HMMS Hour 2 - You Know It's Gonna Be Bad So Just Accept It 7-12-18

Thursday, July 12th

This hour there’s a new Tom Petty box set that features a new song, the world record holder for the longest fingernails finally cut them, a woman in New York fell down the trash chute in her apartment and died, Also Stow 50 and Inside The Warped Female Mind!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. However I mean what it is and what we're saying is that the social media's LB yeah billion dollar industry so. She's she's not even 21 year note and she is about to be worth the billion dollars Jesus moment that's it. And Alison I don't begrudge these people what date this is not America wants to help them is that the people bitch about it all the time. The LA if people were watching did not put the cart dashing into this than us if they weren't going to. The nine or not they sold the dash boutique anymore in LA but you know Kylie has her makeup line Kim. As Kim Kardashian in west beauty RP they have like huge cult following. But it's like Victoria's Secret models they're I wonder with the average. Wealth. Of those models are like it could Zell that. You know I mean that it victorious he marker Victoria's Secret models are probably worth a 10200 million. I LB. Massachusetts nickel retiree secret thoughts are. So a billion dollars wow because. You've basically got that because the years sister. Allowed a guy yeah. Do something popular area and and that effects that it came. Now that's a possibility that I'm sure they are in the lab creating that make guys if you count themselves they extracting things is mixing it up. Shaq even before that it's not because of that incident it's OJ. I have no one would know with a party ash sheen's work if it works for OJ that's probably true athlete in the words of Robert Kardashian you can't that's problem otherwise you would never wanna. It would've just been some other you know family was an attorney for father in the lead it would have been nothing. Around it. If he hadn't taken. All of the murder evidence away from OJ's arrival back it is in Brentwood mansion. So that the police could never find the knife in and the bloody clothes that he tickle them on the plane. In the and they and the luggage then that nobody would note. Who she was that you wouldn't be worth a billion bucks and I don't I don't begrudge them at all now. And if that's what they come from absolutely that's there you go America people proud here's Texas says she's not self made her name made there right. Now which it did. Outline beauty prize that's really ran him I think most of us he developments. Let's get down to go into the lab and banks that Kyle and chemicals and. Our teens rest you know. Come up with a routine recipe involved in the day to day his eyes and go back in the kitchen your establishment that likes pulling things ships knees so yes combinations. Are suggesting. That she when it comes there businesses. She really doesn't have any involvement that is that is dollar names and everything no I'm telling you telling them projecting recruit the president. And choose points it's believable if there is a marketing group. That works for that found more believable. It's. Come on. They do you think this makeup company that you know lead racism and let's see let's let's try to get somebody unknown again our product out there just built from the ground up early latch on the Kardashians. Everybody's following them on its program. All right well it is 703. And this is W. Ask them and HD one west bro Boston. WEE. I HD to Lawrence. And WW. BX HD to Boston. And now Adobe's. They're just didn't. It shows the guys who put there. And with the WA AF sports mid it's brought him in my hair or guys doctor Matthew looked rusty and doctor Robert limited. Red Sox rolled off men in a row last two to. I. San. Bred sale has been incredible pride straight starts. With a eleven strikeouts through more than one walker wins nobody in the history of Major League Baseball has done that reducing Soo do. Gary loved it yes sir Cy Young candidate though so my rights don't she can't simply too well yeah I'm gonna say I have to talk about these things we can't be paranoid about the jags but yes I mean you have to be gap that's. I mean thirteen strikeouts that the appearance before right and then twelve. Twelve last guy we averaged ten straight cuts again I don't mind. The guys. Money that's crazy and cruel crazy cool so I do yeah obviously assert he's on fire Martinez. Had a two run double the taxman had a triple socks roll 42 over the Rangers Red Sox and the blue jays. 284 game stand before the all star break. And about false start till Tuesday on the capitol David Price goes for the good guys apparently time 710. And do you believe he Pedroia went home to Phoenix to rehab and retire that is the rumor that. These have so much trouble with his knee after the knee surgery that. He's gonna rehab and it might be. Might be called her career switchers are. Yeah he's all done tonight unfortunately I don't do as he's just so banged up and didn't come back at the level that could be helpful to the team. All right you know it's need to drive though he's you know he's come back before but I think this time this is his tools and money is still good about a good amount of money as these do it forty million or something. I suppose affected he's not staying around you alluded to this yesterday but the fact that he is going out there for you. Means definitely seasons. Is yeah for sure you know. Yeah that's it's like he's had a great career he's we're one of the best second baseman of all time for the Red Sox but if it's like to football players are. Packed in there and then like I wanna be able to play with my kids in the backyard mass funeral wheelchair. Such a three to wrap up on the knobs from New York sworn obviously Bryce Harper. Will be the man act. Next Monday's home run derby down in the capital. Derby in the elsewhere tilt. Next week five Red Sox are in a move keep JD Mick G two bags Chris Sale and far bowler. Craig Kimbrel. Will love Steele was shoulders sale are now what will start oh. She's turning those who have been called burden does wrong I'm appreciative just going. This is the potential for broad goals special no one go about hey listen appreciated. Stored don't store. It's durable goods. Now specials a word he's Syria special pitcher. If you can sing the great national or the my b.s need the we need to find people to replace retired legend Renee ring core O. Phenomenal and go to Boston Bruins dot com slash am them. You gotta get in by August 1. Celtics youngsters play the knicks are and base afternoon in tourney play PGA has to John Deere classic round one out in Illinois kitchen at 4 o'clock. On the Golf Channel Wimbledon championships. Are in this Emmys and American John Isner made. His first major semi knocking off number one Roger Federer and an amazing 56. 56 tilts. Yesterday Isner has a lot of rich rocking the Dow. As the Joker of the women's semi is beginning the 8 o'clock this morning on ESP and the World Cup final will be France and Croatia. Some time to play this in the variables definitely the air. Your beer out do. You ask France Croatia signed an idea. That the consolation losers play Saturday now. I'm not a huge World Cup fan but the now but it's about the bracket sometimes I heard some people grumbling yesterday. That Croatia. An easy bracket. And that is that as people bitch about the pats season but yeah I think that why's that whining made its morning. It's it's people who don't know what we're Hocking a ball the best players. Of no one gets a free ride you're trying but the best players of every country in the world that have to play for. What is it three years even. You have to win to get there right know and get to clear your play US didn't even get there in his. It's it's like it's like whining because. Boston sent. Five Bobby yours and Edmonton sent five Gretzky c.s and Toronto sent five Gerald settlers but you know trial. Throw Toronto wins yeah and and somebody says they got a free ride married you know come on he's the best players on the planet. There's big news today from Italy and that is that the Fiat workers are going on strike. He does she Aventis. Is pain. Renault though 400 million dollars or they're buying Ronaldo for 400 million. And they want that money to go to do. Wage increases and hunts like this happens. Fiat owns Jim practice and solo day out there they're going on Skype they just they just announced the strike because they are that. And he knew he. And those guys yet but people don't make it's like it's like. That the rumor floating we'll Bryce Harper getting seven and fifty million dollars the owner of the team. You and it's. What kills enabled people there's you have a job and you get you people know my luck and a lot of hot. Yeah no I don't whiners whiners. You know you know us like people that boss trumps knots. Do you know how many employees make money and Havel a livelihood there. And pay their mortgage and have three kids and driver are you guys because to do is willing to drop a billion dollars on an investment about the bankruptcies. It's. Whatever that's that's on purpose we have that's what you do it. Started out there that's 400 million dollars sheet and you'll understand that when he when he when he files bankruptcy people don't lose jobs. Okay so what would animal back. By the way. Am I incorrect. Spent several textures are pointing out. In pronouncing that. The this is the Hill Man Morning Show what's up beyond. Any doing Greg were done our job here what's up John. Hey LB yeah. Roger Federer got beat by Kevin Anderson not my job. Hard to partner mark. Federer was one point away from win. Just like Bob Stanley was one strike away. Securities they wanted that was a five set marathon are watching yesterday it was cores you the final shot went marketing to eighteen games. And to answer that question who has time to watch five sets of tennis during the day cancer is lending and buyers are. It is 7-Eleven. Mary was working our kids we're going to play here hormel voicemail messages back it ain't so you can leave a happy birthday game yelled voicemail message or you can leave one on any other topic right now. He'll Mel voicemail message numbers 617779. 5463. We are going to get this though 50 in just a little bit. And and we will go inside. The war two female brain. Seven and fifty. Planning a vacation day tomorrow. It will be captain moose knuckle and it friends of that you'll have to show for you so don't fear and then Monday will be back and a reminder that. Monday. You'll get twelve chances. And you get twelve chances every week day to win 1000. Dollars because the thousand dollar hauler is back. A thousand dollars given away every hour from 7 AM until 7 PM and all you have to do is listen for code words. At that popped. Every hour and that happens. Monday. On the Hill Man Morning Show. Still to come this morning we are going inside the warped female brain. And I don't know if I've ever been more excited than. I am right now about getting that text from the guy who texted him and at us at 615 about what his girlfriend is doing. During the day. To enhance her. Her pleasure. Her pleasure. So I will get to that and the rest of your text messages. As we go inside though warts to female brain at 750. And during the 9 o'clock hour. Former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo is coming by way cool when Bronson comes by he brings his guitar and he wants the play music so a 9 o'clock this morning. Bronson. Last endless series played a Springsteen song and it was like a medley in any way into a Tom Petty song if I remember correctly in honor of companhia. I'm there isn't it Tom Petty boxed set out. Dan Ellis telling me in the office. This morning. They say to talk about it in your curriculum. I'm I did not kill Tom Petty candidate and now it's did jinx field now I didn't wanna try to act like it was you know I whenever by June 1 evolves. When there's no such thing as a jinx it superstition just because you kind karaoke song and somebody dies the next. Wait wait wait wait a reference or you're pretending that you protect your pretending that superstitions. That don't exist are superstitions on their negotiating nonsense solid stuff is nonsense you watch Rafa Nadal with desire energy bottle of water bottle yesterday it was knots. All that stuff is if it's nonsense by. Anyway there's a new box that now. Which is called. I think. American treasure that's right Tom Petty I thought Tom Hank woods was adamant on an accent. But anyway this Daniel grabbed what you've got thirty seconds of a new companies on yeah when I sing you. It was done. With the heart breakers and like 1982. Were some yea it was a while back what's a call to keep a little stroll. To listen to it before we get the the news the sort. These. This is thirty seconds of the new Tom Petty song. Then me. Both. I see what that was like candidate Mehdi. Very talented guy very very talented guy. On an Olympus and negative net is all about but I'll go ahead and read it. You wanna ruin Daniel's birthday and I being all core rapidly and yeah and year and standing and five being negatively. This is what's wrong with the shell. Instead of having real bands that are scoring and making good music. You have crappy little kids playing music. Attend the fire yesterday first of all and coat and and there are also taking a shot at Bronson. Yet. I think those guys were great those kids have. Ray yesterday. Are you the guy that they're dead walks aren't your friends aren't you tired and man yells that they're you're neighbors kids for playing waffle ball in the air freight yard tougher shout out. Yeah I mean you're talking about eight to twelve year olds. They're crushed it yesterday I thought that we had abandoned in case you weren't listening during the 8 o'clock hours yesterday we had. The youngest and ever to play the warped tour. They're called color killer and there are eight and ten and twelve years old and I thought they were great yesterday and I was really I was really impressed but that person's got a guy that's having his kids play and argue that socks as the other kids like. Why am by his kidneys an element the other kids oh so people are just. They're not happy that now they're they're really buying concert tickets have heard that those kids band's life. Seven years from now I know they went they went about it O'Neal helped Darden inferred bird. A they Texas in person tech sitting complaining about that the kids coming in on Tuesday as why. What was that we're gonna have a bunch of little kids butchering pad on music. Bob Johnson fortune let's let the people who were all over me. On social media because they posted a picture of that shrimp and grits yesterday and they got the dish looked like the presentation on the dish was horrible. This is is like Arnold and then a nice way I don't I just like a ritzy moment written well some guy I was like. If that were me I'd fire my chef immediately. And I was like well no I don't I'm not gonna fire chef immediately based on the presentation of a shrimp and that's what's different involved which actually tasted pretty good that. Susan at her house right yes so we're not going for like me should landstar waiting to hear I don't know of course it normally that it doesn't it if it does well yeah I I don't think anybody plummeted from its looked great number the key point on the shrimp and grits is that is a piece amazing act. That was pretty funny yeah right filtered. You have sought to build out that's the problem in town immediately and immigrants. You know make a little around the. Just like every spring I didn't president has the amazing he ravioli dish that I absolutely love and they only have that for certain amount time is the the fresh peas are in seizure but you can't. You can really make that dish look beautiful because it's like paint handing. The green. I ran out of gas like Iverson who represents oh good I mean I get that idea this won't shock anybody. I don't spend a lot of time one and my country is delivered yeah. On on how it looks I spend a guy dive right in OK so incisive second I think my face and there often without you titles on now there's a guy in the news today. Who apparently for a long long time. Has had. Though this may gross some people. The Pentagon on how do you feel about this kind of thing but he has had the world's longest fingernails. And yesterday. He decided to cut the mall did you watch the video yes he did he was emotional yeah you could see his face he was emotional about it and I like it was likely in the choir separate the Brunswick Canada is balling his eyes of the the long nails I don't even know how do you how do you live when you. You don't that's your thing is that you have the world's longest fingernails around you torrent that's your life and that's it unit the circuits used to be right what did the bearded lady ever that's your thing. But this man is from India trained archer Lyle as his name. Hadn't cut the fingernails on his left hand since 1950 scale up at the time I was fourteen. I'm a teacher got mad at him for breaking a nail so that now the guest book didn't even exist back right he decided to see how long he can grow his nails he's now. 82 years old. He managed to get his nails to grow to a collective flank. Of 29 feet ten inches before being honored in November of Tony fourteen in the Guinness book the picture amazing. It's unbelievable now. The he flew to New York this week to have them removed by a doctor they had easy circular saws a rock but yeah the thoughts are now. And now they packed him up in in packing peanuts and along box the nails and now on display at Ripley's believe or not auditorium in Times Square. If this guy I was like LB. As one of those people who cuts their nails in the office and quiet where they've faced a tape. They'd take like twenty people out in the copyright. It's. It's related skills it is but we have some audio from his speaking theory trance. When I had my nails are two very special care of them because they're very delicate part of our body. I took care of them for a lifetime. I spent 66 years of my life on my analysis it was a very difficult decision for me to cut minus. When I realized that after cutting them they'd be at Ripley's believe it or not and the museum is going to maintain them very nicely and for a lifetime. And I felt like I was making the right decision and that's why I decided to cut my nails and everything. There create jobs over there please your job is fingernail long fingernail home maintenance operator. Of the England and clean them they're gonna maintain them he said for quite some delicate debt and tell us what you're running game and put on and it that you rushed out of the Russian and get some comments should lighten we do a dip to help counter yeah yeah Google because the nails the what you think when they're not street waits storage to hold her counting holes which depends doesn't ring and it tree is obvious question how do you live it can't be the bus accident like you know what I'm doing and what I didn't know it was only one hand was all. The on I don't know if I want that guy that I don't know if it's the same guy and it feel like there was a year's event that was also from Indian and both in like January. Oh let me tell you as the full blooded male one view only shows that on one okay are right. Let's thanks early and let image but let's get to him and let's get to some news. The news with the birthday girl. With. Where she says it's okay can say her. I can say your rage it's okay with our 41 year old de Nan news lady is about to use this hour by. Mid state Otto group located on route twenty and I'll burn miles of smiles and it stayed out of the best most fun place to buy a car. Roger also by the island of Aruba be one happy family and one happy island vacation in sunny roof with accommodations that every family size and budget. When you're happy escape to a room today at our Aruba dot com. So the Boston City Council has agreed to consider a proposal. That would allow neighborhoods to vote on whether or not they want to allow chain establishments and now. In light of our conversation yesterday with Damien to Paula about Starbucks going to the north then they're looking to see. If this is a way they can project at the curb preserve the identity of certain neighborhoods this is like spinning out of control when it com. Now act chain I believe is defined as and organization that has eleven plus stores OK so that would be the qualifier. I mean. I don't know if you had a chance food here. Our new favorite guest on the show yesterday eight Damien. From the north and who's leading the charge against our about spies. He had a pretty compelling case about lies Starbucks might not belong in the north and I'm not sure that every neighborhood now in Boston now. Ought to be able to prevent. A chain from coming and I had some chains that we need that we light. I mean what about late I mean to people like having CBS order now we've got to leave it is the neighbor depositary share. Ordered I mean this obscure reference in the neighborhood of Popper Carrey thirteen reasons line. The parents the difference on the day the neighborhood drugstore. Also mean as treats you wrote the criteria to rate I mean I don't know what is. I shoot you you have you'd change your mind a little bit about Starbucks because you're upset that the mayor dot right now. But this I feel differently because it's people in that community. And if you know if they wanna preserve and protect the identity of that community that's why you know that's not a public threats. You know that's fine I think if it's if it's them and deciding it and not the mayor the mayor shouldn't endorse it. That's on our cars are younger brother produce great forward tart or voted slip on when towns. Moral low voters to be built right or moral low strip joint to bill served torture illegal. While it's happening now with the with marijuana dispensaries. Than you Alia. There is the big headline. In this though independent newspaper because we're about to get to still five though. Is what they're gonna do about Mair who want to spend. In the bylaws and whether they're gonna have one in Daytona they haven't decided now in San. You know we activate Stiller and others and now sitting there's always that doesn't do with fake there's a nasty element over there they output has made sellers though are right well we'll see what happens in Boston I don't know what else is in the in the news this morning. Huge. Irrational fear may end asleep. And a six foot python. Falls on him from the bedroom ceiling at all. Okay thank you know. Back and in Pulaski New York which is just north of Syracuse. Demand had just been sleeping when all of a sudden he was awoken by a flood did all realized there was a snake on him all too. It'd escaped its enclosure in an apartment and then fell from the ceiling. The guy was not injured and snake is legal to possess in New York so they reunited with its owner call. Is well. Oh dinner better cage guy really. Now there's another rational fear. In the news also one of New York this is Adam. It keeps the story about the woman who fell to her death. 27 stories down eight trash shoot yes walls as terrifying as well they don't know. They think that she. Like dropped something in the trash chute and was trying to retrieve it or hammered port hammered I think the issue is yeah surveillance video at the picture may have been over served here's the deal that this woman that she's 48. All Lara Lara. Or code co surname I'm not sure from now now last name. She's mom of one child. And she be going through divorce. With her soon to be ex husband who filed for divorce in 26. And many people say that she was often Steen. And appeared to be inebriated so she may have had a habit of drinking problem and there and she was seen on surveillance video coming off the elevator and about 4:20 PM. And appeared to be intoxicated loud because they think either she. Went after something her well yeah. And then some audio from a neighbor that something terrible something shocking. It's not clear and be out. This would equipment. Lawsuit. And I don't know and a good name to network but it never heard three incredible into the garbage. Amy thanks in me and found her body in quote crashed from multiple angles in the trash. It's. Certainly true. Double time and every news outlet has to point out that in any Wiener and Uma one's own apartment with Obama like appointed ministers generally denote. Here is a 978 text on the snake news story. This person was a low and last night. I have sat on their hands often and Hillary gosh I know I saw that idea. I mean are going to tennis racquets. When you wake up in the middle of the night in years out of sorts and there is an animal it's nice note thing. That's avenue B a few times in the last time my wife will be opposite there's a bat in the Romans widely czar and I said. Now and I know I stay awake for FISA it's just there's nothing and then I went back to sleep and I felt it. Go right over my face and I just a light on and it was this disk. From giant that flapping all over the place and turn the ceiling fan on follows the ceiling fan and a circle and opened the window in the he's gonna. Kind of guided out the window and stuff that's when I run out of the room screaming at somebody else that area. And turn it around. It is seven and 38. At WK. Hey how. And now. Following the man and woman. Law enforcement. A caller from Wheeler road reported that he saw an individual on his remote security system in me his phone only kind the police responded the home secure on the dangerous streets of Craig hills home town the caller then reported that upon viewing the footage again he realized that it was an old video of him. From earlier in the week this he's still thrive. Five take a brief. Look at some of dangerous crimes that have been reported to in my hometown police department these those security force. Courtesy of this though and bold and independent. And of course the Roth. For the fourth of July weeks. You know they don't publish take a little break. In some places the news never sleep but in and stuff it does the news at the news sleeps but they could comment. Here's what happened on Monday June 18 at 11:46. AM. A walking and reported. That a Robin was injured at home while. Angel could call us. A good you just grab the Robin and naked yes BCA with the Israelis went in England from. Acts 12:24. PM a caller reported that he Howell. Or eight go to Leslie hang out. Was laying on the side of the road on award ninety's. I don't know how does one need to go back to kindergarten but that's I don't know what ideas do you know that's all that's a 1% there was never seen livestock. Owners are worried look like her. At 2:53 PM caller on north sure drive. Reported that a man who was pulled over was walking around and talking to himself. He appeared to be drinking some more maybe that I was just waiting for it till I. Any Eddie earbuds and it may end up in jail but he was on his cell phone yeah Madras. In it's the aero we're still on Monday June 18 it was a busy day at 502 PM. A another caller from North Shore drive reported that aid boat. In the second basin of lake Boone. Was operating too fast and too close to the shore. And there was a child in the boat who did not appear to be wearing a life vest okay. The environmental. Of this though environmental officer responded the ball was located. It was not too close to the beach area and child was wearing light. Of failure what a shock. That the lists all the lake people don't like the boats at you know the boats are in his opposition to the people who just wanna enjoy the tranquility of the lake that's called Boone profile. Yeah you're right I don't see as accurate and all the buried next to an eight hour yeah I know I go to lake spent their current I'm there for quite sometime I love. People do that you know these both are too loud it was like nothing. That insight to people who call the concert. More reliant 11 am it's. Sunday morning tonight. On Thursday June 21 at 10:27. Am all locking in requested to speak with a officer. Regarding a bizarre situation that happened in the morning. We woman explained. That someone ringing her doorbell at 5 AM and the person at the door stated he was there to pick up mapped. The collar to hold the individual that no one's going to happen at the gap. The hope that maybe now live next door it is I don't run now. Lots of all the pomp and had to remove her it's like these people that don't have the house number on the front of the house visible anywhere. On Friday June 22 at 12:31. AM a collared near the post office reported that she heard water running. And I'd done that police responded. It was a it was the end of the law on spring and a solid Reno home like that was and I water comes out of yes I can check. Yeah that the aftermath. And on Saturday June 23 at 1:45 PM caller from Sylvan drive reported that her neighbor. Was revving his motorcycle engine and playing loud music called Nightline. That caller stated that she lived in a quiet neighborhood in the man does not belong man probably. Hillary. Get out mortars and dad bought a house. Shame on them loud louder sent LB illness and now I that's still 50 we're going inside though wards female brain if you're a man we've Danielle the birthday girl next. Coming up all kinds of magical day and yells birthdays home Mel's voice mail messages I'm sure all of them. All of them I hope complimentary. All I'm sure there will be knowing there's. No I love you guys each and everyone knew except Scott from Clinton wow I wonder scout left that Bieber played voicemail message for you will find out just a few moments. Today's weather brought to you by Nissan intelligent mobility and it is going to be a beautiful day. Sunny and the temperature in the low eighties and right now it is 65. Here. And scenic secure Brighton Massachusetts. It's a great data enjoy a ride Nissan can't control the weather but Nissan intelligent mobility. Is technology that is changing the way you drive forever it's time to enjoy the ride and upgrade the Nissan intelligent mobility. Technology that moves people go to Nissan USA dark. Com to learn more. Having trouble unlocking the mystery that. Board to have faith. What really yeah. David I know that you overdo the theatrics here like swinging from the chandelier at home thank god you're darn it if it may think. It's time to go inside the war female brain. Why can't we talk about this text from earlier create team that will get believe me we'll get right about self. I'm your guy and you're confused about the way. The mind of any woman in your life works you may now text and you know questions to the tax line which is 97. 107. And the birthday girl will value a rare glimpse inside. The war two female brain. 617 tax which came in during the 6 o'clock hour which is a very odd one. I'm concerned about my girlfriend. Because she told me yesterday. That she has been holding in her heat all day. So that she can work some. Is this. Is this thing. And why is and who. And why else are and why is. Anwar is she doing this is the thing mark. I've heard it it is the called. Mary obviously. And I get home let me explain 1 of those every morning why are well yeah. Out at basically the print it's Mike Hsu cheerleader is debt and will hold theory here in all day. And when they finally are able to go. They have been working. Really cool to me it's behind it this is that. This the nerves that control arousal. Are stimulated by over full platter com. So not only to get the relief at finally going to the bathroom you get a little added bonus. So this has nothing to do with a guy. No this is the networks slice concerned about it. I don't the capability now at all they don't need it anymore on allow. As. Anybody else worded out. Hillary there well there is zero remember when your father said. When they load up you know after you loaded up Carter had a vacation or for our drive. And he says direct view in the kids since anybody up to go to about term fans and other Susie out. A little holes that. And I'm like really hot and really now. That's easy to do that though that I could get bureau mice that type this poisoning and yeah I mean that is really apparently Tyler that is miles worth ruining your kidneys apparently. Wow OK so that's the thing I would recommend that but I'm not a doctor and I don't only one on TV that you can really do some serious. Damage your kidneys and one not why wouldn't here's a 781 taxed are working in retail. Why do women think it's okay to handouts cash that has do you sweat all over. How that's a big problem this time I just wanna do view ladies keep your money is undermining your breath Clara Harris that's gross. Sweaty money. Boarding the plane and trying to hand the boarding pass to the gate agent in your mouth. That's another favorite of mine I put them there. You know people that clearly just had their hands like down the back of their pants both. And and they hand you something wow. I just assumed he'd did you hear that honey. My wife that's what keeps it all. You know as this issues I'll soundly zone because he's that he's a bartender at time hash tag tubes way yes. Michael Andre but yeah. Let's see here is 617. Tax. Lately. When my wife and I make love. She starts crying after she orgasms on sanctions she knew she says it's she says it's no big deal. But I'm wondering what is is is that what it is. Admitted she's cheating could be she feels guilty about something could also be. That. She's next level that hole in her sexual enjoyment. May be. She wasn't having real orgasms before and now she is and they're so powerful that it now elicits an emotional Kerr and happiness and I brags art when you win a gold medal of the Olympics and now. You guys probably don't watch each other finish. You guys make a lot of odd noises and faces and twitches and pull a lot of muscles. So you know I I was cracked up when men complain like elected this weird thing when she was having an orgasm like the mirror in front of your face next time you have one watch yourself at any. Rating is so do you RO. The other thing and yeah you think decry. But the crying 'cause that's us there I don't wanna panic this guy. The crime doesn't necessarily. Maybe it could be human like getting your period net like a formal role in flux and it might just be like that it it's the or maybe she had a bad day good athlete and absent any bulk on how much longer going to keep dealing yeah. Pretty much. Until denial. Of the set in a so I didn't seven import tax my wife my wife used to be into some pretty kinky things. But now that we've been married for a few years she isn't into it anymore and just varies and just wants plane. Traditional style why why is this huge thing. Maybe put out a little wait maybe it got all the announcement tested to. It tired at doing certain things you evolve it's nice when you evolve a new direction that goes from plain sex to kinky sex but when you kind of go the other way it you know. A lot of times and you know I don't want to pigeonhole my mind my female people but. A lot of times we do and put up with things. In advance of the marriage and then once we've got you locked down and legal contract with the commonwealth or whatever statement she resides. Where like. It.