HMMS Hour 2 – “Is this a Summit? Or Some Sort of Promposal?” – 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th

This hour we have LB’s Sports report, Mr. Kraft addresses the Gronk trade rumors, an update on the North Korea Summit, Mantown in Crisis and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They'll be no had a couple bad. Tell you what went wrong wrong with the WAF. Sportsman. Brought you by a minor doctor Matthew look prescient doctor Robert Leonard the paradoxes of Brian Scalabrine. Andy yours truly. One from him means 21 defense. I fly. Is going. Red Sox take the how exactly did we senator Jones. It's. Good. Should one dissenter. Yeah I got a lot that I call army in NASA Iraqi devers. Benny and Fuego is spending ten the point yard the Sox are role again in Camden six war over the both of marble Rodriguez. On fire as well he's eaten one went six innings of two run ball. Today it's a through 51 pitch the finale of the three game series is the 305. Start and Chris still goes for the big guys we are one sweep away from the US open at the Hamptons shift our country club. Who. Jokes. And Mike burns and dads are he didn't screw that up Donnie swing guard Sweeney are ironing Ilya Kovalchuk I guess I'll. Coble jacare who. Was a superstar in the NHL are pointing game guy. Then went back to Russia to play in the THO nine wants to come back your 35 he's he's like an over. Wages and invest in time player he's a big solid tall strong employer who can. Can score when you mean to British 35 so we'll see what happens but he's. Was on the West Coast of San Jose and Elway and I guess Boston is one is one of his landing points as well. Hard reset noted Danny in June Celtic contract extension can you say. I wanna Max contract somewhere. The warriors had their third parade in four years old in Oakland yesterday. Captain Topper all be in the caps on the constitution. From street ripper. Oddly ended at the mall it was it was pretty cool and there was a lot of people. And how old we went off. What's up but it's we wanna say thanks for all families and for you guys think your life but I. Good horses that. I think again. Holes Brett said back to back right and that one. My thing before here I say about these it's it just I don't think we're not. And so please do. I. And they're gonna. I got there hasn't left side since. Songs like he should be fighting rocky. Is some kind of evil villain ask me. But yes well. Ovechkin desert I mean that guy is he's one of the grades and and I. They're real legends the absolutely deserved. Yes seven scoring terms. Our kudos to my by Notre Dame found belonged head coach Larry tribe strive C united played junior together. And he says coach of the caps and not good on him. For his first Stanley Cup title. The general gone the last two days of all Terry camp yesterday net stuff the real stuff in July. Former Bob Kraft. He was use he says no harm there's nothing more. With everybody over here rocks flying. Brady's fine the teams find him Sandra would be yards on. Everybody just sit back relax and enjoy and training camps coming in July I'm OB units and air sportsman. We can actually play the audio from mister Kraft yesterday you. Met with the media. And called the reports. That the bill bell a check wanted to trade. Rob Gronkowski. Hogwash. And I guess where I'm on your team is good people look. Just says so far. I'm sure hard. It. Idea of how you do. Training. There was never I was never in the worse it's just completely Mary. I think we have to be careful on source. People just can't come out and say things. As good about frustrating. Wrong. 49ers sure Tim Russert. There's no basis to it gets a lot of disarmament. But just one. Go on work. At today's events have matured that you all understand. That there's no truth. And I. People shouldn't be able to. Too much cleaning he's talking to you Derek the Steelers Graham. I'm speculating news about things that are not true old thousand as a bit of a long winded explanation their mr. rights too much information and I. I mean listen there are when you look at this kind of thing there have been multiple media people. Perot who have reported as fact. That Bill Belichick wanted to trade coupons and that Tom Brady intervened with mr. Kraft and said. That is they did that that he would retire now. I understand. What mr. Kraft to sing because. At that kind of report is irresponsible if it's if it's on trio. A minute it's true is married and why you always try to stir up trouble. I mean it's every it's real life I was flying Donald rainbows and roses down at one patriot place what I mean it's not you know you'd think that everything is all will orient than mine and everybody loves each other and it's a big Tom and bill love that's. Innings I gather at a time and they barely tolerate each other all of us I. I think ba I think you gonna I think Bob and Jonathan walked into the office and they sit down with their copies. And they are just high five each other that the rest of the NFL is a relevant. Why don't like that nugget if you watch ESPN I mean they didn't cool statement. An hour an hour we'll show after and everything you know with that with a win over the and a phone show us. On there it was just the patriots breeding and Kwan you can't you for that kind of publicity. Mean yeah I am I guess I mean. Didn't do I think that it any time. Bill Belichick is willing to entertain. Any possibility to do something that he thinks would make the team be better in the future absolutely. Let's hope so but I don't think it I don't know do you really believe he'd like this I was blocking a vote because that's what they're talking about. Do you believe built build dollar check the greatest mind in NFL or football in went on the planet forever and whenever. Would ever trade V Craig as quarterback or the greatest tight end in the game yet for any reason yes. Yes absolutely because he loves winning more as anything out absolutely Russell I'm more dressed children yes and if there was a way. To actually make the team better which I know sounds impossible. He would definitely trade Brady who's. Whether or not when I'm talking about trading Brady is good stocks are driving Rockwell on that we're talking about people being sent and his own app yet so so is there a better time in the game. Not from my mail now so you don't have to hundreds of dubbed the trade sector act I don't know and he yeah I yeah he's got a lot of errors shares it bought New York is dead body. Injuries. Is is these brutal I don't believe that. I don't believe that that would be his first intention is how can I get rid of Krahn. But I do believe that the guy is has done a pretty good job of looking at a aging players in greens in certain. Instances and determining that. He needs to do what is best for the team for the future growth growth that being said I don't buy any of this that I don't buy that Tom. I don't think past the was reaching out and threatening to retire from. Is that if there was going to be a trade it was discussed. Well it is 709. It is going to be sunny for most of the data today they're going to be some showers around this afternoon if you want to believe. Helm L voicemail message. A line. Rock and ballads Shaq and mister Kraft and and and Tom Brady can do that where you can leave one on any other topic right now. And organ player he'll Mel voicemail messages back coming up. At eight I promised that during the 7 o'clock hour I would give away. One of the two remaining pairs of passes that I have for tomorrow's broadcast at the miss bikini pageant. At thirty bucks pool and so I will do that. Coming up don't go anywhere. So I was out right now and that temperatures gonna get up in the upper seventies. The weather this hour is brought to you by Nissan intelligent mobility. It is sixty right now and their maybe. A shower or a thunderstorm around this afternoon. Nissan intelligent mobility is tack. That is changing the way you drive forever. But no matter how much technology we put in our cars will always keep you in the driver's seat learn more. About Nissan intelligent mobility. At Nissan USA dot com. Speaking of weather and and skies and and and spring and all that what that does anybody know what the fireworks were four in the city of Boston last night. I add me. I don't know. The rich birdied number picked it may it be wise and they deal was I don't you don't you know was it for the of the visiting dignity. Carries from Portugal that we've invited about I should be I'm so you don't maybe there's some I. But they weren't celebration of eastern banks 200 anniversary of all our anniversary options and there you go and hello to my dear friend Robin who works for. On Larry Allen traffic. Oh wonderful person and she's a huge fan of the Michael. All right act. She has and she has adopted a couple of kittens and have a condition called serve dollar hyper hate Michael Glazer which means there wobbling yes so they lie down in the little beds at night and basically. On travel my pillows real ID act is now I know we're speaking of little bits yes has the Saint Paul raccoon been placed in a little medical bad to recover from. His climb up 23 stories of a skyscraper he's probably getting some fluid right now hydration therapies as food. Obviously in great shape clearly. If you miss the start of the show. Danielle was very concerned. Anxiety filled in fact. Over the raccoon. That had scaled the skyscraper. In Saint Paul 23 floors up. And was perched on a lead each. Awaiting assistance and finally. Early this morning. That raccoon. Was lured to the roof with some cat food that smelled good and and the and the rack and has been. I'm Jacqueline has been safely taken away from that skyscrapers so. That makes Danielle very happy and it is 721. And coming up at eight where players don't male voice mail messages back. You can leave one of those right now on any topic. That AT and we will be joined by Richie Sambora on this show. One of the all time greats guitarists. Great songwriter. And of course now in the rock and roll hall of fame and everybody had. Had those speculated as to lie he has opened last Bon Jovi and whether each show Upton. And we'll talk to Richie Sambora about all that stuff now that he is. Has gone back and done that rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony with his old band and you'll join us at eight. And this morning and then at about 83835. Whatever it is asking attorney and your chance. Get. The services of a lawyer for no charge and you can ask any and all legal related questions with our in house counsel at 835. On this morning show. Tomorrow. It's the sixth annual miss but bikini pageant. Earlier a text or said how creepy is it. A radio show is still doing a bikini contest as if that was some kind of an out of the gates thing or more and more reliable. Adding I guess that's I guess maybe it's because. Of the way in which they changed the Miss America pageant or something like. May be and we were against to I'm a Moriarty fall worse and so maybe they'd stated they should not. Maybe we should not be doing them as key need that and I don't know I said again all those pageants never had a pool. A friend of geeky man who's right that's what I have an actual pole there yes is this answer. So I wanna give away a pair of passes right now I only have two pairs of passes left. And when you win you'll join us tomorrow morning and bring against. And Ernie shaft will be cooking throughout the day Ernie is good enough to let everybody stay and hang out afterwards. And though is god. Archives stuff set up. Did corn hole and Juan darts and all those kind of things and and you'll be able watch the whole entire contest of course. Yoga competition yoga pants competition will happen person and now get into the bikini portion of the of the event but if you are when we take the 25 collar. So those that. Those who are streaming the show. Or those who were listening on the app on radio dot com will have an opportunity to get himself 25 collar. 6179311223. Will win a pair of tickets and joyous third. The whole entire pomp and circumstance of the show tomorrow including the live performance. From steel panther. And if the if you want and there you only have until noon today. Get in and try to win 1500. Dollars cash and believe were up to fifteen. Contestants. So oh Leo will always have room for more so. You can and go to just submit your name and your your contact information and full ago. To block act WA AF dot com. That the block at WA. Half dot com if you wannabe contestants. WAS. Hill Man Morning Show presents mantown. Crisis. Well the actor with the world's largest natural penis gap that has ruined his life at the curse he's or else the other man. Who has the largest penis in the world. It is now saying that it is that it is the curse and it is ruined his life yes Jonah falcon is his name we actually talked about him. Five or six years ago he had an incident with the TSA I think it's in Francisco airport he was frisked. Because of a mysterious molds which turned out to be. He says that. His penis has helped in bed A Lister is an Oscar winners now comes to finding work. Casting directors simply won't hire him because of this issue. Award winner Oscar winners now let's delve in Abu if you could that it can you look up the list of the. Of best actress winners over the last few years and street analysts guess who or Cyrus non G I want them all as. I would passionate. Let's guess who printed McDormand let's yes let's guess whom he has that'd he says he's that'd. Now Oscar winners. Our military's highest for his shoes so hard now is amazing well he didn't say whether they were best actress or supporting actress. Or after that he supporting. Will he do what was your points and is that a is that the long dunks over there. No no I'll take a let's go back I'll I'll I'll rattle off a quick listed the best actress winners Atlanta Beers just if any of these resonate. So Hilary Swank. Reese Witherspoon a Helen Mirren. Marion Cotillard Ollie. She's lovely she's and she's very nice Kate Winslet. Hit a Kate Winslet Sandra Bullock. Now Natalie Portman toes suited to their well water out thirty. I would I guess we'll have to wait until he writes the book general Lawrence oh yeah it definitely was Jennifer Lawrence via maybe it was seven reliance but anyway he says he's done an interview with the sun newspaper online it's exclusive interview when he talks about how this has become a real problem for and. Do you know for haven't Virginia and automatically adds an edge to me that isn't there I think they just Google's search. Well they've and they come out of me yeah these objects here and I know from using my hand one. Sue can't cheat. Through the end of this and that is thirteen and a half inches. I'm quite figured that's. He SO seven circumference basically that's funny whenever someone I'm having such so button there Graham and it's sort of like to say wow this is like a limb it's not like Europeans it's like it actually draft him limb. Now search from ship circumference. That's the beer here a little bigger problem in that tall boy it's like oh my arm circumference pants and that's that's a 45. Seven into record bowl that's what he's saying that's the best and heightened air and there's notes that come with their arms around all around round around me that's Dario so distracted by the gigantic news slow. In his mind it has been a curse. I can relate by the way to have been very large that there haven't. Side law we feel bad for the guy don't wait no I mean there is getting all kinds of Oscar winners and a blisters and his life is miserable he says it's. A wanna congratulate. Cabin. Who is the winner of the passes forward to tomorrow's miss bikini pageant a Kevin. You don't powered U. Not bad now that. We're really input at all. Shock shouldn't you able to get that chaos tomorrow. Well I got to try and do that next time the next step has what do you what do. All of you or it. Electrical. Engineering all right. Well that's good in case anything happens with the water in an outlet or something tomorrow. Case the hot tub goes down. So. Wanna buried did have some sort of fire in their Croats variety show and a are at Lowell. We will see you tomorrow morning bringing gas and you hold your invited to stay all day Saturday. He's quite the posts when when it gets to miss bikini time it is the sixth annual miss bikini pageant. And we will have the whole entire thing lives. On the show tomorrow starting at six and certainly. If there ever was a day. Pay attention to instead Graham or Twitter tomorrow would be the day camp leaders though. Picture just do it now follow me and instead Graham Greg L 107 to follow me and it's Ingraham and I we'll keep up to date with everything is going on at the pool house one. Ernest Bloch junior morrow. Let's get to the news and the news at 730. Is brought to you by. Naples they can help your business with all the moving supplies you need for less like moving boxes packing tape and bubble world. Everything you need at low prices committee today for all your moving supplies in one easy step staples. Brought you also by mid state auto group located on route twenty numbered miles of smiles mid state auto group the best most fun place to buy a car. Alec Baldwin saying that if he ran for president in 20/20 he would most certainly beats. Donald Trump really yet not yet. Even though is busy with his five children in the sixty years only said that at this point he's very confident that he could be trapped. I can only think of a couple people like to compete term if I ran I would wind ups are actually when I ran for president I would win. I'm only saying that because people don't. People don't into the have a sense of who's. I mean somebody great commitment now. But I'm the only reason I say that is because I'd love to run for that kind of position. Only if he was running. As the sales trainer from glengarry Glen Ross yeah let's vote for that guy and so yes. Yes. Met him at the summit see this watch. Yeah Agee face he. He would not have been worried about anything with Kim John Money just would of walked in there and degraded. Kim John Allen about his watch and or about his vehicle and and Alec Baldwin's characters watch. They about a lesbian the summit. Did you have a chance yesterday. To watch the odd. Movie trailer like video. That the president showed. To Kim Jung on not oh my gosh was that. Yeah there was set up on the screen it was. I don't I would tell any time I don't. I kept here I am just asking how we showed too because I kept hearing sound bites about the president talking about an iPad or the church he was like hey check this out the unknown how there was a. There way he he he did I he showed it to him on an iPad Betty if you had maybe she shared on the FaceBook page if it if it has started orange. Share that everybody but it's about. It's basically like a movie America like a movie trailer. About how trump. And Kim John Owen. Could change the world would that put this summer now any actually showed that problem a that was right before by the way. I don't know if you saw this or not but right before. Kim John Owens security team. Secretly. Took the hand that that he was going to sign the agreement live. And replaced it with a another panic because they thought it might have been. It poisons. And Allen kids aren't show you know that'll wow the old poisoned and gas. So it's it's it's it's it's very on as I understand you know it's. That we live in a different era and there's a technology that can be put views at all times the tech. But did but the if you get a chance watch the movie trailer like a video that he putters that's weird okay is this is this summit between two. Supposed nuclear nations or is some kind of from Mosul it's seriously. That's due to propose to someone asked them to the prom you know well how you look I made a movie trailer. You brought with me. Alone who could. It's really. I mean they showed like all these different sunsets. And and and light water there or water effects in it and I don't really stop and it's it is it's an amazing video. I was crying at the end of a blow stuff. Good morning everybody. On can. Greg can you please for the love of god let's campaign and race finds the Alec Baldwin took black. I want this guy can run like that that would trump please I beg you don't run. I am dead and that data come out of Hollywood I've even got the perfect campaign slogan form let's blow it with ball. By the way obscure reference on the poison pen yes homeland. Get Smart a couple of quick yeah yeah yeah Smart. And let's you follow our whole. And it's fourteen hours. I wonder if North Korea actually switched it was the pen that has invisible ink in in light guy in 24 more hours. Can John Allen signature is gonna did disappear from the agreement. It's what else is in the news today Danielle. There's this controversy brewing in you. Named Kathy Boyle. Mr. Erickson about a particular product being sold at a local grocery store to clear soda it's called not. The cult. Panel faster. Nazi cola not a political analyst bow and OT. Yes EE Cole OK not these it's a deliberate reference to Nazi the company has other products called. Lane. And orthodox huge two months. Certain selling these products has pulled them from the shelves and that some complaints. And Kate did an interview with local news now about her feelings about India so we. There have been some friends over for a party and I saw. Soda lined up at Macy's and capital this looks really fun and I saw this one and I looked adamant about. What defense. As I cannot see cola. And someone said. Need to have a better sense of humor. And I thought now. Night you wouldn't need to have a sense of humor about I don't think it's a matter a sense of humor when six million people are murdered. That's not ever going to be funny enough he can powers because people are desensitized to things like this and I thought I don't want you talk to become desensitized. I don't doesn't sound like a brilliant piece of branding to me you know either. Maybe there's a little guys who would public kkk gotta make they got to make some money kid. It's I don't. There's a Landon he'd duties like. Well I got a taste like motor oil. And your. A tasteless it's bidder like a failed Soviet regime. And those are all terrible. It's the here is that Texas says next. Greg is going to tell us how they should be able to sell. Nazi cola. Just that they shouldn't well I don't mean I'm sorry it's been one reported stores are now that have been on the market since the early 2000. Wasn't planning. A big debate about whether it's an honor. I like and now here's another a lot of people are aggressive today maybe they're angry as we discussed earlier. Here's some news said. Played Baldwin's combo with his daughter no balls. Yes I don't have the balls to play the conversation where Alan Ball was aliens Donner I played on the show many many. Years ago. What do the voicemail by who I am I'm not advocating for Alec Baldwin to be president who has since schools of their child's. What you put it you're pretending that you never hurt yeah thoughtless little pig we'll. And years ago dude. Yeah okay so soul. It doesn't matter how deep you get in the school and part of it. I mean you hear your bullying your child at some point to get them to be better in your mind right you're trying to. Use is being able. And they'll but I just love people would pretend to bail on enables the Americans think else. My guy. Let's see this is the Ryan on the Framingham Ford studio line what's up Brian. Yeah get caught playing under order not to try. And it's a meaningless all kinds of people have all kinds of branding and marketing ideas and we'll see if this one works for them I don't let the market defense yeah right. Yeah the only time Nazi should be funny is when their made fun of law Hogan's Heroes yeah that's the only time. Here's a 508 texas' Greg you misinterpreted. The trump video. It basically showed Kim Jung won what will happen to North Korea if he didn't sign the agreement or just are no II and I didn't misinterpret it you. You are talking everything as gospel on the job. These TV talent on this week he's been a nightmare where people think it's different context when you heard this I hear from people like seeing all I heard the EU sent on the shell that. You plop plop life like. Little do you turn so isn't particularly in the arena RT I I starting now. Right yeah I mean I you know the intent. With the programs that try to. Give you the opportunity to charcoal gray on your way into work or wherever you're sending this morning because. It's kind of miserable to be up in the morning so often times there are things that. We would say that might be facetious or where I mean I don't don't take everything as as being the Bible inside and. And not actually that's small that's small blue transaction will make fun of feminist test self deprecating way we support him and that and and as I do we do as long as you're saying that I'm also not cheap. And I and I'm not one and I have on and I have a nice but it. Let's let's fix all those things you except for a minute why again I make length nice feet targeted at that button next hour. Next hour I. Another pair of passes the way the final pair of passes. For tomorrow's. Sixteen you'll miss bikini pageant. I am being holed. That. Michael in my home in May and will not be at the bikini pageant tomorrow and he wants to tell us why against Michael. You can let it. They look a logic what I've played it live I mean yeah. I will not be at the end of the doubt it. Are they yet play import noted all of the box exactly that we didn't have called you out there is out. Can we didn't read the article on WB peak at CBS bought that. On what you know what this article is not only compete and that can man put that in a way out and exploit. The whole life ground. He quoted an odd that one out of out of the vote. Collecting cash. Yes we talked about it yesterday and the shell and mentioned deal and I was wondering. This this guy and hall has collected a 100000 dollars worth of of discarded cans. And he's 86. And I was wondering if you could estimate in your lifetime. From a dollar figure point of view how much you have collect DNY. Yeah I timed batted it out what. But more than 5000. Dollars worth of can't you cannot be accurate. Now maintain it. I Adobe can. Us at the bottle no began their whole lives riding your bicycle around collecting cans out of the trap and he believed. And you believe you have collected 500000. Dollars went I didn't correct and. It don't retaliate they definitely have bought it went a little bit actually looked at the end. Yeah well being and want to look at the I've thought studio. There's not a lot of pocketed. Matt didn't decade but why not. Because I'm going to be I think belly ability. To get what they do about it yet. Out of today take. This will be even doubt it I go to. And I don't hate the player and AM will be. I walked into relied upon putting it at 8 o'clock today know that all of the Italian delegation will be invited to the public. A couple Michael Ball. I've told you cannot know it food ought at this expected in the wake up at at that point. No in high school will be solved all. He can't. I go to court that it looked. Up. All right can now is not I don't know I can't let it out yeah I'll have a nice night at 7:42 PM. I hope you had a nice night and coming up. How creepy is it and then we're gonna play aerial Mel voicemail messages that. There's some breaking news at 752. Which may cause a cluster of situation. And that is. That there is a swat team. A that is attempting to deal with a man who has barricaded himself. In his home yeah now. In the Phil and police are asking residents to avoid the area around college lane which is pretty close to 93. It's few streets off. Allen street across street kind of in that neighborhood that area reportedly man. And they they were serving a warrant to him he fled to his attic in barricaded himself and they have not revealed the man's identity or what the world explore. That's why does responding in multiple canine police units in the area so if you are in that area please try to avoid it monopoly studio that situation. All right well hope. Lee for that man if he does get arrested. He'll be put in front of judge David. Richard you own who is the I'm Massachusetts judge you. Release these the alleged Springfield. Serial killer is a reduced his pale. And let him go for a thousand bucks a week to get out and and hold women hostage. NASCAR's. And if some would kill some women have married and his grandma allegedly. Allegedly allegedly. We have an issue without judges here in the commonwealth which I believe must be addressed I don't know who's gonna that's. It's not my job. I hope at some point it will be addressed. Is 754. And where players don't male voice mail messages back and about five minutes and and we are tired going to stock weighted. The legendary guitarists the former guitars the Bon Jovi Richie Sambora. Who as a newbie and wit of his girlfriend. She's very talented she's extremely down her play with miles Cooper. Amazing guitar Poehler yeah she is the blue prints yeah and Michael Jackson she was part of his man. That was rehearsing for those shows in London before it really yeah it would Michael Jackson yeah yeah. It's amazing yeah she plea Ruth Cooper are non taxes were taxes those girls. Our area particular individual shows shoes owners this is rich oil rich. A look backwards. Not much this. On injured. Watched latest second skydiver. Yeah. You are and the greatest Bon Jovi tribute pan in the history of tribute bands are you kidding me. That's what you say yes yeah. And bond Jersey will be playing the after party once again. At this year's WA AF celebrity golf tournament down at foxwoods. Looking forward to it it's quite because I'm actually. Actually Chicago that we. I don't edit UK to just hit it competition and action by flying back that morning. To put this show and back out there Friday morning. Now you're not you are you what what do you what you're not the lead singer. On there are okay you still do you still have the same lead singer. Can we address the incidents in which agent to the stars errant cells hopefully. Paid your lead singer. Six 600 dollars to be able to use. His leather list. During the show and then there was on the air there was a near confrontation at the end. That was broken up. By Boston a former Boston Red Sox captain Jason Varitek to remember that remember. I. Number at Richmond when that happened are well I don't know I am I'm looking forward to to your performance and I hope you're looking forward to hearing Richie Sambora on the show and non. I jagr compared actually people who are channel added. Let gay it would play new port Saturday night. And people are getting my bat this sort says that you guys that. Are what we appreciate that. Absolutely the other amazed what you'll we'll see we'll see at the golf tournament and next week. You'll have the chance to win the last foursome. For this year's WA AF celebrity golf tournament. Gosh I don't it's got to be like or 24 or 25. Annual. Don't celebrity golf tournament so. If you win. You choose who you won your foursome and you get two nights of accommodations down at foxwoods GAAP. Phenomena that we take care of all are your food. And drank in most cases. When it comes to this golf tournament the drink is the seafood from for many for many people for many people. Got a and we also have we ever all that we got the big helicoptered golf ball drop happening so. You can buy a golf ball right now for twenty box and somebody's gonna win 5000 dollars cash. I have lunch. And usually by of course we know windy but. Keep texting and insane that was rigged last year yeah great with the last that that was the last thing I want it. Actually blizzard what what. Person that is investing in something so it's five green you can tell you when you sorry I'm so in my head. OK for five grand cash in my head is it worth it for me. Spend 10%. Ya. Because I know everybody I'll tell you spent 500. Yeah guys you were 500 bucks yeah so so in my head ROI in my head in my everybody. They don't know about the golf ball dropping seven or they're gonna grab a point either underground forty. You know maybe somebody you'll bring aid became drawn digit sixty. And I'm like you know. 500 to make five grand yeah I mean yeah and what happened and you want and so. To the chagrin of everybody except the bill collectors will immediately. Pull immediately reaching out trying to hold it. I can't beat gonna look at that but I guess I am a year you know I just wanna thank you need for alarm me to be a part of the show all. We canceled that whole tie thing. Are you on part of the shell you'd be a part Arnold John and I can't I have an idea that's so that is gonna be distributed at manual again after golf tournament but it doesn't look left by reporters about the born born born Jersey on Jersey yes. I get I get I get to barnstorm the ban that well of course yes I saying whenever I sing now living -- emperor or just get where a little bit concerned about the vertigo and I'm getting you'll Wednesday and here with your lives your you know as far as I'm there's -- face downward. But don't touch them with a touch. A yeah it OP twenty. Sixth annual running sixth annual night I don't and I don't look that'll. If you see me I don't look old enough to have a 26 year old golf tournament or 28 year old show or 21 year old daughter. I'm planning to start out you know January 12 with a victory that's yes that's true yeah I guess the idea that yes. I wanna get to how creepy is it and then double dip to Hillman. Hill mail here at WA AF FM.