HMMS Hour 2 - Storm Fatigue Is Setting In 3-14-18

Wednesday, March 14th

This hour we talk about Dr Stephen Hawking who passed away coincidentally enough on Pi Day, we talk about Scott Berry who was paralyzed from the waist down when a tree fell on him while shoveling and how you can help out the Berry family, Joe Theismann had an LB like saying mix up, How Creepy Is It, and a Nerd Report!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We do have to talk about Steven Hocking which will do after I give you the text code word. I also want to mention that. We are raising money this morning for a local family. Through the Greg gill foundation. And I think we can. We can all relate to this. Stephen vary from Roslyn bill after the last nor'easter. Was blocking over. Shovel his neighbors out there opted to go do the steps in the and the walkway and a tree branch fell hit him. He is currently paralyzed from the waist down. Family and Rosalind dale that I hear. Is very involved in the community he and his wife they do they do all kinds of things for the community. Two kids. Just heard and so he's he's he's in the hospital. We are matching your donations this morning. Up to 5000. Dollars and where are already over 3000 dollars donated that's hollering at you guys settlement so you can go to the Greg Hill foundation dot board. That's the great eagle foundation dot org. To donate this morning and and as I always say it doesn't matter if it if that's. Five bucks and boxes and twenty bucks doesn't matter we're gonna write a check for that family. Tomorrow. So we will will keep raising funds till the end of the show this morning. And we will match your donations. Up to 5000. Dollars and you can follow along. Which is what the foundation is doing. On our FaceBook page or on our Twitter feed or on mr. Graham or you can go to the Greg Hill foundation. Dot org it is 701. And this is WA AF FM. And HD one west robust and WEEI. HD to Lawrence. And WWB. Acts HD two Boston. Now at W all. Here's that code words you need to text in for your chance to win your share of 300000. Dollars. All right. Tex go to artist paint. He a guy and he became. Text that code word that this tax number 72881. Hand you have. An extended period of time to do so what do right now text. The code word paying the 72881. You'll be entered to win one. Thousand dollars cash and you're next code word coming up at eight message and data rates do apply Daniel Steven hawking has passed away. We just passed away in is it iron mere coincidence that he died on pi day I think it is Sierra it doesn't I think it's probably irony. Is enough he was 76 years old died peacefully at his home in Cambridge England Italy issued a statement saying quote he was a great scientists. An extraordinary man whose work at legacy. Will live on for many years his courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the world com. Iowans I don't need any once taught for me set a sports sports you have literally been corrupted by power for eight. Do you. And. There. Well that's he's the appeal of a physicist when he's on the Simpsons. Ask us something to be very very very intelligent guy I mean very very very very very intelligent guy. So he had spoke you know previously about. Is it after losing his voice he used to synthesize. A speech and decided that was made in 1986 when he stuck with it. Because he never found anything he liked better and people came to associate him. No bush that I use as a very old hardware speech synthesizer. Made in 1986. I hate it because I have not heard a voice I liked better and because I know I have identified who had it. It may be too soon. But is it possible that he took his own life because of the robot uprising. As an Angel here pregnant he has been warning us about they're a lot uprising and is it possible. That he decided that he wanted to get out of here before the robust ago he went on you go on the rule. He was the one he was the it was morning he was a really intelligent person warning about it. Hello Mike. Or what's up Mike. That would I don't. The definition or high if you guys want it. The definition for a par I am concerned about this it all right go ahead what. No this scenario saint dirty. I hear is anything that's. Roy with the bread at the same time by the bread be raw meat you are going to be audited. It it and it it has. A side by side. Where you might think we're getting this definition from well I'd better and Russia are thirty years. Old beat up then. Yeah. Not beef Wellington. I don't let them. That's notes Lucas you definitions Lucas and a crook out. Book about political. Arrests and the filling in that's yeah. And at a time where when Google was mainly it was resident Julia child's cookbook there in the gym and on the road this go to yeah. Who line alongside Britain. I. It's deep high definition is a big dish and fruit or meat and vegetables typically with they taught. In or base of pastry that fit its growth at the crest I believe as the crest that defines whether something is a guy or is not a but the sometimes don't have a time get a good how does. Never got to grab as long as they have the bottom of the end or out of my sabotage that it depends like yet that people don't available for the people don't do the Christmas died she. Sick of the crumble now. I'm articles on a par. Speaking in my press Dutch apple pie has rumbled speaking of Stephen Hough. And we do having their report coming in and blew 45 minute sell at 7:50. This morning. It is today's nerd reports who is our. Chief operating nerd officer here at W de angry mark should do. And now they'll be back in the eighties knows how. Out with a WAS. Sports minute it's. It's run by my doctor doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew oppressed if you're tired to be involved ladies that you have or have their issues call 1800 get your change of letters. Change your life might punts part of McCain's a 41 lead last night for 54 minutes but up after and company kept digging. Our kids it throws like to slow. The Bruins good. It's. News. I allowed Jack to brick to the call on that NASA into care and the guys started down they win 64 last night. And pass that is first career Patrick marsh she was back he had a tally grids and crying and all stashed his well march posting. The site is it original rush when. When things aren't going your way in north little demoralizing we're horses second period when we did but. Susie get that second hole you just kind of felt a rush for three and excitement expecting you on the police and that's a dangerous. And just all so you know it's a lot of fun when your when your comeback but that doesn't always work hopeful when it doesn't. It's very excited. You know mark for the guys of one not generally and then the senator was the worst period and played all year and a McCain scored four times what lawyers. Kept their chins up and got it done next up Florida Tampa Bay on the road down south to more night and Saturday night GM Don Sweeney. At a depth signing big boy sooner or 63250. Pound track Fredrick out of the University of Wisconsin 32 goals and appointed game guy. In 66 for the badgers this season. LOV Jerry has some kind of a correction do you wanna talk to hammer airliner. Let's still yes Gerri what does it. They Albania in parts but the had to be taken in your life bands that played a hurricane not the king buddy. I think he says yeah you like I said became. You don't you don't want me saying it does activists descending into this thing up on them. I answered thanks shouldn't be and I am not a hockey found. The Celtics are a host the winners and I have been bad bad bad guys is unbelievable right there. You're just working hard to bust my Nat all right well let's hear anybody wanna be here yes Nazis or four back the raptors the raptors beat the nets last night so to towards we do about how we urban markets Smart Jalen brown. Consummate against Washington that's me o'clock tip awfully short bench the coach Stevens. Ron Brown has cavs beat the sons late. And James had the triple double number fourteen on the year topping thirteen all of last season. Position. Can do she'd solution and fourteen in town and best player on the planet he can be like that. March Madness begins at ground when action to more nights in Bonaventure and Bradford won their playing games last night Redford's. First tourney win ever. And the bonnies are back after a forty year drought tonight so. Play inside Texas southern vs north Carolina central at 640 cues. Arizona State 910 on for America I accuse you Syracuse and I think they gave you a morning show. The Red Sox are out yesterday around the twins today for sale will make start number two. That's one of 51 pitch patriots NFL updates as we approach free agency signing earlier this afternoon having its a 3 or 4 o'clock or what is going to be. Become millionaires Malcolm Butler got a ticket for five years 61000030. Guaranteed Tennessee running back Dion Lewis. Got a four year deal. From the titans as well and I your best five man wide receiver bowl Danny Amendola did well from salt got a two year twelve million dollar deal down. Went to fish in Florida so lie he doubled. This. Please don't call him my best but. TB might be listening and I don't wanna get. I don't wanna make him jealous or anything about Danny Amendola good guy down Hillman Jenks who's on the show all year and now he's off to collect both utterly at Texas now collecting twelve million dollars though that got money to. As you as you alluded to earlier that must mean that Julian bugs settlement is 100% ready to go for next year which is good news Erik Erik let's I think you got to. You know as as Gisele would tell yeah. And bill we trust and you you gotta believe that he'll get he'll get the talent in here and everything will be OK itself. But certainly some some definite losses when it that we would be offense and you know. In a Butler was gone anyway yeah. Mike Vrabel building Foxboro south down Marion Tennessee and and happy pick our sloppy seconds I guess I had this is. I'll look I'll. Thought you know what's up yeah what's up Kyle. They'll be you don't worry about that guy and then you just saw there we go lucky kid that buried. Yeah see hoes there yet no you know what it appealed and this storm fatigued it over to the storm fatigue set it up professor frank gives on the phone when he asked professor. All of the other great thing he lets. You know conflict between Lleyton acting. Might have been dragging. Well but it kind of match in which should gluten in right here in guard and use. I. Yeah all right this national pie day look the. Yeah we're gonna get death how creepy is that at about 730 and then we're going to play your hill mail voice mail messages back coming up an eighth. He'll Lil voicemail number is 6177795463. Also help. I gotta get the audio in now do it about ten minutes. Joseph thighs men as Poland LB when it comes through. Mixing your metaphors up yes. Yes. And it's a very funny on that very funny and and in the late came out of his mouth and Seoul will rule we will get to that coming up in just a little bit also here on the Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you could go to echo stored dot com. A Smart speakers sing her played WA AF seeing my name. Play WA AF. And seeing my name you dirty boy marriage DM robot played WA AF saying my name or Syrian animals foods you love. OK okay OX. Played WA AF. Terry your smarts feature into radio and listened to. Just still accept. Or Google to played WA AF this week only think dig on all the essentials. At your local CVS pharmacy we wanna make your life easier see you can focus on feeling good and saving time and money. Starting your day off right with select General Mills cereals for just 199. 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You can learn more about on house and found help got away on health and moving forward together. Doing their best to dig out from their storms got better. This Wednesday Hill Man Morning Show. Then. This morning the great guild foundation is hoping the you'll donate for a local family in crisis and I've mentioned a couple times this morning. That Scott area of Rosalind dale was on his way to shovel after the last. Nor'easter negotiable for his neighbors and was injured and we are raising money for. Him in in his family this morning and his sister in law Mary is actually on the phone when does this morning hello Mary. I'm calling you know I'm I'm great thank you thanks for calling in this morning and and I I know you wanna thank everybody who was donated so far by the way were a party up. Well over 3000 dollars donated courage com what is screens which is awesome. But. Tell us a little bit about what happened after the after the last nor'easter. So. Not me it certainly the effort will look at the merger and he was jokingly their husbands are. No more. She told him to move the top part of that was under a tree in front of the house she said you know that treaty that. They've been complaining for a long time about history. That you joking with him saying. Look a branch fall eloped actually last night you're welcome I had you can look at our. And so. He. He says are a lot Monica loud and you wanted to clear how the now for her to do so happy before he went to work. And so he finished. Clearing in front of there Howell then. The driveway and then he would have to consider how. Because they're elderly and bomb. My sit there with in the house and she just hurt a branch break. And she went running out because she could hear the current rate and that she heard him screaming. And he was. Hidden in the ground. By and it was he did anyone side. I'm a very crying and I couldn't believe you know what you hear. That you know I got attacked that he was on the way to the emergency room but then when you shop how big was that how are at all. Well armed. He immediately could not feel his lack. And he was telling Christian and Toshiba with him in an ambulance and my mother rushed over and followed them. And they took him. Immediately in the at Brigham and women's. And they excrete them and armed discovered that he had a really act. Injury he can hit traffic on I mean yeah. So. He had to have immediate I don't. Nurturing. And and they have they have two children. They're cute yet to children. Christopher is. In college in Maryland. And their daughter Caitlin go to UMass and often. And though and currently. From from an injury perspective fees is. Currently up paralyzed from the waist down there there you know they're working on that in and hoping that maybe that'll change but lives our technology and in nanotechnology. Is you know improving improving improving when it comes to eastern injures. It's going to be. Long a long road back for him so merry. It is definitely going to be a long road back in his in his so it appears that. They're they're not who are. Giving up great act great hope that he's gonna walk again it sounds like. You know I know that technology is always changing and you know where. Research saying a clinical trial already trying. Let's see if he would qualify assert that certain things says try and get him. Better but. You know right now then isn't great. But obviously. You never now yeah old we're hoping. Where were all hoping and and I know that everybody who listens to the show is thinking about that family and it's really one of those it's one of those things where. You know Scott was off to do a good deed for his elderly neighbors and you'd you know you never know you never know how weird what's gonna happen during your day and so. He's he's he's unable to work. She needs to be with them. They have massive massive expenses down lines so. The foundation. The foundation is matching. Donations that we get. By the end of the show today up to 5000 dollars and and and then we will act it will probably be well over that because we have some some really. Amazingly generous people who listen their show and donate whenever we ask so you can go to the Greg Hill foundation dot or. That's the Greg fuel foundation dot org and help the dairy family. Rosalind dale. And please make sure the tell all of them that we are thinking about primary next time we talk to amend. Thank you thank you so much for for checking in this morning to to share the story. No problem until I did have one more thing I have to share yes. When they called me to say. And it beyond the radio. And I discovered that Lyndon byers were married in the yeah Darden. I started laughing because I didn't I said I have a picture. I'm Linden tired than me on and on on the rude crude. On the ground you know. Many many years. That is dead to nuts and I can't believe. That I am going to be calling in predator. See the father of one of children you can say it and it's. It's neither as it can say it if I know you're on the radio. Yeah it was a beautiful guy Leonard S and she is well. He was no way he Yankee. And luckily not my children are where I resent people aren't selling. Well let me tell you. Take a look at that picture because he looks nothing like how hard is that OK I don't go a little bit married all right hey thank you oh thank you so much and and and were we're thinking about god and and the whole family. Thank you so much further support right eye ear there you have it you can go to the Greg Hill foundation dot. Org Curry's story. If that's so random it's like been around so clear is that he etc. yeah are you timing a little what are the unbelievable how many times. You know because I was shoveling yesterday and wrists you know and in you if it doesn't come across your mind now that you know branch is gonna follow. And clarify now it really it is. It's it's it's just one of those things where you'd you'd be years you know your life is completely different. In five seconds nonevent and literally at Lincoln and I you know. In in in five seconds so. I you can donate when you go to the great guild foundation dot org and we are matching donations. Up through. 5000. Dollars for that family and we will as we do with every beneficiary write a check for that gambling within 24 hours those they can take care. The expenses that they are dealing live with regard to this can't. Quick reminder. That our foundation annual event are 2841. Day's event is next Thursday at the UMass club here in Boston. And I hope you'll join us. On its a great event you get to hear the inspirational stories of our beneficiaries. And the courage that they have shown. In in overcoming. Great great crisis is like this it's it's so inspirational to hear. From our beneficiaries and for you know those of you who have donated to the foundation over the last six years or seven years or whatever. I'm great opportunity for you to see. Those whose lives you have affected which is. A five dollar donation of ten dollar donation of twenty dollar donation and and it's always you know the beneficiaries. Always. Are amazed by the fact that there helped them by so many people. That they have been an Internet that they've never met yet and so I may never meet via may never hear from ya you know one of those. The cool thing about the foundation and then switch I think people don't always think about. Is you know if you don't have the opportunity donate to a particular beneficiary eater or her particular point if you're able to get to one of the events. You know the money that that the foundation raises the events is critical in them being able to match up to 5000 dollars of your direct donation that's fit that's where that's where that money connoisseur on Assad yeah yeah it's that's it the the events themselves are really important thing as well. I think you're gonna say it was that he dose of that it was a good thing the about the event was the it was a Hedo so you understood in grammar it's RD I have to stick to assist him. I will be joined next Thursday by. Our mayor. And several other celebrities and we have a great live auction and I got Foo Fighters tickets. And I'm auctioning off and special mode of transport to Fenway for that show. I got AA. It's Bergeron is Patrice out of captures the into gets very of these games now that I'm gonna martian so. If you view if if you can join us go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation downward. To get tickets. Here's a 978 Texas says good lord. Did that woman just inadvertently admitted to hooking up when they'll be announced it was on the cruise and she got a graphic by pat and I mean that is. For the record are your you know monotonous thing. The cruises started after I retired CEO I was I was you know. You're hot you weren't exactly. You know you Marty Rouse doesn't grasp so are you on one side of the boat and everybody else is on the other side and John you have to slide over. The tide. Holding on to realist and in other news aid and pleasure cruise ship that Frederick Nolan this and he's standing in the middle of Boston Harbor. But it barely played on. Yeah I. We are going to. Play your helmet held voicemail messages back in about 25 minutes. Goal male voice Mel number is 617. 7795463. So you can leave a voicemail message right now on the aftermath. Of the blizzard. The storm fatigued you're fighting throw the shoveling that you did. All of did you happen to see that mr. Graham video of Kobe freaking out a bit when I Coakley loses his mind. I feel like it's some kind of a like a black lab think he loses his mind when I am shoveling. Bella does the same thing Hamels positive but are almost that you the right tech plastic sheet. I I don't know what it is to date they just go nuts and he had to shovel he goes absolutely crazy. So for awhile annum in the house. And he was barking up a storm or thought finally brought amount and he was he was absolutely losing losing his mind and that was. That was me shoveling many many where some rising that John Egan was doing the shoveling and the the shuttle I showed was Johnny and that was not that was me doing the shovel. He says it was a billion on the idea I did all likely in the news anchor tries the hot pepper and attempt to break it. Hi yeah doubles I got it was on the job quite well walkway from the it's Jack I had the whole thing. Hey Randy you're on the eve Cranium board studio lines premiums board no one will sell you a Ford for less what's going on. Good morning under wonder what sort all of a garden there won't. With Larry Larry yeah. I have some amazing audio from Larry. Which I'll share at 835. And he's talking about his favorite foods and he has. Yes them. He has an LB like Freudian. She left and I could definitely I think it's okay that the players does Tom sent it to me in and I think it's so Larry's doing well we got to get another visit. Yet again another Janet in Larry you know murdered they get over to see who voted. And that oh he's the best. Is. Is that so we'll try to line up another visit little airy. This is Andy hello Andy. As somebody who currently struggling very agitated a human being UH did you actually doubled as the. You wanted to get you wanted to get re still on the phone to verify I mean I take for everything and obviously it did they know what. Yeah I. Although let me just Texas real quick four I call I cleaned my car off because I was worried that some hard a light Danielle was gonna lose their mind if I had a little bit of snow really Iraq. I mean it tells us. Pull your sleeve over the heel of your hand and we big enough for your face to theater remote and that was it he did a hole in the back. And a hole in the front I should rephrase that next time now ended two robot down to work well maybe didn't have. Time to clean his car because he was forced to go work at a restaurant. I will get the island. Open and bus and hash tag open and laws of the social justice warriors should should deal with him the chain month people are usually open their business. All right I promise you that the judge authorized an audio so. I just wanna play that and then we're gonna get that could be could be is it and then in their report what might choose coming up in about fifteen minutes or so but. Joseph dies been pulled an absolutely and admires yesterday where he mixed up. 22. If they metaphors Shia ethnic that there. To a book of proverbs or something dot. So. I believe that Joseph thighs men was. Attempting. Attempting to say. That something was a tough nut to crack. You can also say that things are. Are hard hard or too hard to swallow in Tehran but you don't want a mix. Two of those stuff are so here is this Joseph thighs and he was on the radio yesterday and was talking about. Kirk cousins leaving the vikings are leaving the Redskins are known in the vikings and here's Joseph the Heisman. Yeah our current steel. It is what it is being eat it played out the way he wanted to resume data football team that wants them. On the reds it's been one of but I think it would have been not. Well all. Have been a big cut the soil. Or. New intro next month jump up but it would have been no well yes it would have been and it definitely would have been a big not to swallow. I'm all right let's get to this. And now whose intentions go compete and keep won a grand am Hill Man Morning Show presents tiny figures and smartest. Talking ladies man the truth is charged. And creamy concrete and ice activities it's. Art. Received this email yesterday. And we need your help in determining on a scale of one to ten. How creepy it is. I'll read it verbatim. I went on a first date last week with a guy I met on line. We went to not your average shows in Acton who. But the bread there is all the not your average Joes that with the dip in dishonest you Larry she'd feel. If you aren't soil the Fed does it is that the no harm its prime time. The pond does it so good. About ten minutes into dinner. I realized that he was staring at me with constant eye contact and excessive admiration in his eyes. Larry give me a wire brush heap on shortly after that I noticed that he agreed with every single thing I was saying of course he did even controversial topic. Yes yes that's right how would yes you're right. We never among them I was doing the price I was completely creeped out by this and I'd like to know how creepy the listeners think I'm already creeped out you. It is. Like pay attention to someone but when ace doing geese stare into your soul move Manila. Yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah and what. It isn't so wrong this is why men can't win you know is that so wrong that the guy is trying to look at are like like she's. The lightly just attracting ever or he's really key leader dean me. What have you learned how this is cool having your dinner with a hearty here's a 617 tax from woman who says this is of twelve on skill and he's looking at her like she is the on tray not not not not not like the entrees eating what does that. I was gonna say he's probably wondering what her flushed a slight. Yes I salute the X oh yeah I know the other day treatment I mean. I don't no no no I have and this is a bad day at the end you know he doesn't give you you know on the heroics user who's gonna a killer after dinner. Yes that's the kind of guy that that you you go in for the first kiss and you like that does not plan an immutable in open your eyes nearly his eyes have been opened before. Again that's not a good thing and he should be closing his eyes also. I mean I was corrected like in nice cooler whenever I had my first. Actual kids to not keep your eyes open so this guy is no excuse for not knowing that advantage. And in theaters. Isn't 978 Texas says I think dinner on the first day and going to not your average shows is an eighth idea could be like if they don't like coating going to dinner on the under a seat on the first thing calm and drinks are the gonna put up portrait. You said that there. Policy. Here's a 774 attacks are in that guy exclamation point exclamation point I was being polite. Her eyes and her smile were amazing so that's excuse me I didn't react properly that is the guys right there I'm me. It's informal. And only thing that I took them both off her face and put them in a jar. By the way that's great epic that poor guy he was just not your average Joseph who is generally thought at fair task and me hear their story now a source guy at seven tonight call and sevens at Portland and I gotta you gotta Collins as teenagers selling it and never get a date a year after an excellent here's the Texas says it's Charlie's side side. Creepy and that's how creepy it is it's it's OJ Simpson creepy it. Yeah I mean I loans. It's. Here is a Texas says maybe use over compensating because several women have told him that he doesn't pay enough attention to the murder or what I mean I don't have to all black guy. At that you're looking at a lab rat like oh what can happen if we put the hairless medication and it's wrong. I was. About this book brewing here a whole half points in buffalo beloved Buffalo Bills on the phone very yes well yeah. All we got what war broke out advice to girls and large are being. Neglected fret or become more. You can do you can't do anything anymore he can't this guy was trying to look like he would like he's you know he was interested and he was. Well please favor your election and that of flowers you know he was hearing. News during the Charlie Brown teacher yes all the warmth or brought him last gasp Barbara I thought well what else has absolutely assailant later. And I'd say you're all saying that scale of one to ten minutes is seen it's it's at the time out there on a scale of outrages of the weird I disorder that you should disclose that's OK and a this scene right away merlot throughout the reset. Not to buy your food wouldn't be drink don't agree that it has Anemia graves' disease now. It's helmets or Wendy Williams says US enterprise economy puts pressure on the bank your eyes and makes it your eyes bug. And yes problems with the contact. Everything about them that you aren't that that woman in England and public fifteen contacts in the back of her idol you know fifties a lot of talked about that a human error. And I were gonna get to the their report and your hill mill voicemail messages and text code word coming in next. Like got you down heat a little self esteem. Because when everybody yeah. But do replied well I'm competitor important that you support. Quote that you don't. Well. But the epic and Giffords who whether they're in good spirits what yeah. It's. So it's so equitable. Or. You'll get the liquid in there with you particularly about it I think you'll Bob and that. I have confidence. And. That he ended. One listen to these guys is sure to make you feel better about yourself weekdays three to seven on WI AEA yes. It's the season from. Madness honey do. 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For every mile. That. Big Al exact copy say a company you know it does Greg asked. Just now under here because. Because sometimes I believe that. Believe there's an earmark. That goes along without. From the great about seeing here mr. Shelton I know we're up against the clock operators only it's never apologized for months. Gypsy who wins going all tonight. Guys started it and he's right. It's billions and is this something you should know. You looked confident he should know. On the Bruins cruised on the grounds for us. Soft yes don't miss the Subaru of New England a lot to love event it's going on now through April 2 there's a lot to love. About the 2018 Subaru Outback. Julie you know men and now back to the Hill Man Morning Show. WA AF. We have to get today's there report that we angry Mike Hsu. And I wanna do that but that before we duties the couple quick things number one I wanna thank. The fine people at the core of the club yet Audrey. And equipment at NASA you couldn't hack it does a couple of them. Alia and runs on the street here right and then there's so. What are very up pottery places they just donated a thousand dollar homes and four. Today's great guild foundation beneficiary Stephen vary draws on their own and his family and if you're just joining us Steven analysts. We just heard the story had them amazing story from its sister in law Mary but. After the last nor'easter is Steve and it finished shoveling is owned Bradley out and went to shovel out his elderly neighbors. And when he was going over there. Big gigantic tree branch fell and and he was rushed to hospital and he has severe sinus. Spinal cord injuries and and so. Year you eat you with that thousand bucks we are well over 5000 dollars donations or donated so far this morning thank you everybody who's. Everybody is donated at the great health foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation short but thank you to the to the core of the pub folks. The greeted broadcasts there awhile back don't go back a little bit now yeah I'm in a maker of maker from English to get it over there are under over there what does Patrick a couple of geez I better. It. That's well we really normal it's normal and that it's normal went on to probate that. Little ones with bows and I was so the other. The other thing too is just going back to how creepy is that there were a lot of men and we're taxing you might be able to help out here where there are a lot of men were texting and and they are really frustrated because they feel like they just can't win on a date with a woman and that. Like for instance sarcastically. Somebody 0401 text or from the continent of Rhode Island accident and said. That gentleman remember. Be sure to look I'm interested in disagree with your date at every possible turn when they're on a day some sixty I a and don't. You pick and do not yet been so we have to bring damper ready. Nice guys always finish last thing. Normally so nice gang. It's always the eight holes to get the checks. And the nice dudes who ought to pay attention and listen and actually make eye contact can't figure out why she leaves after the date unsatisfied doesn't call you back in those factored. DB ex boyfriend she complained about the whole. So just be a jerk women learning those Santa Sochi you'll know why is it that you love jerks. It's a challenge it is this challenge of making you not and care. Wow so you think you can fix that your brain that's why you loved your dislike every guy in India Korea and those so this poor guy this poor guy was. Basically. Trying to stare batter and and and and and act interested and was agreeing with things that she says was. A real effort that's you know I don't mean she says there are you know and all women don't like that and when I wanna shoot those at her fault that she doesn't like. You know to imagine having us it would you're you're you're you're data gathered every time chairman a conversation he's like blasting into your eyes and the time terrible pain in the bills. What about again it looks right through you to the other room. Seems like you thank I thought that there is still talking that seems like sorry. Seems like it's tough there. You Eminem is that all about corporate America. Our roads downturn on British gentlemen. The capitol grounds that it is just it's 757. And time for this. Nerdblurb. Yeah. Time for today's they're reports. With our Chief Executive Officer of and it's easier WA AF angry Mark Shields. I'm very excited about something the president mentioned what. Yesterday you speak and there the Marines I I I guess you know I agree with very little president yes say yes that's well document that he alone. Yeah just something I'm very excited really fundamentally the audio from us his speech. Yeah so is this is something the president said yesterday that has you acting as very excited very excited asked really absolute up OK I can't wait for this accident on my new national strategy. MySpace recognizes. That. Space is a war fighting domain. Just like to land air act and city. We may even have a space sports. Develop another one space force with the Air Force One of the space sports. If the army the navy. You know I would say get. The other day because we're doing a tremendous amount of work in space and said maybe we needed new force will call it the space force. And I always cuts really see us in the us or what a great idea but we'll have to do that. I could happen. That could be a big breaking story look at all those people back and look at. That fake news. You very excited about a mysterious space forcibly boarding their. This is worse than my big question is a are we gonna finally be able have photon torpedoes problem. This is going to be amazing are gonna go with the star blazers model of a wave motion god which is very similar to the weapon they had on the death star Caron okay or destroy a whole planet's yeah we've. This is us I have how these brutally and problems and Hillary should vote next sixty. That was Donald Trump from the future there on the Donald charm finally becoming Darth Vader for real now.