HMMS Hour 2 – “Take A Look in the Mirror” 08/09/18

Thursday, August 9th

This Hour we have LB’s Sports Report, we find out the reasons why you’re still single, Stow 5-0, The Beginning of Inside the Warped Female Brain and more!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only saw the pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Leftovers in there. You're bull list there is your crab Rangoon yes here it is area he stripped the thing is years years pork fried rice and call. Of the Chinese. Yeah. It's a each and the Chinese in there and here expecting to pick the ones with the you're eating for breakfast then and I'm honored. You're enraged anti containers in the trash so that I should through the night that we don't know if it's her roommate or her boyfriend. But in any case they did live together though. She found that the Chinese food was gone. And when he got home she Houston eating the food he swore he didn't do it so she checked in iPhantom luckily she missed. And then followed up with this comment if I wanted to keep you. I would now off a global low warning night. So he called the police she was subsequently arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without its intent to. Shift job of carnival right as a man threw a party and may. Electronically. Over. What you say real quick we have time I believe but we're well we have commitments and then getting you view the tax code word for a thousand dollars. But what would geez what Chinese food item. Would you say yes experts. Holds up bass. On the second or third day as a left over. And vegetables. You really I don't I can't wrap my head around you'd eaten cold and you're in and yeah I love called right out of first must first of all love them. Pork fried racer any vegetable fried rice Jimmy Chinese food fried rice. Is not a secondary inaudible the item. Yes you at the same thing that he can't beginning the portrait resonance that both the spirit he kemba they have that can G old. Agrees with adults and analysts. Actually though I kind of he and a little just a splash of water to the pork fried rice helps steam it back in like it's drives people everywhere you'd you'd re could give him a prime Paramus mourner who are microwave and my little splash him and stirred up. Same thing happens with the that I liked via the sub gunned down main. That debt turns into it to Latin dismissed that just does not ever re heat to its original form. Lots of taxes are saying low mania. Zardari best thing that holds up and his best as well as the Chinese food and hot day like today and yesterday yeah it's cold or is Colleen bro main. Actually I don't think they know and then Brad what about. Here's somebody who says that general. The Woody Allen says so news Dallas general galaxies as general Alastair Reynolds. Oh what about peaking ravioli dispersant says that. Now nag and how it gets its company yak it's really dummies still Goodell that's draining a heated. I don't know exactly where it's supposed to be like robbery in easy and then. When you secondary internet's like light hearted and dozens of him. Second day egg rolls are awesome that is a 774. Attacks and sold cars so our cold chicken fingers according to that tax there aren't. It is 702. And this is WA AF FM and HD one. West Borough Boston. WEEI. HD to Lawrence and WW. BX HD to Boston. And now go eat at a good looks any stupid different with a WA AF sports minute. I trust my doctor Matthew oppressive doctor Robert Levin the masses and hair restoration if you're trying to be involved ladies guys. Call 1800 get here. When it rob. Walked toward the middle Bogart's as it steps on second closed the first double play ball game or whether it's actually there's six but it all. They and I 47. Games over 500. The model Boston ten and Toronto bomb. The big Joe Carollo welcome back to Iraqi devers as the Sox drove 105 over the blue jays stand. They'll look for another sweep often cannot bill taxman. Drove in three Brian Johnson was laser show on the bump and that makes it 81 and 34. The best team in Major League Baseball. And I yet didn't the knobs are. Third third third. Trying hard they won yesterday they're trying to stay with there have been nine back for donating happened. By the blue jays. Just a mere 23 and a half back helmets. I think it's unattainable hosts going to give up at one point an energy drink as a right where he started crushing Beers at the ballpark. Hey were you on on the field it's like you when you think you have a point to make. Forget about that that's just keeps going you like thirty games back yesterday and you never. I guess you can comfort them up and keep digging keep digging and opera so. Those are the good guys. Against Ryan now Brooke. It is a 710 starts and I turn now the knobs G Stanton had the Grand Slam. To be charge account for the Yankees last night papers the Redskins tonight football season is here my friends are more all they skim stance. So I wanna sixteen pre season and it felt tilts and I now check on your cable stations or if you have the don't. Package of yet watch everything well of course sell me now what what what broadcast channels that came on this evening. That's the it's these is that going to be easy it's OK I guess I if I remember correctly. Our great friend Rob Ninkovich will be on television for these pre season game so it. I want can gradually and all our pal mango. And certainly. I mean pre season is pre season. But. I'm certainly glad that the policy yet you address each number in and you know. I mean he hasn't he kind of took the off season off to do the family things and and you don't kill you don't think you wanna get their first series and now I don't you know because he's 41 million patent guys on the black. I'm gonna buy a cow light what about lighting guys up is that you know light somebody up the day. If they if they don't make catching now now skip and this is the equivalent of taking every Friday in July stuff. Now see these these that these these Texans are trying to get you down. They think he said gee Stanton because you don't know its first name Giancarlo yeah frank CE mailed it. I don't hate it I wouldn't. Who no one of the best home run hitters. In the and that fail yeah the it was a weird you're you're our guy JD Martinez. Which is bundling the dude from New York yeah Lou I'm not sure you're with me about. Because you yes. It's. In your face might drop I should stop the sports but I can't know about now the NBA in the cells open up October 16. And you love a guard Jalen brown these young guys who insults cocky. I was you know emergency funds no question about it I hate. Everybody's like oh LeBron economies although he did have a strong vote on these for the last seven years we've really got bonuses and Hamas that was all right he's not been assisting. And that's what unless there was a reality young guys who could really play and we didn't back down from nobody and we just came out played basketball and that's what we do. Had in the today doesn't matter we are the favorite and he's. Ordered predicted to win ten games and he's got that amount play. Of that kid by the NCAA staff finally woke up fair and are allowing the agents for terror college players. And players you may go big go to a pro camp that they don't make. The pro team they can come back to college and I mean that's that's a great thing. The PGA please round one of the PGA champ should go to Saint Louis at 2 o'clock on the golf general. And other Bruins game National Anthem auditions went down at the carton yeah today. Always say OK and you lose. Do you move. It so and he's. Eight. And the retirement of the iconic Renee rancor he sang the anthem at Bruins home games for for a decade who's got snow caves and I still. Good luck you wanna give credit on that reports. But I was and I got up next. That was from NASA OK we'll get a they have the reporter in there and they put it together and yeah we've got to I think he edited it and it's a pretty amazing job. Yeah and pets while they play 82 game are they played 41 home games they should soon. And it's probably 500 bucks a pock yeah and yes a real yes. That's good opens. His presidency. Those Saturday. Our guys news seeing thank you well being out Lyndon hero Harry I didn't it is Hillary is gonna show up to think. It is it's seven. Canned in here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Which is presented by echoes store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to to echo store dot com. If you're a guy and you're still single and you're wondering why. Researchers. Have determined. The 43. Reasons. That you are still. Single and as a public service we will share that with view next. And then we will get to perhaps the greatest. Still 50 call ever in the history of this though police. Responding to ridiculous. And unimportant and not dangerous calls or Watkins. From the stow resident so all of that coming up next on today's show. Numerous requests from workers and listeners. I have taken take control of the reins. Of this show this morning hits like. It's like Crimson Tide. When someone was attempting to seize the bridge do you call that bridge on a submarine nets are you. And a guy. So I I I listened. You you ask you tax the reach out on. On social media's and listen I am I've seize control. As the captain of this ship around and I've got and I've got strict control planes. It part of a talking to us the do you look at that. None on I had I had an hour. Yeah hysterical for a predawn saying you know there isn't a problem Abbas is more lenient view stared there when Terry around it was. Lighten up the locker room everybody's serve the floor. You don't wanna be that person goes. Wolf you know I thought. It has yet here's a 978 Texas says drag Ed that you thought you were done punishing children well yes it's. Danielle was telling me what was the thing you're telling me in the office this morning. About. Danielle said did you give Brees. Any last minute money when you drop them off Sunday apparently and I said you always you know as a dad he always want us as slip a little something extra. For airing on cases some mean people in emergency error that is an emergency. And you were telling me that there's new information. That a good portion of any money any extra money you give your child goes to abuse yes I mean this is not really a news alert a mass burial area and last time we tightened up but it's an area. Dead. 15%. Of college students reported spending their parents' money primarily on booze well that's if 15% chance that those little ones or rolling to a minute. I I cannot then I'll just cirrus. What is our kids know menu on the bears what is there a 105 the four cups of beer in a keg. It's so much that athletes are hundreds and hundreds more monitored fired yes spears sanitary. Facility to get it yet paying panacea. It's a pretend that's a puck down well you just get a Rolen has got to borrow your way into your party got Sharon Stone. Right and you're tomorrow jammed up with a bunch of girls and booby shirts. I want to credit to go where credit should. Ego because a 71 text there says. Nice job on the re entry team. And that's the regional line as we know that. Mr. issue and actually dean you know on the on the region lines so you you and attacks it says that it's now shoot this is gonna major argument which we don't have time for by the taxpayers says. That that is absolutely the best and that. That the band did on Brothers. I I do love that's on. Rates is one of the it's one of their best on it's that text it was here I go right to pull him in the chest I don't I wars you at a -- each had an answer man of war. I doubts regarding anything. This is the man on the Framingham board studio line what's going on Dan quick. Who you kidding me just what many things actually watched it more flat and that's a little extra idea that. When. It's cold that no malice like he was real yes Greece probably as zone credit card hasn't worked don't beat the houses on job. My kid but I I cannot get schooled guild are probably through room would you throw my three and I wasn't there is so much money you know me do you think I gave me 300 midnight and five and ten bucks they got. No listen. That my kids work during the summer and they spend that money. That they made during the summer on their expenses that are not covered by what eat by the ridiculous amount of money you pay the college or university where they went reached choose to go which. No I mean. You know you're item in your mind in my breakfast every thought the art and pay your colleagues to win shall I assure you scramble there. If you if you have we have a lot of a lot of you listen this show have young kids. And my old man advice T you would be. Immediately. Stop going out having fun with the year spouse or your family. Take all that money in immediately save for college by that because by the time your kids get college it's going to be. A hundred and 50000 dollars a year there and it is is Chris. We're gonna get to sell 50 a little while and if you don't follow me on this program. And you've probably did not see. Last night when I shared what might have bin. The the the single greatest still 50 call that was ever made by any residents though so. We're gonna get to sell 50 and go over all of the calls were made. It is the style police department last week a little bit but before that there. Is. A report from some researchers. About the reasons why you are still single if you're a man. And some of them are very interesting yet and sell. If your guy and you know you're you're you're pushing your. Rights of what do you think the average age of getting Mary's now it's got to be in the thirties that is going to be trying his must be a lot of suggested it might so. By your error here and you're wondering at any minute maybe you're in your twenties and you just can't he can't find a girlfriend. And so you're wondering why these researchers. Have. Have been able to ascertain during their research the reasons why you still are still single so let's go over who did this thing Elvis. Researchers at the university of an explosion in Cyprus Oka and Nate they had posted. Question. In erratic foreign guys wire you still single and they. Analyst at the result in the eyes and yet they've filtered it for people that were not willingly single and did wanna be in a relationship okay so they would need a 1% of men that they want and I wanna be I wanna be in a relationship the one percents who are delusional. And wanna be in a relationship okay what one of the reasons port looks well this is not heard one thing. Whether it's all this being shorts is greeted. Stuff like that that okay for Alexi you have mouth was the universe on the under here I was a part of that our particular brand. The number two reason was low self esteem and low pulse. Now you know it went in wow I was there ain't gonna you know feel good about yourself like the a number three was low effort that just not trying. I'm discouraged he and it could be laziness children's well there's so many other things to do like watch Netflix right so. So you've got to priorities you've got to put the effort yet if you wanna you wanna meet people. Pour flirting skills I thought that when it was very interesting. That no game. Yeah he got no game that I her. Suited you know earn an innate. And here are often not anymore I don't work on their opening lines. Or whatever. They often recently broke upper had a bad experience with a previous relationship. That they're soured island on the dating. Yeah here's 617 Texas says is working at Home Depot. And not having any toilet paper at your house on the list and yeah. No experience. I'll definitely serves you an Arab thrown yeah I comes up my gas 76 pack. What about tiny hands is that on the and he has not what else what's next no they complain that there are no available wind. And that's writers' thing. OK so the one the reasons would be that there. The reason is that the guys thinking that there's no yet here is an exception is that there. Settlers there there are available and in the course everywhere it is at the try to find them. Too picky. I'll share them I guess I I would get that there's a lot of guys who aren't they expected they're going to be width. You know I'm Camelot family Gradkowski right in right and you're gonna have to settle for her. A large Smith who you know are right lack of achievements and like job status career you know buying houses and LL. After April 11 the rapper and Tammy Arum right. Amenities he would dossier on everything you've done in the last eight years and we youth. This one's very interesting not picking up clues of interest. From the woman yeah so they're not good it deciphering. When a woman is interest in them which is. You know that's that's a thing that's become a real problem in light of the meat to movement that I think a lot of people are are especially men are afraid to. Make that assumption like it is she DT yeah. Here's a 774. Texas as reason number twelve. Sending unsolicited. Politics about the way from. I just got a text question. About that topic for inside the war female meringue okay. Rule which we rule we will go over. In about twenty ministers gathering during inside the war in Melbourne. What else lack of money. I'll. Everybody rolls on where this girl organized we hired we are discussing. Researchers. Who have determined the 43 reasons that you are still single if you are a man. And what else is on analysts they fear they will not be a good partner. Pride and beaten down by next telling him their IPO at they like they wouldn't be a good boyfriend isn't there a reluctant that relate to the agent try again there's NASCAR analyst NASCAR is not on the list interesting in that it and it's it is sense of humor and there. They don't have a sense of humor yeah yeah now that's not on there why social skills I'll let you know that. And the expressions. Are. What about they overheard this is 71 text. They overheard. There potential dates phone number law she was in line giving it to a cat sheared and that's an account that's from how could you hear that yesterday well that's the secondary tag yes yeah it. There how creepy is indeed the dollars. Absolutely flabbergasted. Now in case you weren't listening during the 8 o'clock hour yesterday this woman texted him who had been trying to. Rent an apartment here in the city and the guys that she was renting it from. She didn't pick that apartment the guy followed up and said he wanted to go get coffee wither. She thought it was creepy and then somebody. Had texted me and and said that they met their wife. When she was at PepsiCo. And they overheard her. Giving her phone number. For her rewards card use. And they'd later use that number that they overheard and and like wrote I would memorize memorize that use it to reach out and there are now. They're now Mary that's the one guy that worked for. The rest of her in jail and stop it I dig dug out a. I blows a save us if for you single guys out there when you're you're if you're out of a bar and people on single people still love to bars. If you you bump into a chair in years kind of hit you hit it off. The best thing you can do is. Ask for phone number and don't write it down memorize it because she'll think you're being really. Awesome. Noted that trick is you take their phone and say hold on and you call yourself I think a fair number of and it is next year right now Texan wants the note is being addicted to Star Trek is on the -- of every residents what are still signal you know another thing they did you know they are very sensitive about it is I think that the voting is devoting all data playing for a night on the on the low on the list of reasons lawyers still single judicial standard different priorities lack of time and socially awkward yeah all right well. There you go it is 732. Hopefully that helps. Speaking of dating ID 10 well during the 8 o'clock hour 'cause we got a lot to do this morning but during the 8 o'clock hour. Around 835 or sell wanna talk about science which has discovered. The reason. That online dating is not working for you so if you're somebody who is trying to. Meet your soul mates. On line and it's not working sciences figured that out and we will discuss that at 835. Today's weather certainly better than it was last night but look it's going to be cloudy. There will be some sign out this afternoon and at times today. Temperature is going to be 86. The current temperature is 73. Then here in beautiful safe. Brighton Massachusetts. And if you wanna Texas seeking tax on the tax line which is 971 on seven and quick heads up that. We are about half an hour away. From your home male voice mail messages so you still have time to leave one of those leave a voicemail on any topic stating order. Or or anything of the weather last nine or does it the first place Boston Red Sox or anything that we discuss its. Greg New Yorkers have their panties in a bunch that the national pizza hall of fame is opening. In Chicago road trip when is that not a bad idea dish pizza that it's gonna be opening up this week follow. Bryant Miller tomorrow yes hopeful. I could get to the now. We don't have time to you gotta get this they'll finally have a moment. Where do you stand on deep dish pizza and not office on Latin. You say socks socks now alone if it's done right you'll love it I love being a weary on deep dish pizza in a pinch and not an opt for a written you know not McCain's much dark like and trust trust gets to what you nausea or it's done right it's not a lot of Christ Donna tomato yeah yeah. So in New Yorkers are. It's because they think there at the day of the greatest beats and that they think they're great date everything about them is great New York. I mean. I don't know if Chicago is what it was dish pizza and American thing now Chicago. Though Chicago's in America. On might be up but was what it wasn't an American thing and was it must be that's and that's probably why it's the only pizzas. When you serve is an American thing I thought you were asking. Did somebody design it in California. Or Florida or memorize it and my answer analyze all of America now are usually about illness in Chicago I'll shoot. Yes that's it there yes. I now I have my way he how is governor gray. And they you can still keep on diet hey don't let the let us interior room. And according to the official cultural historian for Chicago Tim Samuelson. There's not enough documentation. To determine with certainty who invented. Chicago style deep dish pizza this is according to Wikipedia. A lot of people credited to. The founder of pizzeria or now. Now and to witness and gores there but I. Well we better do this. Demanding. And now following the man. Of law enforcement. A caller from Wheeler road reported that he saw an individual. On his remote. Security system in his home my kind the police responded the home secure on the dangerous streets of Greg hills home town the collar then reported that upon viewing the footage again he realized that it was an old video of him. From earlier in the week. This peace dove five. Our. Time now for a brief. Look at some of the terrifying crimes that have been either called in or locked in. To my home town police department these though police force and of course every week it is courtesy. Of these still and bold and independent newspaper and I believe I'm going to save what might be. The single greatest 050 call her ever laugh I have make a good idea and magazine human qualities you may want as you may want to discuss it. On Monday July 30 at 5:18. PM. An officer stopped a bicycle ist who did not move over for a fire truck policy. I. That's good meal would you want to respect do you better respect the rule I wrote as well yeah. I trust you Jarrett I hate that when when bicycle a school like flying into a red light and like hate. Yeah what. I came out of the side street in Newark illustrate that there be pissed yeah. That so they have to follow the rules of the rules of the road move. Over a verbal warning was issued oh on it's 6:54 PM. A caller from old wind dried. Reported that she believed her neighbor. Was accepting her Amazon deliveries and being asked. The police responded. The package. Was recovered from the callers neighbor. And given to correct addresses excuse me and it's taken my fat Beijing and not at all and I like it and cuddyer didn't live through neighbor on neighbor rage luckily. Right I was so I believe you are Jared just Peter Martin characters I can't imagine life gets them a guy that I used to move on as far as what they do I think it's more than one and thirty pairs. At 4:32 PM. A caller from Johnston. Way. Reported that one of his one of the residents. Was walking around in his underwear. People don't seek that the police responded. And the man was advice. And the name of the of the road. Was changed who Johnson. Port 52 PM. And wakin reported. That his rainbow flag and flagpole were missing song this was the third time the an outward and sound very tolerant now of radical paradox that's not right not bad off. On Wednesday. August 1. At 12:17. PM. A caller from maple street. Reported that a suspicious man was sitting in a beat up car in the driveway well. The beat up car was a suspicious part brownies and let's be honest he was being overly friendly. A meanwhile the barely got a job got to be friendly dances a high anymore some that. And assaulted. Yeah we don't know what was more suspicious that he was in a beat up cars though or somebody dared to be friendly. Neighbor. It is driving a Ferrari we are good naturedly about it five minute conversation. It was an if he was in a Mercedes was being do she would have fit right it. On Friday August 3. At 7:15. AM. A collar at the Bellini project reported that his dog swam in the middle of the pond and was getting tired. Now. I mean if I don't then. EU Xavier round eight the fire department responded in the dog was safely rescue LV they can get the Gucci loafers that's an adult industry in the war. On Sunday August 5 at 5:15 PM an officer checked the town beach and three individuals. Were asked believed. Due to an open container by an option of ugly emblem is that it got off the bridge. The rose ridiculous it is an amnesty and frozen out of it but there are mad at Rio. I think this rivals the man who saw a suspicious person. On surveillance video from from his home and called so police and then realized when he reviewed at that it was him on that on the footage I think this might be that the greatest call ever. On Monday July 30. At 1:31. AM yes a caller from Delany road. Reported that she needed assistance. With the baby that was in the car in the driveway. The police and fire and rescue responded. And the incident was resolved immediately. When the caller realized that she was having a bad dream. Wow. A real sometimes but I mean the fool who answers the why did that very real big gap between the night you call in the timing showed up and it didn't realize sooner than that it was just. Mean the only guy at its young age I think the yeah in England one that is. That is Ambien side one line I mean I'd. Kidding me. You take you mean to you to sleep mask and Moses irons. I'm sorry about that. So I was wondering if he's still the. And fire rescue were reimbursed for their efforts by the woman who was having a dream of I don't think they charged I mean if you get stock if you go on a hike. And you're somebody like me who should not be hiding on a mountain and get stock and that the rescue you. They make you pay for but I don't think they do in this in this particular I believe I saw a quote from alone in sheets that something along the lines of my property taxes pay your cell growth I don't know if it was I yesterday. Yeah yeah compared to the ambulances. And I'm I'm almost that's right here's attacks. That says what is the difference between that woman and LB seeing the blue haired person puts it the wind out not much greater than non emergent what is the fact that there. Again I saw offices throughout the average are marked I I have apologized Austin PG a multi helpless toddlers home my dad every time I see Gary. You know they're they're not a big forest there are awesome amazingly. It's hard to really serve brute. It is. Seven and 53 and days Hill Man Morning Show. It is presented. By Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to echoes. Seward dot com. Having trouble unlocking the mystery that. I could face like. They don't know that we overdo the theatrics there like swinging from the chandelier at home thank god you're ahead Donna to that may think. It's time to go inside the war and three. All right. Time now. To help you out if you are a man. And you fine the way in which. The female mind works to be confusing. You make text your question right now to the text line which is 97107. And Danielle who has that same. Crazy convoluted confusing female brain will tell you what's going on in there does not take notes. Here's a 50 wait texts. How much. Does having a great party. Mattered to Whitman. I'm 17. How important is it really it's important in the beginning is let's be honest they unions people with the first thing you notice that someone then know how to personality no it's not that walked into ordeal to their personality BC they're asked their ads their faith their eyes on active. The day. You know there are those people that demand that their partner is always in shape and went up when should it casts. The wrecked bond if you look terrible personality. When earth like if you open your mouth and if you come. It it doesn't go very far so it's you know it's important at the beginning beginning but I don't even though we've learned that the data bond and is really popular now asking for a friend yeah is that the bodies though that your in good shape and it looked good that's still important would getting hit it like it see initial like turn on thing is you get to know the person that I've people slide of that comfortable relationship does. You don't Kirk you don't do winery. You have an Anderson lob on and you know the person's character tree and you know whether or not they make you laugh and you have a big time in the sexist it. The 774. Or text I started dating a girl to make another girl jealous. It worked. She threw herself that mean and I left the first girl for the second. Now we're back to square one with herb barely paying attention to me what this is literally the scenario I described every time. When people ask me how to get out of the friends around. Eco data another check. The first one becomes wildly jealous she doesn't really want job that much. And then as soon as your attention goes back to her she's like. Let's get back to status while at. So I just unfortunately that's that's our where if you my wanted to reward your governors your fairly shallow. Is a 774. Attacks I had an attractive woman. Asked me form my number. At a football game this weekend. And I have yet to hear from mar. Why would she asked for mine number if she's not going to reach out she was drunk and forgot what name she put it under and I now. I've a lot of people still there this kind of a divide on whether or not people adhere to the old three day rule thing. Sometimes people wait because they don't wanna seem to eager. Especially where there are nine million ways in which you can communicate with people between text neck checked FaceBook instant brand Twitter. Now she may just be waiting if not maybe she's not interest that have sentinels on on. All. I do not a tiger or don't know I didn't my point on that is yes that that's the air units of guys so. He's bought her cheated and column in three days but he spent last time we don't three chicks at the bar report for a of his bunkers. You guys and unselfish. Here's the facts about the guy. Who dated a girl to make the original girl jealous yes. They say that's what happened Tom Brady is summer as soon as Jimmy eager oh is gone and gotten complacent you know I didn't participate. And any receivers in any in any activities. And SC. Here's the sad oh I can't. I want say is that says don't say in my area code and a girl that seems interest in me. Only seems to message me when it's convenient for her four when she needs a favor. I like here. Will it be worth the chase. No not and never changes in there those people that they. Bill they wanna see you when it's good for them nine when it's good for you ill there it's never there never available. But then there right on the horn and again asking question and they need help something something you have knowledge and that is not martian machine. And that's not an opinion that I would have done I would backed away from that quickly. It is 774. Attacks as we go inside the wart female brain. This chip I was texting but haven't met sent me a boob pick. So I sent her. Aid he picked a and she said this isn't going to work out because I don't know how many women you have sent your deeds do. But then there's the photo was taken just trio it hypocritical. First of all. Kick it deep and not on the same level so I hollered. Right now all I'm not on the scene out there for any guy. For any avenues losing your prime concern talking for uterine you're not you're your talking on every single completely. Could. Your reading your private. I'm a guy am I any guy that believes. A deep pink is a good thing. You're in we asked all right so what wheels and those two things are not on the same levels of well I don't really deal with the appropriate. You can really only goal like torso pick maybe but picked deep pick is not. Is not treatable with OPEC. You you may have also made the mistake and I find that men do this from time to time.