HMMS Hour 2 - Speak In Lawyer Speak 5-17-18

Thursday, May 17th

This hour we continue to set up the field for our big Appetizer bracket, Mike Hsu's Nerd Report featuring more Star Wars spinoff movies in the works. we check in om the mean streets of Stow Ma, in Stow 50, and is it wrong for parents to kick their 30 year old son out of the house?!!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. So if you're just joining us we discussed yesterday. That our next. Food related bracket challenge is going to be appetizers. Egg rolls absolutely a part of it. Not July that's loaded nachos it's what about the then you have the whole fry category because you have. Chili cheese Fries yeah well then you have routine yeah yeah he has to be on hand. What about clams casino yes other classic. Normally enough for now than raw oysters Mike Lowell yes oysters and oysters Rockefeller Dan there's multiple yes. What about sliders are they in the I don't do that these three tiny sliders before image Daryn loaded pizza that does agree this is going to be hard I mean we're we're definitely gonna have 640. All I appearance in the east because you know I don't like the spicy things but how about. How well he Neil park grass and sent you don't usually very spice. Because I think I think it's the whole propaganda thing you know when you see it. Now Maya yeah our senior year people lose. About broccoli counterparts. That's what I do just that. Butler said Gary Herbert yeah that's calling in from Wellesley the light now France and broccoli cheddar bytes are people like those. I'm. Ever ever ordered I'd better I'd never heard one. Existed. Where do you stand on the dip this part of this like for instance you have. The buffalo chicken dip you have. Like some of the older ones like the artichoke dip right while the ask you didn't see that's the art artichoke Assange the prize with the dip via when I walk. Like if that's our apartment B an appetizer. I think walking is as welcome always as it is like a saucer and terrorists aren't condiments threatening and yeah. How about Arizona hello. Well logo balls yeah as I just wanna say bowls. Altidore looks terrible. President dozer and now he's on the war caiso. Yeah but that's that's our debt again. And I think after. I think Erica that gives it's an attitude to an and an archer chip homeowners are armed about a Hamas play. I asked that an important because at a time I don't and I I didn't I like it's there and iron I caught it from western stock intra and found no comments Imus Imus has yup you're Mediterranean. Style greatly. I'm writing them. An old school of music and on paper on this I don't know via the special apparent to him stay analyst Larry what about. All we already have those who are texting in about mozzarella sticks and ardea to. Yeah titles we get pretzels and beer cheese yes thank you yes the warm. And and the other thing is and I don't know Friday still does it but the chicken not show. Ship where they put the actual piece of white chicken on the not a chip then put. She is she's on top Alia and put in the of and it is there was one of the greatest doubt these are our. We are currently discussing our next. Food bracket challenge. And it is appetizers. We've got. Fried pickles freckles as some call them what about spam act and open up a text or ones now. I don't know I don't know I don't know that counts is an appetizer I think that's like that's a Mediterranean yacht and do right it's almost like he's immediately keep peace I'll be. Casey DS have to be an extra. Graham what about Cilic. Again that's in the soup category but I think this isn't category and I think honestly we have the determined we could determine a couple things. I the dips it like we're gonna go home of the bracket for dips and then the dual mother Brett I don't think you can go home of the bracket for us it. Yet the super Giuliani soup chilies and happy. I mean I don't I think you usually for dinner out Indian on for you go out of lucked out but the point is is doing more akin to a restaurant and on the menu under appetizers. It's there there ya you'd like to do that caiso dipped just slide you know on an NCR include. What about per judo wrap Mallon all of a brush at a a club membership that is the classic. And Croshere oh wrapped Mellon. Antipasto. Salad. As a tactic is it is our lives I think it's an appetizer. And ends up being in that appetizer plates often times doesn't mean appetizer and now I president. I. Remote via. I certainly agree or is LB. That rather than lists separately. Crab Rangoon. And egg rolls and homeless spare ribs we are going to go with just two whoop whoop latter. It's an appetizer. Is. Justice. Charities. Aren't army it is 705. And coming up. It is still 50 at 730. And we will find out during still 50. Where a squirrel became stock. How a Turkey was injured and we will discuss the driving. While impeded by a rose bush. It's an area. So all of that coming up during stoked by blow at 7:30 this morning this is WA AF FM and HD one was bro Boston. WEEI. RHD to Lawrence and WWB. Acts HD two Boston. And now LD never find one time for being overweight I'm not saying he was never overweight I'm not saying that with a WAS. Sports that. Asked horseman is rocky by Meyer doctors doctor Matthew oppressed in doctor Robert schedule your free consultation. Now 1800 yen or go to charity are dark. Yeah that's are talking about progress are all around me using great guy dad's friend Matty mustache light number 72 will be put in the patriots hall of fame. And it's upon. It's about time they beat us if he does have me here evolved and shame on the guys that and I'll start lending again. Please you ask Doug that debate all morning time and people and I grades and but I have got to hate to gather when she received huh. OK okay Bobby your socks are the only 120 well now Derek Sanderson is a loser he only one to two Stanley Cup brings a. Honor I will say this Matt Light. Great friend of the show. That an awful lot third for charity what is light foundation he will join us in about an hour at 8:10 this morning and talk about the honor. Of being inducted into. The New England Patriots hall of fame tapping on September 29 this year and that label join us in about it. Where work man. Father Red Sox stole the these series finale six for avoiding a sweep thanks to JT Martinez and Zander Bogart's here's the pitch. There's a drive can repeat felon senator hair back my 378. And did the right job they have 5 o'clock. Bob ball bounce it and out of the bleachers at two run homer rigidity Martinez who's to ball didn't hear the news reader favorites here's the 11. When they're that I don't feel it. Not a good and the best way for a three run homer and then there's Bob I had the reds job completed since that June. Now we love Joan we'd love Red Sox radio that was good for fiber of these two teams five release Chris Hill. K nine unit you're keeping score that's 44 strikeouts in his last two starts he's now form one Kimbrel stayed number twelve next up. Battle looked Fenway. It against the birds from Baltimore price pomerantz Purcell. Rodriguez. Will see Baltimore the Celtics are joining a couple of days off. They're up two zip on the cavs game three from the flat Saturday night out in the midwest no extra extra for JR Smith on the Horford hard foul. He did not receive any kind of find her and her suspension. Last night the warriors just. Ridiculous by the way. We talked about this yesterday flagrant two. He said after the game that he was intentionally. Trying to. Heard. Horford I mean I ought to be a flagrant two and should be a suspension though you think what if you admit that you're trying to skirt if you would that you're trying to hurt somebody. STB and on assuming we are right when you play pro sports journalist and a in the dismissal came to shoulder something and eventually play in pro sports are and we didn't know about that. I my back I bet I I share issue and I were to do gestation and then went down to a mile wide got married some. Some really amazing hot chicken had thirteen kids in her life the Celtics. Again they get back after game three. Is worn right out our Saturday about the war on midwest and out the Al warriors and the rockets are tied 11. Rockets garnered on last night date one point 7105. Game three is Sunday southerners seized forward Jason Tatum is up for. Rookie of the year Coach Brad Stevens is up for coaching here. For the NBA the Vegas tonight Scott James Neal. He had yarder Donnie had the kind Rory snapped a tie 11 with a goal in some cities payroll for two. And lead the western finals 21 over the peg game war. Tomorrow night and data caps like me tonight at eight on NBC is saying counts up to one. Down in Florida hello my body out b.'s president can nearly trying to us start a conversation about officiating. Not just in the NHL but all sports are you super frustrated watching. Pro sports not because officials can't keep up with gaming camp caramelized little bit. You know not to accidentally from Tampa but I felt like we should be gone back. For game five tied 22 and that's a whole different mindset than gold down 31 how they don't make that call were up 32 with seven minutes ago now we do eat we should be going on the power play and we have a different mindset going to attempt it's a non calls that really frustrated me the most I mean I'm not complaining but what calls ahead. Against us for me there was three in particular that really bothered me. Not called marsh has slash Kevin Millar got a boarding call and then of course and I call him on backwards so those three for me we're tough to take. Now higher urgency that I mean but again it goes both ways I don't know it's really. And I aimed at one. What I beg to differ those those arrests have it in for the Bruins know it's not it's not it's not just the Bruins it's it's an all sports yeah that did that the officials don't put the timing and to understand the rules. Keep up with you listen if your official pro sports and you have video technology. You know I can't I just don't understand how you have four officials on the ice and then they'd get on a headset. Some duty in New York yeah just put I don't know. To our knowledge then the NHL office thrown out New York. You have one guy on the ice that's in charge that knows all the rules and makes the call and I can live with that. You know I mean there's no way that official to keep up what. And on silent ya earmarks like cameras and horizon ridiculous. Just ridiculous. So I like our camp camp popped off he's the president there's going to be a president's me I think there'll be a conversation. And hopefully things get better. All right senator I agree our prayers where where where up against the clock guy you must you must he must stop. I am by the way several techsters. I don't know this answer there. They say you say JT Martinez. It's crazy. They surgery he said JD. A beer after listening it's stuck in traffic Arafat parents are all right we are going to get through. The nerd reports we mark shoot next and then we're gonna get too far and wood 911. And discuss the wife who gets violent. When the husband does not perform well on the golf course. And we will we will also. Get to a news story today which sums up where we are in this country right now and we will discuss why a married couple. Is suing. There are thirty year old son. Over where he lives. That is all coming up next. You know and all who. Is enjoying. A restful recuperation. After celebrating hired at the Kenny log ins show last night in in the Florida. Techsters says. She would be enraged at the amount of times I have said. Not there this morning instead of another that is one of the things that bothers her when I say it's a whole another thing. I'm so. Texas says she would be losing her mind over that and speaking of losing their minds. I don't want no I don't wanna get you all a grand. And yet there are unhappy serves say we have the week you listen. We are core hole this week and yes I got a chance to take a shot of the Vick stuff. OK she's let me stare so nothing is general said I'm not I act it's really weird that people think I get upset OK does that have an opinion. All right well. We went to the paid. On. JT Martinez then. And it appears clear that you said JT Martinez these doctors say you're denying it but let's go to. The audio. Of the sports minute. We it's captain moose knuckle just the few moments ago and here's the way that went. Father arrests are solely these series finale six for avoiding a sweep thanks to JT Martinez I'm Zeller Bogart's house can I clear all right. And I was like yeah I quit I equate this you're meeting a girl like you you're you're judge you judge your tunes on me. Yeah we meaner small U mean to smoke in a bar. And and you eat you you you forget her name when you have her number and your petrified to. All emulate her but I don't know I don't get that big and people forget people's names or mispronounce people's lives all the every. I don't know that if that analogy works but yet yes yeah I I clearly heard you on. The Israeli army says laurel a he soon laurel I'm here Yani I mean Africa and have fun. Whether it was her body armor on ESPN had the never Richard Dick in his neck. There was that you mean Steve Levy at one point to the other are his or that of the disc yet yeah airmen. Let's see what else let me go to the tax line here. Is the chicken farm egg roll from Jake and Joes on your appetizer list of course it is should should be. Vitally tax Greg I'm not sure if you have seen it yet but on Twitter. Natasha of arm refers to you as a powerhouse. Thing. Though all of donors are rare chance of fatal. Here is attacks would regard to the sports. Has LB ever watched a single NHL game. Captain band wagon is right. Plays are reviewed in Toronto. I don't wanna get into that argument then that day. Yeah its offices are in New York. And I think you were on the to Ronald that the hole I used in Toronto I don't want a debate on who cares well I mean who cares I mean we've you know you don't let. Mr. know it all whoever that experience it yes mr. or at all. Text him the name of the guy. Did that reviews the place. Mr. miss well no and I'll get matters words it could be reviewed and working Sweden he had a pass. I'm nick pets in the name of the united as a review. I Ayers and an end in on that that you know I'm an all those sticky needle in my diet. Here's a Texas says LB is a lot less argumentative. Without the estrogen holding him back while I could be that that that's possible. Here's a Texas says. LB this is 774 text LB talking about single Twitter Vicky is getting really creepy. Mark what's wrong with her if she's going to let him stay in her room. Was so what I you're grab a sleeping bag with a pillow and sleep beside the bed in short there's a whole how she hopes in hopes that may be. She has bad dream and then when he unsolved hardball only and I don't think that there is as a country. That I just. I'll look I want people who use or they're creepy thing you know that. Now I would like you've never senate cocktails to our church you've never met and then she's horrified kids don't like some fat ugly dude. All right it is 728. Fried revenue yields. Fried ravioli is will be added. To the appetizer bracket challenge absolutely. Our next food related bracket challenge is appetizers. Apple T users as some would say there. What about coral cats. Are you a fan of the growth caps the potato grow camps excerpt texting and on the data they are an appetizer but yeah I mean. Cats were crickets are just overrated. They're so old Peter I have to. He slowdown is loaded tots it's an analyst Tavis so distracting it's actually cheese sour cream. Pot. Pants. Is there something in a croquet like user me that occur oftentimes there's little bits of bacon and and sometimes lectured on it that oh there are chicken grow canceled so yeah. I think it's really the oh how do you feel about. The spinach. That like the Filo dough spinach. That a thing that they may that that that's like a traditional appetite little triangle yes the triangle things those residents mechanical design is at the same thing as clinical but I don't know that is. Now now we're again we're going down another avenue here well well. The pump for Nicole. Brad Ball with the spinach dip in the islands they're down on that that's on that hold that thing but that's probably. On what about you know we didn't even getting to. Is we didn't even get into like beef tartar. Troll which one walk. Like gosh there's another great happy yeah I mean this would be we're going to be way over the 64. But it's I think certainly be part there on I will tell you this also. I didn't get them I mentioned Dhabi does and it with a specific brands reference ended the Philly cheese state rolls. I have to mention the capital grille. And the there you go mozzarella. With the ball sonic. Please sobs honor got to be in there and then you know what's funny is I just wishing him the same payment cap girl. When lollipops. No there's no one I did you definitely Aaron edit them I was cops know the guy. The tuna tartar yeah yeah. He's tuna tuna tartar absolutely. In my out to be a double bracket to exercise 124. Apps. Here's somebody says aren't Coke cap standard Spanish populace with ham and cheese typically. Maybe they are I'd never had a Coca. Maybe it may be they are but yeah you gotta have the car dodge goes in there the beat guard five children two and a car out Jill yeah some places do lamb cart dot GO. Double double chairman. A smoked salmon. It's I'm running out of room rock irrational chairman art are are there in store stuff where they know he's Smart the only cook it. You want the blooming onion on you know what about onion rings no outlet that's our side is on areas aside yet again and I. You should be on there as a lot of people do it's the state fairs staple. It's 732 if you're just joining us. And we're making you hungry my apologies we were discussing. Our next food bracket challenge and it's going to be appetizers so. Everybody's been texting and calling but we do business to get to we will get to still fight though. In about five or six minutes. We're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back coming up at eight. After humility and will be joined by. Former New England patriot map lights who it was announced yesterday you'll enter the patriots hall of fame and so happy for now he's been. Fifteen year guests that. Continuous guest on this program and those. He has cited. It's obvious. He's been responsible for. Joking status and throwing isn't the way into a pond at the golf tournament and a lot of great memories when Matt Light he'll join a sedate plan. Big daddy yum yum is apparently on the Framingham foot studio line and that that is not what. LB will be asking Vickie call him Saturday night that 11:30 AM what's up big daddy. They look up no matter how you deal unless it was going on. I didn't want it sang in on the appetite yes. All my dad connected she's they would see exactly yes and guys or else. There's two from Cheesecake Factory. Mac and cheese bites. And the buffalo blasts I don't know if you've Everett of the buffalo blast. Did you have a minute to Morton's. Oh my god we have got to discuss the Canadian lady. And what she did it Tim Hortons will do that any 35 this morning. At that woman neat we may like to be able to bounce people. From a parameter and I we need to now that we're you know now that we get the space force in trump is working on the race course yeah wish him well. We should be able to jettison people. Who cannot. Operate in within the normal. Realm of society. We should be able to bounce them too good to the the moon. I. Let's get through today's nerd reports. Bird flu. Or heard. Good news there. I'm letting. Solo comes out Memorial Day weekend a lot of Star Wars nerds pretty worked up about that now all Disney apparently working on another Star Wars story movie this time. Obi wan I know the old man. Tool we want to note. Will will be the subject nine and origin story that's and they might not. Oh yeah. It'll focus on this time on two lead when Teddy Lehman Luke Skywalker when he was that they be it was uncle all one and then stayed there to watch over him for how many years until it became an adult. So we'll be focused on that time a lot of I mean a lot of. Ability I guess with our wars films I mean how many. I how many would you guess they could theoretically make our secrets and Alex and hybrids I mean how many how many and and how many people are going to go bankrupt. Going to see Star Wars movies at or I have a reply I'm review of how are included in the package that is why on the you're anxiously. Looking forward to and we want to know we have to slow the most fascinating characters in the Star Wars and you'll McGregor said they haven't asked him yet. So now the speculation who's gonna play will be one you know I can't I'm odd it's an argument is letting go into the outer outer banks and I presume aisles at a loss for us one more thing Michael Keaton. Spoke at the Kent State commencement yes over the weekend and ended his speech witness. I don't Wal-Mart thing to say it only takes me a second I've got two words but I want you all to remember they're very important if I leave you with any thing. On the lead you would these two words. And those two words are. I'm Batman. Our. Yeah. So. It's. I think they're report from our chief nerd. Operating officer mark shield. Today's weather brought to you by all town advantage. And it is going to would be cloudy there may be a little bit us on this afternoon. Temperature. Will be in the mid fifties and sorry in the mid seventies right now we're in the mid fifties. And CJ. From the South Shore is on the Framingham board's duty on what's going on CJ. Looked around you remember how well adapted so later I read recently that chicken croak out from the frozen food. No really they had chicken called cats in the frozen food and remember that yeah. It was a big thing on in cafeterias. And a real school cafeterias. This is bill yeah it built up. Good morning and checked all was a child. I'm kind of curious Schuch you gotta go back to the elegy. Star Wars and how they transition from such a classic. Well ace. Movies you know now everything is every two years we're gonna get us some story. That's going to be expounded it would have been 9020. Minute. Like dramatic presentation. And inserted to somebody somebody did somebody die in and it's essentially all right but quietly eighteen out the starboard concept. Yeah I have a one word you explain that. Disney. And then you go Lucas Lucas Oil none of their content controlling the visiting it didn't hit vigilant on someone's got bills that. A shootout you have you have a hundred. Million Franz stumbled go to any Star Wars yet ever made you till the end of time. No wire and make him you're gonna make a hallway every day one on Nazi. Exactly this is GO hello Gina. T. That you consider it the fact it I don't know I didn't that routine cat but there. A great to see facts are that bad at it that shirt. They can't say that shot. Okay. Where if you bellow. I'm yeah Putin though analysts. And attacks there is suggesting. That the bacon appetizer at Dolph Briscoe should be on the list and I wholeheartedly agree cool. That might be. That that's orgasm they deliver you edge I can't pick punk. Of incredible bacon all it's wrong knowledge or some I don't know it is giants. Like you need a knife and fork yes to get a piece of this bacon and that's that's the toughest Goss announced by the way I'm coming up on line. The 29 of may. It is our annual seaports strong events for the Greg Hill foundation act dilfer's goes. And this is an unbelievable event every year raising money we have an ongoing funded this supports. Boston Marathon survivors and their continuing needs. And this event. He's got celebrity bartenders like. DeVon McCarty is his twin brother Jason security. Patrick Chung of the patriots. New smokes like I'm pretty sure Jessica ray as is an energy there aren't. I'm pretty sure Sarah Ruble ASCII whether smoke is gonna be there behind the bar it's unbelievable that he got to get tickets it's fifty bucks. Dolph Briscoe as does food they said food outlet and write a lot of the place tomorrow mayor there's exactly. There's there's delicious wine and and adult beverage sampling that goes on so. If tickets go to the Greg Hill foundation dot board. That is the Greg Hill foundation. Doctor war. And now. Following the man. Some law enforcement. A caller from Wheeler road reported that he saw an individual. On his remote security system in the youthful. Only kind the police responded the home secure on the dangerous streets of Greg feels home town the caller then reported that upon viewing the footage again he realized that it was an old video of him. From earlier in the week. This do you still thrive. Lot of animals stuff when it comes to still 50 this week here's a brief look at the terrifying crimes. That we're either called in or locked in to my lifelong home town police force in self Ivo. On Monday may. Seventh at 5:22 PM a collar on side brewery road reported. That a wild Turkey. Was walking along the side of the road. And it appeared to have been injured leg all oh. That Turkey is now being enjoyed by a family of five because they could catch it. Is it Turkey are as a lot of wild animals out now that Alyssa and child about a year out no Lotto letting animals around them I mean I'm in they meeting at their exact time at Sandringham. Everybody's heart that's a question for many lights yesterday. Yes it is. On Tuesday may eighth. 7:16. Am a walking and reported that there was an aggressive goose in the parking lot Shaw's is officials. None unless you're out there could be aggressive goose isn't he is our super legislate Turkey's blah turkeys are nasty man in. There was an aggressive Canadian woman at the importance that embattled Egyptian and then you. On Friday may eleventh. At 1:51. AM. An officer observed two individuals. At the community park. Okay were told to move along now. If it goes to individuals were doing it 1:51 AM at the community park my June swearing. Like it as an enemy. And her family out he opened up clothing. Act that 12:25. PM it locked in reported that she lost in your ring at global fitness. All I that's an actual claw out at the real problem while Boston hearing. 5:40 PM caller from Athens street reported that juvenile males. Had been partying on the property specifically in the Barnes. And she had pictures to probe rock. Somebody wanted to go to bed. On Saturday may twelfth bat. 8:17 PM a caller from Marlboro road reported at least world stuck in her chimney. Is that code and the squirrels yeah that's indecent call in you know he had the animal on certain. On. It's. Seven. 43. An officer assisted in individual. Who had a back injury with removing a rose branch from under his car. Well. It's but I cannot I don't know what I think that's worse in the era if it cuts worth absolutely solid iron is back with Omar -- if you can get a Anwar can be you know the other call my warm warm and then on Sunday may thirteenth at 12:43. PM an individual was observed ripping why laughs out of the ground from the cemetery and driving off. Oddly police responded to the residence home and the plants were returned. Here's feeling flowers from a cemetery. This happened so why does its the most bizarre thing. Yeah the takeover headstone that feel like flowers of people who analysts on. With a loaf all right that is still 50 this week coming up next we will get to today's nation opposed these reports. And discuss why. A married couple is suing their thirty year old son over where he lives there. Danielle is out for a couple days she went to see Kenny log ins in Florida a lifelong dream affairs analysts deceit and welcome kids were there at with a mom yes and I don't know what year. What are the odds on whether we hear from her. Before the end of the show today with a rebound of the of the show last night now probably drank 45 bottles of wine yeah yeah yeah well probably in the lobby of the hotel to try and make it's the only or rather just on Don would view your horrible looking around like one of the chairs in the lobby Jesus. You're probably right about that this is Jim on the framing him forward studio line by the way. Framingham board is metro last commercial truck headquarters what's going on Jim. You W. Don't be worse and I know it'll who have been held that a correct about. These injuries sick and then there. Yes Canada geese yes yes. Well you know you know it's you know turnabout back. Here comes don't know I'm just I want I I appreciate the correction yeah have you every one preside reading and resilient album right. In America you guys can even kill him because there's some sort of protected deal. And only doozy grass and your golf course is implicit do as you guys operator charter of the little white ball. I nor my backyard in the corner and got on down with my 22 pairs of. Organ player who will voicemail messages back and a few moments and then. We will be joined. By former New England patriot Matt liked it was announced yesterday that are all mapped. Will be the next inductees into the patriots hall of the day lover and though couldn't be happier in and that's a guy who. Has lives and grieve the patriot way for her for most of his adult life and so. He will. He will join us in just about ten and orders fifteen minutes. Coming up on Monday by the way. I cannot wait we're gonna have one of the foremost. Fort night streamers in the world on the show doctor Lu Bo will join join us at 835. Sorry 835 I believe is when doctrine imposed on on Monday so schools yeah Albert he's got carpal tunnel. And plays out hours and hours unless I carry a lot of fun arias yeah absolutely. On a discuss this today's nation pussy report though. And get your opinion on this there is. A married couple couple parents. We didn't come Ellis New York. Who are going dude. To force. There are thirty year old son. To move out on of the fair and we were at that just that I picked this might this really is a story that demonstrates. Where we are at this country right now and they we have a a thirty year old son their son Michael. Says that it's he is. Not going anywhere without a fight. The the father mark mark rip Condo. Wrote a letter to his son which has been filed with the court order and it reads in part. After a discussion with the your mother. We have decided. That you must leave this house. Immediately. The parents lawyers says that the couple. Doesn't know any other way to get their thirty year old son out of their house other than going to court. Boise noxious resources increased noticeably thirty refuel in relation not I got a Alia they'd read the cared. Can the boxer or what's in new lawn now that you consider your parents medical to your 26. Sort after four years women in the house. I mean. They've been trying are you serious LB you think that I know I'm I'm you know I think it's ridiculous I mean he's he's a knob. But I'm just saying. I'd they're not gonna win this fight in court. In a series of letters that they filed with the court. They gave him life advice told them to get rid of his broken down car. And they even offered him money to help him find a new place to live. And he. I talked to wants and all of this is also the fort night guys via business media show on this Sunday night I mean my Lou but I had an unfair question in I mean I. I. Thirty years older have a day loudly and dare I say let him live theirs through his thirties so and so what's so what he did they have no fights. Yeah if you let them live their two year thirty. You you're kidding me right. No I'm just I'm I'm I'm speaking in lawyer speak I think he did there we I forgot you're a lawyer. I like I am under a I I don't know I was in private school I'd been gone from my my parents and I don't even know my parents I never download them for two weeks this summer that was it but I'm just saying. You can't it if you allow. The person. That you bred. To living your house police thirty. You're toast now now. I'm sorry I refused I know you don't get it I'm letting I refuse to listen and wait for the.