HMMS Hour 2 - "What Flavor was the Lube?" 3-21-18

Wednesday, March 21st

Hour 2 from Wednesday's show, LB's sports, Greg describes his physical and prostate exam, the beginning of Nancy Know it All and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It will be most intense from an accumulation point of view they are saying between 5 PM and 8 PM. And I'm sticking where the storm totals that I have predicted using by. Various models. It is six to ten inches of snow. Here in the city and less on the South Shore and the Cape and the Islands but wind gusts. A problem today forty up to forty miles per hour could cause power outages. And of course limb tree limb damage in all of that and there is a concern about some flooding. In coastal areas South Shore and Cape and Islands wise it is 7 o'clock am this is WA AF FM. And HD one west Borough Boston WEE I. HT to Lawrence. And WWB. Acts HD two boss that. Right now LB what is. And god only name you blather on about with the WAF. Sportsman. Brought you by my hair doctors doctor Robert Levin doctor Mathews looked prestige returned to be involved fellows ladies if you have any kind of hear issue. Call 1800 get here are gonna hear your dot com changer letters change your life no Qaeda Reno problem. With one point two to go of the seas go up 199. On the thunder because Markakis mores nailed the shot. We'll bloopers fun. Oh students there who. It's good. Tired of those movers urged the road feel and yeah. Now as I just I have to ask. Was Qaeda Ria had dinner. Now. It was not that there like US. You know managing saying you know. He was dated game now he's got to get a second opinion yes and now on our guest posters or news media as previous surgery. This is alarming. Tyree Irving is getting consecutive. In on than me and may indeed. The. Have some surgery with regard to screws that he had put in there awhile ago powerful. We'll see what happens when that but there. Certainly not the same team without. I'll post them at times big win mantle and no I mean I thought Melo misses two free throws. Dissect sect more so for the win zone as you're paying listen they're getting it done like the bees are banged up but their. The winning some games here's our coach Stevens. Mean just continued soreness I think it's you know what's made the decision not late at night and made the decision not to go on the trip. And seek outside counsel I think that that's but it's it's not new pain by any means it's not anything news continues. So it's. Right next up Portland trail blazers Friday out in the midwest she's seven true blazes in the first war on the road that it's a king's. The signs. On Sunday. And Harrison yeah yeah kings. Signed Sunday Monday and then they finish up in Utah I'm IDs are in Saint Louis tonight the first to four on the road as well. And Exxon at each point and BCS. And the black and all are three back to Tampa Bay and first in the east. Tampa Bay beat third place trial last night's 43 we could use some help from my Tarawa. So we can be first overall the Red Sox straight days away from the trop in game one of the 1218 season. You're starters for the first four games sell price and so when Johnson. Speaking of David Price he went five innings to run ball. Red Sox beat the bucks 126 yesterday devers to run bomb Travis three run shot then intending to before. With two ruby Red Sox raised today in Port Charlotte 105 GM Dave Dombrowski on his. Red Sox well we're happy where we are at this point I think it has been a different spring than others because of the late start as far as getting in Nunez and can't get them Martinis in camp and we're dealing with some injury issues that. Are all positive the guys that had problems in the wintertime it's encouraging with those guys. So I am looking forward to to date you know opening day obviously here are we do live broadcasts yes a -- it will be the baseball tavern as VOA's. And that is only two weeks away and of course. I believe that. The mayor is requesting a shortened opening day game dues snowed. Outlined in. That'll be around Fenway Park and I'm a fan of that so. Opening day opening game homo only three innings that's that's the Max I can play according Dyer our mayor but I can't wait I cannot wait. Right now obviously the restaurant industries I treat my body held on well he's opening a third pro football league in America the AA staff. Well debut next year out. After it was all phrase bring ten week season aren't CBS. It's the alliance of American football school and news gonna be brought to you by Chris ebersol Dick Ebersol signed up and if you remember Dick Ebersol and Vince McMahon. Were partners in the first. That's well right saliva conspiracy theory because he except I was coming back with Vince McMahon. In 22 morning. Do you think these guys will end up. Playing like Katie. Kinda assume global. Game between both leagues. To compete with the the NFL it's available police are springing leaks. And it's a sixteen billion dollar industry should begin steal a billion. And if you make him out okay multiple former followers are involved in the A half. Troy Powell malveaux is an executive. And there's a bunch others. Former NFL guys who dat are part of the exit but executive committee sweet sixteen action begins tomorrow. And it's at the garden we've got to tilts on Friday night. Actors and it is you know the blue the first votes of the sweet sixteen in line to believe they are mobile it's there sportsman. I LB thank you geographic. Corrections. Flying in Portland not currently in the midwest. As yours and it gets better. So I hadn't played I'd like an idea that it's called uh oh. It's WHO championships yes Jeremy Alina. For those who may have tuned in and were concerned that Portland organ had shifted to. To the midwest area do some kind of shifting of the of the plates in the air there's something that is not that is not happened thank you I'll be this is Josh hello Josh. Date or Greg let's. Let's let's just. All a lot of says he has totally made my morning. You know you says. He asked yeah. Josh thank you that it has nothing else that just wanted to do you are. It because yeah. Thank you are on the show this morning. And about forty minutes or so at 750. It is Nancy no golf this week and then at eight. We are going to play your hill mail voicemail messages back at 835. Will be joined by legendary Boston sportscaster Bob globe well. Good friend of the show and Bible Belt. Is going to tell you how. Marijuana has changed his life. Medically. And so very interesting. What's gone on what Bob LaBelle. And he wants to talk about a subject that is near and dear probably two subjects. That are near and dear to the Mike Hsu start to marijuana and older women so 835 we'll discuss that that would lower bowel. And at 910 and we are going behind the ear marked with an artist who adding number one hit. And it is a song that I think every single person. Who is listening at ninth and will be able to sing along so behind the ear mock coming up. At nine tan. Greg in 1995. A band called. Caroline's spine that inhibit this song called Solomon. I try to known that he knows Bravo to him. In the early evening showed Richmond Virginia and unloaded. Gun reform remember. A removed dollars in drug remembers playlist on where with. What why you what he now. Listen treasure hunters have found the ship those Brothers worked on really the five Sullivan Brothers enlisted in the navy. Together after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and they requested to serve on the same ship following their motto we stick together. In less than a year later at the ship went down five Sullivan Brothers died along about 700 some odd other sailors. And the wreck of the USS Juno has not been found until now there's a team. Actually really interesting. Private team funded by a Paul Allen who's the co-founder of Microsoft has found three historic shipwrecks with in the last year the Juno being. One of them really about the Edmund FitzGerald caught I don't have time and a half times the amount for just don't I don't have time port on it gives our Paula I don't know what putting it won't because he's among promote them and then he's a billionaire throwers in the industry right. Yeah right yeah I mean how amazing is that closure for. Our grandchildren and their grandchildren and a welcome to thing we talked about this on the show before but it. Military put rule in place after that that siblings could not serve on the sheet championship together because. That Finley lost. I'd sideways at. But by apple its financial grandmother won't let anyone flying on the same plane. The national the whole family planned the same plane a I'll apply only to Italy now to acknowledge everyone plans in play if we go down that that McDonnell families on lot of lot of spouses do that when they have kids like days they've gone on a trip to met area they fly on different planes some of them do it because. Of the reason you're talking about some just don't like to be on the same plane for our women. It's about this. All right I'll get your reference and a quick yes saving private runner. Yes absolutely that's I had to go and and that's what I don't go on behind. Jack private Ryan right right right. It is 7-Eleven today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies. You're data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com and. They let the guessing continues. On who we are going behind the earmark live at 9:10 this morning and a 339. Techsters. Believes it is Bob Seger and Bob Seger is not. A behind the earmark yes he is. He's a long. The full a full length. And Gatt and the united that would be a full length and Brasilia. Just an American treasure ya just like if if the Springsteen were to ever. Consent to coming on this program be a full four hours Daryn UK Casey it's not it is not. Bob Bob C guy. But we are going behind the ear month 9:10 this morning and artist had a number one hit. We. What I would believe to be. Top threes on that everybody's sings along with that last call or or at Stanley. Cook outs or barbecues or what have you so 9:10 this morning we are going behind. The earmarked this is Nate with the an obscure reference on the framing him forward studio line what's up. Nate yeah yeah. Yeah they eat well. Nate Nate has asked me what he's doing hey I'm sorry but the bus station at the nightmare well let's put what you're doing at the bus station. I'm actually heading into work. Which is what a what station you left on the enters wearing out that night what regulars are familiar with Travis Buck. Kept I didn't understand. But yeah. What are you go about I had an obscure reference on the settlement all well and at discovered that yet yes. That would also put name of that air but he called after eight at an American Psycho. Grateful that and it's not Huey Lewis. That we are going behind the our motto is either although. American Psycho. Absolutely Huey Lewis the hand in that in them. I'm I want to say hello. Seven anyone text wanna say hello. Food nerves the nurses that are listening. Beth Israel on. Baird Google home now apparently. That's actually it should be called Google work because they're bringing that in our alumni are you allowed to bring those kind of things into work and distract yourself for years both Jewish and Arab. Taking care about lifesaving measures did you fill out a patient chart while listening to something in the background all right well. Pull out of those lovely nurses male or female and I will remind you as long as they bring it up. That EU can ask a lack self or you can mass school to play W and you'll be able to turn. Years smarts speaker in to a radio so. Just eat their various commands which completely give to the road but we've you can say enabled WA AF you can. Say played one of seven point three in Boston gets played W that you'll be able to turn. That Smart speaker into a radio speaking of the medical profession are you going to tell us about what happened in your physical yesterday. Yeah as you said seven funny yeah so. A basically went in for the physical I am no surprise here I'm in tip top shape. Your lunar compared to what. They. Doctor Bruce not ski over there in a blessing in Wellesley very very very happy united unlawfully yesterday. Very very happy with the idea what my current condition. So anyway go through the whole thing. And it's. He says it's you know you're 51. So. You gotta get. Prostate. Exam. And I said okay. And why did he said so. If you would want you remove. Your clothes yet and I said I said fine and learn and we're light. Where I put my pants and he said. Just put him on the chair. Over there on top of mind. Every putt I thought I don't expect both on the democratic voting I thought that was wildly wildly inappropriate yeah that might. Com block L lockout both say like and I will say this the did the and there are probably some men listening who have I've gone through this and and perhaps. Someone of listening who have gone through it in maybe not in the medical officer and what have you but it really is a bit of nice way to round it is. Yeah. Like Jenna and awakening moment. Like he said to me he didn't he did that thing yet you know we hear the they basically said turnaround in drop your drawers. And then you hear the glove snaps that night and it and he's. He said well again it is certain. Prostate seems perfect. And I said. Great how's my throat because felt. What you are up there are checking now also on how are the things post ago. I mean really but anyway the I got having any problems with your stream. Everything but I know that everything is fine but. Later on. And that you know and I feel like these kinds of things sometimes can give men. And insight into perhaps what. The other sex goes through so fine I get finished my appointment and I go back to the office. And I sit down and it's you know I feel like it's okay to share these things because. Yeah right and that weird uncle who tells you too much information on 18 am on that but I go back to the office and sit down. And I am I wasn't paying Cigna honoring about it but if it's a and I feel like to be honest with the depth my underwear. Is. Like a little moist. And get myself. What the heck what the heck happened then we are realized it was. It's little if I. Don't think I have no clue because we go through this and we get away there rights act. You know that the doctor will toss the box petition that you at the end of the examine they this is for that at the white that I felt like it certainly wide out yet doctor unless you didn't give you the issues. Here's the Texas says every year my doctors says the same thing. Slide your pants down were gonna get intimate. Yeah. You have to you have to Tyson humor I don't I have now you have to have a sense of humor about what flavor was the loop. I don't object. We are happening going to Greece and we went to a finish like units in Manhattan and let's see here is. Texas. As south. Was there a way to have been playing time. News and qualified and did and did the did the doctor offered a second opinion. No it was. So yeah I mean it's an interesting thing and this is what we have to go through when we advance in age so this is bow on the framing import studio line. Not a great. And I don't mark what are you know yeah definitely want to share. Now there was no could cause. What a shame you weren't wearing meeting Hughes with the doctors sweat pants and patriots. But. I mean it's really not a regular. That's one now would that's one you can't simulate that the first one it was a conglomerate was known numbing he was a sad this doctor would say well now he does things on the. No no no good. Hello mark. I didn't pick him walking current levels outlets. Greg obscure reference the the biggest thing. Her lecture reshape the. I did not. It is. Is that text asking if doctored there's not ski and I are going to dinner on Tuesday night after that I hope you Italy we feel we feel closer to know before dinner. We do feel closer look at. Yeah what's going. Obscure reference and they're my guys where Peter goes yet prostate there doesn't realize what the Arctic admit it feel like you guys. Well really with the F from the partners in the court. And they should give me compatible warning. A mile an exciting isn't enough so far just flailing legend like him now. Since this is is in the hello Andy. Hey Greg I guess what that guy that was in good shape of experience were bought the thing and then end up so much blue dog here. Nobody knew what it would go to. It took you walked out like I IQ like pit stop the Cole looked into tissues the light blue. Well it and come and go to emerge from Google what do you do I go you know what mother except. I'll tell Luke got. And that's it oh if doctor pants that he you're welcome to the jungle on the the it is 730 ES Marc shill I can I just request from the good doctor that if you guys go to a party after dinner and then he goes home with the U. And I yeah I don't interact running I'm stuck. You're married to Melissa Phil Brown I didn't say the name. I mean I did and that I shook his hand to on the way out he I do it well under appointment of that myself what is that it is a bit just natural delicate I just yeah I can't. And it will acquire all of our products that are right and we're gonna put your real mellow voice mail messages back and a half an hour or so he can leave one of those. On the prostate exam that changed a man's life or on any other topic and the home L voicemail number is 617. 779546361777954. Or 63. And what else Bob LaBelle. Former legendary Boston sportscaster will join us at 835. And Bible Belt he's been he's been not fighting illness and my he is gonna share. How using marijuana medically has changed his life so love bubble bells gonna join us at 835 to talk about that. And at 910 we're going behind the air -- and at the end of the show today we will play our and of this shame go game the end of the show game which is where you paying attention. These in the video of decouple arguing in the sidewalk a look at guy does is he so fed up. No I haven't. It it it happened I believe it's New York City this couples arguing so of course Tony eighteen so I passer by. Pulls out his cell phone support or guide itself furious because his check his. Listening to him that he runs headfirst into a store window and bounces often falls on his absence. Though public spectacle while total total expected an idiot we got a little sound and video. I do. I just saw it looks than it. Who hasn't said that yeah and I and the ability to Canada who wears the parents America apparently isn't that she'd some. It's. Us was there any. The damage done to the head them reminded the window than he crashing he should get off tolerated he feels like using heavier back and looked like he was planning for the window of Marie. A NN when it yeah view it's not like boy I see something they he had to go for a second shot better than. This is Jeff hello Jeff. Happy spray everybody listening to it. Yet here are you shaking your doctors and actually was not on the old wound up there yes mall rats chocolate covered front. Would you like it softly pressed them. Oh I recommend for those who are listening that in it future. Getting to my age that you'd choose. Doctor. It as one thing come in the united small hands yeah. On those on monetize it exceeded forum those guys were I'll start from I thought you were texting and now instead of calling you'd. Now that is a mosque saying the target in the tournament call that a bugging the hell out of me I can't sugarcoat it could be given major clue. In this seventies did the twenty year old is only so many out there. Dating a warning for you we're gonna inducted. Behind the ear muff artists into the man town hall of fame because. He's in his seventies. He's dating a 24 year old and they're about to get married so I. Just classic rock legend John Ray I I'd still feel. But I need the jag at all and then might not flow from dire straits then more so I can we do you would've. You're making great guesses it. You'd you have and yeah what do you what are you calling about. Cannot stay on topic let's embarrassing doctor visits I have one front particular talking about the Samir. I have that one prostate exam and have that would have little life to give Republic's 34 of known 41. That's because he knew that because you requested that didn't let it ride out UN and you know we're good. Find your head up ha. Check this out that we've talked about doesn't amount to get as I was in high school get mighty physical before hockey season. And that the nurse came in and was doing what do you do that it does connect did you give it testicular exist ask you guys think about this like whatever do you gotta do. He had an intern who wouldn't own a car but going training to grow must have been in college and the high school. To your mind to play so oh we do it to unlike you I guess not go ahead. I'm certain I've never been more embarrassed in my life but I was it was bizarre bizarre. They had so she was using you as the demo so. LB doesn't LB doesn't believe it but he said he has. I played a major prize Pierre played at the highest levels of all time until I don't. I plead junior hockey and we didn't have to have physicals I've noticed a closer to his own horn a staff they give physicals in high school. Well maybe there where is this really is a big school where you landlady hopes yeah. I don't really play. I was on the wall and I guess so we went to the coach say okay we've got a physical before the season. Before we start to high school basketball season I'll tell you what. I was. Oh is absolute practice hero though I mean when yeah when practice came issue I was the best guy out there on the court. And the schober regions are not shown us there was nobody out there ya I was still running suicides already Els is in the hours or a hello Jim. Out to go and let's not Jim regarding your prostate exam must. You know reduce bad but better than. Let's get that it is. News this hour is brought to you by mid state auto group this march once again in the state is having their exclusive three for three event you don't wanna miss this. Call them today for more details mixing it out over twenty in Auburn. Also why don't allow a second LB. I just so we clears up mandatory in Massachusetts to get a physical the play any high school sports. Yes it's 28 out of leave it happens now he's number knots over there's 41 years old are not first of all number one. A school doesn't have a doctor. OK okay there's still go to your doctor on the ground now. You guys and an end and then a school doesn't have an assistant at in college it. You're becoming a doctor you're gonna be like twenty years old what he's talking like it and in this nineteen Euro didn't the sophomore wind damage and wanted to standalone or in my yeah I'm not someone leaves I. The news brought you also by indeed are you hiring within deed you can post a job in minutes like for a nineteen year old letters you can also set up screener questions. Then zero an unqualified candidates in an online dashboard. It started at indeed dot com slash higher. I'll we need to get to. Pennsylvania. Not like the rest of us the mother who left her kids home alone for multiple days to go to. Art. Well who doesn't need to get away from this weather we're aware we're getting another six to ten inches of snow and it can be wildly inconvenient. When you have children jets and get but it it could or would I go to Florida. The month didn't think there was anything wrong with doing this I want the kids were ten and eleven a the homeless reported to be in deplorable condition food. Boxes pills trash on the floor the thermostat was at 58 degrees little chilly for house. And the mother of the children in the cold for Tino. Told police when she was contacted after someone mayday call for a well being checked is the kids had been allegedly alone for weeks we all week allegedly a she told police that she wasn't far away from the get home ASAP however she then recanted and said I'm just getting him in Florida you can take mile while I get back Qaeda is finished this umbrella drink yeah I am and an album I am I'm having a a frozen mark Reeder a guy can I get acting on that officer. Now allegedly the kid's father who does not live with them and is not involved shocking them shocker he. Told police he dropped the kids off early Monday morning and then over the next three days while mom is away. He dropped by periodically to bring unsupervised children. Who's out good because that's nice kids had missed a bunch of schools and beginning of the year camera Murphy. Is a local resident and done more Pennsylvania and said this about the kits. And that hurt I love five kids and I kind of naturally my kids. For ten minutes without adults who advises those Vietnam was lost a close those days are hot sun that. That upsets me beyond it that hurts me. The unbelievable. And it's again. We don't require any kind of testing on people who'll want to create children in and then manage them and and mold them and and shape them. But we do require extensive. Testing and and a licensing if you want driver error rights or go fishing or hunting or anything like that's. What else is Aziz this morning Danielle game. A controversy. Over charity. Karaoke and word use. This is a thing comes up for time time with songs. And in Memphis Tennessee students at the University of Memphis held protests after a Greek system event where. Pi beta phi sorority. Held a karaoke contest. To benefit children's literacy programs there are raising money though the boys from say get come and and they can use this song. And words and parents by JC apple okay. Or is occurring at forget they are. And people are upset that white students. Were singing in the N word. As part of the song isn't there a part of the that's the name of the song that is the name of the sun okay but it's. Many students protested saying that even though wasn't the song was wildly inappropriate for white students to saying it's. Dale played brown junior is the U Memphis NAACP. Chapter presidents. The word. It is unfortunately in the song. Us student groups. Other student leaders here on campus firmly believe that even at that word was in that song that got song out the holes shouldn't have been used period. Well he says the word is unfortunately in the upon. That's not the artist intended the song. Of the song yet you're not dropping and bonds and I think signs this. Either in the lyrics I'm not you you wouldn't do not what would a white woman while I'm blanking out praising nothing racing with the radio ad it sends yeah. Now I guess I'm not let you do like your own radio added on yourself I karaoke. I mean. I've given up karaoke in because people die and I my carrier Abbas. So yeah unfortunately Tom Petty learned the hard way that I should bodies semantics in anything karaoke show a lot of this summer. Canyon ideas coming I guess is that the of those the stimulus is kind of a difficult thing it is this that is the song lyric and then artists that the end is that right but I guess maybe the artist didn't intend that anybody who. Does not African Americans would what's the mayor's gone yeah yeah. Do you that I don't feel I am figures based on Dwight didn't buy via seeded guys users objected and purchases of it's this mixed signals in its. By the way love the fact that LB is out buying CDs. Collection. They could see me. And whatever. It is. We are calling 20. We're going to get through Nancy no doll coming up and hustled. It is 743. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented. By Echostar technologies. Years data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Okay. I. Injuring other than myself when I Wear my seat belt like tentacles of the windshield continue on like he. And it'd daycare center paid plus to this is picked up while you're listening to be Hill Man Morning Show debt you being here. It is mark on the Framingham Ford's studio line what's up mark. There radio guys. Are too much is yeah I didn't work. I had. Well at all because I guess the Gupta that other guys I was down 49 iron to play on all and we had I think it would go local partners LP. We set this at a lot of analysts say they might have been down a little too long sometimes. You actually as we had to do the physical. Yeah do physical for pop Warner or. Football where the stadium America. No I'd go the. There but the room you guys all lined up there is in line and yet when and one by one. Right Ahmed elbit. So did the doctor. The Baja. But I guess I arrived in Canada yeah yeah yeah they don't care there. Yeah it was different in Canada yelling and after that sooners hazards for pleasure but here's a larger. Well this is. 752. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Another. White out conditions are. Yeah. Region. That has been. Abused by three storms in the last three weeks last month is getting another one today so. Winter storm will be on the way and their talking about the snow starting this afternoon. And really becoming heavy between five and eight just about the time the U wanna try to get yourself home from work so. By the time it's done six to ten inches falling in Boston and South Shore and cape and the islands. Getting a little bit lasts before everything turns over to rain potentially sell. Be aware that they are talking about some issues with flooding on and coastal areas and cape and the islands and of course the wind gusts are going to be forty to fifty miles per hour so could be an issue with power outages. And tree branches somewhere so. I storm on the way is nothing to do but just like the prostate exam just turnaround in the up and take it to us and it does say Canada and just hope for the every day. I do ask Nancy you know. Yeah. Yes movements can't be wrong and you hear every day on this program and she is complete and others though at all. Just ask yourself. Here's the email area. And it's you know all this week and hopefully you're able to help this listener out. I'm 831 year old woman. And I work. Closely with the 847. Year old got. We had become pretty close in a work friendship way. His son. Made the high school baseball team this year. And he has recently. Been sneaking out of work early to go to games. He asked me. That cover for him and lie to our boss about where he actually it is. I do like him but I'm not sure that I should be lying. Two management's. On his behalf yeah. What does Nancy no would all say about this just let him know they're not comfortable doing it say you know were were were friends neon and I was happy to help young in the beginning I just I can't. You're gonna keep legal worker LA you know this is gonna possibly effect my. Work relationship with a our super riser slash Boston shot. Some of another out my other couple come up with something else about that mouth feel it and not me I'm not not the one I'm not a Wanda. I mean this is happened to. Everybody in the room with regard to LB getting out of here right at 959 when my elbow not covering up for you anymore and Ali's. I don't you have to use your past the united here. Executives and Jack have we yet again they know exactly what time we leave while a couple of times lately I can assure itself it is in selfish selfish on his. She apparently when you get when she gets fired and she makes its way to put food on the table you know it's one thing to Eric you know little white lie you know once once a month yeah I get it but it will ask her if the sun as. Baseball everyday then that's it you know does take her run. And I've yet to see a photo. And as of and here's the Texas says it's the Bible way that Texas says just cover for the guy wealthy. Mean that like five like a limited time thing and that apple had no problem but if it's if a couple times a week. That there's going statistically speaking there's going to be a point at which someone asks you where Bobbitt yeah but yeah. Dazzled in a you know Hildegard words. Around the same age. The game and I really elect an alleged playing older man the days of cutting someone a favor or break. At risk to yourself. But they bite you your boss wouldn't send you down the river and fire you. And I'm not back in the day back in the day when the barter system you do me a favor I'll do you a favor of the Basel. You'll do to blossom favorite yeah Basel do you a favor and everybody gets along great those days are over he thinks you backed errors you don't get moderate. You think about you know like they did the depression the police are under you know guy. You you know back in the day. I mean I had a great story and I am aiming we don't know where we're literally you know it was my first training camp via and we were literally lost to me went up to Tobin Bridge when they have decrees he circled on the mat. Police station there on store drive yes and we went around and we went up this app connect what are we went up what we went up to Tobin the wrong way. A Boston police officer stopped us because he was coming into Boston we are going the wrong way. And he's like what they have for you guys in order where we're three kids from Canada via going. Worth trying to get back you know idea to where we've where you were going training camp hotel once. And he literally. Turn this around or just back around the circle took as a direct wearing drove us all the way. Out today at the hotel now is that I don't get it to happen today. If that ever today that guys that police officer would be fired and his family be screwed. You know I mean I do you know I a and I understand it don't get me wrong and you know I don't want you lose a year year incoming and yeah. A text or wants to know if this guy is the state troopers I don't know this. I don't. Think he's salary and on an overtime. And it is I don't know this taxer saying that wears I guess they must be it baseball and there's school. Baseball game sevens. But maybe it's. At least for practice making them in his nickname is of me when there's only a month. Left of school to scrap it and when they third base all of that school. I mean. Here's the tax that says LB's right that was a good story but a was there are sarcasm font yeah. I am. Admittedly it he's and the text lines down. At the problem if somebody says what elbow it's excellent that. I again I mean I think above all they don't think about. Bars that would like UN underage and not even more able occurred yet.