleven years old and we took twenty twos and we went and just killed stump. Refine. I'd lived it. When though I got hit when there are no horrified people. We don't think we'll staring in my windows. GAAP. I've lived it at all that until it wasn't until that that's now my case why zones while I'd lost my mind a little bit. I mean I OK so. LB didn't play pro RT fifty. Well I mean look it's a little. Bit brain damage because there was some meat and whatever but that doesn't mean my life didn't exist. We're actually all just does the dream sequence in Hilton head in the moment he's in a wake up tomorrow and none none of this will exist. So like when I was eight years old made my stepfather I didn't I didn't I didn't. Hitch hike would below for Brad. 45. Miles tomorrow offered two towns away from their point none of the bread made up there. I repeat not eaten these men and mechanically they're guaranteed right impacted aspect I. It is. 824. Coming up. Science. Has discovered the reason that online dating. Is not working for you 00. And and so those of you were struggling with the online dating you gave you you gave you tried it linger in three days. But I gave you game. This I don't. Well now I wouldn't say that did this particular reason that science has discovered. Is is not the reason that wasn't working. Okay idol single I will say OK I'm idol finals I think that's a compliment it is incidents thank you Tom if you want you get through the news yeah okay news this hour is brought to you by. Leisle university graduate with the skills to make an impact complete your degree online. Lesley University will help you get where you want to go out learn more online dot Leisle dot edu. That you also this hour bide big lie warm weather means why is just like moms deli salads. Old style potato egg and potato macaroni or coleslaw they with the finest ingredients just like mummies to make it's no big surprise it's my big wide. Else no rage from Vegas. AT and its claim that he was discriminated against after he was kicked out of deep pool party at the encore beach club Ed Wynn Las Vegas. For wearing a Speedo and management deemed it as. In the appropriate. Swimwear. Mara that they don't. Kick the ladies out right so appropriate swimmer Eric the on court beach club pool exactly. Now Chris Donahoe is his name we hear from the moment. And he was wearing 898. Dollar pair of mr. Turks when Brees. He was told her to knock this I don't look UC residuals and is there Turk yeah. I he was escorted out of the club and was told it would have to leave if he didn't cover up. And she feels that he was being profiled as they gain and and that they were just using this plant seeds as an excuse to get him out of there but let's hear percent say. It's not place I want on vacation this is not that I hate my friends on vacation this is. Let me that it ever comes that again would ever go back and apple are absolutely. No way Derek is. Although this country were accepted where I can Wear and his picture days. I asked if you're gay Hannity all right you're fabulous. Let little trumps. Or quick little free agents don't even think about it put your money summer house that's my summer hurdle don't put it here. It's fears. Tag fear state fears that is like the most David rose from S creek speech ever heard in my life. I needed bathing suit that is fears that loses. Dear hey it's. Well it should give everybody else is where you got a woman wearing any other guys I mean what you know. Is also complaint by one of the guys who was with them that they got in the game in the on court pool have the financing Paul. Thought and that there women were out there able to dance in their. In their bikinis. Here there there string bikinis at three random and one of the dudes got up and tried to them and now security guard came over pushed him into the pool. I think that pride. It that's ridiculous thank you gain out of it is 827. And Max Weinberg joins us in about half an hour ask him about Tom Morello. Playing guitar and where he ranks him when it comes to get ours to a blade is the street. 8617. Text there says Greg's salmon shorts. From the Bentley drop off on Sunday. Eight actress. At Dexter said this at the and a text that said. LB's polar bear costume from the jingle all the way five gang. I asked peers say yeah here's Anders AA. If it's 840. Reminder that you can take us where every year ago. Where the radio dot com. Is it exclusive way to enjoy this show. And this radio stations throughout the day whether it's Unser scarier Matty in this afternoon and it's radio. Dot com radio dot com excuse me that's Brady. India. The it is your boyfriend's shows via text rated X outs are ex boyfriends. Joseph stance it's radio dot com and and not terrorists and to project. I never I think we discussed this before but it's it's it's really kicking in these days. You have the choice in summertime. Taking your vacation earlier at the end of the summer. And it's very difficult choice to make and and I find myself being jealous of the people who who still on vacation like. Obviously right. And you know these people like well. Just got to get through this week and then next week vacation on the Kate I'm like what. It's August some of the Indian music it's music. So of your vacation. And goodbye and good on new. Com. Anyhow yes. For a time. You're on line dating and and you'd like him and it didn't work. And there it is a new report from science. Science about why on line the evening doesn't work. And actually it's it turns out that most people. Are looking. To try to online date somebody. Who is. Bob there station. Yes when it comes to their books or. To where they are live audio man there out of nearly a little chase now people are choosing. The person who is out of there early. And what's good too because it's not were not working our lives. So this steady. Came out of the University of Michigan not an on night in school murdered there are not as he nears Michigan. But it's they. And they looked at data. From 187000. People on online dating apps to find out who they were messaging. There and what they film wise. Online gators are almost always going after people port 25%. More desirable. Than AR. And they kind of now. So the more you think someone is out of your league but longer you know message you right now to try to win them over to prove. That you have a good personality or a sense of humor or something like. Welcome tomorrow it's called Fisher. I mean it's true that America when your time at times and then finally won on no but. I don't know that you can assume. That most people Knoll. Everybody's image this'll make you question for about thirty seconds those view were online dating whether you're actually. Confused and going after the wrong people wanna. I don't people how the people know if they're not attractive enough to be going to respond but he was rightly know don't have to know I don't. Godaddy nearly a year now people on the court I think people generally now so this is what I wanna ask those of you who are in two on line dating and you can text on the tax line which is 971. Are you what do they call it kicking your coverage through that way what yeah yeah yeah out throughout kicking your coverage when the time. Are you are you are is giving the market yeah is. I mean it's. Here's somebody who says. I thought on line dating was for married guys and girls who need reassure you I. I mean an element. Here's attacks are on I don't know if it's a guy or girl I online date. And I 100%. Do this and it rarely works on it like college applications. You have your safety schools but to the people that are in your league the. I've tried just to see the. And what we're gonna do well bingo here but how many times are you watching down Newbury Street. In Boston. And you look at a couple. Anyway yeah what they do what how how that after she dated back to him well to do it may not be in her league. But his wallet his way in her lap. I. Look at I don't know 6570%. Of pro athletes' wives and girlfriends and a with a look look look look this the. And I am just heart is a 781 tax I am just hard core swiping right. Fat free at random and I still get no matches. So I am pretty sure. I am. Shooting out of. My league was the name of the theory from that movie that. Russell Crowe was in the beautiful mind. Where the guys are in the Barney figured out that theory that's used for business now that. Instead of all of them striking out with the hottest chick in the room mailed from like that happens chicks who are half as spot in the mail. I thought it's the this is Scott on the Framingham Ford's studio line. Premium sport is metro less commercial truck headquarters what's ups guy. Water water trust everybody connects him. Well. And that the Miami and it on this subject not so much limelight baiting how. You know people we chatted elite yet I noticed how old you see some old guy attracted. He's absolutely loaded he's got some total smoke on if I'm right. More than oh. Absolutely absolutely. Noted. That it really below the money yeah yeah. I don't even know I'm not going to be a million dollars in the hands yeah cash allies. Well ahead and that's exactly so now what about me probably. Pick them types use it would some old. You know not not to be true me but just an all disgusting. No weapon that absolutely loaded. Not now it's it's it's. It's it's not a similar size similar thing. On here's a techsters says they tried the opposite way day they went for lots and lots of women that word what they fell. Below. There went their standard donated donated them to and a date they didn't have the data and have that success either scenario or. Non I don't know it's it's. It really depends you can look around. You can look all around view and see examples. Blows. Who are wit somebody. That you don't understand. Why. That very good looking. Very attractive person. Is with the models here someplace where I was a freshman had perished Perry. Where is where I need. Hello darling. Etsy text that says I'm 23. And I didn't really participate in the hookup culture in college. So online dating is like trying to hit every space invader on your first try. Who did your Eric still intact. This person tonight and he might not hurt a partner and I think again I would just I was a cigarette. And stuff instead of right. And sitting on your coach swiping right lazy shave your money buys them. Drive in Newport time. Newport, Rhode Island. Is the single greatest. Single person on the enemy mine who are has been placed on the floor. It's a fly in. Your view of business people. Men and women in general on the mid twenties. And that our have a good job how money. And you're all bears stuck there Thursday through Sunday or Monday if you know you drive home Monday probably. But. It's it's awesome here's a 774 tax Daniel weigh in on this yes. It says is simple guys and gal women date down and mandate up archer easy. And now. That just that really rally held and OK our results of our guys and fish relax. And you know why why you shouldn't and just to boost town police. It. I guess what your country Alexander song and eight is that we've talked about and it may change recently and you're not going to be where I'll call on congress a three fellows out there. Is is there Victoria's Secret models don't read there. Aren't very often interviewed believed there you think Karl on television well. What's error in that time rated in the and his ilk yes. 80. You don't think Tom Brady's more popular than Gisele like that's not the question better looking. It postal he's named the hardest met our planet more mortal I have to say actual Snickers Leo you're asking me so that's bad is batters that is what. Is the whole warm and just brought up that exact example of victory supermodel so my question. That a lot of people so yeah so please feel the Gisele looked and created down. No op opt. Our news on Tom Brady is the most. In some popular man on the planet. Jews Gisele. Is not the hottest models on the plan. This morning. Circles that can shoot up and he has more money. Measures. For free spirits hello Dan. It's gone it. Gonna comment on the online data met in my agree without fear that our radio wave barrel in the developed. Agree it used to it and that Texas says Bridget morning and was hotter then just agreed. I. Just. Guard and I'm not I do I don't need to talk down to her. But Gisele. On but zionism today collection makes you know dollar shoes are targeted by hard work. My point is is no use a goofy looking. Auction. It or. Yeah I mean she's hot. She's anyway he and Janet what what I'm. Now. She has unique look it detonator. Thirty million dollar victory secret more I look at Bob Lutz okay. It's great without the only people they solicit him he has the passion I extra twenty some. Years everyday. New partners slightly sick eating particulate and some ballots degrades. They're really great please don't dating like Tony I'd very. I like that quite accurate and everybody out all of well. And when people when the weekend is here in the summer. And people say where should I wanna go to a beautiful place for the weekend I often hear those two. I'm really out of everywhere in New England those two places mentioned. Beautiful summer weekend either Dennis Blair is rather attractive choice sport or our new reporters I calories hello Matt. They'll without. It's gonna I think Al people outside this morning they don't what is it that look at the Gisele on the inside the goat but he got that you create for his body and you're gonna. Couple what do I want to Obama well let me religious. Same as. I'm not let's get this one. So so your point there is. Robbery the is appreciated but he's the number one quarterback of all our. In the NFL. Get a date to dare I get it you know you can get a break to differ I don't think it's time Brady's more swimmers build the line backer. And yeah. And that we can lead out dead now. And we and we lab. Everybody goes Tom Brady with the fat body. You what do you properties that percentages probably 2%. 2% cotton and absolutely not not even when it's hard to about maybe thirteen maybe fifteen maybe eighteen not to our growing yeah. My next show so you don't look skeletal you calling the best quarterback in pro football fast. I'll tell you know and that body is eaten and dim wit how what. I gotta I have got the institute radio large area I was told I I have IE and we just for the record. For the record. Danielle. Is boring down a law saying Tom Brady. Is a threat to now that's not what I Zoellick said he's more swimmers build and linebacker which means more life. Now this is your job or your month span this upload a little aren't they Jeff. GO. Wouldn't you know be eager structure actually just now because that he wanted to come on the show. Exactly. That. I've finally get to be on your show up in the years. Yes. We both began our trajectory. On the bottom wrong and we have risen yes to the top of our respective field. And we may have lost touch during that time. However. I don't but however however arm brace today. Is one which reminds us of our friendship that's who it. That's what we embrace. I don't remember. I don't drown miles around you and you look like he there's that was awkward too long lost friends embracing she's wrong. That's right you're on. The and that's the best he said the EU consumers and now maligning. That's the long nose you. I was so whatever that you and understand Tom Brady I would I would be dumping I don't know that's right Tom Brady. Right nasty. He's the coal loan at all. Hey what's up tackle Adam and I angry about it at I don't think you know how to I let them. What about it's I am only about a house speaker there we guarded now more tarred and you. This it is Mike Cologne Mike. They had gone what's up Mike. Hey now I strongly disagree that Tom Brady and thirteen cent per cent by that. And don't let that be in my yard Gillis he had 13% flight sat on. I don't think that let them do that you know deal that was what you Belichick would have ask that it be a bit. I don't know whom he's reportedly ten according to the interwebs 10% by 10% body fat not yet okay. Well. Doctor and I say Tom breeze and cheered president. There's just not his job. Don't hall of fame no where there hasn't pinching his hall of fame quarterback and I don't know he's a fat ass that's all that's casting now just didn't know like did you open your arrears. Picked cotton out now knowing he's got a goofy bloody shoot. Ronaldo is apparently the best when it comes to athletes with 7%. Body fat or several that cool that's pretty I. Weird. I give you a code word the UK you can text into and a thousand dollars cash in just a moment the thousand dollar Holler and next hour. We'll be joined by the drummer. For the greatest. The musical artists of all time. Lots of questions about what Bruce Springsteen had for breakfast yesterday for Max Weinberg when he joins us in about twenty minutes.