HMMS Hour 2 - "The Smokes Get Intimidated and then They Run" 5/22/18

Tuesday, May 22nd

This hour we have LB's Sports report, Mantown in Crisis, a study on dating apps, Nerd Report, Nancy Know It All and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. College I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. He read anything that's so said he had a UNC yet he would not doc. You're relevant did did you were you ever have going out Jim bravura walked down main street near town now decided. You know I don't know how that qualifies you why let facts there at Italian reverend curtain part of the woods and eager to learn in trash item after. The Ferrell capitalists and your race and now. On the opposite end of the spectrum at and Danielle is actually in a roundabout way while she's. Come close to this was something that she does with roadkill but she had ever done this have you seen the law enforcement officer. Who is being hailed as a hero. For giving aid the year AC section. I well and get back home. I think that some. The snow on pregnant here yeah here it hit my karma and gets killed viable baby. That's pretty awesome. But yeah that's the key not years said who didn't assets. Being home. So there is the two ends of the spectrum at nine the mountain lion in California now eats one guy and a spike in the other guys. Injured severely. And that thing is euthanized and this law enforcement officers saved. The deer with a C sections. Hello John well. Yeah yeah this is pretty bad but it's a little bit dim the stock. 03. Kind of a code word was moose knuckle yes. If Obama was like. And floor. A spot. In the pumpkin and then to move couple. Came to one of our CIA. Retreats. Where in the older cost him on the underwear. Not sending him down it was Neil's. Oh. Let's use this is mark hello mark. Mark. Can you speak up please. All right Ed I bought it always market where well what's who who what happened it is allergies. Exactly they're bad right now there war right now I've when he got. I'm Obama who show what Netflix and wondered if you could be watching. Is it going to be from. Dunn from prison. You that you would like you love Mary went to prison for something. You would you would have thought you have a great golf foundation viewing party for the second thing I can tell them I'm just trying to. I have learned over the last two years. That anytime there is. A sniff. Of a news story. About our president. Where's somebody thinks something that was on toward may have may have happened. People start talking about impeachment. And and locking him up in prison and is August when same kind of thing. I mean if if the former president ordered the FBI to put a spy in the twelve campaign. And an Seagram. That would be an egregious violation of the American civil liberties that are like or looks the other way when to intervene. It is 703 right now here. At WA AF FM and HD one last row Boston WEEI. HD two Lawrence. And WWB. Acts HD two Boston. Now Adobe could do I can't with a WA AF sports mid. Odds project by my her doctors doctor Matthew trusted doctor Robert Leonard. Tired of being ball please have any kind parishes called. Free free consultation at 1800 get here good record DR dot com. Cavaliers could use Google. With the cavs pulled off to a and by the Celtics. Yeah I ESPN NB CS and whip the hoops and hockey false. Last night to change it for 44. And the season the jobs. Are now on a best of three to get to the final Silva and I talked about earlier Celtics have never lost the series amber. When they when they led. Two games not yeah so there's now 22 it's a best of three and he'd hear yours you. It is it's a problem. We need him. Korver Korver showed up last night actually and gave you know Brian run on the back of support he needed to. The banning assault itself what itself with the kids get it done Celtics always won at home. Well the Celtics found did you find out in the first quarter and believe. That day outscored the cavs in other three quarters. However it was not enough depth and sell you know better than the boy all yeah. And I think that again in a three game series with the way to a those schemes are at the garden. I think he's still have a pretty good chance and that's why you want a home court advantage right there Green Zone and grade I believe if I remember correctly. The home court advantage. Appears to be yours truly. So. If you remember I was there. From the beginning and for both of the wins at home here I believe there for tomorrow night. I must be granted access to the courtside seats over there to address. Hello hi in order online and added and dollars in order to ensure a win if anybody's asked and we get this thing. Or selling or anybody else that's in need your good luck charm there tomorrow night. Tried NHL which caps and forcing game seven vs lightning in the east. Winner take all. And your love of hoops and hockey again no more right ways and I can be a great night for sports she's all for no worries issues. You know as a group we know we're excited to be back going back home you know obviously we understand the challenge of it. We can't think about the past we have to worry about this opportunity and we have a game five at home and we have to make the most. And I coach Stevens always pause of guys here the most confidence. I mean you never know. It's best two out of three to go the NBA finals and get better. Anybody that didn't think this was going to be tough mean everything's tough in this deal it's a blast to have to grit your teeth get up off the mat. And go after it again let's part of what makes these guys on both sides special they're able to do it they're able to block out everything that doesn't matter. Go compete that's what would go to. Don't love it. The warriors look to a 31 on the rockets nights at 9 PM tip off followed Ian. Apple corps and SARS mere three in Tampa baker still takes the mound for the good guys. And heads up for tennis and race stands the French Open Roland Garros. Roles this coming Sunday and as does the Indy 500. The brickyard drink to melt kissed the the bricks are Mel B that's and they have sportsman. WAS. Hill Man Morning Show presents. Mantown. And crisis. Speaking as we were of the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs. Are replacing their silver DE answers cheerleading squad. With a 35. Person. Family friend enough. Coed done coed a tough team. Because. Because the team because of the current mood and that's a. On what do you feel about that ridiculous electric chair and cheer you like the cheerleaders moves and outfits you don't you don't care about them now. I don't care that it means that they've been forced to Wear the lolly pop pants and do basket tosses I think they like it right they seem like they're having fun of them is a big gigantic smile of his work pretty hard and it don't think they're pretty proud of the work that they him. I don't know I'm I'm usually get the beer in his. And act I. I mean like boo boo high school college cheerleaders they're gonna be doing flips and acrobatics in the fire and smoke machines tonight and a you know that's correct that's coral that it is doing that to get reviews skimpy outfits that line and tighten. Eighteen I just. I mean. Cheerleaders have been around sports. Since the dawn of higher as LB would say. About it it's not a bad thing I've I've noticed about bill for. But it gives you an apple cheerleaders. They don't make school. Yeah you don't mean yeah they're just not understated and other did you think the team NH pounders don't they don't get any money back from home and they're known. Unfortunately. It's like being a news smoke. And years always replaceable and there is always a new one whose younger and lower than a Tony award for less money than it was in. The unfortunate reality. Creating a chick. Here it's awesome and that's a little different and this business. The yes. So there is I don't know if you know or not you but the Miami Heat. Have a team of not just because of loan because of the population. The age of the population in Florida and I swear to you. I I I does that is that not a word of allies LB Wednesday. That the Miami Heat have a team of cheerleaders called the golden oldies Nia and I will if you lie to Allan what's that old sweeps Ecstasy calendar piled suite of photo or you know on my Twitter feed. Of the golden oldies. The the ancient cheerleading team of this of the Miami Heat which they do because obviously the population or older one. One appeal that everybody. It is 7-Eleven. On today's Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by echoes sort technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com coming up acts. A new study has confirmed. A theory that it's popped up on this program several times on one I. Women use to eating apps you. We will get to today's there are reports with our chief there officer Marc Hsu and also Nancy Miller all of that is ball. Coming up next I created a link. Do those details on the Miami Heat golden oldies cheerleading squad for Mike Hsu die and prizes ruin my phone over. A chance. I. And it's just. They can't lock on the beach either. There are so I have a there all of golf carts. Though that's on my Twitter feed Greg Hill old WAA. To follow me on Twitter. You know what else so I mean. I'm thinking that in theater and today I'm day. I may give away a couple. Of tickets for seaports on the next great guild foundation event. So if you're not. Following me on instant Graham Greg Hill 107. Do so and would all due respect. Don't be offended if I don't believe. I only follows smokestack on it Seagram Twitter right try to follow everybody back. Out with all due respect now speaking of with the all due respect as we were yesterday and the UK and determine whether or not you think. That chips and data chips and French onion dip. The line in the next food bracket which is the very best appetizers in the history of appetizers. It's called WA AF munch madness and it's not WA AF dot com. So if you're a loaded the status in the manner. Bacon wrapped scallop no fans or yours stuffed mushrooms. A year. Chili cheese Fries. Or whatever does that make shares the make your next. And make your picks at W. Those we can figure out who is moving on. And munch madness that's WA AF dot com. Slash month. Like a bunch of France. Ezekiel ordered the mall you. It's easier to pronounce their. Owns the we are going to play here. We're going to play dear little Mel voicemail messages back and about half an hour or so. Still leave one of those right now on any topic 6177795463. What else when he mentioned you before that before an all male and a bad about twenty minutes or so will be aligned. By our benefactor and show Ernie Boch junior and Ernie once their shared details. On this year's miss bikini pageant. Which unlike. San Antonio spurs' silver dancers is not being replaced by. A family friendly co Ed I event is still the same miss bikini pageant at the pool. Are now Ernie Boch junior and Ernie he's been doing. He's been doing something to the pool in order to get it ready. For you rush for eons zero. One of the tales from Ernie and a little bit about this year's miss bikini pageant and he consider my request of making it sixty and over. I haven't it is just. My plan to disable what what are we leaving me like 45 jets that the press might believe that four Fred doubled Kooks well 50s60. I believe that we did that confirm. That it's. The one of the stars of naked and afraid it will be our celebrity. Yet gala coming. She's gonna be our celebrity judge right yes I she confirmed that when she was in Iraq yeah you are doing that nobody wants that they have that they would let the Nazis to. Wanting an overnight while Lawrence Graham yeah creep and her knives they're amazing she makes these amazing yeah lives they're really the lives yeah it shows immunities is videos on their making himself you do it make it. I wish the sparks albeit via the gets dangerous men knives in the nude man I don't Frederick and review ushered right that between Israel and its entire night out. I've. Here's the 978. Text which says our news smokes replaceable. Ordain yelled just chases the mall off of that happened one time. The rest of the news smokes are fine like at the celebrity bartender event you'll see game Yao. And Jessica are than Sarah Ruble ski in the national. Hugging and and doing. Girly things together and everything will be fine I would just ask that texture rhetorical. Question do you think Rosie would have played along if Greg had asked her school big help or grandparent Boehner now. So the real good point I don't even though it would have been willing to do the celebrity bartender. I don't like Italy winning having an eating like I write pretty MI out like I all of you're going to be blocked yeah. Seeing it it would pay per view draft who you're you know you're you're you're you're you're. You're such an intellect and Smart and witty funny sorts you know you know he did this the Smart. Threaten yes and this most you're intimidated and then they round. All right today's weather brought to you by all town advantage it is going to be clouding up. And temperatures going to be 66. For a guy. If you're making plans for Memorial Day weekend and a barbecue rule or a parade. And such. Friday's going to be. Friday and Sunday are really going to be the nice days so Friday in the eighties. Saturday it's gonna rain bumpy in the eighties and then Sunday is going to be sunny and in the sixties so. That is the advance look at the forecast. So. I wanted to discuss this new study which is out. Today. Because did accept the theory which. Several men. Have brought up on this program before when we go inside the warped being Melbourne. And that is. That paid good percentage of women. Are on. Dating sites. Purely. Or validation. That they are hawked. Terrible. On terror so this particular study was done by. Norwegian university yup and of science and technology. And yes the Norwegian university of science and technology. And they found. That a good percentage of women are not interested in dating you are there board did not interested in hooking up when you ran. Our Armonk Tinder and they're only interested in proving to themselves. That they are attractive the house I wanna know if eight. Are there are their smokes listening rule confirm that us. You'll want heart of smoke that will be in denial. Or. And are there men who believe that this has been their experience that they find an attractive woman. On one of these dating sites or hook upside or whatever. And only to realize that there's no interest there whatsoever in going there now that. NASA and is residency inside the war female brain is that what a lot of these. Say that there that there that that they want to. Same sign up for so that did this study focused on photo based apps tend her case that we eat the purses are different effects are not going deep into the and they in it it's true that. That a lot of women have no intention of actually dating or hooking up with any of the guys that they swipe on the app. They're just especially if it's a good looking dude are perceived to be good looking dude dull swipe range and the guy's life right she's like I'm earthy and has some high act. It's validation. Here's attacks that says. 781. Taxes says it's all about free dinners now I'm not they're not even going the sad thing is they're not even going on that date. There are only dared to validate in their brain dead there hot. Does hang on they'll they're that's what it six wake up in the morning and swipe Bradley 35 times to me consult solves to a good so we're guys wired back. Yeah right. Here's a 774 attacks from a smoke. Who says I totally agree to this however. Do woods do it now also here and there it's not as much though do you still on hook up back to apps to hook up. It checks go on for you tell us that we're pretty you know we got to. Dudes who won her compact apps concerned where. And merit not to Darren Barley and not a scenario. Let's see here is 32 years and 978 text 32. Now single after six years this is a woman. And yes I used Sanders simply. To establish that I am still a vulnerable human yes yes a lot of young guys that aren't here where to be honest. Well beyond back SharePoint for a second to about the idea that we do exited. That is not a a prime opportunity a photo based dating and those types of people whether male or female tend to rely more on the in person interactions beat kids. Then you can see that there. Funny or Smart or interesting indicate to pass the may bid the slate for active I was checks Roger where. Here's. A tax that says it's. I have had an experience. Several times. Where a woman leads you on. Just so you confirm that they are attractive several times and then never actually goes on the item that's from a guy got to go in knowing that that should be you know it's probably in the tender terms of service but it's 27 books long so no one bothers to read it. He just that you put the little button and hit I agree right. Well let's see 23. Year old chick here this is a 71 tax. I use the swipe while I was on the toilet because I thought it was hilarious. To match. While I was doing that and the guy had no idea of. Taxes are so low pressure Spock and there LB WA AF dot com. I think she said she was 23. That's fine if that's Italian grand daughter Coco. It is an honor to have it happen so he's got toilet paper the I sure Ellsbury so I this year thrown toy analyst. And here's a 603 text my girlfriend. Has pinned their. And as happened for the last two years. And she strictly does this. For the validation. They bought out. Okay. I don't think that's why aren't fast is all sinners than bush and Colin MLB just completely fully a bomb. Board primaries to destroy it all out there. And there are no big cheese goalie storming yards left of it is 617. Tax. Being yelled to married women do this. I'm sure there is sector of the married female population that does I don't think it's as prevalent as it is night single we think absolutely. And because of it morality I see it the longer they're married they want that validation. You know like as the impact right as they've been good guys and you know they would they get on there they go let's listen maybe sometimes guys. Hit on the woman and a bar and they yes he has don't have that vision they still got the damn moaning chamber. That absolutely what Mary people probably do that validation well I do not because I got knocked them back. And I just got that calendar of those old cheerleaders down and the corolla that's my new companion. Well rural farm. Director. That is bad news for men on dating sites stating apps it turns out according to a new study. And and new research from the Norwegian. Colleges or university of science and technology. That a good percentage of women are only. On those out sports sites to validate their own. Attractiveness. It is 733. Heads up on tomorrow's show. At 835. It is asking attorney and the official turning of this show Larry army junior will be in here giving you three legal advice though. Asking attorney tomorrow. Act 835. Right now it's time for this. You're hurt or hurt. Well. There is a southern Florida deputy in big trouble because he's a complete nerd and he couldn't control himself. On Mars. And now Wal-Mart well you know. This is terrible Broward sheriff's officials arrested deputy Henry Guzman forty. Four years old. The seven yesterday a thirteen year veteran. He's expected to be suspended without pay. After the state attorney's office formally files charges he was in Wal-Mart they say he stole from the store on three separate dates. While in uniform he allegedly stole dvds and Star Wars action figures were too. Hundred. Dollars. Which kind of uniform it doesn't swayze and storm was a storm trooper uniform policy analyst and this isn't sending more low key like an imperial guard or maybe some kind of technician on the death star does not so flashy. Here is Broward county sheriff's dot Israel. Only had a rescue one of their own can give you full. Uniform now I don't know that was some kind of flight deck uniform or something like that. Understand this I mean if you look at the collectibles out there I'd look 1 up this morning. The most valuable one is the job law well. The originally came out in 1977. Still on the package were the 151000 dollars act really. Still on the packaging like 181000. Dollars an island off so what is his problem it's one of those little guys that have the the blinking guys that collect this panel on debt to them they're okay aren't you know I don't I know. On that you understand you've got kids in college course probably is nearing college age or me in a few years he's trying to save. A desperate man. All right well suspended he's suspended with payers suspended without suspended without a Kara asked at the start selling his memorabilia collections like our inspectors left and right and on what what does. It. I beg issue that is today's nerd report it is seven and 35. I think we have time for some news before we get in the NC Nolan all. And and worker can again earning nine to give us all of the details. On this year's miss bikini pageant but the news this hour is brought to you by state. Fire and go with the one that's their help life go right onto an agent today. 800 state farm are two also by mid state on a group located on twenty Robert. My house is mid state on out the best most fun place to buy car. Have you seen the un censored photo of the guy on the Frontier Airlines plane who was hammered and heat on the seat in front of him 'cause this whole. Yes that guy looks like she's you know of the carnival game we have to shoot the water in the clowns now. That's exactly what it looks like he's doing with that this seat back pocket in front of them at this it's really just there it's very disturbing and so. I feel horrible for the woman who was seated next half. He was completely dismantled as many are when they get on a flight. Or or Andy a corner of high end yeah I'm not a nobody was drinking. Is the only war he was reportedly pounding. Double vodka tonics move on the flight that flight was going from Denver to Charleston. On Frontier Airlines of the guy got completely hammered. He started touching women's science. Telling them that he was physically excited. So one of the women complain we'll hear from her second earnings finally she's going just by animal. So the complete plan Tenet plan and the guy in the back row his it was anti. And all of the fattened. That guy whips. It out and start peeing on the seat far and the rights and it was arrested once they landed but let's your permanently. Well why I found out in by actually it is an -- detect the heat and you marinate under the seat in front about and I. Him. You and you didn't. I'm like up comic and the and and even acknowledge him or not may. I'm not a. Are there worse but accurate. Worst night drivers you need to come down that's really. One mosquito if you saw something like that happen. Would you start making a big scene region trying to like go grab Clinton in the and you do something about the studio want what want in front of the stream and I'll trust the third yeah he's the flight and. Guys can only go. Iron islands I mean it's ridiculous. I'd never understood the playing shenanigans. What do you mean you'll remember ends well. Yeah I mean there's no get dessert is so good side to guess now it's not it's not online serial enjoy. Have that have a Coca-Cola. You know smile. Not a. Analyze how does not analyzed please do not. Here's somebody says if you've never flown front here you don't knows that you have to be completely intoxicated. In order to handle. And not the best airline that lets hear it it's my not quite jetBlue or or virgin itself it's a cheap Maryland as a very reasonable yeah. Some of them are right well that guy's probably get a house be shipped that some kind of a thought. Penal institution. All right let's do this she knows every day. It was more it. It's time to ask Nancy no. Her name is being well and she knows everything and if you just wait a couple of seconds she'll tell you yeah I again and again and and damage she knows everything and here is. An email. That I received. Last week looking for a little bit of advice from Nancy. I am 36 years old and getting married next month well congratulations. My sister in law who is 24. Showed me the dress she is going to Wear last night. And it is the tightest. Most inappropriate. Thing for a wedding to hate this Jimenez happens. I feel like I need to tell her. That she cannot Wear this stress to my wedding and I have invested an awful lot in this. And don't want her embarrassing. Me rates. Your thoughts on this. I in you have to tread lightly where it's an analog but it. If it's outrageous because she's clearly just trying to show up the bride have women that go to weddings that do this is LA you know it's like Kelly who pour of weddings on the office. And they show up wearing a white dress. With big dazzled. Sequined beautiful this sort of act gonna confuse me for the pride kick. You. I don't know respect for the bride is ever it's your day you felt like you look nice. I think for the most part people know when they're gonna Wear something that's either wildly inappropriate or will gap at like gain a ton of attention which it sounds like this particular dress. Is gonna do yacht. This happen and actually win is. The. Royal wedding. And the best friends of princess Meghann and whose name is Jessica mall Rooney question ha and she did she wore this dress and did a football middle and walked up the stairs. And they're saying. That she actually hold key now this is so cool you you women are to each other our she actually pull. People that she was buying this. Specific to rest because there are but look so good and fair and that she was going to Wear it specifically at the wedding to poll. But that which would be taking away bank. Taking away the attention from her best friend. The bride and then gala Marco Erica. Did Markel even had to Wear like this dowdy. Elaine boat next thing because they couldn't jazz are up too much as everybody was already questionable matters like it did dump her wedding dress down there is no plane here's a 301. Text that says. Too bad brides Dele you should hit the gym a little bit more laughs and there was that at Maryland it's. And they are again. Don't. A lot of people when you have an opportunity. To move forward like. She wants to live where the address because he's going to be a smoke and the place is full of other billionaire. People. Like guys write so astronomers suspect there's not a shut this is her shot she's tiger OK so far where the smoke showed dress. Then there's going to be some other billionaire. Pointing something that's general we only I'm going to be set for life. Didn't do we clarifying. It sister line is that did husband to be sister doesn't I don't have why doesn't that we don't know nation generic and as they say that that also plays into his habits. If it's the husband to bees sister. This could be. A little no one's ever gonna be enough my brother global mob and all real little and I never thought yeah. Think about where where elation she is the bright it's on the bright side and it's like no big awfully cute comedy don't but if it's if it's on the groom side that makes even more sketchy it. Here's a text that says is so if you find address the love for a wedding and you look good and it you can't Wear it because the bride racks feels bad about it now. We're somewhere else that's not only. The worst mark. Earlier this most show opener pants I bought you well the club I don't know again everybody gets dressed up for winning you don't you don't buy the level of dress up the OLD. That's just because it had the feeling. It's not yes it is wearing a wedding dress it's as tight as any host is being catty she. Megan was wearing I'd at a wedding dress it was probably worth. 175000. Dollars so no matter is when anybody else word of warning as the chair it's marketed lead in polls so. This text says you never show. The I ever. Did steelers' only and wireless is not a huge guy out. What I know you remove all you can't wrap your had a good so I yeah. You go to all wearing. And look. The EU wake up in the morning we are going to my veterans warning from wanna make sure we'll part crap you don't have to look like crappy you don't wanna upstage the bright you don't wanna go where something that outrageously shall we that you know is in together a lot of attention. You can look perfectly put together and beautiful and elegant. Without. Going over I however. Would like to thank. When all my heart's. Jessica mall Rooney for doing just that. And shelling. Megan Markel and that amazing bluegrass all right well I think we have the we got the word from Nancy Nolan all. Tailored. Somebody teller that she's the pick different drafts are there. To Jews do revealing. I will get details on the miss bikini pageant. And and play your whole male voice mail messages next my apologies I'm dying like that. Did tweet. The photos of Jessica ball Rooney upstaging the princess pride at winning and having problems might freaking. IPhone not two or whatever that after this. So Linux lessons well that's the problem is my screens and cracked relate for years now the problem is you're just keep using earlier replacement. Well Julius birthdays. Or 21 birthday and is Sunday. And so she needed new phones so there goes another. Elaine you know whatever they give you an idea wonderful every five years and I'm I'm castle opened and the father. And frugal. On the limo. What's beyond a limo I think it's boring Warren well she's going through the it's going to the Boston college for a pound Eisner probably switching. A night combined weather allowed. Is that she. Is she's. It's similar issues and freelancing like she's not mall. You. Yes well let them at the mall the mall the mall needs the mall along the mock ups of you know the multi cell and or violence Israel in line is can I am trying to. On my Twitter feed from earlier this morning. Is the link to the story. On the golden oldies cheerleading squad that my issue is of says with that the Miami Heat have. Since the average age of their fee and a potential fans. 59. As though he you can. And see that in my Twitter if he'd. And see what else oh I said this earlier by. Al probably due before the show and actually. But if you're not following me he. On in hand you should be because I am going that day on on in them only. I'm gonna give away a couple tickets. For. Seaports on and that is our next great deal foundation of that. It's a week from today at dilfer's goes. In the seaport and it's a benefit for error are on going Boston Marathon survivor fund so. Army and its program that Greg Hill won seven and I'll do that giveaway. Before the show ends by. I am very excited that we can officially shared the details right now. On our annual miss bikini pageant which is happening next month and here it tell you about it. Is the that is that what they call it the that did. When it's a manner. In the guy laws it is manners at the Ernie what do they call them the the king of the manner or the don't really know what I'm here and does not anybody's ears. And Ernie we. What it was like their fifth year earned this and I just Google men of the manner in other words cannot don't do it has an erotic thing that you don't wanna get him. Lots. Duke the duke of the manner. Yes but it's we're gonna have three times as many people. Last year. Yeah 33 times as many people and which means three times as many listeners and we will serve food right up to the end because back where was the mistake us. And now. You mean you need the good like a good pace he would have gone days and five inch and a jacket we'll start with and learn from breakfast type in the movie until lunch. Oh with the lord of the manor that's earning Ernie as the lord of the manor. And every year. He is kind enough to allow used to invade his home. And two enjoyed miss bikini agent Andy party afterwards that is. Glorious pool over there at the the shack in Norwood so in essence presumably mr. Graham I'm preparing. This year like no other sir if you follow me on instrument I'm gonna post some pictures of what the pool looks like right now in preparation. Now see there's a big debate on and everybody says it's actually the. Earl of all manner. What you would like dude I like lord of amenities like road also generates like lord. We've lowered its preferred lore lord Jesus the lord she oh okay. I think you're cool parties appear in her role at duke reward. Units and known better now of course. If you're really have a sandwich. Some of those oftentimes I believe they'd buy those titles themselves that. They make like some sort of a donation of the royal family here they pay somebody off for something organs idol without icons these honorary degree. Is that if earning if you haven't denied it and and and do you do you go to London you I've been a lot. To many times I love London. Although it was all based you're gonna say last time I was there I want with found my daughter and her friend. And in in you Piccadilly square room I Karen McCarron Piccadilly Circus for rare kind of went to bed Times Square. Just on a regular night it to street tell me day they seemed dangerous. Well it is yeah it's it's it's.