HMMS Hour 2 - Tom Brady Chugs a Beer 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th

In hour two of the Hillman Morning show we start things off with LB’s first Sports Minute of the day, Tom Brady reaffirmed his status of G.O.A.T by chugging a beer with Stephen Colbert last night, Hillary is in India explaining why she lost… again and Nancy Know it All gives us her take on a wildly inappropriate trip to Florida.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now Adobe didn't just get up and I think with the WAS. Sports minute. Brought you by I doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew the prestige my hair doctors who masters have your restoration call 1800 get here. And he swings it drives went high deep to right senate failed let's put it well back and it is god. Over the right center field fence first why aren't there was hit very well despite the way that might have been gone anyway. View. I got a lot of you know it's baseball season when mayor Joseph he's the bass. Plates wired as you're going yard sand that we don't talk to dictators in the wind after blast gives. Allowed seven hits there three runs. And the Sox beat the GA sixth ward today again Sox wins or its act together via today. Sox twins tomorrow. As the fellows relax. My droids come and knock the go home and home split which goggle gains. Blacking cooled down in Raleigh tonight 7 PM marked drop it and the Bruins it was they're what but he seems to be stepped about. Photos to our kudos to old B Alex Ovechkin staff members 600. It becomes a point here and each dollar to hit the plateau just sort of political. I've. Day eleven NBC SN with the caller and the capitals are. Like her bronze with downs and not to have nots is playoffs or just fifteen games away Celtics are off today. There and other banged up they host the worst morn I tend. Orlando Friday may for the home tilts forward dug down tight races all broke from the season. He blue waters ministers she's got a job mean season's second. Behind the Toronto Raptors in the Atlantic the big dance begins Thursday it would ground one play. Plane tilts tonight ally you Brooklyn adverse is Bradford saint Bonaventure vs UCLA Wednesday. North central Texas southern Arizona State Syracuse UR I. Has hit Thursday on day one of big dance PC Texas sand around. Friday for their first game and chasing the dream of women's bracket was so last night I UConn no surprise number one Mississippi State Louisville Notre Dame or the other. Hardee's and the Dali lama's from one begins Saturday. Saint patty's day lord believe he's the NFL legal tampering period design. Broncos won vikings free agent quarterback please keep them easily get a page in half. I mean Jimmy drop 427 million dollars so I've got to believe he's your house for at least forty. And I experienced this earnings begin to moral the dolphins are releasing Ndamukong Suh. Pictures tackle Nate soldiers being hoarded by multiple teams and everybody. Believes that the patriots should think that dude because in that way back to number twelve. And obviously there are sportsmen. All right Obey thank you very much it is 705. And the Hill Man Morning Show is presented every single day. By echoes store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. You see Brady chugging Beers with even cold air last night yes now. Com I didn't realize this but a Twitter follower of mine pointed out and I remembered it. At one point on the show in the past. The aforementioned Matt Light. Had discussed the ability that Tom Brady has lied my best the I had is when it comes to chugging beer and then he came out chug. He would be without chug the linemen wow this is back in the day demand is and accomplish appear charter but let's take a listen to Tom Brady. On waited until their last night to what to watch very. Want to. Why do this again this is a we did easier read this or return and I don't know if your competitive guy. The kids I remember a time. The all right okay we spill. There was no. Was an avocado IP. Titled. It is amazing. Isn't wildly impressive watching it just drain it and act quickly second I'm always amazed that people can do that guy can win anything it doesn't matter if I don't work in a competition he's anyways wins he just winds. All they want uncommon champions. What ports through quicker it is going to be sometime early impressions though with. Healthy and really has he could have like a gallon of the year he opens that in his throat and it just got. God I I literally dig deep and watching him and I chug along with the majority idea tomorrow and Danica five times have you replayed I wanna go. In side. The war to female brain for a minute and I wanna. Ask you about something that a lot of people are talking about today and that is. The comments. That mrs. Brady made. In the final episode of calm tempers his time. In which she talks about how. Tom would like to be able to go to work. And two have worked be fine. And to be. To be appreciated the group and sell a mental test of the character. The audio from from the final episode of commerce is time. And I'd like to know if this is some kind of a random shocked. Fired at the bow. Anyone in particular. On there that. At one patriots way you're not here's used as well. These last two years have been very challenging for him so many ways. And I think it's just funny how if he tells me I love so much I just hung on the tour action should appreciate and have fun. That's what it is where and a half sleeves my audio look better but that and with respect. I got the better path of progress that common made bio life. Very much sound legs heads. Obviously no one has spoken about the reported on wrath you know within the organization and Tom is a very amicable. He's not the guy that's gonna bring it up he's gonna go do his job. If anybody and some of asks him about it he's gonna Pruitt and move on and this is he's just glad we're merit competence right because Rick is the guy cellophane and we're like. Well I know you don't wanna say anything at all faith something at an age trip to the complete DB. Maybe there's somebody down that maybe it's just of the food isn't. At the level that he wants. Yeah. Why not feeling of yeah I love pro athletes' wives of police are part of the pro athlete. I'd you know the Bruins wives that are married to the Bruins players believe they're actually Bruins a day. They said Tom Brady comes dollar goes of those addicted and she's our the I get a lot. I don't blame for you and I gotcha I've got your back. I'll tell Bill Belichick what he needs to be tooled. I don't think historically it goes that well when she speaks for him. Well it's not related at that there really go out well he did the passive aggressive and filling in net your own leisure kind of things that. Just to go to work can be appreciated. Obviously by MI not saying anything out you know that you know I don't. Past couple years that have not been that great and I'm not that been not been that pleasurable. All right. Well it is 710 and here on the Hill Man Morning Show and we are in the middle of the winter storms Skyler. By the time this is all done later on today one two feet of snow will have fallen. The concern with the power outages is mostly third southeastern Massachusetts. And of course there is good news in all of this today and that is that the tides. Are not expected to be that high they were only going to be about a half beats though. There is not age there's not a major concern when it comes the coastal flooding today able keep up to date on all of that hand. In about twenty minutes we will get to Nancy. No way at all on the Hill Man Morning Show and we're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back at eight. So if you wanna leave a voicemail message on anything related to the storm or anything related. My best beat Tom Brady in his beer chugging abilities or any other topic film hell voicemail number. It is 6177795463617. 77954. Or 63. Only. Not have to be at work today which is always a bit of double edged sword thing because you realize that you're not. Essential that word we are here we're here for you in the middle of the storm and it's getting bad now visibility wise. Here. You're unable to see outside if you don't have. Maybe you live in some kind of a cement block. Home or something like that area here you know that that's. The enemy and a decent. This though is the snow is following it and the we're getting to the point where there may be some blizzard like conditions out today's weather. Is brought to you by the cold music call in Worcester and snow continues. For most of the day and into the evening and this will be falling at a rate of one to three inches per hour. By the time it's done. Accumulation totals will be one to two feet of snow. In the area and really the concern is mostly for southeastern Massachusetts. There are. Power outages. That are already being reported and the wind gusts will be the issue a little bit later on. We will keep you up today on all of that rest of the week is looking good until we get. Another nor'easter there next week so it's our exit. Another snowstorm coming next weekend and opening day filler add sacks is sixteen days till day early though there's some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm forty degrees so it'll happen if you want the if you wanna be on this morning you can call. On. Framingham for a studio lie in that number is 617931. All one AA before you can text your comment to the tax line which is 97. 107. I'm we're gonna play your home male voice mail messages back and bouts. Forty minutes or so. The home male voice mail number. Is 61777954. Six theory. So I was walking back into the studio earlier and I had to shuffle pastel because it's a little tight in his area and I gave him an unintentional booby rub yes and I was thinking it was probably going to be an HR issue in their eyes it was LB I don't know. God blessed women who have really gigantic. Oversized chess because I don't know 18 from that and yes. I I don't marrow or your Mike is our. Are there per I don't know how you handle that in certain situations I would imagine it gets to be exhausting. There's. A woman is through England. Has 38 HH. Boobs on why I call us to get the latest. Her name is Rachel Ryan she's 26 years old she's at sec because she wasn't able to breast feed her two children where now six and five. Because of the fact that she was afraid she would suffocate them with her giant use what yes. You're kidding me that's correct while he's had a great and it's gotten Peyton Manning is cute kids and he's got 38. Double features some got to be a big woman should be a woman is there's a little bit Elijah. Now she has selected to undergo breast reduction surgery. And go for a more manageable 38 double. She's had problems with sciatica. Neck and shoulder pain or is also growing hump on the back of her now because we see as the chant at the curved spine. LB still woods. I'm pretty well on a Saturday he's done. WA AF dot com please of the WA champion she's a thing yet. Narrow the brits are known the group you know British wanted to know if they're big groups and in front rather I mean mom mom Jenny is tiny little thing. Massa Brawley's. A personal. But if Rachel talking about the issues. And I have confidence thing. Do my boss confident the baby faces that the babies who enjoyed feet in front me and two they were associates and he didn't have pain so they kind of stops and want to see Khamese I have to say something to. Now. What the some women were texting in asking if they can have what's left though I appreciate. As the. I just excited to get a brass for adoption and then and other us tonight let's. I don't like I've heard again none. Or Nicki. As our party. Understand the part about smothering children anyway I mean she just doesn't irrational fear of that are. And you can't sit here Canon. Leaning to a certain site or the bopping moves I mean you know pregnant or breast than a human. And. That's eyebrows fed several animals. I'm elected on right now. The act it's fear that there is that here that you make wish to hit a good logistically it's hard to maneuver around you put on hold. Program did you rubio debate booze bad back dragnet. Yet on. One of a surprise the size of an infant and yeah I mean Middle Ages in math there's this enormous. And a and it's gotten well. Here's 781 tax from somebody who used work we view. And you also accidentally. Rubbed geared. So death. And I thought yeah that's the that's the that's at the fight to the market will. Caiso knocked on the list of sauces during starts madness. Is it really did not aside and unlike fondue wraps yeah apparently decided on knew was right on Saddam. And. And then they'll just reminders. That you have a few days this week. To fill out your Sus bracket. It's my obligation as these are of sausage eaters in the commonwealth. To put to rest any further discussions. About what the national sauce champion is and Shelby so. You can fill out brackets. IBM and notice here raising your bracket up in the air does that mean you're done. Yeah I'm done my doubt in my final eight enough for you wanna meeting go well I mean I tell her days to when it off. You have burn days when he at all I believe Mike Hsu as honey mustard. And all ages. That's a sixteen seeded Butler well maybe now maybe it's an eighth seed on the mustard. While with a Kazaa and all America loves their chicken fingers the Mets are now but then you'd think buffalo would land like you did it mean buffalo has more of it if it's a chicken related sides. Buffalo as a more of a chance of advancing in the honey must does spice in his of the buffalo takes a slightly at the main. You do you really good call I agree to bury your iPhone you know I think the sleepers are going to be. But little barbecues the all of the different kinds of barbecue is like to Kansas City but when you very narrow and the barbecue yeah. Castro. I did she's ways as my Cinderella. Yeah. And who doesn't organ yeah Peru. Who does agencies were sandwich you can earning the posterity and we're on cheer cheer him he didn't mean mixer where apparent murder. You can use it as an a pox there. And a yeah its battle aside you're Trenton below or paste. Delicious bundle. Well. Let's get to the news and now we're gonna get to Nancy Nolan off. And news. Is brought here this hour by. Rocket mortgage it's simple thing you can understand the details and be sure you're getting the right mortgage. Is it rocket mortgage dot com today license in all fifty states equal housing lender and MLS number 3030. Brought to also my mid state got over this march once again mid state at having their exclusive three for three event. You wanna miss this call them today for more details mid state auto group route twenty in Auburn. Clearly Hillary Clinton still bitter about not winning the last presidential election. It's months ago well that went out of Don lemon and a and an 800 let them down to bring you hate to break it to Hillary but the election's over. We're not going back it does validate this is not the driver recounts. She lost the election she's in India is that where she is. That's correct she's a good idea she was giving she was involved in the discussion at the India today conclave on sending here's what you say about the president and a few things. The map that the United States there's all that red in the middle where trump one I win the cold side wins you know Illinois Minnesota places like that but what. The math doesn't show you. Is that I won the places that represent two thirds of America's gross domestic product so I want to places that. Are optimistic. Diverse dynamic. Moving forward. And his whole campaign make America great again. Was looking backwards. You know you didn't like. Black people getting rights you don't like women you know getting jobs you don't want it you know see that Indian American succeeding more than you are whatever your problem in does. I'm gonna solve that having someone run for president. Who voices though moos. Ideas who reject so much of the American story and our values. Was also the underlying cause as well. I gotta tell you she has lost well I mean it happened a long time ago but this is the problem in a nutshell. These people are so out of touch with our with every day America should things that she she's such. Oh lead us. Overt. Educated. A nude in east coast's. Lived with that she has no idea what normal rest that the country is like middle America. I mean she's just completely lost her mind and it. It's due to get the part of the speech where she talks about how the reason she lost is that. Man. Wouldn't let there there women. Vote for her hand carried white women Democrats to not do well married white women slaying Hillary and she says it's because husbands would let their lives vote fair. Democrats. Have been losing the white vote including white women. We do not do well with white men and we don't do well witness Mary White women. And part of that is. A need an identification with the Republican Party. And a 88 different ongoing pressure. Two. Votes the way that your husband your boss. Your son. Whoever. Believes you should. What do you empower women are so neck from right to believe that there are a lot of women out there. Cool are sold. Subservient. Sixes they're man that he helps them out the vote. And whether it's the bosses the husband that he is out there telling them. Out of vote that's ridiculous I was once you get in the Booth you can really just. Anybody cannot nobody else seems. You know that all argument whatever maybe you're in their by yourself. It's it's guests. I don't really it's like that union thing I was wondered about that would be unions voting for this particular person. And he's and it's like while high you know once they get it right you can do her door and I mean. Gosh. So I mean Politico. I think it's funny as far as it used speaking in India it's yeah I didn't care this I think they go where more problems and then Hillary wars wars and why she you know god beat out. Like saying that in India does she think. Nobody's gonna. Hear it on the other side knows world she asked to go farther and farther way to find people who are gonna listen to her because she. Said it now for the last six months. All right here's the taxes says Hillary Clinton just man's plain. Old man explained. I'm explaining happening yeah our yeah. Let's see here is a Texas says Greg this shows how out of touch you are. Why you married women in the Bible Belt are absolutely subservient. To their men tiger. What's that anger at that two point you'll agree with that didn't elaborate a little bit and it went at it there is some some women the. And exits than that man is the head of the household legal along with what what the husband says beat his. He rules the roost and on the devoted and obedient wife and so the husband you believe that there are a lot of people. And a lot of households in the country where the husband tells life to vote not a lot and I know exit. I don't get into this I don't thickening it's an explicit direction I think it's falling in line where by the husband feels one way. So the white says yes that's how we feel on the south and just goes along that it's not like you know. Winston. Tether bury the fifth comes home and is like dialing you'll going to vote full of Donald Trump now that's the end of oh lead policy. Here's the tack 774 at Texas says there were women who actually divorce their husbands because. He does he voted for trial and error. I did any man divorced their lives are voting for Hillary. Let's see. Here is a tax that says is. While she kind of just was Danielle be honest what do you think about what she said. I mean I don't think it's like. And the ruling majority but I think it happens Willie that does know she said that she was saying that's why she loss. Kicked our honeymoon effect so I. Commenting solely on and the heat the observation. That some women made me do hello Mike. I'm Laurie Garrett Prado and what's up my. I look forward to comment on that and being part them yet again. You're talking yesterday about how OJ you know believe some of the nonsense. And hit. Fabricate these things and it said. Just like sociopath or not that that you not either their pitching is kind of a similar person I mean. She she is literally deflecting. Some of the issues that are going on right now where there are things coming out about her paying money for a dossier on trump. In regards to serve collusion with Russia just trying to rarely. Campaign and using stuff like this to deflect it because she actually believe the parents that there is what's going on. Yes I think probably. That it's very difficult. To lose an election and that it probably spend an awful lot of time if you're Hillary Clinton. Convincing yourself. That you didn't lose. Because your voice is like nails on a chalk board to a lot of people and because there were suspicions about. Though way in which you conducted yourself with years. With the you're you're confidential government emails and years. Your deeds of the past that your Whitewater. Business dealings and and dollar estimate so you do probably come up with a excuses. As to why you lost. Why we're here we're no career politician you're always dig in right there always shorting you know Intel on there and they're dead people would grab onto it to keep him again. And so it's you know she's across. You know across the world. Talking and stuff that means nothing period will what do you think they'd be Indian politicians are certain they're going really. You are right. That gave that callers right though it is crazier than OJ LB data like in the news segment that we will be on the shows crazier than OJ. Courts unfortunately a duel on who I mentioned that she had a slight do you like incidents where she fell losses over there right. And I. Lucia sandals you vigorous I think it lets you check the Santa flashy to school I think. Those weird slippery stones that is Hispanic Cotter at the Texas up on the flip flops and a T did look like the gardens not she had to earn and I think she's. She's had some issues smooth blocking hello hello Dan. Yeah a great organization although the cause wasn't home that. As you did she did fault lies since but she's she's okay. And month hopefully her health care works while she's over there in India. I let us get to this she. Every day. Subversive activities it was more. It's time to ask. Yeah. All right. I email. At the end of the week last week from a guy who listens to the show who of course as always during Nancy Nomo won a tournament anonymous but. I'll read it verbatim for you I am a pharmaceutical. Rep for a local company and yesterday. My co worker who is 829. Year old woman. Told me randomly that she was going to Florida this weekend to escape the weather. As we discussed it further. She mentioned that she was going with the eight client. A large. And and as they started to discuss it whether it sounded to me like it was something that was wildly inappropriate. And that we do have a policy here work would regard as too accepting gifts. I'm wondering if Nancy no it all things that. I ought to inform. My sales manager about fifth and I'm has been by AM Lou. B now is it possible that she just has the very generous. Not client nine who is as he definitely has tilting the eyes I don't know what hole. Clear and out of out of a welcome these larger. Well and I there was no salespeople since the beginning of sales and herself a client that. Though it is it not possible that the they're going is platonic friends the floor to get away from the winter storm it and my alien like and its highly. But you don't think I wouldn't get in the fans don't care. Kennedy you you have no way to prove that anything untoward is going on and then you're just gonna look like you know. Arsenic eight Ambien McLaren thought she separate conference has not recovered and then just gonna say that now you're jealous that she's young and she's doing well and whatever it might be. I think that there are other kind of crafty ways that you could. Hint that there might be something appropriate going on mid conversation if you wanna purchase a passive aggressive manner Eaton let something slip in front of someone and they like. I'm Irish out of Florida last week house built from mechanical alleged devices. Could you had a memorandum that I wouldn't I wouldn't you know I wouldn't have to sit down with the boss just yet. Well it's kind of unfair for him. Because he can't go away with that the dug this though doctors well maybe the female doctors about the taken away on a trip to Florida and defaulted on a minute there it says a man so the so he should not your advice is not too informed the sales manager. But maybe him about it so it can't about it a little bit when she gets back in the meeting like point out that she hasn't and then and ask her boots you at the Florida live there it's a committee she posts on social sham wedding and then the trip and the hard work cutting hair that's the water cooler really. Yes I did I can't believe they don't fly at the same time as the little from northeast to bison back cheering them crazy and you guys stay in the same better align the. Did you have French again this thing together and begun a chaplain muted than their. The 781. Texas says I don't know if you know or not. But these pharma reps are all smoked stigma that oh yeah for the eyes. I of all offensive women that I know actually even dues that have worked in the pharma sales industry they've all been sure attractive. Here's the Texas says maybe there are discussing sales performance on the debate which maybe. That's where there have been guys that take. It. Nancy no I'll says don't get involved and mind your own business. Make some kind of a random comment or two that might lead the sales managers to investigate further why she went in Florida with a doctorate just bought four million dollars worth the moxie go down. Are right. It is 743. And 2 days Hill Man Morning Show is presented in the middle of the storm by Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Yeah conditions. Seven. The degree hopefully you're someone who is non essentials and your Holmes well. Big gigantic. Last saw hot chocolate and French toast gotten out of powers on and you can Netflix and the old. All all morning this is Steve here on the Hill Man Morning Show framing him forward studio line what's going on Steve. They got so bird yeah. The pharmaceutical rep that is he's to the appearance of not. Conflict of interest and wildly unethical. I mean black eye opening she opened the company up there are huge lawsuit. If five that doctor Everett. You know sort oh it's a world. So I'll let me just get it really think about it parliament is mentioned before the break. We the oh win over any Mel during Nancy Nolan off from a guy who is a pharmaceutical sales rep. And his fellow rap a female. Is off to Florida this weekend with the A customer doctor guy and he felt that he ought to. Informed the sales manager about that because she's not sleep with him. She's sleeping with the doctor what I see I'll make an iron five years and had a program. So you're saying that these are you saying that he has an obligation from an ethical point of view. To inform the sales manager and an arc this lady out. I mean. I'm gullible people who wouldn't you know with a lot less fight. That's. If you care about the company's work or that you don't want the company get sued. To mean that says ethically. Corporate wife bad but. That move you can make. Do you think it's weird that the doctors carry on is just what we'll see Alice and the she's a Viagra and a I mean that's an estimated eight today that's yeah like eight are right well who wants I don't even Ratner I mean. Yeah right and that doctor doesn't care a month apparently now. Doctor doesn't care that my kids I mean maybe but I don't think he wants to be the guy who's gonna go ahead and and be known third Nike the poor woman out. Pharmaceutical companies like the music business way back in the day and lobbyists and they'll do anything to get you to Italy suggest a sample to a public courts that's a weekend on Hilton head goes like luxury box tickets to the Red Sox or wherever else it's all about. WA FC Murphy madness is underway and that means that you get free drop kick Murphy tickets every single hour every weekday from noon. Until five. It's oh another thing to do today during this storm both sides. Into watching your homeland orders or whatever you're gonna you're going to be Inge. Dropped speaking about pharmaceutical issues yes it. Carried dying here. Her anti depressant drugs in the trunk of the guys cards. Are able arming. But anyway propped it up all of the dropped it shows at the house of blues are sold out so the only way in. Is to win. And we are giving away tickets every single weekday this week every single hour. From noon until six it is Murphy madness. And it is happening exclusively here at WA area. Oh roadways and looking like a ghost town out there there is hardly anybody I've not seen a car. On the mast pike east. In the lasts. Seven minutes artwork of boys do mirrored their job looks like everybody is most most everybody's staying away and that is what the governors and the mayor asking mayor joined us during that 6 o'clock hour and was asking that. Last year pharmaceutical rep and you're traveling through warmed this nation that. Use data on and he would don't go to work to. So why some birdie at Lehigh university in Pennsylvania. Has been ticked off campus. Through May have 22 when he alpha high Omega. With having some of their pledge activities or reviewed after the recent allegations that they had. Forced. Pledges to undertake a scavenger hunt ya that involves. I'm guessing that the things that they were scavenge in four or werder I like the normal run of the journal scavenger hunt items as well what the university says is that the sorority hosted a scavenger hunt in which participants were given a list of tasks that involved the use of drugs and alcohol. Sexual activity or other activities including the indigestion. Of of various. Food and liquid items I'm trying to find a list of exact specifics of what they asked the girls to do. Every article efforts so far has been pretty vague but I'm I'm intrigued to know exactly two. What they asked them to do with regards to this blanket statement that the university made. So there was investigation done by the national. Bill organization now for coming out and then they went to Lehigh on their own to conduct investigation and then the school decided. The source the authority will be placed on probation for two years. Not rally is not only the frat guys it's the sorority sister aren't sure well. There via. Now this that ate it and never say obviously can't get away as much now about hazing regulations and whatnot that went does the one of the two semesters but DePaul University. The stuff that I saw. Like for female friends of mine have to do you get and sororities and I was like well it's just weren't credible weren't in a sorority I got pulled out of rush right before the pledge parties because my GPA was now.